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READING TEST In this section of the test, you will have the chance to show how well you understand written English There are three parts to this section, with special directions for each part YOU WILL HAVE ONE HOUR AND FIFTEEN MINUTES TO COMPLETE PARTS 5, 6, AND OF THE TEST PART 5: Incomplete Sentence Directions: You will see a sentence with a missing word Four possible answers follow the sentence Choose the best answer to the question and fill in the corresponding oval on your answer sheet I _ never have hired him if his references had given me any indication of how unreliable he would be A would B will C must D had Your financial plan must also consist of your projected ,i.e how much you intend to spend on each category in your business A export B expenditure C income D returns It is imperative that quality is not sacrificed for profits We have _ the best products at the best prices A provide B to be providing C to provide D profited The worst that can happen that the store will have to alter its operating hours until we can hire replacement A are B was C is D have If your shipment is not delivered _ Tuesday, you can request a full refund for the merchandise A at B by C within D while Due to a rise in deficit spending, the government has decreased _ for space exploration A revenue B funding C shares D profit The former CEO's resignation has had little or no _ on the company's share price A value B reduction C impact D trading Last year, the number of university-level textbooks which was sold by American publishers dropped for the second year in a row A priced B sold C marked D instructed If you not read the business page regularly, you _ to miss reports of the important business transactions A are going B will C would be going D had 10 The meeting room in the Johnson hotel features state-of-the-art _ not offered at any other downtown conference facility A technological B technologically C technology D technical 11 We are looking for recent graduates with exceptional and quantitative abilities and language skills to join our company A demonstrate B demonstrable C demonstrating D demonstrates 12 Applicants for the front clerk position are _ to go down to the Personnel Department on the first floor and speak with Ms Jameson A supposed B suppose C supposedly D supposing 13 This afternoon, _ from the Southern Valley plant were laid off in an unexpected factory closing that left employees angry and confused A employ B employers C employees D employment 14 A Money Maker article _ the vice president of Super Jet Company saying that the company's stock is on the rise again A repeated B stated C listed D quoted 15 A new , especially in the high technology sector, is getting more and more attention of the public A production B productivity C product D productive 16 As the , we obviously must ensure that customers will satisfy with our products and services A manufacturing B manufacture C manufactories D manufacturer 17 Globalization has become a major factor in the electronics manufacturing industry, often _ it difficult to distinguish between domestic and foreign companies A made B make C making D being made 18 The rapid pace of innovation in electronics technology makes for a constant demand for _ and faster products A newly B new C newer D late 19 The root of this argument stems from the belief that marketers are only out to satisfy their own needs and really about the needs of their customers A not care B does not care C is not caring D are not care 20 The key objective of an organization’s marketing efforts _to satisfy relationships with customers that benefit both the customer and the organization A is B are C was D were 21 One of the most popular criticisms is that marketing people to purchase what they not need A encouraging B encouraged C encourages D to encourage 22 In a press release dated March 3, Charter Travel Corporation _ a recordsetting $3 million increase in last quarter revenues A announced B announce C announcing D has been announced 23 It is important that we provide _ information to our clients when they call to either inquire about their statements or the status of their claims A accurate B evident C efficient D approved 24 The recent worldwide increase in oil prices has led to a _ demand for electric vehicles A greatest B greater C greatly D greatness 25 Mr Anderson has decided that we are going to bring in a _ from Miracle Software to design our new client management database A consultation B consultant C consulting D consulted 26 To stay with local people and gain practical experience, volunteer helpers work an average of hours per day _ food and accommodation A in exchange for B exchanging of C with exchange D exchanges 27 One of the reasons why our sales team has become a leader today is that they are put through a number of vigorous training sessions to keep up with the changes that occur in the market A prosperous B straight C mature D continuous 28 Register early if you would like to attend next Tuesday’s _ on project management A seminar B reason C policy D scene 29 Although current employees are encouraged to apply for the new management positions, they will not receive _ treatment and must compete with external candidates A preferring B preferential C preference D prefer 30 I will be _ with our sales, marketing and advertising departments on the new product line at the team meeting on Friday A coordinating B coordination C coordinate D coordinator 31 American businesses rely on just-in-time delivery of inventory and components to improve _, reduce lead times, and trim costs A efficient B efficiency C efficiently D be efficient 32 Philanthropists Henry and Elsie Wellman today will announce a $20 million _ to Scripp’s Cancer Institute, to provide seed money for promising new cancer research projects A donate B donated C donation D donating 33 MGK Research provides research and advice for executives, helping them improve performance and _ costs with the aid of technology A reduce B reduces C reducing D reduction 34 All first-year master’s degree students at the Daniels Institute are required to take an introductory oceanography course, _ of their previous academic background A anyway B despite C nevertheless D regardless 35 The survey concluded that the two-day convention provided the city with a total estimated economic _ of $8.5 million A product B benefit C weekend D condition 36 The new manager needs to give a sample of signature to the printer so that a stamp of it can be made A she B she’s C her D hers 37 The balance on this invoice must be paid in full by December 23 rd A incredible B outlawed C overturning D outstanding 38 _ interest rates may please those with savings, but they will be a burden to anyone saddled with a large mortgage A Bigger B More C Extra D Higher 39 I want you to put the mail top of my desk every morning, not in the tray by the door A at B next to C on D by 40 We believe that our company has a solid record of success; we have shown a profit every year _ we began this company A B C D since while when from Part 6: Text Completion Directions: Read the texts on the following pages You will find a word or phrase missing in some of the sentences Below each of the sentences, four answer choices are given Select the most appropriate answer to complete the text Then mark the letter (A), (B), (C) or (D) on your answer sheet Questions 41-44 refer to the following memo To: All employees From: The Accounts department Re: Taxes It will soon be time to file your tax returns We will not be issuing financial statements automatically to _ employees as we have done in the past If you need a 41.A all B every C each D much statement of your income for the past year, please apply _ the Accounting 42 A on B with C in D to office as soon as Possible Please give the accounting office the following information: • Full name • Social security number • Company department • Home address • Employee number We will mail all statements to your home address If you wish to receive your statement at a different address, please be sure to inform us Because we anticipate a large response to this memo, we have a deadline of March 15th 43 A set B put C help D designed You must send your _ by this date, or we cannot guarantee your statement 44 A apply B applying C application D applicable Questions 45-48 refer to the following notice Volunteers Wanted Psychology Department of Queenstown University is volunteers to 45 A necessary B searching C asking D looking for take part in an experiment We need 150 volunteers: 75 men and 75 women Volunteers should be aged 20 and 25 and should not be taking any 46 A between B from C at D of kind of medication Volunteers must not be enrolled in any of the university’s current psychology courses The experiment will take between thirty and forty minutes to complete Participants will be asked to answer a series of questions after a short film A small 47 A watch B watching C being watched D have watched fee will be paid to participants Coffee and tea will be also served during the film If you are , please contact the Psychology Department secretary on 48 A interesting B interested in C interested D interest 990-8887 before January 30th Questions 49-52 refer to the following memo This semester, be prepared for your exams Follow these handy hints from the Student Advice Center Don’t _ until the night before an exam The best students revise and 49 A be wait B waiting C wait D had waited learn early and regularly throughout the semester Revise each night what you learned in class that day Reread class notes, assignments, handouts or previous tests and textbooks _ key words and points with a colored pen or pencil It is very helpful to 50 A Highlight B Notice C Spotlight D View write summaries of the notes you take in class If that sounds like too much effort, then you start studying at least two 51 A had to B should C would D shouldn’t weeks before your exams Make a study schedule and stick to it, but be realistic about your goals Don’t try to too much in one day Resting is as _ as studying 52 A important B importance C duty D must However, as I said, I am not going to assign blame, but I want to remind everyone that all kitchen staff must have their hair tied back and covered by a hat or hair net at all times Fingernails must be kept short and free of any nail polish or nail extensions As for the incident of insufficiently washed lettuce, there is no excuse for this, and I expect all staff to be most assiduous in checking that all food is prepared perfectly before it is allowed to leave the kitchen 67 Why was this memo sent? A Because there have been several complaints from customers B Because the customers have been praising the food C Because the kitchen will soon be closed for renovations D Because Food and Beverage Services sends a memo every month 68 Who might be at fault in this situation? A All the kitchen staff B Someone who works on Thursdays and Fridays C The chef D The waiter 69 How will the guilty person be punished? A He or she will have to wear a hair net B There is no mention of punishment in the memo C He or she will be fired D He or she will pay a fine Questions 70-71 refer to the following news advertisement NEW CineMatic ST Series IV digital home theatre system Experience movies the way they were meant to be heard Immerse yourself in high-quality sound with the easiest home theater solution from Techright Sound can bring everything you watch on TV to life with vivid detail -slamming doors, screeching tires, blaring sirens, ringing church bells But probably not if you’re listening through the speakers built into your TV That’s why Techright developed the NEW CineMatic ST Series IV digital home theater experience with your favourite shows, movies, and sporting events Want to hear what you’ve been missing? Experience the new CineMatic ST Series IV system in your own home risk-free for 30 days, absolutely free, and bring out the full audio potential of your HDTV You can use your own major credit card to make 12 easy payments, with no interest charges from Techright Free shipping with your order To order or learn more: 1-800-555-2323 Techright Better sound through innovation 70 What is being offered? A A 20-percent discount B Reduced shipping cost C A free 30-day trial D A new credit card 71 How can customers order? A By selling in a coupon B By making a phone call C By e-mailing the company D By going to a store Questions 72-75 refer to the following advice 72 Which of the following is NOT required in order to qualify for a free flight? A Application must be stamped prior to boarding every flight B Passengers must fly once a month for 12 months C Passengers must get 16 stamps D Applications must be mailed in when they have 16 stamps 73 What is different about this frequent flyer program? A one-way trips are the same as a roundtrip B You get a free drink coupon booklet with your first free flight C The rewards are fast, and you get to join a club D It doesn’t matter how far you fly 74 How many free flights can a passenger take in one year? A As many as they qualify for B A maximum of 12 C A maximum of D One 75 How can customers obtain an application form? A By flying with Western Airlines B By calling a special phone line or downloading the form C By sending a fax to Western Airlines D By attending a special seminar Questions 76-79 refer to the following instruction ELECTROGOLD CORDLESS TELEPHONE Style #32445-EG Thank you for choosing the ElectroGold Cordless Telephone Get ready to experience and enjoy the telephone rated number one by Consumer Communications Report To get the most out of your telephone, please read through the manual to learn about the dozens of new features included with your phone These include a speakerphone in the handset and the base, a spare battery, and a message display screen Also included is a new voice-mail indicator to alert you about new messages Your new phone is also hearing-aid compatible and comes with adjustable volume for the handset and base speakerphone If you are short on time, you can just look through the Quick Guide, which has easy-tofollow picture guides of how to set up your phone and can help familiarize you with some of the most basic functions If you have any questions about how to use these features, you can consult the Owner's Manual or just call our award-winning customer service representatives toll-free at 1-800-ELECTRO (1-800-353-2970) We are available roundthe-clock to help you with any questions or concerns 76 Who is most likely the reader of the instructions? A A lab technician B A phone operator C The product's owner D A hearing impaired person 77 What is NOT a feature on the cordless telephone? A Speakerphone in two locations B An extra power source C An extra base D New voice-email indicator 78 What is the difference between the Quick Guide and the Owner's Manual? A The Quick Guide has more detailed instructions B The Quick Guide is more concise C The Owner's Manual has easy-to-follow pictures D The Owner's Manual is available online 79 What would a person who didn't have a lot of time most likely do? A Read through the Owner's Manual B Call 1-800-353-2970 C Check the new voice-mail indicator D Follow the instructions in the Quick Guide Questions 80-83 refer to the following fax FAX TRANSMISSION Kleanit Bravo Murillo, 320 Portal 4-20428020 Madrid Spain Dear fellow computer users, A word of advice: It’s time to clean out your computer If you’re like me, you don’t remove documents that are no longer necessary You never know when you may need a life so you don’t throw it away, right? E-mail messages pile up too creating a huge warehouse of obscure file names I found that a simple software package called Kleanit gets rid of everything I don’t need Page 20 and keeps the things I I was so impressed with this package that I decided to share it with others No longer those bothersome extra messages and computer files waste processing time and cause my computer to perform inefficiently Kleanit makes sure that the only files in my computer are files that relate to my current projects or routine tasks Why don’t you try it? I’ll send you a trial copy and if you aren’t satisfied, you can send it back If you are as impressed as I am, and you will be, send your check for $32.50 at your earliest convenience Have a nice day Robert Horstma CEO 80 According to the fax, what prompted Mr Horstma to sell Kleanit? A B C D His e-mail responses His poor computer skills His need for money His satisfaction with the product 81 What suggestion is made in his fax? A To buy new computer B To send less mail C To print out document D To purchase new software 82 According to the fax, what effect does clutter have on a computer? A It operates slowly B It runs out of space C It stops working D It erases files 83 Which documents does the software leave in your computer? A Duplicate files B Current and routine files C Files from last year D Files other have sent you Questions 84-86 refer to the following letter Page 21 Dear Employees of Consolidated Insurance, I'm writing this because I wanted to address the rumors that have been circulating about the future of our division As you know, last month we were informed by company management that the structure of the company website, the primary task of our Electronic Resources division, would be reviewed Many of you also know the reason for this review: some top executives were complaining about what they perceived as a lack of efficiency in keeping the website current As a result, there are rumors going around that the website may be outsourced to an external company, and all the employees of this division could be laid off I want to let you know that these rumors are absolutely false There are no plans whatsoever for any job cuts Each and every one of you has an important and valuable role to play at Consolidated Insurance, and the company is not thinking of outsourcing our web development Because our website is designed to provide detailed, complex information to all of our clients, it needs to be developed and maintained by people who know our company well The company president has reassured me in person that he values the work of the Electronic Resources division and that our staffing levels and mission will remain essentially the same With that said, I think that all of us need to acknowledge that there have been some problems in maintaining our large company website As your manager, I know that the problems are caused mainly by the challenges of implementing our new customer information database, not by any laziness or negligence on your part The committee that is currently reviewing our website will make recommendations for how to solve these problems, as well as suggestions for changing the structure of the website I suggest that you view the committee's input positively, and consider this process as an opportunity for us to improve our services I hope that this has cleared up the situation Please email me with any questions you may have, or if you prefer, you may make an appointment to speak with me privately Sincerely, Page 22 Jack Kemp Manager, Electronic Resources Division 84 Why did Mr Kemp write this letter? A To explain how the committee-review process will work B To consider options for redesigning the company website C To announce that the company plans to lay off employees D To clarify that the division's work will not be reassigned 85 What does Mr Kemp believe is the main challenge facing the division? A Other managers who think workers are lazy B Start-up problems with the new system C Employees who don't understand their jobs D Clients who complain about the website 86 What does Mr Kemp ask employees to do? A Start looking for new jobs B Complain to the company president C Accept the committee's suggestions D Create a more useful website Questions 87-91 refer to the following memo and email MEMO RAND UM Liberty Legal Services 302 Pine Street, Suite 2300 Los Angeles, CA 80214 Dear Colleagues, I am writing to introduce the newest member on our staff Andrea Langley comes to us straight out of Hanfard Law School, where she graduated at the top of her class As is typical of our new lawyers, she will spend her first six months here working with various people in the office This month Andrea will be working with Karen Jackson in our real estate division Next month she will work with Larry Dean in licensing That is as far as we have her schedule Page 23 planned If any of you have some time to spend with Andrea and have some interesting projects coming up, please let me know and we may be able to arrange for her to work with you Please keep in mind that we not want an intelligent and eager young lawyer like Andrea doing busy work Her mind is much more useful to us than that Please take a moment to stop by Andrea’s desk and introduce yourselves And congratulate her for passing her exam Thanks, Scott Scott Hartman Senior Partner To: Scott Hartman From: Nancy Strong Date: July 1, 2005 10:45:19 a.m Subject: Andrea Langley Scott, I got your memo about Andrea Langley I’m starting to work on an interesting and difficult case that I think would be a good learning experience for her; I could use the help while she’s making her rounds The case I want her for is a mergers and acquisitions case It’s for a merger between two high-powered technology companies Due to their backgrounds, it will require a fair amount of paperwork There will also be a lot of research required, and I think it would give her a real taste of what most work in mergers and acquisitions is like If it’s okay with you, would you please run it by Andrea? We’d really love her down in this office for a few weeks Page 24 Thanks, Nancy Strong 87 What is learned about Andrea Langley? A She is Nancy Strong’s niece B She recently graduated from school C She worked as a legal secretary for several years D She signed a one-year contract to work with Liberty 88 What will Andrea Langley during her first six months at Liberty? A Work with several lawyers B Concentrate on a single case C Learn about California’s laws D Specialize in one area of law 89 What does Scott Hartman NOT ask people to do? A Introduce themselves to Andrea Langley B Andrea Langley to observe them in court C Suggest projects for Andrea Langley to work on D Congratulate Andrea Langley for her accomplishment 90 In which area of law does Nancy Strong work? A Adoption B Licensing C Real estate D Corporate mergers 91 What does Nancy Strong say about the case she is working on? A It is likely to be resolved out of court B It will involve a great deal of research C It is receiving publicity in the newspapers D It requires a person with strong computer skills Page 25 Questions 91-95 refer to the following memo and schedule Page 26 91 What kind of event is being organized? A A training course for sales people B A nationwide sale C A local training program D A farewell for Cheryl Carter 92 Who should be contacted for the hotel room reservations? A Dan Johnson B Carol Dinkins C Cheryl Carter D The Hilltop Marriott in Chicago Page 27 93 Who should attend this meeting? A All sales personnel B Top sales staff C Junior sales staff D All regional managers 94 Which of the following would a participant NOT be able to attend? A Both “Customer Relations” and “Cold Calling” B Both “Selling Oxygen” and “Clinching a Deal” C Both “The Hard Sell” and “Cold Calling” D Both “Motivation in the Office” and “The Satisfied Customer” 95 Who will be giving presentations in the afternoon of the second day? A As yet unspecified company B Saul Green C Dan Johnson D Sales people Questions 96-100 refer to the advertisement and inquiry Page 28 96 Which statement is NOT true about TC’s Connect-Call plan? A You save at least 25% on all calls made without operator assistance B You must spend $50 a month to get cheaper rates C You always save 50% on all customer calls D There is no monthly fee 97 If you spend more than $50, what happens? A You lose your 25% automatic savings B Your charges automatically increase to 30% C You must call customer service to check your account status D You save 30% on all subsequent calls 98 Why did Reese Winters write to Telephone Connection? A To update her service B To complain about the service C To get further information Page 29 D To find out a phone number 99 What kind of long distance provider has Reese been using? A An expensive one B One run by Telephone Connection C One run by Telephone Connection’s competitors D An Internet based line 100 What does Reese want to know? A Whom she can call at the cheapest rate, and at what discount B Whether the 50% discount refers to international calls C Whether the rate change on the weekend D If there is s discount for calls made after midnight THE END Page 30 ... about the needs of their customers A not care B does not care C is not caring D are not care 20 The key objective of an organization’s marketing efforts _to satisfy relationships with customers... in class that day Reread class notes, assignments, handouts or previous tests and textbooks _ key words and points with a colored pen or pencil It is very helpful to 50 A Highlight B Notice... much in one day Resting is as _ as studying 52 A important B importance C duty D must PART 7: Reading comprehension Directions: In this part of the test, you will read a selection of texts,
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