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KỲ THI THPT QUỐC GIA ĐỀ THỰC HÀNH SỐ 16 Thi thử Kỳ thi THPT Quốc gia Tháng 5/2015: I PHẦN TRẮC NGHIỆM Read the following passage and mark the letter A, B, C or D on your answer sheet to indicate the correct answer to each of the questions These stories of killer bees in the news in recent years have attracted a lot of attention as the bees have made their way from South America Killer bees are reputed to be extremely aggressive in nature, although experts that their aggression may have been somewhat inflated The killer bee is a combination of the very mild European strain of honeybee and the considerably more aggressive African bee, which was created when the African strain was imported into Brazil in 1955 The African bees were brought into Brazil because their aggression was considered an advantage: they were far more productive than their European counterparts in that they spent a higher percentage of their time working and continued working longer in inclement weather than did the European bees These killer bees have been known to attack humans and animals, and some fatalities have occurred Experts point out, however, that the mixed breed known as the killer bee is actually not at all as aggressive as the pure African bee They also point out that the attacks have a chemical cause A killer bee stings only when it has been disturbed; it is not aggressive by nature However, after a disturbed bee stings and flies away; it leaves its stinger embedded in the victim In the vicera attached to the embedded stinger is the chemical isoamyl acetate, which has an odor that attracts other bees As other bees approach the victim of the original sting, the victim tends to panic, thus disturbing other bees and causing them to sting The new stings create more of the chemical isoamyl acetate which attracts more bees and increases the panic level of the victim Killer bees tend to travel in large clusters or swarms and thus respond in large numbers to the production of isoamyl acetate 1.The subject of the paragraph before paragraph was mostly likely _ A: stories in the media about killer bees C: the creation of the killer bee B: ways of producing honey D: the chemical nature of killer bees attacks The word "inflated" in paragraph means _ A: aired B: burst C: exaggerated D: blown 3.Why were African bees considered beneficial? A: They didn't work hard in inclement weather C: They produced an unusual type of honey B: They spent their time traveling D: They were productive, even in inclement weather 4.The word 'their' in paragraph refers to _ A: the killer bees' B: the African bees' C: the honey bees' D: the European bees' 5.It is stated in the passage that killer bees _ A: are more deadly than African bees B: are less aggressive than African bees Prepared by Lê Luận 0994 747 821 C: never attacks animals D: always attack African bees Prepared by Lê Luận 0994 747 821 6.The pronoun 'They' in paragraph refers to _ A: humans and animals B: experts C: fatalities D: killer bees 7.Which is NOT mentioned in the passage as a contributing factor in an attack by killer bees? A: Inclement weather C: The odor of isoamyl acetate B: Panic by the victims D: Disturbance of the bees In which paragraph does the author describe the size of the groups in which killer bees move? A: Paragraph and B: Paragraph C: Paragraph D: Paragraph Which of the following is NOT a characteristic of killer bees? A: attack humans and animals B: are a combination of European honeybee and African bee C: are aggressive by nature D: travel in large clusters 10.The main idea of this passage is that killer bee _ A: are not purebred C: are not as aggressive as their reputation suggests B: have been moving unexpectedly D: have been in the news a lot recently Mark the letter A, B, C or D to indicate the underlined part that needs correction in each of the following questions 11.Giant tortoises live to great ages, and specimens have been known to live from 100 and 150 years A: to B: Giant C: to live D: and 12.By measuring the color of a star, astronomers can tell how hot is it A: measuring B: how C: the D: is it 13.Psychologist use standardized test to help measure abilities, aptitudes, interesting, and personality traits A: interesting B: personality traits C: standardized D: measure 14.It is estimated that at least a million meteors have hit the Earth’s land surface, which is only 25 percentage of the planet A: percentage B: at least C: million D: have hit 15.Men and women in the Peace Corps work with people in developing countries to help them improving their living conditions A: developing B: improving C: living D: work Read the following passage and mark the letter A, B, C or D on your answer sheet to indicate the word or phrase that best fits each of the numbered blanks It can take a long time to become successful in your chosen field, however talented you are One thing you have to be aware (16) _ is that you will face criticism along the way The world is full of people who would rather say something negative than positive If you’ve made up your (17) _ to achieve a certain goal, such as writing a novel, don’t let the negative criticism of others (18) _ you from reaching your target, and let constructive criticism have a positive (19) _ on your work If someone says you are totally short in talent, ignore them That’s negative criticism If, however, someone (20) _ you to revise your work and gives you good reasons (21) _ doing so, you should consider their suggestions carefully There are many film stars who were once out of work There are many famous novelists who made a complete (22) _ of their first novel – or who didn’t, but had to (23) _ approaching hundreds of publishers before they could get it published Being successful does (24) _ on luck, to a certain extent But things are more (25) _ to turn out well if you persevere and stay positive 16 A: into Prepared by Lê Luận 0994 747 821 B: of C: on D: about 17 A: idea B: mind C: thought D: brain Prepared by Lê Luận 0994 747 821 18 A: avoid B: prevent C: remove D: cease 19 A: outcome B: effect C: result D: consequence 20 A: explains B: proposes C: suggests D: advises 21 A: with B: up C: for D: of 22.A: garbage B: mess C: rubbish D: trash 23 A: bank on B: put off C: keep on D: drop in 24.A: depend B: focus C: come D: go 25 A: likely B: unlike C: like D: likelihood Mark the letter A, B, C or D to indicate the correct answer to each of the following questions 26 The Olympic Games are held every four years in a selected country, and _ to athletes of all nations A: they are opened B: it is open C: they are open D: are opened 27 Samples of rock showed _ 4,600 million years old A: how was the moon B: when was the moon C: that the moon was D: to be the moon 28 Pumpkin seeds, _ protein and iron, are a popular snack A: which provide B: which C: provide D: that 29 The key role of the still life in modern art has been as a focus _ technical and stylistic experiments A: in B: with C: to D: on 30 Temperature, the simplest weather element to measure, is probably _ used than any other kind of data A: frequently B: most frequently C: more frequently D: as frequently 31 Both diamond _ graphite are made of the same element, which is carbon A: together B: except C: both D: and 32 Many mental disorders are believed to result from a combination of emotional, _, and biological factors A: society B: to be social C: social D: socially 33 Can I _ you to water the flowers when I am away? A: try on B: look at C: count on D: turn in 34 An effective paragraph must _ be unified and ordered but also complete A: in addition B: not only C: as well D: either 35 Rarely _ designer labels at affordable prices A: are you find C: you find B: find you D: you find 36 When we start work in the morning, I usually _ at the schedule for the whole day A: glance B: glimpse C: monitor D: watch 37 The man was arrested when his _ passport was spotted at the airport A: plastic B: fake C: artificial 38 I _ sight of the robber just before he disappeared around the corner A: caught B: got C: had 39 In the hotel, at the reception: Receptionist: “Have you got any identification, sir?” Guest: “Well, I haven’t got my passport But I’ve got my driving license, ? Prepared by Lê Luận 0994 747 821 D: unreal D: took A: you agree with me B: sure C: will that be all right D: of course Prepared by Lê Luận 0994 747 821 A: 40.However _ more than 2,000 B: minerals Despiteare known, nearly allC:rocks Although are formed from sevenD: mineral Since groups 41 After a quiz: Long: “I’m depressed I didn’t very well on the first quiz.” A: Put down Forget everything about that quiz B: Hold on Other tests are more important C: Come on This quiz is not important D: Calm down I'm sure you you'll better on the other tests Minh: “ _.” 42 Canada does not require that U.S citizens obtain passports to enter the country, and _ A: Mexico does neither C: Mexico doesn't, either B: either does Mexico D: neither Mexico does 43 The earthquake was powerful that the town was completely destroyed A: enough B: too C: so D: such 44 We had the volume turned down so I couldn‟t make _ what they were talking about A: up B: off C: in D: out Read the following passage and mark the letter A, B, C or D on your answer sheet to indicate the correct answer to each of the questions How much time you spend stuck in traffic, breathing in diesel fumes as you commute to work or to college every day? Traffic congestion in the big cities is one of the key issues facing city planners these days It has only continued to get worse, despite the attempts to solve these problems Expensive solutions such as new flyovers, bus-only lanes, and park-and-ride options are all under consideration in many big cities Cycling is a key way of reducing traffic congestion and has other benefits as well It saves fuel, is healthier for the cyclists, and reduces air pollution for all other commuters It provides a more cost-effective and efficient use of city space by reducing the need of enormous parking buildings and inner-city motorways Another point is that cycling is a cheaper alternative than car ownership with its registration fees, fuel costs, and regular mechanical expenses Take a moment to think about those who risk the dangers of busy city roads on a bicycle Cyclists are the most vulnerable people in heavy traffic They move fast, they are balanced on two wheels, and they have no outer metal shell to protect them If they are on their way to work, they may well be carrying work-related documents in a backpack or pannier, which increases the balance problem As cyclists are much smaller than vehicles, drivers frequently not even notice them and accidents are common Often, especially in hot weather, cyclists only wear light clothing, which means the injuries they suffer are likely to be serious, even with helmets What needs to happen for cyclists to feel comfortable cycling to work? The first major requirement is changing our ideas so that cycling becomes a sensible transport choice and cyclists are safe on the roads Public education is an essential part of this to ensure that other road users are more considerate to cyclists and learn how to drive safely when bicycles are sharing the roads Employers also need to be aware of cyclists’ needs These usually range from secure cycle tracks to prevent theft to the provision of showers and lockers so people can change from cycling to business clothes once they arrive at work The second major necessity is the development of a safe, convenient network of cycling pathways that link different parts of the city, but ideally are separate from the regular road system These cycle paths should also allow for some separation of cyclists and pedestrians, as people walking can be badly injured or even killed if a cyclist collides with them In areas where this is not possible, city streets should have clearly marked cycle lanes with restrictions to prevent drivers from using them Prepared by Lê Luận 0994 747 821 Some cities, for example, Copenhagen and Amsterdam, have made a particular effort to achieve this They have developed areas that are either car-free (only for pedestrians and cyclists) or ‘pedestrian priority’, where pedestrians and cyclists have the right-of-way and cars are only permitted to move at low speeds Planners believe that the presence of cyclists at all hours of the day and evening keeps the city safer Since 1995, there has been a city bike system in Copenhagen which allows anyone to borrow a bike from one of 110 bike stands around the city for a small deposit Once the bike is returned to the same or another stand, this money is refunded There has also been an active policy of establishing bike lanes, adding bike crossings to intersections, and reducing the number of car parks to discourage cars in the central city Currently, about 34% of commuters in Copenhagen cycle to work Cycling is clearly a healthy and effective alternative to the private car in our congested cities The greater the proportion of cyclists to other vehicles, the safer cycling becomes As some forward-thinking cities have demonstrated, there are many ways in which local city governments can actively encourage and subsidise cycling as a positive option for commuters The most important of these requires some brave decisions to curb the dominance of the private car, and the gridlock experienced in all major cities shows that such action has become essential 45 The word ‘It’ in paragraph refers to A: city planner B: traffic congestion C: key issue D: big city 46 The following information can be found in paragraph A: A description of company facilities for employees who cycle to work B: The fact that cyclists are often not noticed by drivers C: Statistics to how that cycle-friendly policies are effective D: A comparison of the cost of owing a bike and a car 47 Which of the following is the best heading for paragraph 3? A: Cyclists at risk 48 The word ‘these’ in paragraph refers to A: city governments’ needs C: cyclists’ needs B: employees’ needs D: employers’ needs 49 Which of the following is NOT a new solution to traffic congestion? A: expansion of road networks B: special lanes for buses C: overbridges for vehicles D: parking areas for motorists or drivers to change to public transport 50. is described as a cycling-friendly development according to the passage A: additional taxes on roads at rush hours C: additional taxes on petrol and diesel B: free and covered bike parks D: bikes that anyone can borrow and return later 51 One of the requirements for cycling to work mentioned in the passage is _ A: policies requiring cyclist to wear bright-coloured clothing B: laws requiring cyclists to wear helmets C: laws preventing cyclists from carrying documents in backpacks D: actions taken by employers to support employees who cycle 52 Which reason is NOT listed as reasons for encouraging cycling? A: to lessen the need for car parks and roads C: to move quickly through heavy traffic B: to lessen pollution of city air D: to lower the number of cars on the streets 53 The word „forward-thinking‟ in the last paragraph probably means A: awkward B: strange C: conservative D: pioneering 54 The writer's main idea is _ A: Some city governments have encouraged cycling B: Cycling is the key to a reduction of traffic congestion C: In the future, cars will need to be banned from cities D: Automobiles are shaping our city planning Prepared by Lê Luận 0994 747 821 Mark the letter A, B, C or D to indicate the word that differs from the other three in the position of the primary stress in each of the following questions 55 A: influence B: interview C: behaviour D: punishment 56 A: kindergarten B: curriculum C: encouragement D: minority 57 A: preferential B: identity C: engineering D: application Mark the letter A, B, C, or D on your answer sheet to indicate the word whose underlined part differs from the other three in pronunciation in each of the following questions 58 A husband B raise C distinct D reserve 59 A ivory B crisis C determine D digest Mark the letter A, B, C or D to indicate the word(s) CLOSEST in meaning to the underlined word(s) in each of the following questions 60 Mrs Mackenzie waited for the class to become quieter before she continued A: bring up B: pass away C: bring on D: settle down 61 The precision of tools in a computer manufacturing company is critical A: temperature B: cleanliness C: size D: accuracy 62 Before the explosion in the sale of personal computers, people spent a lot more time using typewriters A: Succeeding B: Due to C: At the time of D: Prior to 63 After a long, hard struggle, we gradually succeeded in having people accept the truth of our theory A) slowly B) momentarily C) suddenly D) graciously 64 After the drops were placed in the patient's eyes, his pupils became dilated A) enlarged B) smaller C) irritated D) sensible II PHẦN TỰ LUẬN A 1) It isn’t necessary to finish the work today  You don’t 2) Sally finally managed to get a job  Sally finally succeeded 3) That’s the last time I go to that restaurant  I certainly 4) “I advised you to take a holiday” The doctor said  “You’d 5) If you don’t rest yourself you really will be ill  Unless B TOPIC: Write a letter to pen-pal to talk about your family Prepared by Lê Luận 0994 747 821 ... everything about that quiz B: Hold on Other tests are more important C: Come on This quiz is not important D: Calm down I'm sure you you'll better on the other tests Minh: “ _.” 42 Canada does not... become successful in your chosen field, however talented you are One thing you have to be aware (16) _ is that you will face criticism along the way The world is full of people who would rather... certain extent But things are more (25) _ to turn out well if you persevere and stay positive 16 A: into Prepared by Lê Luận 0994 747 821 B: of C: on D: about 17 A: idea B: mind C: thought D:
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