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READING TEST In this section of the test, you will have the chance to show how well you understand written English There are three parts to this section, with special directions for each part YOU WILL HAVE ONE HOUR AND FIFTEEN MINUTES TO COMPLETE PARTS 5, 6, AND OF THE TEST PART 5: Incomplete Sentence Directions: You will see a sentence with a missing word Four possible answers follow the sentence Choose the best answer to the question and fill in the corresponding oval on your answer sheet The city's median real estate prices declined 3.4 percent this year, according to an _ by the Home Realty Market Report A analyze B analysis C analyzed D analyzing After four years in domestic sales, Mr LeConte was able to transfer to the international division A finally B following C conclusively D in ending The key objective of an organization’s marketing efforts to satisfy relationships with customers that benefit both the customer and the organization A is B are C was D were Any staff member whose research paper is selected for publication in a journal will receive a ten percent bonus in the _ pay period A conservative B following C previous D increasing Last year, the Hansford Automobile catalog _ air-conditioning and digital radios as standard features in all automobiles A listed B list C listing D to list It is imperative that quality is not sacrificed for profits We have _ the best products at the best prices A provide B to be providing C to provide D profited Journalists _ are registered for next Monday’s press conference will receive and admission passes upon registration A whichever B whoever C whose D who _ experienced significant growth in Western Europe, the company is planning to expand operations in Eastern Europe A To have B Have C Had D Having We are offering Graduate positions _ students who are currently completing their final year and would like to begin work in the next calendar year A with B as C for D in 10 We provide a range of services _ to meet the specific industry and market dynamics our clients face A design B to design C designing D designed 11 The committee members were glad to see how Ms Park presented the benefits of the incentive program A privately B apparently C likely D skillfully 12 Farmers are predicting good crop harvests in the Kenashaw area as a result of recent weather conditions A favors B favorable C favor D favoring 13 The new play received reviews by most of the local theater critics, despite the high number of ticket sales A disappointing B perceivable C operational D potential 14 Different business cultures perceive differently about the reasonable _ between male and female colleagues A documentation B network C experience D proximity 15 Your first paycheck will be two weeks in arrears, but after that you will be paid _ the first and fifteenth of every month unless these dates fall on a holiday A at B in C on D by A computer technician will drop by your office about 2:00 pm, so please make 16 sure that you are at your desk at that time A in B on C for D at 17 While marketing is viewed as offering significant benefits to organizations and to society, its close contacts with the public _ this functional area to extensive criticism A open B opens C is opening D are opening 18 A new , especially in the high technology sector, is getting more and more attention of the public A production B productivity C product D productive 19 As the , we obviously must ensure that customers will satisfy with our products and services A manufacturing B manufacture C manufactories D manufacturer 20 Customers wishing to make complaints _ ask to talk to one of our customer service consultants, who will be pleased to help them A should B might C ought D had 21 Although graphic forms of advertising appeared early in history, printed advertising made little until the invention of the movable-type printing press by German printer Johannes Gutenberg about 1450 A coverage B headway C impression D profit 22 In with my contract of employment I am happy to continue to work until 31st 2009 A according B accords C accordance D accordingly 23 Food Aficionado’s cover story about summer entertaining the magazine to sell over 100,000 copies in one week A arranged B suggested C followed D helped 24 After their travel reservations online, airline passenger should arrive at the airport at least an hour before departure A confirmation B confirmed C confirming D have confirmed 25 The success of Friendly Frog toys is primarily due to the clever marketing employed by the manufacturers A layout B status C print D strategy 26 I will be _ with our sales, marketing and advertising departments on the new product line at the team meeting on Friday A coordinating B coordination C coordinate D coordinator 27 American businesses rely on just-in-time delivery of inventory and components to improve _, reduce lead times, and trim costs A efficient B efficiency C efficiently D be efficient 28 Philanthropists Henry and Elsie Wellman today will announce a $20 million _ to Scripp’s Cancer Institute, to provide seed money for promising new cancer research projects A donate B donated C donation D donating 29 MGK Research provides research and advice for executives, helping them improve performance and _ costs with the aid of technology A reduce B reduces C reducing D reduction 30 All first-year master’s degree students at the Daniels Institute are required to take an introductory oceanography course, _ of their previous academic background A anyway B despite C nevertheless D regardless 31 The survey concluded that the two-day convention provided the city with a total estimated economic _ of $8.5 million A product B benefit C weekend D condition 32 The new manager needs to give a sample of signature to the printer so that a stamp of it can be made A she B she’s C her D hers 33 Since Dawson Creek Fashion was late getting its new styles on the market, there was not opportunity to meet pre-Christmas sales projections A many B little C much D big 34.An _ investment of ten thousand dollars will be needed for overhead, personnel, and building rental A initiate B initiating C initiates D initial 35 Sam Walker would be for the job since she works diligently and has integrity A suit B suiting C suitable D suits 36 The research organization which _ the related data announced that consumer awareness of good health practices has been greatly promoted A has been compiled B compiled C compiling D are compiling 37 If the remote controls or other equipment is not returned to CableMega by the expiration date, customers have to pay the full replacement value of the equipment to CableMega A any B each C one D many 38 We’re writing to provide you with the fiscal year 2008-2009 compensation strategy we are recommending to the Board of Regents A where B when C at which D that 39 For those native language is something other than English, a special translator will be provided A who B whom C whose D that 40 Before replying to urgent emails, a correspondence clerk should _ the company leader A talk B consult C explore D understand Part 6: Text Completion Directions: Read the texts on the following pages You will find a word or phrase missing in some of the sentences Below each of the sentences, four answer choices are given Select the most appropriate answer to complete the text Then mark the letter (A), (B), (C) or (D) on your answer sheet Questions 41-43 refer to the following memo TO: All Personnel DATE: May 2, 2009 FROM: Robert Kammel, Deputy Chief, Administration SUBJECT: Past Due Annual Physicals – 2nd NOTICE If your name appears below, you are past due for your Annual Physical Please contact James Malone Health Office, now your appointment 41 A schedule B have scheduled C to schedule D scheduling Please _ your appointment scheduled and your physical completed prior to 42 A have B allow C notify D remind Friday, May 30, 2009 If you have any questions or you are unable to _ an appointment for an 43 A B make C find D produce Please contact me via e-mail at or via Fire Rescue Administration at 772-288-57 Questions 44-46 refer to the following letter Memory Map Game by Riven Learning Co Description For 1-6 players, 5-11 years old Children can their observation and memorization skills with this puzzle that 44 A cause B study C practice D manufacture features a colorful picture map of a city To begin the game, children must place the 125 picture cards faced down Each player then draws a picture card, turns it over, and waits for their turn to the picture card to the map 45 A add B addition C additive D additionally a player cannot find where their picture card goes on the map, they must pick up 46 A If B So C And D Because another picture card The first player to get rid of all their picture cards wins the game Price $21.99 Questions 47-49 refer to the following article Members of the 77 Special Operations Wing Safety Office are preparing for a 47 A currently B routinely C relatively D necessarily team of inspectors stopping here Jan 15-20 to evaluate the wing’s mishap prevention program This evaluation _ the compliance of program directives and the 48 A is included B included C includes D including effectiveness of mishap prevention programs for units at the wing level and above, to include flight, ground, and weapons safety disciplines, said George Caprioli, ground safety manager The inspectors will also _ all safety documentation and records at the Wing Safety 49 A account B respond C evaluate D care Office and all work centers in the wing, including processes, facilities and equipment Questions 50-52 refer to the following article National Travel Agency Association 18th Annual Convention February 21 - 25, 2007 Cape Town, South Africa Members of the National Travel Agency Association (NTAA) should mark _ 50 A our B its C their D my calendars for the upcoming annual convention The convention will be held in Cape Town, South Africa to reflect the growing interest in tourism on this continent The agenda for the convention is packed with presentations, seminars and working groups covering a wide variety of topics relevant to travel agency employees A new session on visa regulations and an expanded workshop on effective office management _ to the schedule to 51 A had been added B have been added C has been added D would have been added help your agency increase its success.Don't miss this exciting convention! Registration fees are $150 for employees of NTAA members, and $200 for non-members The registration fee includes all materials and meals Members who register for the convention before January 15 will receive a 10% discount In addition, rooms have been reserved at the Grand Vista Hotel in Cape Town; ask for the special NTAA discount rate The _ 52 A more convenient B less convenient C most convenient D least convenient way to complete your registration is to visit our website, PART 7: READING COMPREHENSION Directions: In this part of the test, you will read a selection of texts, such as magazine and newspaper, articles, letters, and advertisements Each text is followed by several questions Choose the correct answer to each question and mark the letter (A), (B), (C) or (D) on your answer sheet Questions 53-54 refer to the following advertisement For Sale Fully equipped convenience store on North Main Street close to downtown Annual sales of $2,198,456 Sells snack, groceries, newspapers, gasoline, etc Ample customer parking behind Spacious two-bedroom owner’s apartment on second floor Asking $750,000 Includes building and grounds, all equipment, and $85,000 in inventory No brokers, please Shown by appointment only Call Maria at White Horse Realty—243-8674 10 53 What is above the store? A A place to live B A snack bar C A place for equipment D An office 54 How much is the store being sold for? A $85,000 B $750,000 C $835,000 D $2,198,456 Questions 55-57 refer to the following invitation Dear Patty, You are invited to a going-away party for Liza, which will hopefully be a surprise In honor of her becoming an “Army Wife”, we thought it might be funny (and appropriate) to get her a nice set of luggage as a gift We are asking that everyone chip in $20 to make this a reality Please contact Wendy to confirm that you can come The party is planned for Liza’s last day, which is Friday, June 15th, after work in the break room Best, Helen 55 Where is this invitation to? A Birthday party B Retirement party C Engagement party D Going-away party 56 Who will be the guest of honor at the party? A Liza B Helen C Patty D Wendy 57 What gift is to be given? A $20 B Luggage C A new car D Clothes 11 Questions 58-59 refer to the following advertisement Office Space Available 815 Enfield Street This suite of offices is conveniently located close to downtown and major bus lines The 3,000-square-foot floor plan has lots of potential, with space for ten offices, two conference rooms, and a large reception area Large windows make it pleasant and sunny Ample tenant and customer parking are in the rear of the building Contract includes minor renovations to be made at the owner’s expense prior to move-in; new tenant chooses paint and carpet colors Call now for an appointment to see this incredible space Melissa Soto Rental Agency, 637-2120 58 What is true of the space for rent? A It is dark B It will be painted C It has a new carpet D It doesn’t include parking 59 Who should potential tenants call to see the space? A The owner B The contractor C The rental agent D The current tenant Questions 60-62 refer to the following announcement 12 Legal education Seminars presents… Workers’ compensation: Issues & Strategies Thursday, February The Platinum Hotel Omaha, NE Our experienced faculty will • Alert you to key changes in legislation, regulations, and case law; • Take you from the basics through advanced areas of Workers’ Compensation law; • Show you how to anticipate new trends in defense; and • Give you many practical strategies 60 Who would be likely to attend this seminar? A Workers B Legislators C Lawyers D Doctors 61 What will be taught? A Information about payment to injured workers B How employment and hiring laws are made C How to strategize to keep employees healthy D Ways to communicate with employees 62 What else can you learn? A Arguments being used by the defense B How to influence the law C How to advance your career D Where to practice your new skills Questions 63-65 refer to the following instructions 13 Product Registration Instructions Users will be provided with free technical assistance if their products are properly registered with TechCo Therefore, please take some time and follow some simple steps for a successful registration First, follow the installation guides to set up the software on your computer Get your computer connected to the internet and go to TechCo’s website at Fill in the login box your user name and password written in the enclosed registration card After logging in, click the Validate button and wait for some minutes TechCo will send you then a code which can help you get online assistance and allow us to notify you about the latest version of the product installed on your computer Do not forget to find the answers to your problems in the handbook included in the package, especially the FAQs section in page 15 of the handbook 63 Who are the instructions written for? A TechCo customers B Website experts C TechCo technical assistants D Handbook writers 64 Where can you find the user name and password? A From TechCo website B In the accompanied card for registration C In the handbook D In the installation guides 65 What should you first if you have a problem with the software? A Update the latest version B Install the software again C Go to TechCo website D Read the user’s manual Questions 66-68 refer to the following text 14 Top Productivity Killer Disorganization happens when there are too many things on a computer screen or too much paperwork for you to process Disorganization cuts productivity rates in half Organization isn’t just about how well papers are piled on a desk It is about how easily and quickly information can be accessed Therefore, it is very important for you to identify and obtain information by using a good search system that provides instant access to information through multiple search tools for documents, content, relationships and data Digital versions of documents should be quickly and easily found through user-defined key words and through full-text search 66 How many percent of productivity does disorganization cut? A Half one percent B Fifty percent C Fifteen percent D Two percent 67 What does the text suggest doing to avoid disorganization? A Putting papers on desk B Processing information quickly C Looking for documents through a search engine D Deleting things on a computer screen 68 How many versions of documents are mentioned in the text? A One B Two C Three D Four Questions 69-72 refer to the following article If you want to advance in your career, you will have to make some careful decisions about which jobs you take Evaluate a job offer for the value is has to your career You may have to make some sacrifices at first You may have to move to a different region or even to a different country to take a job that is right for you You may have to work late hours, at least temporarily You might even have to take a lower salary for a job that offers you the experience that you need But you should never accept a job if it is not related to your career goals Accepting a jib that is not within your career path will not give you the training 15 or experience you need or want You will find yourself frustrated in such a position and consequently, you will not perform your best This will have an effect on the people around you, who will feel as if you are not acting as part of the team Therefore, the best advice to follow is to think carefully before accepting any position and make sure that the job you accept is the job you want to have 69 What is the most significant factor in evaluating a job? A Good location B High salary C Value to your career D How much you will like it 70 Which of the following is NOT mentioned as a possible sacrifice? A Moving B No benefits C Long hours D Low salary 71 What kind of job should you never accept? A One not related to your career goals B One that requires a long commute C One that has a negative effect on others D One that makes you work hard 72 What is wrong with taking a job outside your career path? A You will earn less B You won’t perform as well C You won’t get good advice D You will be stuck on a team Questions 73-75 refer to the following memo MEMO To: All staff From: James McGuire, VP Re: Office remodeling Remodeling work on the third-floor will begin the first of next month While this work is in progress, third-floor workers will be housed on other floors as follows: the sales department will move to the second floor, and graphic design will move to the fourth floor Supervisors will arrange these accommodations and show staff in those departments their temporary work stations We expect the remodel to take appropriately three weeks During this time, we appreciate your cooperation in sharing space and working together While the arrangement presents some logistical challenges, we are confident that we can meet 16 them and work with minimal disruption to our normal routine during the remodeling period To make this transition as smooth as possible, it would be greatly appreciated if the third floor could be vacated, and everyone was in their new stations and ready to work, at 8.00 am on the first If there are questions or concerns with the new arrangement, be sure to tell your supervisors ASAP so we can tackle the problems ahead of time Thanks in advance for your patience and cooperation Once the work is finished on the third floor, we are sure you’ll agree that it was worth the time and trouble Best, Alan Shepard, VP 73 What is the main purpose of this memo? A To announce a new arrangement B To reveal the winner of the remodeling bid C To inform staff of a surprise change D To remind workers that the company is moving 74 What can be inferred about the company? A It is not very big B It occupies several floors C It is manufacturer D It is relatively new 75 What does the writer request readers do? A E-mail their supervisors B Disrupt their routines C Move to the fifth floor D Prepare ahead of time Questions 76-79 refer to the following letter Dear Alberta Bank Customer, The following contains important information about your new Alberta Bank ATM/Debit card Please read it carefully This is information could help protect you against fraudulent use of your card by others Instruction regarding the enclosed item(s): • If the enclosed Alberta Bank Card replaces a valid card that is about to expire, simply sign the back of the new card and begin using it as you would ordinarily Your confidential Personal Identification Number (PIN) is the same one you have been using • In all other cases, please take it to the Alberta Bank branch which is most convenient for you to sign and validate your new Bank Card, and choose a new PIN The Alberta Bank recommends that customers not use dates of birth as 17 their PIN Please remember to bring two forms of identification with you, such as a passport, student ID card, driver’s license, or credit card issued by the Alberta Bank If your Bank Card is lost, stolen or damaged, please call the Alberta Bank Card Helpline, in operation 24 hours a day The telephone number for this helpline can be found on the back of your card We advise you to make a note of this and keep it in a safe place Remember, please destroy your old bank card properly Do not hesitate to visit any of our branches any time you have any questions about the Alberta bank and our wide range of services Sincerely, Alberta Bank 76 What was enclosed with this letter? A A new Bank Card B A Personal Identification Number C A bank statement D An expiration notice 77 Who is the letter from? A Friends B A customer C A bank D An advertising agency 78 If this card is a replacement for a lost card, what must the customer do? A Begin using the card as usual B Call Alberta Bank C Visit an Alberta Bank branch D Pick up a new card 79 Which of the following is NOT recommended as a PIN? A Customer’s favorite numbers B Customer’s date of birth C Dates from US history D Binary numbers Questions 80-82 refer to the following e-mail From: To: All employees Subject: New Payroll Procedures Date: May 18 To all employees: Starting June 1, payroll procedures will change As stated in a previous e-mail, Beech & Vine is switching the payroll service it uses from Zip Financial to Wise Stream The 18 human resources department did extensive research into several payroll services after Zip Financial Services announced this April that their company will be focusing its operations on banking services and is therefore discontinuing its current payroll services at the end of July There will be several changes to the payroll process First, all employees will be asked to record their hours with an appropriate project code That means those who work on multiple projects will receive several codes and must keep track of how much time is spent on each project Managers will e-mail a list of project codes to the employees they supervise later this week Second, employees will be required to submit their hours on a special Web site created by Wise Stream for Beech & Vine You will no longer be accessing your time sheet through Beech & Vine’s internal Web site The other big change is that payroll will be processed and employees will be paid every two weeks rather than on the fifteenth and thirtieth of each month Employees must submit their hours each Friday; managers will review and approve time sheets on Monday mornings As usual, each employee’s time sheet will be reviewed by the manager the employee reports to Detailed instructions on how to set up a payroll account on the new Web site are attached to this e-mail Five training sessions are scheduled for next week All changes will be explained in detail Employees will be able to see a demonstration of how to use the new Web site and will set up their online accounts Please contact your manager if you have not been scheduled for a training session or if you have any further questions Kathryn Santos Director, Human Resources Beech & Vine 80 Why is the payroll process being changed? A Zip Financial will no longer provide the service B Beech and Vine is expanding their workforce C Wise Stream offers a less expensive service D Beech & Vine is merging with another company 81 What will not change? A When payroll is processed B Where time sheets can be accessed C How employees will enter codes D Who will approve time sheets 82 What is attached to the email? A The schedule of training sessions B Directions for setting up an online account C A list of project codes D A calendar of upcoming pay dates 19 Questions 83-84 refer to the following memorandum From: Rielle Navitski To: Management listserv Subject: Last minute meeting Cc: Attachments: Meeting Agenda.doc (50 KB) Dear Managers, In light of last week's negative survey results, I am calling an emergency meeting to discuss our new plan of action and options for turning public opinion around before the market reports are due to the investors I've attached the agenda for the meeting and would like for everyone to review it so that we are all up to speed on the latest developments I understand that this notice is incredibly late, but I would appreciate it if everyone would make their best effort to attend I want to convene in conference room B at p.m sharp and hope to be done by 7:30 p.m If you know you won't be able to attend, please let me know as soon as possible, so I can catch up with you before the end of the day and run through some topics quickly I'm sorry that this will affect everyone's dinner plans, but I will order dinner for all attending and have it delivered during the meeting Hope to see everyone there Sincerely, Rielle Navitski 83 Why did Ms Navitski call the emergency meeting? A To discuss how to present the poll results to the investors B To talk about how the poll results will change their plans C To plan the next round of public opinion polls D To advise the management of ideas for marketing 84 Why does Ms Navitski want to be informed if someone can't attend the meeting? A She wants to talk to the person before the meeting B She wants to order enough food for the function C She wants to tell the investors about who was there D She wants to send the person a copy of the agenda 20 Questions 85-87 refer to the following advertisement Love Animal Shelter Foster Owner Program You can help save a dog's life by becoming a foster owner until we find a loving owner to adopt your pet or until we reunite them with their original owner We have dogs of all ages for you to care for, and many require special attention Although being a foster owner is one of the most rewarding experiences in the world, its emotional, physical, and financial demands should be given careful consideration For this reason, we require all of our applicants go through an orientation program at our shelter so that they can get used to the responsibilities of caring for a dog and decide for themselves if they would like to continue doing it We will also have one of our staff conduct a home and lifestyle evaluation to determine if each applicant's living situation is suitable for one of our dogs Additionally, once a dog has been placed in your care, our adoption center will be on call 24 hours a day, seven days a week to help with any situations that arises For more information on our foster owner program, including testimonials from current and previous foster owners, visit 85 What is the purpose of the advertisement? A To encourage people to adopt a pet B To encourage people to become foster owners C To encourage people to donate to the animal shelter D To encourage people to volunteer at the animal shelter 86 What does Love Animal Shelter require interested people to do? A Send a personal check B Fill out some paper work C Complete an orientation program D Visit the adoption center often 87 According to the advertisement, what is available on the Web site? A Forms B Pictures 21 ... least convenient way to complete your registration is to visit our website, PART 7: READING COMPREHENSION Directions: In this part of the test, you will read a selection of texts,... Strategies Thursday, February The Platinum Hotel Omaha, NE Our experienced faculty will • Alert you to key changes in legislation, regulations, and case law; • Take you from the basics through advanced... and data Digital versions of documents should be quickly and easily found through user-defined key words and through full-text search 66 How many percent of productivity does disorganization
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