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Sen Thuy Secondary School plan English Week 1: Period 1: Lesson Preparing date :16-08-2015 Teaching date : 18-08-2015 Class: 9a, 9b, 9c REVIEW AND TEST I.Aims: - Helping Ss to review the past simple tense , present simple tense, present perfect tense, the passive voice II Teaching aids: books, board III Teaching steps: Teacher’s activities Student’s activities Board I WARM UP: (3ms) *Greeting & Chatting: - Chatting: Answer T's questions by - How are you ? Ss' own answers REVIEW - What's the weather I.Tenses: like today? 1.The simple present tense: - How many students Form:S + Vinf/ Vs/ es are there in our class? Used with: Always, usually, - Who is absent today? often, sometimes,never II.PRESENTATION: - Ex: Tom often gets up at (25ms) - Speaking: The forms of the o’clock Tenses: tenses: 2.The simple past tense: - Ask Ss to recall the * S + Vinf/ Vs/ es - Form: S +Ved/ V2 +O tenses they have leant: - Used with:Always, - Used with: Yesterday, last, *The simple present usually,often,sometimes,never ago tense -Ex: I visited my grandparents last weekend 3.The present perfect tense: - Form: S + have/ has + PP Ved/V3 - Used with: just, already, *The simple past tense not yet, since, for *S + Ved/ V2 +O -Ex: We have learnt English Used with: Yesterday, last, ago for years II The passive voice: *The present perfect *S + have/ has + PP Ved/V3 1.Form: tense Used with: just, already, S+be + V(pp/cột3)+by + O ?- Ask Ss to tell T not yet,for, since S + V+O which adverbs can be used with these tenses S + be-v
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