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READING TEST In this section of the test, you will have the chance to show how well you understand written English There are three parts to this section, with special directions for each part YOU WILL HAVE ONE HOUR AND FIFTEEN MINUTES TO COMPLETE PARTS 5, 6, AND OF THE TEST PART 5: Incomplete Sentence Directions: You will see a sentence with a missing word Four possible answers follow the sentence Choose the best answer to the question and fill in the corresponding oval on your answer sheet Pet Love is an independent veterinary _ devoted to the highest standard of animal care and to the provision of quality pet supplies A practically B practice C practical D practices In its continuing effort to enhance security, INS is immediately implementing rule changes the period of time visitors are permitted to remain in the United States A governed B govern C governing D government Although the assistant director will be transferred to the new branch next week, we still have not found a suitable for her yet A alternative B option C choice D replacement Ultimately, the market will adjust to the unexpected decline _ demand and the increased supply of domestic and imported products A for B at C with D in The five-step process will help you to avoid _ argumentative by lessening the conflict and opening dialogue with the customer A become B became C becoming D to become Any staff member whose research paper is selected for publication in a journal will receive a ten percent bonus in the _ pay period A conservative B following C previous D increasing The government’s _ to curb imports from Europe will have an enormous impact on the local economy A decide B deciding C has decided D decision Please make sure that this package gets to Mr Lipinski by o’clock tomorrow morning, before he leaves _ India in order to attend the annual computer conference A at B to C for D over Customer service associates need to assure upset customers that the company _ every effort to resolve the problem A have made B has been made C to make D will make 10 Since it is difficult to learn the specifications for all of the products on _, we have a reference chart available for new employees A yours B yourself C your own D you 11 In order to _ company image, the company is trying to develop a variety of products using recycled materials A enhance B enlarge C enclose D enable 12 All attendees are encouraged to _ review the agenda before the annual medical conference begins A readily B visibly C briefly D scarcely 13 The Prima Theatre cancelled its Wednesday performance _ Mr Johnson had to make alternative arrangements for visiting partners A so B furthermore C as D though 14 In his role as director of marketing, Mark Johnson has excelled at solving _ conflicts among staff A unintentional B vacant C delicate D adequate 15 Brawn Corporation would like to offer compensation for ant environmental damages _ by the drilling efforts in the local area A cause B causes C causing D caused 16 Cloud computing is utilizing virtual networks to allow employees to collaborate more and stay in communication with _ A one another B another C the other D other 17 They were unaware of the problems with the navigation system in the airplane until the plane had taken off A complete B completely C completed D completing 18 The December order has just from New York and is being delivered to the warehouse A sent B arrived C delayed D examined 19 To improve trade relation between our two nations, a free trade agreement must be _ reached and ratified A yet B both C either D as well as 20 _ the anticipated investigation by the government, the lawyers are required to come to the office early this Monday A While B Due to C In that D In case 21 If there are any problems with the DVD player you bought, you can bring it back to the store within a week for a full A receipt B purchase C warranty D refund 22 The clients asked that the product be shipped to _ by train so that it can reach their warehouse this week A they B their C theirs D them 23 Despite the popularity of the restaurant, David was able to _ reservation for this evening A possess B book C guarantee D secure 24 He often sends _ messages to his partners via the company’s web-based system A invoice B instant C identity D insurance 25 Different business cultures perceive differently about the reasonable _ between male and female colleagues A documentation B network C experience D proximity 26 After a number of strict examinations, his company has become _ by the Federal Maritime Commission A tracked B licensed C revolutionized D combined 27 In the coming months, our planned pay raises and _ employee lounge should produce most satisfied workers A redecorated B.redecorating C to redecorate D redecorate 28 Most major newspapers _ every day; however, the Business Week is published only once a week A are published B is published C published D have published 29 Before you _ work today, please pick up the Barnaby report and put it on Mr Kang’s desk so that he can check it over in the morning A leave B will leave C left D have left 30 Our head office had told all managers _ bonuses, which is what they to increase morale and get people to work harder A not to giving B not to given C not to give D not give 31 _ we concede that the union does have a point, it is impossible for us to meet the member’s demands A During B Having C While D As 32 The new computer system designed for the post office _ accounts to be managed over the Internet A are allowing B allow C will allow D will be going to allow 33 By the end of the day, you must decide _ or not you want to attend the conference next month A whether B if C however D rather 34 A recent study of private companies _ most executives not find satisfaction in their work A founded B which discovered C revealing D found that 35 For more information, you can call the office until p.m., _ one hour later than usual working hours A when B when is C which D which is 36 She _ that she did not want any of her money invested in the heavily advertised, but insecure companies A repeated B repeats C is repeating D is repeated 37 _ you not spoken up like that, the issue would probably never have been addressed A Did B Should C Are D Had 38 Customers wishing to make complaints _ ask to talk to one of our customer service consultants, who will be pleased to help them A should B might C ought D had 39 interest rates may please those with savings, but they will be a burden to anyone saddled with a large mortgage A Bigger B More C Extra D Higher 40 I think the accounting department and the financial services department should be combined, _ you agree? A aren’t B are C did D don’t Part 6: Text Completion Directions: Read the texts on the following pages You will find a word or phrase missing in some of the sentences Below each of the sentences, four answer choices are given Select the most appropriate answer to complete the text Then mark the letter (A), (B), (C) or (D) on your answer sheet Questions 41-43 refer to the following email To: From: Date Re: All Sales Employees Amanda Winthrop December 20 Bonus Dear Sales employees, I want to encourage you on another successful year! Due to your hard work, we have again achieved the _ of selling the most number of laptops in the Midwest region 41 A record B plan C sales D purpose Headquarters has recognized your efforts and approved a 10% bonus for all of you! This bonus will be added to your paycheck next month I am extremely proud of each and every one of you Headquarters is also determining a salary increase for all sales employees based on their yearly _ reviews 42 A negative B positive C academic D performance I have submitted your performance evaluations to headquarters, and the salary increase announcements should be made in the future 43 A near B far C further D close Questions 44-46 refer to the following memo Attention all employees: There has been a change in policy regarding office supply orders From now on, all orders must be through Cameron in administration 44 A printed B purchased C processed D particular If you would like to order something, please fill out an office supply request form, submit it to Cameron, and she will contact the supply company Forms will be available in the faculty room , Cameron will distribute all of the supplies once we receive them 45 A Added B Adding to C Addition to D In addition Any extra supplies will be kept in the cabinet at the back of the faculty room Please check there for supplies before an order 46 A place B places C placed D placing Thank you, Anne Questions 47-93 refer to the following announcement All employees in the marketing department please report to lobby-3 by 4pm today This is an emergency meeting, so please under any _, NOT be late 47 A environment B circumstances C efficiency D requirements As our whole company knows, the only people that have access to the company’s bank account are the employees from the marketing department I have gotten some files today and its says there are thousand _ missing dollars This is huge money for 48 A unstable B unknown C uncertain D unsafe anyone The cause for this is one of two One, one of the employees has made a mistake in a deal they have made with another company Two, one of the employees took the money from the account If there was any time during this month you ran into a problem you weren’t sure about and tried to figure it out on your own, please let me know If there was ANY sign of suspicious activity, please let me know that, also Please note that this is a very serious problem If this problem isn’t solved in 10 days, all employees from the marketing department will be , and the 740 thousand dollars 49 A subsequent B sustaining C suspended D subjective will be deducted from your paychecks I am very serious Also, anyone that doesn’t show up or is more than minutes late, will be fired Questions 50-52 refer to the following article _ Dr Cha, the world is getting more and more overweight “The average weight 50 A Accounting for B According to C Due to D Since of a Korean woman at the age of 21 is 52 kilograms By the next decade, the weight 51 A increases B is increased C will have increased D will be increased to 55 kilograms” He believes the problem for dramatically overweight people in the world is mostly due to fast food and laziness “What kind of person that lives in the world today would like to go out, shop for food, come back and stay in the kitchen at least for 45 minutes times a day? We can just walk down the street and get some burgers or tacos The fast food industry knows this, that’s why you see them expand every day, and the people know this also That’s why when someone wants to start a new business, they go straight into the food business.” Another reason he says is for laziness, he sees people are getting lazier each day “Ok, I’m going to the gym from now on, lose weight, stay in shape, get Funny thing is, 52 A stronger B easier C higher D longer people get a membership, go to the gym twice, and never go back It’s a shame No one wants to hard work anyone They want a magical supplement that will the job This is wrong in today’s society” PART 7: READING COMPREHENSION Directions: In this part of the test, you will read a selection of texts, such as magazine and newspaper, articles, letters, and advertisements Each text is 10 From: Luke Gaston Subject: MEMO - Late Hours Policy We have had some problems recently with security issues on evenings and weekends Many employees are working overtime on end-of-fiscal year projects and find themselves alone in the building late at night Several employees have expressed concern to me that they feel unsafe, and managers have also told me that they not know how to train their employees on correct security procedures As your security manager, I want to assure you that I am working with the company management to address your concerns We have agreed that it is best to hire a full-time security guard who will be present on evenings and weekends However, since it will still be several weeks before the security guard can be hired, I want to provide all employees with a list of basic security procedures to follow when they are working late at night: Leave lights on in offices and hallways A bright work environment discourages unauthorized intruders If you hear or see any suspicious activity, call the city police department immediately If you are the last person to leave the building, make sure that all doors and windows are closed and locked Leave through the front door Turn on the alarm by pressing the “AWAY” button on the keypad near the reception desk, then enter the alarm code provided in the employee manual Close the door firmly when you leave, and the alarm will automatically be activated If you have any questions or concerns, please email me at I look forward to working with you to make our company a safe and productive place to work 70 What is the purpose of the memorandum? A A recent break-in B An alarm malfunction C A new security protocol D A security system code change 71 Who is the author of the memorandum? A The head of the police department B An employee in charge of safety C The new company security guard D A concerned department manager 72 What should employees if they encounter a threatening situation? A Call the security guard B Email the security manager C Turn on the burglar alarm 17 D Contact the local authorities Questions 73-77 refer to the following brochure 21st Annual Spears Foundation Conference on Health Conference Purpose The 21st Annual Spears Foundation Conference on Health provides professional education and networking for doctors, dentists, nurses, social workers, health care instructors, students, and anyone else involved or interested in the health care profession The conference is funded by grants to the Spears Foundation from the Department of Health, the Children's Health Network, the Family Health Association, the Organization for World Health and Nutrition, and with support from the Sebastian L Turner Foundation and the Phillippe Endowment Conference Goals The focus of this year's conference will be promoting proper nutrition among children Childhood nutrition is a significant health care issue in light of the increased prevalence of childhood illnesses related to an improper diet In addition to posing immediate health consequences, a poor diet can contribute to poor health throughout an individual's life and eventually lead to conditions like obesity and heart disease The goal of the 21st Annual Spears Foundation Conference on Health is to foster the awareness and early prevention of improper childhood nutrition within the field of healthcare The conference aims to: ■ broaden the discussion on nutrition to include health impacts at local, state, national and international levels among individuals under the age of 12 ■ describe the latest physical and mental health findings related to improper childhood 18 nutrition ■ highlight innovative research, practices, and programs that seek to improve the nutrition of children ■ emphasize prevention and intervention strategies appropriate for children of different cultures, physical abilities, geographic settings, and communities Conference Dates Friday March 23 to Sunday March 25 Contact Information Spears Foundation Conference on Health Attn: Conference Manager Lawrence P Martin, Jr Newbury Street Boston, Massachusetts 02115 Phone: 617-262-0044 Fax: 617-262-0008 E-mail: 73 The word “promoting” in paragraph 2, line 1, is closest in meaning to: A Benefiting B Encouraging C Advertising D contributing 74 Who is the conference for? A People in the retail industry B People in the banking industry C People in the education industry D People in the healthcare industry 75 What is the focus of the conference? A Safety on the job B Employee education C Childhood nutrition D Employee health benefits 76 Who is Mr Martin? A The manager of the conference 19 B A member of the Children's Network C The president of the Spears Foundation D A major donor to the Spears Foundation 77 On what day will conference activities NOT take place? A March 22 B March 23 C March 24 D March 25 Questions 78-80 refer to the following announcement Internal Job Posting Plainview Distributors, Inc Supply Chain Manager Due to rapid growth, Plainview Distributors is seeking applications for a Supply Chain Manager This is a career advancement opportunity open to current employees only The Supply Chain Manager will oversee all aspects of warehouse storage and transportation for product deliveries in the southwestern United States The Supply Chain Manager will be required to work out of the Phoenix office, and frequent movement within the region to check on branch operations (approximately ten trips per year) will be expected The successful candidate will be an experienced professional, familiar with the company and its clients, who can manage a complex network and succeed under pressure Preferred qualifications include experience in one of our warehouses or truck depots, familiarity with the Southwest, and experience in personnel management Company benefits associated with this position include a competitive salary, company car, personal expense account, and payment of relocation expenses, if needed In addition, the successful candidate will continue to receive the excellent insurance benefits, vacation pay and tuition support offered to all staff of Plainview Distributors 20 To apply, please fill out an application using our secure company website at No paper copies or phone calls, please As part of the online application, you will be asked to submit a current resume and a list of three (3) professional references Submit all application materials no later than Friday, March 28 Plainview Distributors is an equal opportunity employer 78 What is the announcement about? A A call for applications for new product suppliers B A career opportunity for staff members of the company C A job competition open to external candidates only D A change in company benefits affecting some workers 79 Which of the following topics is mentioned in the announcement? A The monthly pay rate for the job B The number of employees supervised C The amount of business travel required D The type of products being distributed 80 What should interested people do? A Fax a resume and list of references B Call to request a personal interview C Submit an application via Internet D Put an application package in the mail Questions 81-82 refer to the following memorandum To: All Employees From: Bill Regan, Director of Human Resources Subject: New Holiday Pay Policy Johnson Security is implementing a new holiday policy for all employees As you know, providing security services to our clients is our priority here at Johnson Security, and therefore most of our employees have to work on national holidays Our policy in the past has been to pay employees their regular pay rate on holidays, and then to offer them another day off in compensation, scheduled in coordination with the employee's supervisor according to staffing needs However, in order to comply with government regulations and 21 to provide a more equitable holiday benefit for all of our employees, the policy will now be changed as follows Effective immediately, employees who work on holidays will be paid one and a half times their regular pay rate This means that if you normally receive $8 per hour, you will be paid $12 per hour when you work on a holiday However, as a result of this change, an additional day off will no longer be granted For example, if you are required to work on New Year's Day, you will receive extra pay, but you will not be able to take off another day during the week, unless you arrange with your supervisor to use some of your vacation hours This change will make it much more convenient for us to administer work schedules All employees will continue to receive two weeks of paid vacation per year, exclusive of holidays, as explained in the employee manual We hope you will be pleased with the extra financial benefit you will receive for working holidays If you have any questions or concerns about this new policy, feel free to contact me to arrange a meeting 81 Who is the author of the memorandum? A An expert in labor law B The company vice president C The head of the union D The head of personnel 82 What will employees receive in compensation for working holidays? A More vacation time B A higher rate of pay C An extra day off D A special award Questions 83-85 refer to the following letter Marketing Communications 5801 South Ellis Ave., Suite 2010 Chicago, IL 60637 September 2, 20— Mr Leo Payne, Chief Executive Officer Main Deal Realty 6525 N Sheridan Rd 22 Chicago, IL 60626 Dear Mr Payne, During the four years Marketing Communications served as Great Scott's public relations agency, that organization received 500 percent more positive press than it ever had in its history We would like the opportunity to make a presentation to you to serve as Main Deal's public relations agency to handle your entire marketing, public relations, and advertising programs We feel sure we can offer you the same kind of representation that helped Great Scott become a leader in your industry We have specialized in the real-estate industry in Chicago for more than seventeen years I suggest we meet at your office next Wednesday at 2:00 P.M Our presentation will take forty minutes During our years as Great Scott's public relations agency, we worked with Dusty Parker, Shannon Monroe, and Elisa Banks of your company I'm sure they can give you additional information on our qualifications, and you may want them to attend our presentation I will call your office to confirm a meeting time We look forward to meeting with you Sincerely, Marcus Silver 23 83 What does Marcus Silver want Leo Payne to do? A Respond by phone B Attend a luncheon C Visit Silver’s office D Listen to a presentation 84 Which of the following is a claim Marcus Silver makes about Marketing Communications? A It offers a money-back guarantee B It is designed for small businesses C It specializes in the real estate industry D It is the leading public relations agency in Chicago 85 What does Marcus Silver hope Dusty Parker, Shannon Monroe, and Elisa Banks will do? A Schedule a meeting with Leo Payne B Make a final decision by the end of the week C Sign a contract with Marketing Communications D Provide information about Marketing Communications Questions 86-90 refer to the following complaint and response May th Dear sirs, I recently purchased a new car battery at the Daviston branch of Advance Autoparts The mechanics installed this battery for me, and I drove home Once I arrived home, I read the receipt which I had been given, I noticed that there seemed to be some additional charges I was charged for the following: car battery Battery installation Cable corrosion check Cable cleaning Reconnection of cables Disposal of old battery Mechanic’s service fee Tax I feel that it is rather excessive to charge a separate fee for items and Connecting the cables is merely part of the installation process I also feel that it is inappropriate to have charged an additional mechanic’s fee – surely I am ready paying the mechanic in item for the installation Finally, I would have appreciated knowing in advance that I would be charged for disposal of 24 the old battery Had I known this, I would have liked to have taken it for disposal myself, since the public garbage disposal site does NOT charge a fee Perhaps Advance Autoparts would like to consider giving customers a breakdown of costs before carrying out repairs I, for one, would probably not have used your services had I known exactly what I would be charged for Your faithfully, Ted Varani Advance Autoparts Byron Way Daviston May 10 th Mr Vanari 2009 Bear Circle Daviston, KS 2334 Dear Mr Vanari, I am writing in response to your letter of May th I am sorry to hear that you feel our mechanics overcharged you In fact, these are standard charges at all branches of Advance Autoparts I think that you will also find that other car parts merchants and mechanics have similar charges I am sorry not to be able to offer any assistance in this matter, but I trust that you have been satisfied with the quality of the battery you purchased, and I am confident you will be happy with the quality of our mechanic’s work Sincerely, Kevin Health, Chief Mechanic, Advance Autoparts 25 86 Why did Mr Vanari write to Advance Autoparts? A He wanted to thank them B He wanted to find out their store location C He wanted to order a new battery D He believed they had charged too much 87 What does Mr Vanari think Advance Autoparts should give customers? A A list of costs before doing repairs B A free battery C An itemized bill D Free car wash and waxing 88 What would Mr Vanari have liked to have done for himself? A Dispose of the old battery B Install the new battery C Reconnect the cables D Check the cables 89 What will Kevin Health in response to Mr Vanari’s letter? A Send a refund B Offer a free oil charge C Nothing D Ask the mechanic to apologize 90 How does Kevin Health feel about the quality of his company’s service? A It could be better B It is very good C He expresses no opinion D He is reluctant to say Questions 91-95 refer to the following advertisement and reply 26 27 91 What type of advertisement is this? A A pharmaceutical sales ad B An ad for political candidates C An ad for a pharmaceutical catalog D A job ad 92 What does the advertisement offer applicants? A Good pay, managers, and opportunities B On-the-job training C International travel while working D A low salary, but other compensations 28 93 Which of the following best describes Kingston Churchill? A A college graduate with a BA and work experience in hospitals B A person who wants to work hard and advance C An MBA graduate with no sales experience D A pharmacist with 20-year experience 94 What achievement is Kingston Churchill most proud of? A Breaking fund-raising records at university B Graduating from the University of Reston C Winning a prize for his MBA thesis D Being a hard worker 95 For which of the following reason is Kingston Churchill unlikely to be offered a position? A He has an MBA B He lacks the necessary experience C He is an over-achiever D He is not a motivated worker Questions 96-100 refer to the following memo and advertisement To: Marie Hampstead, Joan Green, and Mark Southford From: Helen Sorrell Re: Advertisement Date: March 1st I am sending you all the first draft of the new advertisement for the summer cruises promotion campaign that we will be running in major newspapers and magazines throughout April and May Please check through the copy and give me your feedback, which will send to the advertising team responsible for this particular campaign When you read through the advertisement, there are several things that I would like you to consider It would be most helpful if you could refer to all of these in your feedback comments: Use of images: How you think out target clients will respond to these? Will they appeal to the 20-30 age group that we hope to attract? • Proportion of text to images: Is the advert too text-heavy, or have we achieved a good balance of words to pictures? • Text content: Is it easy for people to extract the information they need quickly? Is the vocabulary we have chosen appealing to this age group? Will they identify with the message, or we need to use more colloquial expression and slang? Or have we used too much slang, and will it seem that we are in fact aiming at a younger teenaged audience? • Let me have your thoughts by March 4th I’ll arrange a meeting as soon as I have read everyone’s feedback Many thanks 29 Think a cruise is just for grandpa and grandma? Think again! Cruizin Cruise now has cruises just for people like you No one is over 30, and there is no shuffleboard or bingo You’ll be parasailing, swimming with dolphins, and partying all night We welcome both couples and single passengers – singles can sign up for our on-board speed dating service No boring museums and walking tours: enjoy all night beach raves in the party capital of the world, Ibiza, and dance to top international DJs Call 091-993-4453 for more information or check out our website at 96 What is the purpose of this memo? A To advertise a cruise company B To elicit feedback on an advertisement C To give feedback on an advertisement D To advertise a job on a cruise ship 97 Who Cruizin Cruises hope to attract? A Elderly people B Teenagers C People in their twenties D Young families 30 98 When will the campaign be run? A Next year B In the summer C In April and May D March 4th 99 What may happen if the company uses too much slang in the advertisement? A People may feel the company wants to attract only very young customers B People will think the company has poor writing skills C The text will be difficult to read D No one will be interested in the advertisement 100 Who among the following would be interested in this cruise? A Someone interested in museums and art galleries B Someone who enjoys nightclubs and parties C Someone who enjoys sightseeing tours D Someone who wants a quiet getaway THE END 31 ... anyone They want a magical supplement that will the job This is wrong in today’s society” PART 7: READING COMPREHENSION Directions: In this part of the test, you will read a selection of texts,... and locked Leave through the front door Turn on the alarm by pressing the “AWAY” button on the keypad near the reception desk, then enter the alarm code provided in the employee manual Close
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