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READING TEST In this section of the test, you will have the chance to show how well you understand written English There are three parts to this section, with special directions for each part YOU WILL HAVE ONE HOUR AND FIFTEEN MINUTES TO COMPLETE PARTS 5, 6, AND OF THE TEST PART 5: Incomplete Sentence Directions: You will see a sentence with a missing word Four possible answers follow the sentence Choose the best answer to the question and fill in the corresponding oval on your answer sheet The city's median real estate prices declined 3.4 percent this year, according to an _ by the Home Realty Market Report A analyze B analysis C analyzed D analyzing The final fulfillment of the popular mystery series due to arrive in stores last Friday, but unexpected shipping problems caused delays A is B to be C was D were Different our freight shipping company, our Exclusive Tracking software lets you view information in real time A from B for C to D of It _ four craftsmen about 30 hours to build, plaster, and finish an authentic Brunton black and cherry dining room chair A takes B times C keeps D holds Executives at Hirsch, Inc eliminated unnecessary meetings, _ on memorandums to communicate with employees instead A rely B relying C reliable D reliance To improve _ among faculty across the university, the dean started a conference with members from different department A interact B interaction C interactive D interacting All passengers’ luggage will _ by airport personnel with an X-ray machine before they can be carried on board A examine B have examined C be examining D be examined Peel the potatoes into thin slices and lay them on a baking sheet, overlapping them slightly, until the sheet is _ A cover B covers C covered D covering Once your registration has been approved, your membership will remain effective until the _ January A end B after C following D beginning 10 The company hired a consulting _ to help with introducing the new product to the Boston area A firm B guest C program D traveler 11 _ many teaching hospitals have moved toward privatization, the government still owns most of the nation's medical centers A Unlike B Despite C Although D Throughout 12 Anyone who wants to get the job must be under 50 and submit the form _ by the company by July 1st A provided B providing C which provided D which provides 13 Communicating with color is a proven way to improve the response you get from print materials _ direct-mail and meeting handouts A as to B as for C such as D to such 14 MGK Research provides research and advice for executives, helping them to improve performance and _ costs with the aid of technology reduce reduces reducing reduction 15 Putting a coffee shop near the entrance of the shopping center has been successful A moderate B moderately C moderator D moderating 16 The layout and content teams will work individually and then join to put _ ideas together for the book A them B they C their D themselves 17 All employees are expected and _ to exercise care when leaving e-mail messages within the company A required B have required C require D requiring 18 One of the most popular criticism is that marketing _ people to purchase what they not need A encouraging B encouraged C encourages D to encourage 19 An arbitrator must listen _ to both parties in a dispute and not allow personal prejudice or opinion to affect his or her decision A objection B objective C objects D objectively A B C D 20 Follow _ steps on the first page of the manual and your username does not have to be the same as your website address A most of B all C much D almost 21 _ of the people in this interview wanted to disclose their name so I could not tape the interview or take pictures for this reason A None B Anyone C Whoever D Something 22 Mr Reynolds _ his secretary, Miss Stamolis, to pick up his dry cleaning by promising to give her Friday afternoon off A had B let C got D made 23 As Independent Financial advisers we are able to offer _ clients advice on products from every financial product provider in the UK A us B our C ourselves D ours 24 The _ will be chaired by Mr Sheldon, one of the most innovative directors in the company A category B qualification C committee D productivity 25 For the people _ were affected by the earthquake, the non-profit organization has asked for more aid A whom B whose C who D which 26 The customer returned his order saying its switch was defective, and the online store agreed to _ the full amount to his account A magnify B credit C discontinue D charge 27 An old restaurant on 7th Ave will be rebuilt into the stylish restaurant Citadela with a seating _ for up to 150 guests A capacity B.intensity C aptitude D preparation 28 We will _ start carrying a product line of maternity clothing aimed at young women who want to remain fashionable and stylish during their pregnancy A recently B already C soon D still 29 Your first paycheck will be two weeks in arrears, but after that you will be paid _ the first day of every month unless these dates fall on a holiday A at B in C on D by 30 A temporary CEO will lead Intel Media until a permanent replacement is found to take over for Frank Matson, who resigned _ after five years with the company A probably B especially C unexpectedly D absolutely 31 _ it was more expensive than the competitor's products on the market, Free Nomad`s travel bag did not sell well this quarter A Although B Even if C Since D As if 32 If the remote controls or _ other equipment is not returned to CableMega by the expiration dates, customers have to pay the full replacement value of the equipment to CableMage A any B each C one D many 33 We provide a range of services _ to meet the specific industry and market dynamics our clients face A design B to design C designing D designed 34 All first-year master’s degree students at the Daniels Institute are required to take an introductory oceanography course, _ of their previous academic background A anyway B despite C nevertheless D regardless 35 It is expected that with hard work and dedication, all participants in a _ of negotiation-skills training courses will succeed A reference B series C compliance D response 36 The flight information _ in this reservation slip indicates that the flight is tomorrow and not today A conducted B connected C contained D confirmed 37 The position of Morale Officer has remained since Mr Jones retired two months ago A unlicensed B unoccupied C located D suppressed 38 _ projections of this year's sales figures have already been exceeded with a month still remaining A Initial B Immediate C Outgoing D Growing 39 Attendance at the workshop is for all faculty members except those scheduled to teach while it is in session A mandatory B laudatory C exemplary D disciplinary 40 The company spokesperson said that the company has reported a drop in net income for five _ quarters A constant B following C consecutive D immediate Part 6: Text Completion Directions: Read the texts on the following pages You will find a word or phrase missing in some of the sentences Below each of the sentences, four answer choices are given Select the most appropriate answer to complete the text Then mark the letter (A), (B), (C) or (D) on your answer sheet Questions 41-43 refer to the following email To: Jill Girard Form: Matt Lambert Date: November 6, 2008 Subject: Your order Thank you for getting in touch with us I _ Mr Reyes, the supervisor in charge of 41 A will contact B am contacting C contact D have contacted packing and shipping, to check your order Mr Reyes informed me that your package was _ on November 4, and you will receive it by November If it doesn’t arrive by 42 A qualified B processed C certified D evaluated that date, please email Mr Reyes and he will take care of the situation We hope you will be _ with our service and look forward to serving you again in the future 43 A satisfied B familiar C agreed D acquainted Questions 44-46 refer to the following advertisement Career Opportunity Position: Field Service Representative Pay & Benefits: $31,000 – 45,000/year commensurate with experience Three weeks paid annual leave, health insurance, travel expenses, company car, and stock options Qualifications: Fluency in English plus at least one other European Language Prefer Russian, French or German as the second language 25-45 years old, excellent health Height and weight proportionate Well-dressed, professional and manner 44 A characteristic B symptom C idealism D appearance Experience in educational media required Application Process: Send résumé plus cover letter, transcripts, and recent photo to the address listed _, by October 18, 1996 Successful applicants will be invited for 45 A within B against C below D underneath on-site interview, at our _, not later than November 15, 1996 46 A expense B cost C spending D quantity Educational Media Research Center Personnel Division, 1728 Walnut Street, Suite 708 Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 19103 USA Questions 47-49 refer to the following brochure Less Paper, Less Waste Embracing a reduce, reuse, recycle mentality _ us to rethink our approach to 47 A has led B will have led C will leave D did lead how we share upcoming educational opportunities with you As always, we will produce four catalogs per year, but as we enhance our Web site, we’re about to change what we send to you Watch for these exciting changes to our Web site this spring By changing our catalog size and scope we’re able to _ our paper consumption significantly and use 48 A reuse B recycle C reduce D replenish FSC-certified paper and print products This brochure-style catalog is printed Sonoma Gloss, an FSC-certified, recycled 49 A at B by C in D on paper made with up to 30% post-consumer waste and manufactured by the West Linn Paper Company, a regional paper manufacturer in West Linn, Oregon The brochure is printed by a local, FSC-certified printing company Questions 50-52 refer to the following memo Date: June 28, 2007 To: All staff From: Dave Ruthann Subject: Electric power consumption Please help Computer Consult, Inc reduce its consumption of electric power Due to the rising cost of electricity, the management would like to ask all staff members to turn off electric appliances in the office when they are not in use Every room by 50 A.was checked B to be checked C have checked D should be checked the last employee to leave the office make sure that everything has been turned off , the Maintenance Department is requesting all employees to unplug personal 51 A Nevertheless B In addition C Even so D Despite that appliances (such as battery recharges) that use electricity Security devices, central computers and other not designed to be turned off in the evenings should 52 A data B procedure C energy D equipment remain connected to power source PART 7: READING COMPREHENSION Directions: In this part of the test, you will read a selection of texts, such as 10 process, and an average of two million votes per week are entered by viewers, either by phone or Internet The final two remaining “Wannabes” earn a recording contract with a famous company 67 What kind of event does this reality show try to depict? A Real history B An acting school C Real-life competition D A pop concept 68 How many people participate in this TV show? A Two million B Ten C Five D Twenty 69 How often participants get voted off the show? A Twice a week B Every day C Once a week D Once a month Questions 70-71 refer to the following notice NOTICE PLEASE READ BEFORE SIGNING Customer authorizes Lessor to process a credit card voucher in Customer’s name for the charges which are most likely to be incurred Vehicle shall NOT be operated by any person except Customer and the following Authorized Operators who must: a) be persons 21 or older who are members of Customer’s immediate family and who reside in Customer’s household and are currently validly licensed to drive b) have Customer’s prior permission Customer agrees not to permit the use of the vehicle to any other person without obtaining Lessor’s prior written consent 15 Additional authorized operators must be approved in writing by Lessor THE VEHICLE IS RENTED UPON THE CONDITIONS STATED HEREIN AND UPON THE RESERVE HEREOF CUSTOMER REPRESENTS THAT HE/SHE HAS READ, UNDERSTANDS, AND AGREES WITH THESE CONDITIONS 70 According to the notice, what does the Customer agree to do? A Not permit unauthorized use of the vehicle B Return the car C Pay for the car with a credit card D Not drive the car in a dangerous manner 71 What does the Customer authorize Lessor to do? A Drive a car B Process a credit card voucher in Customer’s name C Rent a car for another person D Charge the Customer for the use of the car Questions 72-76 refer to the following letter Dear Ms Kowalski, I would like to introduce our newest math workbook series to you As an elementary educator who uses books from Eduvantage Publishing, I think you will find this workbook series beneficial Math Basics is a workbook series aimed at elementary school students in second, third, and fourth grade The goal of the series is to reinforce the basic math concepts students will learn from regular classroom lessons The series contains three workbooks at three different levels, all of which can be used as a supplement to regular classroom teaching and will strengthen the math skills and strategies students already possess Each 250-page workbook in the series is divided into 10 topical chapters and provides brief, easy to-follow instructions for completing math problems Each workbook also includes a wealth of practice exercises that students can use to sharpen their understanding of the featured concept Additionally, each workbook comes with a teacher's guide and a complete answer key 16 Workbook features include: * Drills and practice exercises in basic math concepts * Fun activities to reinforce key concepts * A glossary of important math terms * Colorful illustrations and diagrams to help demonstrate concepts Concepts taught throughout the series include: * Addition and subtraction; * Time and money; * Measurement; * Graphing and geometry; * Place values, fractions, and decimals; and * Multiplication and division Math Basics workbooks are currently priced at $7.99 each, with a significant discount for bulk orders For more details on the workbook series or to place an order, please contact me at 554-7729 Sincerely, Lucile Duval Sales Associate Eduvantage Publishing 72 The phrase aimed at in paragraph 2, line of the letter, is closest in meaning to A Hoped for B Focused on C Adjusted to D Designed for 73 How many workbooks are in the series? A Two B Three C Four 17 D Five 74 What does Ms Duval indicate about the workbooks? A They are $10 each B They are 200-pages each C They each come with an answer key D They each include a practice test 75 What concept is NOT included in the workbook series? A Algebra B Geometry C Division D Fractions 76 What special offer does Ms Duval mention in the letter? A Coupons for teachers B Discounts for large orders C Complimentary sample workbooks D Free school supplies with an order Questions 77-81 refer to the following magazine article Are you the New Target for Hackers? Is your company a sitting duck for hackers? When did you last change your password? How complete are your security systems? Have you ever been broken into before? According to IANS, the International Association for Network Security, there’s a new breed of hacker out there And, there’s a new target In the past, hackers gained notoriety from breaking into big company’s networks In fact, the bigger the company, the bigger the success When hackers broke into Infelmax’s notoriously secure system in 1999, they made headline news around the world 18 The big “successes” came with a major drawback These headline break-ins came with international teams of investigators and serious criminal charges Several former hackers are now sitting behind bars or working overtime to pay off hefty fines in penalties and damages So, hackers of the new decade have turned to a new target: smaller companies Smaller companies often spend less on their security systems If they have never been broken into before, they may be lulled into a feeling of security They are often lax about changing their password frequently enough And that spells trouble Also, a breached system in a smaller company may attract little public attention Investigations may be brief and superficial, as overloaded investigators pursue bigger problem But if you fall victim to hackers, it will definitely attract your own attention These thieves can gain access to your files, destroying, copying, or altering them They can create havoc with your data And if they do, you’ll surely wish you had changed your password once more often 77 Which is likely victim for the new breed of hackers? A Large companies B Small companies C International companies D Companies without a security system 78 What might have been one motive for hackers of Infelmax’s network? A Money B Power C Fame D Fun 79 What has happened to some big-name hackers? A They’re in jail B Nothing C They got better job D They are paying off investigators 80 What might help hackers to succeed? A They’ve never broken into a company before B They feel secure C Their targeted network is old D Their targets rarely change their secret code 81 The word havoc in paragraph is closest meaning to A Order B Copies C Confusion 19 D documents Questions 82-85 refer to the following report 20 82 What does this table show? A The amount women spent on exercise between 1994 and 2004 21 B The number of women who joined health clubs from 1994-2004 C The amount women spent on athletic shoes in a 10-year period D The average yearly amount people spent on buying athletic footwear for their families 83 What is apparent from the figures? A Less money is being spent B Expenditures have fluctuated C There is no trend D Spending has quadrupled in a decade 84 Which of the following can be concluded from this table? A The women’s athletic footwear business is going strong B This is a good time to open a health club or invest in one C It is time to buy a new pair of athletic shoes D People don’t spend enough money on footwear 85 What caused dissatisfaction for some women? A Quality B A lack of choice of styles C The price of athletic shoes D Limited availability Questions 86-90 refer to the following bill and instruction 22 23 How to Read Your bill Account Summary/Amount Due: This explains the previous amount due, current amount now due, and payment due date, plus any outstanding balance and late payment charges since your last billing Service Address: This indicates the service location The service address may differ from the billing address Gas Usage: This is the billing period, as well as your meter readings, at the beginning and end of the current billing period You will also find the amount of gas (measured in CCF; CCF =100 cubic feet) consumed during the billing period R01-RES Non-Heating Charges: This rate is for non-heating customers The Customer Service Charge is a flat rate that depends on what kind of customer you are (heating vs nonheating) The cost to deliver the gas through Patriot’s distribution system is the Delivery Charge, and the cost of each unit of natural gas is the Commodity Charge The Fuel Charge is a variable rate that might fluctuate over the course of the year, and is multiplied by the quantity of gas consumed over the billing period Billing Period: This section compares gas consumption and average daily temperature between the current billing period (month) and the same period last year 24 86 How much does Joseph Bloom need to send to Patriot Gas Company? A $10.79 B $83.97 C $87.17 D $171.14 87 How many cubic feet of gas does one CCF represent? A B 10 C 100 D 1000 88 What does the Commodity Charge represent? A The charge for gas used in heating B The price of each unit of natural gas C The quantity of gas consumed over the billing period D The cost to deliver gas through the distribution system 89 How much does Delivery charge per unit? A $0.0193 B $0.3831 C $0.6171 D $0.8487 90 Which of the following is true regarding Joseph Bloom’s bill? A It must be paid within 30 days B A 1% late charge has been added C The account is one month overdue D The amount due covers two billing periods Questions 91-95 refer to the following two letters July 30, 20 David Mendez Director of Marketing The Grover Company 1809 Lyme Road Newland, IL Dear Mr Mendez, I have heard that there is an opening for a researcher in the Marketing Department, and my supervisor, Marla Petrowski, suggested that I contact you about applying for it I have worked at Grover for three years now as an office assistant in the Accounting Department I 25 previously worked for a year at a small marketing firm called R-J Associates That is the only marketing job experience I have, but I have a degree in marketing, which I completed last month Now I would like to get a position in my field Through my years working at Grover, I have become quite familiar with the way this company works, and I feel that I would have a great deal to offer Grover’s Marketing Department I am enclosing my resume and could also provide you with letters of reference from my university professors Thank you for your attention I look forward to hearing from you Sincerely, Sylvia Krim August 8, Sylvia Krim Accounting Department The Grover Company 1809 Lyme Road Dear Ms Krim, Thank you for your letter expressing interest in applying for the position in the Marketing Department I have spoken with Ms Petrowski, who highly recommends you for the job I have also shown your credentials to our head researcher, and we both agree that you would be a good asset to our department Unfortunately, the position you are interested in is not an entry-level job We generally require at least twice the amount of marketing job experience that you have, as a minimum, for that type of position Although you appear to have a good reference from your former employer, we feel that you are not yet qualified for the job However, I anticipate that we will have an opening for a marketing assistant, possibly as soon as September I will let you know when that position becomes available in case you might be interested in applying for it I hope you will In the meantime, please accept my best wishes for your continued success Sincerely, David Mendez Director of Marketing 91 What job is Ms Krim interested in applying for? A Marketing assistance B Researcher C Office assistance 26 D Accountant 92 When did Ms Krim finish her degree in marketing? A June B July C August D September 93 Who recommends Ms Krim for the job? A The director of marketing B A university professor C The head researcher D Her supervisor 94 How many years of experience are required for the job she wants? A One B Two C Three D Four 95 What will Mr Mendez do? A Hire Ms Krim right away B Check Ms Krim’s credentials C Speak with Ms Krim’s former employer D Notify Ms Krim when a position is available Questions 96-100 refer to the following contract and addendum Contract #991YL Hospitality Consultants Inc Hospitality Consultants Inc (hereafter referred to as Contractor) agrees to perform the following duties as outlined by Cracker Barrel Winery (hereafter called the Client): A Statistics Analysis 1) Review the Client’s wine sales over the past five years, using monthly inventory charts 2) Review the Client’s food and gift sales over the past five years 3) Record a summary and chart for proposed sales this year, based on a five-year review B Staff Review 1) Interview one staff member from each department, including the vineyards and cellar 2) Record duties and responsibilities for each job position 27 3) Suggest ways for the Client to cut staffing costs C Decor 1) Meet with board member to discuss year-end renovations 2) Research materials and costs for all indoor renovations 3) Provide an estimate for indoor renovations by October 1st Any changes to this contract must be agreed upon by both parties in writing Contractor: Hanson Carter Client: Julia Morris Date: August 7th, 20-Addendum to Contract #991YL dated August 7th, 20 between the following parties: Contractor: Hospitality Consultants Inc Client: Cracker Barrel Winery The Contractor initiates the following addendum: 1) Due to unforeseen circumstances the Contractor will be unable to provide services to Cracker Barrel Winery after October th, 20 The Contractor does not expect any payment for any project work that is left incomplete as of today 2) Before December 1st, 20—the Contractor will provide the Client with the names of three alternate consulting firms capable of completing the work set out in Contract #991YL 3) The Contractor will submit a report of all work that has been completed, including any important data collected since August 7th 20 4) The Client agrees to write a reference for the Contractor, stating that Contract #991YL was broken due to illness in the family, and has no reflection on the Contractor’s ability to his job Date: October 9th, 20— (Contractor) signature: (Client) Signature: _ 96 What type of service does this Contractor agree to provide? A Labor assistance in the vineyards 28 B Consulting related to the winery’s operations C Inventory of glassware and dishes D Taste tests of competitors’ wines 97 Which is NOT an example of a person the Contractor may need to speak with to fulfill his duties? A A medical professional B A wine seller C A board member D A part-time grape picker 98 Besides one duty that must be performed in December, how long did the Contractor work for the Client? A Less than two months B Just over two months C At least three months D Just over four months 99 If the Contractor honored the contract up until now, what has definitely been completed? A A sales chart based on a five-year review B A count of all wine bottles in the cellar C A calculation of proposed renovation costs D An interview with at least one staff member 100 What is the client obliged to in the future if he signs the addendum to the contract? A Rehire the contractor when his health returns B Provide a letter that states the reason this contract was broken C Write a positive reference letter about the Contractor’s personality D Suggest alternative companies that may hire the Contractor in the future THE END 29 ... teacher's guide and a complete answer key 16 Workbook features include: * Drills and practice exercises in basic math concepts * Fun activities to reinforce key concepts * A glossary of important... evenings should 52 A data B procedure C energy D equipment remain connected to power source PART 7: READING COMPREHENSION Directions: In this part of the test, you will read a selection of texts,... about the workbooks? A They are $10 each B They are 200-pages each C They each come with an answer key D They each include a practice test 75 What concept is NOT included in the workbook series?
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