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WORKbook Answer key Starter unit Do you have breakfast every day? Does your brother go to work? Vocabulary (page 4) 1 common – rare noisy – quiet boring – exciting clean – dirty easy – difficult far – near heavy – light safe – dangerous powerful – weak 10 unhealthy – healthy 11 useful – useless dirty 2heavy 3far 4useful 5easy 6weak 7exciting 8noisy a3 a5 b 2b 4c 6c Students’ own answers Language focus (page 5) 1 is more expensive than isn’t as long as is cheaper than isn’t as expensive as is shorter than is more exciting than is more boring than isn’t as good as Dog Police is the cheapest DVD Tom met Sally is the shortest DVD The Scientists is the longest DVD Dog Police is the most exciting DVD Tom met Sally is the most boring DVD Dog Police is the best DVD They don’t tidy their room every day Gina washes up every evening I don’t sleep for eight hours every night Harry does his homework once a week They drive to work every morning School doesn’t finish at two o’clock TV and news Students’ own answers Vocabulary (page 8) Vocabulary (page 6) 1 d 2e 3g 1 get up have breakfast get the bus school starts watch TV homework go to bed go to sleep go 2plays 3watch 4do 5go 6have 7shopping 8bed gets 2starts 3relaxes 4goes 5does 6watches 7goes Students’ own answers Language focus (page 7) 1 aren’t 2’s ’s 2 4’m 5aren’t ’m not ’s cooking, isn’t reading ’s chatting, isn’t sleeping are going to school, aren’t having breakfast Are you studying ’m chatting ’re talking 4talk don’t chat 6listen ’s your sister doing Is she doing 9does 10 ’s watching Students’ own answers photocopiable © Oxford University Press EPlus_WB3 INT answer key.indd Unit 7a 8b 9h 1camera 2audience remote control 4episode 5character 6programme 7screen 8series show 2audience 3cameras 4presenter 5adverts 6channels Students’ own answers Language focus (page 9) 1 were, There were 2was 3was 4Were wasn’t, was 6weren’t 7were Were there 2 There were two channels without adverts Was there a new character in the show this week? Was the remote control next to the TV? Were you in the audience? There wasn’t a new presenter in this series It was a new series Who were the participants in Big Brother? There weren’t many TV broadcasts in the 1940s made didn’t have 3recorded 4were 5worked 4 4f 5c 6i didn’t stay slept 8flew 9followed When did you meet him? Did you like him? Where did you go after Los Angeles? Did you sleep in a hotel? Workbook answer key  ENGLISH PLUS 22/08/2011 13:08 WORKbook Answer key Did you fly? Why did you drive? Vocabulary (page 10) 1film quiz show sports programme the news talent show weather forecast chat show 1documentary soap opera talent show game show 5drama reality show the news 1cartoon quiz show medical drama A sports programme 5film chat show Students’ own answers Language focus (page 11) 1 was 2were 3weren’t 4wasn’t 5weren’t 6was 7Was 8were b 2a 5b 6c 3a 4c What were you doing? Students’ own answers What were you wearing? Students’ own answers Who were you talking to? Students’ own answers What were your friends doing? Students’ own answers What was your dad doing? Students’ own answers Was your mum cooking? Students’ own answers 4 was watching, fell Were, doing, called weren’t listening, asked Did, see, were walking started, was getting came, was laughing was looking, arrived driving, happened ENGLISH PLUS 3  Workbook answer key EPlus_WB3 INT answer key.indd Reading (page 12) Progress review (pages 14–15) c 1 channel 2audience 3presenter 4episodes 5programme 6character Was 2wasn’t Were there there were 5were 6was Were there there was watched 2had 3shouted 4sent 5went 6learnt 7complained 8understood b 2a 3c 4e 5d Pacific Ocean 2Sydney Los Angeles Matthew Fox 5Jack 6USA They worked together to find food They were walking in the jungle when they saw the polar bear ‘The Others’ were living on the island The audience learnt more about the characters through flashbacks The show was popular because the plot was very unusual It ended in 2010 attracted 2loved 3won 4showed 5broadcast 3e 4c Then 2Later As soon as 5b 4While 5finally When over the Alps weren’t worried the plane had four engines changed direction the third engine stopped 6lost they were flying over the mountains 8stopped they were flying over the last mountain 10 crashed near a farm 11 The rescue services helped the survivors all night 12 thanked the pilots for their great work Students’ own answers reality show medical drama 3documentary 4film sports programme 6 Writing (page 13) 1 d 2a Did you watch Tintin yesterday? Where did you see it? I went to the Odeon with Marc Then we had lunch in a café You didn’t call me I didn’t have your number were crying, finished went out, were watching came, was talking wasn’t smiling, took dropped, was having was raining, arrived fed up 2news 3Really about 5happened c 2f 5a 3e 4b Unit Vocabulary (page 16) 1 a bar of chocolate a carton of juice a tube of toothpaste a roll of toilet paper a box of washing powder a bag of apples a can of fizzy drink d 2c 3a 4b 5d 6a 7b 8c photocopiable © Oxford University Press 22/08/2011 13:08 WORKbook Answer key 1shampoo 2chocolate 3beans 4toothpaste toilet paper washing powder Students’ own answers Language focus (page 17) 1 a lot of 2much 3many 4much 5some any 7any 8any 9any There isn’t much milk in the fridge How much fruit does he eat? There aren’t any eggs in the box She hasn’t got many hip hop CDs There’s some soap in the bathroom Your brother has got a lot of DVDs How many apples are there in this bag? Yusuf read a blog which was about the life of a family in New York Al Gore is an American who made a famous film about the environment We went to Lily’s house where I played with her dog His mother is a doctor who works at the hospital in town I heard some music which was really cool Cara went to a new shop where she met a friend Students’ own answers Vocabulary (page 18) 1 burn bury 3pollute 4recycle throw away b 2d 5a 6c 3f 4e waste 2poison 3save 4burn 5reuse 6pollutes 7destroy recycle 2burn 3pollutes sandwich powder 3present 4paper ice cream Language focus (page 19) Writing (page 21) 1 too many too much 3enough enough enough 6enough 1 because 2so 3so 4because 5because 6so too much 2too enough too many 5enough too much d 2c 5f 6a Our oceans are too dirty Those concert tickets are too expensive The swimming pool isn’t near enough Her brother isn’t old enough for that disco That laptop isn’t light enough Your old bike is too dangerous 4 too much noise too many books too many cars too many CDs too much homework too many visitors 3b 4e shows my local park tennis or basketball courts one small football pitch café, so we can’t buy drinks or ice creams spends all its money on things for babies and young children teenagers to go to the park with friends in the evening something to change this situation hasn’t got a lot of money must something to help bored teenagers We need a place to go Students’ own answers Students’ own answers Progress review (pages 22–23) Reading (page 20) 1 bar 2tube 3can 4bag 5roll 6carton many a lot of 3some 4much any 6much c 2a 5b 6d c E 2C 3B 4D 5A true4 false false5 false true6true photocopiable © Oxford University Press EPlus_WB3 INT answer key.indd 4bury 5reuse 6waste One of the designers used old firemen’s trousers to make a jacket One of the designers used car seats to make a pair of shoes They’re called ‘eco-designers’ The designers are worried about the impact of clothes on the environment One designer thinks that we need to recycle much more It creates too much rubbish and sometimes it’s difficult to recycle the materials 3e 4f where 2who 3which 4who 5which 6where 1reuse 2destroy 3poison throw away, recycle burn, pollute 6save 7waste 8bury too enough too many 4enough too much too c 5b 3d 7a Workbook answer key  ENGLISH PLUS 3 22/08/2011 13:08 WORKbook 2f 4g because 2shows 3possibly 4for Answer key 6e 5Firstly 6so 7Secondly 8about Unit Vocabulary (page 24) 1 (instant) messaging personal (webpage) (file) sharing message (board) (email) attachment online (game) (search) engine 2 an email a chat room a message board a search engine a blog a webcam email 2create 3post 4send 5use 6search 7blog 8download Students’ own answers Language focus (page 25) 1 has 2have 3haven’t 4hasn’t 5haven’t Tom hasn’t created a personal webpage I’ve played some new online games She’s joined an online chess club Fifty people have logged on to our website I haven’t messaged my friends today Your grandma hasn’t used a computer They haven’t chatted online before We’ve visited your website Mike and Jacob haven’t designed the website Rob has taken photos for the site Bev and Harry have ENGLISH PLUS 3  Workbook answer key EPlus_WB3 INT answer key.indd interviewed Year 13 students Bev and Harry haven’t written the stories Year 11 haven’t put the information online Mrs Foster hasn’t told the other classes about the website film? What has she sent? Have you (ever) shared files? Reading (page 28) a Students’ own answers d 2a 3b 4e 5c Vocabulary (page 26) c 2c 3a 4a 5b 1 password 2hacker 3firewall 4phishing 5spam 6virus 7inbox b3 b5 a7 c 2c 4b 6b viruses 4hackers 2passwords 5phishing 3firewalls 6spam Students’ own answers Language focus (page 27) 1 Has 2Have 3Has 2 Nothing, it’s free to join TSL / It doesn’t cost anything Only teenagers aged 13–17 They can go shopping, spend money, make friends, play sports, join a band and play music He learns about social and world problems Jan has enjoyed chatting and messaging Jan chats with players from other countries c 2e 4have 5has 6have 3f 4a 5b 6d Writing (page 29) Have, downloaded Have, emailed Have, used Have, created Have, installed Has, learnt has, studied Have they seen our website? Why have you given me this password? Which blogs has he read? Have they emailed the attachments? Has Clare created a new webpage? Where has he posted the messages? Have you received (any) spam? Who has sent me this email? Have you (ever) played Super Mario? Has he (ever) created a new webpage? Where have they gone? Have they downloaded the 1 Although 2but 3too 4However 5also 6but but 2too 3However, 4also 5Although 6but 3 don’t pay for it it’s a problem they work hard Illegal downloading is have enough money downloaded music illegally share CDs with my friends friends enjoy it (too) it’s a problem Students’ own answers Progress review (pages 30–31) 1 webpage 5message 2shared 6messaging online games post 4webcam photocopiable © Oxford University Press 22/08/2011 13:08 WORKbook Answer key I have/haven’t messaged people I have/haven’t shared files I have/haven’t posted messages I have/haven’t created a personal webpage I have/haven’t played games online I have/haven’t used a webcam I have/haven’t blogged I have/haven’t chatted with somebody from another country spends 2recognize 3makes 4play 4 turns on 6fights 7feels have/haven’t been has/hasn’t spent have/haven’t searched has/hasn’t emailed have/haven’t chatted have/haven’t sent b 2b 3c 4c 5a Have you ever created a personal webpage? Have you ever used a webcam? What songs have you downloaded this month? Who have you emailed recently? Which websites have you visited today? What 2matter 3sorry 4mean 5relief 6happen in 2my 3From 4problem 5For 6think Unit Vocabulary (page 32) 1 curious (across) confident (down) 2shy 3generous 4sensible 5mean 6innocent 7serious 8sensitive 9intolerant 10intelligent 11friendly c 2c friendly 2sensible 3generous 5a 6b 4intelligent 5curious 6serious Language focus (page 33) 1 really 2very 3quite 4bit 5very I’m not very tolerant at home This football match is very exciting That young artist is incredibly ambitious Some teenagers go to bed quite late That exam question is a bit difficult I’ve already watched this film He’s just played a new song Has Daniel become a celebrity yet? We still haven’t finished our new album Have they started their tour yet? 4 ’ve just had lunch ’ve just asked the teacher ’ve just won a competition ’s just come out of the sea ’ve just played tennis ’s just had an accident Students’ own answers Vocabulary (page 34) 1 style 5strong good-looking6 courageous 3talent 7ego 4independent8luck famous good looks 3stylish 4intelligent 5fame photocopiable © Oxford University Press EPlus_WB3 INT answer key.indd 3a 4b talent 2ego 3famous 4skill 6skilful strength 8intelligence 9courage 5stylish 6courage 7strong 1famous 2skill 3strong 4independence 5egotistical 6courage Language focus (page 35) 1since 2since 3for since for for 7for 8since 9for 10since 11for 12since How long has he played the drums? He’s played the drums since he was six How long have we had that piano? We’ve had that piano for four months How long have they studied music? They’ve studied music for many years How long has Maria worked with the band? Maria has worked with the band since last year How long has that singer lived in New York? That singer has lived in New York since 2010 How long have you liked the Sugababes? I’ve liked the Sugababes? for a long time How long has he worked at the record company? He’s worked at the record company since November 1finished ’s lived haven’t seen Have, played didn’t listen Did, walk Workbook answer key  ENGLISH PLUS 22/08/2011 13:08 WORKbook 1arrived ’ve done ’ve visited has been hasn’t said Answer key 6went started played haven’t gone 10 haven’t taken Reading (page 36) b b 2d 3e 4c 5a b 2a 3c 4b 5c He started it because teenagers couldn’t get into normal clubs to see live music It was in London Dizzee Rascal, Foals and Mystery Jets have played at the Underage Festival The festival happens in August It starts at eleven o’clock and finishes at eight o’clock Because it’s only open to teenagers between the ages of 14 and 18 sleepless 4successful 2uncreative 5pointless 3unkind 6predictable Writing (page 37) 1 My favourite actor has got short, dark hair You’re wearing a long, black T-shirt Miley Cyrus is in a strange, new film It’s a famous, old book He’s a confident, little boy We’ve got a new, red car You’ve got wonderful, big green eyes We’re watching an excellent, old DVD Anna has got a small, brown dog He’s a stylish, modern singer She’s got nice long, black hair Adam is a shy, young boy from Ireland was born in a small, old town near Dublin ENGLISH PLUS 3  Workbook answer key EPlus_WB3 INT answer key.indd 3has been involved in the world of dance he was a little boy first studied modern dance started to appear on stage big break was won a local children’s talent show moved to Manchester 10 studied dance and drama at the university 11 ’s lived in Manchester since then 12 teaches hip hop dance to teenagers Students’ own answers Progress review (pages 38–39) 1 shy 2ambitious 3mean 4sensitive 5serious 6tolerant 7cheerful 8curious really not very very 4quite incredibly a bit 5just 6yet 7already style 5lucky independence6 egotistical 3courage 7creative 4skill He’s lived in Hollywood since October She hasn’t released an album for three years They’ve studied English since 2007 He’s played with this band since last year You’ve known that singer for six months I’ve listened to hip hop music for a long time d 2a 3g 4f 5b 6c Unit Vocabulary (page 40) 1 c 2e 3b 4g 5a 6i 7d 8h 9f a 3c 5b a4 a6 a 1bullied 2revised 3made 4failed cheated, suspended 6played 7copied 8left Students’ own answers worldwide 4predictable 2sleepless 5unkind 3successful still 2yet 3just 4already born 6since good-looking7 break 3long 8winners 4personality 9then 5involved 7e Language focus (page 41) 1 mustn’t 2should 3should 4mustn’t 5should 6mustn’t 7mustn’t 8Should 2 mustn’t have must be should bring must study mustn’t run should be mustn’t eat 3 doesn’t have to revise have to wear has to get don’t have to go Does, have to play has to Students’ own answers Vocabulary (page 42) 1state 2secondary 3uniform 4primary 5single-sex school-leaving age photocopiable © Oxford University Press 22/08/2011 13:08 WORKbook 2 state school private school secondary school school subjects school-leaving age school holidays school uniform 3 mixed school school uniform single-sex school secondary school school-leaving age school rules school holidays private school Answer key grades movies 3candy Writing (page 45) 1Firstly 2Secondly 3Finally Firstly, email is a good idea because it’s quicker than a letter Secondly, it’s easier to type than to write Also, you can add attachments Finally, it’s better for the environment Students’ own answers Language focus (page 43) 1 a 2b 3b 4c should 2mustn’t 3mustn’t 3 5c 6a 7a 4must 5should mustn’t drop, should use should rest have to leave don’t have to get up must write, doesn’t have to be mustn’t bully has to go should visit Students’ own answers Reading (page 44) c false 2false 3false 4cookies cell phone 6principal 4true 5true 6false She has to go to sleep at 11p.m Four: English, maths, science and Welsh Two: English and Welsh (She doesn’t have to study French, it isn’t compulsory.) She doesn’t like PSHE because it’s boring They have to study harder than some students and can’t say they’ve left homework at home students’ progress not in favour several reasons good in class they get nervous get good marks facts for a short while understand the subject exams should be realistic 10 use dictionaries and calculators 11 essays and project work Students’ own answers Progress review (pages 46–47) 1suspended play truant 3copied got good marks 5passed 6cheated 7expel We should help new students We mustn’t copy our friends’ work We should be friendly to everybody We mustn’t text during classes We must our homework We must get to classes on time secondary school 2marks 3mobiles 4trousers head teacher 6shop 1single-sex state school private school school subjects school holidays school uniform don’t have to should have to must 3shouldn’t 6shouldn’t matter 2should 3Whatever 4sure 5think b3 b5 c 2a 4c Unit Vocabulary (page 48) 1 protest 2collect 3organize 4donate 5petition 6march 7ban 8meet 9campaign sponsor 2boycott 3ban 4meet 5march 6campaign 7petition 8promote 9volunteer donate 2protest 3organize 4collection 5boycott 6campaign 7donation volunteer 4sponsor 2organization5meet 3collect 6promote Language focus (page 49) 1 won’t Will 3protest 2 4might might not ’ll volunteer won’t come might like might not get won’t wait ’ll go ’ll donate might not help Students’ own answers photocopiable © Oxford University Press EPlus_WB3 INT answer key.indd Workbook answer key  ENGLISH PLUS 22/08/2011 13:08 WORKbook Answer key If you ask everybody for £1, you’ll collect lots of money If David speaks to the teachers, they’ll sign the petition If you don’t read our leaflet carefully, you won’t understand it If my sister goes on the march, my mum will be worried If it rains on Saturday, we’ll take a big umbrella If we take the fast train, we’ll arrive on time Students’ own answers Vocabulary (page 50) 1 find out sign up carry on look after set up d 2b 5c 6b 3a 4d find out join in carry on 4 look after carry on wipe out end up wipe out look after end up join in find out sign up Language focus (page 51) 1 ’s 2’re ’m not 4isn’t 5aren’t 6Am Is 8Are b 2d 5c 6f 3 3e 4g 7a will wipe out ’s going to make ’ll finish ’m going to have won’t find ’re not going to travel On Friday evening, Ben is playing in a football match On Saturday afternoon, Jodie and Cara are cooking with friends ENGLISH PLUS 3  Workbook answer key EPlus_WB3 INT answer key.indd On Saturday afternoon, Ben is having a pizza with his best friend Mark On Sunday morning, Jodie and Cara are watching a DVD On Sunday morning, Ben is visiting his grandparents Reading (page 52) b false 2true 3false 4true 5false 6true unnecessary, unacceptable impatient, insane, imperfect 3impractical 4unhealthy unhappy, unkind, insensitive 1as For this reason 3because 4As 5because 6as 7therefore c The letter is important For this reason, we’re going to read it carefully d We’re going to meet some politicians because we want to talk about nuclear power b You didn’t write a letter to the newspaper For this reason, we didn’t get any publicity a She isn’t going to join in your campaign because she doesn’t support your ideas we’re concerned about the open-air swimming pool in town If it closes, there will be nowhere We have therefore decided to set up a campaign We’re going to have a party we’re going to sell cakes to collect money You’ll know a lot of people there Students’ own answers You can find two other Rainforest Foundations in the USA and Norway They started it after they saw the unacceptable destruction of the Amazon rainforest It has projects in different countries including Brazil, Peru, Cameroon and Uganda It has saved 100,000 square kilometres of rainforest You can look at their webpage or sign up for an email newsletter Writing (page 53) Students’ own answers Progress review (pages 54–55) Vocabulary 1 petition 2sponsor 3meeting 4volunteer 5march 6collect 7ban will 2might 3might 4Will 5will 6might Reading 1unhealthy 2imperfect 3impatient unhappy, insensitive 5unacceptable Language focus 4 organize, ’ll save won’t come, rains collect, ’ll give starts, ’ll help ’ll lose, don’t put won’t pass, doesn’t study Vocabulary wipe out find out look after set up join in carry on Language focus I’m going to 2she’ll They’re going to 4I’ll 5we’ll He’s going to photocopiable © Oxford University Press 22/08/2011 13:08 WORKbook Answer key Speaking d 2b 3g 4f 5e 6c 7a Writing Madam 2represent 3concerned 4opinion If 6hand 7therefore 8reason 9hope 10faithfully Students’ own answers What would you if your phone rang in the cinema? Students’ own answers If you watched only one film this month, what would you choose? Students’ own answers Who would you call if you had only one minute of credit on your phone? Students’ own answers 1couldn’t 2can 3could 4can’t will be able to 6can 7couldn’t 8can 9can’t 10 will be able to Students’ own answers Vocabulary (page 58) Unit Vocabulary (page 56) 1 drama 2thriller 3fantasy war film 5musical 6western 1 c 2f 3b 4a 5g 6d b3 b5 a7 c 2c 4b 6a 8c scenes 2setting 3character 4director 5themes 6plot 1comedies 2thriller science fiction detective stories spy film 6cartoon Language focus (page 59) c 2f 3d 1 didn’t know 2had 3stayed 4g 5a 6h 7e 8b Students’ own answers Language focus (page 57) 1 to watch 2eating to ride appearing to have 6reading to go to record Do you mind washing up? Students’ own answers Do you prefer playing football or tennis? Students’ own answers Do you need to homework tonight? Students’ own answers Does your best friend prefer talking or listening? Students’ own answers Do you enjoy watching horror films? Students’ own answers Have you finished doing this exercise? Students’ own answers Would you like to read a comic? Students’ own answers Students’ own answers weren’t 5get 2 She wouldn’t read novels if she didn’t like them What would we see if we went to the cinema? He’d be angry if you sent him this email I’d blog about the film if I had a computer I wouldn’t get good marks if I didn’t study hard Would she be in the cast if we asked her? 3 wouldn’t queue, didn’t want enjoyed, ’d love Would, tell, came wouldn’t expel, apologized ’d fall, watched Would, help, was What would you buy if you had £1,000? Students’ own answers If you were a professional footballer, who would you play for? Students’ own answers If you were the president, what would you ban? photocopiable © Oxford University Press EPlus_WB3 INT answer key.indd 7e Reading (page 60) c b 3 2c 3a 4a The books were big, heavy and expensive They could print thousands of books quickly and cheaply Because people started to read newspapers and magazines online It means printing a book while you wait ers 2er 3ors 4or 5or 6or Writing (page 61) 1 B 2D 3A A 2C 4C 3D 4B 1‘Friends Forever?’ 2drama the setting characters are Daisy Jennings and Layla Evans to Preston 6becomes Layla is very 8bully 9feels 10 it’s very realistic 11 how relationships change 12 really liked the story 13 isn’t happy 14 would enjoy it Students’ own answers Workbook answer key  ENGLISH PLUS 22/08/2011 13:08 WORKbook Answer key Progress review (pages 62–63) 1romance science fiction films horror film 4musical war films 6comedy 7cartoons 8western to meet to borrow 3cooking walking, cycling to go 6singing to watch 8reading ors 2or 3ers 4ers 5ors 1can 2could 3couldn’t will be able to 5can will be able to 7Could If I was rich, I’d become a pilot I’d fly you to Hollywood if I was a pilot If we were in Hollywood, we’d visit Universal Studios If we met Brad Pitt, he’d put us in a movie We’d become famous if we were in the cast of a Hollywood movie If you were rich, would you buy a plane? not a big fan of this one about this one recommend that might like don’t fancy 10 3c 4a 5b 6a ENGLISH PLUS 3  Workbook answer key EPlus_WB3 INT answer key.indd 10 7traditional 8amusing 9strange Vocabulary (page 64) 1 landscape 2auction 3museum 4sculpture 5painting b 2a c 2b 5a 6c colourful 4strange 2traditional 5imaginative 3beautiful 6shocking 3a 4c masterpiece 4portrait 2exhibition 5collector 3gallery 6sculptures paintings 4auction 2portraits 5collectors 3landscapes 6Museum 1 ’s 5isn’t 2’re 6aren’t 3influenced 7paid ’m not are rejected aren’t found are painted The pictures were found in an old house The first prize was won by Naomi and Simon The art thief wasn’t caught by the police The portraits weren’t sold yesterday That big sculpture was taken on Friday These masterpieces were painted by Pablo Picasso The exhibition was opened by a famous artist Several versions of the painting were produced by him In 2004, one version of the painting was stolen Fortunately, the thieves were photographed ✓✗ and in the end, the painting was found by the police Vocabulary (page 66) 1dull 2imaginative 3beautiful 4colourful 5provocative 6controversial 3g 4f 5d 6c 7e Students’ own answers Language focus (page 67) 1was 2were 3painted wasn’t wasn’t 6weren’t Language focus (page 65) isn’t called is talked are studied best-sellers 4novelist 2plot 5scripts 3settings 6biography a 2b Unit 2 7given 8Was 9Was 10Were 11frightened are grown weren’t painted Is, made wasn’t directed aren’t found was, built was sung were created When was the printing press invented? e Where are tea and coffee grown? d Where was the Museum of Picasso built?  g Who was The Persistence of Memory painted by?  c When was the Mona Lisa painted? b When is American Independence Day celebrated? f is it located; It’s located in central London, next to the River Thames was it designed by; It was designed by David Marks and Julia Barfield was it finished; It was finished in 1999 was it opened; It was opened on 31st December 1999 was it opened by; It was opened by Tony Blair photocopiable © Oxford University Press 22/08/2011 13:08 WORKbook Answer key Reading (page 68) c C 2E 3B 4A 5D c 2b 3e 4a 5d 6f It happened on Wednesday 25th January 2006 They ran to the staircase because they heard a very loud noise He was tying his shoelaces He broke three things – a large jar and two vases They were made in China They were carefully restored and they are now on display again at the museum 1influential 2objectives 3exceptional 4unusual 5straightforward Writing (page 69) 1 ✓ ✗ ✓ ✓4 ✗6 ✗ a fortnight gave back 3annoyed stupid 5errors frequently clever 8pupil close to it was given to me a few years ago they’re made from blue glass they were produced in the south of Italy They were brought back from holiday by a friend last year They were sent to me by my family and school friends were written a long time ago Students’ own answers Progress review (pages 70–71) 1auction 2sculpture 3collector 4painting 5exhibition art movement 2 unusual adore 3everyday 4 6 influential intelligent 6objective were stolen was built were broken was cleaned weren’t painted wasn’t found amusing 2dull 3colourful 4traditional 5original 6shocking 7imaginative is visited Are, made aren’t grown was created were given was, opened wasn’t understood c 2b 3d 4a 5b 6c b 2d 3a 11does 12 don’t finish Isabela is looking at her phone Are you listening to the radio? We’re laughing at the film I’m reading my book They’re not walking to school Jacek isn’t sleeping You’re not doing the exercises We’re watching TV Are Tim and Nina cycling to school? 10 She’s carrying a bag 1get ’s helping aren’t having don’t wake up isn’t calling Do you like isn’t raining Is she working Do you tidy 10 isn’t wearing Unit (page 75) 4c Language focus practice Starter unit (page 73) 1 the best more famous as expensive the most dangerous the rarest 6cheaper as near the largest 9worse 10 the fastest don’t like washes up doesn’t study Do you cook don’t have don’t work does he tidy 8watches Does your mum chat 10 does your dad go photocopiable © Oxford University Press EPlus_WB3 INT answer key.indd 11 are bought by collectors is painted in unusual places aren’t made in Europe is enjoyed by a lot of people is visited by thousands of students every year isn’t accepted by some critics 1wasn’t Were there there weren’t there were 5was Was there there was there wasn’t He saw the first broadcast from the moon You didn’t know the presenter We laughed at the sitcom Did I record the right programme? Did Lucy go to bed after the film? They chatted about the news I didn’t take the remote control Did he meet the participants? were studying wasn’t reading were you going wasn’t looking was making weren’t watching Was she talking were they going wasn’t driving 10 were they waiting Workbook answer key  ENGLISH PLUS 11 22/08/2011 13:08 WORKbook Answer key We lost the ball while we were playing football When I saw your sister, she was walking to school While Marek was doing his homework, his dad came home They were running when I saw them I got home while you were cooking She was dancing when she fell He met a new friend while he was travelling When I saw you, you were talking to Mr Wood Unit (page 77) Countable: carton, film, packet, jar, car, book Uncountable: juice, rubbish, tea, washing powder, music, coffee, food many 2much a lot of 4many a lot of 6much many some 2any 3some 4some 5any 6any 7some 4 This is the Tom Cruise film which was on TV last night That’s the hotel where we stayed last year She’s the teacher who gave us a lot of homework This is the shop where I bought the bottle of shampoo This is my little sister who’s learning to read and write Here’s the magazine which was in my room We’ve got enough food and drink People throw away too much rubbish You waste too many plastic bags Jack doesn’t drink enough water Is that coffee hot enough? This shopping bag isn’t big enough 12 ENGLISH PLUS 3  Workbook answer key EPlus_WB3 INT answer key.indd 12 Unit (page 79) This film isn’t very interesting We’re a bit hungry 1 She has created a great webpage We haven’t cycled to school He hasn’t studied French It hasn’t saved the files I’ve used a smartphone They haven’t logged on to your webpage You’ve emailed the club He hasn’t shared the files Emma still hasn’t gone to bed I’ve already bought that CD Have they been to Paris yet? They still haven’t tidied the classroom The show has already started My brother hasn’t woken up yet since 2for 3since 4since ’ve eaten ’ve sold haven’t travelled ’s met haven’t written ’s copied haven’t made has flown ’ve run 10 ’s drunk 11 haven’t chatted 12 ’ve spent 3 4 Who’s taken my box? Which films have you seen? What have you bought? Where has she lived? Which books have you read? Why has Tim sold his laptop? How have they travelled? What have you sent? Have you ever blogged? Students’ own answers Have you ever chatted online? Students’ own answers Have you ever bought a laptop? Students’ own answers Have you ever downloaded music? Students’ own answers Have you ever created a personal webpage? Students’ own answers Have you ever uploaded files? Students’ own answers Unit (page 81) 1 She goes to bed really late This exam is incredibly difficult The tickets for the concert are very expensive He’s quite tall 5for 6since 7for haven’t appeared, since ’ve worked, for ’s played, since haven’t seen, since haven’t done, for ’s learnt, for 1stayed 2passed ’ve been Have you tried 5saw Did they visit Unit (page 83) 1 should 2must 3mustn’t 4shouldn’t 5should 6mustn’t 7mustn’t 8shouldn’t Do you have to finish don’t have to wear don’t have to leave has to stay have to get don’t have to be Does the dog have to sleep don’t have to get up have to bring 10 doesn’t have to She should go to bed earlier You mustn’t run in the school corridors She doesn’t have to go to work yet I must remember to walk the dog Does he have to revise for the exam? You shouldn’t wear boots at school photocopiable © Oxford University Press 22/08/2011 13:08 WORKbook Answer key Are you catching the bus today? No, I’m walking to school We don’t have to go to school on Saturday Should they bring some food to the picnic? 1mustn’t Do, have to 3mustn’t 4mustn’t 5should 6must don’t have to doesn’t have to 9should 10should Unit (page 85) 1 Lucy will support your campaign They might boycott that supermarket I won’t sign your petition He might not volunteer to help us Asif won’t come to the meeting We might protest against the new road 2 rains, won’t won’t, you she works, she’ll Will, I don’t, we’ll I’ll, you 3 ’ll feel ’re going to ’s going to take ’ll get will be ’m going to meet; ’re going to go Is you dad working tomorrow? No, he’s staying at home What are they cooking on Sunday? They’re making a pizza Who are you seeing tonight? I’m meeting Paula and Anna Where are we going at the weekend? We’re visiting Aunt Sarah Is Gabriella coming with us later? No, she’s looking after her sister Unit (page 87) 1 going out watching to come to watch 1can’t ’ll be able to 3couldn’t 4can’t Will you be able to 6can 7Could 8could 9couldn’t 10 ’ll be able to took 2went 3If 4Would 5save 6had 7wouldn’t If we passed all the exams, our teacher would be really happy I would give you the money if I had it What would they if we offered them a choice? If John found some money, he would give it to the teacher If you got the job, would you be happy? I would come to your party if I didn’t have an exam Unit (page 89) 1 aren’t grown is watched are made isn’t cleaned aren’t allowed isn’t spoken is given are used is played are eaten Is Mandarin taught at your school now? Presents are given at Christmas This picture was bought by a collector yesterday Were those portraits painted by Renoir? Football shirts aren’t sold in this shop The missing pictures weren’t found for a long time Where was your bag stolen last week? Pronunciation bank (page 90) Unit /d/ complained, cried, offered, showed, stayed /t/ introduced, pushed, stopped, talked, watched /Id/ recorded, respected, shouted, visited, wanted cried 2finish 3shout 4respect 5talked 6laughed 7pushed 8introduce liked 2escaped 3passed 4laughed 5played 6arrived Unit is made are invited is visited The Monet painting was stolen last month This building was designed by Gaudí photocopiable © Oxford University Press EPlus_WB3 INT answer key.indd 13 listening to listen to go to stay We weren’t invited to the art gallery Our hotel room wasn’t cleaned this morning I was sent a book about modern art She wasn’t told the terrible news We were given a tour of the museum football shirt washing powder 3computer game tourist office Christmas present 6magazine cover maths book basketball match birthday card 10documentary series Workbook answer key  ENGLISH PLUS 13 22/08/2011 13:08 WORKbook Answer key Unit /@U/ OK, go /e@/ square, wear, chair /aI/ like, guy, mind /aU/ now, town, about There were some frightening scenes in the novel Did you walk or climb up the mountain? That wasn’t the right answer, was it? 4I bought him two great birthday presents We have to write a talk and present it next week 6You shouldn’t play with knives /e@/ /aU/ /aI/4 /@U/ Unit rang 2run 3swam 4drank 5sung 6begun Unit (page 91) 1 b 2e Unit 1to /@/ 2the /D@/ 3The /D@/ 4the /D@/ 5to /@/ 6the /D@/ Some parents want to send their children to single-sex schools, but the majority of British teenagers go to mixed schools Students have to stay at school until the school-leaving age, which is sixteen 3a 4f 5c 6d ● ● landscape ● support, accept ● ● ● masterpiece, president ● ● ● important, collector ● ● ● ● intelligent, photography ● ● ● ● definition, education ● 1colourful ● ● ● 2shocking ● ● 3provocative ● ● ● ● 4imaginative ● ● ● ● ● 5amusing ● ● ● Unit 1Come on this march with us! 2Let’s send an email now 3There’s a lot of litter here Shall we meet at ten o’clock? You can ask your brother or sister 1Find out some information 2Support our campaign 3Join in with us 4Sign up in April Unit (page 92) 1thumb 6ghost 2receipt 7scent 3design 8autumn 4island talk know10 wrist 14 ENGLISH PLUS 3  Workbook answer key EPlus_WB3 INT answer key.indd 14 photocopiable © Oxford University Press 22/08/2011 13:08 ... not help Students’ own answers photocopiable © Oxford University Press EPlus_WB3 INT answer key. indd Workbook answer key ENGLISH PLUS 22/08/2011 13: 08 WORKbook Answer key If you ask everybody... really liked the story 13 isn’t happy 14 would enjoy it Students’ own answers Workbook answer key ENGLISH PLUS 22/08/2011 13: 08 WORKbook Answer key Progress review (pages 62– 63) 1romance science... don’t fancy 10 3 c 4a 5b 6a ENGLISH PLUS 3 Workbook answer key EPlus_WB3 INT answer key. indd 10 7traditional 8amusing 9strange Vocabulary (page 64) 1 landscape 2auction 3 museum 4sculpture
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