Driving IGBT modules

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It is not the intention of this manual to cover all details and variations in equipment, nor does this manualprovide data for every possible contingency regarding installation or operation. The availability and designof all features and options are subject to modification without notice. Should further information berequired, contact Basler Electric ... Figure 17: Fall Time Characteristics 8.1 Driving Large IGBT Modules In order to achieve efficient and reliable operation of high current, high voltage IGBT modules, a gate driver with high pulse... required to drive the IGBT gate This current is directly proportional to the operating frequency and the total gate charge (QG) of the IGBT being driven With small IGBT modules and at low operating... the IGBT is off and low when the IGBT is on If the IGBT turns on into a short circuit, the high current will cause the collector-emitter voltage to rise above VTRIP even though the gate of the IGBT
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