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... 250:Users:Danny:Desktop:Operation manuals: line pumps:All SP Rock Valve models:Frame Operation Manual - All SP Rock Valve Models 23 Home TOC Print Overview Concrete pump hydraulic pumps Concrete Pump Circuit The hydraulic pumps... while you are near the concrete pump so that you can identify the components that are discussed The Schwing trailer-mounted concrete pump is mounted on a trailer chassis The pump is hydraulically... psi) CONCRETE PUMP KIT Strokes/minute (max.) Max Output Power Power (Current Electric Motor) Power (hyd pumps) Output (hyd pumps) Req’d Speed (hyd pumps) Pressure (max hyd.) Theoretical Concrete
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Xem thêm: SCHWING CONCRETE PUMP MANUALS, SCHWING CONCRETE PUMP MANUALS, WARNING! If working the machine requires that it be operated, and you are not qualified as an operator, you must get someone who is qualified to assist you., Move the Rock Valve to the left and right end position once a week after thorough cleaning, and check the condition of both the Cutting Ring and the Housing Lining., Remove the four, 20 mm bolts from the outlect delivery pipe., Loosen the bolt that holds the slew lever on the Rock shaft, but do not remove

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