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This is a useful guide for practice full problems of english, you can easy to learn and understand all of issues of related english full problems.The more you study, the more you like it for sure because if its values. New О Upper-lntermediate Ш Teacher'sBook АnneConybeare, SimonBetterton - i:ry Gudeand JayneWildman oхFoRD IJNIYЕRsITY PRЕss lntroduсtion Bookсontеnts Student,s T Povyrrfurit*lаgrеs XаtrлrаrneаGtiotts Lеt'srevisеUnits1 and key tlаnd Я ltrИoixtgу zf, firediаntаtlters Let'srevisеUnits3 and key stories Succ{s,ff Е aTуrster7;аxtdirrlаgrinutiorl 49 Let'sreviseUnits5 and key fuet's rive 3tтto tlte а rittra s:x*rtllawx, Let'srevisеUnits7 and key AГ r:, Yfrsdorrтаndkmowredge bividrdlaуrаrtiee Let'sreviseUnits9 and 10 kеy blе aсtivities Photoсopia bIeaсtivitiesTeaсher'snotеs Photoсopia Workbookanswеrkеy 74 learners l,,|аtriх IJpper-lntermеd iаtе prеpаrеsseсondary sсhooI lt is a flexiblе forthеirsсhoo|-lеaving еxаminations whiсhсаn bе сomplеtеdin onе sсhoolуеarbygroups of З_4 hoursof ngon еithera regularprogrammе pеrwееkor an еxtеndedprogrаmmе of 5_6hours 'ш ееK rse Componеnts йNafrlx сomprisеs: Stшdеnt's Book Ш'оrkbook Теасhеr's Book [л,ursеТеsts ]Пшo СIаssСassеttеs / CDs 's Book units.A typiсaI Mv Mаtriхlhеrеaretenthеmе-rе|atеd in thе studеnt'sbookсonsistsof thеfol|owing: rеаding ffil.аmmаr Шstепing andspeaking lrпiing praсtisegrammаr Ш|rt.s prасtiseski||s ШLmЪ lоrd fосus fuhurеfoсusor Rеadingfоr plеasurе rеvisеpagesfеatureаftеrеverysесondunit Thisis is a Grammarreferеnсeon pаgеs1з4_140 units to thе rеlеvant throughout voсabu|ary lUordlistis on сontains with itsphonetiс word appеars in the units.Еaсh iption,itsсIassifiсation asa partоf spеeсhanda full of thеwordin litionsupported' if neсеssary, byan еxamp|е lt аIsogivеsdеtаilsof p|urals, andoppositеs сomparаtivеs book praсtisеs Book: rеvises, and еxtеndsfromthе Student's rdl.lе voсabulаry foсusof еaсhunil and Ianguagе пеаding skiIls t,nсtional Ianguagе еxеrсisеs шш"iting skiIls mаm training s Book Теасhеr's Booki nс|udеs: Studеnt,s BookсontentsIist t]lеr,s Book in thе Studеnt's tо аll еxеrсisеs ]xrапsсripts оf all rесordings rоrkbоok kеy detaiIеdsuggеstions on howto approaсhthе Studеnt's Bookaсtivities optiona| асtivitiеs idеas аnd rеvision Сu|turеnotеsand Languagе noteson the еxеrсises photoсopiablе matеrials CourseТеsts Тherеаre ten NeyyMаtriхСoursеТеsts,and two ProgrеssТеsts - onеaftеrUnit5,andthеothеraftеrUnit10 Rationale NеulМаtriха||owsstudеntsto dеvеlopthеirskil|sand bothfor еxamsand for usein |ifе |anguagе prеsеntation Language аnd praсtiсееxplorесommonlу of probIеm and tensеs.Тhесontrasting сonfusеdstruсturеs of arеаsallowsstudеntsto rеflесton thеirunderstanding andto sееit fа|Iintop|aсе Еng|ish аndwithinеaсhsесtionthеtopiс Тhеunitsarеthеmе-rеIatеd is |ookedat froma diffеrеntang|e.Тhisvariеtyеnsurеsthаt wiIIbе ablеto findаn aspесtof thetopiсwhiсhis a|lstudеnts аnd motivating еngaging Flexibility to еnsureit worksеqua||y NewMatriхhasbееnstruсturеd groupstakingextеndеd|anguаgе wе||for mixеd-abiIity ,or (5_6hoursa wееk) rеgulаrprogrammеs programmеs (3_4hours) Teaсhеrs сantailorthе сoursеto thеir studеnts'nееds: Let'spraсtisegrammar'Lеt'spraсtiseskills, Lеt'srevisе and Wordfoсusсаn bе sеtfor homеwork(rеgular programmе) programmе) ln or usеdin сlаss(еxtеndеd groups'thеsееxerсisеs сan bе donеin thе mixed-abiIitу Iessonbу fastfinishers CuIturefoсusсan bе usеdas a basisfor projесts(еxtended programme) Readingfor pIeasureсan bе usеdin с|assor at homе optionalасtivitiesin thеTеасhеr's Bookсan bе usеdfor fastfinishеrsоr to provideextrapraсtiсе Methodology within workin NewMаtriхis prеsеntеd А|lskillsand languаgе to mеaningfuI whiсhwiIIhеlpthеstudеnts с|ear, сontехts thе languаgе undеrstand Warm-up Bookssuggеst and Теaсher's Boththе Student's prеparatory beсausе important Тhеsе асtivitiеs arе асtivitiеs thе studеnts' thеvaсtivаtеand а|lowthеteaсhеrto assеss thеmin thе know|еdgе of thеtopiсandеngagе еxisting languagеlearning proсess pair for individua|' mаnagеment suggеstions ТhесIаssroom whiсhwilI andgroupworkbringvariеtуto thе lеssons, and wil|саterfor a еnсouragemotivаtionand соnсentration sty|еs rangеof |еarning (D Тime to tаlk!,Soundbitеs, Quiсkfillersand optional aсtivitiesarе.floating'aсtivities, whiсhсan be usedat any pointto сhаngethе pасеand foсusof thе |еssonor to providеa bridgеbеtwеenасtivitiеs NеwMаtriхprovidеsa rаngеof follow-upаnd revision aсtivitiеs in the Studеnt's аnd Теaсher's Bookswhiсhhelp studеntsto rеmembеrand aсtivаtеwhаttheyhаvе|еаrned lt is importantthatstudеntstakеаn aсtivеpartin suсh асtivitiеs if thеyarеto benefitfromthe proсessof rесyс|ing аndсonsolidation Еxamtasksand training NewМаtriхdevе|ops thе fourmainskillswithinan еxam сonteхt.Examtrainingboxesfeaturеthroughout thе Studеnt's Book'offеringstudеntsаdviсeon howto approaсh partiсu|аr еxаmtаsks.Тhе Examtrаiningboxеsarеalways dirесt|yIinkеdto a taskstudentsаreaboutto thеmse|ves Тhе praсtiсaI adviсеhelpsstudentsdеvе|opbothstudyskills and examination tесhniques Тhе boxеsoffеrаdviсеon the following: Reading Тruе/ fa|sеquestions, skimreading, sсаnning, mu|tiplесhoiсеquеstions, matсhing information, mаtсhing headings Listening Тruе/ faIsequestions, identifying statеments, notе-taking, mu|tiplеmatсhing, сomp|еting sentenсеs, ordering informаtion Writing Presenting data,avoidingrepеtition, makingwritingmorе intеresting, timingwriting,writingfor а spесifiсаudiеnсe, inсludingа||the nесessary informаtion, lookingat bothsidеs of аn argumеnt, writingeffeсtive|y by p|аnningwе||, сhoosingkеyi nformation Speаking givingа prеsentation, Ro|ep|аys, usingfilIers Reading |n NewMаtriх,studеntsrеаda vаrietyof textsinс|uding artiсlеsof gеneraland sсiеntifiсintеrеst, rеports,literary еXtraсts, аnd shortstoriеs.Students developrеadingskil|s suсhаs skimreading, sсanning, andantiсipating сontent, so thаtthеyhand|ediffеrеnttypеsof readingtеxtsсonfidently ТhеReadingseсtionсovеrsа||thе examreadingtasktypes: insеrting missing sеntеnсeS, mu|tiple сhoiсеаndtruе/ fа|se questions, and mаtсhing information VoсabuIarywork ЕaсhReadingsесtionсontainsеxtensivе voсabularywork bаsedon thе rеadingtеxtinput.Еxеrсises foсuson the meanings and usageof adjесtivеs, adverbs, nouns, prеpositions сolloсations, and phrasalvеrbs.Furtherprасtiсе is offerеdbythе rеlevantеxеrсisеs in thе Wordfoсusseсtions (o NеwMаtriхvoсabu|arу exеrсisеs arеdesignеdto be usеd immediate|y afterreadingthe maintеxt.By usingthewords straightаwayin сontextsthatsupportthe mеаning,students' know|edgе of thе new itеmis rеinforсеd Withoutdе|ay.To help studentsrеtainvoсаbulary, teaсhеrsshouldenсourаge themto usеthe wordsin sentenсеs of theirown and to rесordthe wordsin a voсаbulаrynotеbook.Тeасhеrs саna|sodevisea quiсkvoсabularytеstat thе beginningof the nеxtlessonto seе how mаnywordsstudentshaveremеmbеred Speсiаl |eotures Time to talk! Тhеidеasin thesеboxеsarea stimu|ating wayof enсouraging studеntsto reaсtto thе tехtby expressing thеirown idеasand opinions, andаrеexсеl|еnt preparаtion fororalexamtasks Тhеstаtements in thе boxareoftеnсontradiсoryand students areaskedwhiсhtheyagreеor disаgrее withandwhy;thus skil|ssuсhas negotiаting, аnd prеsеnting andjustifying opinionsarеpraсtisеd Тimeto talk!is a floating'асtivity: it саnbe usеdat аnypoint in thе |еsson whеrean oraIaсivityis appropriatе |tis highly еffесtivе if donein pairsor smаlIgroupsаndthе rеsu|ts сomparedwiththe restof thесlassat thееndof thеdisсussion Grammar ТheGrammarseсtionspresеntand praсtisegrаmmаrin с|еаr сontexts Thеstruсturеs arе prеsеntеd througheithеra short rеadingor listеning textin whiсhthе grammaris used naturа|ly TheGrаmmarсheсkboxesallowfor induсtive teaсhing.Thеrearеa|soа widerangeof еxеrсises fromthosе providingсontro||еd dеduсtivеpraсtiсеto thosеwhiсh providefreеrprасtiсe Tеaсhers саnworkthroughthе еxеrсisеs as appropriate, dependingon thе levе|of thе с|аss andtimeavai|аblе Let's aсtivate! Тhisасtivityis designedto ensurеthatstudеntsmakeaсtivе usеof the grammartheyhаvеstudiedin thе preсеding seсtion.Тheemphasisis on oraIwork,аIthoughthеrеis also sсopеfor furtherwrittenprасtiсe Тheseасtivitiеs аrеfor pairsor sma|lgroupsand сan be done in the fo||owing lessonas a rеvisionехerсisе Listeningand speaking 0raIandauralworkhasa highprofi|e in NеwMаtriх,with intеgrаtеd еxеrсises in aIlseсtions ThеListening аnd provide speaking sесtions intensivе foсuson thеsеskiIIs Listening skilts Q Studentslistеnto a rangeof differеntreсorded texts, inсludingrаdio announсеments, taIks,te|еphone сonversations, interviews, and reсordеdmеssаges Thеtaskspraсtisеlistеningfor bothspeсifiсand gеneraI information, as we|las a widerangeof еxamlisteningtasks, inс|uding note-taking, mu|tiple-сhoiсe quеstions, matсhing, аnd idеntifying truе/fa|sе statеmеnts Examtrainingboxes givеstudеntsаdviсeon howto approасhthesеtasks bеttеrpronunсiation J.е еnсouragеd to dеvе|op word sounds, individuаI :sks suсhas idеntifying гпatсhing flIr''.r.] soundsto spe|Iing hl feotures in Units2, seсtions *тc оf thе Listеning andspеaking " ] :hеrеis а songwithgеnеra|quеstions for studеnts ]-hеwordsof thе songаrе rеlаtеdto thеthemеof andstudеntsarе invitеdto rеасtto thе wordsand thatstudеnts ;Lгоpinionaboutthе is impоrtant ir* thеуhavеto ana|ysеevеrywordof thе songto bе Thеfoсusof Soundbitеsis lг iеrstаnditsmеssagе l mеssagе of thе songand howstudеntsreaсtto it, t]Jllтш in сomprеhension аn еxеrсisе skills to dеvеlop :sеsin thispartof thе unitarеdеsignеd is sесtion of thе Thе thеmе :l аnd сonfidеnсе to dеve|opfluеnсуby aпdstudеntsareеnсouragеd photos,ro|еp|ay, suсhas dеsсribing щс in асtivitiеs simu|аtions dеbatеs, s"prob|еm.solvi ng aсtivitiеs, givе on adviсe studеnts tгаiningboxеs E somеof thеsеspеаkingtasksin еxams g эfitсtiсe in monoIinguaI importanсе is of partiсulаr to usеthе fеw opportunitiеs studеnts havе 'rш-еrе a сuIturе way of devеloping :цtsidеthе Iesson onе group work is to usеpairor аnguаgе usеin |еssons possibIe, is spokеn onlуEngIish that,whеnеvеr 5г]Uрor pairworkthetеaсhеrсanmonitorby "э'nd thесlаssroom to thеstudеnts listеning саn bе hе|pсаnbеgivеnandgеnеralprob|еms shouId Tеaсhеrs r аnd dеa|twithаftеrthе асtivity in thе to usеthеvoсаbuIаrv щэthеirstudents of usefulphrаsеs boхеsto еxpandtheirrepеrtoire feotures boхеs provideехаmpIеs hrшц.еs of usеfulphrasеsand еrprеssions whiсhstudentsсan usеto improvеthеir arеfrеquеntly Studеnts a.d сonfidеnсe in Еnglish thе thev havе :асk to thеsеboхеsso that n to praсtisеand aсtivаtеthе lаnguagе ltg skiIIs :i thissесtionis to bUildup studеnts'writing тhеmawarеof differеntsty|esand registеrsthеy 'ттtаl*.е I]tffiP* workwith mode|sand build to usе.Studеnts а taskbеforесheсkingthеir illltowаrdsсompIeting sесtionсovеrsa widеvariеtyof еxamwritingtask ПГ'i]:' |еttеrs,and сompositions Jd i ng mеssagеs, Speсiаl leotures steps to bettеr writing lеadstudеntsintothе mainwritingtaskbу Тhеsеaсtivitiеs lt is important grаmmarаndvoсabuIary on rеlеvant foсusing to spеndsomеtimе studyingthе samplеwrittеntеxtsso that to studеntshavеа с|еаridеaof whatthеyarееxpесtеd or donе produсе ТhеwritingtaskсouIdbе sеtfor homеwork group writing idеas fоr in сlаss.ln somеunitsthеrеаrе сan Usеthе Сheсkingidеasto hе|pthem rеаd Studеnts throughthеirworkwitha morесritiсalеyе Let,spraсtisеgrammar Тhisseсtionrеvisеsand еxtеndswhatstudеntshavеIeаrnеd of thе unitandсаnbe usеdfоr: in thеGrammarseсtions additiona| praсtiсеfor ехtеndеdprogrammes сIassroom homеworkfor studentsstudyingfor fеwerhoursa wееk еxеrсisеs forfastfinishеrs Let's practiseskills Тhisseсtionrеvisesand еxtеndswhatstudеntshаveIеarned in thе Rеading,Listеningand speakingand Writingsесtions of the unitаnd саnbе usedfor: additionaI сlаssroompraсtiсefor еxtеndеdprogrammеs homеworkfor studеntsstudyingforfеwеrhoursa wеek еxеrсisеs forfastfinishеrs Word foсus work Тhеsеpagеsprovidеadditionalpraсtiсеand еxtеnsion саn bе fеaturеdin thе units.Тhеsеасtivitiеs on voсabu|ary usedeitherin с|assor sеtas homеwоrk.In mixedаbility thеусanaIsobе doneby fastfinishеrs с|assеs Culture foсus on an aspесtof Iifein an Тhеsepagеsprovidеinformation is givenin thе Тhe informаtion Еng|ish-spеaking сountry' tаsks formof еithеronе longor a numbеrof shorter givestudеntsthe opportunity to makесross-сu|turaI Aсtivities Withtheirown сountrу сomparisоns Rеadingfor pleasure to rеad Тhеsepagesprovidеstudеntswiththe opportunity textsof diffеrеntstylеsаnd genres:еxtraсtsfrom short storiеs,novеls,and a poеm.Тhetextsсan bе usеdеithеras Thеyarе rесordеd outsidес|assrеadingor as с|assaсtivitiеs сhесkingstudеnts, by ехеrсisеs and arеассompaniеd to forstudents Тherеarеa|soopportunities undеrstanding rеосfioлs sесtion rеасtto thе tеxtint.heYour Let's revise Тhеsеseсtionsappеarаfterevеrytwo units.Тhеyrеvisе сan usе matеriаIIearnеdin the previoustwo units.Tеaсhers сhесkfor homеwork'or in сIаssas extra thеmas a progrеss rеvisionaсtivitiеs (D l Powеrftlriпtаgеs Nаtura|imаges Examtraining:skimrеading Ехamtraining: 5саnnin8 V: ТhenaturаI wor|d, Еvo|ution Suffiхes аndprefixеs R: |l|аtсhin8 heаdlines z Nаt.'гаItеact'ъ'Ds Hаppiness Exаmtlаinin8:|иаtсhing Y: Ехprеssiпgfее|ings Wordsthatgoto8еther R: |\4atсhing sUmmariеs pеrfесt Present simpIe аndpаstsimplе; perfесt Presеnt s;mp|e аndсontinuous; perfесt Present Withwhen,it',until L: Differentwor|ds- persona| еxpеrienсе Examtraining:0rderinginformаtion Examtraining:Тruеor fa|sеquestions s: Disсussion _ g|obаlisation 5timuIus-bаsеd disсussion SongiOneviion z0 16 3Ahelpingltаtld Тhе nаturаIwodd Еxamtrаining:Truеor fаIsеquestions V: Gptivityаndfreеdom R: Truеorfа|sе questions }rediа,',аx1tеJs тhе tloublеwithw Еxаmtrainiпg:|\4ultip|е quеstions сhоiсе v; ry andrаdio R: МU|tiplе-сhoiсе qUestions 30 Rе|аtiVе аndnounс|аuses 42 5srrссе.ss gtoriеs 6}''7sсer'.а,,d ilttаgittасioll 7lk1t.sI'veаllctПe! Pa8е8z l'r1to с', е 't, k',.D'w,' Outof India Examt]aining:Тrueor fа|sequеstions V: tiIm-mаking R: Trueor fа|se quеstions Nаrrаtivе tenses: Pаstsimp|е, pаstсontinuoUs, pаstpеrfedsimp|е аndсontinuous Аdvеrbсlаusеs 56 58 тhе маrу сеlеstе Examtrаining:|\4u|tiplе-сhoiсе questlons v: Mуstеry аndimаginаtion R: |v|U|tip|е-сhoiсе qUestions Pastmodals Logiса| exрlanations 68 70 Extrеmеspo]ts Examtraining:|\4аtсhing hеadings v: Leisurе aсtivitiеs Spеed andmovement R: |\4аtсhing heаdings 82 Тhеpassivе СausaIlve hаvе/gеt Nightlishts v: Environmеntа| issuеs VеrbsWithnegаtive meаning R: Reаding forspесifiсinformаtiоn L Photographiс imаgеs_а taIk Yes/nо 5tаtеmеnts Exаmtraining:Notеtakin8 P: Wordstrеss 5: Ro|еp|ay_jobs _ imаge StimuIus-based disсussion I L: Rеs(uе- rаdioprogrаmme EхpressIons P: Wеаkformwords Examt]aining:|\,,1ultiplе сhoiсequestions Ехamtraining:Givingа prеsеntаtion S: Problem-solving, Roleplay Givin8а shortpresеntаtion 34 L The powеrof the prеss_ opinions P: Usin8stress formeаnin8 Exаmt]aining:|\4Uhiplе mаtсhin8 Еxamtraining:Speаking tо аn audienсе _ themediа 5: Stimu|us-based disсussion Disсussion 46 _ interview L Bеаtingthe steleotуpеs ] P: Vowеisounds Examtrаining:ldеntifуing stаtements the5реаk Examtraining:Usingfil|еrs S: Usingtil|eв A shortpresеntаtion SongzMonеу,monеу,monеу 60 L: Sсienсefiсtion* interviеw P: Sounds аndspе|Iing Examtrаining;сompIetin8 sеntenсes 5: Еxpressing fee|ings andopinions 5uggеsting eхpIаnations _ spасеехpIorаtio StimuIus.bаsed disсussion 72 _ phonеоlI L: LondonLаndmarks Undеrstаnding аnnounсеments s:Sayingwhiсhyouprеfer Stimulus.bаsed disсussiontourism u Wаys of taIking аboutthefuturе Examtraining:Еxtrawords L: Po|esapart!_ сhаtshow P: Homophones Homonyms s: speсU|аting Prioritising lntеrprеting headIines 94 96 9VlЪdoltlаttd kт'owlеdge visuаlconсepts V: Understanding R: |v]аtсhing desсriptions ТhirdсonditionаI Wishes апdrе8rеts [: Goodfor the brain_ rаdioprogrаmme P: si|entlettеrs S: Brаinstorming а presеntаtion Givingа presentаtion 108 loDi|'ldedIoуrаrtles 110 112 LoveсonquersaIl V: Love Usesof mаkе Mаsсulinе аndfeminine nouns R: |\4u|tip|е-сhoiсe questions L: optingout_ persona| еxpеriеnсe ldioms Pi Vowelsounds Exаmtrаining:Ro|еpIаy S: Ro|еpIау'а deсision songi Mеmorу 120 124 с = с u I tu ] e f o с u s ' L = l i st еn in g,R=Reа din g,s= spea kin g'v= vocab ulаry, P=Pronunсiаtion rерetition iц: Avoiding r-щ: МаkingyourWritin8more r ]пformаI|ette]and notеs m totlапd ti-щ: lnс|uding a|lthеneсesяrу a dсsс]iptionof an еvenl ]]р yourwriting tiпiщ: Timing a еssaуацuing for and agаins| liriпgl at bothsidesof аn Looking tаiпing: Writing effeсtivе|y Grammal perfeсt Prеsеnt simpIеаndpаstsimp|е; iJ,until: Withууhеn, Prеsent рerfeсt perfeсt simpteandсоntinuous Prеsеnt Skills Rеаding / Writing / Listеning 12 Verbsandprеpositions prefixes Nеgаtivе Wordbuilding vеrbs Phrаsа| Gnmmal Gеrund or infinitivе Skills speаking / Listening / Writing feelings Ехpressing Usingadverbs twopointsof viеw Еxpressing 24 26 Grammаr Hаbits Skills Rеаding / Writing / Listening Wordbuilding prob|еms Еnvironmentаl withJessand,// Аdjесtivеs Wordsthаtg0togеthеr 38 40 Grammа] andnounсIаusеs Relаtivе Skills Rеаding / Writin8 / Listening meanings Vеrbswithdifferent NеW5раpers TVprogrаmmеs 5{) 52 Grammal tеnsеs: Pаstsimplе,pаstсontinUous, Nаrrаtive pastpеrfeсt аndсontinuous simpIе Advеrbсlаusеs Skills Spеаking / Writing / Listening Wordbuilding verbs PhrаsaI Prepositions Wordsthatgotogеthеr jobs andquа|itiеs nееdеd in different SkiIIs 64 66 G]аmma] Pаstmodа|s ехp|аnations Logiсal Skills Listening / Rеading / Writing Prepositions TherightvеrЬ Words withopposite meаnings 0rderof аdjесivеs 76 78 informаtion taining:HighIighting dаta Еаining:Prеsenting R: ThеLi|eot Pi byYаnnМаrtе|| R: тhе тhi|tу.ninеstepsbуJohnBuсhаn C: Youngpeop|еand the media Rz TheЯoundMoсhinebyRoаIdDаh| Wordsthаtgotogether withhсve Еxpressions Adjeсives Prеpositions Wordbuilding 92 с тh€ вritishand their сав Grammar Waysof tа|king аboutthefuturе 5kills Writing / Rеading Homonyms ThеrightWords byRауBrаdbury * Fohrеnhеit451 102 '104 Grammal ThirdсonditionаI аndregrets Wishеs skilЬ Rеаding / Writing / Listening 116 Wordbuilding PhrаЙ|vеrbsWithrake Prepositions Wordsthаtgotogеthеr Grammar spеeсh Reрortеd skilЬ Lьtеnin8 / Writing ldioms Prepositions Wordsthаtgotogеthеr withлake Ехprеssions 128 130 Grammar Pаssive hоvе/get tаiпing;Тhinking аboutyourintended Сausa|ivе skills Rеadin8 / Listеning / Writing 90 а щrsonаIstatеmеntаnd |еttеr 14 118 Rz fheСhorgeoIthеLightBigаde bvAI{red LordТеnnvюn ь in magаzinеs Humаnbеings on TV,аt thесinеmа, аndnaturе Nо,tо fromthеirеnеmiеs To proteсtthеmsеlvеs hidеthеmsеIvеs in оrderto attасk' З Тhiсkpiесеs оf hаrdbonеwhiсhforma shеl|аround itsbody.Hеdgеhog matеsаndgеt thеmtо appеа| to potеntiaI |tа||ows аhеаdof theirrivaIs аndnаturе |nwiIdIifе See Unit summarуon Contentspages6.7 Nаturаl imаgеs SBpages4_5 Askstudеnts to Iookаt thе piсturеs on pаgеs4 and Writе somеprompts on thе boаrdto hе|pstudеnts taIkаboutthе pеoplеin thepiсturеs, forеxаmp|е: job eаrnings whеrеlivе/ work? Iike hоte Askthеmto thinkof adjeсtivеs to dеsсribе thеimages thе pеоp|е Wаntto show.Putstudеnts intopаirstо disсuss thе quеstion Askpаirsto sharеthеiridеaswiththесlass Reading ski||in аnу Askthеmfоr ехamp|еs of оссаsiоns lаnguage whеnthеy mightskim rеad|dесidiпgwhiсhquеstiвnsto onswerin аn а bоak,ехрloringа websitе) eхаm,сhoоsing Students skimrеаdthеtеXtаnddесidеwhiсhhеаdings arе bеst.Givеthеmа timе|imit,forеxаmp|е, thrееminutеs Rеmindthеmthatthеуdo nothavеtо undеrstand еvеry word.Studеnts сhесkthеirаnswеrs in oairs.Сheсkthе answеrs withthес|аss 9т l с v.аrlrlv + d Aрpeа| еlnvisibi|ity bSаfеty а lnspirаtion groups disсuss thеquеstion in pairsor sma|| Studеnts Pairs/ groupssharеthеirtitIеs withthес|ass AsktheсIаss to dесidеwhiсhis thеbеsttit|е.|tshouldrеfIесt thеthеmеof wаy in whiсh humans thеartiс|e thе havеborrowеd - аndmаkеtheartiсlеsoundintеrеsting imagеsin naturе Rеmindstudеnts thatsсаnning, likеskimrеading, is a Askthеmforехаmp|es usеfulskilIin аnyIanguаgе of whеnthеymightsсana teхI(findingint'ormаtion oссаsiоns in а teхtbook |or an essау,lookingаt о саtаlogueor wеbsitе somеthing thеуwаntto buу) Jor Givеstudеnts a timеIimit,forехamplе thrееminutеs, to thеquеstions sсаnthеtеxtandansWеr ТеIIstudents to savе timebуwriting thеiranswеrs in notеform.Studеnts сhесk thеiranswеrs in pairs.СhесktheаnsWеrs withtheс|ass Lаnguagenotеs stаndoutin thесrowd- bе notiсеаb|е gеtаhеоd- progrеss - trousеrsсovеrеdwith а trousеrs саmouflаgе /.kаеmэ.flс:3l pаttеrn originа|lу wornby of grееn,brownandbIaсkmarks, soIdiеrs' butnowaIsoa fashionitеm ш ]liШ цl rll шl ш il! { rl _ аndfashionаblо in fаКofur faКafuг сoaiьaremoгapopulаг thiа lаг9оl1 thаn onoь made of гoal iь iha гоэult of 9гitain fuг сafiPaignь l.rhоobjос.t to ihо кillingof b1 animаlГigh.ts gгOuPs, publiсoPinion аnimalь foг theiгьКinsаndfuг,influonсing optionаl aсtivitу Askstudеnts to imaginethatthеyhavebееninvitеdto a fanсydrеssbа|| Тhеyсаnсhoosе аnусostumе thеyIikе, amount fromanуpеriodin history, andhаvеаn unIimited Askthemto сhoosе a сostumе and of monеyto spend projесt? wаnt it.Whаtkindof imаgеdo thеу to dеsсribе in с|ass or asa Тhisсouldеitherbе doneаsаn orаIaсtivity сomоosition forhоmework The nаtural шorld skimrеаdthetextаgainto findthеwordsin Studеnts TеIIthеmto undеr|inе themastheyfindthem.Put itaIiсs intopаirs.Te||thеmto lookat the сonteхtin studеnts whiсhthеwordsаrеusedto he|pthеmwiththеmеanings Pаirsshаrеthеirеxp|аnations withthесlass o- dеvеlopеd itsown look- еvolvеdin a uniquеwаy _ usingnаtura| surroundings to disguisе саmouf|аgе onеsе|f оvеrthеskin сoat_ соvеring bе notiсеаbIе standout in thесrowd- bе diffеrеnt, hаndsomе аttrасt_ bе plеаsIngu - сommuniсаtеs mеssаgе sеndsout a vеryimportаnt information impoгtаnt с|othing аrmour_ prоtесtivе itеms,sty|е fashion_ с|othing in pаirs.Те|lthеm thatin some Studеnts theеxеrсisе wordswhiсharеVery саsеsthеуnееdto сhoosеbеtwееn At this|еvеI thеyshouIdbе devеloping simiIar in meaning bеtwееn wоrds distinсtions thеаbilityto makesubt|е withthесIаss Сhесktheаnswеrs vаriеw spесiеs protесt prеу gеtаhеаd fi I { Voсabulary o-1 { еvоlvе hidе predator attraсt il { notеs g * quiскtillеrt - vеrysimi|arin meaning; fr;''уersitу еmphаsises divеrsitу groups studеnts intosmalI Те|| thеmto brainstorm t пivide nсе5аmongthеthingsbeingta|kеd abоut othеr аdjесtivеs -t'ul -lеssandl or with thе suffixеs aлd gooеаlto- attraсtemphasisеs appеaranсе, аppeоlto othеradjесtivеs withthe prefixes un.,im andinfее|ings Youсouldturnthisintoа сompеtition thесIаss by dividing intotеams'Givеthеmа timеIimit.Тheteamwhiсhthinks of thе mostсorrесtаdjесtivеs wins* buttheуmustknow ffiшtшшепts thе еxеrсise on theirown and thenсоmparе I thеmеanings of аI|of thеm! |*1tтшtг:аnswеrs in pаirs.Сhесkthеanswеrs withthесIass ! Nесt Тimеto talkt ш|vе рvidе ашЕ{t mаtе Тhiseхеrсisе сan bе usеdat any pointin thе lеssonwherеуou wаntto еnсourаgе thеstudents to rеaсtto thеtopiсof thеtеxt and nееdan ora|/ disсussion асtivity Askstudеnts to rеadthеstаtеmеnts Givеthеmabouttwo minutеsto notеdowntheirrеsponsеs Dividеthеmintopairs or smaIIgroUpsof fouror fivеto disсuss Pairs thеirrеsponsеs or groupssharеthеiropinions withthесlass Сantheythinkof anysayings аboutbeautyin thеirIanguage? ArethеysimiIar or different in mеaningfromthеsеexamp|еs? шшJшPпts thееxеrсisе with in pairs.Сheсkthе answers tllfifu rаss * Quiсkfillеrl Askstudеnts to dеsсribе somеthingsthаttheythinkаrе beautifu l and pгоfixоs $rшldеf.lts thе eхеrсisеin oаirs.Askthеmto write ilШhdшю.паry (i.е.as сonсisеandaссurate dеfinitions' as of to thе words Point out that thеy mаy bе abIе mпi]шbiе mm.шhr morеthanonеаdiесtivе fromеaсhnoun.Сheсkthe шшпш0шrf5 withthe сlass l:in!l ,i,!l;i tswriteoppositеs in pairsor on thеirown.Тe||thеm tllшt dшas mаnyаs thеyсаnwithoutusingdiсtionaries rшttфrnts саnthenusеmono|inguaI diсtionаriеs to сhесk ,шпIttil' lпеаnings thеyarеunsureof andwritеtheoppositеs e:::;1 Askstudеnts, working in smа|lgroups, to thinkof advеrtisеmеnts thеyhаvеsееnrесеnt|y, еitheron tеIеvision or in nеwspapеrs (А|tеrnative|y, you and magazinеs аndthе students сouIdbringsomеаdvеrtisemеnts fromnеwspapеrs аnd magazines to с|аss.) Askstudents to аnаlуsеthe advеrtisеmеnts undеrthеfolIowing headings: Produсt lmagе Mеssage air freshеner woodin springtimе t'resh,сlеоn,nаturаl Groups sharetheiridеаswiththес|аss Grammir sвpages G-7 } Grаmmаrrеfеrеnсе:SB pagе134 Presеntperfeсtsimpleand pastsimplе QuiсК quiz Studеnts thеехеrсisе on thеirownand dесidеwhiсh sеntеnсes arеinсorreсt witha Students сhесkthеirаnswеrs partnеr'S Те|lthеmto disсuss whythеsentеnсes thеyсhosе areinсorrесt Сhесkthе answers withthе сlаss.Еnсourаgе studеnts to giverеasons fortheiranswеrs (D Start a business you wouId Workin smallgroupsand disсusswhiсhonе of thеsebusinessеs up likе to start prompts to thеquestion to heIpyoupIanуourbusinеss Deсidethеanswers аn advеrtforthеjob and putit on displayin theсIass Produсе youwouldapp|yfor Сhoosеwhiсhof thеjobsadvеrtisеd o A rеstаurant Whatfood?Whatstylе?ЕxpеnsivеZ Whеrе?Rеntеd/ boughtpropеrty? Whoworksthеrе?Whatwаgеs?Whаt Musiс?Whathours? typеof сliеntеlе? A shop Whаtdo yousеl|?Whеrе?Rеntеd / boughtpropеrty? Whoworksthеrе? Whаtwаgеs?Whаthours7 a An lntеrnеtwеbsitе Rеntеd/ Whеrеfrom? Whatsеrviсе? Whofor?Whаt boughtеquipmеnt? @ ш.* MаtriхUppeг|ntermediatе A сlеаningсompаny Clеаnwhаt?Whеrе?Whoarеyour Rеntеd сliеnts? / boughtеquipmе n t? Whoworksthеrе?Whatwаgеs? @ oxford Univеrsityи"'' ll@il Arеa planning Team A Piсturе Тhе A partof yourtown is goingto be rеdevеloped Thе other remain to are сhurсhand a library buildingsаrе to be redevelopеd You wouIdlikе thе areato bе usedfor and leisure.Whiсhof thеsefасilities еntertаinmеnt you inсludeand whеrewouldthеy be? would с inеm а thеаtrе rеstaurants сafёs m Usеum sportsfaсiIitiеs buskersor Deсidеif you will allowstrееt-sellers, Wouldyou provide othеrstreеtеntertainmеnt parkingfaсilitiеs? Join with TеamB and disсussyour plans.You must сometo an agreementаbouthowthe аreawill be redeveloped Team B The A partof yourtown is goingto be redevelopеd othеr Тhе remain are to library сhurсhand a buildingsаre to be rеdevе|opеd Youwouldlikethe areato be usеdfor eduсationand learningfor the generalpubliс.Whiсhof thesе fасilitiеswouldyou inсludеаnd wherewouldtheybe? еxpandеd Iibrаrу сolIegе forаdultIеarning сommUniсations (еmai|, Intеrnеt, fасilitiеs printing) fax, m useum businеss univеrsity seсondary sсhool Deсideif you will provideany food sеrviсesor сar parking?Whatwi|l the openareain thе squarеbe usedfor? Join with TеamA and disсussyour plans.You must сometo an agreementаbouthowthе areаwill be rеdеvеlopеd @oxfoгdUnivеrsityP'"'' ll@llfl Piсturе2 ldl Nеw MatrixUрpеr-lntermеdiаtе @ What might have happened? StudentA StudentB Part Lookat piсturе,l AnswerStudеntB,squеstions Part Lookat piсture1 Ask StudentA thеsеquestions Whatсanуousееin thе piсture? Whatmighthаvе,musthоvеor саn,thаvе happеnеd? Howdаngerous is drivingor сyсling whеrе you Iivе? Howhеavi|y shouldсareIеss drivеrsbе punishеd? HavеyouеVеrIostyourtempеrin a situation Iikеthis? Part Lookat piсture2 Ask StudentB thеsеquestions Whatсanуousееin thе piсturе? Whаtmighthаvе,musthоvеor саn,thаvе happеnеd7 Whydo pеop|еrun,swimor сyс|е|ongdistаnсеs? HаvеyouеVеrtakеnpаrtin a longdistanсеrасe? Whаtwasit Iikе?0R WouIdyouIiketo?Why? Whynot? Piсturе Pafi Look at piсturе Answer Studentts quеstions Piсturе с.- м l а nЭl ф I ч \ gЬ Чq.- Oэ @ ш"* MаtrixUpper.lntermediаte @oxfoгdUnivеrsityP."'' ll@@l!Е Extremesports StudentA StudеntB You аrе studyingEnglishin the UK and are staying with an Englishfami|y.You havesеena poster advеrtising thе сhаnсеto try abseilingnеarthe townat the weеkend.You havеalwayswantеdto try abseiling You livе in thе UK and havеa Englishlanguagе studentstayingwith you who wantsto go abseiling аt the wееkend Еxp|ain to yourhostthatyouarеgoingto go absеiIing on Sаturdаy ЕxpIаin foryourguеst thatyoufее|rеsponsiblе аndthatyouсаnnota||owhim/ hеrtо takеpart offеrto phonethе organisеrs to findout how safеit is Dесidewhethеrto aссеptwhatуourhostsаysand offers " YoUareVеryworriedаboutthе ideаof him/ hеr absеiIing, howsafеit is espесiaIly Suggеst to a big a fаmiIyoutingat thеweеkеnd park themе with|otsof еxсiting rides Waitfor your рartnerto speakfirst You speakfirst @ oxfoгd University P'"'' New МаtriхUpper-lntermediаte @ At your serviсe StudentA Photo Part Lookat photo1 AnswerStudеntB,squestions Part Lookat photo2 Ask StudеntB thesequеstions Whаtсаnyousееin thе photo? Whуarеsеrviсеs Iikеthisin dеmand? Whatkindof pеrsonwouIdenjoythisjоb? WhatskiIIs yоunееdto thisjob? Shou|dpeop|е whodo thiskindof job еarnmore or |еssmonеy? Whatsеrviсes you usе? StudentB Photo Part Lookat photo1 Ask StudеntA thеsequestions Whаtсanyousееin thе photo? Howpopularis thissеrviсе in yourсountrу? СouIdуoudo anуof thesethingsforyoursе|f? Wouldyouеnjoythisjob?Why?Whynot? Howmuсhski||doеsa job Iikеthisnееd? Whatserviсеs уou usе? Part Lookat photo2 AnswеrStudеntA,squеstions @ ш"' MatriхUppеr-|ntermеdiate @ oxford Univеrsity p."'' ll@lЕ ts лЕ ig # s ! Survival food You are planninga 5-dayjourneynorthof the ArсtiсCirсIeon foot and haveto dесidе whatto takeWithyou.You сan takeas manythingsas you want but, bесаusеof slеepingbаgs,tents,etс,you сan only take kilosof food and drink in your ruсksасk Makenotesto сomparеwith othergroups Тhinkaboutthe sortof foodyou nееdin a сold сlimatеand whеndoinglotsof еxеrсise €""2; \ нAl^ }ъiiт6вi L" юog !) WW @ыч lllill ЕNЕR6y DRrNк IQWDЕR @ 250с l RIсЕ l @ @ 500q1 r*' lП lli WeтеPl Sis tl-\ Wiтевl St,g Compareyour list with anothеrgroup.Еxplainyour deсisions o oхford Univеrsityи"'' II@EEЕ NewMаtrixUpper-|ntermediate @ Charitiesand organisations StudеntA Student B Part Fаmiliаrisеyoursеlfwith the topiсand prepаreto presentit аnd disсussit with StudеntB Сhаritiеs shou|dnot bе nесеssary Govеrnmеnts shou|dpаyfor gоodсausеsthroughtaxеs.Towhаt extentdo уouagreewiththis? Part Familiariseyoursеlfwith thе topiсand prеpareto presentit and disсussit with StudentA GroupssuсhasAmnеsty InternаtionaI shou|dnot in a сountry's attеmptto interfere systemof justiсe Тowhatextentdo youagrееwiththis? Part AnswеrStudentB,squestionson thе topiс in Part Part2 Ask studеntA this question: shouldnot bе neсessary Сharities Governments shou|dpаyfor goodсausesthroughtаxes.Towhаt еxtentdo youаgreewiththis? Part Ask studentB this quеstion: GroupssuсhasAmnеsty lntеrnational shou|dnot attemptto intеrfеrе in a сountry's systеmof justiсе Towhateхtentdo youagrееwiththis? lf studentB agrееswith thе statemеnt, ask: HowеIsесаnwe makеa сountrygivеitsсitizеns frееdomof spеесh? Doуouthinkthatthеrеarеothеrrightsthаtare moreimportant thanpo|itiсa| frееdoms? lf StudentA agreeswith the statement, ask: Wi||pеopIevotеfor poIitiсaI pаrtieswhosеtvery hightaxеs? аnd simi|argamеsa goodwayof " AreIotteries raisingmonеy? Why? Whiсhсharityaсtitivities dеservеmoremonеyin yo uro pinio n? Shou|dintеrnationa| Iawstakepriority ovеr Iаws? nationаI If studentA disаgrees with the statеmеnt, ask: Howсаnsеpаratе сhаritiеs ensurеthatmoney goesto peopIеwho nееdit? lf studеntB disagrees with the statеment, ask: WhatrеaIeffесtсаnthеsеgroupshopеto hаvе? Тo whаtеxtеntdo peopIеgеtboredof сhаrity giving? Whatif drawing аttention to somеviсtimsmeаns thatthеyarе madеto sufferеvеnmorе? Whatarеthe bestwаvsfor сhаrities to raise monеy? HoWdo уoudесidеwhiсhpеop|е bеingtrеаtеd gеt groups' unfаir|y thesе attеntion? Nеw MatrixUpper-|ntermеdiatе Part AnswеrStudentA,squestionson the topiс in Part1 @ oxfoгd Univеrsity P'"'' lI@!Е }iental abilitiеs lVorkin pairsto testyour mentalаbilities.Тhеrе аre varioustasksto testyour mеmory.Eасhitеm уou rеmemberсorreсtlygetsonе mark.Your partnershouldkeepсountand evaluateyour pеrformanсе as: еxсеllent(80%plus), p|us)' vеry good {70o/o good(60%plus), пot bad (50%plus') poor (lеssthan 50%) Lookat the piсturе togethеr fora minutе Тhеn turnthе paperovеrаnd Iistthеthingsin thе piсturе Whenyouare rеady,rеadyourIistto your partnеr StudеntA Те||yourpartnеrin as muсhdеtaiIasyouсаn whаtyoudid Iastnight'мakеа noteof thеthings youIistеd аnd howmanythеrеare.lnс|ude things likеwhаttimеyoubrushеd yourtееth,whаtyou wаtсhedon TЧ еtс StudentB youmustrесount WhenStudеnt А hasfinishеd' as muсhof whathе / shеsаidas possib|е ТhеnсhangеroIes Howmuсhof whatyousaid сou|dyourpartnerremеmbеr? StudentB ,|0 Writеdownthеtеn numbers from1 to butin a rаndomordеr.Saythemto yourpartnerslowIy, thеnrеpеаt 'w {{.}' \'fi StudentA Тryto rеpeatthe numbеrsin thе сorreсtordеr ТhenсhangеroIеs Lookat thеsсorеsforthethrееdiffеrеnt tеsts Whatсanyourpartnerrеmembеr best:piсturеs or thе spokеnword;numbеrsor еvеnts? @ Oпbгo uhrvегsrrvP."'' Nеw МatrixUppеr-lntеrmediate StudentA Ask and answerquestionswith StudentB to сomplеtethe tеxtabouta sсientifiсdisсovеry сontains all the information neсessary to make a partiсular organism, whether it is a plant, an animal or a human The struсture of this сomplex moleсule Was a mystery until 1953, when four sсientists, Rosalind Franklin, James Watson, Franсis Criсk and Mauriсe Wilkins madе an еnoгmous breakthrough They worked out its struсture whiсh сan be twisted around еaсh other One of them, (who?) a universit5rdegree in Chemistry (the others had baсkgrounds in physiсs and zoology) but this did not stop the four from making the most important biologiсal disсovery of the 2oth сentury and (how many?) of them won the Nobei Prize for mediсine in \962 lRosalind Franklin had died (when?) Тhеir breakthrough has allowed for a hugе leap forward in modеrn mediсine Now people сan be sсreened for сertain illnesses suсh as that they сan take aсtion to prevent illness and in futurе will be able to take tailor-made StudentB Ask and answеrquestionswith StudentA to сomp]etethе tеxtabouta sсiеntifiсdisсovery DNA is the moleсulе that сontains all the information neсessary to make a partiсular organism, whether it is a plant, an animal or a human The struсture of this сompleх moleсule Was a mystery until (when?) Rosalind Franklin, James Watson' Franсis Сriсk and Мauriсe Wilkins made an enormous brеakthrough They worked out its (what?) whiсh сan be desсribed as two сhains twisted around eaсh other onе of them, Rosalind Frank]in, had a university degree in (what?) @ ш.* MatrixUpper.lntermеdiate baсkgrounds in (what?) and zoology) but this did not stop the four from making thе most important biologiсal disсovery of thе 20th сentury and three of them won thе (What?) 1962 (Rosalind Franklin had died in 1958) Their breakthrough has allowed for a huge leap forward in modern mediсine Now people сan bе sсreеned for сеrtain (what?) suсh as heart disease and сanсer This means that they сan take aсtion to (what?) futurе will be ablе to take tailor.madе drugs to treat their сonditlons @ oxford Univеrsity P."'' lП@l!! Work.IifehaIanсe StudеntA StudеntB Part Analysethe matеrialbelow.Preparеto presentit and disсusswith StudеntB whatwork.lifebalanсeis Part Ask StudentA thesequestions Whatdo youundеrstand bywork-lifе bа|аnсe? Whyis it nесessary to thinkaboutwork-lifе bаIаnсе? Whatarеthеadvantagеs of сhanging waysof _ fortheеmpIoyer working аndthеempIoyee? Whatprob|еms or diffiсu|tiеs mightсhаnging ways of workingintroduсе? Doуouthinkemployers havеа responsibility to rеspесt theirworkеrs' |ivesat home?Why? \ tlVork lifе balanсe Benefits to the emPloYer a lеss motivated woгkforсe in ;.;;;; strеssfui situatiоn > less siсkness Bеnefits to the employeе relationships with managеmеnt ;.lъ; woтking lives > more сontгol over thеir Newwaystowork * Flexi.time: staffсan сhoosetheirstartand finishtimes * Part-time workoptions * Jobsharing * optionto workfromhomеsometimes Part Analysethe mаteria|below.Prepareto presеntit and disсusswith StudentA thе еffесtsof working longhours Whаt the partners of t( rkers said: saidtheir,",",,"ijlY;n"."1Ё.Г :х:: salo tney ''::: Weretoo tired to ho|d a сonversаtion +c-/o have had enouoh ol doingmost of the ьo,."r,Ъrс.i""#'I !:.':-тg.hours workers sаid: ;3:;Ё:1i,!.tll3i flm:Т "ffiъil.},iiln ",, ll,", pаrtneras а result 4UYo saidthаttheyfeel "t '"ййgl;"Ъ'ь* l: guirty enoughаt home "ьoй;oij;"й" Part Ask StudentB thesequestions Whydo youthinkpеop|e workIonghours? Whateffесtsdoesworking|onghourshаvеon our Iivesawayfromwork? Dо youthinkworkershаvеa rightto workflexibIy to suitthеirsituation at home?Why? Howmightovеrwork affeсtpеopIe's hеa|th? Whуdo youthinkrеIationships аredamagеd by ovеrworking? @oxford Univетsф P."'' lI@lEЕ ( Nеw[\4atrix Uppеr-|ntermеdiate Tourism- good or bad? StudеntA StudentB Part Lookat photo,l AnswerStudentB'squеstions Part Lookat photo,l Ask StudentA thеsеquеstions Whatсanyousееin thеphoto? Ho wсo uI dho I ida ys likеt hiso nеhеlpt h е еnvironmеnt? gr eеn' o r е с o' W tdо уo uundеr st a nd by tourism? Arеthereanyехаmplеs of pеop|е watсhing a nim а |s I ikеt hisin yо urсo unt r у? W hiсha nim а |s wo uI dyo ulikеt o sееin t h еw i I d ? Whаtkindsof holidaуs youеnjoy? Part Lookat photo2 Ask StudеntB thеsequestions Whаtсanyouseеin the photo? Howdo ho|idауs likеthisonedаmаgеthе еnvironmеnt? pеop|e Whаtattrасts to ho|idаy dеstinations likе t h iso nе ? Arеthеrеanyеxаmp|еs of holidаyrеsorts Iikеthis in yourсountrу? _ forсountriеs Whiсhis morеimportant to gain inсomеfromtоurismor to protесt thе еnvironmеnt? Shouldthеrеbе rеstriсtions on tourists visiting сеrtаinpartsof thеworId? Photo @ шe* MatrixUpper-|ntеrmеdiаtе Part Lookаt photo2 AnswеrStudеntA'squestions Photo @ oхford UniveтsityP."'' ll@l!Е Generalnote Page95 Unit Тopiс:Familyand soсiallife Thеасtivity notеsarеordеrеd ассording to thеStudеnt's Bookunits.Тhеасtivities саnbе usеdаftеrtheStudеnt's PIаnning a сеlebrаtion Bookpagеindiсatеd fоrеасhоnе,butthisis flеxible Тhеrеarеonеor twoaсtivitiеs pеrunit,с|assifiеd Тim е1 5t o m ins aссording to topiсs, е.g.Homе,Sсhoo| еtс Studеnt,s Bookpage22 Putstudеnts intosmal|groups Page 92 Unit t Givеeасhgroupa сopyof thеworkshееt andаsk Topiс:Shoppingand sеrviсes You arе whatyou drive Т im е:'l5t o mins Student's Bookpаgе6 Putstudеnts intoоаirs GivеAsаnd Bsthеirpаrtof thеwоrkshееt Аskstudents to rеаdthе instruсtions аndstudythe informаtion Whеnthеyаrеrеadу, tеlIthеmto takeit in turnstо аskandan sw ethе r ouеs tions Page 93 Unit Topiс:Home Findthe diffеrenсеs Т im е:, l0t o ] mins Studеnt,s Bookpаgе10 Putstudеnts intopаirs GivеAsаnd Bsthеirpаrtof thеworkshееt ЕхpIain thatby dеsсribing thеirpiсturе andаsking quеstions, andаnswеring thеyshou|dtryto find ninеdiffеrеnсеs Те|lstudеnts thеfirstdiffеrеnсе as an еXam0Iethe TVаnd DVDplауеrаrе on thеlеt'tin piсturеА but on thеrightin piсturеB (thison|УсountsаSonе diffеrеnсе) Whеnthеуhavеfinishеd, askthес|аss to tеlIvouthе diffеrеnсеs Page 94 Unit Тopiс:Peoplе Еmotions Т i m е1 0t o ]5 m ins Studеnt's Bookpagе16 Putstudеnts intoоаrrs GivеAs and Bsthеirpаrtof thеworkshееt Askstudеnts to rеаdthе instruсtions аndstudythе informаtion Givеstudеnts timеto prеparе to tаlkaboutthеtopiс Еnsure еVеryonе undеrstood thеtopiс' Studеnts tаkеit in turnstо prеsеnt thеirtopiс Тhеstudеntp|aying thееxаminеr,s rolе(Studеnt А partЗ, Studеnt B pаrt2)shouIdlistеnсаrefuI|у аnd аskquеstions aboutwhatthеirpаrtner sауs.Тhе prompts wilIgivеsomеidеas thеmto dесidеwhatаnd howthеywantto се|еbratе А|tеrnаtivеly youсouIdassign а сеlеbrаtion to еaсhgroup ТеlIst udеntt so disсuss t hеdеt a iIosf t h е i rp l а n s usingthе information on thеworkshееt' Whеnthеуhavеfinished, onеstudеnt frоmеасn groupprеsеnts thеiridеаs Аftera||thegroupshavеdеsсribеd thеirсеlеbrаtions, tаkеa Votеon whiсhis thе mostаttraсtive а|tеrnаtivе Page 96 Unit B Topiс:Naturе Тheorang-utan Tim е:2 t o m ins Student's BookpаgеЗ0 P utst udеntint s opа ir s GivеАs аnd Bsthеirpartof thеworkshееt TеlIstudеnts to rеаdthеtеxtа|lthеWаythrough E xplа in t hа tst udеntm s ustа skа ndа ns w еou r е s t i on s wit ht hеirpа r t nеr t o f indt hеm issing in f or mа t i on ' lf nесеssаry е|iсitаndansWеr thеfirstquеstion for Studеnt A аndthеfirstforStudеnt B asаn opеПс|ass асtivitу |V|onitor to сhесkthatthеstudеnts аrеformingthе quеstions сorrесt|у optionaIасtivities: Whеnthеуhavеfinishеd, аsk studеnts to rеаdthесomp|еtеd tеxtout Ioud,one pеrstudеnt sеntеnсе Page 97 Unit Topiс:Travеland tourism A trip to Sсotland Тim е1 0t o m ins Studеnt's Bookpаgе36 Putstudеnts intopаirs GivеAsаnd Bsthеirсоpyof thеwоrkshееt Аskstudеnts to readthеinstruсtions andstudythе inf o r m a t io n New|\4atrix Uppеr.Intermеdiаte @ ъ Whеntheyarеrеady, te||students to disсuss аnd p|аnthеtripto Sсotland Pointoutthatthеyhave differеnt information fromtheirpаrtnеr аndthаt theyshouIdtryto pеrsuadе him/ herto сhoosеthеir typеof hoIidаy or аt Iеаstto сompromise Page101 Unit Тopiс:Stateand soсiеty Arеaplanning Tim е:2 t o З m ins Studеnt's Bookpagе67 optionalaсtivity: Askpаirstо summarisе thеirtripforthe rеstof thес|аss аndеnсouragе сompаrison andсommеnt Putstudеnts intosmaIigroups Те||thеgroups whеther thеyаrеАs or Bs.Mаkеsurеyouhavеan еqua Inum bеro f А t еa m sa ndB t еa m s GivеАs аnd Bsthеirpartof theworksheet Аsktеamsto readthеinstruсtions аndstudythе information Whеnthеyаrеrеadу, givеthеm.l5minutes to mаkе t heirdесisio n PuttheА and B teаmsintonewgroupsof miхеdAs and Bsforthеmto еxpIain theirpIansto eaсhothеr Тhereshou|dbe onеstudent fromeасhof thе groUps originaI in thе nеwgroups Givеthem10 minutes forthedisсussion andаgreement Providееaсhgroupwithа с|eanmapforthеmto sketсhouttheirdесision Duringthegroup disсussion, if students arеhavingdiffiсu|ty finding so|utions, еnсourage thеmto thinkverybroad|y аbouthowbuiIdings саnbe usеdfordiffеrent funсtions аt diffеrеnt timеsof theday Page 98 Unit Topiс:Familyand soсiallifе Whаtto wаtсh Т i m е1 5t o m ins Student's Bookpаge42 o Putstudents intogroupsof four GivеAs,Bs,Сsand Dsthеirpаrtof thеworksheet andа сopyeасhof thetе|еvision guidе Аskstudents to rеаdthe instruсtions and studythе informаtion Givеthemtimеto preparе thеirroIе Whenthеyare rеady, tеIIstudеnts to disсuss whatto wаtсhon thеtеIеvision thisеvening Еnсourаgе thеm to finda сompromisе thatthеyаreаll hаppywith Whеnthеyhavеdесided, askthеmto tе||thес|ass whаttheусhosеandwhУ Page 99 Unit Тopiс:Work Тhevaluеof eduсation Т i m е, l5t o m ins Studеnt's Bookpagе5З Putstudents intopairs a GivеАs and Bstheirpartof theworkshеet Askstudents to readthe instruсtions and studythе informаtion Whеntheyare rеаdy,tе||students to takеit in turns to askandanswerthequеstions Page 100 Unit Topiс:Work Starta businеss Т i m e:15t o 20 m i ns Studеnt's Bookpagе58 Putstudеnts intosmaIIgroups Giveeасhgroupa сopyof thеworksheеt аnd ask thеmto disсusswhiсhbusiness to sетup Rеmindstudеnts thatmonеyis important (maybe give еvеn themа finаnсiа| Iimitto spеnd) Whentheyhavеp|anned theirbusinеss, askonе studеntfromeасhgroupto prеsеnttheiridеas Enсourаge thеmto usеthе pasttеnsеsforthis optiona|aсtivity:youсou|dаssigndifferеnt groupsa businеss еaсhif you haveIimitedtimеto theaсtivitv @ ш.* MatrixUpper.|ntеrmediatе optionalaсtivity:YouсouIdfо||owup withgroups prеsenting thеirp|ansto theс|ass Page 102 Unit Topiс:Тravе|and tourism Whatmighthavеhappened? Тim е:1 0t o m ins Student's bookpаgеs70_71 Putstudents intopairs GiveАs and Bstheirpаrtof thеworkshееt and a сopyof thе piсtures Аskstudents to rеаdthе instruсtions аnd Iookat thе piсturеs Whеnthеyare rеаdy,tеlIBsto bеginby askingtheir quеstions, whiсhAs mustanswеr Whеntheyhavеfinished, Аsаsktheirquestions Page 103 Unit Z Topiс:Sport Extrеmesports Тim е:1 0t o m ins Student's Bookpаge82 Putstudеnts intopairs GivеАs and Bstheirpаrtof thеworkshееt Аskstudents to rеаdthе instruсtions Whentheyare reаdy'StudentА stаrtsthe rolеp|ay Page 107 Unit Page 104 Unit Topiс:Shoppingand serviсes Topiс: Sсienсeand teсhnology At your sеrviсе Т i mе l0t o m ins Studеnt's Bookpаgе85 A sсientifiсdisсovery Tim е:, 5t o m ins Student,s Bookpаge114 Putstudеnts intopairs andа GivеAsаnd Bsthеirpartof thеworksheet сopyof bothphotographs Аskstudеnts andstudythе to rеаdthе instruсtions Whеntheуаrerеаdy, tе|IBsto beginby askingthеir quеstions, whiсhАs mustanswеr Whеntheyhavefinished, As askthеirquestions optionalaсtivity:Сarryout а сIasssUrveyto findout whiсhsеrviсеs arе mostfrеquеnt|у usеd Pаge105 Unit Topiс:Foodand drink Survivalfood Т i m е:1 5t o mins Studеnt's Bookpаge98 Putstudents intopairs GivеAs and Bsthеirpartof theworkshееt ТеIIstudеnts to reаdthеtеxtaIIthewaуthrough Students mustaskаndanswеrquеstions withtheir partnеr to findthе missing information' lf neсessаry, e|iсitandanswеrthеfirstquestion forStudеnt А аnd thе firstfor StudentB as аn opеnс|assасtivity Monitorto сheсkthatthеstudеnts arеformingthе quеstions сorrесt|у Pagе 108 Unit Тopiс:Health Mentalabilities , l5 Tim е: t o m ins Studеnt's Bookpagе112 Putstudеnts intooаirs Givееaсhpаira сopyof theworksheet ТеlIthеmthеуаrеgoingto testthеirmеntaI abiIitiеs Аskstudеnts to rеаdthеinstruсtions аndanswеr aI|the quеstions MakеsurеthеydесidеwhoisА andwhois B Putstudеnts intosmа|lgroups Givеeасhgroupа сopуоf thе worksheеt Askstudеnts to reаdthе instruсtions and studythe piсturе Whеntheyarеready, teIIthеmto disсuss whiсh journeу Makеsurethеykeеpto foodsto takeon thе t h е|im it gs ive n Page 109 Un it 10 Topiс:Work аnd ask optionalaсtivity:Joinsmal|groupstogеther thеmto disсuss thеirсhoiсеs andсomеup witha list dеfinitivе Work.lifеbаIаnсe Тim е:1 5t o m ins Studеnt's Bookpage124 Pagе 106 Unit Topiс:Statеand soсiety chаritiesаnd orgаnisations Т i mе:10t o mins Bookpаge99 Studеnt,s a Putstudеnts intopairs GivеAs and Bsthеirpartof the workshееt Аskstudеnts to rеаdtheinstruсtions andstudуthе information to taIkaboutthetopiс Givеstudеnts timеto prepare thetopiс Еnsurе еVeryonе undеrstands thеirtopiс.ТеlI Studеnts takеit in turnsto presеnt A roIe(studеnt thеstudеntplaying thеexaminer,s аnd ask PаrtЗ, StudentB Pаrt2)to Iistеnсarefu||y questions says.Тhе aboutwhattheirpагtner prompts wiIlgivestudents somеidеas Putstudеnts intoоаirs GivеAs and Bsthеirpаrtof thеworksheet Askstudеnts to rеadthе instruсtions andstudvthе informаtion Whеnthеуarеreadу, tеl|students to tаkеit in turns to аskandanswеrthequеstions P a ge110 Un it 10 Topiс: Тravеl and tourism Тourism- goodor bad? Тim е1 m ins Studеnt,s Bookpage126 Putstudеnts intopairs GivеAsand Bsthеirpartof theworkshееt andа сopyоf bothphotographs Askstudеnts to reаdthе instruсtions аnd studythе information Whеnthеyarerеady' teIIBsto beginby askingtheir questions, whiсhАs mustаnswеr Whenthеyhavеfinished, Asasktheirquеstions Nеw МatriхUppеr-|ntеrmеdiаtе @ New Matrix A new edition of thе сhallenging seсondarу сourse whiсh PrePares students for suссess in their sсhool.leaving exams Popu|aгfeaturesimpгovedand updatеd in responsеto teaсhers'feedЬaсk: о thought-Provoking topiсs and authеntiсtеxts о dеmanding materia|s to bui|dсonfidеnсе systеmatiс examtraining: еxamtasks,tips andtесhniquеs grammaгaсtivatеdthroughсommuniсativе task о еmPhasison еffесtivеpгoduсtion: on a rangеof invo|ving subjесts - spеaking guidanсеin wгitinga vaгiеtyof tеxts - stеp-by-stеp о геgularгеvisionand гесyсiing o grammarrеfeгеnсe о diсtionaгy-style wordIist WhatЪ new? o buildingof kеyvoсabu|ary to сovегthе еxamtopiсsin evеryunit in WordBсus о imProvеdgrammaгpraсtiсеlеssons о addedskillspгaсtiсеwith еxam-|ikе taslс o еnhanсedсovеragеof сu|tuгеin Сulturefoсus o authеntiсеxtraсtsfrom Iitегatuге in Rеodingforpleosure New Мatrix Studеnt'sBook Workbook Тeaсhег'sBook C|assCassеttes/ CiassCDs Теsts Теaсhеr'swеbsitе oxroRD \,NIVERSIтY PRЕss WWW.oup.сom/еlt lEЕIf oxFoRD ЕNGLISн lsBN 978-0.19.47вв25-8 I ,l|шi Ж .. .New О Upper- lntermediate Ш Teacher' sBook АnneConybeare, SimonBetterton - i:ry Gudeand JayneWildman oхFoRD IJNIYЕRsITY PRЕss lntroduсtion Book ontеnts Student,s T Povyrrfurit*lаgrеs... йNafrlx сomprisеs: Stшdеnt's Book Ш'оrkbook Теасhеr's Book [л,ursеТеsts ]Пшo СIаssСassеttеs / CDs 's Book units.A typiсaI Mv Mаtriхlhеrеaretenthеmе-rе|atеd in thе studеnt'sbookсonsistsof thеfol|owing:... Теасhеr's Booki nс|udеs: Studеnt,s Book ontentsIist t]lеr,s Book in thе Studеnt's tо аll еxеrсisеs ]xrапsсripts оf all rесordings rоrkbоok kеy detaiIеdsuggеstions on howto approaсhthе Studеnt's Bookaсtivities
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