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READING TEST In this section of the test, you will have the chance to show how well you understand written English There are three parts to this section, with special directions for each part YOU WILL HAVE ONE HOUR AND FIFTEEN MINUTES TO COMPLETE PARTS 5, 6, AND OF THE TEST PART 5: Incomplete Sentence Directions: You will see a sentence with a missing word Four possible answers follow the sentence Choose the best answer to the question and fill in the corresponding oval on your answer sheet While I was sitting outside the head office yesterday, I overheard someone _ that your application for transfer had been rejected, though I am not certain who it was I heard speaking A say B said C to say D had said For the most part, in technology stocks have seen the value of their shares increase dramatically over the last five years A investment B investing C investors D investiture Ms Patel has just returned _ the fifth Chennai conference on marketing and advertising A on B about C from D behind Different business cultures perceive differently about the reasonable between male and female colleagues A documentation B network C experience D proximity Journalists _ are registered for next Monday’s press conference will receive an admission pass upon registration A who B whose C whoever D which Due to a rise in deficit spending, the government has decreased _ for space exploration A revenue B funding C shares D profit After _ their travel reservations online, airline passengers should arrive at the airport at least an hour before departure A confirmation B confirming C confirmed D have confirmed By recycling the wood shavings by its paper-making process, Paperwide saves thousands of dollars each year A generated B generate C generates D have generated If you not read the business page regularly, you _ to miss reports of the important business transactions A are going B will C would be going D had 10 The newly proposed bill allows small business to interest at 8% over the Bank of England base rate on late payers A imply B impact C improve D impose 11 We want to keep them as our customers as they always order large amount of goods and pay on time A regular B regal C real D restricted 12 Applicants for the front clerk position are _ to go down to the Personnel Department on the first floor and speak with Ms Jameson A supposed B suppose C supposedly D supposing 13 Please visit our website for more _ and references to other investment news A infringement B information C franchise D informational 14 The fax machine, along with all of _ attachments and accessories, will have to be moved to the third floor A they B their C them D themselves 15 A new , especially in the high technology sector, is getting more and more attention of the public A production B productivity C product D productive 16 Those interested in positions offered by the university to come to the personnel office in person for interview A has required B requiring C are required D will require 17 Remember that you must either send us your payment _ return the product within 30 days of receipt A and B but also C or D nor 18 The city’s road are usually very crowded _ rush hours, due to an increase in car ownership in recent year A while B during C when D about 19 The root of this argument stems from the belief that marketers are only out to satisfy their own needs and really about the needs of their customers A not care B does not care C is not caring D are not care 20 If you not find the accommodations here _, be sure to let us know when you fill out your customer comment card A satisfaction B satisfy C satisfactory D satisfied 21 Director Gary Robertson's latest film, “Frontiers,” centers on the of a young man who traveled to the American West in the 1850s, seeking fortune and fame A book B novel C movie D story 22 Please contact Jen Davis in the HR Department if you have any questions regarding the new overtime and vacation A methods B policies C reactions D behaviors 23 Many are nervous about the long-term financial health of the company, especially after last week's poor earnings report A investors B investments C of investors D of the investments 24 The new sales manager has promised to revise the company’s policies the next three months A on B with C over D at 25 Mr Anderson’s gift to Merk University set a new record for the largest alumni donation _given to a university A always B rarely C once D ever 26 _ vice-president and CEO of Hynes Corp., Mark Banner, will be the main speaker at the annual industry convention A Advance B Before C Former D Early 27 In order older and more conservative voters, the political party has been putting more TV ads on religious television shows A attraction B attracting C attracts D to attract 28 Increased collaboration _ that two organizations may combine in the near future A imply B was implied C implies D have implied 29 Your first paycheck will be two weeks in arrears, but after that you will be paid _ the first day of every month unless these dates fall on a holiday A at B in C on D by 30 A temporary CEO will lead Intel Media until a permanent replacement is found to take over for Frank Matson, who resigned _ after five years with the company A probably B especially C unexpectedly D absolutely 31 American businesses rely on just-in-time delivery of inventory and components to improve _, reduce lead times, and trim costs A efficient B efficiency C efficiently D be efficient 32 The international Committee on Recycling, otherwise _ as ICR, circulates a biannual newsletter A knew B knows C knowing D known 33 One of the renovations that Cariss Inc has introduced is giving its employees unlimited _ to financial reports A accessed B access C accessible D accessing 34 All first-year master’s degree students at the Daniels Institute are required to take an introductory oceanography course, _ of their previous academic background A anyway B despite C nevertheless D regardless 35 The survey concluded that the two-day convention provided the city with a total estimated economic _ of $8.5 million A product B benefit C weekend D condition 36 The CEO publicized decision to elect Mrs Sachs as a chairperson of the executive board A his B our C us D these 37 Please receipt of the package by filling out the form and giving it back to the delivery person A correspond B cooperate C acknowledge D notify 38 As vehicles have become more _, growing numbers of consumers are reluctant to make a long-term investment in a new car or truck purchase A cost B costliness C expensively D costly 39 Attendance at the workshop is for all faculty members except those scheduled to teach while it is in session A mandatory B laudatory C exemplary D disciplinary 40 We believe that our company has a solid record of success; we have shown a profit every year _ we began this company A since B while C when D from Part 6: Text Completion Directions: Read the texts on the following pages You will find a word or phrase missing in some of the sentences Below each of the sentences, four answer choices are given Select the most appropriate answer to complete the text Then mark the letter (A), (B), (C) or (D) on your answer sheet Questions 41-44 refer to the following letter Uxbridge Bank 22 High Street Uxbridge January 18th Mr John Edwards 14 Taylor’s Lane Uxbridge Dear Ms Edwards, Thank you for to Uxbridge Bank last week for an interview It was a 41 A entering B coming C going D visiting pleasure to meet You and talk with you I and my colleagues were very impressed with your knowledge and experience It there gives me great _ to be able to offer you’re a 42 A pleasure B regret C sorrow D happy position We would like you to start on Thursday February 2nd, for a two day training period Your full duties would begin on Monday February 6th If you are _ in 43 A interesting B interest C interested D interests this position, please telephone me On 012-220-772 before p.m on January 24th If I have not _ from you by then, I will assume you are no longer interested 44 A listened B heard C listen D hear I look forward to hearing from you Sincerely, Martha Green Personnel Manager Questions 45-48 refer to the following letter To: Molly Green and Alistair Debrett Form: Health and Safety Department Re: First Aid Training It has come to our attention that you have not _ completed a basic first aid 45 A still B yet C until D after training course All employees must have first aid training two years You 46 A every B each C most D all must attend a training course On March 27 th The course will start at 9.00 p.m and will finish at 6.00 p.m We will inform your department You will be paid one hour of overtime because it later than your regular work hours If you not attend the course, 47 A commences B finishes C opens D exceeds you will lose one day’s salary If you really cannot attend on March 27 th, you must inform us immediately or it will be too late to change the date Thank you for your 48 A cooperate B cooperating C cooperates D cooperation Questions 49-52 refer to the following notice Beware of pickpockets The management of Winona’s would like to all patrons to beware of 49 A avert B alert C notice D notify pickpockets A spate of thefts has been taking place in _ weeks, and in order to 50 A late B lately C recently D recent avoid a ruined evening, we urge you to be extra vigilant with your personal property We have our suspicious as to who is guilty of these thefts, and would like to make this fact known Winona’s has a city-wide as a nightclub of the highest quality, and 51 A reputedly B reputation C repute D report we not appropriate the efforts of those working to damage this reputation We have noticed the police of the current situation and will not hesitate to encourage anyone who falls victim to theft while on our _ to press full charges, should the theft be identified 52 A building B ground C premises D store PART 7: Reading comprehension Directions: In this part of the test, you will read a selection of texts, such as magazine and newspaper, articles, letters, and advertisements Each text is followed by several questions Choose the correct answer to each question and mark the letter (A), (B), (C) or (D) on your answer sheet Questions 53-56 refer to the following letter Website: MegaBank’s website is so versatile you can check the status of all of your accounts and get money market information twenty-four hours a day So save your time and energy Join MagaBank and banking the easy way 70 Which of the services allows an employer to deposit an employee’s checks into the employee’s account? A ATM B Direct deposit C Website D Telephone 71 Which of the services allows account access all day long? A ATM B Direct deposit C Website D Telephone 72 What does MegaBank offer to its customers through its service? A Convenience B Deposits C Cost effectiveness D Contributions Questions 73-75 refer to the following information VEA Print Frequently Asked questions After of our most frequently asked question about ordering business cards appear below If you cannot find what you are looking for, please contact us by calling 020 0003 7664 or by e-mailing us at Can I place my order by phone or post? All orders need to be placed on our Web site Special online order forms are provided that allow you to choose the design of your business card and provide your personal information What if inaccurate information is printed on the business cards that I order? We take great care to print all information according to the specifications you provide Should you notice any inaccuracies, we will be happy to print your cards again and fill all of your future orders free of charge Can an order be canceled after it has been placed? To cancel an existing order, you will need to enter your customer code on our Web site This code will automatically be sent to your e-mail account when we receive your order 73 What is the purpose of the information? A To notify customers of a delay B To answer questions about orders C To inform employees of a change in procedure D To apologize for an error 74 What is stated about orders forms? A They can be mailed to VEA Print B They must be signed by a customer C They must be reviewed by a manager D They can be found on a Web site 75 According to the information, what is a customer code required for? A To obtain a discount B To update contact information C To report a printing problem D To cancel an order Questions 76-80 refer to the following letter Richard Bachman 193 Fourth Street Payton, OH 48331 Cyberworld P.O Box 83627 Cincinnati, OH 49363 May 25 Re: Account # 58363 To whom it may concern: I am writing to request that you cancel my Internet service with Cyberworld, effective immediately Although I had been using your service for almost four years with no complaints, the level of service you have provided during the past month has convinced me to take my business elsewhere At the beginning of this month, I noticed that it was very difficult for me to get a dial-up connection The phone line always seemed to be busy Then friends started telling me that they were unable to access my personal website I thought this might be just a temporary problem, but after 10 days with no improvement, I decided to call your customer service line for assistance I had to wait on hold for almost an hour before speaking to an employee named John Redman He told me to try connecting again in half an hour When I tried to explain that the problem had lasted almost two weeks, he became very rude and told me that he was not a computer expert and could not solve my problems When I asked him why he was answering the phone for an Internet service provider if he didn’t know anything about computers, he up on me I had never been so rudely treated in all my life My account with you was paid in full through the end of May If I receive any further bills from you, I will not pay them I hope you will act on the information in this letter and improve your services Sincerely, Richard Bachman 76 What is the purpose of Mr Bachman's letter? A To resolve a dispute about his Internet service bill B To terminate his relationship with the provider C To complain about his recent software purchase D To request a better Internet service plan 77 According to his letter, why did Mr Bachman call Cyberworld? A To inquire about pricing plans B To complain about a rude employee C To speak to the company president D To report connectivity problems 78 Which of the following is true of John Redman? A He was trained extensively in customer service procedures B He was reprimanded by his immediate supervisor for his behavior C He was fired as a result of acting rudely to a customer D He no longer works for Cyberworld due to financial issues 79 What repercussion did John Redman face? A His personal account was cancelled B His employee Internet service was disconnected C He was relieved of his position D He was severely reprimanded Questions 80-82 refer to the following advertisement Seeking Staffing Coordinator Martin Owens Agency is accepting applications for a staffing coordinator We are the premier temporary staffing agency in the city of Burbank, and we are looking for a bright, motivated individual to join our team The staffing coordinator is the main point of contact for our employees and business clients Duties include testing and screening new employees, matching workers with appropriate jobs, notifying employees of job requirements, and contacting clients to assure that performance standards are being met The successful candidate must be able to handle multiple tasks with ease Other essential requirements include being well organized, highly dependable and people-oriented We offer an excellent benefits package, including health and dental insurance, a retirement plan, three weeks of paid vacation, and excellent pay plus commission and bonuses We offer a relaxed, fun-loving work environment and a meaningful opportunity to help others advance their careers We are a family-friendly employer, and some telecommuting is possible depending on staffing needs and workload To apply, send a cover letter detailing your qualifications for this position and your salary requirements, a resume, and the names, phone numbers and email addresses of four professional references to: Martin Owens Agency 8463 Victory Boulevard Burbank, CA 94632 Applications will be accepted until the position is filled For best consideration, apply no later than September 25 Visit our website at for more information 80 What kind of company is Martin Owens Agency? A A performing arts organization B An employment company C An Internet service provider D An accounting agency 81 Where did the job posting appear? A On a bulletin board B On the Internet C In the newspaper D In a trade journal 82 What information is NOT required as part of the job application? A Education level B Income desired C Work experience D Professional contacts Questions 83-85 refer to the following email correspondence: To: Lisa Derby From: Annette Shiffler Subject: Mr Martin's Retirement Party Hi Lisa, Thanks for forwarding me the email about Mr Martin's retirement party; for some reason I didn't get it when you sent it out originally I'm writing to confirm that I will definitely be attending the party Also, as we discussed, I'd like to help out with the planning and organization for the party I've worked with Mr Martin for nearly ten years, and he's been the best boss I've ever had I really want to make this a special event for him! First of all, is this going to be a potluck, or will we be ordering a catered meal? I'd like to help out either way If it's a potluck, I'd be happy to bring a dish to share If we're going to hire a caterer, I can suggest several because I often arrange catering for our training sessions I even have menus from several different catering businesses if you'd like to take a look at them Next, how about decorations for the party? I've actually got some nice banners at home that say “Congratulations on Your Retirement!” I originally used them for my uncle's retirement party last year Would you like me to bring those and hang them up in the room? What other decorations are planned? How about some nice centerpieces for the tables, such as flower arrangements? Finally, if there's any other way I can help out that I haven't mentioned above, just let me know at 800-777-5424 I'd really like to get involved in this and something nice for Mr Martin Thanks for organizing the party! Annette 83 What is being discussed in the email correspondence? A Food and decorations for a holiday party B Scheduling for a committee meeting C A party for someone leaving the company D Menus for a training session 84 Which of the following does Annette offer to do? A Schedule a trip for Mr Martin B Fax Lisa some catering menus C Decorate a cake for Mr Martin D Bring some party supplies from home 85 What will the women probably next? A Talk on the phone to arrange a party B Communicate ideas using email C Tell Mr Martin what they want to D Ask co-workers to bring food for the party Questions 86-88 refer to the following letter Dear Employees of Consolidated Insurance, I'm writing this because I wanted to address the rumors that have been circulating about the future of our division As you know, last month we were informed by company management that the structure of the company website, the primary task of our Electronic Resources division, would be reviewed Many of you also know the reason for this review: some top executives were complaining about what they perceived as a lack of efficiency in keeping the website current As a result, there are rumors going around that the website may be outsourced to an external company, and all the employees of this division could be laid off I want to let you know that these rumors are absolutely false There are no plans whatsoever for any job cuts Each and every one of you has an important and valuable role to play at Consolidated Insurance, and the company is not thinking of outsourcing our web development Because our website is designed to provide detailed, complex information to all of our clients, it needs to be developed and maintained by people who know our company well The company president has reassured me in person that he values the work of the 23 Electronic Resources division and that our staffing levels and mission will remain essentially the same With that said, I think that all of us need to acknowledge that there have been some problems in maintaining our large company website As your manager, I know that the problems are caused mainly by the challenges of implementing our new customer information database, not by any laziness or negligence on your part The committee that is currently reviewing our website will make recommendations for how to solve these problems, as well as suggestions for changing the structure of the website I suggest that you view the committee's input positively, and consider this process as an opportunity for us to improve our services I hope that this has cleared up the situation Please email me with any questions you may have, or if you prefer, you may make an appointment to speak with me privately Sincerely, Jack Kemp Manager, Electronic Resources Division 86 Why did Mr Kemp write this letter? A To explain how the committee-review process will work B To consider options for redesigning the company website C To announce that the company plans to lay off employees D To clarify that the division's work will not be reassigned 87 What does Mr Kemp believe is the main challenge facing the division? A Other managers who think workers are lazy B Start-up problems with the new system C Employees who don't understand their jobs D Clients who complain about the website 88 What does Mr Kemp ask employees to do? A Start looking for new jobs B Complain to the company president C Accept the committee's suggestions D Create a more useful website Questions 89-91 refer to the following news article 24 Quickstar Agrees to Short-Term Contract on Fees By Daljit Jandu, September Toronto - Quickstar Airlines Chief Executive Officer Scott Wei hosted a press conference yesterday to report that Quicktar, known for its low fares for lights within North America, has negotiated a temporary contract on fees with Thurston International Airport so that the airline can begin service on its first international route as planned in December Quickstar currently serves over 100 cities in North America; most of these routes originate at Thurston International Airport Almost since the day it began operating seven years ago, though, Quickstar has faced difficulties in its negotiations with Thurston International Airport One reason Quickstar chose to make its base at Thurston Airport, Wei remarked yesterday, was that the agreement he negotiated with Thurston officials was particularly favorable to a low-cost airline like Quickstar: “It was advantageous to us and it benefited the airport because it brought a much higher volume of passengers to the airport.” But as air travelers rushed to take advantage of Quickstar’s low fares and the airline’s profits grew, Thurston Airport officials soon wanted to renegotiate the terms of the fees that Quickstar paid to the airport Wei says, “We made it clear that our first commitment is to keep fares low for passengers If we couldn’t that, we were going to look at other airports from which we could base the new international flights we are planning to offer.” Thurston Airport spokesperson Simon Armstrong notes that the airport has always had a strong desire to make sure that Quickstar stays at Thurston Airport “We are working hard to reach a permanent agreement that is beneficial to both the airport and Quickstar,” say Armstrong “But so that Quickstar can move forward with its plans to offer service on its new international routes, we have offered Quickstar a temporary contract for six months on airport fees” Quickstar’s service to Rome will be the first of four international routes that it intends to operate out of Thurston Airport within the next two years Of these, the route to Moscow will involve a stopover at Londo’s Helton Airport; service to Rome, Athens, and Istanbul will be nonstop 89 What is true about Quickstar Airlines? A It currently serves over 100 cities in Europe B It began operating six month ago C It is known for keeping fares low D Its base of operations is Helton Airport 90 What is implied about Thurston Airport officials? A They will immediately increase the fees that Quickstar Airlines pays B They hope to arrange a permanent contract with Quickstar Airlines 25 C They think that the current volume of passengers is too high for the airport to handle D They will no longer allow airlines to establish international routes that originate there 91 To what city will Quickstar Airlines begin service in December? A Rome B Moscow C Istanbul D Athens Questions 92-96 refer to the following advertisement and form 26 27 92 What kind of business is BTC? A A marketing firm B An accounting firm C A computer retail store D An electronics company 93 Which of the following benefits is NOT offered by BTC? A Helping pay for school B Medical insurance C Time off with pay 28 D Life insurance 94 How did Bert Roberts get this form? A He visited a website B Manov sent it to him C He wrote to BTC to request it D He found it in the newspaper 95 How many years of work experience does Bert Roberts have? A Two B Three C Five D Seven 96 If Bert Roberts accepts a job with BTC, what will he probably do? A Get a master’s degree B Add his testimony to the company’s advertisements C Move to another country D Join a gym Questions 97-100 refer to the following memo and schedule 29 97 What kind of event is being organized? A A training course for sales people B A nationwide sale C A local training program 30 D A farewell for Cheryl Carter 98 Who should be contacted for the hotel room reservations? A Dan Johnson B Carol Dinkins C Cheryl Carter D The Hilltop Marriott in Chicago 99 Who should attend this meeting? A All sales personnel B Top sales staff C Junior sales staff D All regional managers 100 Which of the following would a participant NOT be able to attend? A Both “Customer Relations” and “Cold Calling” B Both “Selling Oxygen” and “Clinching a Deal” C Both “The Hard Sell” and “Cold Calling” D Both “Motivation in the Office” and “The Satisfied Customer” THE END 31 ... full charges, should the theft be identified 52 A building B ground C premises D store PART 7: Reading comprehension Directions: In this part of the test, you will read a selection of texts,
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