Research about satisfaction level of customers when using electronic procurement service at cho lon supermarket, district 5, ho chi minh city

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OUM OPEN MALAYSIA UNIVERSITY RESEARCH PROJECT (BMBR5103) RESEARCH ABOUT SATISFACTION LEVEL OF CUSTOMERS WHEN USING ELECTRONIC PROCUREMENT SERVICE AT CHO LON SUPERMARKET, DISTRICT 5, HO CHI MINH CITY STUDENT FULL NAME : NGUYEN THE VIEN STUDENT ID : CGS00064976 INTAKE : MAY, 2017 ADVISOR'S NAME AND TITLE : DR BUI PHI HUNG July, 2017 ADDENDUM Table 3.1: Question Table 3.2: Quality scale Table 3.3: Satisfaction scale Table 4.1: Characteristics of survey samples Table 4.2: Cronbach's alpha of research concepts Table 4.3: Test of KMO scale of SHL impact components Table 4.5: Summary of the EFA analysis of the customer's satisfaction scale Nguyen The Vien ID No: CGS00064976 CHAPTER I: INTRODUCTION 1.1 Research aim: Survey '' What Factors affect to customer's satisfaction when using electronic equipment procurement services at Cho Lon Supermarket, District 5, Ho Chi Minh City?" is a research objective From this research goal it is possible to find out how each such factor impacts and how it impacts on the use of services at the company And in which, what are the factors in the business are positive and what factors have a negative impact on the satisfaction of customers This allows the company to capture business opportunities, service strengths that need to grow, and constraints compared to other competitors, improve them and create I competitive advantage in the market Quality affects the performance of the product or service as well as customer's satisfaction This fact is genuinely important when it comes to how the consumer interprets the satisfaction that service provides and the judgment of the buying process as a whole Considering that, service quality is an abstract and elusive construct due to three characteristics of services: intangibility, heterogeneity, and inseparability of production and consumption In that way, we define service quality as perceived by the customer In addition, the perceived quality is the comparison between the perception and customer expectation Customer expectations are the expected service, arising from needs However, these can be more or less demanding than the real needs Perceptions are how the customer perceives the service provided, assessing whether this was appropriate or not Thus, for service providing organizations the interpretation of customer needs is critical Superior performance in services strengthens competitiveness and establishes a relationship with the customer, consolidating the brand and communication with the market, etc This paper aims to evaluate the quality of the supermarket through the fuzzy SERVQUAL and fuzzy AHP The results showed that the services have many gaps to be improved Page Nguyen The Vien ID No: CGS00064976 As stated, the SERVQUAL scale model has been tested in many markets and countries However, many research results show that for quality of service, the quality model and quality scale vary by country and type of service In our country, the research on service quality and customer's satisfaction is not much, but at the beginning Furthermore, measurement is not yet highly reliable as these behavioral studies often directly measure latent variables instead of using observational variables to measure latent variables With the above mentioned concerns, this research aims to explore the components of a quality of service and measure them at Cho Lon supermarket Detail in below: Evaluate the level of customer's satisfaction for service quality at Cho Lon supermarket Identify the factors that affect customer's satisfaction about the quality of service at Cho Lon supermarket Suggest solutions to improve the quality of service at Cho Lon supermarket next time 1.2 Research question: "What factors affect to customer's satisfaction when using electronic equipment procurement service at Cho Lon Supermarket, District 5, Ho Chi Minh City?" 1.3 Context and relevance: With the continuous opening of the selling point, electronics businesses are forming big business chains In the year 2016, the electronics market achieved a turnover of about 70 trillion dong According to a research by the German market research group GFK, Vietnam ranks fifth in the fastest growing electronics market worldwide This country is the fastest growing industry in Southeast Asia That shows the business of electronic products in Vietnam is the direction of many businesses today Ten years ago, Vietnam was still a small chain in the global electronics supply chain, but by 2014, the value of electronics exports had grown up to $ 38 billion Electronic products Page Nguyen The Vien ID No: CGS00064976 business of large enterprises in the industry has significant growth Notably, Vietnam's consumer electronics sales are forecasted by GFK to be among the top five fastest growing markets next year, with an increase of $ 0.6 billion Even with a young population, of which 70% of the population in working age with high demand for electronic products, the retail market in Vietnam is still considered to be untapped Therefore, this is a good opportunity for supermarkets to expand their business, gain market share However, nowadays, this market is still a fertile ground with the participation of big shareholders such as Green Machine, Phong Vu, Nguyen Kim and 40% of total market share of other retail chains That is why service development, improving customer's satisfaction is one of the top tasks 1.4 Scope and Method of research: This thesis will investigate and clarify the factors that affect customer's satisfaction when using shopping services at Cho Lon Supermarket, District HCM The thesis will revolve around exploring these factors to see how important they are, determining what is most likely to influence customer's satisfaction, and to identify strengths And the weaknesses of Cho Lon Electric Power, thereby developing and overcoming them, increasing competitiveness and capping new opportunities to change the quality of service to fit the needs of our customers The restriction of this essay is that it is made in a short time, which is why it is necessary to carry out the required progress Therefore, it is only possible to carry out a survey in a very small area, namely, Cho Lon Electric District 5, Ho Chi Minh City, while supermarket chains also have branches in Tay Ninh, Ca Mau, Da Nang, Bac Lieu, Phan Thiet, because this result will not be accurate Part of the sampling was a random survey of 150 people who used to shop at the District supermarket This topic focuses on the factors affecting the customer's satisfaction at Cho Lon supermarket and is implemented in main steps: preliminary research and official study Page Nguyen The Vien ID No: CGS00064976 Preliminary research is done by qualitative method Focus group discussion techniques were used in this study and it was used to explore the factors that influence customer's satisfaction and to add to the theoretical scale the factors that affect satisfaction Of the client and hence build up a formal research model and make research hypotheses The formal study was conducted through direct interviewing technique at Cho Lon supermarket This study aims to test the measurement scale and theoretical models The scale was preliminarily tested with Cronbach alpha reliability and the multiple linearity analysis and exploratory analysis was performed through the SPSS statistical data processing software for measuring the scale and testing the research model 1.5 Structure of the Paper: The next chapter aims to analyze the literature related to customer's satisfaction, its importance to the business, the relationship between service quality and customer's satisfaction In addition, Chapter is introduction which is the first part of the process, setting down the direction of the paper and laying out exactly what the research paper is trying to achieve Chapter is that somebody will be able to gain an overall view of the paper without needing to read the whole thing Chapter 3, presents the use of methods to collect data from service users in Cho Lon Supermarket Chapter 4, will present findings from collected data Chapter 5, data analysis and discussion of the results obtained after using SPSS Finally, chapter 6, concludes what has been done and sets out the limitations of that study Page Nguyen The Vien ID No: CGS00064976 CHAPTER II: LITERATURE REVIEW Vietnam's electronics market has experienced strong growth in sales as well as the number of retailers entering the market By 2015, Vietnam's electronics market will grow by about 20%, with a scale of about billion USD Meanwhile forecast from research firm Statistic (Germany), estimated retail market in Vietnam in 2016 can reach sales of $ 100 billion, of which the consumer electronics industry is about $ 10 billion This growth rate is partly due to a sharp increase in consumer demand With a population of more than 90 million people, while the proportion of people in working age, plus rising living standards and incomes, is a powerful force to push up demand for electrical goods Vietnam's consumption of electronic products will increase from 7.3% to 11.9 in the coming years Besides, in the past, the supermarkets have also had many strategic solutions to reach customers, especially quality and service issues, to promote the purchase behavior of customers However, the current battle in the electronics market is focused on big names such as Phong Vu, the Green System of the Mobile World, Media art Each big man takes a unique advantage, Developed specifically to compete and win the market pie has been divided into very small That caused a lot of difficulties for Cho Lon 2.1 Importance of customer's satisfaction: Customer's satisfaction is considered the cornerstone of the marketing concept of satisfying customer needs and expectations (Spreng, MacKenzie, & Olshavsky, 1996) Satisfied customers are an important factor in maintaining long-term business success and appropriate business strategies to attract and retain customers (Zeithaml & GCT, 1996) Customer's satisfaction is the assessment based on customer experience, which is how much they expect of product characteristics or service functions from a supplier (Gerpott et al., 2001) However, there is a definition of customer's satisfaction as one's emotion, which may be disappointment, as a result of comparing the performance of the product Page Nguyen The Vien ID No: CGS00064976 with the results that he or she desires Keller, 2009, p 789) Not only that, according to Oliver, 1997 Customer's satisfaction is the response and evaluation of the customer to the perfection of a product or service So how important is satisfaction to be able to draw some kind of attention to the researchers? One of the indispensable results of that satisfaction is giving the company loyal customers (Anderson and Sullivan, 1993, Fornell, 1992, YuEt al., 2005, Guillaume, 2008, Vesel and Zabkar, 2009) And that can bring big profits to the company (Anderson et al., 1994, Mittal and Kamakura, 2001) In addition, customers can pay a higher price for existing products (Homburg et al., 2005), increased shopping, downsizing costs, enabling companies to increase their competitiveness On the market, keep their customers (Ho, Huang, Huang, Lee, Rosten & Thang, 2009) In a market where competition is always on the upturn, companies are constantly innovating to grasp advantage over competitors (Alderson, 1957; Day & Wensley, 1983; Hunt & Morgan, 1995; Morgan & Hunt, 1994), and for that reason job satisfaction is always a more urgent task than ever Customer's satisfaction surveys have been widely disseminated as service quality influences customer's satisfaction (Parasuraman et al., 1988, Herrmann et al., 2000, Kim et al., 2004) Gonzalez et al., 2007) Examine the consequences of customer's satisfaction, such as customer loyalty (For example, Anderson and Sullivan, 1993; Fornell, 1992, YuEt al., 2005, Guillaume, 2008, Vesel and Zabkar, 2009 ) Or profit (for example, Anderson et al., 1994, Anderson and Sullivan, 1993; Vinnie, 2001; Coelho and Vilares, 2010) Inductive research is a flexible approach because there is no requirement of pre-determined theory to collect data and information The researcher uses the data and facts to reach the tentative hypothesis and define the theory as per the research problem This gives the research to give inductive arguments (Mertens 2008) Inductive approach is highly capitalized with the interpretivism philosophy Inductive approach will allow the Page Nguyen The Vien ID No: CGS00064976 researcher to provide a variety of real life examples (Ridenour, Benz and Newman 2008) Deductive approach is linked with the positivism philosophy, which includes hypothesis to prove capumptions In this kind of approach it is necessary for the researcher to be general, but this research issue is specific and related to the development of human resources in the organization (Ritchie and Lewis 2003) 2.2 Quality of service and relationship with customer's satisfaction: Quality of service is defined in many different ways depending on the research subject and the research environment Quality of service is the extent to which a service meets the needs and expectations of customers (Lewis & Mitchell, 1990; Asubonteng & ctg, 1996; Wisniewski & Donnelly, 1996) Edvardsson, Thomsson & Ovretveit (1994) argue that service quality is a service that meets the expectations of customers and satisfies their needs According to Parasuraman & ctg (1985, 1988), service quality is the distance between customer expectations and their perceptions when used through the service According to Zeithaml, 1988, service quality is the overall customer appreciation for service excellence There is, however, research that suggests that customers evaluate the quality of their service based on a comparison between their expectations and the service (Meshack and Datta 2015) And that is one of the vital and indispensable things for the business, not only that it is a catalyst to increase profitability, improve competitive advantage over time (Carter, McKinley, Wise, & MacLeod, 2002) Because it is the engine to turn customer's satisfaction into loyalty to the company, if the business can meet the needs and expectations of customers in a product, the customer's satisfaction The higher the quality of the product (Lee, Lee, & Kang, 2012) Therefore, improving service quality is indispensable There are different views on the level of customer's satisfaction (Oliver 1997) Bachelet (1995: 81) defines customer's satisfaction as an emotional response of the customer in response to their experience with a product or service Page Nguyen The Vien ID No: CGS00064976 Often, service providers often assume that service quality is the level of customer's satisfaction However, many studies show that quality of service and customer's satisfaction is the different distinct concepts (Zeithaml & Bitner 2000) Customer's satisfaction is a general concept, expressing their satisfaction when consuming a service Meanwhile, service quality focuses on specific components of service (Zeithaml & Bitner 2000) Service quality is related to the service delivery process, and satisfaction only appears after the customer has used the service Therefore, when customers use the service and feel the high quality of service, they will be satisfied with the service and vice versa, when customers feel the quality of service is low, they feel not satisfied 2.3 Parasuraman model (SERVQUAL): Quality of serviceService quality gaps model by Parasuraman et al (1985) Parasuraman et al (1988) suggested that customer expectations are what the customers think a service should offer rather than what might be on offer Zeithaml et al (1990) identified four factors that influence customers’ expectations: word-of-mouth communications; personal needs; past experience; and external communications A gap is created when the perceptions of the delivered service is not as per the expectations of the customer This gap is addressed by identifying and implementing strategies that affect perceptions, or expectations, or both (Parasuraman et al., 1985; Zeithaml et al., 1990) Parasuraman et al (1988) stated that SERVQUAL had been designed to be “applicable across a broad spectrum of services” and the format could be adapted to fit specific needs, and that it would be most valuable when used to track service quality trends periodically They proposed that the SERVQUAL model could be extended to measure gaps in quality and could therefore be used as a diagnostic tool to enable management to identify service quality shortfalls The gap score is calculated by the perception statements being deducted from the expectation statements If any gap scores turn out to be positive then this implies that expectations are actually being exceeded This allows service managers to review Page Nguyen The Vien ID No: CGS00064976 Average scale if Variance scale variable deleted if variable deleted Satisfaction (SAT), alpha = 0,802 SAT1 11,5302 3,964 SAT2 11,6264 3,751 SAT3 11,6290 3,730 SAT4 11,6123 3,395 Source: Analysis of SPSS survey data for 2017 Variables Correlate Alpha if variable deleted ,685 ,713 ,715 ,742 ,785 ,752 ,801 ,789 Analyzing the EFA Discovery Factor Elemental factor analysis of quality of service impact on satisfaction The results of the first factor-1 analysis of the perceived quality of service, sensory network, and perceptual service prices are as follows: Bartlett’s chi-square statistics The value of 15478,486 with mean sig = 0.000 and coefficient KMO = 0.87, so that the observed variables correlate with each other on the overall scale Therefore, the EFA result is consistent with the research data The extraction error was 65,693% (greater than 50%) indicating that the extraction factors explained 65,963% variance of the data; The elements extracted at the Eigenvalue value = 1.007 Observed variables have a weighted factor of significance (greater than 0.5) Differential factor load factor of an observed variable between factors ≥ 0.3 There are, however, two observable variables of the CAP4 assurance concept, which in turn act on each factor because the factor load factor of observation variable CAP4 = 0.446 is less than 0.5 and smallest Distinction distinguishes the former After the CAP4 variable type, the remaining 19 variables were included in the second EFA analysis, resulting in a six-factor result at Eigenvalue = 1,005 with a deviation of 66.931% The coefficient KMO = 0.890 should be consistent with EFA statistics The chi-square statistic result of Bartlett’s test is 15310.952 with significance level sig = 0.000 The extracted elements meet the value requirements Page 34 Nguyen The Vien ID No: CGS00064976 Continuing CAP3 = 0.486 is less than 0.5 smallest, so we continue this type of variable, after the CAP3 variable, the remaining 18 variables included in the fourth EFA analysis also yielded six extracts The Eigenvalue value = 1,024 with a deviation of 65.885% The coefficient KMO = 0.886, so the EFA corresponds to the statistical data The chi-square statistic result of the Bertlett test was 14603,513 with significance level sig = 0.000 The extracted elements meet the value requirements Table 4.3: Test of KMO scale of satisfaction impact components KMO and Bartlett's Test Kaiser-Meyer-Olkin Measure of Sampling Adequacy Approx Chi-Square Bartlett's Test of Df Sphericity Sig ,883 14361,018 435 ,000 Source: Analysis of SPSS survey data for 2014 The results of the last factor analysis, the service quality scale of 30 observational variables, according to Cronbach's alpha test, are consistent And KMO and Barlett's test in factor analysis showed that sig = 000 and very high KMO (?, 883> 0.5) should be used in this study Page 35 Nguyen The Vien ID No: CGS00064976 Table 4.4: Results of factor analysis of the components that affect satisfaction The factor matrix has rotated Variables CAP1 CAP2 TAN4 TAN2 TAN5 TAN1 REL3 REL1 REL2 REL4 RES2 RES3 RES1 EMP2 EMP4 EMP3 EMP1 Factor load factor of components (CAP) ,621 ,601 ,761 ,761 ,749 ,691 (TAN) (REL) (RES) (EMP) ,792 ,770 ,745 ,726 ,788 ,778 ,762 ,860 ,762 ,750 ,699 Eigenvalue 9,226 3,078 2,956 2,174 1,654 Variance 30,887 41,146 50,998 58,244 63,756 0,822 0,812 0,752 0,856 Cronbach’ alpha 0,822 Source: Analysis of SPSS survey data for 2017 Thus, the scales of perceived quality of service from the original seven components after the EFA exploratory factor analysis were only six factors with 30 observational variables in which the service efficiency scale and the assurance scale Again, a factor of Page 36 Nguyen The Vien ID No: CGS00064976 The new observation variable is renamed "Service Servers" and is CAP coded The composition of the remaining factors remains the same Scale with observation variables due to excluded EFA analysis and scale change as EFA analysis re-calculates Cronbach's alpha (.895) and also satisfies reliability requirements Factor analysis for customer's satisfaction The variance was 71,096%, sig, 000 and KMO were 0.827, which was satisfactory Table 4.5: Summary of the EFA analysis of the customer's satisfaction scale Component Matrixa Component ,785 SAT4 SAT2 ,752 SAT3 ,801 SAT1 ,789 Extraction Method: Principal Component Analysis a components extracted b As such, with all the results from Cronbach's alpha reliability and the EFA exploration factor analysis above, the conceptual framework for research is valid and reliable The observational variables were representative of the research concepts to be measured Adapt the research model from the EFA results Page 37 Nguyen The Vien ID No: CGS00064976 Based on Cronbach's alpha and scale values through factor analysis (EFA), extracted factors meet the requirements for value and reliability In it: components of the concept of service quality research in a theoretical model after evaluating the analytical scale into factors Thus, the research model after analyzing the EFA discovery factor is given in which five specific independent variables are safety, effectiveness, reliability, tangible means, empathy, network , Price perception services and a dependent variable are customer's satisfaction Conclusion hypothesis: H1 Reliability has a significant direct impact on Accepted customer's satisfaction H2 The level of responsiveness has a significant direct Accepted effect on customer's satisfaction H3 Service capacity has a significant direct impact on Accepted customer's satisfaction H4 Empathy has a significant direct impact on customer's Accepted satisfaction H5 Tangible media have a significant direct impact on Accepted customer's satisfaction Page 38 Nguyen The Vien ID No: CGS00064976 CHAPTER 5: CONCLUSION AND SOLUSION 5.1 Conclusion research The quantitative method has looked at variables related to customer's satisfaction and the impact of customer's satisfaction The research project on customer's satisfaction using the products of the supermarket chain Cho Lon Ho Chi Minh City to conclude research hypothesis The data was collected in two steps: the survey questionnaire (n = 150 supermarket shoppers in Cho Lon.) The scale of components for satisfaction was based on theory and Developed appropriately, through group discussion and analysis of the EFA factor used to test hypotheses, examine the impact of ingredients on customer's satisfaction The results of the analysis show that the factors that constitute customer's satisfaction are: (1) tangible means, (2) level of responsiveness, (3) empathy, (4) reliability These four components contribute positively to customer's satisfaction, are tested and meet the value, reliability and fit requirements of the model with market data 5.2 Proposed solutions The system of member supermarkets is relatively wide, the goods are plentiful and reasonably priced, combining shopping, dining and entertainment, there are many attractive promotions attracting a large number of customers Regular arrivals and annual sales are growing well, but like some shopping malls, to the electronics store during peak times, especially during major holidays, the birthday of the system The month of high quality Vietnamese products, months of customers and especially the traditional Lunar New Year, the Co-op system also has certain limitations Proposed some measures with the desire to bring more efficiency in business operations and regulation is to create more satisfaction of customers when coming to regular shopping, the group proposed a number of recommendations as follows: Page 39 Nguyen The Vien ID No: CGS00064976 • The opening hours of supermarkets are earlier and the closing time of supermarkets is delayed (may start at 6am and end at 12pm), supermarkets are open 24 hours a day From the 23rd to the 30th lunar calendar) • The program plus bonus points should be performed for days or more during the week (currently, every Tuesday, customers who buy 10 points will be awarded 03 points) • Advertising across the media to the neighborhoods for specific time, discount rates for each group • Car parking space should be expanded or rented more locations near the supermarket to allow customers to send their vehicles faster To improve the situation, improve business efficiency, Cho Lon electronics market should pay more attention to the quality of their services rather than expanding the market - About the product: choose carefully what products will provide to customers, say no to poor quality products Balance the selling price to fit both the pocket money of customers and bring profit to the company continues to work well - Employees: There are well-trained, well-supervised training sessions; each store requires a manager to manage all employees and activities, prompting them to make mistakes and to react Back from the customer - Customer care: To bring into full play the existing strengths and dedication to customers, once they have won the hearts of customers, Cho Lon electronics market always has the advantage Take care of every little detail, and have feedback as soon as the customer requests, not let customers wait too long, professional way of working and professional - About promotion: the current form of promotion is monotonous, there should be other forms of rich how to show customers that the promotion is real, not just the way to Page 40 Nguyen The Vien ID No: CGS00064976 customers Sacrifice a little profit of the company in exchange for a large number of customers Space: Shop uniformity at every point of sale is an important element that makes it easy for consumers to identify In addition, small details such as music and layout in the shopping space are also important as it directly affects the shopping behavior as well as the quality of customer service Arrange reasonable, convenient, create a wide and open passage Choosing the right music, not too modern and lax, from the music electronics store Cho Lon can also create their own identity - On the form of payment: speed up the payment, reduce the waiting time for customers How to make payment at the store should be as convenient as online payment Cho Lon electronics market should invest in the form of payment by ATM card in their chain stores because of the number of ATM users today a lot • Increase the customer service postage and increase staff at the gift wrapping service counter ❖ RESTRICTIONS AND CONTINUED RESULTS + Limitations in the method of sample selection: Due to limited time and study area, the sample of customers is not representative The convenient random sample selection will reduce the representativeness of the study results, as well as the statistical data of the study are not fully reliable + Constraints on research methods: The research method only uses SERVQUAL quality assurance factor analysis model and some previous studies to study customer's satisfaction are not comparable with the tissues Page 41 Nguyen The Vien ID No: CGS00064976 REFERENCES Grebing W D & J C Anderson (1988), An Update Paradigm For ScaleDevelopmrnt Incoporating Unidimenionality and Its Assessments, Journal ofMaketing Reseach, 25(2): 186-192 Gronroos, C (1984), A Service Quality Model and Its Marketing Implications, European Journal of Marketing, 18 (4): 36-44 Parasuraman, A., V A Zeithaml, & L L Berry (1988), SERVQUAL: AMultiple-Item Scale for Measuring Consumer Perceptions of Service Quality, Journal of Retailing, 64 (1): 12-40 Parasuraman, A., V A Zeithaml, & L L Berry (1985), A Conceptual Model of Quality and Its Implications for Future Research, Journal of Retailing, 64 (1):12-40 Russell, James P (1999), The Quality Audit Handbook, USA: ASQ Quality Press Zeithaml, V A & Bitner, M J (2000), Services Marketing, Boston: McGraw-Hill Page 42 Nguyen The Vien ID No: CGS00064976 B NG H I KH O SÁT QUESTIONNAIRE “ ÁNH GIÁ M C HÀI LọNG C A KHÁCH HÀNG TH I N MÁY CH L N” I V I SIÊU "ASSESSMENT OF SATISFIED SATISFACTION OF CUSTOMERS FOR CH L N ELECTRIC APPLIANCE SUPERMARKET” H tên khách hàng (Full name):……………………………………… a ch (Address):……………………………………………………… S n tho i (Phone number):…………………………………… Ngày tháng ph ng v n (date): …………….…………… PH N I: THÔNG TIN CHUNG V KHÁCH HÀNG PART I: GENERAL INFORMATION ABOUT CUSTOMERS Q1 Q2 Gi i tính Gender Nam Male N Female tu i Age T 18-25 tu i Between 18 and 25 years old T 26-40 tu i Between 26 and 40 years old T 41-60 tu i Between 41 and 60 years old Page 43 Nguyen The Vien ID No: CGS00064976 Trên 61 tu i Over 61 years old Q3 Q4 Thu nh p hàng tháng Income per month D i tri u Under million T đ n tri u From to million T đ n 10 tri u From to 10 million Trên 10 tri u Over 10 million Trình đ h c v n Literacy Cao đ ng đ i h c Colleges and universities Trung h c High school Sau đ i h c Graduate Cao đ ng đ i h c Colleges and universities Tình tr ng nhân Q5 Marital status c thân Single ã k t hôn Married Page 44 Nguyen The Vien ID No: CGS00064976 Ngh nghi p Job Q6 Nhân viên v n phòng Officer Cán b Staff Sinh viên Student N i tr Housewife PH N II: ÁNH GIÁ M C TH I N MÁY CH L N HÀI LọNG C A KHÁCH HÀNG I V I SIÊU PART II: ASSESSMENT OF SATISFIED SATISFACTION OF CUSTOMERS FOR CH L N ELECTRIC APPLIANCE SUPERMARKET ánh d u ( ) bên d i s l a ch n c a b n Mark ( ) below your choice Bi n Variable R t khơng hài lòng Tiêu chí Criteria Khơng Bình hài th ng lòng Normal Bad Hài lòng Good Very TAN1 TAN2 1.Cơng ty có trang thi t b hi n đ i The company has modern equipment 2.C s v t ch t c a công ty trông h pd n Page 45 R t hài lòng Very good bad 5 Nguyen The Vien TAN3 TAN4 REL1 REL2 REL3 REL4 REL5 RES1 RES2 ID No: CGS00064976 The company's facilities look attractive 3.Nhân viên có g n gàng l ch s Staff are courteous and neat 4.Cơng ty có th i gian giao d ch thu n ti n The company’s transaction time is convenient 1.Công ty th c hi n l i h a vào kho ng th i gian xác đ nh The company fulfills its promise at the right time 2.Cơng ty có chân thành gi i quy t v n đ b n g p ph i s d ng d ch v The company sincerely solves the problem you encounter when using the service 3.Cơng ty có th c hi n d ch v l n đ u tiên The company does the right service for the first time 4.Cơng ty có cung c p d ch v h n The company provides timely service 5.Cơng ty có thơng báo cho khách hàng d ch v đ c th c hi n The company informs the customer when the service is performed Nhân viên cơng ty có ph c v b n nhanh chóng Company’s staff serve you quickly Nhân viên công ty s n sang h tr cho b n Page 46 5 5 5 5 Nguyen The Vien RES3 CAP1 CAP2 CAP3 CAP4 EMP1 EMP2 EMP3 ID No: CGS00064976 Company’s staff are available to assist you Nhân viên cơng ty có t q b n r n đ không giúp đ b n Company’s staff try to be too busy to help you 1.Nhân viên công ty ngày t o đ c s tin t ng đ i v i b n Employees in the company increasingly create trust for you 2.B n c m th y an toàn th c hi n d ch v v i công ty You feel safe when you service with the company 3.Nhân viên công ty lúc c ng nhã nh n l ch s v i b n Company’s staff are always courteous to you 4.Nhân viên cơng ty có đ ki n th c đ tr l i câu h i c a b n Company’s staff have enough knowledge to answer your questions 1.Công ty th hi n s quan tâm đ n b n The company expresses interest in you 2.Nhân viên công ty th hi n s quan tâm đ n cá nhân b n Company’s employees show interest in your personally 3.Công ty th hi n s ý đ c bi t đ n nh ng quan tâm l n nh t c a b n The company focuses on your greatest concerns Page 47 5 5 5 5 Nguyen The Vien EMP4 Q7 ID No: CGS00064976 4.Nhân viên công ty hi u đ c nhu c uc ab n Company’s staff understand your needs Anh/ch có Ủ đ nh gi i thi u cho ng i quen c a đ n Siêu th n máy không? Do you intend to introduce your acquaintance to the supermarket? Có Yes Khơng No Page 48 ... about research methods that can answer the question: “What Factors affect to customer's satisfaction when using electronic equipment procurement services at Cho Lon Supermarket, District 5, Ho. .. customer's satisfaction when using electronic equipment procurement service at Cho Lon Supermarket, District 5, Ho Chi Minh City? " 1.3 Context and relevance: With the continuous opening of the selling... customer's satisfaction about the quality of service at Cho Lon supermarket Suggest solutions to improve the quality of service at Cho Lon supermarket next time 1.2 Research question: "What factors
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