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WORKbook Answer key Starter unit Vocabulary (page 6) Vocabulary (page 4) 1 download music from the internet get up late get bored earn money watch TV late − d exams − c earn − f bored − a time − e − b get up late get bored download music from the internet stay at home send text messages exercise go online 4 get up late does exercise send text messages goes online downloads music stay at home spend time Language focus (page 5) 1 ’m not doing stay don’t like ’s tidying Are you enjoying does she go ’m listening you eat 2 comes doesn’t live goes studies isn’t doing ’s learning wants ’m working ’re having 10 ’m enjoying 11 go 12 like 13 don’t know 14 come cooking listening downloading watching to buy swimming Students’ own answers AcrossDown saw spoke bought got ate gave heard made rode did had 2 gave made did ate heard 3 see; went speak; taught eat; made ride; was; gave 4 were got rode saw got didn’t did Ellen email took did Mark meet happened did your parents buy arrived 4 How many people came Who bought you What did she buy Who helped you What did you eat Who brought What did he play Unit 1  Generations Vocabulary (page 8) was went bought 10 made 11 ate Language focus (page 7) 1 I wasn’t late for the plane What did you on the flight? Was your little brother happy? The dog didn’t come with us How did your mum travel to France? Did you stay in a nice hotel? We weren’t happy with the food Did J.K Rowling write the book The Da Vinci Code? No, she didn’t Were the 2008 Olympics in Beijing? Yes, they were Was Nelson Mandela born in London? No, he wasn’t Did the actress Meryl Streep appear in the film Mamma Mia!? Yes, she did Were Italy the winners of the football World Cup in 2010? No, they weren’t Did Rihanna sing a song called Umbrella? Yes, she did photocopiable © Oxford University Press EPlus_WB4 INT answer key.indd rode got bought saw 10 had 3 1 icon economy craze crisis invention weapon protest poverty gadget 2 weapon protest poverty gadget icon economy craze crisis invention craze gadgets wars protests crisis economy Students’ own answers Language focus (page 9) 1 used to didn’t use to used to didn’t use to didn’t use to used to used to used to 2 used to be used to listen didn’t use to drive used to ride used to write didn’t use to email used to read didn’t use to use By the time my parents came home, I’d cooked dinner and I’d cleaned the house She hadn’t got Amber’s present when I saw her this morning He got upset after he’d read the news Workbook answer key  ENGLISH PLUS 25/08/2011 11:53 WORKbook 4 Answer key When I saw Steven yesterday, he’d bought another gadget Jason was good at football because he’d learnt to play when he was four The war had started before Liam joined the army By the time the police arrived, the thieves had run away with the money I hadn’t read the book before we watched the DVD Students’ own answers Vocabulary (page 10) 1 3 a c b h i e get on with got upset get up got the bus get a driving licence get home get together get a present 2 growing up nowadays wild telly lad c a a a b Possible answers: They were (rather) shocked Bob’s generation (the ‘baby boomers’) was keen on Elvis’s music They probably listened to classical music and jazz His music was different from the music the older generation listened to It was really wild Students’ own answers c f Language focus (page 11) Writing (page 13) 1 were was were weren’t wasn’t weren’t Were was were 2 heard were looking screamed was flying saw were waiting opened was waving ran ENGLISH PLUS 4  Workbook answer key EPlus_WB4 INT answer key.indd a e 1 for instance like b d for example such as Possible answers: My dad loves reggae music such as Bob Marley They used to have protests against lots of things, for instance, the Vietnam war I often get together with my family, for example at the café on Princes Street 3 bands like Nirvana and Pearl Jam Shakira and the Spice Girls the internet become millions had a computer and the internet at home Students’ own answers Progress review (pages 14–15) 1 c It started to rain and we got wet The phone rang while I was listening to some music We met your brother while we were walking home Students’ own answers Reading (page 12) married the flu the bus school up on with better upset; present d f g Pete was watching a DVD when he fell asleep David got a text message from his girlfriend while he was doing his homework I got to school and I went to my classroom at 8.45 a.m At 7.30 this morning he was having breakfast and she was sleeping My dad cooked dinner when he came back from work the Gulf War in 1990 were worried / worrying about hip hop and rap, pop - punk and grunge invention economy war icon Gadgets poverty craze protest they didn’t use to have mp3 players teenagers didn’t use to listen to hip hop they used to watch cartoons on TV people didn’t use to drive electric cars people didn’t use to play computer games online shopping didn’t use to be popular people used to wear flared trousers they used to go on holiday every summer b b a a c b 4 had created; was wanted; hadn’t given hadn’t got; went got; ’d bought was; ’d forgotten didn’t get; ’d got up 5 married a job up to work driving licence bus 6 Did you get; were reading was reading; was solving broke down; got saw; was walking were driving; broke down did you do; called looked; saw Did you see; was dancing photocopiable © Oxford University Press 25/08/2011 11:53 WORKbook Answer key ever about was that bit happened e a d b c i h f Unit 2  Happy together Vocabulary (page 16) 1 a lot in common going out with get to know made friends with fell out with get married make up with get on with 2 get married have an argument get engaged introduce make up with get on with fall out with meet; introduced go out with; have got a lot in common make; get to know 4 met introduced on out engaged married argument common Language focus (page 17) 1 It’s already six o’clock but I still haven’t finished my homework Ela and Tom have just got engaged We’ve already had two arguments today Jessica still hasn’t made any friends at school Have your parents met your boyfriend yet? I have already introduced him to all my friends She’s just won the competition They still haven’t done the homework She hasn’t repaired the computer yet 3 Has he / she found it? He’s hurt his leg It’s been raining for hours Somebody’s taken it I’ve been calling him all day She’s fallen out with her best friend Have they been crying? Students’ own answers Students’ own answers Vocabulary (page 18) Reading (page 20) Positive: unforgettable, fascinating, hilarious, outstanding, gorgeous Negative: exhausting, awful, terrifying, revolting, furious b a c c f 3 b c a b a c revolting furious fascinating unforgettable terrifying hilarious gorgeous exhausting revolting furious terrifying Language focus (page 19) 1 Have you seen did your sister meet Have your neighbours bought I talked we’ve seen Did your friends buy started has been have did go went travelled left didn’t come Has been hasn’t hasn’t visited 10 was 11 did think 12 liked 13 Have seen 14 haven’t 15 ’ve heard photocopiable © Oxford University Press EPlus_WB4 INT answer key.indd has known; since ’ve watched; for hasn’t rained; since ’ve played; since Has worked; for hasn’t had; for Have lived; since has written; since false false true false false true a d b e 2 They will wear blue and white striped football kit James is 28 and Fiona is 29 A friend introduced them He’s been a Sheffield Wednesday fan for over twenty years They’ve been saving up for two years The reception will be in the club restaurant of with from in to in in about Writing (page 21) 1 Neither walk both Neither look Both Both of you want to buy the new CD Neither of them studies French or German Both of us like strong coffee Neither of them misses their friend Peter Both of my parents speak English Neither of you is invited to my birthday party Workbook answer key  ENGLISH PLUS 25/08/2011 11:53 WORKbook 3 Answer key Students’ own answers Progress review (pages 22–23) 1 argument introduce friends engaged, married common know I’ve just met your friend Rashid Have they already been to Paris? Has Emily made up with her boyfriend yet? Has your cousin got married yet? We still haven’t seen your wedding photos I’ve already phoned Karl about the party Andrew has just asked me to go out with him c a d f b e 4 ’ve known; since has lived; for Have been; for has had; since hasn’t worked; since haven’t seen; for has worked; for hasn’t eaten; since 5 terrifying fascinating hilarious exhausting revolting awful outstanding furious We’ve known You’ve been watching I talked we’ve seen She’s been reading ENGLISH PLUS 4  Workbook answer key EPlus_WB4 INT answer key.indd Language focus (page 25) I’ve finished did your sister meet Have you been cooking first girl got Both common second / next all hasn’t spoken happy Harry Hi Ellie! I haven’t seen you for a while How are things? Ellie Not bad How are you? Harry Fine, thanks Have you been to that new sports centre yet? Ellie No, I haven’t But I’ve heard it’s brilliant Harry Yes, it’s fantastic I’m going there tomorrow Do you fancy coming? Ellie Yes, I’d love to That would be great What time? Harry Nine o’clock, I think But I’ll text you later, OK? Ellie All right See you tomorrow then Bye! time went plans fancy done sitting reckon know Unit 3  Health matters Vocabulary (page 24) could will be able to can Could couldn’t can’t couldn’t won’t be able to 2 couldn’t use couldn’t cure can clone can’t clone will be able to operate will be able to live won’t be able to live 3 must may / might / could must can’t may / might / could, may / might / could may / might / could must can’t Students’ own answers Vocabulary (page 26) 1 development suffering operation treatment prevention 1 2 development experiment operate transplant treat research cause cure clone 3 cause discovery cure transplant treat clone prevent; prevent operate 4 discovered prevent / cure treatments / drugs / medicines research / experiments cure / prevent suffered 1 b d c g h a f e c a c a b a c b 3 give go cut take work get call Students’ own answers Language focus (page 27) 1 They can’t have operated on him She could have had an argument with Ted She might have gone shopping He must have passed the test She can’t have got together with her friends photocopiable © Oxford University Press 25/08/2011 11:53 WORKbook Answer key 2 He must have looked the boy can’t have heard the driver can’t have noticed the boy must have seen The car could have killed he might have hurt It must have been 3 can’t have seen might / could have lost must have forgotten might / could have been can’t have won Possible answers: He must be very fit He can’t have taken up running the day before He might / could have lost weight They must have got married They might / could / must have known each other for a long time They can’t have gone to work this morning Students’ own answers Reading (page 28) b B D A c f a e d b C It’s much faster / It’s more stressful They say these are the happiest days of your / a person’s life It relaxes your body and brain / It helps you to relax Because new interests can help your mind to relax Junk food like burgers, chips and sugary food Laughing with friends is the best way of avoiding stress 5 specialist Loneliness illness intelligence psychologist Writing (page 29) 1 All in all, On the other hand, What’s more, but However, Although addition also in all in favour of arguments for against arguments for addition 10 more Paragraphs: a 3, b 4, c 1, d smoke outside bars and restaurants is very bad for smokers’ health breathe the smoke, too careful should let smokers decide other habits are bad for people’s health All in all Unit 4  Let’s go! Students’ own answers Vocabulary (page 32) Progress review (pages 30–31) 1 b b a a c a c Ali could speak English in 2010 Ivan couldn’t speak English in 2010 Ivan can play the guitar now Ali can’t drive a car now (Both) Ivan and Ali will be able to drive a car in 2020 Ali won’t be able to play the guitar in 2020 3 connection psychologist loneliness / depression depression / loneliness treatment specialist may / might / could may / might / could must can’t can’t may / might / could must may / might / could must 10 can’t ’ve given up go without cut down take up Turn off work out could must can’t can’t might must b c a b a b other hand photocopiable © Oxford University Press EPlus_WB4 INT answer key.indd However all in all 1 city mosquito long-haul 2 net ticket suncream guidebook mosquito net long-haul flight return ticket city return hotel four-star day guidebook b a a b 5 c a travel agent return flights luxury / five-star hotel day trip suncream Language focus (page 33) 1 to ’s ’re ’m not You going aren’t stay Is 10 Are 2 aren’t going to swim is going to are going to climb is going to learn isn’t going to make aren’t going to run 3 ’m going to stay won’t like ’re going to be ’ll get isn’t going to apply isn’t going to cost Students’ own answers Workbook answer key  ENGLISH PLUS 25/08/2011 11:53 WORKbook Answer key Vocabulary (page 34) 1 b d 2 h a board check in book stop off c d b c fastened set off turned back c f g e come across turn back fasten a d stop off came across journey trip travel Language focus (page 35) 1 goes is seeing arrives are stopping off ’m meeting does the bus to Glasgow leave are you going are you having starts 10 ’m not going out Yes, what time does the bus leave? It leaves at six o’clock in the morning How long is the journey? It takes four hours Oh no, what are you taking with you? I’m taking my mp3 player and a lot of sweets Fantastic! I’m definitely sitting next to you 3 won’t come ’ll phone will show ’ll help won’t watch; ’ll will carry Students’ own answers Reading (page 36) c D B F C E d c g a b e h f ENGLISH PLUS 4  Workbook answer key EPlus_WB4 INT answer key.indd It was a marine laboratory You need to put on scuba diving equipment and then swim nine metres to the entrance You can find air conditioning, warm showers and a DVD player The chef cooks twice a day − at 8.00 a.m and 6.00 p.m There will be another underwater hotel in Dubai in the Middle East voyage trip Writing (page 37) 1 so but either and or because so but or and so but either because 3 morning ten station tour lunch shopping barbecue dinner Friday a c 2 are you going to ’re going to stay are you going to set off is going to buy ’m not going to send Are you going to return aren’t going to have Are you going to fly 3 travel trip voyage travel 4 it’ll We’re going to we’ll It’s going to you won’t b a journey travel trip turn back stop off fasten come across 6 Are you meeting ’m not doing doesn’t arrive does it leave is driving starts staying wondering trips sounds information book like emailing trip ’ll love ’re doing have up going remind Vocabulary (page 40) Progress review (pages 38–39) a b check in board set off book Unit 5  Image and identity Students’ own answers 1 c a 1 dreadlocks tattoo lipstick hair dye moustache piercing 2 hair dye tattoo chain nail varnish necklace lipstick sideburns 3 necklace tattoo piercing moustache lipstick dreadlocks hair dye 4 sideburns moustache chain tattoo ring necklace lipstick nail varnish hair dye Students’ own answers Language focus (page 41) 1 ourselves himself yourself yourselves themselves each other myself itself 2 each other yourself myself himself herself yourselves ourselves photocopiable © Oxford University Press 25/08/2011 11:53 WORKbook Answer key 3 are taken are bought are drawn is checked are designed is sent are uploaded is bought The dress was designed by Hubert de Givenchy Many of her famous dresses were created by Givenchy The dress was sold for almost $100,000 in 2009 Some of the money was given to charity Audrey Hepburn’s dresses are often copied by fashion designers Her style is admired all over the world Vocabulary (page 42) 1 exporter grower importer manufacturer producer shop, shopper supplier worker g f a c h d 4 growers produce export import manufacture supply shoppers Students’ own answers Language focus (page 43) 2 5 a was called was changed were manufactured were exported are made When were computers first introduced at your school? Is hot food cooked for the students every day? How often are students given homework? Is French taught at your school? Will you be offered the chance to learn more languages in the future? Students’ own answers e b 2 a b c Because it’s exciting, mysterious and exotic He had a tattoo of a Chinese proverb She wanted the Chinese symbol for ‘mystery’ but she had the symbol for ‘strange’ They had no real meaning They are on her face Your older brother is quite good-looking I felt a bit frightened when I watched that film I was very worried about you He feels rather tired today Your bag is really fashionable It was a bit cold yesterday That magazine looks quite interesting Her dress is extremely nice 3 (Italian) restaurant Tuesday £50 burnt cold (new) dress waitress refund receipt Students’ own answers Progress review (pages 46–47) David Beckham Marcus Camby Kimberley Vlaminck Yang Enna Britney Spears e d irregular; illegible illegal; unfair; uncommon disorganized; irresponsible; insensitive; disrespectful Writing (page 45) 1 We all had a very memorable day That fashion show was really good The assistant looked extremely angry photocopiable © Oxford University Press EPlus_WB4 INT answer key.indd Is grown; yes were written; Agatha Christie Is spoken; no is eaten; 11.2 kg are kept; the Tower of London Was invented; yes will be held; Qatar b designers; design worker; works importer; imports exports; exporter producer; produces supplies; suppliers a b 3 Reading (page 44) 3 1 b a are advertised will be continued will be seen 1 chain tattoo nail varnish hair dye piercing beard 2 themselves herself himself each other myself 3 uncommon illegible immoral disrespectful illegal yourself itself ourselves yourselves opened are bought makes was opened buy c a d a c is grown Was worn was photographed will be recycled will be built Kim Hi I bought this skirt yesterday but it doesn’t fit Is it OK if I change it? Alex Yes, have you got the receipt? Kim Yes, here you are Workbook answer key  ENGLISH PLUS 25/08/2011 11:53 WORKbook 4 Answer key Alex We’ve sold out of those, I’m afraid But you can choose something else if you like Kim Can I try this top on? Alex Of course The changing rooms are over there am writing bought paid took was refused was told was caused enclose 10 hearing Unit 6  A perfect world Vocabulary (page 48) 1 elections borders flag ministers head of state e a d f currency democracy citizens nation government currency democracy 10 law b h g c elections government head of state The website won’t open unless you’ve got the password Please will you call me if you find my wallet? My parents won’t give me any pocket money unless I pass ENGLISH PLUS 4  Workbook answer key EPlus_WB4 INT answer key.indd were; ’d travel didn’t see; would you feel would you do; saw eat; ’ll be would you vote; were ’re; won’t wait Vocabulary (page 50) Reading (page 52) d b c c vote elect invest introduce a a c a e f a d lower ban tax raise 4 a d If you were a minister, what would you ban? What would you study if you went to university? If you had €500, what would you buy? If you had a superpower, what would it be? d true false Because it gives them hope His father was from Kenya, his mother was from Kansas He was elected President of the USA in 2008 By giving them a voice He promised to end some of the wars in the Middle East by in on If I had a pet, it would be a cat or a dog I’d be amazed if everybody voted for that singer If I wasn’t busy, I’d watch TV What would you if you didn’t have homework tonight? How would you feel if you didn’t pass the exam? b e false false true Language focus (page 51) 1 b c didn’t have hadn’t gone had b AcrossDown invest introduce ban tax permit vote reduce raise lower elect cut Students’ own answers 4 Students’ own answers Language focus (page 49) make let let Where would you live if you were rich? Student’s own answers ’d saved was / were ’d won Students’ own answers Will your parents let you go to the football match on Saturday? Our teacher always makes us extra homework My dad makes me clean my room every Friday Does your mum sometimes let you go to bed after midnight? Our teacher never lets us go home early My brother made me help him with the housework yesterday my exams If it rains, we won’t play football in the park Unless you practise more, you won’t get into the team I won’t call you if we get home really late Unless more people vote for her this time, she’ll lose the election What will happen to Chelsea if they don’t score enough goals? 3 1 let make make in by on Writing (page 53) 1 c a b f which their We 3 e d them who This that politicians don’t listen don’t vote won’t have heard everybody’s opinions would be more interested felt that their opinions voted be a positive society and individuals Students’ own answers photocopiable © Oxford University Press 25/08/2011 11:53 WORKbook Answer key Progress Review (pages 54–55) 1 law Elections; government Citizens; politicians Borders currency let / lets made lets Will let Did make on in in by for on I won’t vote for you unless you promise to help us If you don’t take an umbrella, you’ll get wet They will raise taxes unless we protest They’ll fly the flag if the head of state is there He won’t help you unless you ask him introduce ban stand for tax invest Would you read this book if I lent it to you? If I lived in the Caribbean, I’d swim every day If we had an alternative, we wouldn’t vote for John Smith Ms Black wouldn’t be a minister if her father wasn’t the head of state If I gave you a ticket, would you come to the concert with me? He wouldn’t go to the library if he didn’t need some more books ’d help; had fall; will you wake would you buy; had don’t give; ’ll tell could; would they say leave; ’ll arrive, won’t miss something afraid wrong realize sorry were opinion place that seems doubt In Unit 7  Ups and downs Vocabulary (page 56) 1 generosity passion moodiness 2 respect frustration polite pessimism optimistic responsibility generous moody 3 successful anxious pessimistic responsible polite respectful frustrated Language focus (page 57) 1 Vocabulary (page 58) 1 Students’ own answers most successful least selfish less pessimistic quietest more loudly most slowly My mum is more generous than my dad Our dog is noisier than our cat Daniel’s painting is worse than David’s Isabel works slower than Molly We arrived earlier than Noah and Dylan 3 the least optimistic the tidiest the least interesting the best the least helpful 4 would have played would have bought had eaten hadn’t entered wouldn’t have met had lost he wouldn’t have felt tired If he had heard his alarm clock he wouldn’t have missed the bus If he hadn’t walked through the park photocopiable © Oxford University Press EPlus_WB4 INT answer key.indd politeness confidence he wouldn’t have won the lottery If he hadn’t gone to Africa bored terrified relaxed astonished fascinated annoyed embarrassed embarrassed shocks boredom astonishing horrifying fascination bore astonishment annoys 10 terrifying 3 annoying horrified shock terrify annoy interested boring relaxation relax Students’ own answers Language focus (page 59) 1 b a d c who – c where – b whose – a h f e g where – c which – a who – b Jack, who lives next door to me, has broken his arm My new laptop, which arrived yesterday, was very expensive That French village, where we always go on holiday, is very nice Anna, whose brother is in my drama club, won the prize yesterday Mr Stanley, who is standing over there, is our chemistry teacher Her coat, which she bought from that new shop, was very expensive My friend, whose dad is a film star, invited me to her birthday party Workbook answer key  ENGLISH PLUS 25/08/2011 11:53 WORKbook Answer key The old museum, where we saw the big Picasso painting, has just bought some more pictures , who created Facebook, where Prince William studied , which is a palace in India, (which / that) he received yesterday who has pink hair , which is a building in Washington, where I bought this dress , who is 80, Reading (page 60) b F B D C E A false false false false true It seems 26 hours long They can become anxious, moody and frustrated They may have difficulty concentrating on their lessons Because he doesn’t want to deprive students of the sleep they need They would look forward to the extra hours in bed Some teachers think that teenagers should go to bed early 5 simple miserable refuse unfortunately dull Writing (page 61) 1 We all need to study a bit harder Daniel will become much more successful in the future She seems slightly less moody at the moment They’re behaving a lot more responsibly The children are a bit noisier today Please talk a little more quietly in class 10 ENGLISH PLUS 4  Workbook answer key EPlus_WB4 INT answer key.indd 10 Will you arrive slightly earlier tomorrow? I’m feeling much less anxious today Jo Can you run slightly faster? Lin No, I’m a bit tired today Daisy Did your dad drive more carefully yesterday? Max Yes, he drove a lot more slowly Luke Is Cara a little happier now? Eve No, she seems a bit less relaxed 3 bored Josh Brazil optimistic brother Spain 1 c g c c d a 3 refuse exciting generosity unfortunately wealthy complicated 4 wouldn’t have missed had tried hadn’t pushed had done would have said who − N where − D whose − N where − N down just end would too least up e b 2 tell break make make Keep break 3 done broken hurt told h a made pretended tell keep Language focus (page 65) 1 them tell not asked not to to close the door not to copy the homework to show him / her our tickets to call her back later not to go away to carry the shopping bags to stop and look before we cross the road to open the window not to give more food to the cat 10 to tell Sarah to tidy her room 3 terrifying fascinates worried shock embarrassing annoying d f Students’ own answers Progress review (pages 62–63) c b who started These hadn’t 10 would Vocabulary (page 64) Students’ own answers polite anxious anxiety too bored spent Everything realize Unit 8  Honestly! weeks Alhambra money 10 regret 11 seen 1 optimism Politeness optimistic who − D which − N whose − D which − D ’d be ’d been looked couldn’t was had to had was waiting ’d told a few told her not to everybody told lies (that) she’d been really stupid not to say things like that everything would be he didn’t understand she’d made she had to tell the truth 10 was always the best policy photocopiable © Oxford University Press 25/08/2011 11:53 WORKbook Answer key Can you tell me if they are coming here later? Can you tell me where that noise was coming from? I’d like to know if you met my sister I’d like to know if / whether you have ever been to Brazil I was wondering if / whether you could call on me later Vocabulary (page 66) 1 agreed complained invited convinced / ordered ordered / convinced refused offered explained 2 convince explain admit order invite 3 complained refused explained convinced asked ordered agreed insist refuse agree offer Students’ own answers Reading (page 68) c a6 b3 c d4 e7 f g5 a c a b Language focus (page 67) 1 He asked what time it was Dad asked if we were watching the news He asked whether we’d seen his pen The teacher asked where my book was She asked whether I’d been on time Julian asked how many people we would invite to the party how long I’d / we’d lived in Milan if / whether they could start playing where Simon had been who was playing the guitar if / whether I’d / we’d be at home at 6.30 if / whether I’d finished the book 3 will she be ready you got a laptop are you doing you like red roses did you make this cake did you arrive Possible answers: I was wondering if / whether you can speak Japanese They feel guiltier about lying to a woman than about lying to a man A photo of a baby provokes sympathetic reactions in people Students’ own answers 5 will make Have done ’ll make / ’m going to make makes doing / going to do Writing (page 69) 1 ‘Don’t tell lies,’ I said ‘What did you say?’ he shouted ‘Who would know the answer?’ we wondered ‘I won’t forget,’ grandma insisted ‘Were you having a good time?’ she asked ‘What are you watching?’ I asked ‘It’s half past eight,’ she said ‘I live in London,’ Tom said ‘Which one you prefer?’ he asked ‘Will you help me?’ Sam asked photocopiable © Oxford University Press EPlus_WB4 INT answer key.indd 11 He felt embarrassed / uncomfortable / annoyed You should ask a woman to call your number ‘We’re going to the match,’ they said Last week my new friend Pete and I were making mp3 playlists on our laptops He was looking at my playlist and I offered to make a copy of my favourite album for him Just then, he suddenly became angry He said I couldn’t that because it was illegal At first I felt embarrassed and I didn’t say anything Then I replied that I had paid for the CD, so I could copy the music if I wanted to He said that copying music was the same as stealing a CD from a shop I told him I hadn’t thought of that before He explained that his dad was a musician I felt really guilty To cut a long story short, I deleted all the copied mp3s from my hard drive I know this was the right thing to 4 you can’t this / that because it’s illegal I’ve paid for the CD, so I can copy the music if I want to copying music is the same as stealing a CD from a shop I haven’t / hadn’t thought of this / that My dad is a musician Students’ own answers Progress Review (pages 70–71) 1 feel tell break make hurt pretend keep Lisa asked me to tell her the time He told them to go away She asked me if / whether I’d made it up Mum told me not to pretend to be sad The police officer told her to be careful He asked / told her not to worry about him The teacher asked / told us to listen She asked / told me to open the door Workbook answer key  ENGLISH PLUS 11 25/08/2011 11:53 WORKbook done made Answer key made make could play the violin didn’t like his new bicycle was thinking about Justin Bieber ’d pay later had to drive slowly loved fishing had been great (that) our homework was excellent offered invited refused insisted explained convinced agreed complained what time the train left if / whether I was watching the news if / whether we’d seen the newspapers when they’d get home if / whether I’d finished my homework Possible answers: Could you tell me what time the train leaves? I was wondering if / whether you’re watching the news I was wondering if / whether you’ve seen the newspapers I’d like to know when they’ll get home I’d like to know if you finished your homework Rob Is that a new mp3 player? Meg Yes Why you ask? Rob You told me that you didn’t have enough money to go out with me on Friday, but you bought a new mp3 player! Meg I don’t have pocket money I bought this mp3 player with the money my grandparents gave me for my birthday Rob Are you telling the truth? Meg Honestly, it’s true! If you don’t believe me, ask my sister Two weeks ago Tom, Nina and I were walking to school when we saw a young man breaking the windows of a shop ‘What shall we do?’ I asked Tom said, ‘We should stop him.’ ‘What if he’s 12 ENGLISH PLUS 4  Workbook answer key EPlus_WB4 INT answer key.indd 12 dangerous?’ asked Nina ‘Give me your phone,’ I told Tom ‘I’ll call the police.’ The young man had run away by the time the police arrived ‘Can you describe the man?’ they asked We described the young man and, to cut a long story short, the police arrested him near our school Language focus practice Starter unit (page 73) 1 isn’t speaking Do you understand works are you wearing don’t live is chatting ’m having spend doesn’t know 10 aren’t watching 2 to start learning to study listening to read 3 wasn’t was were Were weren’t was was 1 used to be didn’t use to surf didn’t use to drink used to walk used to go used to have used to listen didn’t use to get on with 2 hadn’t visited; had had got; arrived got; had practised didn’t have; had lost had left; came felt; hadn’t slept joined; had learnt had got; moved Lou had forgotten her passport so she couldn’t leave the country We didn’t meet last weekend because we’d seen each other the weekend before Simon remembered that he hadn’t got a present for his grandma We hadn’t studied the past perfect so the teacher explained it very carefully Jane hadn’t travelled before she went to France I’d bought the tickets before we got to the cinema working to playing watching Was the weather good? I rode on the big roller coaster We didn’t eat in a Mexican restaurant My little brother didn’t get bored Did the theme park close at seven o’clock? We had a very good time 5 Unit (page 75) What did you buy? Who ate the chocolate cake? What happened yesterday? Who did you help? / Who helped Josh and Luke How many people went to the meeting? Which film did you see? 4 was playing were talking was working finished cut was doing brushed; got; had; went did you do; got Unit (page 77) 1 She still hasn’t met your older brother Have you finished your homework yet? He still hasn’t eaten his breakfast I’ve already had a bath Your boyfriend has just arrived at the door photocopiable © Oxford University Press 25/08/2011 11:53 WORKbook Answer key 2 since for since since for since for since since 10 for 3 has had this computer for ’ve known Juliet for have been married for have lived in Brighton for haven’t eaten meat since has been in the library since 4 fell out has … done got haven’t sent introduced haven’t made 5 ’ve been calling has lost ’s broken ’ve been tidying ’ve been chatting ’s spent has been cooking hasn’t arrived Unit (page 79) 1 couldn’t ’ll be able to can’t could can’t won’t be able to ’ll be able to could can’t 10 won’t be able to 2 must can’t could must can’t must might might must have seen can’t have watched may / might / could have called must have read can’t have texted must have walked must have left can’t have written; must have written 4 a c Unit (page 81) 1 Mark isn’t going to come on the day trip My dad is going to book a holiday to Miami I’m not going to get on that busy bus They aren’t going to visit the museum today Are you going to stay in a luxury hotel in Geneva? When are you going to board the plane? Is Alfie going to meet us at the station? Are we going to go by train or by bus? 2 ’s going to play ’m going to start will live ’re going to buy won’t arrive ’re going to win will go ’m going to make 3 are we seeing leaves goes ’re meeting ’m getting arrives stops ’m walking ’ll stop off won’t set off ’ll walk ’ll phone won’t check in ’ll make ’ll get up won’t go ’ll turn it down 10 won’t have Unit (page 83) 1 photocopiable © Oxford University Press EPlus_WB4 INT answer key.indd 13 mustn’t be don’t have to give has to must remember don’t have to get shouldn’t get should apologize myself yourself each other ourselves himself itself each other c a c a We won’t be asked any questions by the teacher The clothes are designed here The fashion show was opened by the president The new uniforms will be designed by Versace I wasn’t given any instructions The clothes are produced in Hong Kong 4 was designed won’t be given are exported will be manufactured weren’t grown is studied are / were made will be supplied Was this car manufactured in the UK? Are the keyboards imported by Tech-Buy? Will the cotton be produced in India? Were these bananas grown in Ghana? Is your dad paid €12 an hour? Was this skiing equipment made in France? Are we invited to the fashion show? Unit (page 85) 1 make make let let let if if unless If Unless 3 call; ’ll see will worry; doesn’t get finishes; ’ll wait ’ll practise; are don’t help; ’ll cry 4 feel; stopped ’d ban; was listened; ’d hear was; ’d play would; walked Workbook answer key  ENGLISH PLUS 13 25/08/2011 11:53 WORKbook Answer key I would be in a band if I lived in London What would you buy if you had €250? Where will you wait if it rains? I’d be happier if I lived in a big city If you met the head of state, what would you say? If I send you an invitation, will you come to the party? ’d brought was / were ’d listened could speak had texted 14 2 the most famous sooner more quietly the busiest the least expensive I wouldn’t have met my girlfriend if I hadn’t gone to the disco If I hadn’t listened carefully, I wouldn’t have understood the maths lesson We wouldn’t have been thirsty if we’d bought a drink If you had concentrated, you’d have passed the exam If you hadn’t run fast, you wouldn’t have hurt your leg 4 who; buildings which; neck where; exercise which; warm who; cars / machines who’s whose ENGLISH PLUS 4  Workbook answer key EPlus_WB4 INT answer key.indd 14 c − My uncle, who is 82 years old, goes running every day d − Those children, whose father is an art teacher, are good at painting a − A new shop, which sells American clothes, has just opened in town b − Our holiday, which lasted two weeks, has now finished e − My sister, who lives in Paris, has got a new job Unit (page 89) 1 asked / told; listen asked / told; not to touch the light asked / told; not to talk to her asked / told; to buy some more eggs asked / told; not to forget asked / told; to the washing-up asked / told; to wear a shirt asked / told; to be very careful Unit (page 87) 1 seriously happily pessimistically suddenly colourfully honestly moodily usefully optimistically 10 busily 11 rudely who whose who’s Carl promised (that) they wouldn’t forget Jill explained (that) she couldn’t speak Portuguese Sam insisted (that) he didn’t know her Flo admitted (that) they hadn’t felt guilty Ian said (that) Steve was telling the truth Tina complained (that) they’d forgotten about the party The head teacher said (that) I / we had to arrive before 8.30 Ella promised (that) they weren’t copying The policeman asked (me / us) why I / we had broken the law I asked where they had gone She asked us if we wanted more I asked whether they had read our blog She asked us if Paul was coming He asked (me) what I was thinking about I asked what they had done I asked what would happen when they learnt about that I’d like to know why you broke the law Can you tell me who that man was? I was wondering whether you want more I’d like to know if they have read our blog I was wondering if Paul is coming I’d like to know what you are thinking about Can you tell me where they have gone? We were wondering whether we could borrow a DVD Pronunciation bank Unit (page 90) /t/ /d/ /Id/ /t/ /Id/ /d/ /Id/ /d/ wanted changed asked needed produced happened Unit 2 two four three three two three three four ● ● angry, gorgeous ● ● ● furious, memorable ● ● ● exhausting, unpleasant ● ● ● ● terrifying, fascinating S D S S D S lonely ● ● difficult ● ● ● complicated ● ● ● ● perfect ● ● funny ● ● frightening ● ● worried ● ● outstanding ● ● ● tiring ● ● 10 patient ● ● photocopiable © Oxford University Press 25/08/2011 11:53 WORKbook Answer key Unit I can get dinner tonight You’ll be able to speak Spanish one day You might have told me Fleming was a famous scientist We must go to France next summer! They were experimenting with new treatments They should have been more careful (page 91) I’m going to go swimming this weekend We can speak Turkish I think they should apologize Where have you been? She used to live in Paris They could be in the classroom Unit 1 arrives waits organizes /z/ goes, leaves, plays /s/ starts, meets, sets off /Iz/ finishes, loses, watches /s/ /z/ /z/ /Iz/4/Iz/6/s/ (page 92) Where’s Tony? I’ll be on time Who’s that? We’d like to come He won’t forget I’m never early We’re voting for you It’ll be great b b c c a a Unit /T/ mouth, think, three /D/ brother, that, the /f/ few, free, leaf /v/ leave, very, view Unit 1 b e a f c d Why you ask so many questions? What games does James like playing? He’s never visited America If you don’t believe me, you can ask dad Could you help me tidy the house? Would you mind not putting your feet on the table? Unit /eI/ nail, painful, name /aI/ dye, tribe, light /I@/ piercing, appearance, year /e@/ wear, chair, rare 4 buy air bear late here right train Unit 1 I will be OK He’d help me I am sorry You’d forget unless I reminded you It’ll be fine It will not be too difficult We are always late She’s here now photocopiable © Oxford University Press EPlus_WB4 INT answer key.indd 15 Workbook answer key  ENGLISH PLUS 15 25/08/2011 11:53 ... have hurt your leg 4 who; buildings which; neck where; exercise which; warm who; cars / machines who’s whose ENGLISH PLUS 4 Workbook answer key EPlus_WB4 INT answer key. indd 14 c − My uncle, who... won’t watch; ’ll will carry Students’ own answers Reading (page 36) c D B F C E d c g a b e h f ENGLISH PLUS 4 Workbook answer key EPlus_WB4 INT answer key. indd It was a marine laboratory You... We’ve known You’ve been watching I talked we’ve seen She’s been reading ENGLISH PLUS 4 Workbook answer key EPlus_WB4 INT answer key. indd Language focus (page 25) I’ve finished did your sister meet
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