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Ngày đăng: 27/02/2018, 18:22

Bài tập tham khảo tiếng anh lớp 7 bài tập bám sát nội dung trong SGK bao gồm các phần cơ bản như Verb Tense và Word Form. Các câu trắc nghiệm nằm trong nội dung các bài đọc trong sách. Học sinh dễ dàng làm bài tập và ghi nhớ nội dung bài học. BÀI TẬP THAM KHẢO TIẾNG ANH (Unit9-10-11) I MULTIPLE CHOICE (2ms) She learned how _ a sewing machine last month A use B using C uses D to use I live far from my friends but we still keep touch by chatting every day A in B on C at D with Mrs Robinson bought a _ and put it on the wall A earing B poster C caps D gift They saw sharks, _ and turtles in the aquarium A dolphins B dogs C cats D whales Mrs Mai bought the and made the dress for me A machine B cushion C souvenir D material There is meat in the box now A many B a few C a little D lots She talked to her friends her vacation in DaNang city A in B with C about D for I _ to the zoo last Saturday A goes B went C is going D will go II VERB TENSE (4ms) My mother (buy) me a dictionary last week Do you want (have) _ hamburger for breakfast? The old people often (do) _ exercise every morning I like (solve) _ mysteries very much She (not, stay) _ in Hue on her last vacation My best friend (come) to visit me next Sunday They (be) very busy yesterday It took my mother 45 minutes (go) to work by bus III WORD FORM (4ms) My Khe beach is one of the most _ beaches in the world (beauty) My aunt can use sewing machine very well because she is a _ (dress) I love watching the _ little fish in the aquarium (color) Ms Nga takes care of people’s hair She is a (hair) This book has many information (use) I didn’t my _ exam well because I didn’t study hard (finally) Vietnamese people are very _ (friend) There is a hospital, a park, a cinema… in my (neighbor) The End
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