Test bank principles of managerial finance by gitman 12e ch03

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... (b) net profits after taxes (c) dividends (d) an increase in accruals Answer: C Level of Difficulty: 3 Learning Goal: 2 Topic: Inflows and Outflows of Cash 119  Gitman • Principles of Finance,  Eleventh Edition... (b) payment of stock dividends (c) increasing debt (d) repurchasing stock Answer: B Level of Difficulty: 4 Learning Goal: 2 Topic: Statement of Cash Flows 127  Gitman • Principles of Finance,  Eleventh Edition... Answer: FALSE Level of Difficulty: 1 Learning Goal: 4 Topic: Cash Planning Process 109  Gitman • Principles of Finance,  Eleventh Edition 25 Cash planning involves the preparation of the firm’s cash budget. Without adequate cash—
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Xem thêm: Test bank principles of managerial finance by gitman 12e ch03 , Test bank principles of managerial finance by gitman 12e ch03 , Cash flows that result from debt and equity financing transactions, including incurrence and repayment of debt, cash inflows from the sale of stock, and cash outflows to pay cash dividends or repurchase stock are called, If a firm expects short‑term cash surpluses it can plan, The _________ method of developing a pro forma income statement forecasts sales and values for the cost of goods sold, operating expenses, and interest expense that are expressed as a ratio of projected sales., (e) A new piece of mining equipment costing $150,000 will be purchased in 2004. Total depreciation for 2004 will be $75,000., Calculate the change in the key balance sheet accounts between 2002 and 2003 and classify each as a source (S), a use (U), or neither (N), and indicate which type of cash flow it is: an operating cash flow (O), and investment cash flow (I) or a financing , If the most pessimistic sales figure ($400,000) materializes, the financial manager should expect a financing requirement of $209,000 and should arrange for a line of credit to cover the firm’s cash deficit. However, if the most optimistic estimate materi,  Fixed‑asset outlays in 2006 are $20,000. Total depreciation expense for 2006 will be $15,000.

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