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Ngày đăng: 07/09/2017, 11:31

Today, the number of children had injuries and neglect in Vietnam remains high Injury is responsible for nearly 75 percent of deaths among children older than one year of age, according to the Viet Nam Multi-center Injury Survey The leading causes include drowning, traffic accidents, and inadequate supervion of parents or caregivers As a public health worker in the future, I have some recommendations to reduce injuries and neglect in children in Vietnam In many cases, children had injuries due to the inadequate supervison of parents and caregivers In addition, parents and caregivers not have a proper perception about the responsibility of ensuring children’s safety for example they are too busy of working or they not have time to take care of their children so they let their children alone In this case, the children are easy to get injured such as drowning, falls, electric shock In order to solve this situation, I recommend to increase the responsibility of parents and caregivers by making policies about the parenting responsibility, emphasizing about the children care responsibility and children’s rights The parents and caregivers not have proper knowledge of how to protect their children from being injured Therefore, I have a recommend to have a communication campaign to firstly provide parents and caregivers with the knowledge of injury’s risk factors and secondly have consulting services about parenting such as how to make your home environment safety for children or how to treat and protect your children properly In addition, the communication campaign will provide parents and caregivers with supervision guildlines and some children care meterials or even trainning programs
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