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WORKbook Answer key Starter unit Vocabulary (page 6) Vocabulary (page 4) 1niece 2aunt 3mother 4wife 5sister 6granddaughter daughter husband 3uncle 4nephew wife 6sister a 2c 5c 6d 3c 4a 1grandparents 2parents 3children 4uncle 5aunt 6nephew 7niece 8cousins 9granddaughter 10grandson Students’ own answers Language focus (page 5) 1 ’s ’re 3not isn’t aren’t We They 3I 4It He 6you is aren’t isn’t 4are is is aren’t 8isn’t Students’ own answers 1Peter’s 2parents’ 3teacher’s 4brothers’ 5Sara’s 6grandparents’ Daniel and Laura are Oliver’s cousins Oliver is Emma’s nephew Mark and Emma are Joseph’s children Laura is David and Emma’s daughter Clare is Daniel’s aunt 1 science geography 3PE music English 6class notes 2exam 3book teacher 5homework 6room geography maths 3exam book class Students’ own answers Language focus (page 7) 1 Have 2haven’t 2 haven’t got has got haven’t got Has the teacher got have you got has she got 3 Has your brother got a maths exam on Friday? e has Have we got two exercises for homework?  chaven’t Has the school got a new science laboratory? dhasn’t Have they got an interesting geography book? bhave 4 there aren’t There are there are there is There are there isn’t there is there aren’t ticket keys Students’ own answers Language focus (page 9) 1 likes 2don’t 2 doesn’t 4like He doesn’t buy a lot of designer clothes They don’t work in town Frank doesn’t study a lot We don’t like hip hop music She doesn’t carry an ID card My dog doesn’t need a drink of water He doesn’t carry any money She watches too much TV He goes swimming twice a week We don’t like horror films She doesn’t wear make-up He uses an MP3 player to listen to music 4 He goes He doesn’t play She watches He studies She doesn’t go Vocabulary (page 10) Students’ own answers 1 watch play listen to 4take meet surf collect 8go Unit plays collect 3goes take reads 6surf goes doesn’t go 3reads 4play listen to don’t watch 7surf Vocabulary (page 8) 1 keys make-up a purse a key ring jewellery Students’ own answers 1watch 2money bus pass MP3 player mobile phone 6make-up 7keys ID card photocopiable © Oxford University Press EPlus_WB2 INT answer key.indd hasn’t 4has bag sunglasses 3wallet Language focus (page 11) 1 play Does surf 4do don’t does doesn’t Workbook answer key  ENGLISH PLUS 22/08/2011 13:07 WORKbook 2 do 3Do Answer key Writing (page 13) does Does 6do Who does he visit after school? c Where they live? b Does she study French? a Why they go swimming before school? f Why you surf the internet? d Where you meet your friends? Students’ own answers What you read at the weekend? Students’ own answers When you go shopping? Students’ own answers Who you like to go cycling with? Students’ own answers Why you study English? Students’ own answers We are usually tired in the evenings Eva often wears too much make-up Roberto hardly ever sees his family I have always got my ID card in my wallet Laura is never late for school They sometimes visit us at the weekend Reading (page 12) 1c C 3 2E 3B 4D He lives without much money He lives in London He doesn’t mind It’s cold in the winter He studies and works in a charity shop He gets his food from cafés and supermarkets when they throw food away allowed to against the rules 3supposed is supposed are allowed 6aren’t ENGLISH PLUS 2  Workbook answer key EPlus_WB2 INT answer key.indd 1 Black Eyed Peas 2He’s 3Its music, art and reading 5Spain 6Do Spanish, Japanese and French 8Australian I’m really into them I also like playing my brother James’s computer games He doesn’t mind We like art, reading and playing football We’re into music, too We’ve got about 100 CDs They’re on shelves in our bedroom 1he’s 2quiet He likes doesn’t like 5plays 6reads football magazines somebody aged English, Spanish and French 10learn 11 play the guitar don’t surf 2goes 3meets Has Sara got don’t play Do your parents listen 7collects doesn’t watch 1Do Does Ben listen to 3Does 4like 5Do 6Do like OK 3stand What keen into fan mad 4keen really prefer mind Unit Vocabulary (page 16) Progress review (pages 14 & 15) 2mirror 3cupboard chest of drawers 5picture 6bed 7lamp 8table 9chair AcrossDown mobile laptop MP3 player card money make-up purse keys bus pass bags 1wardrobe 2sofa washing machine 4microwave 5desk 6bath c 2e kitchen bedrooms dining room bathroom Students’ own answers f 4a d 6b I don’t go cycling My brother studies French and German He doesn’t play the guitar We don’t carry our mobile phones to school My sister finishes her homework before dinner My dog doesn’t like swimming Students’ own answers Language focus (page 17) 1 are 3am 5is 2is 4are -ing forms: playing swimming doing crying reading listening giving changing stoppingmaking photocopiable © Oxford University Press 22/08/2011 13:07 WORKbook 2 ’m studying ’s watching ’s reading Answer key ’re surfing ’s washing ’s sleeping Anna isn’t reading her book She’s looking out of the window You aren’t listening to the teacher You’re talking I’m sending a text on my mobile phone I’m not making a call Lena isn’t sitting in her chair She’s running to the door We’re reading a magazine We’re not doing our homework Freddie and Sara are eating some biscuits They’re not studying Students’ own answers Vocabulary (page 18) 1 does 2cleans 3take makes 5tidy 6clear clear takes 3do tidies clean 6does 3 your room the vacuuming the washing-up the car the shopping the ironing Students’ own answers Language focus (page 19) 1 Are doing 3Is is ’m not 6aren’t Where are Kelly and Ben sitting? They’re sitting on the sofa What is Kelly wearing? She’s wearing jeans and a T-shirt Are they watching TV? No, they aren’t Is Kelly writing a text message? No, she isn’t Students’ own answers does; tidy is doing walk having What are you doing now? What does your mum usually at the weekend? What is your best friend doing at the moment? Where you usually your homework? Reading (page 20) b B 2D 3C two Marianne 3weather 4A paint living room He’s growing some herbs The houseboat is seventy years old They are painting the houseboat Visitors like the living room because it’s comfortable She’s making dinner 1balcony 2traditional 3view holiday homes Writing (page 21) 1 and because but 4and 2 because but because He’s going to bed now because he’s tired I often tidy my room, but I never the washing-up At school we study history and we learn French We always get up early because school starts at 8.00 I really want that picture, but I haven’t got any money living mother beds 4films 5clothes microwave shower Students’ own answers Progress review (pages 22 & 23) 1 c 2a 3f 4e 5b 6d holiday home 2view 3windows 4traditional 5balcony 3 are going aren’t watching ’s chatting ’m not meeting isn’t making ’m finishing AcrossDown 4walk bed 5tidy 2ironing 7do 3clear 8rubbish 4washing 9floor take 10 make your room ’s doing don’t go do; have ’re not wearing 5arrive Are; talking tidy 2on 3in 4moment on 6doing 7need 8OK 9suppose 10do but; because and; but because; and and; but because; but Unit Vocabulary (page 24) nervousnaughty lonelylucky scaryupset upset 2cute 3lonely 4lucky 5nervous 6scary naughty 2scary 3lonely 4nervous 5cute 6lucky Students’ own answers photocopiable © Oxford University Press EPlus_WB2 INT answer key.indd Workbook answer key  ENGLISH PLUS 22/08/2011 13:07 WORKbook Answer key Language focus (page 25) 1 were wasn’t weren’t Was was 6wasn’t Were were weren’t 10 was 11 were They could remember the position of the numbers They hid thousands of seeds The area was about twenty square kilometres The birds returned six months later They can train their brains to remember things Students’ own answers Language focus (page 27) That film was really scary! My baby brothers were naughty at bedtime Was Tina at school today? No, she wasn’t I wasn’t happy about moving house Who was the owner of that bike? Were Mel and Ivana friends? Yes, they were You won a computer You didn’t win a computer Did you win a computer? They bought a house They didn’t buy a house Did they buy a house? Sheena did the exam Sheena didn’t the exam Did Sheena the exam? Rob and Alice got married Rob and Alice didn’t get married Did Rob and Alice get married? Was the bag new? Yes, it was Was the bag old? No, it wasn’t Were the shoes red? No, they weren’t Was the bag small? No, it wasn’t Were the shoes green? Yes, they were Were the shoes new? No, they weren’t Vocabulary (page 26) 1 go; went do; did win; won leave; left moved went 3left He left home He got a job He bought a house He got married He had a child 1were 2wasn’t Was the film; wasn’t were you Were; weren’t was your favourite teacher My grandparents were doctors Mikhail wasn’t at school yesterday Katja was fourteen on 1st May Were you late for school? They weren’t very good at tennis Was your sister a student at this school? 3 5 buy; bought be; was leave; left When did start 3 Did she go to school? No, she didn’t go to school What did she become? She became a nurse Where did she go? She went to Turkey Why did she go? She went to help soldiers Did she get married? No, she didn’t get married When did she die? She died in 1910 4 We moved to a big house three years ago Two days ago my mum got a new job Six weeks ago Lily bought a mobile phone My brother left school two years ago Half an hour ago I had lunch We went to the USA six months ago Reading (page 28) became got ENGLISH PLUS 2  Workbook answer key EPlus_WB2 INT answer key.indd 1 left didn’t like 4did c chimpanzees4 found memories forget 3hid 1memory 2remember 3memorize 4photographic 5recited Writing (page 29) 1 there There were 2It 5they 3was 6were 2a 3d 4e 5c was 2were got up 4ate played 6b 6went 7flew had 9enjoyed 10was Students’ own answers Progress review (pages 30 & 31) 1 scary 2naughty 3nervous 4lucky 5lonely 6cute 7upset 1from 2memorize 3memory 4photographic 5recited 6remember 1was 2were 3was weren’t were 6wasn’t 7Was 8was 9were 10were 11was born 2up 3left 4become 5married 6job 7became 8had 9get photocopiable © Oxford University Press 22/08/2011 13:07 WORKbook started Did; leave 4bought Did; f 2d a b c d e 3b 4c Answer key had weren’t born got 5e 6a Then I went into town to meet him for lunch Finally we came home very late After that we saw a film at the cinema First I got a phone call from my friend, Marco I had a lovely day last Saturday Unit Vocabulary (page 32) 2e 3d 4f 5b 6a a 2b 3d 4a 5b 3 4 Students’ own answers Vocabulary (page 34) 1 mountain 2lake 3desert 4river Students’ own answers Language focus (page 33) 1 were 2wasn’t 3weren’t were 2wasn’t 3was 4were 5wasn’t 6weren’t Gina was playing football an hour ago They were climbing down the mountain at seven o’clock yesterday evening She wasn’t skiing this time last Saturday Naomi and Paul were swimming half an hour ago It wasn’t raining this afternoon You were sailing at this time last Sunday 5forest 6valley 7falls sea 5desert 2pole 6falls 3mountains 7ocean 4river c 3d 5d a4 a6 c Reading (page 36) 1 d 2a E 2B daredevils 2daring Language focus (page 35) 1 when as soon as 3when Were they having lunch at two o’clock? Who was Mia talking to? What were we doing in class last week? Was it raining yesterday afternoon? Why were you climbing up that big rock? Was Sammi eating dinner at p.m.? Students’ own answers 4 were swimming; arrived had; was skiing Was; listening; asked stopped; were travelling weren’t looking; fell off Were; driving; started Students’ own answers photocopiable © Oxford University Press 4C motorbikes 4Kenya months an accident 3mountains Writing (page 37) 4What 5was 6were 3A It mentions seven: the UK, South Africa, Scotland, France, Italy, Libya and Kenya They finished in August They went to Italy They were driving across the desert in Libya He was filming Thousands of spectators and tourists were waiting for them Students’ own answers 1 was 2Were 3weren’t run around fall off run into swim across sail around climb down EPlus_WB2 INT answer key.indd weren’t listening were having were cycling was sailing wasn’t doing was relaxing were watching 2 3heroes 4spectacular 4while as soon as 6While e, as soon as c, while b, when f, while a, as soon as 3, 6, 1, 5, 2, 4 Students’ own answers Progress review (pages 38 & 39) 1 climb 2down 3Let’s 4looks through 6off 7don’t 8around 9across 10idea stunt 4heroes 2spectacular 5daring 3daredevils wasn’t eating; was walking weren’t climbing; were relaxing was swimming; wasn’t sleeping weren’t listening; were looking were reading; weren’t tidying wasn’t playing; was visiting Workbook answer key  ENGLISH PLUS 22/08/2011 13:07 WORKbook Answer key mountains 5rivers 2valleys 6falls 3lakes 7Sea 4forests What were you doing last night at 11? I was sleeping Were Andrew and Mark playing tennis last night? No, they weren’t Where were you working last summer? I was helping at my parents’ shop Was Hugo winning the race before the accident? Yes, he was was cycling; fell were driving; had broke; were skiing were travelling; heard kidding 2Really 3amazing 4Well 5kind b 2c 2, 4, 3, 3d 4a 1 composer writer player 4dancer winner programmer singer 8cook sings 2writer 3dancer 4composer 5painter Serena Williams wins a lot of tennis matches writes Bill Gates programs computers dancers Danielle Steel writes romantic books paints Andrew Lloyd Webber composes music cooks Gerhard Richter paints pictures sings Gordon Ramsey cooks amazing food plays Placido Domingo sings in operas dances Students’ own answers ENGLISH PLUS 2  Workbook answer key EPlus_WB2 INT answer key.indd 1 can’t 2Can 3can 4could 5play 6Could 7couldn’t could can’t 3speak 4could couldn’t 6can 1lightest 2bigger 3than the heaviest more intelligent 6better 7the the worst 3 I can’t write Japanese You can speak German He can’t play tennis She could paint pictures when she was four We couldn’t cook when we were children They can program a computer 5 How many e How strict c How tall b How much a How often d 1 the most dangerous Humans are more intelligent than gorillas Blue whales are the biggest animals in the world Monkeys are heavier than spiders Tigers are more dangerous than zebras Pandas are the rarest animals 5 rare – common intelligent – stupid aggressive – peaceful fast – slow heavy – light domesticated – wild intelligent heavy 3artistic tallest than more 4best Students’ own answers Vocabulary (page 42) Vocabulary (page 40) Language focus (page 43) Students’ own answers Unit 3 Language focus (page 41) rare aggressive 6light Dogs aren’t wild They’re domesticated Dolphins aren’t aggressive They are peaceful Blue whales aren’t light They are heavy Chimpanzees aren’t stupid They are intelligent Rabbits aren’t rare They are common Students’ own answers shouldn’t stay must drive should clean must protect mustn’t smoke should buy Reading (page 44) c 2 e a d f university likes 3subject b learns parents Students’ own answers took 2broke start 4make Writing (page 45) 1 for on 3by later now 6in by for 3in later On photocopiable © Oxford University Press 22/08/2011 13:07 WORKbook Answer key in acting 21999 first big film Best Actor 5plays famous for 7plays Daniel Radcliffe Students’ own answers Progress review (pages 46 & 47) a half a quarter eight hundred and two months weeks years 4days hours decade minutes 8seconds a quarter a half a dozen a few a couple a century months millennium weeks 1 painted lot 3don’t 4writer wrote anything century days hours 4million d 2f b 6e Language focus (page 49) a 4c couldn’t can 3could can’t can 6couldn’t 4 How much money did you spend on that bag? a How long is a blue whale? c How old was Ella when she got married? b How far can you run? e 5 they’re wild it’s heavy they aren’t rare it was stupid they aren’t fast they’re peaceful 6 bigger than common than the fastest further than tidier than the most expensive 2, 6, 8, 4, 3, 1, 7, on by 3in later for 6now Unit Vocabulary (page 48) 1 the seventh of October nought / zero three thousand, nine hundred and fifty-eight six million 1 will not won’t 3be 2 Who will be the best racing driver next year? d Will Brazil win the next football World Cup? f What will children study in the future? a Will Lady Gaga have a number one record next year? c Where will people live in the next millennium? e won’t will buy wil Will you won’t I will Students’ own answers Vocabulary (page 50) 1 mean – generous impatient – patient easy-going – moody serious – funny arrogant – modest 1friendly 2unimaginative 3ambitious 4practical 5mean 6impatient 7moody 8negative 9easy-going photocopiable © Oxford University Press EPlus_WB2 INT answer key.indd play Will 6’ll ambitious shy 3friendly 4generous positive 6moody Student’s own answers Language focus (page 51) 1 tell rains will 4’ll see won’t miss 8arrives will you say will be don’t pass 4see won’t become will win 7snows 8is Student’s own answers Usain Bolt will probably continue to be the fastest runner for a long time We definitely won’t have time to go to the museum If the weather is terrible, we probably won’t visit the seaside I’ll probably be ill if we don’t stop soon If there isn’t enough food, the tourists will definitely complain Reading (page 52) b 2 Tiger Woods Goran Ivanisevic Fernando Torres Serena Williams Possible answers: He wears them for the last game of a tournament They fear that if they don’t wear special things, they’ll lose He puts out three shirts and three pairs of shorts, socks and boots Goran Ivanisevic and Serena Williams have got a superstition that is not related to clothes Workbook answer key  ENGLISH PLUS 22/08/2011 13:07 WORKbook Answer key Unit 1fear 2superstitious 3superstition Vocabulary (page 56) Writing (page 53) 1 believe has want 4think knows are believe Everybody or 3Nobody of Some of us 6people we will get more TV channels there will be more sport on TV there will be a lot more football One or two people think we will probably have there will be lots more adverts children will definitely watch Students’ own answers Progress review (pages 54 & 55) 1 days thousand minutes dozen 3century 6eighteenth Hidden word: decade 1lucky 2fear 3unlucky 4superstitions 5superstitious ’ll be won’t read will eat will spend won’t rain won’t climb outgoing moody impatient modest 3unambitious6funny 5 do; will be don’t listen; won’t understand ’ll study; visits won’t pass; don’t study Will we play; ’s sunny rains; will we go it’ll be agree 3Do about that 6me e 2f 5c 6d 3a 4b ENGLISH PLUS 2  Workbook answer key EPlus_WB2 INT answer key.indd race pitch team match 5trophy 1 journalist 2trainer 3referee 4supporter 5loser sponsor journalist 3supporter loser referee 6trainer a 2b 5c 3c 4a Students’ own answers Language focus (page 59) 1 he are 3he Language focus (page 57) Listen Don’t get ’s not 3aren’t play send 3 I’m not going to play football tomorrow don’t The team is going to have new sponsors has We aren’t going to watch the tennis match not He isn’t going to be the captain next year aren’t You aren’t going to play in the basketball team not The sponsors are going to pay for the competition be 4 ’m going to speak will be are going to practise ’ll find won’t buy ’s going to go Students’ own answers Vocabulary (page 58) 1 golf champion tennis player skiing instructor rugby fan cycling team swimming trophy table tennis match stadium season fans champion team instructor match season 3competition 6tournament finalist manager loser journalist 3supporters 6owner 1 Eat Don’t go 3Watch aren’t going 6’s Where are you going to practise? I’m/We’re going to practise at the athletics stadium Are we going to watch the match? Yes, we are What time is it going to start It’s going to start at two o’clock Who is she going to support? She’s going to support Bayern Munich Are they going to sponsor the team? No, they aren’t Are you going to buy a ticket? Yes, I am./Yes, we are When is he going to play? He’s going to play on Tuesday Students’ own answers 4 I’m not doing We’re flying Are you meeting We’re spending we’re going anyone anything somewhere something 3Someone Reading (page 60) 2D 3A He competes in international tournaments Damien does his training in Nottingham His biggest aim is to win an Olympic gold medal Damien will train every day photocopiable © Oxford University Press 22/08/2011 13:07 WORKbook Answer key Possible answers: Things changed because he became good at table tennis He lives in Nottingham because he trains there He wants to win a gold medal It’s the world’s top table tennis nation situation Have a go 3competed atmosphere racing Writing (page 61) 1 14th November Sir or Madam James Goodwin 4Manager b writing c in d are e will be f g h i a3 c b1 contact need hearing Yours Is Meena going to leave the party? Yes, she is Are you going to have a holiday this year? No, I’m not./No, we aren’t Are Clara and Maria going to play tennis next week? Yes, they are Are you going to support the same team next year? No, I’m not./No we aren’t Is Jenna going to try skiing? Yes, she is Are we going to play a match tomorrow? No, we aren’t ’m seeing 2going 3aren’t staying 5coming 8 anything nothing are I’m going interested anywhere Shall you 6, 1, 4, 7, 2, 8, 3, Students’ own answers Progress review (pages 62 & 63) 1 sponsor’s finalists 3referee players supporters 6journalist d 2f c 6a b 4e Raoul is going to play in a big tournament next week We aren’t going to get tickets for the final They are going to some training today Alfie isn’t going to find a sponsor for the team I’m going to have a rest from competitions Rio Ferdinand isn’t going to move to a new team next season 4 ’s going to watch ’ll win are going to play ’ll feel won’t need isn’t going to talk f 2e d 4a c 6b Unit Vocabulary (page 64) Across stressed out 6happy 7interested 8scared We’re very worried about our summer exams Ugo is quite good at skiing Gina is a bit scared of travelling alone to India he has haven’t 4hasn’t seen visited eaten done eaten gone spoken won 6bought driven given seen 10 taken 11 written 4 haven’t visited; ’ve studied has cooked; haven’t eaten ’s seen; hasn’t watched have learnt; haven’t spoken hasn’t touched; ’s read ’ve written; haven’t played ’ve won; haven’t done 5 ’s played hasn’t finished have written hasn’t won haven’t seen Vocabulary (page 66) Down 1worried 2enthusiastic 5good about; in at; at about; about 4on of 4worried 2enthusiastic 5stressed 3at 6in 1 burn broken 3bruise bite injury 6sprained a 2b 5b 6c 3d 4c broken 2injured 3bruised 4burn 5bitten 6sprained bite 2bruised 3cut 4broke 5broken 6injury Language focus (page 67) Language focus (page 65) 1 seen 2Has 3they 4has 1 2 Have you bruised your finger? a Has your brother done anything dangerous? e Have we finished the lesson? f Students’ own answers photocopiable © Oxford University Press EPlus_WB2 INT answer key.indd Petra is really stressed out about her driving test Leo is not very interested in science or maths I’m not at all fond of insects or spiders 5have 6hasn’t 7gone 8She’s Workbook answer key  ENGLISH PLUS 22/08/2011 13:07 WORKbook Answer key Has your dad sprained his ankle? d Has Michaela ever done anything really frightening? c Have you ever broken your arm? Have they ever slept outside in a storm? Has she ever climbed a big mountain? Have you ever met a pop star? Has he ever played rugby? Have we ever watched this programme before? Students’ own answers Reading (page 68) b b 3c 5a c4 c6 b 3 It’s at Alton Towers in the UK She’s taken about fifty photos You travel at 135 kilometres an hour She’s stayed near Port Aventura three times Clara hasn’t been to the largest roller coasters in the world phobic 4ridiculous 2unpleasant 5real 3weird Writing (page 69) 1 because 2so 3so 4because 5so 6because Have you heard from Arturo? He’s in hospital because he’s had an accident He fell off his bike and hit his head He couldn’t remember anything, so they’re doing some tests I’ll write soon with more news / I’ll write with more news soon See you, love Petra heard 2Guess 3been 4so 5because 10 6so 7interviewed 8back 9See ENGLISH PLUS 2  Workbook answer key EPlus_WB2 INT answer key.indd 10 Language focus practice Students’ own answers Progress review (pages 70 & 71) 1 f 2e 3d 4b real 2phobic 3weird 3 5a 6c 4ridiculous 5unpleasant ’ve sprained; haven’t broken has burnt ’ve had; haven’t fallen has never written have had has bitten Have you ever broken your leg? Yes, I have Has Gina seen the latest Twilight film? No, she hasn’t Has Ben tried riding a motorbike? No, he hasn’t Have your parents ever travelled to Moscow? Yes, they have Have you eaten Greek food before? No, I haven’t Has Fran done her homework? Yes, she has b 2e 3a 4d 1 aren’t Is ’m 4isn’t Are ’re are 8Are He They we 4I They She you 8He Are you Rory and Paul’s cousin? We like David’s computer My grandparents’ names are Alan and Ann The twins’ birthday is on Tuesday My sister’s room is blue This is the children’s school 1cut 2bruised sprained; broken 4burnt 5injured 6bitten Starter unit (page 73) 5c We’ve got maths today You haven’t got any history homework I haven’t got black hair He hasn’t got a strict teacher They’ve got four children My school hasn’t got a swimming pool Has she got an English dictionary? No, she hasn’t Have we got a French exam? No, we haven’t Have you got a geography lesson now? Yes, we have There is there isn’t there aren’t We’re finishing the tennis match because one of the players is injured One of the players is injured, so we’re finishing the tennis match I fell when I was skiing because I was too tired I was too tired, so I fell when I was skiing 3I’ve written a letter of complaint because I thought the food was terrible I thought the food was terrible, so I’ve written a letter of complaint Are there Is there there isn’t Unit (page 75) 1 watches uses studies 4finishes needs wears goes 8has doesn’t wear carries go changes doesn’t play don’t watch not often often 2occasionally 5usually 3sometimes photocopiable © Oxford University Press 22/08/2011 13:07 WORKbook 4 Answer key ’s hardly ever sometimes go ’re often ’s usually ’ve never got doesn’t often play Do I need my ID card for school? Does she carry a lot of things in her bag? Do you watch too much TV? Do they use the laptop for their homework? Do we finish school at three o’clock today? Does Joe play basketball? Where you meet your friends? What books you read? Why you like shopping? When you watch TV? Who you go to the cinema with? Unit (page 77) 1 studying making tidying 4running 2 cleaning writing swimming 8having aren’t using is sitting aren’t making ’re doing ’m eating isn’t cleaning They aren’t doing the washing-up He isn’t spending a lot of money at the shops I’m not tidying the kitchen You aren’t listening to me Marta isn’t having a shower We aren’t watching TV 4 Are we writing in German? No, we aren’t Are they buying a new bookcase? Yes, they are Are you using the washing machine? Yes, I am Is she playing near the house? No, she isn’t goes ’m doing ’re watching ’re staying ’m sitting 3visit 4go 5has don’t like are you doing 1 didn’t buy didn’t have graduated 4had 2 left became didn’t move Did; get up; they did Did; enjoy; I didn’t Did; have; she did Did; send; you didn’t Why did she buy the house? How many children did you have? What did he at school? How did they win the competition? Where did you buy that coat? was wasn’t were weren’t Was; wasn’t were, were 5 Unit (page 81) 1 was wasn’t 3weren’t 2 Unit (page 79) There wasn’t There was There weren’t There was There weren’t There were was weren’t were cycling wasn’t wearing was having wasn’t raining weren’t studying wasn’t talking Why was your sister carrying a big bag? Was Sam playing in the basketball match? Were your friends walking near the river? What were they talking about? Where was the train going? Who were you talking to? 4 started; were watching were driving; had saw; was wearing met; was travelling were skiing; fell weren’t wearing; arrived arrived; were watching 1walked wasn’t looking were chatting was going 5stopped 6said Unit (page 83) Jack left home three weeks ago We saw a scary film two days ago My sister got married a year ago I graduated two weeks ago We started school a month ago The film finished ten minutes ago photocopiable © Oxford University Press EPlus_WB2 INT answer key.indd 11 clean doesn’t play 1 can speak couldn’t understand could play can’t program can make play could 3can’t can ski How many How far How often How much How strict How friendly bad, worse, the worst far, further, the furthest heavy, heavier, the heaviest intelligent, more intelligent, the most intelligent large, larger, the largest Workbook answer key  ENGLISH PLUS 11 22/08/2011 13:07 WORKbook Answer key light, lighter, the lightest peaceful, more peaceful, the most peaceful unhappy, more unhappy, the most unhappy 1youngest 2tallest 3shorter most intelligent more artistic 6funniest 7quieter Cats are slower than tigers Elephants are rarer than dogs Humans are the most intelligent animals in the world I’m more practical than my sister You’re the best singer in the class Unit (page 85) 1 won’t give will; leave won’t use 2 ’ll be Will; win will love; won’t think will learn; won’t study ’ll be; won’t become won’t go; ’ll live ’ll visit; won’t stay When will you go to university? Will we be famous one day? Where will they go on holiday? What will she tonight? Will they win the match? Will Rosie be at the party? 4 12 won’t read; feels rains; ’ll go Will you; help ’re; ’ll ’ll give; tidy ENGLISH PLUS 2  Workbook answer key EPlus_WB2 INT answer key.indd 12 5 won’t go; get becomes; move won’t study; goes find; you’ll be go; we’ll see probably won’t will definitely ’ll probably definitely won’t Unit (page 89) 1 Students’ own answers Unit (page 87) 1 Don’t forget to take your keys Do your homework now Don’t be late for school Practise your English John isn’t going to talk to us They’re going to play rugby Dad is going to drive to the train station We aren’t going to meet them She’s going to go shopping They aren’t going to watch TV 3 ’m going to buy ’s going to contact ’re going to watch ’ll be ’ll get won’t be 4 Are you going to be late? Yes, I am Is he going to watch a film? No, he isn’t Are we going to practise today? No, we aren’t Are they going to start at two o’clock? Yes, they are Is Eva going to her homework? Yes, she is ’m playing Are; going ’re meeting broken bitten driven 4fallen done swum learnt 8spoken has haven’t 3’ve hasn’t ’ve 6hasn’t 4 ’s done; hasn’t finished haven’t bought; ’ve seen has cooked; hasn’t eaten has fallen; hasn’t broken ’ve watched; haven’t played ’s written; hasn’t sent Has she ever composed any music? Has the dog eaten its dinner? Have they lived in another country? Has he ever won a tennis tournament? Have we watched this Shrek DVD? Have you ever touched a snake? 6 Have they ever met a famous actor? Yes, they have Has he swum across a lake? No, he hasn’t Have we ever eaten Chinese food? No, we haven’t Have you given your mother a present? Yes, I have Has she bruised her shoulder? No, she hasn’t Has Carla visited the USA? Yes, she has studying ’m not doing anyone Something somewhere anything photocopiable © Oxford University Press 22/08/2011 13:07 WORKbook Answer key Pronunciation bank (page 90) Unit 1: Third person singular exam compete compose forget player /z/: changes, finishes, watches /s/: likes, meets, works /Iz/: goes, needs, wears Unit 6: ’ll watch, watches O plan, plans P box, boxes O like, likes P pass, passes O key, keys P carry, carries P 1 I go We’ll play I’ll buy You win They live We study They’ll travel (page 92) Unit 2: /@/ picture, cupboard, microwave -er, -a-, -ure-, -oar-, -o- Unit 3: Past tense -ed endings /d/: lived, moved, stayed /t/: liked, watched, worked /Id/: graduated, needed, started, ended (page 91) syllable, /t/, /d/ Unit 4: Weak forms was weren’t 3was painter writer practical programmer were wasn’t In weak forms Unit 7: Recognizing contractions What is You’re It’s They are 5Who’s 4 6 one is When’s She is We’ve Peter’s feeling ill Bill’s got a dog What’s happening? Maggie’s my sister Where’s your flat? They’re great Unit 8: /I/ and /i:/ /I/: river, hit, wind, sink /i:/: meal, teach, speak, need /i:/: ea (meal, teach, speak, clean), ee (need) Unit 5: Word stress 2 2 3 10 3 exam compete compose forget player painter program writer remember 11 12 13 14 15 3 practical anything prodigy programmer composer artistic computer photocopiable © Oxford University Press EPlus_WB2 INT answer key.indd 13 Workbook answer key  ENGLISH PLUS 13 22/08/2011 13:07 ... photocopiable © Oxford University Press EPlus_WB2 INT answer key. indd Workbook answer key ENGLISH PLUS 22 /08 /20 11 13:07 WORKbook Answer key Language focus (page 25 ) 1 were wasn’t weren’t Was was 6wasn’t... own answers ENGLISH PLUS 2 Workbook answer key EPlus_WB2 INT answer key. indd 1 can’t 2 Can 3can 4could 5play 6Could 7couldn’t could can’t 3speak 4could couldn’t 6can 1lightest 2 bigger... passes O key, keys P carry, carries P 1 I go We’ll play I’ll buy You win They live We study They’ll travel (page 92) Unit 2: /@/ picture, cupboard, microwave -er, -a-, -ure-, -oar-, -o- Unit 3:
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