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Topic 1: TENSES I PRESENT SIMPLE: * Put the ferbs in the Present Simple: He football every Sunday (play) They usually to school by bus (go) She from Germany (not come) We TV every night (not watch) on Sundays? (Mary/ work) to the cinema once a week? (Peter and Tom/ go) II PRESENT CONTINUOUS: * Put the following verbs in the Present Continuous: She television now (watch) Look! The boys football (play) I to the radio right now (not listen) They at the moment (not work) my newspaper at present? (you/ read) in her room now? (Alice/ not study) III PRESENT PERFECT: * Put the following verbs in the Present Perfect: Nam this film already (see) These students to Ho Chi Minh city several times (be) He my parents (never meet) We .that book yet (not read) in a foreign country so far? (you/ live) by plane up to now? (she/ travel) IV PAST SIMPLE: * Put the following verbs in the Past Simple: I a few letters yesterday (write) They last night (come) Ann to school last week (not go) The children any mistakes in their writing yesterday (not make) him some money two days ago? (they/ give) these letters some minutes ago? (you/ read) V PAST CONTINUOUS: * Put the following verbs in the Past Continuous: Tom at 9:00 last night (study) They at this time yesterday (play) I TV at this time last night (not watch) My mother and my sister shopping at 8:00 last Sunday (not go) the party when the police arrived? (he/ leave) along the street when you met Jim? (you/ walk) VI PAST PEFECT: * Put the following verbs in the Past Perfect: I them by last Saturday (see) His father home by the time we arrived (not come) After he his work, he went to bed (finish) before 1990? (she/ live) dinner by 7:00 yesterday? (your family/ have) VII SIMPLE FUTURE: * Put the following verbs in the Simple Future: We them tomorrow (see) He to the disco next Saturday evening (go) They back tonight (not go) Minh here next month (be) tennis tomorrow? (he/ play) VIII FUTURE CONTINUOUS: * Put the following verbs in the Future Continuous: We home at this time tomorrow (not stay) My father at his office at 9:00 tomorrow (work) These girls a party at this time next week (have) shopping at 8:00 next Sunday? (you/ go) What at this time next Saturday evening? (they/ do) IX FUTURE PERFECT: * Put the following verbs in the Future Perfect: David his report by 8:00 tomorrow (finish) We in Ho Chi Minh city before next Sunday (arrive) I by the time you come to see me (not leave) the assignment by next Thursday? (we/ hand in) on holiday by the time summer comes? (your family/ go) X PRACTICE: * Choose the correct answer for each of the following questions: He smoking last year A gives B gave C has given D had given I suppose she in London next week A will be B will have been C has been D was They for three months A will have lived B has lived C have lived D had lived Mary always at o’clock A get B get C is getting D gets At this time next week, we in a social activity A will be participating B will participate C will have participated D participate She to her mother at the moment A writes B are writing C is writing D will be writing When they came, he A is eating B was eating C has eaten D will eat here before yesterday? A She had come B Did she come C She came D Had she come By the time we arrive, they everything A will prepare B had prepared C will have prepared D are preparing 10 We each other since we school last year A haven’t met/ left B haven’t met/ leave C hadn’t met/ left D not met/ left 11 in her room now? A She is B Has she C Will she be D Is she 12 He in the factory in 2000 A not worked B didn’t work C doesn’t work D hasn’t work 13 By the time I got to her house, she A has left B is leaving C leave D had left
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