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mời các bạn đón xem và tham khảo 10 đề thi đại học mông tiếng anh Ghoose the word whose stress pattern is different from the others a integration a stability a optimistic b intellectual c real tzation c renovation c minority b accelerate b accompany d philosopher d eliminate d eradicate Ghoose the woid whose underlined part is pronounced differently from the others 4- a leftovers b ruins a enthusiast b windgurfing c opponents d series c outstanding d tgunami Choose the most suitable option to complete the sentence "I)o you want beer or win e?" a I'd prefer beer, please b I like beer c I'd rather be€r', please d I, hate wine "Where you suggest I stay?" a Let's stay at the I{ilton b I suggest you to Hilton c I prefer the Hilton d I recommend the l{ilton Thc access education and the change economic status have given women more freedom a.inlin b.at/from c.tolin d.in/to Dry salt lakes .-.-.: 70 kilometers long and 15 kilometers wide lie long dunes crests 20 meter:s high a up to / between / with b up with / for I to c to up I from / for d up ward I with lunder 10 When they returned home later the same day, they found that their car back and was parked in its common place outside their,house a brought b had brought c has brought d had been brought 11 Black, red, and even bright pink diamonds ' b occasionally found a- occasionally tq find c have occasionally been found d have occasionally found L2 My car isn't It's always letting me down a believable ,c reliable b trusty d unreliable is n; sport in which two or more people perform cornplicatqd and carefully planned movements in water in time, to rnusic b Windsurfing c I)iving d Synchfbnized swimming :14 The International Red Cross' helps to ensure respect for the human being, :ti 15, ASEAN i,,,,,;,, , b enjoyrnent c sufferings d wealthy is an organtzation in the South east Asian region ,that aims I economic growth, social progress, and cultural development, ,'"'' ' account' ' c accelerate b inilude d respect _., ,,,, "16.,,!Vomen's contribution to our society has b een better threse da +_ v , 'differently b naturally naturall to , : ,c intellectually d significantly TEST T b- B0 subje-cted to violence, exploitatig_U, abuse and neglect are in risk of A B C death, poor physical and mental health, !rrv/ArDS infection anrd ed.ucational problems D Ohildrcn Ghoose the most suitable option to complete the sentence 37 I don't know a when was this house built c who did this house belong to 82 The more waste paper we recycle, ,, _ b when this house was built d when does this house belong to a the more trees we preserve b the most trees we preserve c the less trees we preserve d the least trees we preserve she couldn't say anything 33 She was a so surprised at the news thdt b such surprised at the news that c so surprised of the news that d so that surprised for the news if you can't speak his native language 34 ft is very difficult for you a getting acquainted to a foreigner b getting acquainted with a foreigner c to get acquainted to a foreigner d to get acquainted with a foreigner 35 I lardly _ at the station the train left a he had arrived / when b had he arrived /when c had he arrived /than d he had arrived /then choose the sentence,that has the same meaning as the given one ThiS sentence ,means: saying, because I had not read his book ;,[:.Whabthe',]ffiiier wrote and said *as ioo-difficult for me to uoa"*;""d" b, fhe lecturerls,book which I c., I' had no read was difficult to understand ,dfficutt,,to qnderstand what'th-e lecturer said in his book uud:ii{,,,ffi nted to know how I lived I I.l ;.r.,, :- '; ; ": : : ' _' l-t': ';.- '.' '.,.' was':Dr.evented 1:i1::;:: e, a salary a- founded 52 a spread 53 a packages 51 a Meanwhile a teaches a increase 57 a start 54 55 56 58, a support 59 a preliminary 60 a helP b built b expended b wraps b, While b tells b improve b make b simple c for-rnd c distr:ibuted c containers c Whereas c coaches c grow c take up c supply c low b assistant d Whenever d explains d took d resume d give d base c, treatment d hand b provide d had d offered d grasps following passage and choose the best answers to the questions The Winterthur Museum is a collection and a house There are many museums devoted to the decorative arts and many house museums, but rarely in the United States is a great collection displayed in a great country house Passing through successive Line generations of a single family, Winterthur has been a private estate for more than a century Even after the extensive renovations made to it between 1929 and 1931, the house remained a family residence I'his fact is of importance to the atmosphere and effect of the museum Read the The impression of a lived-in house is apparent to the visitors; the rooms look as if they were vacated only a short while ago - whether by the original owners of the fur:niture'or the most recent residents of the house can be a matter of personal interpretation Winterthur remains, then, a house in which a collection of furniture and architectural elements has been assembled Like an English country house, it is an organic structure; the house, as well as the collection and manner of displaying it to the visitors, has changed over the years, The changes have coincided with developing concepts of the American arts, increased t
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