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WORKbook Answer key Starter unit Students’ own answers Vocabulary (page 4) 2Wednesday 3Friday 4Sunday February 6April 7June 8August 9October 10December 1books 2meeting 3chatting 4cycling 5watching 6computer 7photography 8sport martial arts 1 board 2shelf laptop clock poster door 7window CD player 9notebook 10desk 11bag 12ruler 13chair Language focus (page 7) 2 chair 3clock 4notebook CD player 6laptop 7window 2’s 3’re ’m not isn’t 6aren’t 7Am Is 9Are cycling; photography 2music sport; art computer games between 2under next to 4in 5on near ’re 2’s 3’re 4’s 5’m 6’re 7’s Students’ own answers Students’ own answers Language focus (page 5) 1 the teacher’s pen the girl’s poster Tom’s dictionary the boys’ bags the teachers’ DVDs the students’ teacher 2My 3You 4His She 6Its 7We 8Your 9They A1 his B6They 2our 7We 3my 8It 4her 9They their 10He She 2Kelly’s 3her 4They 5Ben’s 6his b 3c 5a d4 d6 b Vocabulary (page 6) 1 unpopular 4boring 2horrible 5difficult 3small 6bad popular 2nice 3big 4interesting 5easy 6good difficult 5expensive 2cheap 6boring horrible / bad big 4interesting The video games aren’t very popular They aren’t fourteen years old The teacher’s car isn’t expensive The CD player isn’t in the classroom You aren’t in my class We aren’t from Rome English isn’t a difficult language 4 5 am 2Are ’m not ’m Is is isn’t 8Are 9are 10 ’re 11aren’t 12Are 13are 14’re Unit 1  Your interests Vocabulary (page 8) 1 computer games martial arts 3photography meeting friends 5cycling 6art 7books 8animals 9sport 10music 11 watching TV photocopiable © Oxford University Press EPlus_WB1 INT answer key.indd Is; Yes, it is Are; Yes, they are Is; No, it isn’t Are; No, they aren’t Is; Yes, it is Language focus (page 9) 2has 3haven’t 4hasn’t 5Have 6Has They’ve got a new CD My brother hasn’t got a bike We haven’t got a laptop Ann and James have got a big dog I haven’t got a notebook in my bag My friend has got a good camera 3 Has the teacher got a bike? No, she/he hasn’t Has Daniel got an interesting book? Yes, he has Have we got a nice teacher? Yes, we have Have they got an English dictionary? No, they haven’t Have you got a big poster? Yes, I have Has Angela got a sister? No, she hasn’t 4 He’s got; by He hasn’t got; about He hasn’t got; by He’s got; of Students’ own answers Vocabulary (page 10) 1 actors 2laptop 3group 4websites 5films 6singer Workbook answer key  ENGLISH PLUS 1 22/08/2011 13:06 WORKbook player 2programme films 4actor 3 Answer key 5swimming 6classical hip hop 8groups skiing, singer team, actor drummer, laptop science fiction, team Students’ own answers Language focus (page 11) 1 Where; b What; a Who; e How; f When; d How many; c 2 Where; a How old; c When; b What; c Who; a How many; b 4That 5Those B3 B5 C 2A 4A 4true 5true 6false He’s got a bike Her favourite thing is an old CD by Kylie Minogue called Fever She’s got sixty CDs They’re mad about animals Their dog is called Ollie They’ve got hundreds of photos of Ollie ENGLISH PLUS 1  Workbook answer key EPlus_WB1 INT answer key.indd Vocabulary (page 16) 1cinema 2restaurant 3factory 4school train station Writing (page 13) 1 and 2but 3or 4and 5or 6but Students’ own answers 3 1river 2offices 3supermarket art gallery 5flat bus station car park shopping centre He’s got a sister he’s got two dogs surfing and snowboarding but he isn’t interested in Johnny Depp and Brad Pitt pizza or pasta 1 sport 5watching 2chatting 6meeting 3cycling 7music 4photography Lulu and Anna 4 Unit 2  City to city 6e Progress review (page 14) Reading (page 12) false 2true 3false 4b 5d Students’ own answers What’s; Students’ own answers When’s; Students’ own answers What’s; Students’ own answers Who’s; Students’ own answers How; Students’ own answers How; Students’ own answers That 2These 3This 2f 3a good 2especially can’t stand 4prefer 5mad fan has got haven’t got hasn’t got haven’t got has got have got b 3a 5b c4 c6 a (page 15) Where 2When How old 6 b 2c 3d 4a 5d 6b There are some shops There’s a restaurant There’s a bus station There’s a cinema There isn’t a school / park / hospital / supermarket / art gallery There aren’t any flats / offices There isn’t a factory / sports centre / library / river / car park There isn’t a train station / shopping centre Students’ own answers Language focus (page 17) How many 5What Who How are things? This is Sam Good to meet you Are you into photography? What part of Australia? See you later then 3 2a 3are 4some 5isn’t 6an 7aren’t 8any There are some schools There aren’t any cafés There isn’t a restaurant near the cinema There’s a library next to the supermarket There aren’t any car parks There’s a train station There aren’t any shops at the train station There are some offices near the park There’s a cinema near the shops 10 There isn’t an art gallery photocopiable © Oxford University Press 22/08/2011 13:06 WORKbook 3 Answer key How many schools are there? There are two Are there any cafés? No, there aren’t Are there any flats? Yes, there are Is there a library? No, there isn’t How many shops are there? There are four Is there an art gallery? Yes, there is Students’ own answers Vocabulary (page 18) Wordsearch: ugly, dirty, clean, dangerous, safe, noisy, pretty Positive: clean, safe, pretty Negative: ugly, dirty, dangerous, noisy dirty noisy dangerous pretty friendly quiet 2friendly 3old 4pretty 5modern Students’ own answers Language focus (page 19) Short adjectives: bigger, dirtier, prettier, quieter, safer Long adjectives: more dangerous, more popular, more expensive Irregular: worse, better, further The cinema is more modern than the library The train station is further than the bus station Those flats are cheaper than these houses New York is noisier than Geneva The shopping centre is dirtier than the sports centre The river is more dangerous than the swimming pool 3 Kinton is quieter than Weston Kinton is cleaner than Weston Weston is more dangerous than Kinton Kinton is safer than Weston Weston is uglier than Kinton Weston is cheaper than Kinton Kinton is more expensive than Weston Kinton is friendlier than Weston on by 3by 4on 5by on 7on 8by by 2on by 4by 5on on 2D 3A 4B c 3a 5c  b4 b6 a London is big, and it’s got spectacular buildings and luxury shops He prefers quieter places It’s 5.45 km² There aren’t any cars on the island They like cycling He’s interested in cycling and photography 4fast 5amazing 6tiny Writing (page 21) 1 The Burj Khalifa is a spectacular building This is a very old train station There’s a pretty park near here My school is next to some luxury flats There are some really unfriendly girls at my school Max has got a really noisy dog Jason has got a really expensive car There are a lot of friendly people in my town New York is a really exciting city The library is in a modern building photocopiable © Oxford University Press EPlus_WB1 INT answer key.indd Progress review (page 22) c – Sark enormous 2incredible 3luxury north-east of England 400 kilometres 3280,000 parks and modern shopping centres for shopping a football team really exciting city very friendly Students’ own answers Reading (page 20) E There is a pretty park near the city centre You’ve got a really modern flat 1cinema 2restaurant 3library sports centre 5shops 6offices car park 8hospital bus station 10school b 2c 3 3a 4b 5c 6a 7b shops are there?; three any schools?; there are a park? No, there isn’t How many libraries are there? There are two Is there a hospital? No, there isn’t Is there an internet café? Yes, there is 1clean 2old 3dangerous 4noisy 5ugly 6unfriendly (page 23) 1taller 2longer more dangerous more expensive 5prettier 6cleaner 7noisier more unfriendly Workbook answer key  ENGLISH PLUS 22/08/2011 13:06 WORKbook a2 b1 c6 d5 Answer key e4 f Bristol is a very exciting city It’s in the west of England It’s got a population of 500,000 The art gallery is my favourite place There are some great shops It’s got two football teams I like Bristol because it’s a friendly place It’s about 190 kilometres from London Unit 3  Around the world Vocabulary (page 24) 1 German Spanish French British Brazilian Canadian Japanese 10Italian 5American 11Polish 6Chinese American 2Germany 3Australian 4Spain the UK 6Australia 7Spanish Japanese 2Canada France 4Poland 5China 6Italian the UK 8Brazil studies Spanish at a language school plays football with friends goes to music lessons chat on the internet with friends doesn’t study Spanish at a language school doesn’t play football with friends doesn’t go to music lessons don’t watch DVDs at home Vocabulary (page 26) 2d 3a 2 4g 5c 6e  7f starts work have lunch watches TV my homework goes to bed b d finishes e goes f has A 2lives 3live 4don’t 5doesn’t 6don’t 2start have lunch 4finish watch TV my homework go to bed 1use don’t speak 3go 4speak 5study 6speaks doesn’t speak 8uses doesn’t understand go 2studies 3like 4watches 5read 6use 7plays ENGLISH PLUS 1  Workbook answer key EPlus_WB1 INT answer key.indd Language focus (page 27) 2do 3don’t 4Does does 2B 3E 4C 1parents 2four English and French Canadian French words many different countries Mount Royal Park Students’ own answers Language focus (page 25) How you travel to work? Where does she go in the summer? When you visit your grandparents? What time they get up? What books does he like? How often you watch TV? / What you in the evening? Reading (page 28) a3 a5 d 2c 4b 6c a starts b watches c gets I never go to school on Sundays Science fiction films are usually interesting We always have lunch at our school You often watch films in the evening My teacher is always friendly She sometimes starts work at 8.30 6doesn’t 7Do 8do 9don’t 2 Do you live near the school? Do you speak English? Do you like animals? Does your friend like football? Do your parents work? Does your teacher use a computer in class? 3 Do you prefer London or Los Angeles? What does your boyfriend do? Does he like your music? How often you work? How you and your band travel to concerts? When your friends come to your concerts? She’s with her aunt for a month It’s a fantastic city / a very interesting place No, she isn’t She uses her French She eats in Little Italy or Chinatown It’s got an amazing view of the city countries classes 2people 6students 3nationalities7words 4shops Writing (page 29) 1 At school, we speak German and English There’s a great Chinese restaurant in Toronto My cousin is from Italy and he speaks Italian photocopiable © Oxford University Press 22/08/2011 13:06 WORKbook Answer key We study French at our school in Ottawa The Pacific Ocean is to the west of Canada There are people from Asia in Quebec Lucy is American She comes from New York I like tennis, golf and cycling I don’t like football There are students from France, Italy and China We learn French, English, German and Turkish Sharif works in a factory in Bangladesh I live in Leeds It’s a big city in England 3 France, Germany and Belgium Luxemburg city fifteen students from five different countries England, France, Spain, Italy and Turkey French, English, Spanish, Italian and Turkish is quite good fantastic German learn more German words and speak German fluently listen to the radio and read German magazines Students’ own answers Progress review (page 30) 1 French 2Japanese the USA 4Polish Italian 6Canada 7Spain Brazilian 9Germany 10Australia 1words 2shops 3people 4classes 5nationalities 6students 7countries 8families My mother goes to work at 10.00 We don’t learn Spanish at school I watch a film every weekend He doesn’t live in a big city She studies Japanese and German They don’t like Chinese food (page 31) get up start work have lunch finish work my homework watch TV go to bed 5 6 2playing 3about 4hate 5watching 6really 7mind b 3c 5b  a4 a6 d Unit 4  The wild side Vocabulary (page 32) 1 fly 2bear 3snake 4parrot 5spider 6seal 7shark 8chameleon 9frog parrot 2crocodile 3whale 4butterfly 5seal 6spider fly – butterfly, falcon, owl swim – crocodile, shark, seal, whale two legs – falcon, human, owl, parrot four legs – elephant, crocodile, bear Students’ own answers Language focus (page 33) 2is 3are am not photocopiable © Oxford University Press EPlus_WB1 INT answer key.indd Do you live does your father work you and your friends does your best friend visit Does your best friend like you go 5isn’t 6aren’t is watching are flying is sitting 3 is practising are running is stopping She’s writing an email They’re playing basketball He’s doing an exam He’s going to bed They’re watching a film It’s swimming They aren’t listening to music We’re eating dinner at home She’s playing tennis in the park We aren’t studying snakes at school You aren’t writing an email in English They’re visiting some friends He isn’t looking at the teacher Students’ own answers Vocabulary (page 34) 1hide 2chase 3catch eat help 6hunt 7dig 8feed 9fight 10build 11protect 2d 3a 6g  7e 4c 5f hide 2eat 3dig 4catch 5feed 6protect Students’ own answers Language focus (page 35) 2am ’m not 4Is is 2 6isn’t Are 8are 9aren’t Where are you going? a What is he doing? e What are they listening to? d What is she studying? g Who are you writing to? b What are they eating? f ’s playing 2watch isn’t working are watching 5plays doesn’t work Workbook answer key  ENGLISH PLUS 22/08/2011 13:06 WORKbook ’re doing drive see Answer key takes ’m looking ’re eating Students’ own answers Reading (page 36) B false 2true 3false 4 A Progress review (page 38) 4true 5false 6true 1 whale 2spider 3chameleon 4owl There are 40,000 – 45,000 bees in a hive The important bee is called the queen bee Worker bees live for four to six weeks Bees usually fly about two kilometres but sometimes fly up to fourteen Bee colonies are disappearing in North America and in some European countries Some people think pollution is a problem for bees 1Approximately 2pollution 3save 4accidents 5actions 4because 5but 6because 2 Antonio goes to Italian restaurants because he likes pizzas Hector has got a book about martial arts because he’s into taekwondo Megan is interested in maths because she’s got a good teacher zoo assistant Drusilla’s family zoo near Eastbourne 3UK Monday to Friday gets up early at six o’clock c d1 photo 2standing 3chasing 4live a4 b6 c1 d2 e3 f c 2b 3a 4d 5b 6a 4English 5match 6homework Language focus (page 41) 2can’t 3Can 4swim 5c  (page 39) Is; getting up; isn’t Are; watching; are Are; having; are Is; talking; is Are; using; ’m not Is; eating; is Are, swimming; are Is, hunting; is a3 b7 Vocabulary (page 40) Students’ own answers We’re watching a DVD about animals They aren’t protecting tigers I’m feeding my two dogs The bear is hunting in the mountains She isn’t swimming in the river I’m not hiding in the tree 3a 4d Unit 5  In and out of school exam 2football 3practice 5snake 6elephant 7parrot 8butterfly 1pollution 2attack 3actions 4accidents 5protect 6approximately b 2c Writing (page 37) 1 but 2because 3or cleans the parrot cages, helps in the café and chats to visitors in the café Ali is giving food to the elephants 10 is fun Students’ own answers c 1 D e4 f 5can 6can’t I can’t swim! Can she use your laptop? You can’t go to Jack’s house She can eat some food now Can we wear these clothes to school? 3 can speak; A Can; watch; P can’t use; A can’t go; P can play; A can wear; P Can; dance; A can’t read; A Can; buy; P Students’ own answers Vocabulary (page 42) 1 sweets fish 3cheese g5 5called 6because 7extinct 8protect 4burger ice cream Very healthy: fish, beans, nuts, water, salad Not very healthy: burgers, chips, crisps, fizzy drinks, ice cream, sweets 2chips 3soup pasta 5sandwich 6cheese 7water ice cream c 2d 5c 6a 3b 4a Students’ own answers ENGLISH PLUS 1  Workbook answer key EPlus_WB1 INT answer key.indd photocopiable © Oxford University Press 22/08/2011 13:06 WORKbook Answer key Language focus (page 43) a lot of 3some 4some 5much many 7any 8any C 2U 3C 4C U 6C 7U 8U 9C 10U any a lot of 3any 4many a lot of 6some Students’ own answers a 2the an ; The 4a the 6the 7a the 9an 10 a; the 2 She enjoys team sports like football and basketball My dad travels to different countries, such as Poland, Germany and Turkey I’ve got a lot of things in my bag, for example a pen, a notebook and a dictionary I put different things on my pizzas, such as cheese, meat or vegetables 1lessons are 45 minutes long 3compulsory like/for example/such as 5maths/English/science 6art/music/history at 1.30 8lunch are clubs 10drama/music/sport Students’ own answers Reading (page 44) c Progress review (page 46) 2 d  3 b  4 e  5 f  6 a 1 Geography maths PE; basketball science 3French 7dance 4ICT 1 c  2 b  3 a  4 b 4 The students make the rules They discuss problems at the meeting after lunch They can have meat, a vegetarian option or a salad They free-time activities Students’ own answers 5 chat with friends share a room is homesick have a break I’m busy Writing (page 45) 1 There are clubs after school, for example drama, music and sport I’m into pop singers like Kylie, Mika and Duffy Dan is into sports, such as cycling and tennis Are you interested in film stars like Matt Damon and Orlando Bloom? 2 ’m homesick share a room ’m busy works abroad chat with friends have a break 3 He can’t listen to the CD P They can run 100 metres in 10 seconds A Can I watch TV? P You can speak Spanish A Can we go to the park now? P She can’t play the piano A Can he swim fast? A Can we go to the cinema? P (page 47) water apple 3meat 4rice photocopiable © Oxford University Press EPlus_WB1 INT answer key.indd 5juice ice cream 7pasta 8bread a lot of many 3some 4much any a lot of 7the 8a want 2can’t 3pity 4about 5busy 6What 7centre 8good b3 a5 a7 d 2c 4d 6b Unit 6  Names and places Vocabulary (page 48) 1 king 2actor 3scientist 4writer 5doctor 6queen 7artist builder 2waiter mechanic 4hairdresser explorer 6teacher 7farmer fire fighter 9chef 10nurse b 2b 5c 6c 3a 4c -er: reporter; designer; photographer -or: emperor; sailor; director -ist: violinist; receptionist; dentist -ian: politician; magician; mathematician Language focus (page 49) 2were 3wasn’t 4weren’t Was 6Were 2 7was 8were 9wasn’t 10weren’t Elvis Presley wasn’t from Spain He was from the USA Pablo Picasso wasn’t a musician He was an artist The 2008 Olympics weren’t in London They were in Beijing Charles Darwin and Albert Einstein weren’t interested in shopping They were interested in science J.R.R Tolkien wasn’t a famous actor He was a famous writer Workbook answer key  ENGLISH PLUS 22/08/2011 13:06 WORKbook Answer key John F Kennedy and Abraham Lincoln weren’t French presidents They were American presidents Were you bored at the party? When was the football match? Where were your friends last night? Were they tired this morning? What was your grandmother’s name? In 1900 there were some shops In 1900 there wasn’t a supermarket In 1900 there weren’t any cars In 1900 there wasn’t a cinema In 1900 there was a factory She visited her grandparents two months ago Columbus arrived home in 1493 You lived in Mexico last year James travelled to Morocco a year ago I stayed in a hotel yesterday Jane watched that film last night People used horses in the 19th century Students’ own answers Students’ own answers Vocabulary (page 50) Reading (page 52) 1 cross; crossed name; named discover; discovered prefer; preferred like; liked invent; invented live; lived change; changed listen; listened 10 travel; travelled lived 5named 2discovered 6travelled 3changed 7listened 4liked invented 4travelled 2lived 5changed 3discovered 6preferred travelled 2invented 3lived 4listened 5liked 6preferred Language focus (page 51) lived visited didn’t travel 2 He invented the radio In 1890 people didn’t travel by plane They travelled by train The Romans didn’t invade America They invaded France Neil Armstrong didn’t explore Antarctica He explored the moon didn’t live didn’t visit Pelé didn’t play tennis He played football Queen Victoria didn’t live in Poland She lived in the UK Marconi didn’t invent the TV ENGLISH PLUS 1  Workbook answer key EPlus_WB1 INT answer key.indd 2E false 2false 3true 3D 4B 4false 5true 6true Marie Curie’s parents were both school teachers She changed her surname in 1895 when she married Pierre Curie Marie Curie and her husband discovered radium She started teaching at the Sorbonne University She was ill because she worked with radioactive radium She died in 1934 first name; surname brand name middle name Writing (page 53) 1 in the 1960s 2century 5today 3ago in the west of England was bigger than most other Roman villas in the UK lived there for about three hundred years in 1864 opened Chedworth to the public beautiful Roman baths and mosaics 10,000 children visit every year Students’ own answers Progress review (page 54) 1 chef 2actor 3king 4musician b A two hundred years fifty years ago 31967 41970s 5Today 5artist 6inventor 7mechanic 8nurse first name middle names 3nickname 4surname brand name Was 2was 3Were 4wasn’t 5were 6weren’t 7were 8wasn’t crossed 4invented 2discovered 5changed 3invaded 6travelled (page 55) In 1600 people didn’t travel by train Cleopatra lived in Egypt two thousand years ago Marconi didn’t invent the internet The astronaut Yuri Gagarin visited space in 1961 Ferdinand Magellan didn’t discover Australia Travellers stopped using horses a hundred years ago c 2a b 4e f 6d photocopiable © Oxford University Press 22/08/2011 13:06 WORKbook city 2River 3lived 4ago 5called Answer key 6century 7population 8people 9include 3 Unit 7  Games Vocabulary (page 56) 2d 3h 4e 5c 6a 7f broke 2lost 3scored 4beat 5won c 2a 5b 6a 3b 4d scored 2took 3won 8g 4beat 5ran 6broke Language focus (page 57) 2liked 3listened 4played bought 6had 7went 8knew 9made 10wrote You won the race yesterday She didn’t know the answer to the question We went to the football match I didn’t like that video game They bought tickets for the concert Amy didn’t eat a lot before the big race He designed the new computer I didn’t meet Simon at the tennis competition travelled 2saw played didn’t win 5lost 6had didn’t eat went Students’ own answers Vocabulary (page 58) 1 average 2glasses 3slim 4green red glasses 2tall 3build 4quite 6moustache 7tall 8short 9brown 10dark She’s tall She’s slim She’s got blonde/fair hair She’s got long, wavy hair Students’ own answers Language focus (page 59) 2did 3didn’t 4Did 5did 6didn’t 7go 8buy 2 Did; win; did Did; play; didn’t Did; do; didn’t Did; eat; did Did; write; did Did; break; didn’t 3 What time did he get up? Who did she visit? What did she play? Where did they go on holiday? When did he start school? 4 Where did you have lunch? What did you eat for dinner? What did you do/watch in the evening? Did you like the film? Did Coleen watch the film with you? What time did you go to bed? Reading (page 60) c E 2C colours 2does 3created 4popular 3B 4D 5helps 6design 7ideas Millions of people bought the Rubik’s Cube White, yellow, orange, red, blue and green He created it in 1974 He started playing with the Rubik’s Cube in the 1980s No, she can’t it He wants to design new games photocopiable © Oxford University Press EPlus_WB1 INT answer key.indd 5slim 6average 7beard 8fair 2play 3entertainment 4create 5memory 6choose 7imagination Writing (page 61) 1 She also likes reading I also walk to the shops He was also an inventor You also speak English She has also got brown hair 2 He is also interested in history They also visited a friend He is also very tall I also had a banana She is also very nice We also play volleyball 1Davina 2thirteen 3Paralympic in Seoul, Korea 5daughter 62002 Students’ own answers Progress review (page 62) 1 broke 2scored 3ran 4took 5lost 6beat 7played 8won 1designer 2imagination 3entertainment 4choice 5creator 6memory 7players We had breakfast this morning I didn’t go to the museum He listened to the teacher She didn’t make a cake You wrote a letter They didn’t become famous She knew my name I didn’t meet my friends Workbook answer key  ENGLISH PLUS 22/08/2011 13:06 WORKbook Answer key (page 63) What did you yesterday? Where did you go? Did your sister like the film? Did your parents buy the tickets? Did you go by train? What time did they eat? Did your brother his homework? When did you go to bed? Did you play volleyball yesterday? 10 Who did you see at school? a3 b6 c2 d1 e5 f c 2b 3d 4a 5b 6c Language focus (page 67) 1compass 2sunscreen 3stove sleeping bag 5map 6rucksack 1average 2straight 3glasses 4red 5slim fair; blue beard; moustache 7a Unit 8  Expedition Vocabulary (page 64) Across 2tent 3torch first-aid kit 6compass 8map Down sleeping bag 4rucksack 7stove insect repellent 2rope satellite phone 4sunglasses waterproof clothes 6gloves 7helmet sleeping bag 2torch 3rucksack 4sunscreen insect repellent satellite phone Language focus (page 65) 1 Go 2write Don’t drink 4Look Don’t use 6be Don’t eat 8Wear 2’s 3’re ’m not isn’t 6aren’t 7Am Is 9Are 3 are going to explore is going to explore isn’t going to look for aren’t going to stay isn’t going to stay is going to stay aren’t going to travel is going to travel Students’ own answers Vocabulary (page 66) 1 sunny 2storm 3cloudy 4hot ice; fog 6rainy 7wind stormy 2foggy 3snowy 4hot 5sunny 6windy 7icy 8cloudy 9cold rainy 2snowy 3windy 4hot 5foggy 6stormy 7cloudy 8cold 9icy Students’ own answers 10 ENGLISH PLUS 1  Workbook answer key EPlus_WB1 INT answer key.indd 10 1 What is your brother going to there? g What are you going to buy? b What places are you going to visit? c Where are you going to eat? d How are you going to travel in New York? a Are you going to take a lot of photos? f 2won’t 3Will 4play 5will 6won’t We’ll see a lot of interesting animals I won’t sleep in a comfortable bed Will you take a lot of photos? Jess won’t talk on the satellite phone Mark will burn in the sun Students’ own answers Reading (page 68) c b 3a 5b c4 c6 a false false 3false true false 6true airport 2hotel 3beach 4caves 5rainforest 6centre scared 2angry 3lucky 4excited 5miserable Writing (page 69) 1 or 2so 3but 4because 5so 6so 7or 8so I’m good at maths so I’m going to help Amy with her homework Maria hasn’t got a bike so she always walks to school Charlie likes Italian food so he’s going to have pasta photocopiable © Oxford University Press 22/08/2011 13:06 WORKbook Answer key It’s snowy and cold so I’m going to wear my big coat I haven’t got a mobile phone so I can’t speak to my family It’s very sunny so we’re going to put on some sunscreen by bus ’re going to leave 38.30pm hot and sunny I’m going to take sunscreen and my new sunglasses the cathedral and the National Railway Museum Students’ own answers Progress review (page 70) 1 torch 2map 3rope 4stove 5gloves 6tent 7sunscreen 8helmet b3 b5 a 2d 4b 6c 3 ’re going to travel aren’t going to take ’s going to explore are you going to look for are they going to make ’m not going to swim ’re going to bring ’s going to look at hot 2ice 3cloud 4stormy 5foggy 6snow 7wind 8rainy (page 71) will become won’t go will like Will; design won’t win Will; live matter 2going 3Let’s 4sure 5How 6can’t 7suggest 8Why 9idea a 2c 5b 6c 3d 4a Language focus practice Starter unit (page 73) 1 Maria’s 2Ruby’s 3boys’ 4Susan’s Joe’s 6students’ 7sisters’ 8friend’s 2f 3b 6c 7a She; his It; her You; my His; They I; your Their; He ’re 3’s 5’re ’s4 ’s6 ’re 5 You aren’t in my class He isn’t near the door She isn’t in the classroom It isn’t on the desk We aren’t in class 8S They aren’t next to the laptop 6 Is; he isn’t Is; she is Are; they aren’t Is; it is Are; we aren’t Are; I am them 2me 3her 4it us 6you 7him Unit (page 75) 1 I’ve got a DVD player He hasn’t got a white rat They’ve got an English friend You haven’t got a hip hop CD Natasha has got a red football shirt I haven’t got a blue pen 2 photocopiable © Oxford University Press EPlus_WB1 INT answer key.indd 11 4g 5d Has Jasmine got a new teacher? Yes, she has Has Jasmine got a blue pen? No, she hasn’t Has Jasmine got a computer? Yes, she has Have Jack and Ella got a dog? Yes, they have Have Jack and Ella got a new teacher? No, they haven’t Have Jack and Ella got a blue pen? Yes, they have Have Jack and Ella got a computer? No, they haven’t about 2of 3by 4of 5about 6of How old 2What 3Where How many 5When 6Who b5 c6 f d4 e1 These 2this 3Those 4That 5those 6This Unit (page 77) 1 are 2isn’t 3are 4aren’t 5is 6isn’t 7aren’t 8are an 2some 3a 4any 5some 6a 7any 8an 3 Are; are Is; isn’t Are; aren’t How; two Is; is many; there; There’s 1prettier more difficult 3faster 4worse more expensive 6easier more interesting 8further 9uglier 10 more exciting more popular than nicer than bigger than cheaper than friendlier than better than more dangerous than colder than more expensive than 10 more beautiful than on 3by 5by on4 on6 on Workbook answer key  ENGLISH PLUS 11 22/08/2011 13:06 WORKbook Answer key Unit (page 79) 1 watches 2teaches 3studies 4live 5likes 6speak 2 don’t play doesn’t speak don’t read doesn’t go don’t like doesn’t teach don’t use don’t write 3 Does your father speak Japanese?; he doesn’t Do they go to a language school?; they Does he live near the hospital?; he does Do you understand this word?; I don’t Does Anna watch DVDs in English?; she does Do they work in a factory?; they don’t 4 you like does he work does she get up they travel to school does he play basketball you finish work 5 He usually has lunch at work They sometimes finish work after 5.00 The dog is always dirty He often gets up early She never goes to bed at 8.30 2 6practising 7eating 8changing 9catching 10hiding is writing aren’t listening ’re watching is talking ’m not doing aren’t using are swimming is looking for Is; he isn’t Is; she is Are; they are Are; I’m not Are; we are Is; is 12 ENGLISH PLUS 1  Workbook answer key EPlus_WB1 INT answer key.indd 12 is she studying is it hiding is she teaching are they watching are they running is he playing swims ’re playing 3make is watching speaks Unit (page 81) 1 running 2attacking 3playing 4sitting swimming 4 3 ’s reading ’s running 8have play 10 ’re doing Can Mia and Georgia play the piano? Yes, they can Can Jake speak French? Yes, he can Can Mia and Georgia swim? Yes, they can Can Jake cook? Yes, he can Can Mia and Georgia speak French? No, they can’t Can Jake play the piano? No, he can’t Can Mia and Georgia cook? No, they can’t Can; go Can; learn can’t watch can stay Can; make can’t drink Countable: restaurant, pen, chair, book Uncountable: air, music, food, time a 2any 3any 4some 5an 6some many much a lot of 4many a lot of much a; The 2the an; a a 5the a Unit (page 85) 1 weren’t 2was 3wasn’t 4were 5was 6weren’t Were they at the station at three o’clock? No, they weren’t Was your brother in the football team last year? Yes, he was there weren’t there were There wasn’t There weren’t There was named 2changed 3played Unit (page 83) 1 Were you on holiday last week? No, I wasn’t Was the water in the swimming pool cold? Yes, it was 4lived 5listened 6travelled They didn’t use a dictionary in class John didn’t stay at Peter’s house last night Maria didn’t visit her friend yesterday You didn’t change school last year Einstein didn’t invent the computer I didn’t chat to my friend on the phone c 2a 3b 4d 5c Unit (page 87) -d: used, liked -ed: played, visited, asked irregular: found, bought, lost 2 She won a laptop They ate some burgers I bought some sweets He didn’t see me We didn’t like the film I made dinner last night We travelled to school by bus She bought a lot of clothes He played volleyball in the afternoon I visited my friends in France She met us at the park They went to school by bus 4 Did she break the swimming record? No, she didn’t Did he beat his friend at table tennis? Yes, he did Did you design this new game? Yes, I did Did they have a barbecue yesterday? No, they didn’t photocopiable © Oxford University Press 22/08/2011 13:06 WORKbook Answer key Where did you stay? What did you see? Did you take any nice photos? And where did you eat? When did you come home? Did you get up early on Monday? Unit (page 89) 1Take 2Wear Don’t touch 4Use Don’t drink Don’t swim 2 ’re going to eat ’m not going to play ’re not going to help ’s going to travel ’re going to discover ’m going to revise ’s going to buy isn’t going to wear 3 Are Jane and Isaac going to travel by train? Yes, they are Is Jane going to stay in a tent? No, she isn’t Is Isaac going to stay in a tent? Yes, he is Are Hugo and Isaac going to visit Loch Ness? No, they aren’t Is Jane going to visit Loch Ness? Yes, she is People will travel by train The weather will be hotter We won’t live in a big house Children won’t use books at school Will I go to university? Will polar bears live in the Arctic? Pronunciation bank (page 90) Unit 1: Syllables One syllable: sport, friends, books, pen Two syllables: watching, music, chatting Three syllables: basketball, internet One syllable: nice, door, clock Two syllables: window, poster, table Three syllables: difficult, expensive, computer two 2two 3one three Students’ own answers 1bigger 2computer 3centre 4older 5internet 6better 1player 2friendlier 3actor 4noisier 5prettier 6printer 7horror 8teacher 1skyscraper amazing 3tower 4visitors 5area 6Saturdays photo 2guitar 3worse 4park 5Poland 6near Unit 3: Third person singular 1 B – likes A – go B – practises B – speaks A – know B – teaches B – writes A – read B – uses Unit 5: /I/ and /i;/ /I/: drink, fish, visit, give /i;/: meet, people, clean, pizza, ice cream Students’ own answers Unit 6: Past tense -ed endings /d/: changed, discovered, preferred, stayed /t/: checked, practised, watched /Id/: invaded, invented, visited, wanted Students practise on their own hunted 2protected 3decided 4chatted Unit 7: Diphthongs: /eI/, /aI/, /@U/ and /aU/ sound 2find 3snake 4ago 5write 6owl d 2c 5b 3a 4e Unit 8: Sentence stress and rhythm Students practise on their own (page 91) /s/: speaks, writes /z/: goes, knows, reads /Iz/: practises, teaches, uses Students practise on their own watches 2finishes 3washes Students practise on their own (page 92) Unit 2: /@/ 4misses 5mixes Unit 4: -ing /IN/ 2 going, buy, torch going, look, animals What, going, see going, find, insects How, going, travel going, take, photos 3 They’re, to, some We’re, to, a You’re, to, the There’s, to, a She’s, to, a It’s, to Students practise on their own Students practise on their own Students practise on their own photocopiable © Oxford University Press EPlus_WB1 INT answer key.indd 13 three 6four 7one four Students practise on their own Workbook answer key  ENGLISH PLUS 13 22/08/2011 13:06 ... 3b 4a Students’ own answers ENGLISH PLUS 1 Workbook answer key EPlus_WB1 INT answer key. indd photocopiable © Oxford University Press 22/08/2 011 13 :06 WORKbook Answer key Language focus (page... colder than more expensive than 10 more beautiful than on 3by 5by on4 on6 on Workbook answer key ENGLISH PLUS 11 22/08/2 011 13 :06 WORKbook Answer key Unit (page 79) 1 watches 2teaches 3studies... photocopiable © Oxford University Press EPlus_WB1 INT answer key. indd 13 three 6four 7one four Students practise on their own Workbook answer key ENGLISH PLUS 13 22/08/2 011 13 :06
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