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READING TEST In this section of the test, you will have the chance to show how well you understand written English There are three parts to this section, with special directions for each part YOU WILL HAVE ONE HOUR AND FIFTEEN MINUTES TO COMPLETE PARTS 5, 6, AND OF THE TEST PART 5: Incomplete Sentence Directions: You will see a sentence with a missing word Four possible answers follow the sentence Choose the best answer to the question and fill in the corresponding oval on your answer sheet Donations to the charity are _, but almost eighty percent of employees give to it =voluntary ~volunteer ~voluntarily ~volunteering _ experienced significant growth in Western Europe, the company is planning to expand operations in Eastern Europe A To have B Have C Had D Having We are offering Graduate positions _ students who are currently completing their final year and would like to begin work in the next calendar year A with B as C for D in We provide a range of services _ to meet the specific industry and market dynamics our clients face A design B to design C designing D designed Page If you need technical support for the products then, please contact the _ or service provider directly A manufacture B manufacturer C manufacturing D manufactured To receive these great prices, please call (940)723-6631 and ask _ to one of our trained Internet salesmen A speak B speaking C to speak D speaks Most of the information available from the Web site may be freely downloaded and reproduced, _ the content has not been changed or modified A provided B nevertheless C despite D however Noah Baen is a visual artist and educator _ works focus on nature and human A who B which C whose D that As vehicles have become more _, growing numbers of consumers are reluctant to make a long-term investment in a new car or truck purchase A cost B costliness C expensively D costly 10 If the interviews are done then there may not be any need to call the applicants in a second time A similarly B suddenly C properly D comfortably 11 Before you put the tickets on your credit card, ask Ms Jarmish to the dates of the conference with the regional office A refund B release C reject D reconfirm Page 12 As Independent Financial advisers we are able to offer _ clients advice on products from every financial product provider in the UK A us B our C ourselves D ours 13 In an effort to attract and clients, advertising and public relations services agencies are diversifying their services A maintaining B maintainable C maintain D maintains 14 Employment is _ to decline 12 percent over the 2006-2016 period due to the chronic depression A expecting B projected C decided D dedicated 15 Globalization has become a major factor in the electronics manufacturing industry, often _ it difficult to distinguish between domestic and foreign companies A made B make C making D being made 16 The rapid pace of innovation in electronics technology makes for a constant demand for _ and faster products A newly B new C newer D late 17 The professor has tried to make an innovative procedure for testing the sample to make his research findings _ free of errors A complete B completely C completed D completing Page 18 Mr Park is very pleased to announce that all the students are for a free listening class which starts at A permissible B eligible C accessible D available 19 Before the merchandise is _ introduced to the market, it undergoes countless reviews and safety tests all designed for quality assurance A never B ever C seldom D rarely 20 Effective managers use the Internet and read economic journals to keep about current trends in overseas trade A inform B informative C informing D informed 21 According to the latest news report, the government has decided to raise income tax rates for _ with high incomes A that B this C those D these 22 Even though the grand opening of the new Italian restaurant was _ than expected, many people were happy with the food quality it served A late B more lately C lateness D later Page 23 Most experts agree that genetically foods should be allowed on the market after health officials confirm they are safe A modify B modifying C to modify D modified 24 All applicants for the position are required to complete the _ at the front desk and submit them A form B formation C formed D forms 25 To stay with local people and gain practical experience, volunteer helpers work an average of hours per day _ food and accommodation A in exchange for B exchanging of C with exchange D exchanges 26 Inventory control and receiving have become much more since we put both areas under the control of a single department A manageable B manageably C managing D manage 27 Our office security door is scheduled to _this week so all staff members are required to return their security cards to the front desk A replace B replaced C being replaced D be replaced 28 Follow _ steps listed on the first page of the manual and your username does not have to be the same as your website address A most of B all C much D almost Page 29 Labor leaders complain that even though the cost of living has nearly doubled in the past decade, workers’ _ have only increased by 14% A wages B investments C employees D positions 30 At the upcoming board meeting, the chairwoman is expected to express at the company’s inability to improve its market share A offensiveness B approbation C assertiveness D frustration 31 Government tax officials regularly _ the books of even medium-sized businesses to make sure they are paying their fair share to the national treasury A audit B reflect C measure D maintain 32 of the people in this interview wanted to disclose their name so I could not tape the interview or take pictures for this reason A None B Anyone C Whoever D Something 33 Gretchen Curtis was _ from assistant manager to manager because she has what it takes to lead this department A referred B transferred C promoted D demoted 34 When I asked her whether the company had any plans for new investments, her was simply a knowing smile A respond B response C responding D responsive Page 35 I insist on a revision of next year’s budget by Friday It must be ready before the annual general meeting at the end of the month A could B must C may D have 36 The management has agreed not to take further action, _ you not commit any further violations of company policy A granted B therefore C provided D moreover 37 One worry is that higher tax rates will cause a slowing of the economy, which will in turn lead to a decrease, rather than an increase, in tax _ A rations B revenue C regulation D allotment 38 Customers wishing to make complaints _ask to talk to one of our customers service consultants, who will be pleased to help them A should B might C ought D had 39 The investigating committee announced that it would put _ releasing its findings for at least another week A off B upon C down D up 40 There has been a leak of confidential data to one of our biggest _ It would seem that we are the victims of corporate espionage A enemies B oppositions C rivals D opposites Page Part 6: Text Completion Directions: Read the texts on the following pages You will find a word or phrase missing in some of the sentences Below each of the sentences, four answer choices are given Select the most appropriate answer to complete the text Then mark the letter (A), (B), (C) or (D) on your answer sheet Questions 41-43 refer to the following advertisement Win a luxury skiing trip! Nuana Ski is offering one lucky Woman of the World reader and three friends the chance to stay in a chic French ski {1:SA:=C} - Nuana Ski is offering you and three of your 41 A result B resolve C resort D rest friends the opportunity to spend one week, ……{1:SA:=A}, at the five star Chalet de Tirelle 42 A all-inclusive B accommodation C with food D bedding in the French Alps The prize, worth over $3,500, includes flights, guide, ski rentals, and ski passes Prize also includes one free drink every evening in the resort bar To……………… {1:SA:=A} this competition, simply call 1-800-655-7667 Answer the question you will 43 A enter B take C part in D use Page be asked, and give your name, address, and telephone number Three runners up will win a $100 voucher to spend on ski wear at Alpine Sports Hurry! Competition closes on January 10 th Questions 44-46 refer to the following letter Dear customers, Effective May 20, all shipments by Surety, Inc to our exchange terminals by overnight 44 A handled B were handled C have handled D will be handled express This new procedure will continue through the end of August, we will revert to 45 A at which time B that C in time for D depending on our normal shipping guidelines We, not our customers, will bear this additional cost as part of our ongoing efforts to ensure customer This express shipping procedure should allow us 46 A satisfaction B satisfactory C satisfying D satisfied to process the backlog of orders generated by the increased media exposure with regard to the Midland situation If you have questions about arrival dates on your orders, continue to deal directly with your normal contacts We want you to know we truly value you as a customer Questions 47-49 refer to the following memo Page To : All Employees From : Mark Schmidt, CFO RE: Waste disposal It has come to my _ that we have been spending too much money on paper 47 A intention B attention C extension D opposition over the past year _, most of the paper in our office that we throw in the trash 48 A Therefore B Although C In fact D So as can be recycled, which will in turn save us money We can also use both sides of the paper for unimportant documents, and that means less trash Less trash means that we cut down on our waste disposal expenses We will also be buying less paper This makes so much more sense and environmentally This is why we have decided to start a paper 49 A economy B economic C economical D economically recycling program I will distribute a list of the type of paper items in our office that can be recycled If you have any used paper on the list, please dispose of it in the specially marked bins near the employee lounge Thank you for your cooperation Page 10 Page 19 69 What did Mr Reilly most like about the store? A Its appearance B Its management C Its customer service D Its product selection 70 What did Mr Reilly purchase? A Headphones B A car stereo C An mp3 player D A satellite radio 71 How did Mr Reilly feel before making his purchase? A Reluctant B Confident C Satisfied D Disagreeable 72 Who is John H.? A A store manager B Mr Reilly’s friend C A staff in audio dept D A customer service representative Questions 73-74 refer to the following advertisement NEW CineMatic ST Series IV digital home theatre system Experience movies the way they were meant to be heard Immerse yourself in high-quality sound with the easiest home theater solution from Techright Sound can bring everything you watch on TV to life with vivid detail slamming Page 20 doors, screeching tires, blaring sirens, ringing church bells But probably not if you’re listening through the speakers built into your TV That’s why Techright developed the NEW CineMatic ST Series IV digital home theater experience with your favourite shows, movies, and sporting events Want to hear what you’ve been missing? Experience the new CineMatic ST Series IV system in your own home risk-free for 30 days, absolutely free, and bring out the full audio potential of your HDTV You can use your own major credit card to make 12 easy payments, with no interest charges from Techright Free shipping with your order To order or learn more: 1-800-555-2323 Techright Better sound through innovation 73 What is being offered? A A 20-percent discount B Reduced shipping cost C A free 30-day trial D A new credit card 74 How can customers order? A By selling in a coupon B By making a phone call C By e-mailing the company D By going to a store Page 21 Questions 75-78 refer to the following articles Page 22 75 What’s the main point of this article? A To spend more time in the sun B To talk to your doctor more often C To spend less time in the sun D To teach preventive measure against getting skin cancer 76 Why was this article written? A To promote public health and safety B To promote a brand of children’s products C To encourage outdoor activities D To encourage people to spend time with their children 77 When is the best time for children to play outside? A Before they are six months old B After they are 19 years old C Before 10 a.m and after p.m D Between 10 a.m and after p.m 78 Which of the following statements is NOT true? A Getting sunburned once or twice has no lasting effects B Babies and young children should wear a sunscreen with a high level of protection C Kids should wear hats and long-sleeves if they play outdoors Page 23 D All children can get sunburned, regardless of skin color Questions 79-83 refer to the following fax FAX TRANSMISSION Kleanit Bravo Murillo, 320 Portal 4-20428020 Madrid Spain Dear fellow computer users, A word of advice: It’s time to clean out your computer If you’re like me, you don’t remove documents that are no longer necessary You never know when you may need a life so you don’t throw it away, right? E-mail messages pile up too creating a huge warehouse of obscure file names I found that a simple software package called Kleanit gets rid of everything I don’t need and keeps the things I I was so impressed with this package that I decided to share it with others No longer those bothersome extra messages and computer files waste processing time and cause my computer to perform inefficiently Kleanit makes sure that the only files in my computer are files that relate to my current projects or routine tasks Why don’t you try it? I’ll send you a trial copy and if you aren’t satisfied, you can send it back If you are as impressed as I am, and you will be, send your check for $32.50 at your earliest convenience Have a nice day Robert Horstma CEO 79 According to the fax, what prompted Mr Horstma to sell Kleanit? Page 24 A B C D His e-mail responses His poor computer skills His need for money His satisfaction with the product 80 What suggestion is made in his fax? A To buy new computer B To send less mail C To print out document D To purchase new software 81 According to the fax, what effect does clutter have on a computer? A It operates slowly B It runs out of space C It stops working D It erases files 82 Which documents does the software leave in your computer? A Duplicate files B Current and routine files C Files from last year D Files other have sent you Questions 83-87 refer to the following emails From: Mark Connors [] To: Alana Dorrian [] Subject: Company expenses Alana, I would like you to research ways to reduce our expenses The real estate market is not doing well now Also, we expect high utility bills later this year So, we need to spend less money Please investigate these ideas and submit a report to me within one week Thank you Rent: Can we get a better price from our landlord? We can sign a lease for a longer time period and ask for a cheaper rate Ask him for a 10% reduction if we sign the lease for three years Space: Do we need all five rooms? Can we rent one to another company? Utility bills: Should we add extra insulation? If it will save us at least $500 a year, I think it would be worth it Also, our office temperature is 70 degrees Can we lower it and still be comfortable? Other ideas: Can you think of another way to save money? From: Alana Dorrian [] To: Mark Connors [] Subject: Re: Company expenses Page 25 Here are my findings about how to reduce our office overhead I talked to Mr Stanley The amount of reduction is too high for him However, he is willing to reduce the rent by half of what you request We don’t need all of our rooms Stavros and Kama have different schedules and can share a room, so we can rent one to another company The mailing company next door is interested in renting the space I called the utility company They say that by adding extra insulation we will save twice the amount that you wanted to save They also said that it will make a difference if we set the thermostat two degrees lower Finally, to reduce our electric bills, we should encourage all staff to turn off their computers and office lights at the end of the day 83 What is the landlord’s name? A Mr Connors B Mr Stanley C Mr Stavros D Mr Kamal 84 How many rooms will Mark’s company continue to use for its own business? A One B Two C Four D Five 85 How much money will the extra insulation save the company? A $250 B $500 C $1,000 D $2,000 86 What temperature does the utility company recommend for the office? A.66 degrees B 68 degrees C 70 degrees D 72 degrees 87 What cost-saving idea does Alana suggest? A Turning off lights and computers B Giving everyone a different schedule C Calling the utility company D Renting out a room Questions 88-92 refer to the following memo and email MEMO RAND UM Page 26 Liberty Legal Services 302 Pine Street, Suite 2300 Los Angeles, CA 80214 Dear Colleagues, I am writing to introduce the newest member on our staff Andrea Langley comes to us straight out of Hanfard Law School, where she graduated at the top of her class As is typical of our new lawyers, she will spend her first six months here working with various people in the office This month Andrea will be working with Karen Jackson in our real estate division Next month she will work with Larry Dean in licensing That is as far as we have her schedule planned If any of you have some time to spend with Andrea and have some interesting projects coming up, please let me know and we may be able to arrange for her to work with you Please keep in mind that we not want an intelligent and eager young lawyer like Andrea doing busy work Her mind is much more useful to us than that Please take a moment to stop by Andrea’s desk and introduce yourselves And congratulate her for passing her exam Thanks, Scott Scott Hartman Senior Partner To: Scott Hartman From: Nancy Strong Date: July 1, 2005 10:45:19 a.m Subject: Andrea Langley Page 27 Scott, I got your memo about Andrea Langley I’m starting to work on an interesting and difficult case that I think would be a good learning experience for her; I could use the help while she’s making her rounds The case I want her for is a mergers and acquisitions case It’s for a merger between two high-powered technology companies Due to their backgrounds, it will require a fair amount of paperwork There will also be a lot of research required, and I think it would give her a real taste of what most work in mergers and acquisitions is like If it’s okay with you, would you please run it by Andrea? We’d really love her down in this office for a few weeks Thanks, Nancy Strong Page 28 88 What is learned about Andrea Langley? A She is Nancy Strong’s niece B She’s recently graduated from school C She worked as a legal secretary for several years D She signed a one-year contract to work with Liberty 89 What will Andrea Langley during her first six months at Liberty? A Work with several lawyers B Concentrate on a single case C Learn about California’s laws D Specialize in one area of law 90 What does Scott Hartman NOT ask people to do? A Introduce themselves to Andrea Langley B Andrea Langley to observe them in court C Suggest projects for Andrea Langley to work on D Congratulate Andrea Langley for her accomplishment 91 In which area of law does Nancy Strong work? A Adoption B Licensing C Real estate D Corporate mergers 92 What does Nancy Strong say about the case she is working on? A It is likely to be resolved out of court B It will involve a great deal of research C It is receiving publicity in the newspapers D It requires a person with strong computer skills Page 29 Questions 93-96 refer to the following article How to deal with pollen Although the spring brings joy of chirping birds and beauty of colorful flowers, it also brings the misery of allergies, mainly associated with pollen For some, pollen simply triggers occasional sneezing, yet for others, it is an unbearable agony of constant sneezing and itching of every body part Medicines may bring relief to some symptoms, but there are other measures that should be taken to help relieve the problems pollen brings * Remove clothes before entering the bedroom Countless hours of sleep are lost from itching and sneezing due to pollen Although you may have closed all your windows, pollen can still enter your house through your hair and clothing It is recommended to wash your hair every night and remove all outer clothing before entering your bedroom to ensure a better night of sleep * Open windows at particular time of day Depending on where you live in the world and what you are allergic to, it might be best to open your window only at particular times of the day For example, ragweed releases its pollen in the morning, so people who are allergic to this weed should avoid opening their windows at this time * Keep windows covered If you not have screens on your windows, put sheer curtains over them whether they are open or not Curtains will help catch pollen that enters the house through open windows and cracks and crevices High allergy sufferers should wash curtains weekly to clear away the pollen * Wear mask when doing yard work Since not everybody can afford to hire landscapers during pollen season, it is essential to wear a mask while outside doing yard work Those who are highly allergic to grass should wear a mask, earplugs, and cover their nose and mouth with a scarf or bandana You may get hot or look unusual, but you will feel much better if you block pollen from entering your body Page 30 93 According to the article, what causes spring allergies? A Dust B Mold C Pollen D Animals 94 What should be done before sleeping? A Hair should be washed B Windows should be opened C Clothing should be washed D Medicine should be taken 95 What is stated about windows? A They should always be closed B They should always be covered C They should be washed weekly D They should be opened in the morning 96 When should a mask be worn? A While cleaning dust B While sleeping at night C While doing outside yard work D While riding public transportation Questions 97-100 refer to the following email and brochure Street Maintenance, McFarlen, MN To report problems with street maintenance please call the public works department at 341-472-3680 during our normal office hours: 7:00 a.m - 4:00 p.m After hours, please leave a message on the Public Works Hotline at 341-472-3600, or e-mail the public works department at In case of an emergency, please contact the McFarlen Police Department at 341-472-3000 If you notice any of the following, please report the problem: * Potholes, street asphalt, guardrails, or reflective markers on City-maintained streets Page 31 need to be repaired or replaced This excludes areas where road maintenance is in progress * Street traffic signs need to be repaired or replaced * Pavement marking needs repair (e.g., yellow lines between lanes) * Parking meters are knocked down or not working * Streets are flooded due to storms * Spill response is needed * Graffiti is found To: From: Becky Price Date: January 23, 20— Subject: Stop sign down -To Whom It May Concern: I am writing to let you know that there is a stop sign down, at the corner of Cherry Street and Tenth Avenue It must have fallen down during the storm last night I'm concerned because this is a residential area that borders the high school property The corner gets a lot of traffic, especially when school is in session, and I believe it could be dangerous without a stop sign Normally, Cherry and Tenth is a four-way-stop intersection As you can no doubt imagine, without the stop sign, the possibility for accidents is high If you would like to contact me, please feel free to so: 742-488-3126 Page 32 Thanks, Becky Price 97 Which number should be called to report a nonemergency situation outside of normal work hours? A 341-472-3000 B 341-472-3600 C 341-472-3680 D 742-488-3126 98 According to Becky Price, what happened the previous night? A There was a storm B A meeting was held C There was a car accident D A road maintenance crew arrived 99 What does Becky Price report? A A pothole B A flooded street C A fallen stop sign D A damaged guardrail 100 What is learned about the corner of Cherry Street and Tenth Avenue? A It is near a high school B It floods often due to storms C It does not have reflective markers D It has been the scene of several accidents THE END Page 33 ... C maintain D maintains 14 Employment is _ to decline 12 percent over the 2006-2 016 period due to the chronic depression A expecting B projected C decided D dedicated 15 Globalization has become... bicycle? A $10 B $15 C $25 D $30 Questions 59-62 refer to the following form Howard’s Mail Order Business Supply Company Item # 715 900 Description Paper clips Photocopier paper Quantity 10 0 boxes... ensure 51 A previous B following C foregoing D prior that everyone will have the supplies that they need available when they need them Thank you for your 52.A consolation Page 11 B condemnation
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