Kiểm tra ngữ pháp chapter 3 adjectives+adverbs+other modifiers

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Chapter :Modifiers Modifiers Từ bổ nghóa NOUN NO-ACTION VERB linking verbs ADJECTIVE ADJECTIVE VERB ADVERB NOUN ADJECTIVE ENOUGH ENOUGH ADJ + NOUN ADV/ADJ SUCH THAT THAT SO -8- Chapter :Modifiers (I) Adjectives TÍNH TỪ adjective noun 1) Tính từ bổ nghóa cho danh từ Tính từ thường đứng trước danh từ mà bổ nghóa Tính từ không thay đổi cho dù danh từ số hay số nhiều: an a Interesting adj beautiful adj Book noun girl noun Interesting adj beautiful adj books Pl noun girl Pl noun Khi số tính từ bổ nghóa cho danh từ, tính từ có nghóa tổng quát đứng trước tính từ chi tiết đứng sau: Adj Adj noun General Specific A nice new carpet A pretty silk dress Tính từ màu sắc, thể cách, quốc tòch đứng trước danh từ mà chúng miêu tả ,đương nhiên có tính từ kích thước phải đứng trước : A big yellow book A tall modern building A large American footballer EXERCISE 1: BÀI TẬP : Translate into vietnamese : Toà nhà trắng rộng lớn : Ngành công nghiệp điện ảnh Pháp : Cô bạn gái người Anh xinh đẹp anh tôi: Một cô gái đầm màu xám xậm : Bức hình nhà cô : _ Ba sách nằm bàn (dùng cụm phân từ đặt sau danh từ) Người phụ nữ đứng đằng (dùng cụm phân từ đặt sau danh từ) Cô bạn gái người Anh xinh đẹp anh đến thành phố tuần trước _ Chò người phụ nữ đứng đằng _ 10 Cô hình nhà cô _ * Participles used as adjectives : + Present Participle( V-ing) ……….> active Ex 1:This is an interesting book Ex : I have just seen a very exciting film + Past Participle ( V3/ed) …………….> passive Ex : I am an interested reader -8- Chapter :Modifiers Ex 2: Everybody was excited by the film last night EXERCISE 2: BÀI TẬP : 1/ “ Do you think Margaret will take the job you offered her ? ” “ I don’t know She seemed _ in it, however ” a interest b interesting c interested d interstingly 2/ “ The students all went to the circus yesterday ” “ I heard it was really _ ” a amused b amusing c amuse d amusingly 3/ “ I was _ that Jan couldn’t come to the party ” “ Her boss made her work overtime ” a disappointing b disappointedly c disappoint d disappointed 4/ “ What a terrible football game ! ” “ I thought it was _ ” a delightful b delighting c delight d delighted 5/ “ How…… we are to hear that you got the scholarship ” “ Thank you It was really a surprise ” a pleasing b pleased c pleasingly d please 6/ “ Professor Allen’s class is the best I have ever been to ” “ I think it’s _ ” a the most boring b the most boringly c the most bored d most bored 7/ “ I can’t believe that Jim is marrying the vice – president’s daughter ” “ That they would get married is _ ” a surprised b surprisingly c surprising d surprise 8/ “ This handmade cloth is beautiful ” “ To see such quality is _ ” a pleasing b please c pleased d so pleasanty 9/ “ How does Jan like her new car ? ” “ She’s with it ” a delighted ` b delighting c delight d delightful 10/ “ You look nervous ” “ This thunder makes me ” a scary b scare c scaring d scared *Để nhấn mạnh, hai tính từ thường nối and: adj and adj noun A cold and dark night A practical and cheap bag 2) Tính từ bổ nghóa cho số động từ Đây động từ nối động từ giác quan: verb Adj Động từ nối (không biểu thò hành động): be remain seem appear become grow get go prove turn stay John will be busy Her brother seemed sad John got bored Động từ giác quan (không hiển thò hành động): Look sound smell She felt happy -8- taste feel Chapter :Modifiers It smells good The cake tastes delicious * Các tổ hợp đặc biệt: keep quiet open wide stand still *Tất động từ hành động khác trạng từ bổ nghóa: The woman looked carefully in her purse (action) adv But The woman looked sad (no action) adj *Tiếp vó ngữ – ly dùng để thành lập tính từ lẫn trạng từ Một số tính từ thành lập cách thêm – ly vào danh từ: noun noun + ly = friend Noun Neighbor World Shape Man Brother Stateman God adjective friendly Adjective Neighborly Worldly Shapely Manly Brotherly Statemanly Godly *EXERCISE 3: BÀI TẬP Choose the correct form in these sentences: Chọn dạng câu sau: This orange tastes (sweet/sweetly) He spoke to me (plain/plainly) The woman appeared (weak/weakly) after her surgery The baby would not stay (quiet/quietly) all night He looks so (honest/honestly) that no one suspected him The store is (close/closely) to the post office We will be leaving (short/shortly) The weather never turns (cold/coldly) this time of the year (II) Adverbs: Trạng từ verb adverb (i) bổ nghóa cho động từ Nó trả lời câu hỏi How? He walked slowly (v) (adv) They talked quietly (v) (adv) (ii) thường theo sau động từ, đứng vò trí khác câu He walked slowly to the door He walked to the door slowly Slowly he walked to the door (iii) thành lập cách thêm - ly vào tính từ, trừ tính từ tận y có hai vần -8- Chapter :Modifiers Adjective Slow Quick Soft Adverb Slowly Quickly Softly Adjective Easy Lazy Busy Adverb Easily Lazily Busily Exception s: Ngoại lệ Adjective Adverb Hard Hard Fast Fast Late Late Low Low (iv) bổ nghóa cho tính từ trạng từ khác It was a very hot day (adj) She sang very beautifully (adv) (adv) EXERCISE 4: BÀI TẬP : 1/ “ I don’t think John looks well ” – “ He seems ” a faily tired b fair tired c fair tiredly d fairly tiredly 2/ “ Which you prefer – the blue China or the white China ? ” “ The white China is _” a definite better b better definite c better definitely d definitely better 3/ “ Were you pleased with the translation ? ” “ Yes The job was _ ” a amazing satisfactory b amazingly satisfactory c amazing satisfactorily d satisfactory amazing 4/ “ What was your impression of last night’s lecture ? ” “ speaking I thought it was rather boring.” a Honest b Honestly c Very d Really 5/ “ How tall is Ralph ? ” - “ He’s than you are ” a slight tall b slight taller c slightly tall d sightly taller 6/ “ How does Amy like her new school ? ” “ Fine And she’s doing in her courses ” a extreme good b extremely well c extremely good d extreme well 7/ “ What a nice fire you have in your fireplace.” “During the winter I like my house ” a warmly and comfortably b warm and comfortable c warm and comfortably d warmly and comfortable 8/ “ This perfume is very expensive ” “ Yes , but it smells ” a exceptional good b exceptionally good c exceptionally well d exceptional well 9/ “ Your son seems to be an excellent skier ” “ They say he’s _ for his age ” a surprisingly competent b surprising competent c competently surprising d surprising competently 10/ “ I had a hard time taking notes on the lecture ” “ I did too The professor speaks _ ” a exceeding fast b exceedingly fastly c exceedingly fast d with exceedingly fastness (v) dùng để diễn đạt thời gian tần số -8- Chapter :Modifiers Time adver bs Today Tomor row Yester day Freque ncy adverb s Always Usually O Sometimes Seldom Soon never ft e n Trạng từ thời gian thường đứng đầu cuối câu: Tomorrow we are going to the beach I took the test yesterday Trạng từ tần số đứng trước động từ trừ động từ to be Trong trường hợp này, trạng từ theo sau to be: Joan never eats broccoli (v) But Bob is seldom late for work (v) EXERCISE 5: BÀI TẬP 5: Đặt trạng từ ngoặc vào vò trí: I have been in New York (never). He goes to the movies (sometimes) She is very cheerful (usually) He comes to visit us (rarely) It is windy in Chicago (often) I read the Sunday paper (generally) He was at home studying (yesterday) We are leaving for Detroit (tomorrow morning) III) Nouns which function as adjectives and hyphenated adjectives: Danh từ làm chức tính từ tính từ có gạch nối (i) Nouns functioning as adjectives: Danh từ làm chức tính từ noun noun adjective Danh từ làm chức tính từ xuất trước danh từ khác Danh từ thứ làm chức tính từ miêu tả danh từ thứ hai làm chức danh từ A college teacher = a teacher who teaches in a college A dinner plate = a plate which is used for dinner (ii) Hyphenated or compound adjectives: Tính từ có gạch nối tính từ kép a ten – minute break Các tính từ kết hợp số danh từ, dùng để đo lường Tổ hợp số + danh từ luôn có gạch nối luôn số ít: -8- Chapter :Modifiers A two-hundred- page book a two-hour class = a book which has two hundred pages = a class which is two hours long A forty-year- old man = a man who is forty years old EXERCISE 6: Change the underlined phrases in these sentences into two-word combinations: Đổi cụm từ gạch câu sau thành tổ hợp hai từ: Example: a car which has four doors = a four-door car a person who dances ballet = a ballet dancer a play which has three acts a building which has thirty storeys a telephone call which lasts three minutes a composition which contains five hundred words a teacher who teaches English a store which sells shoes a bill which is worth twenty dollars a student who studies science EXERCISE 7: Multiple Choice Test 1/ He is a a three years old boy b a three –year- old boy c three years boy d three years old boy 2/ I would like to buy _ one – legged table a a b an c many d the 3/ One should respect _ parents.(British English ) a their b his c one’s d her 4/ I have a _ building a two – hundred – room b two hundred rooms c two hundred a room d two hundred rooms 5/ Lemon tastes a sour b sourly c very sourly d to be sour 6/ John , how are you today ? I am _ that I can meet you a too glad b very glad c so glad d such glad 7/ I never met _ man before a a so good b so good a c so a good d good so a 8/ The family never agree about shares of the property a her b its c their d his 9/ We had a _ dinner and ran to the theatre a quickly b quick c more quick d quickest 10/ I’ve always found Fred to be a _ person a politely b impolitely c not polite d polite 11/ He is a customer a regular b regularly c irregular d not regular 12/ A _ breeze touched my face a gently b gentler c gentle d more gently (IV) “Enough” “ENOUGH” Adj/adv enough Trạng từ Enough theo sau tính từ trạng từ: She didn’t read quickly enough (adv) The bag isn’t big enough (adj) -8- Chapter :Modifiers *Note : But enough noun Đứng trước danh từ: I have enough coffee (n) He doesn’t have enough money to buy the book (n) EXERCISE 8: BÀI TẬP Choose the correct form in parentheses: Chọn dạng ngoặc I don’t have (enough time/time enough) to it He didn’t run (fast enough/enough fast) Is this coffee (enough strong/strong enough) for you? He is not (old enough/enough old) to get a driver’s license Do we have (enough drinks/drinks enough) for the party? The director thought the man was not (heavy enough/enough heavy) for the role There were not (enough people/people enough) to form a dance group Are there (chairs enough/enough chairs) in the room? (V) Modifiers of cause and effect: Từ bổ nghóa nguyên nhân kết quả: So… that Such… that Cả hai từ bổ nghóa có nghóa chúng dùng với cấu trúc khác nhau: It was such a cold day that we stayed at home It was so cold that we stayed at home So trạng từ dùng trước trạng từ tính từ danh từ theo sau: so Adv/adj that She spoke so fast that you could not understand her (adv) The weather was so nice that we went to the beach (adj) He walked so quickly that I could not catch up with him (adv) * Note : So … that dùng với many, few, much, little: I have so many records that I don’t know which to play He made so much noise that we couldn’t sleep They had so few classes that they were all full We had so little time that we didn’t finish the test Such tính từ dùng trước tính từ danh tư ø: such adj + noun that He is such a nice person that everyone likes him (adj) (n) -8- Chapter :Modifiers It was such a hot day that we stayed at the beach (adj) (n) He spoke for such a long time that they thought he would never stop (adj) (n) EXERCISE 9: BÀI TẬP 9: Use “so” or “such” in these sentences: Dùng cho so such câu sau: The teacher gave us much homework that no one was able to finish it There has been _ little rain that the grass is yellow The movie was good that I decided to see it again The tornado struck with _ force that it tore the trees from the ground The fog was thick that we could hardly see the road It was _ good coffee that I had another cup many people came to the meeting that they had to stand It was an interesting book that he couldn’t put it down -8- ... book Ex : I have just seen a very exciting film + Past Participle ( V3/ed) …………….> passive Ex : I am an interested reader -8- Chapter :Modifiers Ex 2: Everybody was excited by the film last night.. .Chapter :Modifiers (I) Adjectives TÍNH TỪ adjective noun 1) Tính từ bổ nghóa cho danh từ Tính từ... the circus yesterday ” “ I heard it was really _ ” a amused b amusing c amuse d amusingly 3/ “ I was _ that Jan couldn’t come to the party ” “ Her boss made her work overtime ” a disappointing
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