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Workbook with MultiROM OXFORD ((- OXFORD UNIVERSITY PRESS Janet Hardy-Gould James Styring r I, Workbook OXFORD UNIVERSITY PRESS Great Clarendon Street Oxford OX2 6DP Oxford University Press is a department of the University of Oxford It furthers the University's objective of excellence in research scholarship and education by publishing worldwide in Oxford New York Auckland Cape Town Oar es Salaam Hong Kong Karachi Kuala Lumpur Madrid Melbourne Mexico City Nairobi New Delhi Shanghai Taipei Toronto With offices in Argentina Austria Brazil Chile Czech Republic France Greece Guatemala Hungary Italy Japan Poland Portugal Singapore South Korea Switzerland Thailand Turkey Ukraine Vietnam OXFORD and OXFORD ENGLISH are registered trade marks of Oxford University Press in the UK and in certain other countries © Oxford University Press 2011 The moral rights of the author have been asserted Database right Oxford University Press (maker) First published 2011 2016 2015 2014 2013 2012 10 No unauthorized photocopying All rights reserved No part of this publication may be reproduced stored in a retrieval system or transmitted in any form or by any means without the prior pennission in writing of Oxford University Press or as expressly permitted by law or under terms agreed with the appropriate reprographics rights organization Enquiries concerning reproduction outside the scope of the above should be sent to the ELT Rights Department Oxford University Press at the address above You must not circulate this book in any other binding or cover and you must impose this same condition on any acquirer Any websites referred to in this publication are in the public domain and their addresses are provided by Oxford University Press for information only Oxford University Press disclaims any responsibility for the content ISBN: 9780194748629 ISBN: 9780194748865 ISBN: 9780194748780 Workbook MultiROM Pack Printed in Spain by Orymu S A This book is printed on paper from certified and well-managed sources ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS mustrations by: Rob Hancock p.5; David OakJey pp.94 95 96 98 99 100 101 Cover photographs: Getty Images (Teens climbing rockfLigia Botero/Photonica) iStockphoto (Teens doing homework outdoors/Bart Coenders) Photolibrary (School students with globe/Image Source) (Teens reading a map/Paul Viant & Carrie Beecroft/White) The publisher would like to thank the following for pennission to reproduce photographs: Alamy pp.4 (subway/Chad Ehlers) (watchingTV/Rubberball) 13 (fire/Jim Pickerell/Stock Connection Blue) 18 (fire/Qrt) 18 (rubbish/PE Forsberg) 21 (playground/Sally and Richard GreenhilI) 24 (World of Wareraft/Kathie en Smith) 28 (Second Life/Friedrich Stark) 29 (downloading music/Stocksearch) 50 (protest/MartinJenkinson) 53 (cake sale/MShieldsPhotos) 56 (Dangerous Liaisons/pictorial Press Ltd) 61 (bullying/Bubbles Photolibrary) 64 (auctionfTrip) 67 (London Eye/Jon Arnold Images Ltd) 69 (postcards/ArkReligion.com); Arnos Design Ltd p.66 (CD); BBC Photolibrary p.l0 (Mastennind quiz show) (the news); Construction Photography p.18 (pipeline); 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Photolibrary p.49 (cleaning up/ Jupiterimages); Rex Features pp.l0 (Family Guy cartoonfTM and copyright 20th Century Fox) (The X Factor talent show/Ken McKayfTalkbackThames) (Parkinson chat show/Ken McKay) 32 (Daniel Radcliffe/Charles Sykes) 56 (High School Musical/ Disney Chan/Everett) 68 (vases/Ian McCarney); Shutterstock p.18 (polluted river/Foment); Still Pictures pp.18 (man cutting down tree/Mark Edwards) 52 (tribe/Martin Harvey); Superstock p.50 (gardening/age fotostock); The Art Archive p.65 (The Scream 1893/Edvard Munch/Nasjonal Galleriet Oslo); The Kobal Collection pp 10 (Night at the Museum film poster/20th Century Fox FiIm Corporation) 12 (LostfTouchstone/ABC) 56 (Quantum ofSolace/Columbia/Danjaqj Eon) (Three Ten to YumafTree Line Films/Relativity Media) (Flags of our Fathers/ Dreamworks SKG/Warner bros) (The Bourne Ultimatum/Universal/Jason Boland) (The Golden Compass/New Line Cinema) 58 (Spider-Man 3/Marvel/Sony Pictures) Although every effort has been made to trace and contact copyright holders before publication this has not been possible in some cases We apologise for any apparent infringement of copyright and ifnotified the publisher will be pleased to rectiJY any errors or omissions at the earliest possible opportunity 0000000 Contents page Starter unit Unit TVand news Unit Disposable world 16 Unit Life online 24 Unit4 Fame 32 Unit School life 40 Unit Take action 48 Unit7 Film and fiction 56 Unit8 Art 64 Language focus reference and practice 72 Pronunciation bank 90 Wordlist 93 Expression bank 102 Irregular verbs list 104 0000 Starter unit (ji ) Find pairs of opposite adjectives 0k.* '; Choose the correct answers to complete the text ffie.a.p common noisy boring clean easy far heavy quiet rare safe dangerous powerful unhealthy useless weak difficult dirty exciting expensi';e healthy light near useful cheap expensive Tokyo Tokyo is a huge city of more than 13 million people It's _ _ , but the shops and restaurants are 1_ _ The streets are busy and 2_ _ , but they're always very _ _ There isn't much crime in Tokyo It's a really _ _ city Japanese is a _ _ language _ _ _ for foreigners to read and speak Visitors to Tokyo often get lost because they can't read the signs _ _ _ The rai lway is a popular form of public transport in Tokyo The underground is also very busy and workers sometimes push passengers ' onto the tra ins! There are a lot of cars as well The pollution from Tokyo's traffic sometimes makes the air quite _ _ • _ _ _ _ _ _ 10 _ _ 11 _ _ _ fi{* -) Complete the sentences with adjectives in exercise 1 a light (b exciting) c powerful a expensive b near c rare a weak b noisy c heavy a clean b near c useful a far b common c safe a safe b difficult c useless a quiet b difficult c unhealthy (.fi*jj) Write examples for the adjectives expensive There aren't ma ny tigers left in I nd ia now They are rare Wash your hands! They're _ _ _ powerful This box is it, please? unhealthy Can you help me lift Is it to your school? No, it's only three minutes from here This dictionary isn't very I can 't find the word 'platinum ' I got 97% in the science test It was Our dog is ill Its legs are _ and it can 't walk Iloveth isfilm lt'svery _ _ _ I can 't hear you! It's very _ _ _ quiet dangerous Starter unit difficult useful noisy boring a rare painting a sports car Comparative and superlative adjectives Present simple Look at the table and choose the correct words Write sentences and questions using the present simple he / go / to my school NewDVD reviews j./e goes to my school they / not tidy / their room every day Tom met Sally €12.99 Gina / wash up / every evening 1/ not sleep /for eight hours every night Harry / / his homework once a week they / drive / to work every morning school/not finish / at two o'clock The Scientists is more exciting than / (isn't as exciting a ~ Dog Police you / have / breakfast every day /? The Scientists is more expensive than / isn't as expensive as Tom met Sally your brother / go / to work / ? Tom met Sally is longer than / isn't as long as The Scientists Tom met Sally isn't as cheap as / is cheaper than The Scientists Dog Police isn't as expensive as / is more expensive than Tom met Sally Tom met Sally is shorter than / isn't as short as Dog Police Dog Police isn't as exciting as / is more exciting than Tom met Sally Tom met Sally is more boring than / isn't as boring as The Scientists The Scientists is better than / isn't as good as Dog Police r::k**) Answer the questions Write complete sentences What time does school start? School starts at eight o'clock Do you get the bus to school? Where does your mum / dad work? How often you watch TV? What time you have breakfast? Write superlative sentences about the DVDs Do you tidy your room every week? (expensive) The ~ciellti5it5iis the most expensive DVD How you relax? (cheap) _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ (short) _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ (long) _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ (exciting) _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ What you at weekends? (boring) _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ What time you wake up on Saturdays? (good) _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ Starter unit ~ ) Find eight more routines Write them in the order they happen every day for you H G H T H R E D C H 0 l T A R T K P I A N G V I D 0 G E T U P E E V 0 T B T R G T B E H G l l K W D T R A 0 F R A T H E T M T H K H E A l E ) ~* Look at the routines for the two days and complete the text Use the correct form of the verbs Wednesday 7.00 get up! 8.30 9.00 get bus schoo~ starts 3.30 schoo~ {i""ishes 4.00 re~)( i"" parle! 6.30 IM-aths hol1dWorle watch TV " Thursday go to bed! 7.00 get UP! 8.30 getbus W l G A A N W I W E G B K T W 8.00 T I A N U M U F G l 10.00 C J K U P E A M R E H Y F H K N C N K E T E K T H I B T E P V G T B E D E T wake ull words in the box shopping go x watch plays bed get ull 9.00 school starts 3.30 school fi""ishes 4.30 go shopping with 6.00 elo history hO/M-tworle go 0/11- computer go to beel! 7.30 10.00 0k*_) Complete the sentences using the "- nl/t,(,1 geHl-p have at seven o'clock My pa rents don't _ to work on Sundays She _ _ _ _ basketball every week They _ TV in the evenings I my homework after school I never to sleep before nine o'clock breakfast? Do you usually We often go after school on Mondays What time you go to ? My sister gets ull at a.m and she _ the bus to school at 8.30 a.m School at a.m and it finishes at 3.30 p.m After school on Wednesdays, she _ with her friends On Thursdays, she shopping in town In the evening, she her homework and then she TV or goes on the computer and chats with her friends She _ _ _ _ to bed at 10 p.m f!iI:k) Complete the text about your routine on a school day I get UIl at about 1._ _ _ _ _ _ _ in the morning 12_ _ _ _ _ _ breakfast with 3_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ School at _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ ,501 to school at _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ My favourite class is School finishes at in the afternoon After school, 1° _ I usually go to bed at 11 _ _ _ _ _ _ • Starter unit Present continuous (*_) Choose the correct words Present simple and present continuous 1* _* ) Complete the phone conversation Use the present simple or the present continuous form of the verbs in brackets It's the weekend and we @ /'s relaxing , They aren't / isn't watching the film What's / are he doing? He are /'s having breakfast I'm / are learning English Why aren't / isn't you tidying your room? I aren't /'m not doing my homework now Mum Ollie Mum Ollie ~*) Look at the photos and complete the sentences Mum Ollie Mum Aron and Ben are watchillg tv They arell't doillg their homework Ollie (watch TV / their homework) Hi, Ollie It's Mum I'm comillg (come) home now OK, Mum (you / study) for your important exam? No 12_ _ _ _ (chat) to Sirr:lOn We 3_ _ _ _ (talk) about the exam But you _ _ _ _ (talk) to him every day No, we 5_ _ _ _ (not chat) in class We (listen) to our teacher Are you sure? What 7_ _ (your sister / do) at the moment? (she / do) her homework? No, of course not, Mum She never (do) her homework She 10 (watch) TV, I think! */i1iJ Invent a daily routine for a famous person Write four sentences about it Imagine what he / she is doing at the moment and write two sentences Dad He _ (cook / read) Liollel Messi always gets up late I-le doesll't have breakfast At the momellt he's havillg dillller ill all expellsive restaurallt Brad _ He _ (chat / sleep) Eri nand Lu ke _ They (go to school/have breakfast) Starter unit 0000 TV and news ~ _) Match sentence halves 1-9 with a-i 0k* -; Complete the dialogue with the words in the box ~ Are there any good programmes They use special cameras Homer Simpson is my This new TV series The fi rst TV broadcast Can I change channels Their new television has got a The show had three million I didn't watch the last a b c d e f g h i really big screen viewers last year was in black and white on TV this evening? to make 3D films has 12 episodes favourite character in The Simpsons episode of the series with this remote control? adverts audience cameras channels presenter show programme Jess What you think is the best programme on TV? Ryan I love Who Wants to Be a Millionaire? It's my favou rite I always watch it! I was in the _ two years ago My seat was behind the two so it was a bit difficult to see, but the was really funny Jess Why you love it? Ryan It's exciting! Jess What you think is the worst thing on TV? Ryan I hate the ! I prefer without them ~* ) Complete the definitions about TV (ji1iIiJ Answer the questions Write complete sentences How many channels have you got on your TV at home? I've got eight channels on my TV at home What is your favourite TV show? Why? A br oadcast is when they transmit a TV show Which programmes you never watch? Why? They record TV shows with a _ _ _ An watches a show You ca n tu rn the TV on a nd off with a An _ is one of several parts of a story A A is a person in a story is a TV show When you watch TV, you see the picture on the TV _ _ A episodes • TV and news is a show with a lot of Wh ich series you usua IIy watch? Who is your favourite character? Why? What is the actor's name? Do you like adverts? Why / Why not? Who uses the remote control a lot in your house? was, were, there was, there were (*=-:=) Choose the correct words Who was / ~ the main characters in Past simple (**-~) Complete the text using the past simple form of the verbs in brackets Futurama? We was / were lucky There was / There were two more episodes on the DVD Where was / were you r ca mera? Marc was / were tired, so he didn't watch the end of the show Was / Were there any good programmes on TV last night? The first episode weren't / wasn't in 2009 It was / were in 2010 The presenters weren't / wasn't on yesterday's progra m me How old was / were the participants? Were there / Was there many people in the audience? fii*- ) Write sentences Use the affirmative V), negative (X) or question (?) forms of was / were and there was / there were 1/ at school this morning X I wasl1't at school this morl1il1g there /two channels without adverts./ there / a new character in the show this week? the remote control/next to the TV ? On the Road with Stars is a new programme that follows bands on tour In the first show, the TV company travelled (travel) to Los Angeles to meet Kanye West (make) the programme very They cheaply because they (not have) a lot of money They (record) it with only one camera and they (be) very lucky because the presenters (work) for free In Los Angeles, the presenters _ _ _ (not stay) in a hotel Instead, they 7_ _ _ (sleep) in a caravan During the show, Kanye (fly) in a private plane from city to city, but the TV company (follow) him in their car, with their caravan! ,*-*-1i) Write questions for the answers Did you meet Kal1ye West? Yes, we did We met Kanye West in Los Angeles you / in the audience? there / a new presenter in this series X We met him last month Yes, we did We liked him very much it / a new series / who / the participants in Big Brother? After Los Angeles, we went to Las Vegas and then to San Francisco _ No, we slept in a caravan there / ma ny TV broadcasts in the 1940s X No, we didn't fly We drove _ We drove because the flights were expensive TVand news PRON U NCIATION BAN K Unit 4: Diphthongs I~ml legl l aIl l aul 1.11 Listen and repeat the diphthongs and the words , /'du/ phone /e'd/ there /ar/ nice /au/ brown 1.12 Listen and repeat the words in the box Then complete the table ~ go 1.15 Listen and circle the weak forms /t'd/ and /O'd/ in each sentence square now like OK town guy wear about chair mind We have to visit Grandma Let's go past the post office The uniforms weren't very nice You mustn't run in the corridor I wentto primary school in South Street Is th is the book she wanted? e 1.16 Circle the weak forms /t'd/ and /O'd/ Listen and check Some parents want to send the ir children to single-sex schools, but the majority of British teenagers go to mixed schools Students have to stay at school until the school-leaving age, which is sixteen -photo Unit 6: Linking 1.13 Listen and check your answers Let\.J0rganizeva protest They must banvall violent games That'sjl goodJ dea Shall we havejl meetingforvanvhour? Howvabout starting the boycott on Saturday? Write the correct diphthong next to the sentences below Practise saying them She's got fair hair _ _ _ He'squiteshy _ _ _ Our house is in town _ _ _ We don't know _ _ _ Listen and repeat Notice the weak forms /t'd/ and /O'd/ /t'd//O'd/ You shouldn't go to the sports centre today /O'd/ /t'd/ /O'd/ The new students have to wear the green uniform /t'd//O'd/ I must go to the library /t'd/ /O'd/ She has to the homework later 1.18 Listen and draw the linking sounds in the sentences We've gotjlvnew petition Unit 5: Weak forms 1.17 Listen and repeat Pay attention to the linking sounds 1.14 Come on this march with us! Let's send an email now There's a lot of litter here Shall we meet at ten o'clock? You can ask your brother or sister e 1.18 Listen again to the sentences in exercise and repeat them Use the linking sounds Mark the linking sounds in these short phrases Then practise saying them , Find out some information Support our campa ign Join in with us Sign up in April Pronunciation bank 91 PRONUNCIATION BANK Unit 7: Silent letters Unit 8: Word stress 1 We not pronounce every consonant in some words Listen and repeat 1.19 column school listen might character sign would mustn't gallery Cross out the consonants that we not pronounce Then listen and check receipt design island know ghost scent autumn talk 10 wrist museum exhibition collect impressionist a b c d e f ••• •• •• •••• ••• •••• Complete the table with the words in the box portrait collector education support accept masterpiece landscape photography president definition important intelligent 1.21 Circle two words in each sentence with consonants that we not pronounce Listen and check There were some frightening scenes in the novel Did you walk or climb up the mountain? That wasn't the right answer, was it? I bought him two great birthday presents We have to write a talk and present it next week You shouldn't play with knives Listen and match the words with the stress patterns Then listen again and repeat painting 1.20 thumb ~ 1.22 portrait •• •• •••• • 1.23 Listen and check your answers Then listen and repeat Draw the stress patterns for these adjectives Use a dictionary to help you colourful 92 • Pronunciation bank shocking provocative imaginative amusing Phonetic symbols Vowels /il IrJ li:1 l rel la:1 lel 13:1 101 I'J:I lul lu:1 hi IAI lerl laII I'JII laul kml II'd1 l e;)1 IU'd1 happy it he fl ag a rt egg her not fou r look you sugar mum day why nOisy how go here wear t ou rist Consonants Ipl I bl It I Id! Ikl IgI ItSI Id:) IfI Ivl 181 101 Isl Izl ISI I:) /hl Iml 1nl II)I III Irl Ijl Iwl pen big two dog c an good beach job food very th ink then s peak zoo she television house meat now si ng late radio yes we camera (n) I' krem'dr'dl cartoon (n) Ika:'tu:nl boring (adj) l' b'J:rn]1 character (n) I' krer'dkt'd(r)1 chea p (adj) Itfi:pl chat show (n) I 'tfret I'd ol clean (adj) Ikli:nl choose (v) Itfu:zI common (adj) I' kom'dn l cruel (adj) I' kru:;)1I cook (v) Ikukl cry (v) IkrarJ dangerous (adj) l' dernd;3'dr;)sl debate (n) IdT' beTtl difficult (adj) l 'dIfTbltl dramatic (adj) Idr'd'mretIkl dirty (adj) I' d3:til embarrassing (adj) Inu'brer'dSII)I your homework (v) I,du: j'J: engineer (n) lend;31'11ld(r)1 'h'dUmW3:kl enjoy (v) Im'd;3'JII easy (adj) I' i:zil entertaining (adj) lent;)'temII)1 exciting (adj) IIk'sartn]I film (n) !fIlml expensive (adj) IIk'spensTvl finally (adv) I 'falll'dlil far (adj) Ifa:(r)1 follow (v) I' fol'du l finish (v) l 'fImSI funny (adj) I' Lmil get home (v) I, get 'h'dum/ game show (n) I' geTm Idol getthe bus (v) I,get O'd 'bAsI leave (v) Ili:vl get up (v) I ,get 'Ap! lonely (adj) I'l'dunlil go shopping (v) !,g'dO 'JOPI!]! love (v) IIAV! goto bed (v) I,g'du td 'bedl medical drama (n) l 'medIkl goto sleep (v) I,g;m td 'sli:p! ,dra:m'dl go to work (v) I ,g'do t'd 'w3:kl news (n) Inju:zI have breakfast (v) !,hrev 'brekf'dstl participant (n) Ipa :'tISIp'dnt healthy (adj) l'he18il presenter (n) pn'zent'd(r) heavy (adj) /' hevil profit (n) I' proflt light (adj) IlaItl programme (n) I' pr'dogrrem/ near (adj) IllJ'd(r)1 quiz show (n) l 'kwIZ I'dUI noisy (adj) I' mlzil reali~y show (n) Iri 'rel;)ti I'do! play (v) IpleTI receive (v) In' si:vl powerful (adj) /' pau'dfll remote control (n) In,m'dot quiet (adj) l 'kwaI'dt/ bn'tr'dull rare (adj) Ire'd(r)1 scene (n) Isi:nl relax (v) In'lreksl series (n) I' sI'dri:zl review (n) In'vju:1 shocked (adj) ISoktl safe (ad j) IseIfl show (n) IS'dol start (v) Ista:tI show (v) IS'dul tidy your room (v) l, taIdi j'J: 'ru:ml sitcom (n) l 'sItkoml unhealthy (adj) IAn'beIeil soap opera (n) I's'dop ,opr'dl useful (adj) I'ju:sfll solve (v) Isolvl useless (adj) I'ju:sl'dsl sports programme (n) I' sP'J:ts wait (v) IweItl ,prdugneml wake up (v) I,welk 'Apl stuck (adj) IStAkl watch TV (v) I,wotf, ti: 'vi:1 take part (v) l ,teIk 'pa:tl weak (adj) Iwi:kl t~lent show (n) I' trel'dnt ,J'dol time limit (n) I'tanu lImItl Unit toilet (n) l 't'JI1'dtl ' transfer (v) Itrrens'f3:(r)/ abandoned (adj) l'd'brend'dndl try (v) ItrarJ advert (n) l 'redV3:tl TV channel (n) I ,ti: 'vi: ,tfrenll amusing (adj) 1;)'mju:zII)I TV programme (n) I ,ti: 'vi: attract (v) I'd' trrektl ,pr;)ogrreml audience (n) 1''J:di'dnsl unhappy (adj) IAn 'hrepil audition (n) h:'dISnl viewer (n) I'vju:'d(r)1 audition (v) h:'dISnl weather forecast (n) l 'weo'J break down (v) I,brerk 'daun! ,hka:stl broadcast (n) l 'br'J:dka:stl win (v) IWllll broadcast (v) l 'br'J:dka:stl calmly (adv) I' ka:mlil Starter unit Wordlist 93 Unit apple (n) I'repl/ bag (n) Ibregl bar (n) Iba:(r)1 barbecue (n) I'ba:brkju:1 basket (n) I'ba:skrtl beach (n) Ibi:lfl blog (n) I bIogl bottle (n) I 'botl/ bottle top (n) l' botI, topl box (n) Iboksl bu rger (n) I' b3:gg(r)1 burn (v) Ib3:nl camerawoman (n) I'kremgrgwomgnl can (n) Ikrenl carton (n) I'ka:tnl chicken (n) I 'lflkrnl chocolate (n) I 'lf oklgtl Christmas (n) I' krrsmgsl cloth (n) IkJo01 coffee (n) I 'kofil computer (n) Ibm'pju:tg(r)/ container (n) Ibn'term(r)1 cooking oil (n) l'kukIl) ,:)111 crisp (n) Ikrrspl cup (n) Ihpl destroy (v) Idr'str::lIl dishwasher (n) l 'drJwoJg(r)1 environment (n) Irn'vaIrgnmgntl exotic (adj) /rg'zotrkl experiment (n) hk'spenmgntl fizzy drink (n) I,frzi'drrl)kl flower (n) l'f1aug(r)1 fridge (n) Ifnc\31 fuel (n) I'fju:gJI harmful (adj) I' ha:mf1I ice (n) larsl impact (n) I'rmprektl jar (n) lc\3a:(r)1 juice (n) /c\3u:s/ kitchen (n) I'kllfm/ kiwi fruit (n) I' ki:wi: ,fru:tl lemon (n) I'lemgnl life jacket (n) l' larf ,cI.3rekrt! lifestyle (n) /'larfstadl light bulb (n) !'laIt ,bAlbl lorry (n) /'lori/ mammal (n) I'mreml! map (n) Imrep/ match (n) Imrelfl nappy (n) I'nrepi/ newspa per (n) I' nju:zpeTpg(r)/ orange (n) I ' onnc\31 origin (n) l 'onc\3rn/ packet (n) I'prekrtl patrol (v) /pg 'trgol/ poison (v) I'p:mn/ pollute (v) /pg'Iu:t/ polystyrene (n) /poIi'starri:n/ powder (n) I'paudg(r)1 producer (n) /prg'dju:sg(r)/ recycle (v) Iri:'salkl/ reduce (v) /n'dju:s/ reuse (v) Iri:'ju:z/ roll (n) /rgol/ rubbish (n) I'rAbIJ/ sandwich (n) I'srenwrlfl save (v) /selv/ second-hand (adj) I,sebnd 'h~endl ( Containers) 94 • Wordlist shampoo (n) /j'rem'pu:1 shopping (n) !'JOPIl)/ sign (n) /sarnl sleeping bag (n) /'sli:PIIJ ,bregl soap (n) /SgOp/ strawberry (n) I'str::>:bgri/ sugar (n) !'Jugg(r)1 sun cream (n) I'sAn ,kri:ml sun hat (n) I'sAn ,hretl takeaway (adj) I'terbwer! throwaway (v) 1,0rgo g'weIl toilet paper (n) I't::>J!gt ,pelpg(r)/ toothpaste (n) /'tu:0peIst/ torch (n) /t::>:lf/ tourist (n) I'tognst/ tube (n) Itju:bl unbelievable (adj) IAnbr'li:vgbl/ used (adj) /ju:zdl washing (n) I'WOJIIJ/ washing machine (n) l'woSn] m;),Si:nl waste (v, n) /weIst/ whale (n) Iwedl wildlife (n) I'waddlaIfl yoghurt (n) I'jog:)tl Unit addiction (n) /:)'drkSn! addictive (adj) I:)'dlktrvl advice (n) l;)d'vaISI anti-virus software (n) lrenti'vaIr;)s ,softwe;)(r)1 anywhere (adv) /'eniwe;)(r)/ a ppea r (v) I;) 'pI;)(r)1 attachment (n) I;)'tretj'm;)ntl avatar (n) I'rev;)to:(r)1 back-up copy (n) /'brekAp ,kopi/ battle (n) I'bretl/ behaviour (n) /br'hervj;)(r)/ blog (v) Iblogl BMX (n) I,bi: em 'eks/ buy (v) Ibar/ career (n) Ib'm(r)/ careful (adj) I'ke:)fl/ chat (v) Itfretl chat room (n) I'tfret ,ru:m/ clinic (n) I'klmlk! clothes (n) Ikl;)uozl comment (n) I'komentl communicate (v) Ib'mju:mkertl community (n) Ib'mju:n;)til compare (v) Ibm'pe;)(r)1 connect (v) Ik:)'nektl cool (adj) Iku:ll crash (v) IkrreS/ cure (n) Ikju:)(r)1 depressed (adj) Idr'prest! design (v) /dr'zaml disconnect (v) Idlsb'nektl down load (v) /daun'];mdl down load (n) I'daunl:)ud/ eat (v) Ii:tl education (n) leQ3u'kerSn/ email (v) /'i:merll email (n) l'i:merV experience (n) Irk'spI:)ri:)nsl fail (v) /fed/ fight (v) IfaItl file (n) IfaIlI file sharing (n) /'farl ,Se;)rrI)/ find (v) /famdl firewall (n) l'faI:)w,,:1I freestyle (adj) I'fri:starll furniture (n) l'f3:mtf:)(r)1 gamer (n) I'gelm:)(r)/ habit (n) /'hrebltl hacker (n) I'hreb(r)/ identity (n) laI'dent:)til inbox (n) /'mboksl instant messaging (I M) (n) l,mst:)l1t 'mesld.3l1J/ isolated (adj) l'ars:)lertrdl join (v) IQ3"ml message (v) I'meslQ31 message board (n) I'meSIQ3 ,b;):d/ mobile (n) I'm:)ubadl moderator (n) I'mod:)relt:)(r)/ money (n) l'mAnil obsessive (adj) l;)b'seSlvl offline (adj) lof'laml ogre (n) I':)ug:)(r)/ online (adj) lon'laml password (n) l'pO:SW3:dl ( Gadgets and household items) personal webpage (n) l,p3:s:)nl 'webperd.3/ phishing (n) l'frSrl)1 place (n) Iplersl popular (adj) I'popj:)I:)(r)1 post a message (v) I,p:)ust;) 'mesrd.3! psychologist (n) Isar'kol:)Q3rst/ put (v) Iputl ramp (n) /rrempl relationship (n) Irr'lerSnSlpl report (v) Irr'p,,:t/ ride (v) !rardl ruin (v) I'ru:ml sea rch (v) IS3:tfl search engine (n) I'S3:tf ,end.3ml sell (v) Isell sensibly (adv) I'sens:)blil serious (adj) I'sr;)ri:)sl share (v) ISe;)(r)1 skatepark (n) I'skertpo:k! sleep (v) Isli:pl spam (n) Isprem/ spam filter (n) /'sprem ,frlt;)(r} speak (v) Ispi:k! spend (v) Ispendl stay up (v) I ,ster \P stolen (adj) /' stdul::m symptom (n) /' srmpt:)m/ time-consuming (adj) /'tarm bn,sju:mlI)1 track (n) Itrrekl trick (n) Itnk! type (n) ItaIp/ urban (adj) 1'3:bd111 virtual (adj) /'v3:tfu:)]1 virus (n) I'varr:)sl visit (v) /'vrzrtl webcam (n) I'webkreml write (v) Irart/ Unit academic (adj) lreb'demrkl accept (v) I:)k'septl active (adj) /'rektrvl adventurous (adj) I:)d'ventf:)r:)sl advertise (v) I'redv:)tarzl ambitious (adj) lrem'brSds/ art (n) lo:t/ astronaut (n) I'restrdl1J:t/ attention (n) Id'tenSnl benefit (v) l'bel1dfrt/ break (n) Ibrerk! cheerful (adj) I'tfr:)fl/ confident (adj) I'kol1flddl1ti courage (n) l'kArrQ31 courageous (adj) Ib'rerQ3dsl creative (adj) Ikri'ertrvl Word list • 95 creativity (n) IkrieI'trv;::,til critica I (adj) I'krmkll curious (adj) I'kjo;::,ri;::,sl cu rved (adj) 1k3:vdl dead end (n) I,ded 'end! determined (adj) Idr't3:mmd! drama (n) I'dra:m;::,1 early (adv) 1'3:lil ego (n) /'i:g;::,ol egotistical (adj) leg;::,'trstrk1, i:gd-I entertainment (n) lent;::,'temm;;,ntl eyebrow (n) /'arbraol fair (adj) Ife;::,(r)/ fame (n) Iferm/ famous (adj) l'fenTI;::'s! friendly (adj) I'frendlil generous (adj) /'43en;::,r;::,s/ give up (v) l,gIV 'A pl good-looking (adj) I,god 'lukIl)1 gossip magazine (n) I'gosrp lmeg;::',zi:nl hit (n) Ihltl hopeful (adj) I'h;::,opfll incredibly (adv) Im'kred;::,blil independence (n) Imdr'pend;::,nsl independent (adj) Irndr'pend;::,ntl innocent (adj) I'm;;,sntl intelligence (n) Irn'telr43;::,nsl ( School) 96 • Wordlist intelligent (adj) Irn'telr43;::,ntl intolerant (adj) Im'tobr;::,ntl involved (adj) Im'vo1vdl la rge (adj) 110:431 luck (n) llAk! lucky (adj) /,lAkil mean (adj) Imi:nl media (n) l'mi:di;::,1 media studies (n) /'mi:di;::, ,stAdiz! one-hit wonder (n) I,WAn ,hIt 'wAnd;::,(r)/ opportunity (n) lop;;,'tju:n;::,til oval (adj) /';::,ov11 overnight (adj) /;;,ov;::,'nartl plan (n) Iplxn! practical (adj) /'prxktrkll profitable (adj) l'profrt;;,b11 public eye (n) I,PAbhk 'arl rea Ily (adv) I'ri:;::,lil role model (n) /'r;::,ol ,modl/ round (adj) Iraondl sensation (n) Isen'seIJnl sensible (adj) l'sensJbll sensitive (adj) /'sensJtrvl shy (adj) IJaII skilful (adj) I'skrlfll skill (n) IskrJI soundtrack (n) I'saondtrxkl square (adj) Iskwe;;,(r)1 straight (adj) Istreltl strength (n) IstreIJe/ strong (adj) IstroIJ/ stylish (adj) l'starhJI successful (adj) Is;::,k'sesfll summary (n) /'sAm;::,ril survey (n) l's3:verl talent (n) l 'tx1;mtl talented (adj) l'tx1;::,ntldl tend (v) ftendl tolerant (adj) /'to1;;,rJntl unique (adj) Iju'ni:kl wannabe (adj) /'won;)bil wide (adj) Iwardl absent (adj) l'xbsJntl against (prep) IJ'genstl aspect (n) I'xspektl attitude (n) I'xtrtju:dl ba n (v) Ibxnl beat (v) Ibi:tI biscuit (n) l'blSkItl bully (v) /'bolil calculator (n) l'kx1kj;::,lert;::,(r)1 candy (n) (NAME) /'kxndil canteen (n) Ikren'ti:nl cell phone (n) (NAME) I'sel ,f;)on/ cheat (n) /t.fi:tl cheat (v) 1t.fi:t1 chewinggum(n) 1'\fu:I1] ,gAm/ class room (n) I'kla:sru:ml clever (adj) I'klevg(r)1 compulsory (adj) /bm'pAIs;)ril conclusion (n) Ik::m'klu:3nl convenient (adj) Ibn'vi:ni;)ntl cookie (n) I'kukil copy (v) I'kopil corridor (n) l'kond:):(r)1 definitely (adv) I'defmgtlil detect (v) Idl'tektl essay (n) l'eseIl exam (n) hg'zreml expel (v) Irk'spel/ firstly (adv) I'f3:stlil foreign (adj) I'forgn/ freeway (n) (NAME) I'fri:weI/ gasoline (n) (NAME) l'gresgIi:nl grade (n) Igrerdl gym (n) Id;)Iml head teacher (n) I,hed 'ti:tf:::l{r)l high school (n) I'haI ,sku:lI history (n) I'hlstril homework (n) I'hgUmw3:kl ideal (adj) lar'di:gl/ in favour of (adj) I,m 'ferv;)r ;)v/ interview (v) I'mtgvju:1 leave school (v) 1,li:v 'sku:1I legal (adj) I'li:gl/ library (n) 1'larbrgril lie (v) IlaIl make friends (v) I,merk 'frendz/ mark (n) Ima:kl maths (n) Imre8s1 mixed (adj) Imrkstl motorway (n) I'mgut;:)weII movie (n) (NAME) I'mu:vil mp3 player (n) I ,em ,pi: '8ri: qualification (n) Ikwohfl'kelJnl revise (v) In 'varzl ru le (n) l ru:ll school yard (n) l 'sku:1 ,ja:d/ science (n) I'saI;:)ns/ secondary school (n) I' sebndri wrong (adj) lro1]1 abroad (adv) Ig'br:):dl alternative (n) /:):1't3:ngtlv, olt-/ ban (n) /brenl ,sku:J/ billion (n) I'bIljgn/ secondly (adv) I'sebndlil boycott (n) I'b:)lkotl set an example (v) I,set gn boycott (v) I'b:)lkotl rg'za:mpl/ building (n) I'bIldl1)/ shop (n) IJopl campaign (n) /krem'peml shoulder (n) I'J;:)old;:)(r)i campaign (v) /krem'peml sidewalk (n) (NAME) I'sardw:):kl carry on (v) I,kreri 'on/ single-sex (adj) I'SI1)gl ,seks/ cause (n) Ib:z/ state school (n) I'stelt ,sku:1i chain (n) Itfeml store (n) (NAME) Ist:):(r)1 charity (n) I'\frer;:)til subject (n) I'sAbd;)rktl collect (v) /b'lekt/ succeed (v) Isgk'si:dl collection (n) Ib'lekJrII summarize (v) I'sAmgraIZI coordinator (n) Ibu':):dmeltg(r)1 suspend (v) Is;:)'spend/ distribute (v) IdI'stnbju:t, 'dlst-/ sweet (n) Iswi:tl donate (v) Id;:)u'nertl take (an exam) (v) I,terk (;)11 donation (n) Idgo'nerSnl Ig'zeem)/ draw attention to (v) test (n) Itestl I,dr:): ;:)'tenSn t:::l/ text message (n) I'tekst ,meslc5/ end up (v) I ,end 'Ap/ trash (n) (NAME) ItrreS/ faithfully (adv) l'fer8fglil trousers (n) I'traozgzl find out (v) I, famd 'aot! truck (n) (NAME) ItrAkl forever (adv) Ifgr'evg(r)1 understand (v) IAndg'strendl freegan (n) I'fri:ggnl unfortunately (adv) IAn'[:):tfgngtlil government (n) I'gAvnm;:)ntl uniform (n) /'ju:mf:):ml handout (n) I'hrendaotl upset (adj) IAp'setl hungry (adj) I'hA1]gril wear (v) Iweg(r)1 impatient (adj) IIm'peISnt! winner (n) I'wmg(r)1 important (adj) IIm'p:):tntl worry (v) I'wAfil ,pleI:::l(r)1 nasty (adj) I'no:stil national anthem (n) l,nreSngl 'ren8:::lm/ pants (n) (NAME) Iprentsl pass (an exam) (v) I,pa:s (;m Ig 'zrem)/ pavement (n) I'peIvmgntl petrol (n) I'petrgll play truant (v) l,pIel'tru:;:)nt/ policy (n) I'polgsil pressure (n) I'prej'g(r)/ primary school (n) I'pnum;:)ri ,sku:1i principal (n) I'pnnsgpli private school (n) l'praIVgt ,sku: Wordlist 97 impractical (adj) Irm'pnektIkll insane (adj) Im'seml insensitive (adj) Im'sens;;ltrvl join in (v) 1,dz;C)m 'ml journalist (n) 1'dz;3:n;;llrstl kill (v) Ikrll leaflet (n) /'li:f1;;ltl lifetime (n) I'larftarml look after (v) l,lok 'a:ft;;l(r)/ magnificent (adj) Im
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