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MOCK TEST 12 Read the following passage and mark the letter A, B, C or D to indicate the correct answer for each of the questions Farmer Wang Zuolu grows oranges and peanuts on a hilltop overlooking China’s beautiful Yangtze River His family has lived there for generations in a farmhouse of thick, mud-packed walls But Wang, 70, and his wife Zhang Changying, 60, know that their family’s happy life on the hill is coming to an end Soon their farm will be covered by water They must start a new life in a new village They will have to move their family cemetery and replant their orchards Wang and his wife are just two of the 1.2 million Chinese who are being forced from their homes by the construction of the Three Gorges Dam The Three Gorges Dam is named for three spectacular gorges, or canyons, in central China When it is completed, the dam will use water power to create electricity Its builders say it will help prevent flooding by the Yangtze But it will also be very destructive, changing China’s natural scenery and the lives of many of its people forever For hundreds of years, poets and painters have been inspired by the Yangtze’s winding path and the steep cliffs and flat plains that lie on either side of its waters But the Yangtze can rise over its banks, causing terrible floods Workers are building a 600-foot-high wall that will stretch across the Yangtze Then they will install giant generators These will provide as much energy for the area as 15 large coal-burning power stations However, many scientists say the dam will be an ecological disaster It will destroy the natural surroundings (including the stunning gorges) and threaten many fish and animals By blocking the flow of the Yangtze, the dam will create a 370-mile lake, or reservoir, west of the city of Yinchang It will swallow hundreds of towns and villages The reservoir will also threaten the habitats of hundreds of fish, plants, and animal species Among the creatures at risk: rare river dolphins, clouded leopards, and Siberian white cranes The government promises to monitor the environment around the dam and has set aside money to create a protective area for the dolphins But scientists are doubtful about promises They warn that blocking the river will create sewage backups and perhaps even cause more floods Some fear that the dam may collapse Many dams in China have collapsed in the past 20 years China’s culture and history are also endangered by the dam Ancient pagodas (temples) and other important historic sites will be under water The Chinese who must leave their homes are already feeling the impact of the Three Gorges Dam These resettlers, or yimin, have no choice but to find new homes and jobs Despite their worries, the Chinese are not permitted to speak out against the project, which is expected to cost more than $24 billion Journalist Dai Qing landed in prison after she criticized the dam “There is only one Yangtze River,” she wrote in protest “And we have already subjected it to many stupid deeds.” 1.A gorge is another name for a A: valley B: dam C: canyon D: river 2.Why is the Three Gorge Dam being created? A: to protect pagodas and temples B: to create electricity C: to create a protective area for dolphins D: to change China’s natural scenery 3.Which word or phrases does not describe Wang? A: a yimin B: lived on a hilltop C: farmed oranges and peanuts D: husband of Dai Qing 4.By building a dam, the Yangtze will A: generate power B: endanger historic sites and pagodas C: create a reservoir where towns and villages used to be D:All are correct 5.At the present time, before the generators are installed, energy comes from A: Yinchang B: water C: natural sources D: coal-burning power stations 6.In what way will this cause an ecological disaster? A: Fish and other animals will die B: It will create a lake C: People will have to burn more coal D: People will have to move 7.Why don’t the 1.2 million people refuse to leave? A: They know the dam will be good for the country B: They might be sent to prison C: Their homes are old and run-down D: They want a change of scenery 8.What animals will be replaced in a government – funded protected area? A: pagodas B: Siberian white cranes C: rare river dolphins D: clouded leopards 9.What does a journalist do? A: Protests B: sells home C: advises the government D: reports the news 10.Why some people fear the dam will collapse? A: The people will knock it down in protest B: They are poorly constructed C: The river is too strong D: Many of China’s dams have collapsed in the past Choose the best answer among A, B, C or D that best completes each sentence 11 “ ” is used to express agreement A: I totally agree with you B: I can’t help thinking the same C: All are correct D: I’m with you there 12.My roommate is driving me crazy! It seems that it is at night, he plays his music! A: the less / less B: the more late / the more loudlier C: the less / the more loud D: the later / the louder 13.We have been informed that animals at the zoo are starving to death A: more of B: almost the C: most of the D: most of 14.He was a wonderful talker He really had the gift of the A: word B: gab C: bard D: gods 15.The teacher _the truth, for he looked very angry A: needs to know B: must have known C: should have known D: can know 16.“Timmy’s not very good at tennis, is he?” “I know, but he’s very sensitive so don’t .” A: make of him fun B: make fun of C: make fun of him D: make him fun of 17.Direct speech: “I’m sorry for breaking your vase” she said A: She suggested breaking their vase B: She denied breaking his vase Reported speech: C: She apologized me for breaking my vase D: She apologized to him for breaking his vase 18. I had a very good year at school A: In whole B: Wholly C: On the whole D: As a whole 19.Nowhere in the northern section of the United States for growing citrus crops A: is suitability of the climate B: is the climate suitable C: where the climate is suitable D: the climate is suitable 20.She’d prefer noodles rather than milk A: having/having B: had/drank C: to have/drink D: have/drink 21.My husband and I would like to go to India, it’s no means the only country in the world I want to see A: how B: while C: as D: yet 22.“How I look tonight?” A: How beautiful “Wow! _ dress you have on” B: How a beautiful C: What a beautiful D: What beautiful 23.“I’m surprised no-one tried to help Linda.” “ us sooner, we might have been able to something” A: She had asked B: Having asked C: Had she asked D: Asking 24.She is such an experienced teacher By November she _teaching for fifteen years.” A: will have been B: is to be C: is going to be D: has been 25.No one has ever asked me that question before In the passive voice: _ A: That question has ever been asked me by no one before B: I have not never been asked that question before C: That question has never been asked me before by anyone D: I have never been asked that question before 26.He showed me the hospital _ A: he was born in B: he was born C: that he was born D: in what he was born 27.All the engineers were happy because they finally made _ A: a breakthrough B: an outcome C: a viewpoint D: an outburst 28.The Prime Minister is to consider changes to sexually _ laws to enforce equal opportunities A: discriminated B: discriminate C: discrimination D: discriminatory 29.I cannot understand why she did that, it really doesn’t add up A: makes the wrong addition B: doesn’t calculate C: isn’t mathematics D: doesn’t make sense 30.I think the crop must be irrigated as soon as possible A: watered B: planted C: harvested D: drained 31.My son regrets _ enough time to finish the exercises A: to not have B: not to have C: not having D: not have had 32.It is _ around the world A: soccer that is played B: soccer that plays C: soccer that have been played D: soccer which has been played 33.Miguel de Cervantes, the author of Don Quixote, was once captured as a slave and spent five years in _ in Algiers before a Roman Catholic group paid a ransom for his release A: sequence B: reparation C: compensation D: captivity 34.It’s excellent value for money You get a _ meal and coffee for under $10 per person A: third-course B: third courses C: three-course D: three-courses Read the following passage and mark the letter A, B, C or D sheet to indicate the correct answer for each of the blanks As a part of a strategic career plan, volunteering can have an important place Firstly, volunteer work can certainly (1) _ you feel good about what you do, especially if you work for a charity or another worthy cause It can also help you develop skills which will be useful when you are (2) _ for jobs in the paid workforce Working as a volunteer offers the (3) _to work with and for other people, and it should always be appreciated Even more importantly, you can try something out to see if you like it On the money side of things, while voluntary work obviously won’t provide you with an (4) _, you will find you are much more employable with the new skills, letters of appreciation, and greater self-esteem that you have acquired For example, you might think you’d like to work in an office, but you’re not sure You decide to volunteer your services to a local charity for two days a week, which will still allow plenty of times to (5) _ for work You will get to know what it is like working in an office, how to work with other people and you’ll develop your skills (or even (6) _ some new ones) You’ll be able to ask the manager to talk about your abilities and personal characteristics to employers when you go for job interviews – having a current referee is vital – and they won’t be upset that you are looking for another job, they’ll be (7) _ for the time you have given them Who knows, your voluntary organization might even recommend you for a position they have (8) _ about, or offer you one themselves, which is a great way to find work, saving you a lot of foot-slogging and application-writing If you decide to (9) _ volunteer work, try to something you think you’ll enjoy, or at least something that will help you in your future job seeking endeavors You should also make sure you set limit as to how (10) hours per week you are prepared to work, and over what period of time This way the volunteer work you will increase your chances of getting a good job! 35.A: allow 10 B: get C: make D: force 36.A: applying B: having C: giving D: receiving 37.A: time B: separation C: management D: opportunity 38.A: income B: amount C: total D: sum 39.A: see B: find C: recognize 11 D: look 40.A: learn B: resume C: have D: work 41.A: grateful B: kind C: hopeful D: mindful 42.A: listened B: took C: heard D: gave 43.A: focus on B: take on C: keep up D: get through 44.A: much 12 B: many C: more D: less Read the following passage and mark the letter A, B, C or D to indicate the correct answer for each of the questions When most people hear the term “National park”, they automatically think of names such as “Yellowstone,” or “Yosemite,” or “Grand Canyon” The big parks’ names bring to mind vast stretches of undisturbed wilderness perfect for hiking, camping, and nature-watching But while this vision of America’s National Parks is wholly accurate and sufficiently breathtaking, there’s more America’s National Park system has an incredible 388 places to visit This number includes not only the big parks, but also monuments, historical sites, recreation areas, battlefields, as well as scenic lakeshores, seashores, and rivers And the parks themselves don’t just stop at geyser-fields and mule-excursions In America’s National Parks, you can climb an active volcano in Hawaii, “spelunk” the vast underground world of Mammoth Cave in Kentucky, dive the exotic coral reef of Biscayne Bay in Florida, or cast your fishing nets in the far reaches of the Pacific with the locals of American Samoa Each of these 388 places has a unique appeal – from the natural to the manmade, from the ethereal in the factual, from the subtle to the overwhelming – with the whole collection offering vacationers a nearly endless range of interests and activities in which to explore and indulge SeeAmerica.org is a great place to begin planning your trip to one of, or several of, America’s National Parks From the home page, you can search all of the Parks by name, region, activity, or even zip code The site also serves as a portal to other important sites, like the National Park Service’s official website, www.nps.gov, and the National Park Foundation’s,www.nationalparks.org From SeeAmerica.org you can get to all the information you ‘ll need to plan your trip from start to finish – from directions to the park, to park fees, to typical weather conditions 45.What is the most popular national parks in the USA? A: Yosemite B: All are correct C: Yellowstone D: Grand Canyon 46.What is NOT true about the US national parks? A: They are perfect for camping B: Tourists to the parks can enjoy nature-watching 13 C: They are undisturbed wilderness D: In each national park, there are 388 places to visit 47.What is NOT included in the national parks? A: monuments B: zoos C: seashores D: big parks 48.What information can you find at www.nationalparks.org ? A: directions to the park B: typical weather conditions C: park fees D: All are correct 49.The word “breathtaking” mostly means A: uninteresting B: not shocking C: not bad D: extremely impressive 50.The world “indulge” mostly means A: interfere with 14 B: wander off C: enjoy yourself D: live alone 51.Which of these can be enjoyed in a national park in Hawaii? A: Diving the exotic coral reef B: Going on mule-excursions C: Climbing an active volcano D: Going fishing with the locals 52.Where can tourists enjoy diving the exotic coral reef? A: In Florida B: In Kentucky C: In Grand Canyon D: In the Pacific 53.Which of the following statements is NOT true? A: All you see at national parks are natural B: There are a great variety of things for vacationers to enjoy C: The names of the parks just suggest part of the pleasure of visits to them D: There are 388 places of interest in the US national park system 54.What is NOT true about SeeAmerica.org ? A: You can search some of the national parks by zip code B: It is a good guide to help you plan the trip C: It gives you all the information needed 15 D: It is linked to other useful websites Mark the letter A,B,C or D to show the underlined part that needs correction in each of the following questions 55.The broadest differences are those among the North and the South 56.Mary and John will certainly be able to afford plane tickets to Dallas because they’ll earn a lot of money by the time Decemberrolls around 57.Residents in some cities can call an electrical inspector to have the wiring in their house is checked 58.Rainwater carries unused chemicals from fields into streams or lakes, where various compounds promote the rate grown of weeds 59.It is high time that the Wildlife Department addresses the problem of animal ownership Mark the letter A, B, C or D to indicate the word that differs from the other three in the position of the main stress in each of the following questions 60.A: predicament B: delicious C: geological D: laborious 61.A: extremity B: exercise C: existence D: example 16 62.A: contaminate B: terrestrial C: appliance D: conquer Mark the letter A,B,C or D to indicate the word whose underlined part differs from the other three in pronunciation in each of the following questions 63.A: summit B: provide C: survival D: climb 64.A: engage B: engine C: surgeon D: agent 17 WRITING I started teaching English three years ago I have _ No one in my class is more intelligent than Lan Lan This exercise was very difficult We couldn’t it This exercise was so _ But for your help, I couldn’t have passed the exam Had “When will you come back, Nga?” I asked _ IN 140 words, write a paragraph about the benefits of computers Solve problems: pay bills, search information, manage budgets, work online Enjoy books, films, games Used in medicine, business, industry, airline ... totally agree with you B: I can’t help thinking the same C: All are correct D: I’m with you there 12. My roommate is driving me crazy! It seems that it is at night, he plays his music!... listened B: took C: heard D: gave 43.A: focus on B: take on C: keep up D: get through 44.A: much 12 B: many C: more D: less Read the following passage and mark the letter A, B, C or D to indicate
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