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READING In this section of the test, you will have the chance to show how well you understand written English There are three parts to this section, with special directions for each part YOU WILL HAVE ONE HOUR AND FIFTEEN MINUTES TO COMPLETE PARTS 5, 6, AND OF THE TEST PART 5: Incomplete Sentence Directions: You will see a sentence with a missing word Four possible answers follow the sentence Choose the best answer to the question and fill in the corresponding oval on your answer sheet The retail industry spends $28 billion on IT and related systems annually A nearly B yearly C monthly D continually Economists predict a in housing prices due to the recent reduction in unemployment A development B growth C rise D lift Please remember that even unpleasant customers should be spoken to at all time A polite B politely C politeness D more polite We anticipate the first phase of the project will take approximately two weeks to complete A that B which C there D those The total cost to renovate the building was $13.75 million, _ double the original estimate A almost B mostly C the most D most all Page Brantel, Inc has reportedly a 500-acre property in Berlin, Florida, where it plans to build a manufacturing plan A purchase B purchased C purchases D purchasing Due to his legal background working on cases related to corporate compensation packages, Mr Rosenthal has been chosen to lead the _ on executive pay A committee B arrangement C collection D direction When mailing in your catalogue order, don't forget to _ each item number on the correct item line of the order form A incline B invite C include D incite _ the company been warned of the possibility of a hostile takeover, the board of directors would have taken extra measures to prevent it A Should B Would C Had D Could 10 Unfortunately, the New York office has failed its sales goals in each of the last three quarters A achieves B to achieve C achievement D the achievements 11 While he does not say so directly, Dr Taylor that consumers assign value to products based on their perceptions of quality implies examines characterizes Page distinguishes 12 One of the reasons why our sales team has become a leader today is that they are put through a number of vigorous training sessions to keep up with the changes that occur in the market A prosperous B straight C mature D continuous 13 At his previous company, Mr Montgomery was in charge of _ the projects for several departments A collaborating B intending C pending D coordinating 14 The customer returned his order saying its switch was defective, and the online store agreed to _ the full amount to his account A magnify B credit C discontinue D charge 15 The management should realize that out a loan is only a temporary solution to the company's financial problems A was taken B taking C having been taken D taken 16 The final fulfillment of the popular mystery series _ due to arrive in stores last Friday, but unexpected shipping problems caused delays A is B to be C was D were 17 During the information session, the recruiting manager will clearly outline the requirements will be for prospective applicants A how B what C when Page D which 18 Mr Andrew teaches seminars on all of Polaroid’s creative techniques and he is available to conduct workshops around the country _ request A in B at C under D upon 19 Owners of Movie Place, a popular movie-themed restaurant, announced a new restaurant _ in Sacramento this summer A opening B to open C would open D for opening 20 Customs duties and taxes are paid by the _ at the time of delivery, or they can be billed to the Federal Express account A receipt B recipient C receptive D receiving 21 I _ Mr Cassar in the Sales Department prepare biweekly progress reports for me and all the other members of the Cover Project sales team A hired B left C had D helped 22 We are going to cancel the regional sales meeting, _ the big snowstorm has shut down airports and all major airlines are grounded A although B despite C unless D since 23 When the employment is terminated, employees will receive payment for _ vacation time up to 30 days A unfair B uncommon C unacceptable Page D unused 24 approximately thirty years as a train station, the structure has been converted to a library A Once B Among C After D Instead 25 Most of the famers in this area depend on local supermarkets and restaurants which buy fruits and vegetables from _ A them B their C theirs D themselves 26 Total research and development _ in the area of information and communication technology has continuously risen over the last three years A spending B currency C account D receipt 27 Based on the demographic study, we think that people from the _ area will come to buy our products if we start using billboards in certain areas A enclosing B surrounding C encircling D accompanying 28 One of the of the researchers at Stanley Pharmaceuticals is to check for the accurate labeling of all bottles of medicine A responsible B responsibility C responsibilities D responsibly 29 A number of new programmers will start on Monday, so please address them to make them feel part of the team A personally B essentially C exceptionally D commonly Page 30 If you are thinking about _ to the beach for the weekend, don't miss WBNC's up-to-the-minute weather forecasts A go B gone C going D to go 31 Wichita, Kansas is to civil aviation _ Detroit used to be to automobiles: the center of the industry A what B when C where D which 32 It is important that we provide _ information to our clients when they call to either inquire about their statements or the status of their claims A accurate B evident C efficient D approved 33 Before the merchandise is _ introduced to the market, it undergoes countless reviews and safety tests all designed for quality assurance A never B ever C seldom D rarely 34 I am sorry to report that it is _ for us to finish the project by tomorrow's deadline, but we can certainly have it done by the middle of next week A imperative B important C impeccable D impossible Page 35 With the _ of gasoline rising, companies are investigating the viability of alternative fuels that burn cleaner and are renewable as well A cost B payment C charge D fee 36 When the customer came into the shop this morning, she started _ that her new watch stopped working after only two days of normal wear A complain B complainer C complaining D complaint 37 International economic reports conclude that rising interest rates are to blame for the _ of international currency A unstable B instability C stabilize D stability 38 All car dealerships consider different factors, including _, when formulating the vehicle's trade-in value, but some are fairer than others A depreciate B depreciation C appreciate D appreciation 39 The technology industry _ towards the research and development of wireless communications in the last decade A shifts B will have shifted C has shifted D will shift 40 The most _ period for the American hospitality industry is usually in the summer between the early May and mid-September A expensive B costly C profitable Page D worthy Part 6: Text Completion Directions: Read the texts on the following pages You will find a word or phrase missing in some of the sentences Below each of the sentences, four answer choices are given Select the most appropriate answer to complete the text Then mark the letter (A), (B), (C) or (D) on your answer sheet Questions 41-43 refer to the following notice Evanstone Career Fair The fifth annual Evanstone Career Fair will be held at the Plains Convention Center on Monday, October and Tuesday, October 10 Over 100 employers from _ the 41 A around B among C between D into northwest region will be conducting on-site interviews Admission to the fair is free JOB APPLICANTS: Please remember to dress and bring sufficient copies of your resumes and references 42 A profession B professional C professionals D professionally EMPLOYERS: The Evanstone Career Fair is well known for providing regional businesses with experienced and qualified job candidates Many _ have 43 A students B applicants C consumers D clients Page university degrees, at minimum or are certified in their field of expertise Don’t miss out on this opportunity to recruit some incredible local talents Questions 44-46 refer to the following description Memory Map Game By Riven Learning Co Description For 1-6 players, 5-11 years old Children can their observation and memorization skills with this puzzle that features 44 A cause B study C practice D manufacture a colorful picture map of a city To begin the game, children must place the 125 picture cards faced down Each player then draws a picture card, turns it over, and waits for their turn the picture card to the map 45 A to add B addition C additive D additionally a player cannot find where their picture card goes on the map, they must pick up 46 A If B So C And D Because another picture card The first player to get rid of all their picture cards wins the game Price $21.99 Page Questions 47-49 refer to the following letter Independent Television Broadcasting 120 Manor Estate Broadgate Tel: 090-889-999 Mrs Alison Brown, 45 Ken Street Manchester Dear Mrs Edwards, Thank you for your letter regarding one of our recent programs You wrote to complain about the use of language in the drama Life on the Edge You felt that the language was inappropriate television 47 A with B of C in D for I understand your concern, but would like to explain our reasons for including curse words Life on the edge does have a large number of curse words, but as it was shown after 10 p.m., we felt that it was for a night time audience Of course, we would never allow 48 A right B properly C suitable D adaptable bad language to be included in anything shown before p.m I hope that this incident has not spoiled your enjoyment of ITB programming, and that you to watch our shows 49 A continue B continuing C continued D will continue Sincerely, Michael A James Page 10 C Ms Eastwood works for a non-profit organization D Mr DeWitt will design an advertisement for Ms Eastwood 68 How large will Ms Eastwood’s advertisement be? A 1/8 page B 1/4 page C 1/2 page D A full page 69 What will happen the following week? A Mr DeWitt will send an invoice B Ms Eastwood will visit Mr Dewitt C Ms Eastwood will change the advertisement D Ms Eastwood will approve the advertisement 70 What is being advertised? A A fashion show B A model search C A casting call D A children’s play 71 Where will the money be donated? A To an orphanage B To For The Kids C To a children’s hospital D To the elementary school Questions 72-76 refer to the following letter Richard Bachman 193 Fourth Street Payton, OH 48331 Cyberworld P.O Box 83627 Cincinnati, OH 49363 May 25 Re: Account # 58363 To whom it may concern: Page 18 I am writing to request that you cancel my Internet service with Cyberworld, effective immediately Although I had been using your service for almost four years with no complaints, the level of service you have provided during the past month has convinced me to take my business elsewhere At the beginning of this month, I noticed that it was very difficult for me to get a dial-up connection The phone line always seemed to be busy Then friends started telling me that they were unable to access my personal website I thought this might be just a temporary problem, but after 10 days with no improvement, I decided to call your customer service line for assistance I had to wait on hold for almost an hour before speaking to an employee named John Redman He told me to try connecting again in half an hour When I tried to explain that the problem had lasted almost two weeks, he became very rude and told me that he was not a computer expert and could not solve my problems When I asked him why he was answering the phone for an Internet service provider if he didn’t know anything about computers, he up on me I had never been so rudely treated in all my life My account with you was paid in full through the end of May If I receive any further bills from you, I will not pay them I hope you will act on the information in this letter and improve your services Sincerely, Richard Bachman 72 What is the purpose of Mr Bachman's letter? A To resolve a dispute about his Internet service bill B To terminate his relationship with the provider C To complain about his recent software purchase D To request a better Internet service plan 73 According to his letter, why did Mr Bachman call Cyberworld? A To inquire about pricing plans Page 19 B To complain about a rude employee C To speak to the company president D To report connectivity problems 74 What does Mr Tollofson explain in his letter? A Staff members have been forced to work overtime B Training sessions have been scheduled for employees C Computer failure caused Mr Bachman's website issues D Almost all of the computers had to be repaired 75 Which of the following is true of John Redman? A He was trained extensively in customer service procedures B He was reprimanded by his immediate supervisor for his behavior C He was fired as a result of acting rudely to a customer D He no longer works for Cyberworld due to financial issues 76 What repercussions did John Redman face? A His personal account was cancelled B His employee Internet service was disconnected C He was relieved of his position D He was severely reprimanded Questions 77-79 refer to the following magazine article Hard Times Ahead for Local Graduates Billy Roybal just graduated from Centerville Community College with a degree in semiconductor manufacturing technology Like the other 30 students who enrolled in his class two years ago, he was told that after graduation, he was virtually guaranteed a wellpaying job at the Supreme Semiconductor plant However, Billy and most of his classmates are either out of work or preparing to move elsewhere The reason: Supreme Semiconductor recently announced a hiring freeze Graduates of the community college training program aren't the only ones who are upset Officials at Centerville City Hall are debating whether to sue Supreme Semiconductor for breach of contract Five years ago, the city partnered with Centerville Community College and Supreme Semiconductor in an innovative training agreement The city agreed to give the semiconductor company a significant tax break in return for funding the training program at Centerville Community College Supreme Semiconductor, for its Page 20 part, hoped to benefit with a steady stream of well-trained local workers who would help the company expand over the next 20 years However, changes in the highly competitive computer technology industry have led to less business for Supreme Semiconductor Furthermore, pulling out of its contract to sponsor the community college program may not be the only downside Karl Thompson, president of Supreme Semiconductor, told Central Valley Daily News that various problems could force the company to close by the end of the year, resulting in a loss of over 300 jobs in the Centerville area He also said that company executives are hoping to meet with city officials to find some way of avoiding a lawsuit In the meantime, there are no easy answers for graduates such as Billy He says finding a high-paying job is more important to him than staying in Centerville, so if a suitable job doesn't materialize within a few months he plans to look for employment in another state As he and others leave, hopes for a bright future for the computer technology industry and Centerville are quickly fading Some city officials are still hoping there is some way to keep Supreme Semiconductor open Without it, said Mayor Charles Laughlin, the economy of Centerville will suffer a major blow 77 What is the topic of the news article? A A new computer training program B A student's struggles to graduate C A company that can't provide jobs D A city that doesn't promote growth 78 According to the article, which entity might be sued? A Supreme Semiconductor B Centerville Community College C The City of Centerville D Central Valley Daily News 79 Why is Billy Roybal thinking of leaving Centerville? A Training in his field is not available B He cannot fulfill his employment contract C The community college is going to close D He is unable to find a good work in the area Page 21 Questions 80-83 refer to the following brochure 80 Whom is this brochure aimed at? A Individuals who conduct international financial transactions B Business that need international corporate banking services C Personal bankers with less than $1,000 monthly balance D Account managers who need to bank after hours Page 22 81 How many times per month can you have money transferred into your account, free of charge? A B C D 10, but only with a $1,000 average monthly balance 7, regardless of your balance 5, with an average monthly balance $1,000 5, regardless of your balance 82 According to the brochure, which of the following is NOT possible? A Paying a credit card bill electronically on a Sunday afternoon B Automatically transferring $2,000 on the rd of every month to your business account in Paris C Transferring funds to another bank fifteen times in a month, without incurring charges D You use your ATM card to withdraw $250.00 late on a Friday night 83 What is the minimum sum of money it is advisable to keep in this account? A $1 B As much as you can afford C There is not limit D $1,000 Page 23 Questions 84-87 refer to the following advertisement Page 24 84 What is the text above? A An ad for a loan company B A sample of a mortgage application C A request to borrow money D An ad for a Stock Investment firm 85 Which of the following is offered? A Personalized checks B $150 discount for every purchase over $1,000 C 85-year loans D Excellent interest rates on your loan 86 Who would probably be most interested in this advertisement? A An elderly couple who want to sell their house B A young couple looking for their first home C People with good credit records D Counselors 87 How long has Norstead Mortgage been in business? A A few months B From 9-5 C More than 85 years D Almost 150 years Page 25 Questions 88-91 refer to the following advertisement and complaint Page 26 88 What is this advertisement for? A A special deal on a rental vehicle B A special offer for a car purchase C A special offer for a weekend in a hotel D A special travel offer 89 Which of the following is required? A You must rent by the end of October B You must present your driver’s license and a major credit card C You must reserve a vehicle ahead of time D You must pay the full price first 90 When is it possible to receive one day’s free rental? A Everyday B Monday through Friday C Saturday or Sunday D Only on Fridays Page 27 91 What happened to Mathew Jernsted? A He had his car stolen B His application for a rental car was rejected C He received the wrong kind of car D He got a flat tire Questions 92-95 refer to the following letter and response Page 28 92 What was the main focus of the conference? A New office technology and how it’s changed secretarial roles B The importance of secretarial work C The importance of being a professional D Understanding business terminology 93 What does Judith propose to Marsha? A Allowing Judith to attend the conference every year B Sending a member of the support staff to the conference every year C That Marsha attend the conference next year D Asking Eric Richards to give a presentation at the conference 94 What is Marsha’s reaction to Judith’s suggestions? A She thinks it is unreasonable B She hopes that Judith will reconsider C She thinks it is a wonderful idea D She will recommend that Judith be promoted 95 Who manages the funds for professional development of staff members? A Judith Wilson B Marsha Dillard C Eric Richards D Marsha Dillard and Eric Richards Page 29 Questions 96-100 refer to the following advertisement and application form Job Opening Position: Library Clerk Location: District Library We are looking for an experienced library clerk to perform various duties as assigned by the head librarian, including but not limited to processing of library materials and assisting with circulation duties The ideal candidate has at least year of experience (coop work placements counted), can demonstrate superior customer-service skills, and is familiar with various library shelving systems Relevant educational background is an asset Key Competencies:  Knowledge of library practices, policies and procedures  Computer skills: Word processing, Internet usage, computerized filing  Effective communication with public and co-workers required Please apply online at No letters or phone calls please Only candidates selected for an interview will be contacted Page 30 ONLINE JOB APPLICATION FORM Name: David Klein Address: 280 Wellington Street Phone: (555) 738-8876 EXPERIENCE: Winter 2003-Present: Shelving Technician, County Library - Experienced with all systems related to shelving: Dewey Decimal, shelving by genre, format, etc - Dedicated to ensuring that library patrons find what they need and leave the library happy Summer 2002, 2003: Programming Assistant, City Reading Club - Responsible for planning and implementing various summer reading programs for children - Role included delivering story-times and liaising with parents Fall 2002-Fall 2003: Product Demonstrator, In-Store Demonstrations Inc - Highly independent position, responsible for setting up display and giving out in-store samples - Made detailed reports of customer reactions and monitored stock levels EDUCATION: 2006: McGraw University Student in joint History/Library Sciences program Awarded an entrance scholarship 2004: Maple County High School Honor roll student Editor of school newspaper 96 Who would be in charge of the person hired for this job? Page 31 A The shelving technician B The customer service representative C The head librarian D The co-op administrator 97 What is required for this position? A Math skills B Social skills C Computer programming D A library science course 98 How does David's experience with “Dewey Decimal” relate to the job posting? A It demonstrates his superior customer service B It shows his understanding of the Internet C It demonstrates his ability to hand out in-store samples D It proves his familiarity with library shelving systems 99 How is David's education an asset to his application? A It relates to working in a library B It shows that he is a good reader C It demonstrates his independence D It proves his editing skills 100 What did David in the summer of 2003? A He applied for job position # 1009-36 B He worked more than one job C He finished high school D He took a summer reading program jTHE END Page 32 ... library happy Summer 2002, 2003: Programming Assistant, City Reading Club - Responsible for planning and implementing various summer reading programs for children - Role included delivering story-times... are sent to local disposal facilities every month This service is free of charge Page 11 PART 7: Reading comprehension Directions: In this part of the test, you will read a selection of texts,
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