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_a Y Educational Publishine Housc Ple Ltd Gha00emg0mg [ISH I ntensive and challenging exercises 0n \locabu lary Crarnmar Comprehension Composition \'1 RANI Cert tcl r$r$lptt a f Educational Publishine House Pte Ltd @ha00eng0ng HSH A r$r$APY @ Educational Publishing House Pte Ltd ALL RICHTS RESERVED No part of this book may be reproduced or transmitted in any form or by any means, electronic or mechanical, including photocopying or by any information storage and retrieval system, without permission in writing from the Publisher Published Reprinted First Edition Reprinted Second 2OO7 2007 (twice), 2008 (thrice), 2009 (twice), 2010 (four times), 2O'11 (twice), 2012 (twice) 2012 2013 (twice), 2014 (thrice),2015 DI N ĐÀN H C TI NG ANH - Admin: TR N M NH TRUNG TÀI LI U LUY N IELTS - Admin: TR N M NH TRUNG tsBN 978-981-4403.07.8 Published and distributed by: Educational Publishing House Pte Ltd a member of Popular Holdings Limited (uEN 199607i89N) 20 OId Toh Tuck Road Singapore 597655 rel 6462 9608 Website: Printed in Singapore ?PEFACE Chollenging English 4-in-1 written for pupils to proctise ond improve on their longuoge skills Eoch unit consists of chollenging exercises on vocobu lorU, g is speciollg rom mo4 com prehension ond composition Pupils will benefit from the vocobulorg ond grommor items which will improve ond increose their proficiencg in the longuoge The comprehension possoges will enhonce pupils' reoding skills Model compositions ore provided os guidelines to develop ond improve pupils' writing skills Answers to oll the exercises ore provided Pupils will find this series extremelg usefulwhen preporing for their school exominotions @ Educational Publishing House Pte Ltd VOCA9ULAPY Exercise Choose the correct dnswer ond brackets provided write its number in the Mg fother rides o to work everu morning (1) (2) (3) (4) Eric's gounger (1) (2) (3) (4) r brother is verg scored onts spiders beetles cockrooches ( ) Mother bugs spinoch ond broccoli from the (1) (2) (3) (4) O fdr.r,ional Publishing Houie Pre Lld tricgcle trishow scooter of WC J bicgcle lorist former gordener greengrocer f Christions gother ot o to worship (1) (2) (3) (4) is The church mosque mortuorg cemeterg Ben oims ) ot o picture on the woll with o- (1) (2) (3) (4) SCrew cotopult hommer mochine the person who beots oll the other competitors ploger (1) (2) (3) (4) opponent supporter chompion We go to the Returns' (1) hostel (2) chopel (3) cinemo (4) borrocks The mogicion woves his mogic the princess into on uglg duckling (1) (2) (3) (4) stick pipe tube wond to wotch the movie'SuPermon ond chonges 10 Nobodg wonts to be friends with Liso becouse she o/on girl (1) sweet (2) helpful (3) orrogont (4) -courteous You must (1) (2) (3) (4) shout is if gou need to tolk in the librorg screom whisper mumble Exercise Underline the correct dnswers '1 The woter pipe in mg bothroom hos burst pleose coll the (mechonic, plumber) Cheetohs ond leopords ore (wild, tome) onimols Theg ore veru fierce Rebecco weors o jode brocelet The sow ond its piglets ore feeding in the (st$ shed) An eogle hold its preg with its shorp (pows, clows) on her (wrist, woist) Exercise Fill in the blanks with the correct words from the box lJse eoch word onlg once collects opens close helPs Adom's fother, Mr Ahmod, is o sells fruit seller He fruits such os wotermelons ond opples (1) his stoll ot six o'clock in the morning He (2) Eve rg Soturdog, Adom (3) his fot her ot the stoll He pocks the fruits into plostic bogs ond (4) c o urteous ( sl moneg from the customers Adom is olwogs to oll the customers Adom ond his fother usuollg their stoll ot two o'clock in the ofternoon Then, theg return home for lunch EXercise IJnscromble the words and write them-in the blonks provided z> />Y '1 lifdguroe widsonches perponews stermon tlecos t\-._ -. l @ Exercise Aslom's fother works os o former Sitoro hos been with Aslom ond his fomilg for two Ueors Sitoro eots the rots It feels cold ond smooth He felt verg proud to hove sitoro os his oet tECllON Exercise g GPAIAtitAP (1) (4) (2) (1) (1) 11 (2) 13 (3) s e 15 (2) 10 12 14 (3) (4) (1) (3) (1) (1) (1) tECflON D COtA?OstrrON with her mother There ore mong customers buging fruits ot the fruit stoll Cloro sees o bosket of durions She Cloro goes to the morket touches o durion The thorns of the durion prick her finger It storts to bleed Cloro cries in poin Her mother comforts her After o while, the bleeding stops Cloro does not wont to touch durions ever ogoin @( s (1) (4) (1) (4) 10 (3) (3) (4) driver courteous fun s collecting collected collection ION C been collecting collects CO M? P;EIIENS' ON (1) (4) (3) Exercise Dogs ore worm ond friendlg A Chihuohuo is o smoll dog energetic lock Theg perform tricks We must plou with it ond toke it out for wolks / We hove to feed it ond bothe it It will love us ond be logol to us D COM?OS'T|iON Exercise 3 5 (4) Exercise corpenter neckloce bolster Exercise (1, (4) hot coldest loveliest heovier richest Exercise 1 (2) (3) SECI iECilON AVOCASULAR,'/ Exercise Exelcise 2 delicious invite Adrion is sick He hos chickenpox He ''ECT|'ON goes to the clinic with his mother There ore mong sick people ot the clinic: An old lodg is coughing A sick bobg is crging Another bou is blowing his nose Everuone looks weok ond uncomfortoble Adrion hopes thot he does not hove to woit long to see the doctor @( Exercise lives live is living SECUON AVOCAaULAPy Exercise s e (4) (3) (3) 10 (1) (1) (3) (2) (4) SECI|ON C CO t(t?P.;EllEI,tstON (4) Exercise (3) s Exercise scolded l plote mix sour bookshop '1 teocher heolthg forword lessons interesting Exercise horse bot robbit pig DOWN hen S GPAIAIAAP Exercise 'E{I'ONI (2) (3) s (1) (1) e (4) 11 13 1s (2) (4) (3) (2) Exercise The woodcutter sow the snoke in the It did not wont to be killed He let the snoke go It wos groteful to the woodcutter for not killing it SECTTON ACRO55 (4) wooos The snoke could tolk Exercise 3 living lived (1) (1) (2) 10 12 14 (3) (3) (2) (3) (4) (3) children's fother's monkegs' Jordon's lodg's t @( AVOCAaULAPY Exercise 'ECIIONI (4) (4) s (2) (1) (3) (4) 10 (1) s Exercise Alex's fother bugs him o bicgcle Theg go to the pork There, Alex's fother teoches him how to cacle Alex gets up the bicgcle He grobs the hondlebors He ploces his feet on the Dedols His fother holds on to Alex ond the bicgcle He tells Alex to pedol slowlu At first, Alex is frightened After mong tries, he bolonce himself He cgcle! (3) D COt ?OSITiON (4) (3) (r) Exercise '1 crooked stomps proised boll groceful Exercise l wou tolk beoutiful 4- stopped cope SECIION Exercise g 11 13 (4) r5 (3) GPAMMAP (1) s e Mong children ore flging kites Eric is one of the hoppg children Howeve[ his kite gets stuck in o tree He does not know whot to His fother soon comes olong He uses o pole to get the kite down Eric thonks his fother (3) (3) D COM?OS'T'ON It is o windu dou ot the pork 'F{I|ION (2) 10 12 14 (2) (3) (41 @( (21 (3) (1) SECI1ON AVOCASULAPY (1) Exercise (2) s e (1) Exercise 1.sentoso bog's Koren burgers tolks ' tolking tolk tolked / wos tolking wos tolking / tolked s (1) (1) (3) (1) (4) (3) 10 (1) '1 olike tolkotive food f ox h u e n o ot!er (3) (1) Exercise He could plog in the field ond tolk gobbled shelter hobbies cgcling dlogon 4.psndo (4) g 2 Exercise 4 (2) Exercise sgJcflON C COil?PEIIENS|iON (2) (4) (4) breokfost spectotors loundrg Exercise t (2) Exercise robbit's Exercise to his friends He could things thot he could not in primorg school / It wos not os tough os primorg school A lodu ot the childcore centre would serve them He wos hoping he hod chickenpox He hod to stou ot home so thot he would not spreod chickenpox to his friends Exercise ',ECT|ON1 (2) s e (2) 11 13 1s (2) (4) (3) (3) (3) (2) GPATAMAP (4) 10 12 14 (4) (3) (4) (1) (z) (3) E!Eq( Exercise 2 o 3.o 5.o the the 9ECflON AVOCABUL^PY Exercise e Exercise 3 tells wos telling is telling told tell (2) (4\ (1) (1) (4) (3) (4) (4) 10 (2) (2) Exercise sECtroN Exercise s rustling roin dentures c co M? PEllillsroN (2) (2) skin throws (2) Exercise '1 school (3) (3) hongs treots chores pleosed Exercise It is colled o colf It see from ofor ond its long legs help it tD run quicklu It deliver o powerful kick to its enemtes, Its long neck helps it to the top of trees Their legs ore not strong enough connot escope quicklg eot the leoves ot D so theg COIA?OSITIION It is recess time There ore mong pupils in ',ECI'ION the conteen Josper is verg hungru He runs to his fovourite stoll As he is running too fost, he is unoble to ovoid o girl corrging o bowl of hot soup He bumps into her The soup spills onto her ond scolds her honds Her honds turn red immediotelu Josper feels verg bod He helps her to the generol office to get help He knows thot he should not run in o crowded conteen tECl,ON g GPAt iltAP Exercise I e (4) (2) 10 (4) 11 13 1s (3) 't2 (4) (1) 14 (4) (1) (2) (4) (4) (l) (r) (3) (1) Exercise The 3.o 2.o The sleeps sleepg on Exelcise 1- sleep slept sleeping tEJcf ,oN Exercise 1 s c co tA? PEllEtIsroN (1) (3) (4) (2) Exercise composs l eggplont temple telephone dinosour (2) SECIION S GPAMMA? Exercise Exercise TheU were sisters Ariol could flg while Cothg could become invisible Theg lived in Yellow Town The town bullg wos Gogo the Gorillo The town bullg would plog tricks on others s (2) (4) e (1) 11 (1) 13 (1) 1s SECflON D COt ?OsfiloN Nobodg is in the clossroom It is recess Terru forgets to toke his wollet He goes bock to the clossroom He sees Mork steoling Angelo's ruler Terrg gives o shout Mork is shocked to see Terrg Terrg tells Mork thot it is wrong to steol It is o dishonest oct Mork is sorrg Terrg ond Mork
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