What factors in life affect the satisfaction of the work of medical staff at tam duc heart hospital

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RESEARCH PROJECT (BMBR5103) WHAT FACTORS IN LIFE AFFECT THE SATISFACTION OF THE WORK OF MEDICAL STAFF AT TAM DUC HEART HOSPITAL? STUDENT’S FULL NAME : CAO PHAM PHUONG LINH STUDENT ID : CGS00064960 INTAKE : MARCH, 2016 ADVISOR’S NAME & TITLE : ASSOC PROF DR BUI PHI HUNG August, 2017 Advisor’s assessment Advisor’s signature Table of Contents Executive Summary Glossary of Terms .2 Chapter – Introduction .3 1.1 Research Aims 1.2 Research Question .3 1.3 Context and relevance .3 1.4 Scope of research Chapter - Literature Review .4 2.1 Satisfaction with the job 2.2 Historical background to the development of QoWL scale .5 2.3 Factors that affect job satisfaction 2.4 Maslow- hierarchy of needs theory 2.5 QoWL model 2.6 World studies on quality of life 11 Chapter – Research Methodology 13 3.1 Research subjects 13 3.2 Inductive Approach 13 3.3 Research design 14 3.4 Data collection .16 3.5 Data Analysis 16 3.6 Ethics in research 17 3.7 Limitations .17 Chapter – Findings and discussion 18 4.1 Qualitative research 18 4.2 General information of the sample 20 4.3 Measuring the impact of quality of workplace life on the workplace of health workers 26 4.4 The relationship between demographic factors and QoWL 27 4.5 Evaluate the factors that affect QoWL by regression 35 4.6 Confirmation test 39 Chapter 5: Conclusions and recommendations 44 5.1 Conclusions 44 5.2 Suggested solutions to improve working conditions and the quality of work of staff at the hospital 45 APPENDIX 51 APPENDIX 54 APPENDIX 58 List of tables, figures Figure Factor affect job satisfaction Figure Maslow model Figures The process of finding references Figures Analysis the studies in the world Figure Evaluate the studies in the world Figure Statistics of the number of health staff at Tam Duc Heart Hospital Figure Summary of the research step Table Cronbach's alpha coefficient Table ICC coefficient and 95% reliability Table Statistic on the age of the sample Table Results measure the quality of workplace life to the workplace of health care workers Table Relationship between income level and seniority with QoWL Table Survey on the relationship between sex and QoWL Table Survey on the relationship between sex and religion with QoWL Table Survey on the relationship between marital status and QoWL Table Survey on the relationship between professional and QoWL Table 10 Relationship between the department and QoWL Table 11 Relationship between training level and QoWL Table 12 Relationship between the averaged of working hours per week with QoWL Table 13 Comparing the average response of staff groups to variables that depend on QOWL Table 14 Summarize the model Table 15 Coefficients Table 16 Satisfaction factor with demographic factors Table 17 Difficult element with demographic factors Table 18 Relationship between HL, KK, DGC and QOWL groups Table 19 Statistics the results of QoWL studies in the world Table 20 EFA swivel factor and swivel component matrix Table 21 KMO and Bartlett's Executive Summary This paper was written to answer the research question “What factors in life affect the satisfaction of the work of medical staff at Tam Duc Heart Hospital?” In addition, three core research aims were implemented Firstly, this paper aims to evaluate research questionnaires Secondly, this paper aims to evaluate employee satisfaction in the workplace and to determine the factors that affected that satisfaction Thirdly, this research aims to come up with solutions to improve productivity There are three basic steps to take before answering a research question Step 1, make a systematic review of QoWL studies in the world Step 2, analyze the researches that have been carried out in the world, select the method suitable for Vietnam Step 3, construct survey questionnaires in line with economic, cultural and social situation in Vietnam From the systematic review (step 1), the method chosen for implementation is the cross-sectional and socio-graphic survey method The survey questionnaire was based on WHO 's 100 questionnaires about quality of working life The questionaires was distributed to 573 health staffs at Tam Duc Heart Hospital, Ho Chi Minh City SPSS 20 software is used to process data and present results in the form of tables, charts and diagrams The first result was a high reliability questionnaire with 99.9% (p-value 5-7M 3 >7-10M (million VND) 4 >10M Does hospital income 06 cover enough monthly 1 Yes 2 No expenses? 1 Doctor 2 Physician 3 Bachelor of Pharmacy 07 Job 4 Intermediate pharmacists 5 Nursing 6 Technicians 08 Faculties/ department ………………………………………… 09 Education level 10 Practical year (years) 11 1 Primary 4 University 2Intermediate 5 Master/ Professional I 3 College 6 PhD/ Professional II 1 ≤ 4 11-20 2 4-5 5 ≥ 21 Average hours worked 1 ≤ 20 2 21-30 3 31-40 per week (h) 3 6-10 4 41-50 5 ≥ 51 PART MEASUREMENT SATISFACTION IN WORK Please select the level of consent for the criteria in the survey in accordance with the practice of yourself in the field that you are working With convention as follows: Totally disagree Disagree Accepted Agree Totally agree 55 Degree of consent CRITERIA 5 5 5 17 You feel comfortable working 18 You have the skill to work well 19 You are satisfied with your current income level 20 You are satisfied with the social welfare of the hospital 5 23 You have many opportunities for career advancement 24 You put ethical issues on the front line of work 5 5 I SATISFACTION IN WORK 12 You have clear goals in your work 13 14 You have made a great contribution to the overall achievement of the hospital You are satisfied with the professional training of the hospital 15 You are satisfied with your current job 16 21 22 25 26 You are satisfied with the working conditions of the hospital You receive full support from the department / hospital leadership You get timely support when you have problems personal, psychological, health Staff comments are listened to and considered transparently by the management Hospital staff have equal opportunities (regardless of sex, age, religion, ethnicity, etc.) 27 With your complaints, the hospital will deal fairly 28 The hospital gives you the opportunity to learn and develop your skills 56 II DIFFICULTIES IN WORK 29 You have to overwork or have mental stress at work 30 You feel stressed at work 31 You often worry about work at home 5 5 35 You feel that the workload that you are undertaking is too much 36 You feel that you are underpaid for your job 37 You have a lot of difficulties in dealing with managers 5 39 The hospital is fully equipped with modern facilities 40 The hospital operates based on ethical values and honesty 41 The hospital CEO is an effective leader 5 32 How stressful are you in the past months? very high high Average quite little less 33 Long working time has a big impact on your family life 34 38 You have to deal with the relationships that make yourself angry / miserable You feel that your accumulated skills and expertise are NOT fully utilized in your current job III ENERAL ASSESSMENT OF HOSPITAL 42 The hospital's senior management team is capable of effective leadership 43 You feel optimistic about the future of the hospital If you have any additional comments, please contribute to the box below: Sincerely thank you for your help who contributed information to the topic! Best regards!!! 57 APPENDIX Table 20 EFA swivel factor and swivel component matrix Ingredient 3 DGC41 0,866 HL14 0,542 DGC42 0,857 HL15 0,467 DGC43 0,804 HL18 0,812 DGC40 0,763 HL12 0,712 DGC39 0,647 HL24 0,706 0,701 HL25 0,547 HL13 HL27 0,572 KK34 0,766 HL26 0,560 KK31 0,681 HL28 0,501 KK37 0,657 HL20 0,786 KK36 0,634 HL19 0,780 KK38 0,584 HL16 0,703 KK35 0,819 HL21 0,684 KK29 0,812 HL22 0,679 KK33 0,787 HL23 0,629 KK30 0,772 HL17 0,608 KK32 0,544 Note: Extraction method: main component analysis Rotation method: Varimax with Kaiser normalization Table 21 KMO and Bartlett's Kaiser-Meyer-Olkin 0,936 measure the suitability of the sample Bartlett's Test of Sphericity Approx Chi-Square 10.464,424 df 426 P value
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