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Alan Barker How to Write an Essay How to Write an Essay 1st edition © 2013 Alan Barker & ISBN 978-87-403-0571-5 How to Write an Essay Contents Contents About the author Introduction Why write essays? 10 1.1 Your reasons for writing 11 1.2 What your tutor is looking for 14 1.3 he real reason for writing a good essay 16 What is an essay? 18 2.1 he three deining features of an essay 19 2.2 Joining the academic conversation 26 We not reinvent the wheel we reinvent light Fascinating lighting offers an ininite spectrum of possibilities: Innovative technologies and new markets provide both opportunities and challenges An environment in which your expertise is in high demand Enjoy the supportive working atmosphere within our global group and beneit from international career paths Implement sustainable ideas in close cooperation with other specialists and contribute to inluencing our future Come and join us in reinventing light every day Light is OSRAM How to Write an Essay Contents Get going! 28 3.1 Procrastination: the art of putting it of 29 3.2 Getting to grips with writing 31 3.3 Getting to grips with study 35 3.4 Essay writing in three stages: plan; drat; edit 37 Answering the question 40 4.1 Understanding the question 41 4.2 Creating a thesis statement 52 Constructing an outline 71 5.1 Creating a frame of reference 73 5.2 Supporting your thesis statement: building a pyramid 74 Drating 81 6.1 From head to page: ten tips for drating more easily 83 6.2 Illustrating, citing and quoting (and avoiding plagiarism) 85 6.3 Grabbing the reader’s attention: the introduction 92 6.4 Ending well: writing the conclusion 98 360° thinking Discover the truth at © Deloitte & Touche LLP and affiliated entities
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