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B THE B LEVEL (B1&B2) EXAM IN ENGLISH EXAM PREPARATION IN SCHOOL THE B LEVEL (B1&B2) EXAM IN ENGLISH STUDENT’S BOOK Practice Tests Student’s Book This is one of a series of three practice test books written and designed for EFL teachers preparing their students for the national foreign language exams in English, leading to the state certificate of language proficiency (KPG) Work for this series has been carried out within the framework of the project entitled “Differentiated and Graded National Foreign Language Exams” (Greek acronym DiaPEG), which is co-financed by the European Union and Greece, with the purpose to support and further develop the national foreign language exam system of Greece More specifically, it has been carried out as a deliverable of subproject 10, entitled “Linking foreign language education in school with the national language exams,” on the basis of which a similar series will be produced for the German and Spanish exams ISBN: 978-960-98961-5-3 © RCeL, 2012 Editors Bessie Dendrinos & Bessie Mitsikopoulou Test task writers Members of the RCeL test development team (with contributions from Antigone Bratsoli) General editorial assistants Athina Harami & Margarita Leonti Reading test editorial assistant Virginia Blani Writing test editorial assistants Margarita Leonti & Maria Stathopoulou Listening test editorial assistant Elisabeth Apostolou Audio text speakers Sophie Athanasiadis, Georgia Brazioti, Cindy Camatsos, Mary Drosou, Mark Hoy, Marcia Israilidis, Nadia Kougkli, Jane Mandalios, Susan Moutsouroufi, Luke Prodromou, Ian Robertson & Vasilios Zorbas Technical support Dimitris Paras Book cover design and interior layout Christina Frantzeskaki Practice tests design Christina Frantzeskaki & Anna Maragkoudaki Editors: Bessie Dendrinos & Bessie Mitsikopoulou EXAM PREPARATION IN SCHOOL THE B LEVEL (B1&B2) EXAM IN ENGLISH STUDENT’S BOOK Athens, RCeL publications This publication book was co-funded by the European Social Fund and the Greek National State – (NSRF), under the project of the National and Kapodistrian University of Athens entitled “Differentiated and Graded National Foreign Language Exams”, MIS Code 299908 MINISTRY OF EDUCATION & RELIGIOUS AFFAIRS, CULTURE & SPORTS Practice Tests Student’s Book Contents Practice Test 1 Module 1: Reading Comprehension Module 2: Writing 17 Module 3: Listening Comprehension 19 Module 4: Speaking 22 Practice Test 2 26 Module 1: Reading Comprehension 27 Module 2: Writing 35 Module 3: Listening Comprehension 37 Module 4: Speaking 40 Practice Test 3 44 Module 1: Reading Comprehension 45 Module 2: Writing 52 Module 3: Listening Comprehension 54 Module 4: Speaking 57 Practice Test 4 61 Module 1: Reading Comprehension 62 Module 2: Writing 70 Module 3: Listening Comprehension 72 Module 4: Speaking 75 Practice Test 5 79 Module 1: Reading Comprehension 80 Module 2: Writing 88 Module 3: Listening Comprehension 90 Module 4: Speaking 93 B LEVEL - English in school Practice Tests Student’s Book Practice Test 6 97 Module 1: Reading Comprehension 98 Module 2: Writing 105 Module 3: Listening Comprehension 107 Module 4: Speaking 110 Practice Test 7 115 Module 1: Reading Comprehension 116 Module 2: Writing 125 Module 3: Listening Comprehension 127 Module 4: Speaking 130 Practice Test 8 134 Module 1: Reading Comprehension 135 Module 2: Writing 142 Module 3: Listening Comprehension 144 Module 4: Speaking 147 B LEVEL - English in school Ministry of Education, Lifelong Learning and Religious Affairs English Language Certification Practice Test Practice Test Module ACTIVITY 1.1 Read the text about the World’s Oldest Person and choose the best answer (A, B, or C) for item 1 The text is about someone who A was the world’s oldest person B will be the world’s oldest person C may have been the world’s oldest person Volume No Issue No 36 - Wednesday, January 29, 2003 World's Oldest Person Turns 128 by Thomson Fontaine Dominicans yesterday celebrated the birthday of the World’s oldest living person Elizabeth (Ma Pampo) Israel who turned 128 Unfortunately, the Guinness Book of World Records has not officially recognized Ma Pampo since they are still checking the facts A certificate has been issued by the Roman Catholic Church with her birth date stated as January 27, 1875, but since it is not an official record, it cannot be used to confirm the claim The claim was further thrown into doubt when it was learned that at some point in her life she was called Minetta George Guinness officials have said that it is important to clarify these issues before Ma Pampo can be given the title of the oldest person on earth Born in Portsmouth, Dominica, and the daughter of slaves, she started working on a plantation at the age of 25 and retired 79 years later Ma Pampo says the reason for her long life is her diet including lots of dumplings (cooked food made from flour and water) and bush tea She has survived her husband and two children Dominica’s largely untouched and unspoilt environment, which is still unpolluted, has been given as the main reason for longevity on the Island Editor's Note Since the publication of this article in January 2003 Ma Pampo died in October of that year without ever being recognised as the World's Oldest Person by the Guinness Book of World Records Unfortunately, her death came before the scientific community could confirm her age 1.2 Read the text again and choose the best answer (A, B, or C) for items 2-6 Who says Ma Pampo is the oldest person on earth? A The Church B People in her country What is the position of the Guinness Book of Records? A They refuse to give Ma B They want to check the Pampo the title facts What is Ma Pampo’s explanation for her long life? A She worked hard all her life B She ate lots of cooked food Ma Pampo’s husband is A still alive B younger than her C The Guinness Book of Records C They will give Ma Pampo the title C She ate the right kind of food C dead Why people in Dominica live a long time? Because A of the clean atmosphere B LEVEL - English in school B the country has a small population C the people live in a happy society Practice Test Module ACTIVITY Match the underlined words in the text below (items 7-11) with a word that has a similar meaning in this context (options A-F) There is one option you not need A purpose B idea C skills D behaviour E success F poor performance 36 Articles School Reports ‘not tough enough’ - report School reports are often not honest enough and give parents the wrong impression of their children’s (7) ability according to a study published in the journal Education Today The authors of the study say teachers sometimes not know how to write reports; they usually don’t understand the (8) aim of the report School reports should help pupils improve their work but many teachers not give a clear (9) picture of the pupil’s strengths and (10) weaknesses ‘Many reports are too positive and pupils often think their grades are better than they really are’ There is a problem at both primary and secondary school where teachers need more support with how to write reports Teachers discuss children’s marks with parents but it is difficult to be honest face-to-face Some children not only fail to well on tests but also have (11) discipline problems ACTIVITY Read the story below and for each gap (12-16) choose the best option (A-F) Use each option only once There is one option you not need A up B away C from D by E on F round The farmer and the snake There was a farmer and his wife who had a son They were very fond of their only child One day, the son trod on a snake’s tail (12) accident The snake, turned (13) , bit him and he died The father was very angry so he got his axe and cut off the snake’s tail The snake in revenge began stinging several of the farmer’s cattle Well, the farmer thought it best to make it (14) with the snake, and offered it food and honey to eat: “Let’s forget and forgive,” said the farmer, “perhaps you were right to punish my son, and take revenge (15) my cattle, but surely I was right in trying to take revenge for my child; now that we are both satisfied why should we not be friends again?” “No, no,” said the snake; “take (16) your gifts; you can never forget the death of your son, nor I the loss of my tail.” The moral: INJURIES MAY BE FORGIVEN, BUT NOT FORGOTTEN B LEVEL - English in school 10 ... Editors: Bessie Dendrinos & Bessie Mitsikopoulou EXAM PREPARATION IN SCHOOL THE B LEVEL (B1 &B2 ) EXAM IN ENGLISH STUDENT’S BOOK Athens, RCeL publications This publication book was co-funded by the... THE B LEVEL (B1 &B2 ) EXAM IN ENGLISH STUDENT’S BOOK Practice Tests Student’s Book This is one of a series of three practice test books written and designed for EFL teachers preparing their students. .. thinking about joining it b) A baseball bat can be equally as dangerous as a c_ _ _, so be very careful not to hurt anyone B LEVEL - English in school 16 Practice Test Module ACTIVITY B1 .1 Imagine
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