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Writing 1: What roles does communication play in providing people in communities with common knowledge of how to protect them from communicable diseases? Nowadays, communication is essential to our daily life In some certain circumstance, communication and its information can decide life or death In particular, it can not be denied the role of communication in providing people in communities with common knowledge of how to protect them from communicable diseases Firstly, communication, both direct and indirect ways, helps people from all over the world achieve common knowledge of communicable diseases It provides clear, concise and helpful information about the causes, the pathogens, the symptoms, the risk factors that enhance the transmission, the preventive measure of communicable diseases In addition, communication also plays a significant role in warning people when diseases occur For instance, during the first SARS outbreak in China in 2002, communication took its duty seriously by quickly providing all the information about the dangerous SARS With the help of internet, television, newspaper…, all of SARS causes, symptoms and the way to prevent was immediately available to everybody Secondly, having the knowledge brought by communication, people in community are able to protect themselves from communicable diseases For instance, thanks to communication, people are well aware of how dangerous SARS is They step by step change their habits and behaviors as being recommended They start wearing mask when going out, avoiding contact with people who seem ill, checking themselves in clinic as soon as feeling similar-to-SARS symptoms All of those will protect them from getting infected by SARS The more people know how to defend themselves against communicable diseases, the less damage it will cause to society In conclusion, communicable disease is considered quite serious but not fearsome If all of us have common knowledge about it, we definitely can protect ourselves It’s undeniable that having communication by our side, we will have nothing to fear
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