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READING TEST In this section of the test, you will have the chance to show how well you understand written English There are three parts to this section, with special directions for each part YOU WILL HAVE ONE HOUR AND FIFTEEN MINUTES TO COMPLETE PARTS 5, 6, AND OF THE TEST PART 5: Incomplete Sentence Directions: You will see a sentence with a missing word Four possible answers follow the sentence Choose the best answer to the question and fill in the corresponding oval on your answer sheet The city's median real estate prices declined 3.4 percent this year, according to an _ by the Home Realty Market Report A analyze B analysis C analyzed D analyzing Ms Patel has just returned the fifth Chennai conference on marketing and advertising A on B from C about D behind Any staff member whose research paper is selected for publication in a journal will receive a ten percent bonus in the _ pay period A conservative B following C previous D increasing Last year, the Hansford Automobile catalog _ air-conditioning and digital radios as standard features in all automobiles A listed B list C listing D to list One of the reasons why our sales team has become a leader today is that they are put through a number of vigorous training sessions to keep up with the changes that occur in the market A prosperous B straight C mature D continuous Following weeks of _, the three major companies in the city’s Jewelry Industry have agreed to meet for talks on product inflation rates A specialty B negotiations C composition D priorities The customer returned his order saying its switch was defective, and the online store agreed to _ the full amount to his account A magnify B credit C discontinue D charge We are offering Graduate positions _ students who are currently completing their final year and would like to begin work in the next calendar year A with B as C for D in The committee members were glad to see how Ms Park presented the benefits of the incentive program A privately B apparently C likely D skillfully 10 The new play received reviews by most of the local theater critics, despite the high number of ticket sales A disappointing B perceivable C operational D potential 11 A new , especially in the high technology sector, is getting more and more attention of the public A production B productivity C product D productive 12 As the , we obviously must ensure that customers will satisfy with our products and services A manufacturing B manufacture C manufactories D manufacturer 13 Customers wishing to make complaints _ ask to talk to one of our customer service consultants, who will be pleased to help them A should B might C ought D had 14 Although graphic forms of advertising appeared early in history, printed advertising made little until the invention of the movable-type printing press by German printer Johannes Gutenberg about 1450 A coverage B headway C impression D profit 15 In _ with my contract of employment I am happy to continue to work until 31st 2009 A according B accords C accordance D accordingly 16 After their travel reservations online, airline passenger should arrive at the airport at least an hour before departure A confirmation B confirmed C confirming D have confirmed 17 You should _ to the client with a polite letter thanking him for raising these concerns with us and also assure him the problem will be addressed A acknowledge B return C reply D reciprocate 18 Mr Brown didn’t _ review the site even though it has been over a year since his first visit A know B knowingly C knowledge D knowledgeable 19 Philanthropists Henry and Elsie Wellman today will announce a $20 million _ to Scripp’s Cancer Institute, to provide seed money for promising new cancer research projects A donate B donated C donation D donating 20 If you experience problems _ visiting, you should send an email to A during B while C for D as 21 Considering its _ potential and convenience, the new technology is expected to bring huge changes to stores, factories and homes A commercial B commerce C commercially D commercializing 22 We are interested in becoming the North American - for your products, and would to like to arrange a meeting to discuss this in detail A represent B represents C to represent D representative 23 Please be sure to arrive for next Monday’s finance seminar, which will be held in the main auditorium A exactly B presently C previously D early 24 Since Dawson Creek Fashion was late getting its new styles on the market, there was not opportunity to meet pre-Christmas sales projections A many B little C much D big 25.An _ investment of ten thousand dollars will be needed for overhead, personnel, and building rental A initiate B initiating C initiates D initial 26 The following is a list of topics plan to discuss in the lecture on Thursday A I B my C me D mine 27 The Payroll Department _ that all employees submit their completed and signed time sheets no later than Thursday due to the upcoming holiday A wants B requests C desires D likes 28 If the remote controls or other equipment is not returned to CableMega by the expiration date, customers have to pay the full replacement value of the equipment to CableMega A any B each C one D many 29 We’re writing to provide you with the fiscal year 2008-2009 compensation strategy we are recommending to the Board of Regents A where B when C at which D that 30 For those native language is something other than English, a special translator will be provided A who B whom C whose D that 31 I have noticed that when the boss is away, employees like to relax and enjoy _ A myself B himself C ourselves D themselves 32 We are looking for recent graduates with exceptional and _ quantitative abilities and language skills to join our company A demonstrate B demonstrating C demonstrates D demonstrable 33 Last month, the manager _to the president that he hire a specialist to run the communication network A suggested B suggest C suggestion D is suggesting 34 Company research found that consumers _ first and foremost on the print media to learn about products A rely B relies C relying D were relied 35 Please inform Ms Anne Hedoni that we suggest she _ her appointment for at least a week A postpones B will postpone C is postponing D postpone 36 The house Mr Eno is thinking about buying is located _ Heritage Street A to B on C from D of 37 For the most part, _ in technology stocks have seen the value of their shares increase dramatically over the last five years A investigating B investment C investors D investigate 38 There is construction going on outside today, so please _ the windows closed A stay B remain C let D keep 39 News _ of our financial difficulties has hurt our chances of completing the merger A uncovering B coverage C uncovers D covering 40 Declines in absenteeism and increased _ led the company to provide across-theboard pay raises A productivity B produce C productions D producers Part 6: Text Completion Directions: Read the texts on the following pages You will find a word or phrase missing in some of the sentences Below each of the sentences, four answer choices are given Select the most appropriate answer to complete the text Then mark the letter (A), (B), (C) or (D) on your answer sheet Questions 41-43 refer to the following memo TO: All Personnel DATE: May 2, 2009 FROM: Robert Kammel, Deputy Chief, Administration SUBJECT: Past Due Annual Physicals – 2nd NOTICE If your name appears below, you are past due for your Annual Physical Please contact James Malone Health Office, now your appointment 41 A schedule B have scheduled C to schedule D scheduling Please _ your appointment scheduled and your physical completed prior to 42 A have B allow C notify D remind Friday, May 30, 2009 If you have any questions or you are unable to _ an appointment for an 43 A B make C find D produce Please contact me via e-mail at or via Fire Rescue Administration at 772-288-57 Questions 44-46 refer to the following information WARNING Have you checked your gas pipes? When was the last time you had the gas connection and valves in your home checked by a professional? Every year, hundreds of unnecessary fires when faulty valves 44 A occurrence B occurred C occur D is occurring Start to leak Last year, thirty-two people died from the fumes of escaping gases as they slept You think your home is safe, but think again It only takes five minutes to 45 A have to B should C wouldn’t D might a check Those are five very important minutes Call the Gas Safety Board today to an appointment 46 A reserve B make C order D call Your family will thank you Questions 47-49 refer to the following advertisement Romero's Heating and Furnace Repair We've Got the Hottest Deals in the City – Guaranteed With winter just around the corner, you'll want to be sure your office is ready for Mother Nature's Arctic blasts You'll depend on your furnace all winter to meet the comfort needs of your business, and that's why you can't depend on anyone but Romero's to make sure everything is _ in order 47 A to work B working C work D had worked Romero's Heating can provide you with of options for energy-efficient 48 A some B plenty C many D several operation Our furnaces operate at over ninety percent efficiency, which means that ninety percent of the fuel you pay for is actually converted into heat for your office Since all of our customers are different, our service representatives can work with you to choose a system that's right for your needs We also offer free _ if you buy a furnace or heating unit from Romero's Don't get 49 A consultation B information C training D installation left out in the cold Come and see us today Questions 50-52 refer to the following letter To whom it may concern I confirm that I have dealt with Newman Company Ltd since 1998, during which time they _ my business with excellent support in the areas of website engineering, site 50 A have provided B provide C will provide D will have provided optimization, search engine analysis and site submission Their work has been a major factor in our website’s _, helping it to become one of the most visited 51 A successfulness B succeed C succession D success _ of its kind on the Internet 52 A resource B resourcing C resources D resourceful I can confidently recommend Newman Company Ltd as a solid and reliable supplier, and experts in their field Yours faithfully PART 7: READING COMPREHENSION Directions: In this part of the test, you will read a selection of texts, such as magazine and newspaper, articles, letters, and advertisements Each text is followed by several questions Choose the correct answer to each question and mark the letter (A), (B), (C) or (D) on your answer sheet Questions 53-55 refer to the following invitation 10 Postcards Uniform rate of $7 to anywhere in the world Aerogramme Uniform rate of $9 to anywhere in the world * Standard-sized item: 14-23.5 cm length, 9-12 cm width, thickness of within cm 62 What is the cost of sending a twelve-gram letter to South East Asia? A $7 B $9 C $11 D $13 63 How much will a $19 letter to Europe weigh? A 25 grams or less B Between 25 and 50 grams C More than 50 grams A Unknown Questions 64-66 refer to the following notice LIFEGUARD TRAINING This is a forty hour class for those fourteen and older wishing to receive state lifeguard certification Training includes basic water rescue techniques, CPR, mouth-to-mouth resuscitation, and basic first aid for injuries This is a prerequisite for the Lifeguard Supervisor’s Certificate course available this summer Proof of age is required, and applicants under the age of eighteen must submit a parental permission form All equipment except swimwear is provided Registration fee must accompany application Applications accepted from January 25-February 12 Start of classes: February 21 Last class and certification exam: May 10 Fees: Swim club members-$150, non-members-$200 64 What is the minimum age for enrollment in the training? A Fourteen years old B Fifteen years old C Seventeen years old D Eighteen years old 14 65 What must all trainees provide? A Their lifeguard certificates B A first aid manual C A parental permission form D Proof of age 66 When must the registration fee be paid? A On or before January 25 B Between January 25 and February 12 C On February 21 D Any time before May 10 Questions 67-68 refer to the following advertisement THE ADVANTAGE THAT MADE US #1 IN ASIA YES! Please send me your student travel catalog Experience We have the most experience in overseas travel: 47 years of discovering the best sights and events, the best hotels and restaurants, and the best staff here and abroadall priced for a student’s budget Popularity More students choose our Out to Asia trips than any other References We stand by our reputation We’ll give you the names of past participants so you can get a firsthand impression Savings We can pass on greater volume discounts, so your dollars will buy you more Member, Association of World Travel Organizations Why should someone choose Out to Asia? A It offers varied travel packages B It has a good safety record C Its packages are all-inclusive D Other people like it 68 Who is offered as a reference? A Members of the Association of World Travel Organizations 15 67 B Asian students C Former Out to Asia travelers D Staff members 69 What describes the cost of Out to Asia tours? A They’re very expensive because they include study opportunities B They’re quite expensive, but everything’s the best C They’re cheap because they’re planned for big numbers D They’re in the middle price range Questions 70-71 refer to the following fax FAX TRANSMISSION 70 Kleanit Bravo Murillo, 320 Portal 4-20 28020 Madrid Spain Dear fellow computer user, A word of advice: It’s time to clean out your computer If you’re like me, you don’t remove documents that are no longer necessary You never know when you may need a file so you don’t throw it away, right? E-mail messages pile up, too, creating a huge warehouse of obscure file names I found that a simple software package called Kleanit gets rid of everything I don’t need and keeps the things I I was so impressed with this package that I decided to share it with others No longer those bothersome extra messages and computer files waste processing time and cause my computer to perform inefficiently Kleanit makes sure that the only files in my computer are files that relate to my current project or routine tasks Why don’t you try it? I’ll send you a trial copy and if you aren’t satisfied, you can send it back If you are as impressed as I am, and you will be, send your check for $32.50 at your earliest convenience Have a nice day Robert Horstma CEO According to the fax, what prompted Mr Horstma to sell Kleanit? 16 His email responses His poor computer skills His need for money His satisfaction with the product 71 What suggestion is made in his fax? A To buy new computers B To send less mail C To print out documents D To purchase new software 72 According to the fax, what effect does clutter have on a computer? A It operates slowly B It runs out of space C It stops working D It erases files A B C D Questions 73-76 refer to the following memo Attention employees: Last week I met with Mr Hendrix to discuss our overseas marketing campaigns As you know, we now have retail stores operating in South Africa and Argentina, in addition to having our products carried by department stores in France, China, and Japan Although our sales are at a satisfactory level, Mr Hendrix would like to increase our brand recognition abroad to make Fields Sports' apparel more competitive with both local and foreign equivalents This will also help us introduce our sporting equipment line to international consumers To discuss this matter further, I would like the entire marketing staff to meet on Wednesday, March 14 at 11 A.M At the meeting, we will discuss ways to further the presence of Fields Sports' apparel through special events, sponsorship, celebrity endorsement, and any other tactics Thank you and see you on Wednesday Charlize 17 18 73 In what country are Fields Sports' products NOT sold? A In China B In Japan C In France D In Australia 74 What is indicated about Fields Sports? A Their sales are declining B They primarily produce sports apparel C They host a variety of sports competitions D Their products can only be purchased in department stores 75 When will the staff meeting be held? A On March 11 B On March 12 C On March 14 D On March 20 76 What topic will be addressed at the staff meeting? A Increasing brand recognition B Sponsoring local sports teams C Introducing new products overseas D Opening a retail store in South Africa Questions 77-79 refer to the following article Green Garden Café recently opened downtown and is offering a variety of handcrafted sandwiches, along with homemade soups and ice cream All food served at the café is made from pure organic ingredients Sandwiches are made with 100% whole-grain bread, which is baked in the café’s kitchen Dinners are lining up to try Green Garden’s sandwiches for breakfast, lunch, and dinner “One of our best sellers is our breakfast sandwich”, explains café owner Melissa Whitehead “It’s not your typical bacon-and-cheese concoction Instead, we combine eggs with fresh vegetables and serve it on fresh-baked bread Customers can’t seem to get enough of it” You won’t find the usual ham, turkey, or roast beef sandwich among the café’s offered fare In fact, all the food they serve is 100% vegetarian There sandwiches are filled with fresh vegetables, locally made cheese, or a combination of both “Customers enjoy our soups and ice cream, but what they really come here for are the sandwiches”, says Whitehead “That’s our most popular item” Give the Green Garden Café a try next time you are downtown You won’t be disappointed The café is open six days a week: Monday-Friday from AM to PM and Saturday from 11 AM to PM 19 77 What is true of the soups at Green Garden? A They are made with organic ingredients B They are the most popular item C They come from a factory D They contain bacon 78 Which of the following sandwiches can you get at the Green Garden Café? A Cheese and bacon B Ham and turkey C Cheese and vegetables D Roast beef 79 On which of the following days is the café closed? A Monday B Wednesday C Friday D Sunday Questions 80-83 refer to the following information sheet INFORMATION FOR VISITORS GETTING AROUND Two major bus routes, No 34 and No 56, pass in front of the building Bus schedules and bus route maps are available at the front desk • The Market Mall subway station is five blocks away Subway maps and information are available at the subway station • Taxis are available at the taxi stand near the main entrance • MEALS • A full-service restaurant and a café are just off the main lobby Daily breakfast at the café is included with the price of your room • Ask the front desk for a listing of local restaurants SHOPPING • Market Mall, the city’s premier shopping mall, is five blocks away Whether you are looking for clothes, jewelry, books, gifts, linens, or office supplies, you are sure to find it at the Market Mall • The downtown shopping district, famous for its elegant fashion boutiques, is just three miles away The downtown district is served by the No 34 bus line • A pharmacy and grocery store are just across the street 20 TOURISM • The city boasts a number of fine museums, including the National History Museum and the Museum of Fine Arts The Sun Tours Travel Company offers bus tours of historic locations around the city Please ask at the front desk for more information • Hotel guests are entitled to a discount at the City Aquarium Get your discount coupon at the front desk EMERGENCIES In case of emergency, dial 01 for the hotel manager 80 Where would you find this information sheet? A In a hotel B In a tourist agency C In a shopping mall D In an office building 81 What is five blocks away? A A pharmacy B A café C A subway station D A taxi stand 82 What can you buy in the shopping district? A Books B Office supplies C Clothes D Linens 83 Where can you probably buy cough medicine? A In the shopping district B Across the street C In the lobby D At the Market Mall Questions 84-85 refer to the following memorandum From: Rielle Navitski To: Management listserv Subject: Last minute meeting Cc: 21 Attachments: Meeting Agenda.doc (50 KB) Dear Managers, In light of last week's negative survey results, I am calling an emergency meeting to discuss our new plan of action and options for turning public opinion around before the market reports are due to the investors I've attached the agenda for the meeting and would like for everyone to review it so that we are all up to speed on the latest developments I understand that this notice is incredibly late, but I would appreciate it if everyone would make their best effort to attend I want to convene in conference room B at p.m sharp and hope to be done by 7:30 p.m If you know you won't be able to attend, please let me know as soon as possible, so I can catch up with you before the end of the day and run through some topics quickly I'm sorry that this will affect everyone's dinner plans, but I will order dinner for all attending and have it delivered during the meeting Hope to see everyone there Sincerely, Rielle Navitski 84 Why did Ms Navitski call the emergency meeting? A To discuss how to present the poll results to the investors B To talk about how the poll results will change their plans C To plan the next round of public opinion polls D To advise the management of ideas for marketing 85 Why does Ms Navitski want to be informed if someone can't attend the meeting? A She wants to talk to the person before the meeting B She wants to order enough food for the function C She wants to tell the investors about who was there D She wants to send the person a copy of the agenda Questions 86-90 refer to the following memorandum and email 22 ME MORAN DU M Liberty Legal Services 302 Pine Street, Suite 2300 Los Angeles, CA 80214 Dear Colleagues, I am writing to introduce the newest member on our staff Andrea Langley comes to us straight out of Hanfard Law School, where she graduated at the top of her class As is typical of our new lawyers, she will spend her first six months here working with various people in the office This month Andrea will be working with Karen Jackson in our real estate division Next month she will work with Larry Dean in licensing That is as far as we have her schedule planned If any of you have some time to spend with Andrea and have some interesting projects coming up, please let me know and we may be able to arrange for her to work with you Please keep in mind that we not want an intelligent and eager young lawyer like Andrea doing busy work Her mind is much more useful to us than that Please take a moment to stop by Andrea’s desk and introduce yourselves And congratulate her for passing her exam Thanks, Scott Scott Hartman Senior Partner To: Scott Hartman From: Nancy Strong Date: July 1, 2005 10:45:19 a.m Subject: Andrea Langley Scott, 23 I got your memo about Andrea Langley I’m starting to work on an interesting and difficult case that I think would be a good learning experience for her; I could use the help while she’s making her rounds The case I want her for is a mergers and acquisitions case It’s for a merger between two high-powered technology companies Due to their backgrounds, it will require a fair amount of paperwork There will also be a lot of research required, and I think it would give her a real taste of what most work in mergers and acquisitions is like If it’s okay with you, would you please run it by Andrea? We’d really love her down in this office for a few weeks Thanks, Nancy Strong 86 What is learned about Andrea Langley? A She is Nancy Strong’s niece B She recently graduated from school C She worked as a legal secretary for several years D She signed a one-year contract to work with Liberty 87 What will Andrea Langley during her first six months at Liberty? A Work with several lawyers B Concentrate on a single case C Learn about California’s laws D Specialize in one area of law 88 What does Scott Hartman NOT ask people to do? A Introduce themselves to Andrea Langley B Andrea Langley to observe them in court C Suggest projects for Andrea Langley to work on D Congratulate Andrea Langley for her accomplishment 89 In which area of law does Nancy Strong work? A Adoption B Licensing C Real estate D Corporate mergers 90 What does Nancy Strong say about the case she is working on? 24 A B C D It is likely to be resolved out of court It will involve a great deal of research It is receiving publicity in the newspapers It requires a person with strong computer skills Questions 91-95 refer to the following job advertisement and reply Position Offered A well-respected educational organization needs an organized, out-going person with strong word processing and interpersonal skills to coordinate production and planning of public presentations and management seminars Desktop publishing and graphic arts a definite plus The ideal candidate will be educated to the graduate level (master’s degree), have at least six years managerial experience and be a self-starter, capable of working alone, and of motivating others If you fit this profile, please send your resume to Alessandra Badu, Job Applications, PO Box 7789, Westchester DE3 HH by February 23rd No applications postmarked after this date will be considered Due to the large response anticipated, we regret that we will be able to contact short-listed candidates No telephone or email enquires please 25 91 What is this advertisement for? A A package tour B A job vacancy C A position wanted D A course of classes 92 Which of the following people should reply to the advertisement? A One with six years of typing experience who has never worked with the public B An introverted graphic artist with library experience C A confident art major with consulting and computer experience D A former sports coach who is insolent, organized, and used to public acclaim 26 93 Which of the following might the successful candidate expect to do? A Help run a school B Do a lot of typing and organizing of files and attend seminars C Plan presentations on new educational opportunities D Organize and produce presentations and seminars on management 94 What example does Jessica give of her public speaking experience? A Three years as design team manager B Master’s degree in graphic design C Membership in a debating society D Ability to keep to a deadline 95 What will probably prevent Alessandra Badu from contacting Jessica? A Her writing skills B The submission of her application after the deadline C Her personality D Her lack of experience Questions 96-100 refer to the following email and table To: Aras Koca [] From: Clarice Ryan [] Subject: Report on Employees’ Use of Time Clarice, I agree that waste of work time is a serious issue The Human Resources Deparment recently surveyed the employees They are wasting close to two hours per day Here are my ideas to reduce this waste First, we need to agree on what are the most important behaviors to stop For example, look at item #1 Many people are doing this; however, it is the most difficult to stop I recommend that we focus on activities #2, 4, and Making phone calls shows the largest difference between men and women Women this much more than men We should ask all employees to limit these calls They should return non-urgent messages at their lunch break For #4, we should focus on the younger age group We will tell them that we are going to check their work accounts for personal messages For #5, we can ask supervisors to watch this more carefully Perhaps, activity #3 should continue This allows employees to know each other and it can increase their motivation The supervisors will know if someone is spending too much time taking and not enough time working Are you available tomorrow? I’d like to meet you to discuss our next step TIME SPENT ON NONWORK-RELATED ACTIVITIES Percentage of employees who this three times per week or more Activity Men Women 27 Surfing the Internet * 85% 83% Making personal phone calls 65% 80% Talking to coworkers * * 60% 70% Writing personal emails * 45% 45% Taking long breaks 30% 20% Key: * most common with workers 22-35, * * most common with workers 45-60 96 Why was the survey done? A To help plan a better work schedule B To find out how employees waste their work time C To learn which employees know how to use the Internet D To discover which employees are unhappy with their jobs 97 Which is the most popular activity among the employees? A Going online B Talking on the phone C Socializing with other employees D Taking breaks 98 Among which group is writing personal emails most common? A Younger people B Older people C Women D Men 99 Which activity does Aras Koca consider the least problematic? A Going online B Talking on the phone C Socializing with other employees D Sending emails 100 Which activity does Aras Koca want supervisors to monitor? A Visiting Web sites B Sending personal emails C Answering phone messages D Spending too much time on breaks THE END 28 ... Company Ltd as a solid and reliable supplier, and experts in their field Yours faithfully PART 7: READING COMPREHENSION Directions: In this part of the test, you will read a selection of texts,... on fresh-baked bread Customers can’t seem to get enough of it” You won’t find the usual ham, turkey, or roast beef sandwich among the café’s offered fare In fact, all the food they serve is 100%... the following sandwiches can you get at the Green Garden Café? A Cheese and bacon B Ham and turkey C Cheese and vegetables D Roast beef 79 On which of the following days is the café closed? A
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