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UNITLANGUAGE FOCUS PRONUNCIATION: Sounds /m/ - /n/ - /ŋ/ GRAMMAR:  Present Simple indicating past time  Tense Revision: The Past Simple, Past Progressive, Past Perfect PRONUNCIATION Activity 1: Listen and Repeat /m/ /n/ /ŋ/ may nose wrong make nine running summer money bringing home seven sing small snow morning PRONUNCIATION Activity 2: Practise 1) Good morning I want an apartment Reading in central London 2) We have an inexpensive apartment in Northend Avenue 3) I remember meeting him on a nice summer afternoon 4) Mr King is singing next door 5) He’s holding a string in his fngers 6) He loves spending his holidays in his small summer house GRAMMAR Activity 1: Tense 1) The Present Simple Tense indicating Revision past time: We can use Present Simple Tense to tell a story happening in the past to make the events more dramatic and lively 2) The Past Simple Tense: We use Simple Past to talk about actions and situations in the past 3) The Past Progressive Tense: We use Past Progressive to talk about something which was in progress at a past time The action or situation had started but it had GRAMMAR Activity 1: Tense Revision 4) The Past Perfect Tense: We use Past Perfect to talk about something which had happened before the past time we are thinking about Activity 2: Doing Exercises Exercise Exercise (see Textbook pages 30, 31) Exercise EXERCISES The story is about a girl called Little Red Riding Hood who (0 live) lives with her mother Little Red Riding Hood’s invites grandmother (1 invite) her to her cottage,sets so one fne day she (2 set) offgets to visit her The littlewaves girl (3 get) ready, (4 wave) _ goodbye to promises her mother and (5 promise) _to be carrie careful On her arm she (6 carry) _a swhich (7 contain) a cake her contains basket has baked is mother (8.bake) specially It (9 be) _a lovely spring morning, the sun is shine) _and birdsare (10 (11 shining singing is winter (12 sing) , happy that the be) _over broke 1) He his arm when he was playing football (break, play) 2) Julia wrote _her frst novel when she was _19 years old (write, be) was 3) I on the computer when the working broke fre out (work, break) 4) When it to rain, they starte were walking _through the forest (start, walk) d 5) He told _us about his marriage when was we having afternoon tea (tell, didn’t have) 6)was Sorry, Ilisten _ to you I thinking about something else phone (not listen) d didn’t wer but you 7) I _you last night, answer e What you _? doingwasn’t (phone, not answer, do) didn’t 8) Mary her glasses at the wearing was driving notice time, so she _what kind of car the man (not wear, not notice, drive) 1) They (eat) everything by the time I (arrive) at the party had eaten arrived 2) When I (fnd) my purse, someone (take) the money out of it found had taken 3) By the time I (get) into town, the shops (close) got had closed 4) When they (get) to the station, the train (leave) had got left 5) By the time you (get) her letter, she (arrive) in Paris had arrived got 6) The police (pay) no attention to Clare’s complaint because she (phone) them so many times before paid had phoned 7) I (go) to the post office to ask about my package, but they (say) that it (not arrive) yet went said hadn’t arrived _ 8) When I (look) at the new dress for half an hour, I (ask) how much it (cost) cost had _ looked asked Make sentences with each tense: The Present Simple indicating past time, The Past Progressive, The Past Perfect Prepare for the Reading ... UNIT – LANGUAGE FOCUS PRONUNCIATION: Sounds /m/ - /n/ - /ŋ/ GRAMMAR:  Present Simple indicating past time
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