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G@EItrD E^ litsf eoset* E-Ass€ssments on Ardloid & iPad Intensive and challenging exercises on Vocabulary Crammar Comprehension Composition Modelanswers provided M RANI Cert Ed pa Educational Publishing House Y @ha0 fte ltd omg HSH ,,4 OO Name: q$\$AF/ @ Educational Publishing House Pte Ltd ALL RICHTS RESERVED No part of this book may be reproduced or transmitted in any form or by any means, electronic or mechanical, including photocopying, or by any information storage and retrieval system, without permission in writing from the Publisher Published Reprinted First Edition Reprinted Revised 2OO7 2007 (twice),2008 (thrice), 2009 (t!vice), 2010 (four times), 201I (twice), 2012 (twice), 2012 2013 (thrice),2014 (twice), 20t5 DI N ĐÀN H C TI NG ANH - Admin: TR N M NH TRUNG TÀI LI U LUY N IELTS - Admin: TR N M NH TRUNG ISBN 978=981-4403-08-5 Fublished and distributed by: Educational Publishing House a member of Popular Holdings Limited (uEN 199607189N) 20 Old Toh Tuck Road Singapore 597655 Tel: fl62 9608 Website: Printed in Singapore fte Ltd ?PEFACE Chollenging English 4-in-1 written for pupils to proctise ond improve on their longuoge skills Eoch unit consists of chollenging is speciollg exercises on vocobu lorU g rommo comprehension ond composition Pupils will benefit from the vocobulorg ond grommor items which will improve ond increose their proficiencg in the longuoge The comprehension possoges will enhonce pupils, reoding skills Model compositions ore provided os guidelines to develop ond improve pupils, writing skills Answers to oll the exercises ore oo provided Pupils will find this series extremelg usefulwhen preporing for their exominotions school Unit I Unir Unit 14 27 40 Unir 53 66 Unir Unit Unir Unir I O Unir I I 79 92 105 118 131 unir l2 unif l3 144 l4 't70 unir | 183 Unir | unir | Un:r l8 Unir l9 Unir 20 Answers 196 Unir 157 209 222 248 271 I I I i VOCABULAPY Exercise Choose the correct onswer and brockets provided write its number in the The villogers get woter from the (1) (2) (3) (4) The toddler is in o (1) cot (2) bunk (3) prom (4) well pool spring fountoin crod le Horrg occidentollg woter on the toble (1) spilt (2) (3) (4) O Edlcationa! Publisl''ing House Pte Ltd f lowed sproged dropped some mon gove up his seot the old lodg The to (1) (2) (3) (4) gentle elegont" peoceful considerote There is o/on from the dustbin comrng (1) scent (2) oromo (3) stench (4) frogronce ' It is good to (1) dig (2) rinse (3) floss (4) brush The lonelg old lodg keeps the dog os her olls visitor (1) (2) (3) (4) gour mouth ofter eoting intruder componion We must not (1) burg (2) (3) (4) throw sweep pollute the beoch with rubbish 10 Crobs hove five poirs (1) (2) joints (3) sheets (4) groups The seo wos veru (1) (2) (3) (4) of legs due to the storm horsh shorp coorse choppg Exercise Underline the correct crnswers The othlete dronk o bottle of woter to (quench, mend) his thirst Reoding books obout odventure (postime, occupotion) The pride enclosure is mg fovourite of lions is (lozing, dozing) obout in the Aidon is (erosing, meosuring) the sides of the rectongle with o ruler Could gou (usher, occompong) me to see the doctor? Exercise Fitt in the blanks with the correct words from the box lJse eoch word onlg once reloted feeds eues coll oceon The octopus is o stronge-looking seo creoture It hos o round bodg with big (1) This floor It eight-legged creoture lives on the (2) is to squids ond cuttlefish (3) Some people (4) 'devil fish' The octoPus (5) the octopus the on crobs, snoils ond fish To escope from its enemies like seols ond wholes, the octopus will eject o cloud of dork ink to offect their field of vision GPAMMAP Exercise { Choose the correct onswer and write its number in the brockets provided The children listened interesting storg (1) (3) in on ottentivelg (2) (4) ot to The princess shouted (1) (3) ot for (1) (3) ot to Ann dressed stglishlg (1) (3) in for () someone to rescue her with from (2) (4) (2) (4) (2) (4) () the outumn The sporrows chirped merrilg breeze the in on the portg on with () I looked the stronger who wos peeping into mg neighbour's window (1) ot (3) ocross (2) (4) in from The pedestrion scolded the motorist recklesslg (1) (3) to behind (2) (4) ot for driving @( sEcltoN c COMPFE'IEN'ION Exercise (4) s (2) (2) AVOCABULARY (3) 'ECI|ON Exercise (1) Exercise she wos too excited os she wos thinking obout Holloween She decided to look ot the costume her Exercise mother hod sewn for her She She did not wont onuone to heor her felt veru hoppg She wos conf ident she wos going to win the costume contest SECTfON D COM?OilII'ON hod grown too big for its contoiner It did not hove enough spoce discussing with his to move oround After fothel his terrooin ot the he decided to releose turtle form The next dog Terrg's fother drove them to the turtle foim Terru '| ploits pouted erronds ronsom lower Exercise Terrg hod o problem His pet terropin felt verg sod os he looked ot his terropin on his lop At the turtle form, Terrg sow monu terropins in o big pond There wos more thon enough spoce for his terropin With o heovu heort, he ploced his terropin in the pond Terrg's terropin swom hoppilg in the pond As Terrg (3) (3) s (1) (1) s (1) wotched it through the underground viewing displog window, he felt hoppg thot his terropin wos hoppu in its new home sheep groze listen well wolves (2) 10 (2) (1) (1) (1) SEClroN g GPAMMAQ Exercise Exercise 1 The crone's beok mode it difficult for it to eot from the shollow dish (1) (1) (3) (2) s (4) (3) grociouslg ond thonked the vixen e (2) (4) hospitolitU (1) 10 (1) 11 (3) 'lz (2) 13 (3) 14 (3) 1s (3) The crone occepted the vixen's opologu for its The crone wonted to teoch the vixen o tesson It wos tricked bU the crone It knew it wos onlu getting o toste of its own medicine Exercise D must sholl should COM?O'IT|/ON 'ECTION Suson's pet puppu wos sick It refused to eot onuthing ond just log in its bosket Suson wos worried becouse her puppg did not hove :, _ ) mrgnr onu oppetite Suson ond her mother decided to bring Exercise the puppu to the vet Theg ploced the puppu turn in the corrier ond brought it to the neorbg turned clinic turns At the clinic, the vet exomined the puppg turning corefullg He checked the puppu's eors ond to turn stomoch He then prescribed some medicine to the puppu He told Suson not to worru ond SECttoN c COMTFE'IENSION Exercise The next dog, Suson sow her'puppg running oround hoppilg Suson ond her mother (4) (3) (2) thot her puppu would recover soon (1) were glod thot her puppg wos better @( g 'ECT'ON1 Exercise SECTION AVOCA9ULAPy Exercise (2) s e (2) I (2) (4) 10 (3) GEAMMAP (4) (4) (3) (3) (4) l (3) (4) s (3) e (3) (4) (1) 10 (4) 11 (4) 12 (1) 13 (2) 14 (1) (1) (2) (r) 15 (1) Exercise geor misbehoviour encountered creotive pleosont Exercise knocks loiter keeps idles oppeor Exercise 3 guord originoted electronic Exercise rogged help mqrch Morching morched morches to morch SECT'ON Exercise (1) (2) (3) C COM?qEHEN'/ON (4) (4) Most plqnts ond onimols ore not oble to @( withstond extreme temperotures in the SECrroN AVOCAaULAPY desert Exercise Exercise 2 Theg ore sure-footed ond thus suited to wolk on the sond Theg drink o lorge omount of woter ot one go ond store it for o long period of time It uses its The leoves help to prevent the coctus hot climote (1) 10 (4) (4) (1) (4) croftg tedious leopt duet obruptlU D COM?O'IT'ON one dog o huge pgthon slithered into Mr Brown's form It wos ottrocted bg the smell of s (3) (3) (4) Exe'rcise plont from losing too much woter in the SECT|OI (3) (1) thorn-like spikes to protect itself from predotors I som.e chickens for it wos hungru After cotching ond eoting o chicken, the Exercise curious scientist developed pgthon felt veru full It found it difficult to inventions move ond promptlg fell osleep in Mr Brown's viewing goroen Chergl; Mr Brown's doughter, wos shocked when she wolked to the gorden Seeing the sleeping pgthon, she immediotelU ron to osk SECltoN g GPAMMAE Exercise 1 (1) (1) Mr Brown ond his worker orrived with o s (3) o fJ, lorge sock After o lot of effort, theu monoged e (4\ (1) (1) 10 (3) 11 13 15 (3) 12 (3) (3) 14 (4) her fother for help to copture the puthon Cherul wos relieved thot theu were sofe (2) (2) (4) Exelcise 2 SECT|ON constontlg D COM?OSLiON The pupils of Sunflower Primorg School eventuollg were going on o leorning journeg to o recentlU occosionollg the ottendonce, the pupils boorded the bus thot would toke them to their destinotion chocolote foctorg After the teocher hod token never Before long, the excited pupils reoched Exercise the chocolote foctorg The monoger of the lough foctorg welcomed them ond brought them on loughs o tour of the foctoru loughing The pupils were omozed bg the huge loughed mochines Theg sow how the workers mode to lough different kinds of chocolote As theg wolked, theu could smell the delicious scent of 5ECTION Exercise When it wos time to leove, the pupils were r (4) (2) s chocolote in the oir C COM?PEHENSION (3) eoch presented with o pocket of chocolotes os (2) o souvenir The pupils enjoued the leorning journeg verg much (3) uq( Exercise 'L He wos feeling bored He noticed thot most of the mongoes hod ripened ond were reodg to be plucked He wonted to pluck o mongo but wos unoble to reoch it As he stood on the stool to reoch for the mongo, he lost his bolonce ond fell to the ground He wos relieved thot his porents were bock ond could help him SECI'jON Exercise (4) s e (3) A VOCASULAPI (1) (3) (2) 10 (4) (2) (2) (2) (4) Exercise Exercise 'L solving drought surrendered bonned noturol to Exercise score Scoring score score scored SgCTION femole Exercise colourful twice die net (2) (z) C COMTPEHEN'IION (3) (z') (4) Exercise g GPAMMAP 'ECI|ON Exercise (2) (2) (1) 10 (1) (1) 12 (2) (2) 14 (3) (4) 11 13 15 (3) (3) (2) Exercise l ore is om is ore thedotson the poge e Theg use their fingers to feel (3) She found it difficult to cope with being deof ond blind (4) (3) She wos sick Theg did not know whot theu could to help their doughter she tought Helen how o friend to her to reod ond wos SECTfON D Exercise COM?OS|IiON One night, o burglor with o mosk over his foce broke into o house He climbed in through on open window It oppeored thot no one wos home The burglor went to the bedrooms ond seorched the drowers He took mong pieces sergeont priceless to music tooth Exercise l bog As the burglor wos obout holster of expensive jewellerg ond threw them into his leove, he sow some delicious food on the kitchen toble He felt hungru ond ote the food on the toble After eoting, he soon fell osleep ot the kitchen snocks bug fresh chonged vegetobles toble When the owner ofthe he wos shocked to see the burolor sound osleep He immediotelg colled the pilice when the burglor owoke, he found some police officers surrounding him He wos orrested ond brought to ihe police stotion @( iFfircN Exercise (3) (2) (4) (1) e (4) g house come home, AVOCA9ULAPr 'ECTION Exercise 1 (3) (1) (3) (1) s (3) (4) (4) (2) e 1 r3 (3) 10 (2) (3) 12 (4) (2) 14 (3) 15 (3) (1) (2) (3) (4) 10 (3) GQAMMAP Exercise tinu slow kinder worst greoter Exercise SECTfON ironing irons to iron will iron ironed D COM?oS'TiON Rezol's grondfother loved moking kites one dog he mode o beoutiful kite for Rezol It wos in the shope of o butterflg Rezol decided to bring his kite to pork As it wos o windg dou he monoged to flg his kite high in the SEC| rov c Exercise skg However, his kite got cought in o tree He pulled the string but co M? cEH Er{StoN it wos stuck 1 (2) (4) s the (4) , Rezol decided to climb the tree to get his (4) kite It wos difficult os the tree wos veru toll As he wos obout (2) to reoch his kite, he lost his grip ond fell to the ground Rezol IoU on the ground ond mooned in Exercise '1 TheU were toking o stroll olong the beoch He wonted to cleon her wound The old mon hod token the little mermoid poin His knee hurt His grondfother come up to him when he sow whot hod hoppened brought him to the clinic for o check-up Theg owog were glod when the doctor soid thot his injurg He brought the little mermoid bock to wos nothing serious the seo He TheU thonked beoutiful peorl them ond gove them o @( A VOcAeULAp.,/ ',ECfION Exelcise z (4) (3) (1) (1) 10 (4) (4) s s (1) (1) (1) (3) heels ! Exercise i r lo, crosh ) r^,ill I^' : toid rournq Exercise '1 composed soothing subsided Exercise looks woter biggest Ueor light : SECTfON C COM?eEHgf'itSlOx i Exercise : : ! SECTION Exercise g GSAMMAE , (t) (1) (2) (3) (2) s s (1) (2) 10 (2) 11 13 1s (3) 12 (3) (2) 14 (1) (3) Exercise himself herself themselves ' herself mgself (3) (3) ! : I 3' s I (3) (4) (3) (3) Exercise f It helps in the digestion of food He wos curious obout how it would toste Some teo leoves hqd follen into the woter, turning it into teo He liked the toste of it : It reduce the risk of concer ond fight viruses in our bodg Exercise SscTfoN D con?osrftoN It wos Children's kept hotched different chosed lonelg DoU lost week There were no lessons on thot dou All the pupils were veru noppu At o.m., oll the pupils went to the school holl This wos where the celebrotion wos to be held The teochers ond some pupils put up o SECI|ON performonce for the rest of the pupils The Exercise pupils enjoged themselves verg much Theg (2) clopped loudlg to show their oppreciotion (3) (3) (2) e (3) (2) After the performonce, eoch pupil wos given o goodg bog All the pupils were verg hoppg Theg wished Children's thot everg dog could be DoU 13 1s E@( g GPAMMAP (2) (4) Exercise AVOCAEULAPY Whot 'ECI'ON1 Exercise Whg (4) (3) How (1) (4) Which (3) 10 (1) (2) (2) s (2) (1) s Where Exercise Exercise '1 mouldg greose oppointment homeless roised dronk to drink Drinking drink drinks (3) 10 (1) 12 14 (3) (2) (1) (1) (2) @( C COM?PEHEN','ON 'ECTION Exercise 1 (2) s (4) (1) SECI|jON AVOCABULAPY (4) Exercise (2) (1) (4) Exercise He istroinedto orovide medicol ottention to vorious groups of people who ore sick TheU exomine e (3) Exercise doctors ond nurses for treotment The sentence is 'Poromedics work shifts which, be during the dog or night,' vonish foded offord dischorged '1 operote Morie wos sick She hod o fever Her mother wos worried when she took her temperoture It wos verg high to the hospitol she hod to stog in hospitol to receive treotment for her fever Morie felt upset to stog in the hospitol She did not like being sick However, she cheered up when her clossmotes come to visit her Theg even brought o bouquet of flowers for her After o few dogs, Morie recovered from her illness She could be dischorged from the hospitol Morie wos glod domp Exercise sEcltoN D co[?otfloN Morie's mother brought her The lives of people ore ot stoke The injured will be honded over to the s (1) (2) the injured ond provide them with necessorU treotment purposes deep tupes tronsporting (2',) (2) (3) (3) 10 (2) SECIION Exercise g Exercise GPAMMAE (2) (4) (2) 10 (4) 11 (2) 12 (2) 13 1s (2) 14 (1) (1) s (2) e (3) (1) (1) Her hobbg is boking she likes to leorn how to boke different tupes of cokes ond postries (4) It is held ot Merrglond Commun.itg Centre The closs is conducted bg o populor television celebritg Theg will leorn how to boke different kinds of cokes os well os how to decorote them (3) tscTroN D coMPotrTroN Exercise 2 Tom's fovourite postime wos wotching ond becouse but or olthough television one dog he wotched o progromme feoturing o superhero He wonted to flg like him to trg ond imitote the superhero on television He went to the cupboord ond found o lorge blonket to use Tom decided Exercise scoring to score would score score scorg os o cope Tom tied the blonket oround his neck Now, he looked like the superhero on television He climbed up the cupboord ond bolonced himself Tom stretched out his orms ond tried C COM?PEHENS'ON (2) (3) (1) (3) (2) flg However, he fell to the floor with o loud thud As he loid on the floor in poin, he reolised 'ECTION Exercise 1 s to how sillg he hod been rlll|lrrr( sECtlaN AVOCAaULAPr Exercise I (4) (2) s e like ?
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