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READING In this section of the test, you will have the chance to show how well you understand written English There are three parts to this section, with special directions for each part YOU WILL HAVE ONE HOUR AND FIFTEEN MINUTES TO COMPLETE PARTS 5, 6, AND OF THE TEST PART 5: Incomplete Sentence Directions: You will see a sentence with a missing word Four possible answers follow the sentence Choose the best answer to the question and fill in the corresponding oval on your answer sheet Bookstore chains now control _ 4% of the market for hardcover trade books A to B on C about D in The company chairman was the acquisition would have a positive financial start A carefree B confident C concerned D questioned New packaging helped Green Plus _ market its already well-known soft drinks A success B successes C successful D successfully Sarah and Jonathan will meet this Wednesday _ their presentation A rehearse B rehearsing C to rehearse D for rehearsing Parliament passed a law that would ban the production and sale of genetically food A modify B modified C modifies D modification The price of training seminars _ all workshops and lectures for the weekend A wraps B guards C covers D spreads The president's assistant told me that she would not be _ for scheduling the conference room for staff needs anymore A responsive B responding C responsible D respected When mailing in your catalogue order, don't forget to _ each item number on the correct item line of the order form A incline B invite C include D incite When we _ the world's economic development on a timeline we can see periods in which certain business sectors experienced an economic boom A examine B examines C examining D examination 10 The position requires all candidates to speak English _ to another European language A addition B in addition C of addition D additionally 11 It is mandatory _ all employees to turn in their timecards by Wednesday, or else they will have to wait to receive their checks the following Wednesday A from B to C by D for 12 Last month, the manager to the president that he hired a specialist to run the communication network A suggested B suggest C are suggesting D suggestion 13 According to market reports, consumer _ is down this year by twelve percent, but with the holiday shopping season just beginning that number is sure to improve A profits B spending C taxation D losses 14 The new manager needs to give a sample of signature to the printer so that a stamp of it can be made A she B her C hers D she’s 15 It has been said that Marcus de Medici was the _ salesman this company has ever seen A persuasive B more persuasive C persuader D most persuasive 16 We recommend that you follow the format shown in this sample when announcements to be displayed on the bulletin board A prepared B preparing C to prepare D prepare 17 All employees in the center after 6p.m are asked to make sure the laboratories are securely locked and that the security alarm is turned on before leaving A will remain B remaining C remain D have remained 18 Mr Andrew teaches seminars on all of Polaroid’s creative techniques and he is available to conduct workshops around the country _ request A in B upon C at D under 19 the termination of the regional sales manager, the company has tried to find a suitable replacement A Because B Once C Since D While 20 Customs duties and taxes are paid by the _ at the time of delivery, or they can be billed to the Federal Express account A recipient B receipt C receptive D receiving 21 We are interested in becoming the North American _ for your products, and would to like to arrange a meeting to discuss this in detail A represent B represents C to represent D representative 22 To compete effectively, the company should be aware of the competitors in the industry are trying to accomplish A that B whether C what D how 23 For traveler’s convenience, a ticketing agent is _ in the main terminal 24 hours a day, days per week A eligible B considerable C available D probable 24 To improve trade relations between our two nations, a free trade agreement must be reached and ratified A yet B both C either D as well as 25 Shane and Alexis DeAngelis decided to leave the organization where they had been employed for ten years to start a company of _ A them B their C their own D themselves 26 Please be _ that we are taking every step possible to prevent the release of private information A assured B dedicated C decided D indicated 27 Online Banking _ customers to make wire transfers, pay off their debts, and apply for credit increases from the convenience of their homes A allows B allowable C allowance D allowing 28 One of the of the researchers at Stanley Pharmaceuticals is to check for the accurate labeling of all bottles of medicine A responsible B responsibility C responsibilities D responsibly 29 A number of new programmers will start on Monday, so please address them to make them feel part of the team A personally B essentially C exceptionally D commonly 30 Employees of Rison Technologies are encouraged to take advantage of company such as the health center free of cost A products B procedures C facilities D guidelines 31 As standard, applications are sent to each Local Authority after every 10 applications, or on a given day each week, depending on _ is sooner A how B what C when D which 32 _ enters their lucky number can receive a coupon that allows free access to play games on online game site PNG A Anyone B Whose C Whoever D Every 33 Formal, pre-screened interviews _ all day, both for summer position, as well as permanent positions for graduating students A conduct B have conducted C will be conducted D are conducting 34 German trade representatives continue to pressure East Asian governments to reduce _ on auto imports A tariffs B finances C cartels D rebates 35 I was a little shocked when the buyer suggested that we _ several younger employees to the committee to get market perspective A B C D added will have added add will add 36 Labor leaders complain that even though the cost of living has nearly doubled in the past decade, workers’ have only increased by 14% A investments B wages C employees D positions 37 A _ role of the financial staff is to translate raw data into usable information A complete B marginal C comparable D key 38 Studies have _ that wise product placement can increase company revenues dramatically in relatively short periods of time A recommend B shown C researched D targeted 39 Every year, the Healthy Heart Research Committee holds meetings in five different cities to spread information about the treatment and of heart disease A cured B access C carefulness D prevention 40 If Mr Logan and Ms Calkins are unable to meet at the _ time, please email me and I'll try to reschedule at a more convenient time A prepared B supported C canceled D arranged Part 6: Text Completion Directions: Read the texts on the following pages You will find a word or phrase missing in some of the sentences Below each of the sentences, four answer choices are given Select the most appropriate answer to complete the text Then mark the letter (A), (B), (C) or (D) on your answer sheet Questions 41-43 refer to the following notice Notice Shoplifting is theft Shoplifting costs retailers thousands of dollars every year Every item taken by a shoplifter the price for everyone else Jameson’s Superstore estimates 41 A inventories B increases C updates D advances that up to $30,000 worth of goods went missing from our stores last year We will NOT tolerate theft We have installed security cameras in all aisles and have hired in-store security Please note that these security personnel are armed Anyone caught stealing will be No exception If you notice anyone acting 42 A persecuted B executed C prosecuted D perspective suspiciously in the store, or witness anyone taking items without paying, not hesitate to report it to one of our uniformed staff If your actions lead to the arrest of a shoplifter, you may be _ to a community service reward 43 A entitled B titled C gifted D represented Questions 44-46 refer to the following letter Ms Monica Eisenman 555 King Street Auckland New Zealand Dear Ms Eisenman, I am pleased to confirm our offer of part-time employment at Western Enterprises In your role as research assistant, you will report to Dr Emma Walton, who will keep you informed of your specific duties and projects Because you will be working with confidential information, you will be expected to the enclosed employee code-of-ethics agreement 44 A follow B advise C imagine D require As we discussed, you will be paid twice a month the company’s normal payroll schedule 45 A accords B according C according to D accordance with As an hourly employee working fewer than twenty hours per week, you will not be to paid holidays, paid time off for illness or vacation, or other employee benefits 46 A tolerable B liberal C eligible D expressed Your employment status will be reviewed in six months If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me Otherwise, please sign and return one copy of this letter You may keep the second copy for your files We look forward to working with you Sincerely, Christopher Webster Human Resources Enclosures Questions 47-49 refer to the following advertisement Job opportunities at the Shindlin company Are you looking for a position that makes full use of your talents and at the same time allows you to grow in your profession? The Shindlin Company, a leading publisher of reference and educational books, provides a dynamic and creative workplace with a full package of benefits and opportunities for 47 A advice B adversity C advertising D advancement We are looking for talented professionals with a wide variety of skills We are also looking for college students and recent college graduates to fill a number of internship positions We welcome your _ Please review the list of job openings below, or 48 A applicant B application C to apply D apply submit your resume along with a letter of interest to We will contact you when we an opening that matches your skills and background 10 64 What is the purpose of the summary? A To announce the Hubble University Management Certificate Program B To outline what students taking the course will learn C To describe the purpose of risk assessment and crisis management D To encourage students to sign up for the Certificate Program 65 Where would this summary most likely appear? A In a university course catalogue B In a banking magazine C On a university application D In the business section of a newspaper 66 Who would NOT be interested in this course, according to the summary? A A project manager B A banker C A real-estate agent D An insurance agent 67 The word “embrace” in the second paragraph, line is closest in meaning to A adopt B hug C contain D hold Questions 68-71 refer to the following memorandum Memorandum To: Cal Commerce Employees From: Jenny Calhoun, Office Manager Re: Office Closures The main office of Cal Commerce and all branches will be closed from December 22 to January for the holidays Additionally, several branches will be closing early on Thursday, December 21 Please consult the table below for more detailed information on branch closings Page 17 Miami Coconut Grove Virginia Gardens Bay Heights Palmetto Bay December 21 December 21 December 21 December 21 December 21 noon closing regular business hours regular business hours closing at p.m noon closing We remind all employees to submit time sheets to the payroll department by p.m on December 19 to ensure payment before the holiday closing If you are not able to turn in your time sheet by the 19th, you will not get paid for the final pay period of the year until regular business hours resume on January We wish all of our employees and their families a happy holiday season For more information on this and other holiday closures, please visit our website: 68 What is the purpose of the memorandum? A To remind employees to fill out time sheets correctly B To inform workers about an upcoming change in office hours C To announce the opening of a new branch in Miami D To attract visitors to the company website 69 When does the Palmetto Bay branch close on December 21? A 12 p.m B p.m C p.m D p.m 70 By what date the time sheets need to be turned in? A December 19 B December 21 C December 22 D January 71 What will happen if employees don't turn in their payroll information by the designated time? A They will have to visit the payroll department in person B They will not receive holiday pay on their checks C They will have to fill out a new time sheet D They will not be paid until after the holiday Questions 72-75 refer to the following magazine article Page 18 Business travelers usually find that they have little time to exercise, especially when their schedules are suddenly changed by late meetings or late flights But everyone should get some exercises These are ways to make exercise part of your day even when you cannot make it to the hotel’s exercise room Experts suggest stretching your neck, arms, back, and shoulders while sitting in your airplane muscles Then you can run in place for a good aerobic workout Exercise is not just for your body It is for your mind as well The mind – body connection has long been established by professional medical associations People who exercise regularly perform more efficiently at work and perform more effectively than their colleagues who don’t exercise So to get ahead of everyone else, try to exercise every day, even when travelling 72 Who is this article for? A Overweight people B Frequent vacationers C Business travelers D Pilots and flight attendants 73 Why is it difficult for travelers to get exercise? A Their schedules change unexpectedly B They work too hard C There are no places to exercise D They don’t want to exercise 74 Where can travelers exercise? A At meetings B In an airplane seat C In a car D In the hotel lobby 75 According to the article, what is a benefit of exercise? A Improved work performance B Weight loss C Feeling younger D Better relationships with colleagues Questions 76-79 refer to the following information Page 19 Pristine Air Tips for traveling with children Here are some things you can bring on your trip that are sure to keep children occupied and relaxed during a long flight * Paper with colored pencils or crayons This allows parents and children to activities together, or for children to something independently With blank paper and colored pencils or crayons, children can write, draw, or make their own games For more excitement, pack small figures to use as board-game pieces in your carry-on luggage and let children design their own game boards * A deck of cards Parents can teach children their favorite card game or show them card tricks In return, children can the same for parents * Books It is always a good idea to pack a book on a long trip Children will especially enjoy stories that take place in the country to which they are traveling This will give them a chance to preview the culture and history they will learn about on vacation * Gifts from Pristine Air Once your international flight has taken off, a flight attendant will offer any children traveling with us a picture map of the world and a souvenir passport with stickers that children can affix once they have visited a country There is also a children’s airline magazine in the pouch in front of your seat 76 According to the information, what is difficult for children? A Long car rides B International flights C Going shopping with parents D Waiting for doctor's appointments 77 What are children encouraged to ma? A A schedule Page 20 B A game board C A shopping list D A family portrait 78 What is mentioned as a possible activity? A Taking a walk B Singing songs C Playing cards D Watching a movie 79 What is NOT offered to children? A A map B Snacks C Stickers D A magazine Questions 80-83 refer to the following article Hard Times Ahead for Local Graduates Billy Roybal just graduated from Centerville Community College with a degree in semiconductor manufacturing technology Like the other 30 students who enrolled in his class two years ago, he was told that after graduation, he was virtually guaranteed a wellpaying job at the Supreme Semiconductor plant However, Billy and most of his classmates are either out of work or preparing to move elsewhere The reason is Supreme Semiconductor recently announced a hiring freeze Graduates of the community college training program are not the only ones who are upset Officials at Centerville City Hall are debating whether to sue Supreme Semiconductor for breach of contract Five years ago, the city partnered with Centerville Community College and Supreme Semiconductor in an innovative training agreement The city agreed to give the semiconductor company a significant tax break in return for funding the training program at Centerville Community College Supreme Semiconductor, for its part, hoped to benefit with a steady stream of well-trained local workers who would help the company expand over the next 20 years However, changes in the highly competitive computer technology industry have led to Page 21 less business for Supreme Semiconductor Furthermore, pulling out of its contract to sponsor the community college program may not be the only downside Karl Thompson, president of Supreme Semiconductor, told Central Valley Daily News that various problems could force the company to close by the end of the year, resulting in a loss of over 300 jobs in the Centerville area He also said that company executives are hoping to meet with city officials to find some way of avoiding a lawsuit In the meantime, there are no easy answers for graduates such as Billy He says finding a high-paying job is more important to him than staying in Centerville, so if a suitable job doesn't materialize within a few months, he plans to look for employment in another state As he and others leave, hopes for a bright future for the computer technology industry and Centerville are quickly fading Some city officials are still hoping there are some ways to keep Supreme Semiconductor open Without it, said Mayor Charles Laughlin, the economy of Centerville will suffer a major blow 80 What is the topic of the news article? A New computer training program B Student's struggles to graduate C A company that can't provide jobs D A city that doesn't promote growth 81 The word “virtually” in the first paragraph, line is closest in meaning to A quickly B basically C possibly D legally 82 According to the article, which entity might be used? A Supreme Semiconductor B Centerville Community College C The City of Centerville D Central Valley Daily News 83 Why is Billy Roybal thinking of leaving Centerville? A Training in his field is not available Page 22 B He cannot fulfill his employment contract C The community college is going to close D He is unable to find work in the area Questions 84-86 refer to the following advertisement Love Animal Shelter Foster Owner Program You can help save a dog's life by becoming a foster owner until we find a loving owner to adopt your pet or until we reunite them with their original owner We have dogs of all ages for you to care for, and many require special attention Although being a foster owner is one of the most rewarding experiences in the world, its emotional, physical, and financial demands should be given careful consideration For this reason, we require all of our applicants go through an orientation program at our shelter so that they can get used to the responsibilities of caring for a dog and decide for themselves if they would like to continue doing it We will also have one of our staff conduct a home and lifestyle evaluation to determine if each applicant's living situation is suitable for one of our dogs Additionally, once a dog has been placed in your care, our adoption center will be on call 24 hours a day, seven days a week to help with any situations that arises For more information on our foster owner program, including testimonials from current and previous foster owners, visit Page 23 84 What is the purpose of the advertisement? A To encourage people to adopt a pet B To encourage people to become foster owners C To encourage people to donate to the animal shelter D To encourage people to volunteer at the animal shelter 85 What does Love Animal Shelter require interested people to do? A Send a personal check B Fill out some paper work C Complete an orientation program D Visit the adoption center often 86 According to the advertisement, what is available on the Web site? A Forms B Pictures C Guidelines D Testimonials Page 24 Questions 87-90 refer to the following letter 87 What is the purpose of this letter? A To ask Let’s Go to make a reservation for Dr Daniels Page 25 B To ask Let’s Go to pay $150 C To ask Let’s Go to cancel a bill D To ask Let’s Go to apologize for poor service 88 When was the airline reservation made? A Before July 28th B On July 28th C After July 28th D There is no way to know 89 Why was Dr Daniels unable to take his flight? A He got to the airport too late B He had to perform surgery C He lost his tickets D His passport had expired 90 What is, most likely, Wanda Becker’s relationship to Dr Daniels? A One of his patients B His secretary C Fellow doctor D Sister Questions 91-95 refer to the following letter and response Page 26 Page 27 91 How did Mr Orlandini hear about Discount Medical Supplies? A The company was recommended by a colleague B He found their site on the Internet C He saw their ad in the newspaper D The company was recommended by a doctor at the clinic 92 When does Mr Orlandini work? A At a large general hospital B In an army medical center C The Marshlands clinic D At a private clinic 93 What is the purpose of Mary Bamford’s letter? A To confirm that the order has been shipped B To apologize for a serious inconvenience C To notify a customer of delayed shipment Page 28 D To thank a customer for their business 94 What kind of reputation does Discount Medical Supplies have? A They are low price, but low quality B They offer excellent quality at reasonable price C They sell excellent products, but are slow to deliver D They are helpful and efficient 95 When will most of the order be shipped? A In three weeks B By February 28, 2006 C By March 1, 2006 D On February, 2006 Questions 96-100 refer to the following notice and email Page 29 96 What is the purpose of this notice? A To invite employees to a company party B To find volunteers C To explain the history of Greenberg Brothers D To ask employees to submit vacation requests 97 Who will be attending the party? Page 30 A B C D All company employees Office managers Deprived children from the local community The children of Greenberg Brothers employees 98 What kind of people will be essential on the day of the party? A Young, energetic people B People with medical training C Happy, caring people D Social workers 99 Why is the party of special significance to Sally Day? A She loves children B She is a big fan of Greenberg Brothers C She used to work with underprivileged children D The party will be held on her 15th birthday 100 What will each child receive to take home? A A pet dog B A balloon toy C A rabbit D A piece of cake THE END Page 31 ... training program for your company 52 A compulsory B constructed C comprehensive D committed 11 PART 7: Reading comprehension Directions: In this part of the test, you will read a selection of texts,
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