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crnorro 17 lI oo qllJOM IU!.I.(IS sewer PlnO!)-.(p.leH leuer SS3"lId X~ISlI3"AINfl crnOITO OXFORD UNIVERSITY PRESS Great Clarendon Street, Oxford, OX2 6DP, United Kingdom Oxford University Press is a department of the University of Oxford, It furthers the University's objective of excellence in research, scholarship, and education by publishing worldwide, Oxford is a registered trade mark of Oxford University Press in the UK and in certain other countries © Oxford University Press 2011 The moral rights of the author have been asserted First published in 2011 2015 2014 2013 2012 2011 10 No unauthorized photocopying All rights reserved No part ofthis publication may be reproduced, stored in a retrieval system, or transmitted, in any form or by any means, without the prior permission in writing of Oxford University Press, or as expressly permitted by law, by licence or under terms agreed with the appropriate reprographics rights organization Enquiries concerning reproduction outside the scope of the above should be sent to the ELT Rights Department, Oxford University Press, at the address above You must not circulate this work in any other form and you must impose this same condition on any acquirer Links to third party websites are provided by Oxford in good faith and for information only Oxford disclaims any responsibility for the materials contained in any third party website referenced in this work ISBN: ISBN: ISBN: 9780194748636 9780194748872 9780194748797 Workbook MultiROM Pack Printed in China This book is printed on paper from certified and well-managed sources ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS Illustrations by: Dylan Gibson p.40; David Oakley/Arnos Design pp.93, 94, 95, 96, 97, 98; Mark Ruffle p.48 Cover photographs: Getty (hikers reading a map{Tyler StablefordjRiser), (sightseeing at the Louvre/Rayman/Photodisc); iStockphoto (studying on a laptop/deanm1974); Oxford University Press (teen couple with magazine/ Rubberball) The publisher would like to thank the followi ng for their permission to reproduce photographs: Alamy Images pp.6 (mountain bikerS/Ai Churcher), 10 (teen with driving licence/WoodyStock), 21 (worried girl/DavidJ Green), 37 (leaving bus/Paul Chauncey), 43 (Mini cars{Tengku Mohd Yusof), 69 (boys with laptop/MBI); Corbis pp.25 (surgeons/Heide Benser), 28 (smiling woman/ Christine Schneider/cultura), 36 (Woman seated in porthole/Carl & Ann Purcell), 52 (Barack Obama/Brooks Kraft), 56 (Roger Federer/Michael Cole), 58 (woman reclining/lmagemore Co Ltd), 66 (check-in/Image Source); Getty Images pp.7 (Teen birthday party{Thinkstock), (listening to radio/FPG), 12 (Elvis Presley/Michael Ochs Archives), 13 (Nirvana/JeffKravitz/Film Magic), 17 (exam/ Digital Vision), 17 (girl with trophy/Digital Vision), 18 (Edinburgh/Roy Rainford/ Robert Harding World Imagery), 26 (man jogging/Digital Vision), 34 (school bus{Thinkstock ), 35 (Opening birthday present/Britt Erlanson/Stone), 44 (tattoo/ Photo disc), 50 (political candidate/UpperCut Images), 58 (bored girl/Photodisc), 58 (Shocked man/Dimitri Vervitsiotis), 58 (Woman laughing and covering her face/Photodisc), 60 (girl sleeping/Digital Vision), 68 (man on phone/Regine Mahaux); iStockphoto p.4 (Boredom/Juanmonino); Kobal Collection p.41 (How to Steal a Million/20th Century Fox); Masterfile pp.25 (businesswoman/Norbert SChafer) , 32 (The Acropolis, Athens/R lan Lloyd) , 42 (cotton workers/Robert Harding Images), 58 (surprised woman/Artiga Photo); Oxford University Press pp.4 (Jogging/Digital Vision), (TV dinner/Pixland), 17 (IT Technician/Blend Images), 27 (Athlete celebrating/Corbis), 27 (Bride and Groom/Photodisc), 29 (No Smoking sign/Martin Diebel), 58 (Frightened man/Brown stock Inc.), 58 (Angry teenage girl/lmageshop); Photo library pp.4 (Teenager sleeping/ Rubberball), 17 (Teenagers studying in library/Kablonk), 58 (Girl reading book/ Blend Images); Rex Features pp.4 (Teenage downloading music/Sipa Press), (Paperboy delivering newspaper/Shout), 11 (The Beatles/Daily Mail), 52 (John Lennon/George Konig), 66 (Police press conference/); Science Photo Library p.24 (mouse/George Steinmetz) Although every effort has been made to trace and contact copyright holders before publication, this has not been possible in some cases We apologise for any apparent infringement of copyright and, if notified, the publisher will be pleased to rectify any errors or omissions at the earliest possible opportunity Contents page Starter unit Unit Generations Unit Happy together 16 Unit Hea lth matters 24 Unit4 Let's go! 32 Unit Image and identity 40 Unit A perfect world 48 Unit Ups and downs 56 Unit Honestly! 64 Language focus reference and practice 72 Pronunciation bank 90 Wordlist 93 Expression bank 102 Irregular verbs list 104 Starter unit * Complete the verbs ** Complete the definitions with verb collocations If you get some euros, dollars or pounds by doing work, you ear/1 money If you stay in bed all morning,you d~ o _ exercise If you become unhappy because you have nothing to do, you _ _ _ d music from the internet If you move songs from a website onto your computer, you _ _ _ If you don't go out of your house, you If you write to you r friends on you r mobile phone, you _ _ _ If you go for a run or play sport, you g_ _ _ late g_ _ _ bored If you connect to the internet, you * Complete the text with verb collocations Use the correct form of the verbs Life at boardinl school e: money w TV Mei-li is a student at an international boarding school near Farnham in the UK '** Complete the sentences with the words in the box Then match sentences 1-6 with places a-f ( exams 1-a-te bored earn time ) Ivan is very lazy He always gets up late _d_ You should study more if you wantto pass the !_ I'd love to buy these jeans I need to _ some money._ This film is really long and very slow I'm getting _ _ _ Don't just spend sunbathing Come in the sea with us!_ If you wantto exercise, why don't you go for a ru n? _ a at the cinema b in the park c at school • Starter unit cl at-RBffi-e e at the beach f at the shops 'It's a busy life and there's no time for students to get bored My day starts at around 6.30 from Monday to Friday.' says Mei-li 'But Saturdays and Sundays are easier because I _ _ _ - usually at about 10 o'clock.' She has breakfast at 7.15 and then she usually _ 'I often go for a quick run.' she says She has lessons until 3.30 in the afternoon, with an hour for lunch Then she starts doing her homework 'After that we can what we want.' smiles Mei-li '13 to my family in China on my mobile phone I can tell them about my day.' She has a computer in her room and she often _ she likes the BBC website a lot She also from the internet 'I've got thousands of songs on my mp3 player now!' In the holidays, Mei-li goes home to China 'For the first week, I don't go out much I _ and 17 talking to my family.' Verbs + -ing / to Present simple and continuous 1* Choose the correct words Look! It snows / (s snowing) outside , 'Are you busy now?' 'No, I don't / 'm not doing anything.' They always stay / are staying in the same hotel when they go on holiday We don't like / aren't liking romantic films 'Where's Jon?' 'He tidies / 's tidying his room.' This TV programme is good Do you enjoy / Are you enjoying it? How often does she go / is she going shopping? Pleasestoptalking! llisten/'m listening to my new Katy Perry CD What you eat / are you eating every lunchtime at school? 'It's the first day of the summer holidays!' 'Great, I don't need to get up early.' ** Complete the text using the present simple or the present continuous form of the verbs in brackets ,., - -' - - - • _._- ~ Stars 01 tomorrow is (be) one of the UK's best young dancers He (come) from Manchester but he (not live) there most of the time because he l (go) to the English National Ballet School in London Max Ragley Max normally this week he he ** _ Complete the sentences using the -ing or to form of the verbs in the box *** What your friends and family like doing? What would they like to learn to do? Write sentences using the words in the box and your own ideas my best friend my mum / dad (study) ballet at school but (not do) his usual classes - my brother / sister my cousin (learn) to dance hip hop instead ski / snowboard learn Mandarin / Arabic swim / surf cook / make Italian food play the piano / violin sew / make clothes 'A well-known singer (want) me to dance in his new pop video!' says Max 'At the moment I _ _ _ (work) with three other hip hop dancers and we 'I don't mind but I can't stand doing the washing-u p.' 'Don't worry, I'll help you.' 'Do you like your new mp3 player?' 'Yes, I love new music from the i nternet.' 'Where are you going?' 'To the shops I want a new dress for the party.' 'This Rihanna song is great.' 'Yes, I always enjoy to her music.' 'Would you like to go to the cinema?' 'No, thanks I'm not into films.' 'Come into the pool with us!' 'Sorry I hate in cold water.' (have) a good time together I (enjoy) these new classes a lot.' 10 Max's two older brothers 11 in Manchester 'They 12 (go) to school (like) football and they 13 (not know) how to dance!' laughs Max 'But they always 14 (come) to my shows at the Ballet School.' :!!!l.'Jl'! ,M""",~ c · , W'; enjoy like don't mind love need be into want My sister is really il1to skiil1g al1d she wal1ts to learl1 to sl1owboard too My dad loves swimmil1g al1d he wal1ts to learl1 to surf , Starter unit *, Complete the crossword with the past simple form of the verbs ** ' Complete the dialogues using the correct form of the verbs in the box get ~dj' give be go speak eat see teach ride make get 'What did you 'My family bought for your birthday? ' me an mp3 player.' th at horror fi Im on TV 'Did you last night? ' ' No, I quickly behind the sofa and I stayed there.' ' Did your parents to you in another language when you were a child? ' Across Down see speak buy get eat hear give 'A very large pizza I it myself It had cheese, t om atoes, mu sh rooms, and S make have ride 'Yes, my mum me a bit of Italian We had a lesson every week.' 'What did you for lunch today? ' ham on it.' 'Did you _ _ _ Anna's horse ?' ** 'No I too scared! But I _ _ _ _ _ it an appl e and some carrots ' Complete the sentences using the past simple form ofthe verbs in exercise spoke to that new boy in the class yesterday He's really nice Our teacher us some really difficult homework yesterday My friend wants to be a clothes designer She me a nice dress for What did you on the first day of the summer holidays? Christmas all those difficult grammar I exercises in ten minutes It was amazing! didn't see any of my school fri ends on the first day all busy of the holidays because th ey ' What a long and boring day! Lucas, 15 We feel a bit ill We in the restaurant My brother and I 2_ _ _ _ _ up very early and we _ _ _ _ _ our new mountain bikes up into the hills near our house We a lot of interesting plants and animals there Adam, 16 too much that new Tinie Tempah song S I on the radio It w as very good Karl his sister's pink bike to school today because his bike was broken Lucas 95% in his science exam He was really pleased! Dad loves old films so we a Charlie Chaplin DVD him When I was at the theatre last week, I _ _ _ _ _ that actor from Friends 10 It was really hot this morning so I _ _ _ a cold drink Then I felt much better *** Complete the sentences with the past simple form of an irregular verb • Starter unit I5 up late and then _ _ _ anyth ing all day Perfect I Gabriella, 14 The first day of the holidays 7_ my mum's birthday so I to the supermarket and _ _ _ _ _ a lot of food, then 1'°_ _ _ _ _ a big chocolate birthday cake for her We 11 the whole cake in one day - delicious I Esther, 15 Past simple 1* Order the words to make sentences and questions Make contractions where necessary Object and subject questions ** Someone helped Chloe with her school work go / not / did / we / May / until / holiday / on Who helped Chloe with her school work? We didn't go on holiday until May Ellen emailed someone yesterday Who yesterday? Someone took my new bike Who my new bike? Mark met someone last year Who last year? Something happened this afternoon What this afternoon? My parents bought something on Tuesday What on Tuesday? Something arrived in the post today What in the post today? was / late / not / the / I / plane / for 2 did / the / what / you / on / flight / / ? 3 ppy / was / your / brother / little / ? 4 did / the / not / dog / come / us / with 5 did / how / mum / to / your / France / travel /? 6 you / did / stay / hotel / in / a / nice / ? were / happy / with / food / the / not / we ** Write past simple questions and short answers Complete the questions *** Read the email Then complete the questions =rt: a (S) Oelele Re p'!"_ Reply All Forward O~ Ne'>'" Mailboxe:s Rafael Nadal / win / Wimbledon / in 2010 Hi! How are you? Did Rafael Nadal win Wimbledon in 20101 Yes~ he did I had a great birthday party last week I invited fifteen friends and in the end, twelve people came to the party, including Maria and Eva Maria bought me a lovely present - it was a picture Mum helped me with the food and we ate lots of pizzas in the kitchen My friend Alex brought a guitar and he played La Bamba for us all - it was really funny J.K Rowling / write / the book / The Da Vinei Code the 2008 Olympics / be / in Beijing See you next week! Nelson Mandela / be born / in London the actress Meryl Streep / appear / in the film Mamma Mia! Ita Iy / be / the wi n ners of the footba II World Cup / in 2010 Esther How many people did you invite? Fifteen to the party? Twelve a lovely present? Maria for you ? A picture with the food? Mum in the kitchen? Pizzas a guitar? Alex for you all? La Bamba Rihanna / sing / a song called Umbrella Starter unit Generations "* Find nine more nouns s W A R S T I C N I C R P T E S T N R W R I P 0 G V E E C N M Y A E S A T I V I D N I P V E E D S G T S R S C R A Z E I N T T T S T V E Y E R Y I N N E S R C R I S I S war craze _ _ _ ** Complete the sentences with the words in exercise Napoleon declared war economy gadgets protests wars criSIS i-RV€ftB0-A _ _ _ _ _ _ ** Complete the text with the words in the box The last decade A lot changed during the last decade, 2000-2009, which is also called the Noughties What was good? The most important ilwetltiotl on the internet was social networking The _ _ _ _ _ for Facebook started in 2004, and for Twitter in 2006 Some say the most exciting of the Noughties were the iPod (2001), the iPhone (2007) and the iPad (2009) What wasn't so good? There were in Iraq and Afghanistan, and international against the wars The decade ended with a banking _ _ _ _ _ and problems in the global on Russia in 1812 The sword was a popular _ _ _ _ _ in * * * Answer the questions Write complete sentences Ancient Greece and Rome There's an anti-war in What are there often protests against? Washington today Children who live in often have poor health and don't goto school James Bond has a cool new _ _ _ There are oftetl protegtg aqaitlgt warg atld utlpopular politiciatlg What is the latest craze with your friends? in every film Jacqueline Kennedy was a fashion _ _ _ in the 1960s What is your favourite gadget? Why? Tourism is good forthe country's There was a for jazz music in Who you think is an icon? the USA atthe beginning of the twentieth century My uncle says that one day we'll have an energy because there won't be What is the best invention ever, in your opinion? Why? enough petrol I think the best modern is the car that uses hydrogen instead of petrol • Generations Where are there wars at the moment? used to '* Past perfect and past simple *-* Choose the correct words Write sentences Use the past perfect and past simple in each sentence My grandad used to / (didn't use to) have a mobile phone when he was young we / eat / all the sandwiches / mum / make for us My family used to / didn't use to live in the S We ate all the sandwiches mum had made for us city but now we live on a farm There used to / didn't use to be a library in our area but they built one last year I used to / didn't use to play with toys when I was younger These days I play computer games We used to / didn't use to be vegetarian but we don't eat meat now I love spicy food but I used to / didn't use to like it when I was younger I used to / didn't use to walk everywhere but now I go on my bike I used to / didn't use to be unemployed but I work in a hospital now There used to / didn't use to be war but now there is peace by the time / my parents / come home / I / cook dinner / and 1/ clean the house she / not get / Amber's present / when see / her / th is morn i ng he / get upset / after he / read / the news when 1/ see / Steven yesterday / he / buy / another gadget S Jason / be / good at football / because he / learn / to play when he was four the war / start / before Liam / join / the army **.- Complete the sentences Use used to or didn't use to and the verbs in the box drive write email listen use w-a-tE4 read ride 1/ by the time / the police / arrive / the thieves / run away with the money be 1/ not read / the book before we / watch / the DVD Then and Now In the 1930s, people didn't use to watch television There were black-and-white television sets, but they' very expensive People to the radio instead Most people cars They bicycles or walk In the 1930s, people letters, but they their friends They newspapers but they computers Some people had a telephone in the 1930s, but mobile phones didn't exist then *** Complete the sentences with your own ideas using the past perfect to explain each situation I got to the bus stop at 9.03 but the bus had gOl1e We asked Jack to play football with us but Mark's wallet was empty because Louis laughed because Mary failed the history test because S I tried to buy an mp3 player on the internet but They offered me some food but Generations • PRONUNCIATION BANK I I Circle the weak form in each sentence Unit 5: Diphthongs I'm going to go swimming this weeke nd We can speak Turkish I think they should apologize Where have you been? She used to live in Paris They could be in the classroom l er! chain l arl side 1.12 Listen and check your answers Then listen again and repeat piercing dye wear tribe painful appearance chair year name rare light Listen to the verbs with the third person singular endings Izl, Isl and irzl in the sentences Write the word you hear nail at ten for five minutes a trip I sl The train ilzl The teacher Listen and repeat the words in the box Then complete the table 1.18 1.13 Izl The bus • il'dl bea rd ledl hair )qa.H Unit 4: Third person singular • 1.17 Listen and repeat the diphthongs lerl, all, ir'd l, le'dl and the words 1.13 Listen again to exercise and repeat the sentences Listen and check your answers The n listen again and repeat Listen and circle the word which s got a different sound ~· 1.14 Listen and repeat the words in the box Then complete the table finishes gee-s leaves meets plays sets off ''pjJ Isl rtJ 1.19 starts loses watches - , · , 1.20 play like clea r why fair right sky SJMS- they time bear late where wait high buy air ear nine there eight I'm say height dear nice here made train Unit 6: Contractions e Listen and check your answers Then listen again and repeat 1.15 1.21 Listen and tick I the sentence that you hear I'll be OK He'd help me 1.16 Listen to the pairs of words They both have the same sound at the end What is it? Circle Izl, Isl or IIz/ Then listen and repeat visits washes lands catches comes stops takes crashes travels wishes boa rds books /zl Isl /izl Izl Isl lizl Izl Isl Izl Isl /izl /izl Izl Isl lizl Izl Isl lizl I'm sorry You'd forget unless I reminded you It'll be fine It won't be too d ifficu It We're always late She's here now I will be OK He would help me I am sorry You would forge unless I remin dec you It will be fine It will not be too difficult We a re always ;;::: She is here no\· Pronunciat io =::-, PRONUNCIATION BANK Rewrite the sentences with contractions El 1.25 Where is Tony? Listen and check your answers Then listen again and repeat I will be on time Who is that? Wewould liketocome _ _ _ _ _ He will not forget I a m never ea rly We are voting for you It will be great On Thursday, I think I mustthank Beth for my thirty-three birthday presents These clothes are much better than those other clothes over there The first fast ferry arrives at five past four on the fifth of Februa ry I have lived in this very lovely village in the valley since November flJ 1.22 Listen and check your answers Then listen again and repeat Choose the correct long form He's just come back from Paris a is b has c was I'd like a cup of coffee, please a had b would c could Let's go to the cinema tonight a is b has c us If I knew her name, I'd tell you c would a had b could She's going to Brazil next week b has c us a is I wish I'd told him the truth a had b would c could Unit 8: Sentence stress Unit 7: 18/, 101, If! and Ivl Cel, 1.23 101 this IfI if Ivl I've • 1.24 Listen to the words in the box Then complete the table brother few free leaf leave ~ ) that the think three very view mouth 92 • Pronunciation bank Listen and repeat the sentences Notice the stress on the important words €I 1.28 Listen and underline the stressed words in the sentences Why you ask so many questions? What games does James like playing? He's never visited America If you don't believe me, you can ask dad Could you help me tidy the house? Would you mind not putting your feet on the table? Listen to the sounds 18/, 101, IfI and Iv/ 181 thing (!; 1.27 How come you didn't wantto tell me? You told me that you didn't like horror films Are you telling me the truth? When are we going to get there? I heard you live in Chelsea Dale told me that it's true! 1.26 Listen to the tongue twisters Then listen again and repeat How fast can you say them? fti'J 1.28 Listen and check your answers Then listen again and repeat Phonetic symbols Vowels lil hi li:1 I~I la:1 lel 13:1 101 1;):1 101 lu:1 Igl 1111 lell larl hI! laol 1;'01 iI'dl le'dl logl happy it he fl a g a rt e gg her not fou r loo k you sugar mum day why noisy how go here wear t ou rist Consonants Ipl Ibl It I Idl Ikl IgI ItJl Id31 If! Ivl 101 101 IsI /zl IJ! 131 Ihl Iml 1nl /rJI 11/ Ir! IjI Iwl pen b ig two d og c an g ood beach job food very th ink then s peak zoo she televi sion house meat now si ng late radio yes we du 'CbJ'dIZ exerci se (v) down load music (v) ddun IJud 'mju:zrk earn mo ney (v) ,3:n m,\ni get bored (v) q
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