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3 TRADITIONAL VALUES IN VIETNAM Vietnam is a relatively small country located in Southeast Asia, with a temperate climate With thousands of years of building the country and struggling to preserve the independence of the nation, the Vietnamese people have crystallized the extremely proud virtues and contributed to the national beauty These Vietnamese’s traditional values that may include solidarity, kindness and altruism, hard-working, resilience against the difficulties and challenges, so on The first Vietnamese’s traditional belief is solidarity Solidarity is the cooperation in common efforts to link into a unified block of both action and thought to implement a general purpose, benefit for the development of the collective This value is a fine tradition of the people, expressed through the mutual help, assistance with specific actions, especially when experiencing tribulation, troubles The solidary value is a collection of people into a united, closely linked together, inseparable displaced, teamwork and consensus and support work together to solve The combination would create tremendous power to help us overcome all difficulties and physical barriers as well as the spirit, brings good results for life Uniting together does not mean that people necessarily comprehensive choice and emphasize that each individual will be difficult to succeed without the combination, so the solidarity brought us closer together to help each other easily Therefore, the sustainability of solidarity also plays an important role in collective society Moreover, Vietnames’s solidarity is strength tremendous Our strength is a combination of talent, the elite, the wisdom of each individual to resolve things quickly Whether by a talented individual to where the purpose can not be achieved without the help of many people The Vietnamese solidarity which we have formed and developed through thousands of years of foreign invasion against aggressors and building of ethnic cultures Times turn back the heroic history of the page, the more we understand the solidarity of our nation's proud Thanks to the people we wholeheartedly supported, together forces drove the southern Han forces should revolt of the Trưng glorious victory And then to the Ngo's illustrious victory on the Bach Dang River, Hung Dao Vuong Tran Quoc Tuan's three times beat army stated high spirit to fight the enemy of his father Previously people were resilient to unite together against the feudal Northern aggressors a thousand years, also with the people's spirit of solidarity we have won in the battle of Dien Bien Phu dread with nearly hundred years ' development of resistance Gold History page not yet closed, then another war more fiercely than the tough challenge as the solidarity of our nationresistance against the United States At this stage, all three regions of the country, young, old, daughter, son together to contribute overall coordination role Each person a task, each a plate regarded as a brother, unity, clasped hands, life and death together with determination to kill the enemy to liberate the country The country joined the resistance With spiritual solidarity together, that the great Ho Chi Minh campaign ended a constant extremely glorious victory, unification The spirit of solidarity of the peoples of Vietnam are manifested in every aspect of life When the country has foreign aggressors invaded, the entire nation to unite, please save the country against aggressors, defend the independence and sovereignty of peoples They did not hesitate to hardship, sacrifice, determination against aggressors Through thousands of years of history, the spirit he has constantly turned the noble qualities of our nation When the land of peace, the spirit of solidarity embodied in the General construction hand action, overcoming the difficulties of the country after the war, step by step to restore the economy, build good cultural life , social prosperity, happiness Our solidarity is also expressed in the peaceful lifestyle, respect gratitude assistance, help each other to rise above adversity Despite many difficult song of ethnic solidarity always affirmed the power of it In the context of today, our solidary spirit was again strong assertions On the political front, people throughout the country unanimously against any sabotage attempt of hostile forces, not abet any action contrary to the policy of the Party and the government is determined to protect border diamond, sea and islands On the economic front, cooperation jointly build a strong economy, stable production, increase exports Actions contributing to support and help the central provinces overcome floods and the lives of fishermen after catastrophic pollution of the marine environment in Ha Tinh, the farmers solve agricultural product consumption, converting production process, improve the efficiency of labor gradually bring our country forward with powers comparable to the five continents The conclusion, each people Vietnam have a strong solidarity deeply inside and promote the spirit of solidarity in the community, social, collective, building block of greater solidarity towards the same strong common interests mobilize collective spirits Everyone must unite when all along looked about a driven, know the latest common highest only when people know interest, mutual sympathy Each person is a cell of society, are the relationships, sticking closely to each other Therefore, solidarity is the golden key to lead to any success Secondly, diligence is a virtue incredibly beautiful snipe of Vietnamese for thounsands of years Diligence is the hard working patiently on a regular basis A diligent person will always try to make things complete despite difficulties and knowing how much time consuming They bear the hard, diligent, learn a problem until understood it Persistence, patience also plays an important role not least talented or smart Not in this life, who's also smart, rather some people get charged diligently Those who know use their hardworking will be able to compensate for his intelligence that can still superior to how other people Not smart does not mean useless because of the fact, thinking ability is not natural that Yes, that is right through a training process Demonstrates the most proud of virtue is diligent through two resistance wars against France and the United States of America To be able to achieve the victory, under the leadership of the party and the people, Uncle HO us have driven bandits Nile water That's thanks to the hardworking, good trade, good heart together to overcome difficulties During many years, extreme, but bee father spikes lie secret tasting we still bear hard together pass all It's the pride and worth learning for the young generation of hardworking virtues Diligence is like we're sharpening a stick of iron into a needle, is the process of striving and assert themselves in the effort By winning myself is victory for all the people Who always appears on others, not hard, lazy, not try to work it for retrieving the regrets later on But then it was too late for remorse Therefore, each person immediately while still being aware of the need to learning, exercising virtues diligently to help myself improve and contribute to the construction of rich country more powerful In conclusion, diligence diligence is a virtue of man It is not only a factor leading to success but also a high virtues in life Thanks to it, that people have a motivation to strive to pursue their dreams, the ambitions of myself Work out to be virtues There will not be any obstacle would not be you The third belief which is symbolized for Vietnamese historical beauty is patriotism Our country has gone through many new difficulties in order to get peace and independence today It is thanks to the dedicated efforts as well as the solidarity and profound patriotism of each generation To this day, patriotism has always been the spiritual emotion should be respected and further developed Patriotism is love for the motherland, the country; relentless efforts to build and develop the country richer and stronger Patriotism is a noble sentiment, the sanctity of each person for the homeland It is love with the mountains and rivers, love the motherland, love the people living in the land of Vietnam That simple affection, closeness and located in the daily life of every person Expression of patriotism is not things far too special, it is located right in the consciousness and action of every person During the war, patriotism is standing up, holding the gun battle fighting with enemies All difficulties, hardships are not hesitate, stormed to the front independence freedom for the people Patriotism at that strong and fierce That is the spirit of solidarity, help, solidarity, together against enemies Patriotism at that is trying, trying day and night to keep the independence of the country Vicious enemy but will to fight of the people as to the determination Love the water fiery and earnest that the weapon to win the enemy In peacetime, the patriotism demonstrated in the we build socialism, bring life to the people and the filled firmly for the country The love that we are for the peaceful, forgotten village the river poured heavy alluvial, Princess Bride cane for parking Hey writer ren bua said "love, love, love neighbor villages are home to form the patriotic" The seemingly idyllic as love as such but form a great and sublime love Patriotism is invaluable tradition of our nation from thousand of life today Throughout the history of the nation, from the time of the Hung Kings building, time, Ms Zhao, Tran Hung Dao, Le Loi, Quang Trung to the resistance against the French, the American Empire, his father had to cope with the know how of invasion plot enemies from the North as well as the West By passionate patriotism people have solidarity unity constitutes the great strength of victory all the invading enemies independence, sovereignty, unity and territorial integrity of Vietnam for me as of today Can see, "patriotism" it has engrained in thought, consciousness, become a feature of each of the people of Vietnam To sum up, each of Vietnam's people, especially the young generation we also ponder his understanding and to determine what is right and what is wrong and equip yourself with a "vaccine" that resistance is correct perception about "patriotism the main leg " Once you have the proper mindset, then each individual make up to judge you comment wrong propaganda tone of water sold, so there is no more a young would again be lost the way, selling yourself cheap honor and money And above all we must turn this precious tradition into actions, specific jobs to promote fine traditions which, together build the country Vietnam is increasingly rich in strong, smashed all our revolutionary insurgents plot of the hostile forces the enemy ... learning for the young generation of hardworking virtues Diligence is like we're sharpening a stick of iron into a needle, is the process of striving and assert themselves in the effort By winning... strength of victory all the invading enemies independence, sovereignty, unity and territorial integrity of Vietnam for me as of today Can see, "patriotism" it has engrained in thought, consciousness,... patriotism is not things far too special, it is located right in the consciousness and action of every person During the war, patriotism is standing up, holding the gun battle fighting with enemies
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