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1 A RAINBOW ON YOUR PLATE Nowadays, we are all aware of the fact that we (1) _ be eating a healthy diet We get advice from (2) _ ; TV, radio, magazines, books, videos and the Internet as well (3) _ friends, colleagues and family Well, if you find all this advice a little confusing, then there is now a much simpler solution, dieting by colour The Colour Diet is (4) _ on the theory that the natural colour of food reflects (5) _ nutritional content For example green foods (6) _ as broccoli, spinach and lettuce (7) _ high levels of betacarotene and glucose These help reduce the risk of cancer, are a good source of iron and act as powerful antioxidants, while yellow foods like bananas, corn and lemons have potassium and vitamin C which can reduce the pain of arthritis, reduce stress and be a good source (8) _ energy The principles of the colour diet are very easy to follow Make sure that each meal contains a (9) _ of colours, and you will be eating a balanced, healthy diet But remember, the colours have to be natural Eating a packet of Smarties a day will not give you anything (10) _ toothache A will B need C ought D should A anywhere B somewhere C everywhere D elsewhere A as B by C from D to A fixed B based C written D formed A its B his C her D their A like B such C similar D including A add B own C need D contain A in B to C of D for A variety B minimum C blend D pattern 10 A from B but C apart D except On December 4, 1872, Captain David Morehouse spotted another ship It was sailing without direction, (1) _ he approached it in (2) _ to offer help (3) _, when he reached the ship he found that it (4) _ been abandoned (5) _ everything was soaked with seawater, Captain Morehouse managed to sail it to Gibraltar The name of the ship was Mary Celeste and what happened to the crew remains a mystery The ship’s cargo consisted of industrial alcohol and, according to one theory, this (6) _ have started to leak (7) _ that the ship was about to go up in flames, the captain (8) _ have ordered everyone into the lifeboat, (9) _ then became separated from the ship However, it is unlikely that we will ever find (10) _ the truth A so B since C but D because A purpose B intention C order D aim A Therefore B However C Next D As a result A has B was C were D had A Despite B However C Although D Because A an B may C can’t D will A Believed B Believe C Believing D Belief A might B can C ought D should A that B which C who D where 10 A off B on C in D out BETTE NESMITH GRAHAM - A WOMAN IN BUSINESS Bette Nesmith Graham had always wanted to be an artist, but in the 1940s, she was a (1) _ mother with a child to (2) _ She learned typing and found work as a secretary She was an efficient employee who was (3) _ of her work and tried to find a better way to correct typing She remembered that artists painted over their mistakes, so why not typists? With this idea in (4) _, Graham put paint, the same colour as the office stationery, into a bottle and took her brush to work She used this to correct her typing mistakes and her boss never (5) _ Soon everyone in the office was using it In 1956, Graham started the Mistake Out Company from her home Her kitchen (6) _ a laboratory in which she mixed up an improved product (7) _ her food mixer Although she worked (8) _ hours, she made little money Then, one day she made a mistake at work that she couldn’t correct, and her boss sacked her She now had the time to (9) _ to selling Liquid Paper, and the business boomed By 1967, it was a million-dollar (10) _ A single B lonely C alone D solitary A carry B support C provide D maintain 3, A pleased B arrogant C boastful D proud A heart B mind C head D thought A found B understood C realised D recognised A became B converted C turned D developed A, into B by C with D through A large B long C great D slow A pass B spend C invest D devote 10 A work B production C business D trade THE CHOCOLATE FACTORY Would you like a job where you could eat chocolate (1) _ day? Well, such a job does exist! Did you know that most chocolate factories (2) _ chocolate tasters? Their job is to taste the chocolate while it is being (3) _ and say if it is too sweet or too bitter You have to be very good at tasting different (4) _ and you have to comment on (5) _ the chocolate feels as well Is it smooth or crunchy? Unfortunately, you can’t just go along and say you like chocolate that, I’m afraid, is not enough! Most chocolate tasters have a degree (6) _ food technology and you will not be able to work (7) _ you have had lots of training Then you have to go through several (8) _ before you can be selected If you think you would be good at chocolate tasting then try to develop your taste buds by tasting different chocolate (9) _ blindfold See if you can tell what type of chocolate it is If you get a job like this, you will not be well-paid but most tasters enjoy their job so much that (10) _ is not very important A whole B all C entire D each A employ B use C utilize D rent A carried out B done C made D fabricated A scents B odours C smells D flavours A what B why C how D if 6, A of B about C on D in A when B until C although D after A experiments B trials C tests D exams A bars B sticks C rods D pieces 10 A income B payment C wage D pay GREENPEACE Greenpeace is an independent organisation that campaigns to protect the environment It has approximately 4.5 million members worldwide in 158 countries, 300.000 of these in the United Kingdom (1) _ in North America in 1971, it has since opened offices round the world As (2) _ as its campaigning (3) _, it also has a charitable trust which (4) _ scientific research and (5) _ educational projects on environmental issues Greenpeace (6) _ in non-violent direct action Activists (7) _ public attention to serious threats to the environment (8) _ issues on which the organisation is campaigning include the atmosphere (global warming), the (9) _ of the rainforests and toxic (10) _ being emitted from factories A Built B Produced C Invented D Formed A long B well C good D far A work B job C occupation D position A pays B funds C rewards D earns A undertakes B engages C commits D enters A accepts B believes C holds D depends A get B pay C, draw D take A Current B Recent C Immediate D Next A ruin B extinction C destruction D downfall 10 A leftovers B litter C rubbish D waste Can you imagine working on a writing project for seventeen years? J.K Rowling first (1) _ up with the idea of Harry Potter in 1990 but it was not until 2007 that she finally completed the last book in the series In 1990, of course, she had no idea how much Harry would take (2) _ her life, or that she would end (3) _ as a multimillionaire But (4) _ then, the books have been translated into over 60 languages and also been made into films, each of which has been a (5) _ with cinema audiences It is not just J.K Rowling’s life which has been transformed The same can be said of Daniel Radcliffe, the teenage actor who (6) _ Harry Potter Although he made his acting (7) _ in 1999, it was in the role of Harry Potter that he found his route to (8) _ The final film is expected to come out in 2010 By then Daniel will (9) _ been acting in this role for ten years And after seventeen years, has Rowling now (10) _ out of ideas? It seems not She is currently writing two new books, one for adults and one for children, and is also planning to compile an encyclopaedia of the Harry Potter world A came B went C took D brought A out B up C over D off A in B up C down D out A after B until C for D since A blow B knock C hit D smash A plays B performs C shows D makes A debate B debut C debris D debit S A stardom B stardust C starburst D starlight A has B be C have D was 10 A taken B come C gone D run THE PRICE OF FAME Charlotte Church looks like a normal teenager, but she is far from average She has an amazing voice Her fans stand in (1) _ for hours to get tickets for her concerts, and she is often on television Charlotte’s singing (2) _ began when she performed on a TV show at the age of 11 The head of a record company was so impressed by her voice that he (3) _ her up on the spot Her first album rose to number one in the charts Charlotte still attends school in her home town when she can (4) _, she is often away on tour for weeks at a time She doesn’t miss out on lessons, though, because she takes her own tutor with her! She (5) _ three hours every morning with him Her exam results in all the (6) _ she studies are impressive But how does she (7) _ with this unusual way of life? She (8) _ that she has the same friends as before That may be true, but she can no longer go into town with then because everybody stops her in the street to ask for her (9) _ It seems that, like most stars, she must learn to (10) _ these restrictions and the lack of privacy It’s the price of fame A rows B files C ranks D, queues A profession B job C career D labour A wrote B signed C made D picked A However B While C For D Although A takes B spends C utilises D uses A titles B materials C lessons D subjects A cope B adjust C bear D tolerate A denies B refuses C insists D complains A signature B autograph C sign D writing 10 A look down on B make with C run out of D put up with REGRETS Most of us are always forgetting important dates, (1) _ from the lucky few who are blessed with a good memory or the (2) _ to organize themselves so they don’t forget important obligations How many times have we all said, “I wish I had remembered!” How often have we (3) _ people by failing to remember their birthdays or name days? Although they say it doesn’t matter, we know, deep down, that we have hurt their (4) _ We can always try to make it (5) _ to them next time but unfortunately the (6) _ has been done and our relationship with that person can never quite be the same again On the other (7) _, we sometimes too much for someone else because we want to please them and then feel we have damaged our own interests in (8) _ doing When friends are involved we may find it difficult to say “no” when they ask us to (9) _ them a favour, but true friendship should mean that we can say “no” without risk (10) _ the relationship A off B except C away D apart A capacity B ability C proficiency D aptitude A wounded B hurt C injured D offended A souls B sentiments C feelings D emotions A back B up C for D again A damage B injuries C detriments D losses A approach B way C methods D hand A so B such C thus D that A fetch B make C D bring 10 A for B to C towards D with AIRPORT ROBBER GETS 20 YEARS The leader of a gang of thieves who stole £5 million from a Belgian airport was yesterday (1) _ to 20 years in prison The High Court in Brussels heard that Ricky Cools, aged 35, had remained in the country after the robbery had taken (2) _ because of his (3) _ of flying The court was told that the gang had (4) _ themselves as security guards in order to gain access to the airport and (5) _ the crime Once inside the restricted area, they had (6) _ a security vehicle, firing several warning (7) _ from their automatic weapons They then (8) _ the cash and ran to a waiting light aircraft, which immediately left the country Cools, however, preferred to walk through the airport terminal to the railway station He was later (9) _ on a train bound for Amsterdam, after he was recognised by police (10) _ closed circuit television at the station A convicted B sentenced C assigned D persecuted A part B notice C place D off A fright B fear C worry D concern A wrapped B served C uncovered D disguised A commit B make C stalk D attend A blackmailed B attacked C burgled D smuggled A shots B bangs C crashes D blasts A planted B enveloped C seized D overtook A hijacked B prosecuted C suspended D detained 10 A looking B seeing C watching D viewing 10 HAIR-RAISING FACTS Panic is rising (1) _ hair stylists in Denmark Some of those who often colour, perm or highlight hair - 125 stylists in all - are complaining (2) _ symptoms which may indicate brain damage Authorities have been forced to investigate, and it appears that many stylists are (3) _ from memory loss, nausea and frequent headaches The reason is that the chemicals (4) _ produce harmful fumes The hairdressers’ unions are funding investigations into the problem However, scientists are (5) _ because the quantity of chemicals used is not enough to be harmful Many stylists are now worried, so Denmark has (6) _ strict regulations Manufacturers must now list all the chemicals contained in the products (7) _ ventilation must be provided in hairdressing salons and clients will wear a special perm-helmet, (8) _ the fumes away from the stylist All of Europe will have to (9) _ these new regulations At the moment, everything is still at the committee stage, but soon the revolutionary perm-helmet will be worn in all salons Final decisions will be (10) _ when hairdressers’ unions moot in Brussels to discuss the problem A in B among C between D at A from B about C of D because A experiencing B suffering C impaired D injured A operated B consumed C used D exploited A sceptical B thoughtful C doubtful D scornful A initiated B launched C passed D introduced A Abundant B Ample C Surplus D Plenty A directing B leading C turning D guiding A apply to B follow C comply with D fulfil 10 A introduced B done C given D made 11 ADVENTURES IN THE FILM WORLD The latest blockbuster to hit our cinemas is an adventure film which was made (1) _ location in Spain The (2) _ is quite simple; a teenager discovers (3) _ secret papers which show that the President is in danger Then she disappears! We interviewed the actress who (4) _ the part of the teenager in the film, Juliet Roberts It (5) _ things did not always go well during the production First, Juliet nearly missed being in the film Apparently, a copy of the _ which the producer had sent her to read, got lost in the post Then, in the middle of filming, part of the background (7) _ fell on a member of the camera (8) _ Luckily, the man was not seriously hurt but they had to (9) _ another cameraman to take his place at short notice Something even worse happened a few days later when the director slipped and broke his leg It (10) _ him Quite a long time to recover from the shock and he had to tertained and (10) _ with any problems that might arise They are part of a British Airways team known as the “flying aunties” These are BA employees who volunteer, in their own time, to (11) _ an escorted service for unaccompanied minors to both European and long-haul (12) _ Once in the air, there is a range of activities available to the youngsters(13) _ computer games, colouring books and soft drinks on tap In (14) _, the children have the “aunties” all to themselves - for such members of (15) _ not take on other duties A realised B thought C aware D known A count B number C amount D quantity A single B solo C unique D lone A backwards B forwards C afterwards D upwards A classes B courses C studies D lessons A linked to B long as C along with D part of A altogether B although C however D moreover A from B at C with D by A hold B keep C help D get 10 A manage B bother C solve D deal 11 A provide B produce C pretend D present 12 A departures B destinations C routes D arrivals 13 A regarding B composing C including D containing 14 A addition B further C extra D plus 15 A team B crew C staff D group 262 TREES FOR LIFE Trees are amongst the biggest and longest-living things on Earth, some dating back longer than the oldest buildings But (1) _ being nice to look at, trees also (2) _ an important role in improving the quality of our lives On a world-wide (3) _, forests help to slow down the effects of global warming by using up the gas (4) _ as carbon dioxide and giving (5) _ the oxygen we need to breathe At local neighbourhood level, trees also (6) _ important environmental benefits They offer shade and shelter, which in (7) _ reduces the amount of energy needed to heat and cool (8) _ buildings; at the same time, they also remove other impurities from the air we breathe Urban trees are especially important because for many people they provide the only daily (9) _ with the natural world What’s (10) _, urban trees also provide a home for birds, small animals and butterflies (11) _ the trees we would lose the pleasure of seeing these creatures in our cities Regrettably, (12) _, trees in cities are now coming under (13) _ There is a limit to the level of pollution they can (14) _ and, down at street level, their roots are being seriously (15) _ by the digging needed to make way for modern telephone, television and other cables A as far as B as long as C as well as D as soon as A play B show C ad ' D serve A range B size C scale D area A called B known C titled D referred A in B away C up D out A make B bring C take D find A reach B place C order D turn A nearby B close C next D opposite A junction B touch C taste D contact 10 A else B more C most D other 11 A Throughout B Beyond C Without D Outside 12 A however B whilst C therefore D despite 13 A risk B danger C threat D warning 14 A stand in for B put up with C face up to D fall back on 15 A concerned B involved C interfered D disturbed 263 THE ROSETTA STONE For centuries Egyptian hieroglyphics (1) _ one of the world’s greatest linguistic challenges They had scholars baffled (2) _ they were finally deciphered in the nineteenth century, (3) _ to the discovery of the Rosetta Stone In the year 1799 some French soldiers found a slab of black basalt (4) _ working on a fortress near the small town of Rosetta One officer, Pierre Francois Bouchard, realised they had (5) _ on a finding of great significance and handed it over to scholars The Rosetta Stone has inscriptions in two languages, Egyptian and Greek, (6) _ there are, in fact, three scripts carved on it The first script is hieroglyphics, a pictorial (7) _ of writing used to (8) _ the language of Ancient Egypt, and which can be found on many Egyptian buildings and monuments The hieroglyphics are followed by Demotic, (9) _ Egyptian script The third script is Ancient Greek, and it was this that alerted Bouchard, who recognised it, (10) _ the importance of the discovery Many scholars became involved in the (11) _ of deciphering hieroglyphics, but it was not until 1822 that there was a (12) _ breakthrough The French linguist, Jean Francois Champollion was familiar with (13) _ Greek and Coptic, the language of the Christian descendants of the Ancient Egyptians He was able to (14) _ out the Demotic signs in Coptic and from there traced a path back to hieroglyphics, (15) _ making their decipherment possible A symbolised B, represented C stood for D presented A while B when C until D since A thanks B according C prior D close A before B on C by D while A happened B stumbled C stepped D tripped A even if B whereas C when D but A shape B form C figure D image A transcribe B translate C transfer D transform A the other B an C the D another 10 A towards B about C to D for 11 A assignment B task C mission D career 12 A, major B main C chief D principal 13 A just B either C both D all 14 A break B, make C set D work 15 A thus B then C therefore D so 264 THE MYSTERIES OF GIZA Egyptologists tell us that the Sphinx and the pyramids at Giza were built approximately 4,500 years ago by an Egyptian pharaoh, but in recent years a great (1) _ of evidence has surfaced to challenge this A growing (2) _ of independent researchers claim that these monuments may in (3) _ have been built as (4) _ back as 12,'500 years ago! (5) _ to them, the Giza pyramids precisely line (6) _ with the position of cert am stars m the year 10,450 BC It is interesting to note that on that date the leonine Sphinx would have (7) _ the exact location on the horizon where the constellation of Leo rose (8) _ dawn on the Spring equinox Equally interesting is the claim made by at (9) _ one geologist that weathering patterns on the body of the Sphinx are consistent with those left by precipitation over a substantial (10) _ of time, yet Egypt last saw (11) _ rainfall over 7,000 years ago Could it be that both the pyramids and the Sphinx were built by a (12) _ civilised race thousands of years before the Age of the Pharaohs, at a time when historians would (13) _ us believe humans had not the knowhow to construct such (14) _ structures? If evidence should surface that can (15) _ such claims, the history books will undoubtedly have to be rewritten A volume B number C amount D deal A group B number C party D handful A fact B reality C truth D life A old B well C far D long A Due B According C Thanks D Owing A out B in C along D up A faced B looked to C pointed to D seen A after B in C by D at A most B least C best D all 10 A length B point C period D duration 11 A heavy B hard C strong D severe 12 A terribly B extremely C highly D utterly 13 A get B help C let D have 14 A amazing B astounding C astonishing D stunning 15 A help B support C assist D back 265 MUSIC Nobody knows for certain what the origin of music was Music is certainly older than poetry and painting but as early man had no way of (1) _ it, we can only (2) _ what it sounded like Watching a child (3) _ on a drum with its hands or a (4) _ of wood, it is easy to see that this is the simplest of instruments It does not (5) _ much effort to produce a rhythm on it Wall paintings show what some of the first instruments (6) _ like Early civilisations had already discovered the three basic (7) _ of producing music: blowing into a tube, striking an object, and scraping a string We know that western music comes from the (8) _ Greeks The musical scales we use now are (9) _ on certain sequences of notes which the Greeks used to create a particular (10) _ Until the sixteenth century, most players of instruments were (11) _ performers, but as music became more (12) _, orchestras and musical groups began to (13) _ This (14) _ about the writing of music to be played by several musicians at one time This can certainly be (15) _ the birth of modern music A recording B playing C producing D performing A think B guess C reckon D realise A banging B knocking C crashing D hitting A slice B point C shape D piece A make B call C take D A sounded B appeared C felt D looked A forms B ways C systems D manners A antique B old C aged D, ancient A based B raised C established D supported 10 A spirit B temper C mood D humour 11 A separate B single C unique D lonely 12 A widespread B enlarged C expanded D extended 13 A turn B be C spring D appear 14 A produced B brought C caused D affected 15 A appointed B decided C called D named 266 HOW TO GET A GOOD JOB? It is often said that employers tend to favour people they know or candidates (1) _ to them They are also considered to prefer people similar to them and those who they believe will “fit” into the job (2) _ it frequently turns out to be true, employment counsellors claim that it is good to (3) _ on relations with others and ask relatives, friends and acquaintances for help in finding a job As a (4) _, you must be active and (5) _ the initiative For instance, maybe you could join a social club or start (6) _ community meetings? While waiting for your first interview, remember the significance of first impression You will be (7) _ all the time during the conversation with the potential employer He or she will consider not only your education, (8) _ and skills, but also your image and personality (9) _ Employment (10) _ advise candidates to behave in a friendly, honest and professional way Therefore, try to be assertive but polite, communicative and (11) _ about your abilities and achievements Never be (12) _ about your former job Do not act in a nervous way and always (13) _ eye contact If you are not sure about your self-presentation skills, you can always make a (14) _ with a family member or close friend or (15) _ on a special course to learn how to make a good impression A applied B preferred C favoured D recommended A Although B Since C Thus D If A follow B push C insist D rely A employee B jobseeker C worker D employer A make B C take D follow A attending B joining C taking D making A defined B valued C appreciated D assessed A abilities B possibilities C opportunities D options A attitude B character C traits D impression 10 A counsellors B workers C tutors D assessors 11 A aware B confident C ready D convinced 12 A against B protesting C denying D negative 13 A maintain B get C reach D gain 14, A attempt B rehearsal C practise D overview 15 A involve B participate C enrol D sign 267 THE WIDESPREAD USE OF ENGLISH A BLESSING OR A THREAT? English dominates the world of business and is now gradually becoming the language of politics People all over the world are benefiting from the spread of English, which is becoming independent of its origins However, the dominance of English has produced a number of (1) _ effects One significant aftermath has been the fostering of national antagonisms A phenomenon like (2) _ is observable in Canada, and particularly in Quebec Its (3) _ have long faced the competition between the English and French languages, as bilingualism promoted by the government of Canada proved to be an (4) _ fail- are Not only has it failed to unite the (5) _ of French- and Englishspeaking settlers, but it also entailed a great (6) _ of prejudice and aggression (7) _ outsiders The English language flooded the majority of Canadian provinces, (8) _ producing a minority complex, which French Canadians have long struggled to (9) _ The impact of the English language on human relations differs in (10) _ countries, where it is viewed either as a useful product of modern civilisation, or as a “killer” language, which endangers cultural uniqueness of the societies it enters (11) _, the final result of its expansion and integration (12) _ the national life of its nonnative speakers is yet (13) _ seen and we will have wait (14) _ more years to see the precise result of these (15) _ A hostile B adverse C reverse D contrary o A this B it C one D these A inheritors B habitats C inhabitants D, inhibitions A unpredictable B undeniable C unique D sure A forefathers B ancestors C progenitors D descendants A much B many C deal D number A towards B for C to D up to A since B despite C almost D thus A overthrow B overtake C overcome D overturn 10 A particular B specific C many D special 11 A In contrast B Yet C Although D Therefore 12 A within B of C to D into 13 A being B to have been C to be D already 14 A no B one C some D a few 15 A changes B differences C alternatives D options 268 ANOREX5A Anorexia, primarily a woman’s illness, is characterised by an ongoing fear of gaining weight The term itself (1) _ for loss of appetite, yet it is better (2) _ as a (3) _ to maintain one’s minimal body weight Anorexia mostly (4) _ adolescent girls, (5) _ it can develop during any major life change in (6) _ men and women The reason (7) _ its occurrence is an obsession with weight Many v/omen who are (8) _ to the social pressure of being slim, attempt to achieve an ideal figure by (9) _ the pattern promoted in the media and advertising This starvation behaviour is frequently accompanied by a radical reduction of food intake while exercising excessively (10) _ from developing strange eating habits, like hiding food or cutting it (11) _ tiny pieces, anorexics suffer from disruption menstrual cycle, depression and obsessive-compulsive disorder The illness can even (12) _ in death (13), _ proper treatment, anorexia can be (14) _ One of the elements of successful treatment is (15) _ the patient’s selfesteem and rebuilding the distorted image of one’s body A stands B signifies C means D symbolises A developed B referred C described D meant A refusal B denial C disagreement D opposition 4, A strikes B grasps C effects D affects A since B vet C for D because A all B either C both D every A for B because C to D why A sensitive B able C afflicted D vulnerable A seeking B following C searching D heading 10 A Apart B Far C Away D Differing 11 A on B to C into D for 12 A finish B end C cause D result 13 A For B With C At D On 14 A cure B killed C overcome D prevented 15 A rising B raising C lifting D lowering 269 Since the time of Nostradamus, meteorologists have been trying to (1) _ the mystery of climatic changes Their (2) _ has been to be able to precisely (3) _ the weather for the days to come In the past, meteorologists looked skywards to find hints in the clouds At present, their eyes are (4) _ at the spots where the most intriguing climatic transformations (5) _ about, namely, the (6) _ depths of the oceans where swirls, whirlpools and waves (7) _ the patterns for the future weather The most efficient way of (8) _ hold of the ever-changing map of the swirling currents circulating their heat around the planet is from space Weather satellites (9) _ with complicated instruments examine the surface and the bottom of the oceans and determine the exact height of water The impressive advantage offered by satellite scanning is that measurements can be (10) _ even in the most inaccessible parts of the oceans and can provide daily pictures of the water surface together with the (11) _ wave height and wind speed (12) _ being a priceless device for predicting climatic conditions for tourists, farmers or aviators, weather satellites also (13) _ advance warnings against storms or typhoons which (14) _ the coastal populations to (15) _ themselves against these destructive forces of nature A obviate B account C elaborate D decipher A objective B objectivity C subjection D subject A unravel B perceive C explore D forecast A looked B directed C focused D applied A get B turn C bring D come A utmost B indefinite C terminal D ultimate A accomplish B procure C formulate D generate A getting B coming C finding D making A donated B delivered C equipped D supplemented 10 A taken B formed C fulfilled D done 11 A amounted B calculated C scored D enumerated 12 A Besides B Apart C Otherwise D Whereby 13 A denote B proceed C issue D emerge 14 A entitle B enable C entail D enforce 15 A sustain B ward C protect D preserve 270 Sleeping disorders like insomnia can (1) _ to be a worrying question for many of us Almost anyone can easily conjure (2) _ at least one sleepless night of (3) _ and turning in bed awaiting the bliss of a deep dream Most probably, a third of us (4) _ the distressing experience at least once a week Even though it is possible for people to (5) _ without any sleep at all for a certain period of time, such occurrences are rather few and far (6) _ and there is no evidence to (7) this assumption What is sure, however, is the fact that we need some sleep to regenerate our strength and to (8) _ the brain to its proper activity No wonder, then, that the tiredness and fatigue that appear after a sleepless night (9) _ many of us to go for chemical support in the form of sleep (10) _ tablets or powders However long the problem of sleeplessness has afflicted many individuals, very little has been (11) _ in the question of its original causes We are conscious that it usually (12) _ those who are exposed to a great deal of stress, anxiety or depression It may also be (13) _ by overworking or unfavourable surroundings with scarcity of fresh air Sleeping pills may provide some relief and can act as an alternative in this desperate situation Yet, they little to combat the ailment in full Consequently, our hopes should be (14) _ on the medical authorities to (15) _ the root cause of insomnia before we take to being nocturnals leading our noisy lives in the dead of night A present B entail C prove D realize A out B about C off D up A tossing B wriggling C rolling D spinning A underpass B underlie C undergo D undertake A operate B, function C process D perform A beyond B along C within D between A proclaim B invalidate C endure D substantiate A recuperate B resume C revive D restore A compel B affect C enforce D exert 10 A attaining B inducing C exacting D contributing 11 A disparaged B retrieved C originated D detected 12 A besets B betrays C bemoans D bestows 13 A engendered B applied C instigated D evolved 14 A ascribed B placed C focused D attached 15 A emerge B release C determine D confess 271 Even though the crime rate keeps going up, society is soft on criminals People who have (1) _ major crimes and even murderers sentenced to (2) _ are often released after serving just part of their sentence Everyday (3) _ crime is destroying the (4) _ of life of many people, particularly in city areas (5) _ you look there are examples of graffiti and mindless vandalism Personally, I have had my car (6) _ into twice in the last three months As far as I know the police are not looking into (7) _ of the crimes Even when a friend recently caught a young thief, the police (8) _ him off with a warning because of his age Doubtless, the child in (9) _, thinking he has got (10) _ with one crime, will be (11) _ to try another Yet if you or I park our cars in the wrong place or exceed the speed limit slightly we have to pay a (12) _ I know it’s important to (13) _ into account the age of criminals I also know that upbringing and drugs are (14) _ for many crimes All the (15) _, the lives and rights of the victims of crime should be considered too A completed B done C committed D made A live B living C lifetime D life A little B petty C small D major A standard B cost C level D quality A However B Forever C Wherever D Whatever A broken B turned C looked D made A both B either C any D none A let B allowed C set D got A mind B question C discussion D trouble 10 A on B up C away D off 11 A attempted B dared C threatened D tempted 12 A fine B caution C ticket D fee 13 A put B take C make D carry 14 A guilty B cause C faulty D responsible 15 A same B while C time D better 272 AN INTERNATIONAL SUMMER CAMP For the last few years, my children have been going to a summer camp in (1) _ Greece called Skouras Camp They always seem to have a good time, so if you’re wondering what to with the kids for three weeks this summer, you could (2) _ worse than send them to this beautiful camp on the (3) _ of the Aegean Sea If your children, like mine, are keen (4) _ adventure, sports and good (5) _, the Skouras Camp wili keep them busy all day doing the things they (6) _ enjoy Skouras is an international camp with children from all (7) _ the world My children have made friends with children of their own age from Poland, China, Denmark and the United States Naturally they get lots of opportunities to practise their English as English is the (8) _ language spoken The Camp is (9) _ in one of the most beautiful parts of Chalkidiki It is huge (120 000 square metres) and is just a (10) _ throw away from the clear, blue Aegean Sea It takes the children just five minutes to walk to the golden, sandy beach (11) _ foot The programme is (12) _ with exciting activities for children Apart from the usual water sports, my kids’ (13) _ activities are horse riding and table tennis Other sports (14) _ basketball, volley-ball and athletics The Camp ends with a sports (15) _ in the last week which all parents are invited to attend A northern B northerly C northwards D north A turn B make C get D A shores B banks C coasts D edges A about B on C, with D for A get-togethers B companions C company D partnership A much B best C very D most A about B over C in D above A just B unique C single D only A placed B positioned C located D residing 10 A rock’s B stone’s C gravel’s D ball’s 11 A on B, by C with D over 12 A inserted B crowded C stuffed D packed 13 A loveable B likeable C favourite D beloved 14 A include B contain C enclose D hold 15 A competition B contest C exam D inspection
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Xem thêm: 272 bai trac nghiem chuyen de tieng anh multiple choice cloze tests tai lieu on thi dai hoc VB, 272 bai trac nghiem chuyen de tieng anh multiple choice cloze tests tai lieu on thi dai hoc VB, 272 bai trac nghiem chuyen de tieng anh multiple choice cloze tests tai lieu on thi dai hoc VB

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