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SỞ GIÁO DỤC VÀ ĐÀO TẠO PHÚ THỌ KỲ THI TUYỂN SINH VÀO LỚP 10 TRUNG HỌC PHỔ THÔNG CHUYÊN HÙNG VƯƠNG NĂM HỌC 2012 - 2013 MÔN: TIẾNG ANH (Dành cho thí sinh thi vào lớp chuyên Tiếng Anh) Thời gian làm bài: 120 phút (không kể thời gian giao đề) Đề thi có 06 trang. SECTION 1. PHONETICS: I. Choose the word which has the underlined part pronounced differently from that of the rest by writing your answer (A, B, C, or D) in the numbered box. (0.5 point) 1. A. hatred B. crooked C. supposedly D. danced 2. A. forest B. control C. product D. ecology 3. A. industry B. translate C. construction D. satisfy 4. A. baggage B. courage C. damage D. teenage 5. A. advantage B. addition C. advertise D. adventure Write your answers here: 1 …………… 2 3 4 5 II. Choose the letter (A, B, C or D) next to the word whose main stress is placed differently from the others. (0.5 point) 1. A. deposit B. festival C. institute D. resident 2. A. surprising B. astonishing C. amazing D. interesting 3. A. interview B. industry C. distinguish D. difficult 4. A. vocabulary B. generous C. lonesome D. educate 5. A. friendly B. license C. endanger D. orphanage Write your answers here: 1 …………… 2 3 4 5 SECTION 2. LEXICO - GRAMMAR: I. Choose the word or phrase which best completes each sentence. Write your answer (A, B, C, or D) in the numbered box. (2.0 points) 1. One problem for teachers is that each student has his own ________ needs. A. separate B. divided C. individual D. distinctive 2. "Some sugar?" ~ "________" A. No, no me! B. No, I don't. C. Thanks, I'd like. D. Yes, please. 3. If we hurry, we might get there ________ to catch the early train. A. right B. in time C. on time D. before time 4. To get a passport, you must send in your birth ________ and two photos. A. certificate B. license C. paper D. card 5. Do you know _________? A. what it was wrong B. what wrong with it C. what wrong it was D. what was it wrong 6. Big cities like New York and Tokyo are ________ populated. A. densely B. closely C. greatly D. variously 7. It was nine years ago ________ we started school. ĐỀ CHÍNH THỨC A. that B. when C. when that D. since 8. Each of the guests ________ a box of presents. A. are given B. is given C. were given D. give 9. To everyone’s surprise, Mr. Green ________ at the Trade Union meeting. A. turned in B. turned over C. turned up D. turned round 10. Everyone burst out laughing. There was a lot of ________. A. laughs B. laughter C. slaughter D. laugh 11. I had a good _______ of the exam result when I saw his daughter’s face. A. report B. thought C. idea D. news 12. Peter is very tall. He really _______ from the rest of his class. A. stands out B. sits out C. sits up D. stands up 13. She is ______ the best dancer in the show. A. by far B. until then C. up now D. since now 14. She is objecting to ______ money on the project. A. me invest B. my investing C. invest D. me invested 15. We must ______ our pounds for dollars before going to New York. A. change B. convert C. turn D. exchange 16. The English ______ strong traditions. A. have much B. has much C. has many D. have many 17. There’re several means of mass communication. The newspaper is one, the internet is ______. A. another B. other C. the other D. the another 18. When the teacher came in, his students pretended ______. A. to read B. reading C. being reading D. to be reading 19. They insist that a meeting ______ as soon as possible. A. be held B. is held C. were held D. will be held 20. I know him by _____, but I have no idea what his name is. A. myself B. heart C. chance D. sight Write your answers here: 1…… 2…… 3……… 4…… 5……… 6…… 7……… 8…… 9…… 10… 11…… 12……. 13…… 14……. VnDoc - Tải tài liệu, văn pháp luật, biểu mẫu miễn phí VnDoc - Tải tài liệu, văn pháp luật, biểu mẫu miễn phí Sở Giáo Dục và Đào Tạo KỲ THI TUYỂN SINH VÀO LỚP 10 HỆ CHUYÊN Long An Môn thi: Tiếng Anh (Chung) Ngày thi: 05. 7. 2012 Đề chính thức Thời gian: 60 phút (Không kể thời gian phát đề) (Thí sinh làm bài trên giấy này) I/ Fill in each blank with one suitable preposition (2M) 1. I’m worried …………………………….my recent water bill. It’s enormous. 2. The mother divided the cake………. ………………two equal parts for her children. 3. How much time do you spend surfing the web a day? Please respond… …… … these questions. 4. My friends and I walked………………………. half an hour to reach the waterfall. II/ Put in the correct forms of the verbs in brackets (2M) 1. I want ………………………. an English teacher when I grow up. (be) 2. If I had a computer now, I ……………………… with my friends and relatives by means of email or chatting. (communicate) 3. I lost my bag and I can’t find it anywhere. ………………you ……… … it? (see) 4. My little son enjoys………………….………to rock music. (listen) III/ Rewrite sentences without changing the meanings beginning with the words given (2M) 1. It’s a pity, Hoa doesn’t take her umbrella along. Hoa wishes ……………………………………………………………………………. 2. I bought some books. I like reading them very much. I bought some books ………………………………………………………………… 3. “Where are you going to get this kind of film tomorrow?” Hoa said to Lan.  Hoa asked Lan ……………………………………………………………………… 4. You must turn off the TV in order to learn better.  The TV must ………………………………………………………………………… IV/ Read the text and choose the correct answers (2M) Global communication on the Internet has a lot of benefits. For example, anyone can use the Internet to find information from all over the world. People can take online classes, so they can learn even if they can’t go to school. And email is an inexpensive way for us to keep in touch with friends and family who are far away from us. But global communication on the Internet can also cause problems. If you have an email address, you probably get spam. Spam is email from people you don’t know. These people try to sell you things. Many people waste a lot of time deleting spam from their email inboxes. But spam is not just a waste of time. People can use spam to get your personal information. This is called “Phishing”. If “phishers” get your personal information, they can use your credit cards, take money from your bank account, and get new credit cards with your name on them. Also, sometimes emails contain viruses. Viruses can damage your computer and make it very slow. Viruses can also destroy all of your data, such as music, documents, and pictures. So global communication can make your life easier, but you have to be careful. 1. The main idea of the passage is…………………… A. Global communication can make your life easier, but you have to be careful. B. Global communication on the Internet has a lot of benefits. C. Spam is email from people you don’t know. D. Anyone can use the Internet to find information from all over the world. 2. What are some benefits of global communication on the Internet? A. People can find information from all over the world. B. People can take online classes, so they can learn even if they can’t go to school. C. People can keep in touch with friends and family. D. All of them are correct. 3. What problems can global communication on the Internet cause? A. wastes of time sending email. B. loss of money from phishing and theft. C. The prevention of data from viruses. D. All of them are correct. 4. You would like to use global communication on the Internet because………… A. You can’t go to school. B. You can get a lot of virus. C. You can get emails from people you don’t know. D. You can communicate with other people all over the world. V/ Fill in each blank with the word from the box. There is one unused word (2M) however cheaper university completely universities In the 18 th century jean cloth was made (1) _______________ from cotton and workers at that PHÒNG GD- ĐT THANH LIÊM TRƯỜNG THCS LIÊM PHONG ĐỀ THI TUYỂN SINH VÀO THPT CHUYÊN NĂM HỌC 2012-2013 MÔN: TIẾNG ANH ( Time:150 minutes) I. Choose the word that has a different pronunciation from the others of each group (1,0 point) 1. A. sk y B. wh y C. cit y D. m y 2. A. pr ou d B. ab ou t C. ar ou nd D. w ou ld 3. A. s a y B. c a n C. pr a y D. m a y 4. A. snow ed B. play ed C. stay ed D. visit e d 5. A. wh o B. wh at C. wh ite D. wh ich II. Choose the best word or phrase to complete the following sentences:(0,9pts) 1. They suggested ____________ camping. A. to go B. going C. went D. gone 2. Hoa's hobbies are reading books __________ watching TV. A. but B. or C. and D. so 3. If I were rich, I ____________ buy a bigger house. A. can B. will C. would D. have 4. Solar energy doesn't cause ______________ . A. pollution B. polluted C. pollute D. pollutant 5. The children go to school ____________ 7.00 o'clock every morning. A. at B. about C. on D. in 6. You like English, ___________ ? A. do you B. are you C. will you D. don't you 7. My uncle works in a factory. He is a good __________ . A. teacher B. worker C. doctor D. actor 8. The girl _________ is standing near the window is my sister. A. who B. whom C. which D. whose 9. He loves his parents very much and wants them to be ____________ . A. happy B. happily C. happiness D. unhappy III. Put the verbs in the bracket into the correct tense or form (2,0 p) When the train (1. reach) the sixth station, Tom (2. get) off, (3. feel) relieved that his journey (4. be) so easy. But he was alarmed to see that he had got off at a station that he never (5. hear) before. He (6. not know) what (7. do). He explained his difficulty to a man who (8. stand) on the flatform. With a look of amusement on his face, the man (9. tell) Tom that he (10. travel) on a train going in the wrong direction. Your answer: 1 2. 3. 4. 5 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. IV. Give the correct form of the words in the bracket to complete the passage. (1,6 p) There is one particular feeling which I find difficult to express. When I am (1. anger) about something, I say nothing. Once, for example, after I had bought a very (2. expense) jacket, I met a friend in a cafe who said that the jacket didn't fit me very (3. good). I was very annoyed but I said nothing. I didn't feel like continuing our (4. converse). My friend notice my (5. silent) and asked me what's wrong. I couldn't tell him the (6. true). I began to feel rather embarrassed and left without giving him an (7. explain). Later I felt rather (8. shame) of my behavior. V. Fill in each numbered blank with the most suitable word (2,0 p) the importance of books If you think about it, it's pretty simple. Define yourself by the kind of books that you read; what types of books interest you and the kind 1 information you read from books. How do you use that information in your every 2 life? Books and their essential benefits of helping people find the information 3 they are looking 4 . Books are a 5 of communication, they help to connect people one level or another in different types of book form. What 6 happen if there weren't 7 books of any kind? History wouldn't be preserved for the future benefit of other people with interest to learn from. Books of facts, books of fiction and 8 fiction, books of science, math, literature, etc all help enrich our minds 9 vocabulary, extend 10 belief and concerns about society. Your answer: 1 2. 3. 4. 5 6 7 8 9 10. VI Rewrite these sentences that has the same meaning( 0 ,5 pts) 1. "Do you like pop music?" he asked me. -> He asked me if I 2. We clean our house every day. -> Our house is 3. I am sorry that I can't come to your party. -> I wish I 4. ĐỀ THI TUYỂN SINH LỚP 10 MÔN TIẾNG ANH NĂM 2014 - THPT CHUYÊN NAM ĐỊNH PART A PHONETICS (1.0 point) I Choose the word whose underlined part is pronounced differently from that of the others Circle the correct answer A, B, C or D There is an example at the beginning (0) (0.5p) A multiply B simply C imply D purify A define B decline C determine D mine A.honest B history C.hour D.honour A wood B good C food D childhood A worked B placed C wicked D missed II Choose the word whose stress pattern is different from that of the others Circle the correct answer A, B, C or D There is an example at the beginning (0) (0.5p) A provide B combine C service A electric B dependent C deposit D different A imagine B protection C develop D company A documentary B occupation A embarrassing B experiment C competitive C artificial D account D individual D experience PART B GRAMMAR AND VOCABULARY (3.0 points) I Choose the best word or phrase to complete the following sentences Circle the correct answer A, B, C or D There is an example at the beginning (0) (1.0p) 1.The girl over there is my best friend A stood B standing C stands D who standing 2.My sister has a hat yours She bought it in Hanoi A as B like C such as D same as 3.The invention of labor-saving devices for the home made for women to pursue a career and to enjoy their social life A possible B it possible C possible it D it impossible 4. you say, I won’t believe you anymore A However B How C What D Whatever 5.While some people find advertising very helpful, think it is a waste of time and money A some other B others C other D others people 6.No longer their parents allow them to go to the music club A X (nothing) B does C D have 7.I regret that the sight-seeing tour has been cancelled because of the bad weather A to tell you B telling you C to say you D saying you 8.The harder you try, results you get A the better B better C more better D the best 9. students study very hard before the examination A Most of the B Most of C Most the D Almost 10.If it for her carelessness, she could have passed the driving test A had been B hadn’t been C were not D would have been II Give the correct form of the words in capital letters to complete the sentence There is an example at the beginning (0) (1.0p) She has been a stamp collector for ten years (COLLECT) There is a _of fruits in Vietnam (VARY) The company has had a _ in sales (REDUCE) Her boss accused her of being over _ (AMBITION) She was the first TV _ that he had met in the flesh (CELEBRATE) His _ knowledge is very poor He thinks Paris is in Italy (GEOGRAPHY) Even if you’re good at a game, you shouldn’t be _ (CONFIDENT) In some places the weather changes so quickly that it’s very _ (PREDICT) We always have a spare room in case visitors arrive (EXPECT) Reducing levels of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere is of importance (CRITIC) 10.There are some who want a new law forcing men to their share (POLITICS) III Choose one given phrasal verb to complete each sentence You may have to change the verb form but cannot use one phrasal verb twice Write your answers in the spaces provided There is an example at the beginning (0) (1.0p) look after slow down try on ring off Can you look after look down on make out put aside sit up call in draw up settle on our dog while we’re away on holiday? His condition is worse than before I think we should _ a doctor A red car has just _ in front of our house Are we expecting anyone? Don’t _ Peter just because he’s not as good at the job as you are Could you _, please I don’t like driving so fast on country roads 5 The name on the cheque is wrong The cheque is to your ĐỀ KIỂM TRA KIẾN THỨC TRƯỜNG THPT CHUYÊN NGUYỄN HUỆ VÀO LỚP 10 THPT CHUYÊN Môn thi: TIẾNG ANH (ĐIỀU KIỆN) Ngày thi: 13 tháng năm 2016 Thời gian làm bài: 120 phút (Đề thi gồm 06 trang) ĐỀ THI CHÍNH THỨC - Thí sinh điền đáp án vào khung kẻ trống đề Thí sinh không sử dụng loại tài liệu kể từ điển điện thoại Giám thị không giải thích thêm ĐIỂM (Thống nhất) Họ & tên: GIÁM KHẢO (Điểm/họ tên/chữ ký) GIÁM KHẢO (Điểm/họ tên/chữ ký) SBD: Phòng thi số: Học sinh trường THCS: PART ONE: PHONETICS – GRAMMAR & VOCABULARY (55 pts) I Questions 1-5: Choose the word whose underlined part is pronounced differently from that of the others by circling A, B, C or D and write your answers into the box below (5.0 pts) A there B appear C wear D prepare A climate B comprise C notice D divide A kicked B fixed C pleased D missed A ring B benefit C wander D wonderful A slavery B last C guest D towards Your answers: II Questions 6-25: Circle the best option (A, B, C or D) to complete each of the following sentences and write your answers into the box below (20 pts) That famous book _ of five chapters A comprises B makes C has D consists He used to _ his living by delivering vegetables to city hotels A earn B gain C get D make The shop promised to keep the goods for me if I _ a deposit A made B paid C gave D left We’ll play tennis and _ we’ll have lunch A so B so that C then D after 10 Nobody was injured in the accident, _? A was he B wasn’t he C were they D weren’t they 11 I wouldn’t like to have _ a snake or a spider as a pet A neither B both C nor D either 12 _ being ill, she still went to class yesterday A Even though B Despite C Because D Since 13 On the _ to the town, there is a beautiful wood A way B direction C street D entrance 14 We should try to study hard to _ our knowledge A better B farther C lessen D strengthen 15 I didn’t _ her as she was wearing a blond wig A perceive B know C realize D recognize 16 Women's Aid is a UK charity _ aim is to end domestic violence against women and children A who B whose C which D whom 17 Passover is also an _ spring festival A ancient B anxious C annual D official 18 The two friends always back _ up in everything they A each other B one another C themselves D ourselves 19 Dinosaurs are believed to _ millions of years ago A have gone out B have died out C have run off D died out 20 –“I’m taking my first exam next week.” –“ .” A Cheers B Good luck C Well done D Congratulations 21 – “Something is worrying me?” – “ _” A Well, what are you doing? B Well, tell me who’s that? C Well, tell me what’s worrying you? D Well, I know 22 Wait _ you get home before you unpack your parcel A during B until C when D after 23 The hotel has been built on the _ of the lake A border B boundary C edge D front 24 _ does it take you to the washing? A How fast B What time C How often D How long 25 Due to bad weather, the picnic has been _ until next Sunday A put off B taken off C put down D switched off Your answers: 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 III Questions 26-35: Use the correct form of the words in brackets to complete sentences and write your answers into the box below (10 pts) 26 Recently, health foods have increased in _ (POPULAR) 27 She presented her ideas clearly and _ (LOGIC) 28 Nowadays _ knowledge of English can be a problem in business (SUFFICIENCY) 29 Sorry about the mistakes, I _ the instruction you gave me (UNDERSTAND) 30 He is interested in the _ of old building (PRESERVE) 31 Housework has _ been regarded as women’s work (TRADITION) 32 The whole country is trying to get rid of _ (POOR) 33 We will live happier and _ life if we keep our environment clean (HEALTH) 34 It is _ of you to cheat in the exam (HONEST) 35 _ is now a serious problem in many countries (FOREST) Your answers: 26 27 28 29 30 31 32 33 34 35 IV Questions 36-45: Put the verbs in brackets into the correct form or tense and write your answers into the
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