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Unit1:Great beginning Kim’s Note: This is sthe great family Get to know them well These sentences will help you in countless situations Even George Bush got through his whole trip to China by using simple “great” sentence Great! You look great today Today is a great day That’s great That’s a great idea! You’re a great girl I had a great time You did a great job You have a great family 10 Your English is great (Special Tribute) A: I’d like invite you to diner tonight B: Great! That sounds like a great idea A: You look great today B: Thank you You look great, too A: Today is a great day B: It sure is Today is a great day to be outside A: How was your trip to America? B: I had a great time A: You dia a great job B: Thank you for saying that A: Let’s go to a movie tonight B: That’s a great idea A: You have a grear family B: Thanks I’m vey lucky A: Your English is great B: I’m still workin on it Unit 2: Crazy Apolpgy Sorry So sorry I’m very sorry I’m really sorry I’m terribly sorry I’m incredibly sorry I’m extremely sorry I apologize Please accept my apology 10 My sincere apologies (Special Tribute) 3 A: I’ve been here for an hour B: I’m extremely sorry I didn’t know you were waiting A: I’m really sorry for calling so late B: It’s Ok I wasn’t sleeping A: I made a stupid mistake Please accept my apology B: Forget it We all make mistakes Unit3: Crazy Gratitude Thanks Thanks a lot Thank you Thank you very much Thanks very much Thanks for all your hard work Thank you so much Thanks for your help Thanks you for everything 10 Thanks for everything ( Special Tribute) A: Thank you very much B: It’s nothing A: Thanks for all yout hard work B: Don’t mention it It was my pleasure A: Thanks for everything B: You’re very welcome Unit 4: Meeting New people Jennifer’s Note: We are meeting new people very day! Here are some terrific sentences for you to use when you meet them Pleasantries make everbody feel more comfortable and more at ease You should be able to effortlessly blurt these out during any introduction Nice to meet you Very nice to meet you It’s nice to meet you It’s really nice to meet you How nice to meet you I’m happy to meet you I’m glad to meet you It’s a pleasure to meet you What a pleasure to meet you! 10 I’ve heard so much about you ( Special Tribute) A: Very nice to meet you B: It’s very nice meeting you , too A: How nice to meet you! B: It’s really nice to meet you, too A: What a pleasure to meet you! B: I’m glad to meet you, too I’ve been looking forward to meeting you for a long time (Super tribute) A: I’ve heard so much about you B: Really?Thanks I’m so flattered A: I’ve been looking forward to meeting you for a long time I am so happy to finally meet you B: Well, I hope you haven’t heard anything bad about me! A: No! Of course not! I’ve only heard terrific things I really admire you so much A: Wow! I’m glad to hear that I’m very happy to meet you too! Unit 5: Meeting friends How are you? How are you doing? How are you doing today? How are you doing this morning? How’s everything? How’s it going? How’s your family? How’s business? How’re things with you? 10 How have you been? (Special Tribute) A: How are you doing today? B: I’m doing OK A: How’s it going? B1: Everything is all right B2: Everything is great B3: Things are really bad B4: Things couldn’t be worse A: How’s your family? B: They are all doing great (Super Tribute 1) A: How is school going? B: very well, thanks Thanks for asking A: I’m glad to hear that The first year of college can be pretty tough B Actually, I got used to pretty fast and I have always enjoyed studying A: Good for you You’re lucky (Super Tribute 2) A: Someone left his passport and flight ticket on the table I remember a man He was drinking over there B: Thank you I’ll broacast a notice at once C: Excuse me, officer I’m Jiang Yi I was so worried I couldn’t find my passport and ticket anywhere Then I heard the notice B: Is this your passport? C: Yes, it is, Thank you very much! Unit 6: Crazy OK Jennifer’s Note: “ Ok! Is my favorite word! I use it all the time Don’t underestimate the power of this simple word I know many Chinese people know this word and use it often, but remember you can use it ways than responding “OK!OK!” whenever a foreigner asks you a question Just take a look at the fol-lowing sentences! OK? Are you OK? Are you feeling OK? Are you doing OK? Is everything OK? Is it OK with you? Do I look OK? Let’s go there , OK? Is your family OK? Is Kim OK? 10.Is it OK to smole here? ( Special Tribute) A: Are you OK? B: I’m Ok Don’t worry about me A: Are you feeling Ok? B: No, I have a stomachache A: Do I look OK? B: You look fantastic (Super tribute) A: It is OK to smoke here? B: I’m sorry Smoking is not permitted here It’s OK to smoke outside though MORE RARE! Like most colleges, the food at St Mary’s College of Maryland scores low marks for both quality and variety One exception is our annual steal-and-shrimp night; but even this can’t escape the critis “This steak could be a little more rare, “ I overheard a felow student say “Pipe down, “ whispered her companion “Once a year is rare enough!” 10 I don’t feel like going out tonight I don’t feel like cooking dinner tonight 91 I’m having trouble doing sth I’m having trouble sleeping at night I’m having trouble finding a job 92 By the time sb got to…, it had already… By the time he got to the movie, it had already begun By the time I got to the bank, it had already closed 93 It took me+ + todo… It took me hours to get to work today The traffic in Beijing is a nightmare It took me ten years to write this book But I’m still not happy with it 94 Your best bet is to… [Your best bet = your best choice or best option] Your best bet is to book tickets as early as possible Your best bet in learning English is to yell Crazy English 95 It’s great that… It’s great that you can practice English every day! It’s great that we can see each other again! 96 I’ve decided to I’ve decided to quit eating junk food I’ve decided to start exercising I hope you know that… I hope you know that we all love you I hope you know that we all support you 98 Doing sth Can be…’ Going to a job interview can be a very challenging experience Speaking good English can be a piece of cake 99 ……are very different around the world 97 142 Marriage traditions and customs are very different around the world Job interviews are very different around the world 100 What was your most memorable…? What was your most memorable interview? What was your most memorable experience in China? (Special tribute) The last thing I wanted was to The last thing I wanted was to upset you The last thing I wanted was to add more pressure to your life The last thing I wanted was to cause a problem All I want is All I want is the truth All I want is your support All I want is peace and quiet Thanks for - it’s just what I needed/wanted Thanks for the present-it’s just what I always wanted Thanks for the advice - it’s just what I needed Thanks for the help -it’s just what I needed NEVER AGREE The local weatherman was wrong in his forecasts so often that he was em-barrassed and applied for a transfer, stating as his reason: “The climate here doesn’t agree with me” 143 Limitlessness [1] The final lesson you must learn is limitlessness It is the sense that there are no boundaries to what you can become or You learn it when you know that your evolution is never-ending and your potential for growth reaches to infinity [2] You were born knowing your limitlessness As you grew and became so-cialized in this world, however, you might have come to believe that there are boundaries that prevent you from reaching the highest levels of spiritual, emotional, able to transcend them, you learn the lesson of limitlessness [3] In this world, we have countless people who have proven that a person can whatever he or she strives to 144 Powerful Adjectives 100 Seize today, and put as little trust as you can in tomorrow Kim’s note: Americans can be described with one of the words on this listlazy! That is why one word answers are so common and popolar Why waste time saying a whole sentence when yo can just blurt out one word? This list of adjectives is perfect for communicating in this efficient way Of course, you can also use adjectives to build amazing sentences just like we did below 145 Amazing 1) Amazing! 2) That’s amazing! 3) How amazing! 4) What an amazing book this is! 5) Your english is really amazing! 6) Their perdormance was just amazing! 7) You did an amazing job on this project! 8) We had an amazing time in hainan 9) She told us an amazing story last night 10) It’s amazing you can speak such good English 11) It’s amazing how quickly you adapt 12) You’ve had so many amazing experiences 13) The scenery here is simply amazing! 14) How did you come up with such an amazing idea? 15) My mother is amazing woman 16) I’m just an ordinary guy There is nothing amazing about me 17) How can you tell such an amazing lie? 18) You truly have an amazing voice 19) I’ve never seen such an amazing concert 20) I hope you have an amazing stay here in China Amusing Annoying Attractive Awesome Awful Awkward Bad Beautiful 10 Bizarre 11 Boring 12 Busy 146 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 27 28 29 30 31 32 33 34 35 36 37 38 39 40 41 42 43 44 45 46 47 147 Careful Charming Cheap Childish Clever Cool Correct Crazy Dangerous Delicious Different Dirty Disgusting Done Dull Easy Excellent Exciting Extraordinary Fabulous Fantastic Finished First-class Fun Funny Good Gorgeous Great Gross Horrible Hot Important Impossible Impressive Insane 48 49 50 51 52 53 54 55 56 57 58 59 60 61 62 63 64 65 66 67 68 69 70 71 72 73 74 75 76 77 78 79 80 81 82 148 Intense Interesting Kind Lousy Lovely Lucky Magic Magnificent Marvelous Miserable Native Nasty Neat Negative Nice Odd Outrageous Outstanding Perfect Positive Possible Preposterous Pricey Ridiculous Right Sharp Sick Silly Simple Smooth Special Strange Stupid Super Surprising Sweet 84 Tasty 85 Terrible 86 Terrific 87 To-notch 88 Tough 89 Tricky 90 Troublesome 91 True 92 Unacceptable 93 Unbelievable 94 Understandable 95 Unlucky 96 Unusual 97 Weird 98 Wild 99 Wonderful 100 Wrong 83 149 Comment from crazy English Learners Do it now! Today will be yesterday tomorrow Thank you so much You’ve really help me a lot I’ve been looking forward to meeting you for years I’ve been a faithful follower and admirer of you and Crazy English for a long time Your story really touched me We were deeply moved by your speech You have sacrificed a lot for China’s English learners I was so inspired by the way you taught yourself English You are a great pride to Chinese people 10 Your success is an inpiration to us all 11 I hope you will keep on being crazy for another hundred years 12 I’m really honored to meet you 13 I can’t believe I am actually talking to you! It’s just like a dream 14 I’m so happy to have this chance to meet you face to face 15 You are an inspiration to China’s millions of English learners 16 I owe all of my success to you 17 Whenever I felt like giving up, I read your story and it gave me great en-couragement 18 I’ve been dreaming about meeting you personally for years Today my dream finally came true! 19 I will surpass you in the future 20 I hope I can speak English as well as you someday 21 I hope that someday you will be asking for my signature 22 I’m your biggest fan 150 I owe you such= thank you very much 24 You are our role model 25 You are an incredible role model 26 You are my idol 27 You are my hero 28 I’ve been waiting for this moment my whole life 29 My classmates and I are all crazy about you 30 Crazy English really made a huge difference in my life 31 I used to hate English, but your Crazy English totally changed 23 the way I feel about English 32 My progress was simply a miracle 33 I used to be extremely shy, then I discovered Crazy English and it totally changed my life 34 Crazy English has made me more enthusiastic, more confident and more passiionate! 35 Crazy English not only improved my spoken English tremendously, it also helped me score higher on my exams 36 Crazy English taught me to enjoy losing face, to enjoy making mistakes, to enjoy working hard and enjoy helping others 37 Three generations of my family have been studying Crazy English Crazy English has become a major focus in our lives 38 You have made an outstanding contribution to China! 39 The whole world is astounded by your amazing Crazy English 40 Your idea, your dreams and your thoughts have been inspiring us for the past 15 years 41 You have changed so many people’s live all over Asia 42 I can never thank you enough! 43 My dream is to join you in the future to promote English in China and Chinese around the world 151 44 I believe that China will surpass all the other Asian countries in English education with the help of Crazy English 45 Let’s unite together to start a campaign to conquer English! 46 Teacher Li Yang, how did you come up with all those wonderful ideas? 47 Teache Li Yang, could you share with us experience in becoming so successful? 48 Teacher Li yangg, wht you think is the biggest secret of success 49 I’m surprised to find that you’re so easy to approach and get along with You don’t put on airs 50 We all share your mission and dream of helping 300 million chinese speak good English and making the voice of China be widely heard throughout the world! 152 Guidelines for Setting Goals Put your goals in writing This dramatically increases the likelihood of achieving those goals Remember: ink them, don’t just think them! Envision your dreams Take time to close your eyes and visualize yourself accomplishing your dream Then imagine the steps you will take to get there You are on your way if you can see yourself achieving the goal down the road Set goals that are meaningful If all you is write a list of goals that would be nice to accomplish, forget it In order to achieve goals, you must have a strong desire to so Prioritize your goals in relation to their importance to you and your long-ter, objectives Set a time period or target date for each goal Many people have goals they have dreamed of for years, but fail to accomplish them Having goals without a time frame is not motivating Make your goals speacific and measurable You have to be able to monitor your peogress and celebrate victories Set goals that are challenging, but realistic Stretch yourself, but make sure that you are not setting goals that are out of reach because you haven’t taken the necessary steps to get there 153 Your goals should be flexible to allow for un-planned changes Be ready to adjust your goals so you won’t be tempted to give up on them Take advantage of your given strengths and abilities 10 The most important step now is to take action to Achieve Your Dreams! 154 Kim’s Note: In most ways my life is close to my ideal The conditions of my life are excellent People3.universally agreewith thatmy health I am satisfied life and happiness are So far I have gotten thelife important the two4.most important things in A happy outlook on things Iand want life within your grasp! Start life is important it isinalso If I could live my life over, I would recitin these sentences today and get on the road to a change almost nothing! better life! At the end of every day I feel content and happy about what I have done They key to happiness is having dream; the key to success is making them come true 155 To follow, without halt, one aim: That’s the secret of success Have fun! Enjoy yourself! We’re always here with you! We truly believe that you can blurt out perfect English with the help of this great book! You can absolutely make it! Feel free to contract us anytime youhave question or suggestions! {Email: service_lyce@163.com} 156 ... No matter how poor your English may be, you must react to other people’s words Don’t be like a piece of dead wood! These are extremely high-usage sentences in American English! Once you can blurt... important that you master these sentences if you want to survive 19 This is survival English This is the most basic English You don’t need to trouble your mind thinking about functions You don’t need... fundamental English is your key Our only requirement is that no matter how short the sentence may be, Even if it is only one word, You MUST have beautiful and standard pronunciation! The key to basic English
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