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READING TEST In this section of the test, you will have the chance to show how well you understand written English There are three parts to this section, with special directions for each part YOU WILL HAVE ONE HOUR AND FIFTEEN MINUTES TO COMPLETE PARTS 5, 6, AND OF THE TEST PART 5: Incomplete Sentence Directions: You will see a sentence with a missing word Four possible answers follow the sentence Choose the best answer to the question and fill in the corresponding oval on your answer sheet Resort guests _ ask for the “Daily Special” will be given the choice of two side dishes with the main course A who B whose C when D what The final fulfillment of the popular mystery series due to arrive in stores last Friday, but unexpected shipping problems caused delays A is B to be C was D were It is important to turn _ the engine before checking the oil level A against B off C together D with Employees who wish to be reimbursed should submit of their completed expenses vouchers by the fifteenth of each month A copies B copied C copying D copier Company profits reached $6 billion in September, the _ of the decade A widest B highest C least D deepest To improve _ among faculty across the university, the dean started a conference with members from different department A interact B interaction C interactive D interacting All passengers’ luggage will _ by airport personnel with an X-ray machine before they can be carried on board A examine B have examined C be examining D be examined Unless she is in a meeting and cannot be interrupted, the director would like to when an important client arrives A notifying B have notified C notify D be notified The bank approved the loan for the new business venture after brief _ between the entrepreneur and bank executive A was discussed B discussed C discussions D to discuss 10 This rebate offer is only available with the purchase of a new Novatel modem and the customer must _ maintain OmniSky Wireless Service a minimum of six months A continue B continuation C continuous D continuously 11 She must make a careful between the two products before deciding which to buy A compared B comparing C comparative D comparison 12 Anyone who wants to get the job must be under 50 and submit the form _ by the company by July 1st A provided B providing C which provided D which provides 13 Please be reminded that smoking is not on the company premises at any time A given B agreed C permitted D scheduled 14 The main cafeteria is usually very crowded around noon because the nearest restaurant is _ fifteen minutes away from here on foot A so B since C about D therefore 15 During the busy tourist season, you should hotel reservations several weeks ahead of time A make B makes C making D made 16 Lauren Robinson's debut single quickly _ number one on the music charts in both the United Kingdom and Australia A reach B reached C to reach D reaching 17 Remember that you must either send us your payment _ return the product within 30 days of receipt A and B but also C or D nor 18 One of the most popular criticism is that marketing _ people to purchase what they not need A encouraging B encouraged C encourages D to encourage 19 The root of this argument stems from the belief that marketers are only out to satisfy their own needs and really about the needs of their customers A not care B does not care C is not caring D are not care 20 If you not find the accommodations here _, be sure to let us know when you fill out your customer comment card A satisfaction B satisfy C satisfactory D satisfied 21 Director Gary Robertson's latest film, “Frontiers,” centers on the of a young man who traveled to the American West in the 1850s, seeking fortune and fame A book B novel C movie D story 22 Mr Reynolds _ his secretary, Miss Stamolis, to pick up his dry cleaning bypromising to give her Friday afternoon off A had B let C got D made 23 To become certified, employees need to attend the training session next month pass the written exam A and B also C both D either 24 Both the Mitra and the Bhatta chemical companies are in better financial shape than many of competitors A themselves B they C their D them 25 Since every person in the world _ different, it is impossible to have simple rules that explain how buying decisions are made A are B was C were D is 26 Customers who withdraw too much money from their account _ an overdraft fee A incur B involve C provide D continue 27 In order older and more conservative voters, the political party has been putting more TV ads on religious television shows A attraction B attracting C attracts D to attract 28 Managers need to know what motivates their employees to _ them committed to their organization A keep B feature C enable D become 29 Your first paycheck will be two weeks in arrears, but after that you will be paid _ the first day of every month unless these dates fall on a holiday A at B in C on D by 30 A temporary CEO will lead Intel Media until a permanent replacement is found to take over for Frank Matson, who resigned _ after five years with the company A probably B especially C unexpectedly D absolutely 31 American businesses rely on just-in-time delivery of inventory and components to improve _, reduce lead times, and trim costs A efficient B efficiency C efficiently D be efficient 32 If the remote controls or _ other equipment is not returned to CableMega by the expiration dates, customers have to pay the full replacement value of the equipment to CableMage A any B each C one D many 33 Mr Andrew teaches seminars on all of Polaroid’s creative techniques and he is available to conduct workshops around the country _ request A in B upon C at D under 34 All first-year master’s degree students at the Daniels Institute are required to take an introductory oceanography course, _ of their previous academic background A anyway B despite C nevertheless D regardless 35 After opening, please _ this medication in a cool, dry and dark place, away from the reach of children A enlarge B store C alter D recall 36 The author of this guidebook has not only researched the hotels that he recommends, but he has also stayed at all of them A yourselves B itself C himself D themselves 37 I am very interested in the advertised position and would the opportunity to discuss my qualifications with you in person A admire B thank C welcome D appraise 38 The city authority has decided to _ the number of cars that can enter the city center on weekdays A descend B occur C replace D restrict 39 Attendance at the workshop is for all faculty members except those scheduled to teach while it is in session A mandatory B laudatory C exemplary D disciplinary 40 We believe that our company has a solid record of success; we have shown a profit every year _ we began this company A since B while C when D from Part 6: Text Completion Directions: Read the texts on the following pages You will find a word or phrase missing in some of the sentences Below each of the sentences, four answer choices are given Select the most appropriate answer to complete the text Then mark the letter (A), (B), (C) or (D) on your answer sheet Questions 41-43 refer to the following memo To: All employees Form: James Scott Re: New program The Rejuvenation Health Plan is pleased to announce a new telephone assistance program This is a toll-free line _ is available to all of our clients from 8:00 a.m to 10:00 p.m 41 A what B which C where D who , Monday-Friday and from 8:00 a.m to 6:00 p.m on weekends By calling our number, you can access account information, ask questions about your bills, find clinic locations, or speak to a telephone nurse about health concerns You can also get _ about our health 42 A inform B informer C information D infer plan from the Welcome packet, _ you should have recently received in the mail 43 A whose B those C which D whom We hope this year brings great health for both you and your family Questions 44-46 refer to the following notice How to Invest Online With many brokerage firms offering online trading options, more investors are choosing to invest online With online services, investors can enter orders _ instead of going 44 A direct B directly C directed D direction through their broker Still, some online orders are _ by a broker to ensure safe 45 A educated B energized C monitored D manufactured trading for the client and the firm Low fees are another appeal of online brokerage firms _, more expensive full-service brokers come with the benefit of advice from market 46 A Any B However C Because D Regarding experts, something that is often lacking in the online investment world Questions 47-49 refer to the following letter 32 Benfield Close Mumford West Cliffe WC34 888 28 th September Customer relations, Supershopper Ltd., Mumford West Cliffe Dear Sirs, Although I am sure you are used to receiving letters from dissatisfied _, I am 47 A users B customers C consumers D visitors writing to thank you for the kind treatment I received from two of your store clerks earlier this week I was doing my weekly shopping when I began to feel dizzy It appears that I passed out When I came to, a very nice young woman took me to the _ break 48 A staff B members C employers D rest room She gave me a glass of water, and taking my shopping list, asked one of the packing staff (a middle-aged gentleman) to gather up all the items on the list This kind man then drove me home with the grocery items which he had kindly picked up for me I am most grateful to both these people Please my thanks to them 49 A assert B converge C tell D convey Sincerely, Brenda Bishop Questions 50-52 refer to the following memo From: Karin O’Flaherty, Program Coordinator To: Indira Singh Re: Program procedures Welcome to our school! We look forward to a successful year Please the following rules 50 A revise B review C revert D revenge Computer Lab: The lab is in Room 107 Thirty computers are available for the use of our students and teachers If you plan to take your class to the lab, you must let the lab coordinator know ahead of time To make sure you get the time slot you want, reserve your lab time at least one week 51 A succeeding B subsequent C in advance D in the syllabus Copying: We have student assistants available all of your copying Just place your papers in the “copying” box in the main office one day ahead of time If you want to make copies yourself, you can use the machine in Room 110 Food: _ in the classrooms is strictly prohibited Please use the Teacher’s room, 52 A Eat B Eaten C Eating D To eat or you may eat in the cafeteria with the students Daily Schedule: Please plan to arrive at your classroom in the morning before 8:00 You may leave any after 3:00 Let me know if you have any questions 10 B Between 25 and 50 grams C More than 50 grams D Unknown Questions 63-65 refer to the following news Lynn Hurley is in the news again, but this time not for her acting The 32-years-old movie star was Security guards stopped Ms Hurley at the doors of a well-known department store with over $1,20 63 What is Ms Hurley’s profession? A Reporter B Police office C Homemaker D Actress 64 How much is bail for the release of Ms Hurley? A $10,000 B $2,500 C $1,200 D $100,000 65 Which did Ms Hurley probably steal? A A necklace B A purse C A scarf D Money Questions 66-67 refer to the following advertisement Put some excitement in your life with Adventure Tours Visit the Grand Canyon We offer two fantastic tour packages Choose the one that's right for you and your family 14 Package * A horseback tour of the Grand Canyon (morning or afternoon) * 2-day, 1-night accommodation at Canyon Caverns Hotel * 15 % discount on rental car * 20% discount at Grand Canyon souvenir shop Adults 18-64 $120 Adults 65+ $100 Teens 13-17 $80 Children 5-12 $60 Package Includes everything from Package 1, PLUS * 25% discount at Grand Canyon View Restaurant * Free admission to Native American show Adults 18-64 $140 Adults 65+ $120 Teens 13-17 $100 Children 5-12 $80 For more information, call 1-80-555-4543 or visit us on the Web at 66 What discount is offered on the cost of renting a car? A 10 percent B 15 percent C 20 percent D 25 percent 67 How much would a 70 year-old person pay for a package that includes the Native American show? A $80 B $100 C $120 D $140 Questions 68-71 refer to the following information Surface Shipping Charges Order amount 0-$25.00 $25.01-$50.00 $50.01-$100 Over $100 US Surface Rate Canada Surface Rate $3.60 $4.65 $5.35 $6.60 $5.85 $6.85 $7.85 $8.85 15 (For orders over $500, please contact one of our shipping agents for a price including insurance) >> Delivery generally takes 5-10 days >> Please contact us for international rates >>Express Service also available: to day shipping: add $3 to surface charge Overnight carrier: add $13 to surface charge 68 What are these rates based on? A Delivery time and price B Weight and price C Weight and delivery time D Weight only 69 By overnight carrier within the US, how much would it cost to ship a pair of shoes that cost $75? A $5.35 B $8.35 C $10.85 D $18.35 70 When might you expect to find this list of shipping charges? A A newspaper B A telephone directory C A mail order catalog D An instruction manual 71 What customers if they ship two packages that cost $520? A They will get a discount of $6.60 B They need to pay for the insurance C They have to wait for delivery over 10 days D They need to contact the shipping agents for international rates Questions 72-73 refer to the following notice NOTICE PLEASE READ BEFORE SIGNING 16 Customer authorizes Lessor to process a credit card voucher in Customer’s name for the charges which are most likely to be incurred Vehicle shall NOT be operated by any person except Customer and the following Authorized Operators who must: a) be persons 21 or older who are members of Customer’s immediate family and who reside in Customer’s household and are currently validly licensed to drive b) have Customer’s prior permission Customer agrees not to permit the use of the vehicle to any other person without obtaining Lessor’s prior written consent Additional authorized operators must be approved in writing by Lessor THE VEHICLE IS RENTED UPON THE CONDITIONS STATED HEREIN AND UPON THE RESERVE HEREOF CUSTOMER REPRESENTS THAT HE/SHE HAS READ, UNDERSTANDS, AND AGREES WITH THESE CONDITIONS 72 According to the notice, what does the Customer agree to do? A Not permit unauthorized use of the vehicle B Return the car C Pay for the car with a credit card D Not drive the car in a dangerous manner 73 What does the Customer authorize Lessor to do? A Drive a car B Process a credit card voucher in Customer’s name C Rent a car for another person D Charge the Customer for the use of the car Questions 74-77 refer to the following letter 13870 Nares Road Bangkok Thailand 10500 June 30 Dear Ms Baharn, I'd like to thank you for the time you spent with me discussing the marketing researcher 17 position at Amarin, Ltd After interviewing with you and touring the facility, I feel strongly that this company would be an ideal place for me to work I now understand why Amarin, Ltd., is considered the premier publisher of travel and tourism books in the region I am impressed by the fact that it has been listed as one of Thailand's ten most successful businesses since it was founded six years ago The company's reputation for quality is also reflected in its outstanding record of employee retention I wanted to emphasize the fact that I attended a three-week intensive seminar on MarkTrends, the foremost marketing research software package I know the job description mentions the ability to use MarkTrends, and I wanted to let you know that I am very comfortable using this software Again, thank you for your time and consideration I hope to hear from you soon concerning your hiring decision Yours truly, Anusak Arinchai 74 What kind of business is Amarin, Ltd.? A A marketing firm B A trading company C A research institute D A publishing company 75 What is stated in the letter about Amarin, Ltd.? A It was started six years ago B It plans to expand its operations to other countries C It will be hiring several marketing researchers D It has been successful because of its marketing strategies 76 What did the writer want to emphasize about his background? A His degree in marketing B His overseas travel experience C His familiarity with a software program D His presentations at professional seminars 77 What does the letter indicate is a sign that Amarin, Ltd., is doing very well? A Its large number of employees B Its international reputation C Its use of up-to-date computer technology D Its high ranking on a list of successful businesses 18 Questions 78-82 refer to the following magazine article Are you the New Target for Hackers? Is your company a sitting duck for hackers? When did you last change your password? How complete are your security systems? Have you ever been broken into before? According to IANS, the International Association for Network Security, there’s a new breed of hacker out there And, there’s a new target In the past, hackers gained notoriety from breaking into big company’s networks In fact, the bigger the company, the bigger the success When hackers broke into Infelmax’s notoriously secure system in 1999, they made headline news around the world The big “successes” came with a major drawback These headline break-ins came with international teams of investigators and serious criminal charges Several former hackers are now sitting behind bars or working overtime to pay off hefty fines in penalties and damages So, hackers of the new decade have turned to a new target: smaller companies Smaller companies often spend less on their security systems If they have never been broken into before, they may be lulled into a feeling of security They are often lax about changing their password frequently enough And that spells trouble Also, a breached system in a smaller company may attract little public attention Investigations may be brief and superficial, as overloaded investigators pursue bigger problem But if you fall victim to hackers, it will definitely attract your own attention These thieves can gain access to your files, destroying, copying, or altering them They can create havoc with your data And if they do, you’ll surely wish you had changed your password once more often 78 Which is likely victim for the new breed of hackers? A Large companies B Small companies C International companies D Companies without a security system 79 What might have been one motive for hackers of Infelmax’s network? A Money B Power C Fame D Fun 80 What has happened to some big-name hackers? 19 A B C D They’re in jail Nothing They got better job They are paying off investigators 81 What might help hackers to succeed? A They’ve never broken into a company before B They feel secure C Their targeted network is old D Their targets rarely change their secret code 82 The word havoc in paragraph is closest meaning to A Order B Copies C Confusion D documents Questions 83-85 refer to the following email correspondence To: Lisa Derby From: Annette Shiffler Subject: Mr Martin's Retirement Party Hi Lisa, Thanks for forwarding me the email about Mr Martin's retirement party; for some reason I didn't get it when you sent it out originally I'm writing to confirm that I will definitely be attending the party Also, as we discussed, I'd like to help out with the planning and organization for the party I've worked with Mr Martin for nearly ten years, and he's been the best boss I've ever had I really want to make this a special event for him! First of all, is this going to be a potluck, or will we be ordering a catered meal? I'd like to help out either way If it's a potluck, I'd be happy to bring a dish to share If we're going to hire a caterer, I can suggest several because I often arrange catering for our training sessions I even have menus from several different catering businesses if you'd like to take a look at them Next, how about decorations for the party? I've actually got some nice banners at home that 20 say “Congratulations on Your Retirement!” I originally used them for my uncle's retirement party last year Would you like me to bring those and hang them up in the room? What other decorations are planned? How about some nice centerpieces for the tables, such as flower arrangements? Finally, if there's any other way I can help out that I haven't mentioned above, just let me know at 800-777-5424 I'd really like to get involved in this and something nice for Mr Martin Thanks for organizing the party! Annette 83 What is being discussed in the email correspondence? A Food and decorations for a holiday party B Scheduling for a committee meeting C A party for someone leaving the company D Menus for a training session 84 Which of the following does Annette offer to do? A Schedule a trip for Mr Martin B Fax Lisa some catering menus C Decorate a cake for Mr Martin D Bring some party supplies from home 85 What will the women probably next? A Talk on the phone to arrange a party B Communicate ideas using email C Tell Mr Martin what they want to D Ask co-workers to bring food for the party Questions 86-90 refer to the following letter and calendar To: Steve Yang From: Arthur Goodman 21 Date: March 3, 20 11:02:24 a.m Subject: Management Training Sessions Attachments: goodman_calendar.doc Hi Steve, It was good to hear from you earlier today It's been very busy around here too We just finished our job candidate interviews yesterday This means that today we will meet to figure out which candidates we would like to talk to further It will probably be a long meeting I am glad you contacted me about when we can organize this year's executive management training sessions It's hard to believe this will be the third year we've done it I'm sending you my calendar for the month of April, so we can pick our dates As you'll see, I'm pretty open at this point Once we have the dates figured out, we should talk about whether we'd like to change any parts of the curriculum from last time We should put together an initial list of people to invite I would also like to talk about turning our training materials into a book, but this is not urgent I hope you are well Thanks for taking the initiative on organizing the third training session Art Goodman - 22 86 What is the purpose of the e-mail? A To find a date for a training session B To recruit a training session coordinator C To reserve a location for the training session D To create a guest list for the training session 87 What is learned about Arthur Goodman's company? A It is promoting a book B It is hiring a new employee C It is creating a new department D It is updating employee information 88 What can be inferred about the executive management training session? A It lasts for days B It will be held at a hotel C It is required for all managers D It has been conducted twice before 89 What is scheduled for April 20th? A A Book Deadline B A managers' meeting C A meeting in Atlanta D An appointment with Dr Lin 90 On which date is the Regional Meeting? A April B April 14 C April 23 D April 29 23 Questions 91-95 refer to the following enquiry and response 24 91 Why did Jason William write to Wisdom Insurance? A He is a loyal customer B The company was recommended to him C He saw their advertisement D His wife asked him to 92 According to the table, which of the following is the largest expense, excluding hospital stays? A Outpatient services for men and women B Prescription drugs for men and outpatient care for women C Physician visits for men and prescription drugs for women D Home health visits for men and women 93 Which of the following can you conclude from this table? A Men spend more on medical services B Men pay for the medical services of their wives C Women spend more for medical services D Prescription drugs are cheap 94 What is the minimum Mr Williams can expect to pay? 25 $41 $32 $212 $53 95 What does John Fogerty mean by a “no-obligation” home visit? A Mr Williams does not have to agree to the visit B Mr Williams will be under no pressure to take out a policy C Mr Williams must agree to sign a contract D Mr Fogerty will not require Mr Williams to visit his office A B C D Questions 96-100 refer to the following contract and addendum Contract #991YL Hospitality Consultants Inc Hospitality Consultants Inc (hereafter referred to as Contractor) agrees to perform the following duties as outlined by Cracker Barrel Winery (hereafter called the Client): A Statistics Analysis 1) Review the Client’s wine sales over the past five years, using monthly inventory charts 2) Review the Client’s food and gift sales over the past five years 3) Record a summary and chart for proposed sales this year, based on a five-year review B Staff Review 1) Interview one staff member from each department, including the vineyards and cellar 2) Record duties and responsibilities for each job position 3) Suggest ways for the Client to cut staffing costs C Decor 1) Meet with board member to discuss year-end renovations 2) Research materials and costs for all indoor renovations 3) Provide an estimate for indoor renovations by October 1st Any changes to this contract must be agreed upon by both parties in writing Contractor: Hanson Carter Client: Julia Morris Date: August 7th, 20-Addendum to Contract #991YL dated August 7th, 20 between the following parties: 26 Contractor: Hospitality Consultants Inc Client: Cracker Barrel Winery The Contractor initiates the following addendum: 1) Due to unforeseen circumstances the Contractor will be unable to provide services to Cracker Barrel Winery after October th, 20 The Contractor does not expect any payment for any project work that is left incomplete as of today 2) Before December 1st, 20—the Contractor will provide the Client with the names of three alternate consulting firms capable of completing the work set out in Contract #991YL 3) The Contractor will submit a report of all work that has been completed, including any important data collected since August 7th 20 4) The Client agrees to write a reference for the Contractor, stating that Contract #991YL was broken due to illness in the family, and has no reflection on the Contractor’s ability to his job Date: October 9th, 20— (Contractor) signature: (Client) Signature: _ 96 What type of service does this Contractor agree to provide? A Labor assistance in the vineyards B Consulting related to the winery’s operations C Inventory of glassware and dishes D Taste tests of competitors’ wines 97 Which is NOT an example of a person the Contractor may need to speak with to fulfill his duties? A A medical professional B A wine seller C A board member D A part-time grape picker 98 Besides one duty that must be performed in December, how long did the Contractor work for the Client? A Less than two months B Just over two months 27 C At least three months D Just over four months 99 If the Contractor honored the contract up until now, what has definitely been completed? A A sales chart based on a five-year review B A count of all wine bottles in the cellar C A calculation of proposed renovation costs D An interview with at least one staff member 100 What is the client obliged to in the future if he signs the addendum to the contract? A Rehire the contractor when his health returns B Provide a letter that states the reason this contract was broken C Write a positive reference letter about the Contractor’s personality D Suggest alternative companies that may hire the Contractor in the future THE END 28 ... morning before 8:00 You may leave any after 3:00 Let me know if you have any questions 10 PART 7: READING COMPREHENSION Directions: In this part of the test, you will read a selection of texts,
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