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... Coburn, John W College algebra : graphs and models / John W Coburn, J.D Herdlick p cm Includes index ISBN 978–0–07–351954–8 — ISBN 0–07–351954–5 (hard copy : alk paper) Algebra Textbooks Algebra Graphic... students to College Algebra and connect instructors to their students The Coburn/Herdlick College Algebra Series provides you with strong tools to achieve better outcomes in your College Algebra. .. Miami-Dade College Kimberly Graham J.D Herdlick, St Louis Community College, Meramec Jeremy Coffelt Blinn College Nancy Ikeda Fullerton College Vickie Flanders, Baton Rouge Community College Nic
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Xem thêm: College algebra graphs models , College algebra graphs models , B. Translating Written or Verbal Information into a Mathematical Model, D. Properties of Real Numbers, A. The Properties of Exponents, E. The Product of Two Polynomials, A. Solving Linear Equations Using Properties of Equality, F. Solving Applications of Basic Geometry, B. Common Binomial Factors and Factoring by Grouping, D. Factoring Special Forms and Quadratic Forms, E. Polynomial Equations and the Zero Product Property, C. Addition and Subtraction of Rational Expressions, F. Equations and Formulas Involving Radicals, B. The Graph of a Relation, D. The Equation and Graph of a Circle, B. The Slope of a Line and Rates of Change, E. Applications of Linear Equations, 3 Functions, Function Notation, and the Graph of a Function, B. The Domain and Range of a Function, D. Reading and Interpreting Information Given Graphically, B. Slope-Intercept Form and the Graph of a Line, D. Applications of Linear Equations, E. Using a Problem-Solving Guide, E. Linear Regression and the Line of Best Fit, E. Locating Maximum and Minimum Values Using Technology, E. Transformations of a General Function, A. Solving Absolute Value Equations, E. Applications Involving Absolute Value, A. Rational Functions and Asymptotes, C. Graphs of Basic Power Functions, D. Applications of Rational and Power Functions, A. The Domain of a Piecewise-Defined Function, C. Applications of Piecewise-Defined Functions, A. Toolbox Functions and Direct Variation, C. Joint or Combined Variations, C. Multiplying Complex Numbers; Powers of i, D. Division of Complex Numbers, A. Zeroes of Quadratic Functions and x-Intercepts of Quadratic Graphs, D. The Quadratic Formula and the Discriminant, F. Applications of Quadratic Functions and Inequalities, D. Quadratic Functions and Extreme Values, 4 Quadratic Models; More on Rates of Change, C. The Average Rate of Change Formula, D. Applications of the Algebra of Functions, A. The Composition of Functions, C. Average Rates of Change and the Difference Quotient, D. Applications of Composition and the Difference Quotient, A. Long Division and Synthetic Division, A. The Fundamental Theorem of Algebra, C. The Rational Zeroes Theorem, D. Descartes’ Rule of Signs and Upper/Lower Bounds, E. Applications of Polynomial Functions, B. The End-Behavior of a Polynomial Graph, C. Attributes of Polynomial Graphs with Zeroes of Multiplicity, E. Applications of Polynomials and Polynomial Modeling, B. Vertical Asymptotes and Multiplicities, D. The Graph of a Rational Function, E. Applications of Rational Functions, B. Rational Functions with Oblique or Nonlinear Asymptotes, C. Applications of Rational Functions, C. Finding Inverse Functions Using an Algebraic Method, E. Applications of Inverse Functions, D. Solving Exponential Equations Using the Uniqueness Property, D. Finding the Domain of a Logarithmic Function, A. Solving Equations Using the Fundamental Properties of Logarithms, B. The Product, Quotient, and Power Properties of Logarithms, D. Solving Applications of Logarithms, A. Solving Logarithmic and Exponential Equations, B. Applications of Logistic, Exponential, and Logarithmic Functions, A. Simple and Compound Interest, C. Applications Involving Annuities and Amortization, D. Applications Involving Exponential Growth and Decay, C. Logistic Equations and Regression Models, E. Inconsistent and Dependent Systems, C. Solving Systems of Three Equations in Three Variables Using Elimination, D. Inconsistent and Dependent Systems, E. Applications of Nonlinear Systems, A. Linear Inequalities in Two Variables, C. Applications of Systems of Linear Inequalities, C. Solving a System Using Matrices, F. Solving Applications Using Matrices, B. Addition and Subtraction of Matrices, D. Determinants and Singular Matrices, A. Solving Systems Using Determinants and Cramer’s Rule, B. Rational Expressions and Partial Fractions, C. Determinants, Geometry, and the Coordinate Plane, B. Using Matrices to Encrypt Messages, C. Characteristics of the Conic Sections, B. The Equation of an Ellipse, C. The Foci of an Ellipse, A. The Equation of a Hyperbola, C. The Foci of a Hyperbola, B. The Focus-Directrix Form of the Equation of a Parabola, D. Application of the Analytic Parabola, C. Series and Partial Sums, B. Finding the n th Term of an Arithmetic Sequence, C. Finding the n th Partial Sum of an Arithmetic Sequence, B. Find the nth Term of a Geometric Sequence, E. Applications Involving Geometric Sequences and Series, B. Mathematical Induction Applied to Sums, C. The General Principle of Mathematical Induction, B. Fundamental Principle of Counting, E. Probability and Nonexclusive Events, B. Binomial Coefficients and Factorials, D. Finding a Specific Term of the Binomial Expansion

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