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I'IAll>l-£Il IY I}II ""!~ ~1'HI>OC,O,l"[ 00 ll~ f'ir Ilui~ (1£ Beach Discussing - ·.ey theories Hypnotism ~ :Jus places Indirect Speculattng about - -6 Song: The Curse of the Mummys Magazine article about a new TV show Tomb - s receiving presents Description of the film The The Gift of the Magi : -g someone -!s in your country English Patient Culture: Wedding Ceremonies - g you regret doing - ;out things that make -5 scary films .)'[Ory ::>f happiness Talking =_ idea of happiness Dialogues about getting angry Narrative Story: Working thing, out Description of the film The Blair Witch Project The Fear in All of Us Fiction: The Lady in White Film review Dialogues about being happy The 'Flow' of Happmess Poem Song: Thank You YOU WILL LEARN ABOUT • Teenage life in Britain • Today's multi cultural Britain • Sign language and body language • Animal friendship • Choosing a career • Manufactured rock bands * • GJ ;c ;;; 6" v 3_ _. -v ~L._= -_ V _._ - Can you match each picture with a topic? e o • o o o 0° YOU WILL LEARN HOW TO Speak Read • Talk about how you spend your time and money • A quiz abOut British tee;Eger; • Present statistics • Describe recently completed or unfinished actions • Discuss influences from different cultures • An article about cul:v;~ ~" • Discuss problems of being deaf • Describe recently completed actions • A questionnaire abou: • Discuss how body language helps • Short texts about future :'-'~e'; • An interview with a foreig:- ':-:_:~I-: ,,-:e' in Britain • An article abol!':T\\c :::= :~=-;i?".: • A ghost story ir =r (::,:l j) • An extract from a love s:ory communication • Talk about friendship • Discuss your future job Listen • Have a job interview • Discuss manufactured pop bands • • Some facts report about the lifestyles of your family and friends description of a friendship • Rewrite a short story about a relationship • A ra.:: ir'::: • A • A job application letter Module v = = :.: - Informa:ic =':Vl ::_ - - - deaf peOc,_2 Write A ;:c:L: W~;- = ::: ~ of Britain • • Interviews • J ::: of =: := -~ -' ::;15 ;e grammar : : - yOU match the names of the grammar points with the examples? ~-,t simple vs present continuous, /When he turned round the dog had disappeared - : "pie vs present perfect simple It was raining when the train arrived.-/ ~-: perfect simple vs present People are using the Internet more and more but I prefer books - -= "'=ect continuous - ~ - v ol.xoressions _ My friend has decided to study IT but I've been thinking about engineering r ~Dlc My life has changed since I met him -./ vs past perfect Simple - ; "pie vs past continuou I hod dinner as soon as I got home '" Use vocabulary Can you think of two more examples for each topic? Phrasal verbs with up Expressions with say and tell Jobs and work look up say a prayer apply turn up tell a lie employee ~~: ~S~ . . _ ~.~~~._.~_._~£.~_f5~::: _ i¥.L).L _ ~.l~~ I,.-'::'.~ ._._. ~::: ~_-~ ._:: \)'0.,;£ _ _ _ Best of Britis ** ** o Present simple/continuous revi2 Present perfect simple review Vocabulary: giving statistics and rr,;, ;: _Vocabulary: making new friends Read and listen What images you associate with Britain? Think of -'" - - ~ to describe Britain and British people and explain yo,"':- ~ : ® Work with a partner and look at the quiz Guess abou: : - ,- - ~ o @) 1l::N: Listen and check your answers Discussion box 1(]Jl; Listen again and mark the statements T (true) or F (falsel_ \: Correct the false statements O"SC_jE -;:-~~~ ::~estions Watching TV is what teens usually on a day they don't enjoy The number of teens with Internet access at home is low, but increasing every day Boys spend more money than girls Schoolchildren with part-time jobs earn an average of £14 a month Module - - 'S C -~::o: s7all groups ou e~joy doing in :: , :'ee Iime? Cv YOL anything to get spe~ding money? What! What you spend your money on? •• • ammar Vocabulary _ ent simple vs - sent continuous Giving statistics and making generalisations - e'h Most More and more 1in _.: _ ~r the examples "- :omplete the rule ~_Qre using the Inlernel atld more - /lion teenagers work . 'cr Alot The majority (Just over/under) 10% (Over/under) a quarter (More/less than) half (About/around/almost) two thirds have (a mobile phone) (sport once a week) like (watching TV) think (shopping) is better than (seeing friends) prefer (sweets) to (CDs) tend to (spend their free time with friends) / CB Work with a partner Choose two of the following categories and write three questions for each one sport _- :erline the examples :- ·'e present simple and : ";'.5.ent continuous in the : : in Exercise Why • think each one is used? music food shopping entertainment • Do you prefer to , • • • Do you like .7 How often you ."1 • • Wlldt killd of .7 Do you ever ? What you usually ".7 : -'sh these sentences about :- onges and trends in your :ountry Choose from the" n •.:>;>ics in the box :nusic fashion sport -:obies computers· TV "re and more people my 'se g[~212.~fJsfinElhglr _ _1JlQD.e), Qn.!I!Q89.?:ifl.~~'_._ _ ~ eenagers Q'_~, L._c ":: _ ~~~",("\a\' u.::r\~ _. ;l :'!"-"J ~ •. '~'JI~~"n;; ~oun_try "' _ : - ,~y parents Take turns to ask your questions to all your classmates, but don't repeat anyone else's question! Note your answers, and then present them to the class, using language from the table above J ,_") _.~_._~_E _':!!_~_"- _!! - ~_~ .:~ " '-'_·-'-'-7 Pronunciation Schwa /'J/ in prepositions and articles i(]1)) Turn to page 120 Unit 11 Read A Do you miss your family and friends? B Is there anything acout this country that surprises you? r a d' What you think a Pietro is a student from Italy He is studying in England Read the interview and match the questions with Pietro's answers Write A-H in the spaces There is one question you not need to use -L Since the beginning of summer I've just finished an English course to prepare me for A-Levels _ Well, yes, I suppose it is! But I'm going to take Maths and Computing A-levels, so maybe my English doesn't need to be so perfect! _ _ No, not at all! I'm joking - of course I It's very difficult when I think about what my friends are doing rig ht now they're probably on the beach, having fun without me Actually, my mother has been here for two weeks She's visiting - I think she's making sure I'm eating properly! _- _ You mean the fish and chips? You know, I still haven't had any! WelL I have to say that it's not so good here at the school - the sandwiches taste a bit like plastic [ hope they can't hear me in the kitchen! ButI'm staying with a really cool family, and I think they eat pretty good food, really - a lot of salads, a lot ot pasta It's not so different from home Even my mum likes it! C Do you like the food here? D What you think of the weather? E Is it going to be hard for you to study different subjects in another language? F lis IORg Aa,e yot:::ll3een in Britain Pietre? -.~ ~ ,~ ' -~"e :: -:ball, :-= ~c; - : :-;ng much! team, ~ ~ _"'::e - :~~- :0 be , ~ °ooney , ;.- e yet, but : :3""';: believe ~ ~~~ ~~d the ice c-~.s OK, but e'.:' '~'~.".:- in Italy it's '=;-as:': "'= -. : : : -" :; ': PEC-.~ :~[~ l-: -e said it was hard co a,o ::ends here, but -e'e for three I've or l mort;".; -a - : = =a'Jeady made some really good 'mates', as they say here At first, people don't want to talk to you much, but then they get to know you, and it's fine :=,- Oh, I don't know I haven't thought about it yet If I like it maybe I could stay longer, but I can think about that later I think [ need to take the IElTS test first, so I have to make my English a little better Who knows, I might never Leave! G How long you think you'll stay? H Some people say that the British can be very cold What you think about that? D Listen I(]'l: Listen to these short interviews with foreigners in Britain and complete the table Reason for Ukes Doesn't like _ . -_._fashion weather _ -._-_ _ being in UK Gozde (Turkish) Marco (German) -_._ _ Chris (American) holiday Rebecca (Venezuelan) -_ _ - ._ _ - _ - - _-_ _- _ _ Chris Module Rebecca A class survey: who we are o Prepare and the survey Work in groups of three or four In your group choose a topic from the box Think of four or five questions you can ask other students Free time activities Technology we have in our homes Earning money Spending money ® Make a questionnaire with your questions Here are some possibilities: Give a rw, ,ber to eaCh of there activitieS" from I-ID (1 if mort bo,.-i/"J9 and 10 if most interertin9): vifitin9 relativeS' playing a compvter 9a",e D With ,omebody fiol-oJ I'YIUCh tirrJ€ yov fpet'ld l temet each t, Ieek? 0" D Write up the results o Go back to your group and put all your answers together What conclusions can you reach from your results? ® the How maoy DVD player, / video recorderS" are there i" your hot/re? 30 Use the information to prepare a report on your group's topic Organise your information into paragraphs For some information you could also draw a chart See page 11 for an example of a report How lIIuch per 1110 nth you spend on each of these thillgs? 25 How you eoro "'looey? Saturday jab _._ _ _ l3aby,ittin9 -_ _._ 20 15 10 How much per month you ,pend On each of the,e thi09'? S''''''eets, chocolate} etc clothe, o "6 Use your questionnaire Ask the other students in your class and note their answers Make sure everyone has answered Project sweets afld chocolates cltltJ.,er ma9QZi, er Qlld books D Present your report Present your report to the class Each person should present one part A group presentation The situation Work in groups of three or four Your group was travelling in a small plane which crashed on an island in the Pacific Ocean You are the only survivors, and the plane was destroyed You have looked around the island and there are no buildings, no people, no animals, but there is a river, a lot of fruit and a lot of insects To help you survive In your group, choose any six (but only six!) of these things Think about why you want them and what you will use them for: a plastic-covered map of the ar -='- Prepare the presentation After three months on the island you are home again! A British company wants to make a TV programme about your experiences, but needs more information In your group, look at the questions and prepare your answers: • What were the six things that you had with you7 • How did you use them to help you survive or escape? • What did you eat and drink? • How did you feel when you were on the island? • Were there any especially difficult moments while you were on the island? • How did you manage to get off the island - did your group it alone, or did other people help you • The presentation cv Decide who is going to talk about which answer Everyone in the group should say something QI '< oc -0 o CB Rehearse your presentation CV Groups take turns to give their presentation to the rest of the class ~ 0' o How you feel now? Project 117 A poster: a mystery cv Do your research Work with a partner Choose a mystery This could be something well-known as in the pictures above or perhaps something local CB Research some information to find out as much as you can about your mystery Use the Internet, your school library and magazines and books cv Make the poster Find some pictures of your mystery for your poster - down load from the Internet, cut out from magazines or draw some CB Use the information you found to write two texts about your mystery Include: o o some background about the mystery • a description of the mystery and where it is • some history (e.g who first discovered it and when?) • its importance today e.g is it a big tourist attraction? some theories about the mystery • common opinion today • any other less popular theories • any local theories or legends • what you believe Project Do a class survey Think of an interesting question about your mystery and ask as many students as possible for their opinion What yov thiok Stooeheoge ""a,? o o Do yov believe the US 9overomeot koa"", more abovt uFO, thao ittellf vf? At the top of a large piece of paper, write the title of your presentation and arrange your pictures and texts on the poster At the bottom of the paper, write a text about your class's opinions Use the information you found in Exercise 2c to make a pie-chart to put on your poster I11>w 0.0 !:Iou t~t""'" OUlm;JnJ' entertainment I,enta'tclnmant' Imagination 'l, rnred3I'nCIf:lIl kindness I'kamdnas popularity I,popj,'\",roti burner {nJ /'b3:nar, on time IDn 'tamll on TV Inn ti:'vi:! crew (n) Ikru:! graffiti (n) gra'fi:til hip-hop scene (n) ,'h.phnp si:nI masterpiece (n) I'ma:stJpi:s! 126 Wordlist Ihuk 'Ap WIOJ look up to (someone) (v) fluk 'AP tu:! relate to (someone) (v) break down Ibrelk 'dalIn get (someone) down Iget 'daunl slow down Islav 'daon turn (something) down L-o 'daun! 'n'lelt tu:! Adjectives cruel l'kru:"U depressed Idt'prcsrl frustrated IfrAs'tfcltJdI inner-city I,m~'sltil legal l'li:g'll stylish l'staIlrII Nouns army Pa:mi: council l'kaunt'i"1J creation 'kri'eIJ~n disadvantage I,dlsod'va:nt Id3' Adjectives alarming I J'!o:mlijl honest "oOlstl secondhand I,sckond'h~ Nouns boredom l'bo:dJm! community Ikd'mju:n~[i option l'npI,n! responsibility In,spnntso'bIlat if rubbish I'rAbtII society Isa'salotil solution !sa'lu:f'nl gang ,ga:o,l Verbs Verbs leave school lli:v 'sku:1 lend flend! attack lo't",kl make up an excuse !mclk compare ,kam'pear/ detest Idl'testl owe laul an Ik'skju:sl display Idt'splel! prove Ipm:vl provide Ipr:m'v31d1 threaten I'erer ;ml vandalise l'vrem.J;,lalzl possibility ,pnsa'bllati on holiday Inn 'hnl.dcll on offer Ion 'of;;>rl on strike IDn 'strallJ ;hce1) 'aut WIO! hook up with (someone) (v) Noun suffixes Graffiti on the phone Inn 00 'f.un! ,pnk~rlI]i Belonging to a group !,saIk"I'od3Ik"r Collocations with on viewer (n) I'vju:a rf ,mta 'trAbll joyriding (n) I'd301r3Jdl~1 pay a fine (v) Ipel • 'farnl pick-pocketing (n) I'plk unpleasant I.,n'plez'nt! psychological viewing figures (n) l'vju:JO ,ftgo'Z! 'stju:di.ul get away with (somethirIget ;:l'wel wlol get caught (v) Iget 'b:! get into trouble (v) Iget prison (n) I'pnz'n! probation (n) Ipr",,'beII'n punishment (n) I'pAmImontl shoplifting (n) l'Iophfl10 vandalism (n) I'vrendoltz,r;- preference l'pref:lr~nts preparation l,prep~r'eIJ;,n' reaction Iri'riJs! native l'ncItlvl remote In'mdUtl stressful I'stresfull tropical l'trop,k,11 unfortunate IAn'fo:tJ'nJtI unspoiled IAn'SpJrltl wooden r wud:lnJ Nouns ambulance I'rembj::.j"ntsl bulldozer l'hul,d,uz,'1 coconut palm l'k:wk::mAt po;ml conspiracy theory 1k;;)[I'splral'ii ,e,ari! coral reef I'korol ri:CI crater /'krcltar/ hypnotist I'h Ipn,llStl inhabitant Im'ha:bLt'ntl landscape l'lrend,kelp! monsoon /mon'su:n/ moon buggy I'mu:n ,bAyil resort In'z"J:tl sand Isrend! shadow I'J"'doul source /s"J:s/ telescope l'tehskJupl Verbs discuss Id,'skAsl forbid If,'bld! hypnotise I'hrpn,talzl live life to the full Ilalv,la,f Iu: 0' 'full pollute Ip,'lu:tl shock IJokl undo IAn'du:1 whisper I'hWlspor! brJ:d 'Jould,d' centre parting (n) I,sento' Unit 12 'pa:tlJ)/ Phrasal verbs clean shaven (adj) Ikii:n call off Iko:1 'ofl come across Ikhm :l'krosf go out Ig,u 'autl poyoff ;pcL 'ofl pass away IJXl:S ;)'WCII start out '5tu:1 'aut' talk (someone) into (something) Ito:k 'ml,1 tie in with ftaT 'm WIO/ Expressions with preposition be be against (something) /bi: a'gentstl be off (something) ,bi: 'of! be onto (something/ someone) ibi: 'onta! Adjectives buried I'berid! decorative /'dck;>r::lt I vi eternal !I't3~n"l/ holy I' hJulil meaningless l'mi:nllJlas! 'fclvOIn,' cropped (adj) Ikropt! double chin (n) l,dAbl 'IJml eyebrows (n) I'a'brauzl eyelashes (n) l'atl"'JlzI freckles (n) I'freklzl fringe (n) Ifnndy highlights (n) l'ha,laltsl medium height (adj) I,rni:diam 'haltl mole (n) Im,ull moustache (n) Im,'sto:JI plump (adj) IplAmp! ponytail (n) I'p,unite,1I rosy cheeks (n) I,rouzi 'tJi;ksl scar (n) Isku:'1 slim (n) Ishml spiky (adj) I'sparkil spots (n) I,potsl tattoo (n) It"'t'u:1 wavy (adj) I'\'e,vil well-built (adj) I,wel'hlltl wrinkles (n) l'nuk1d volcanic Ivol'k"'nJkl Personality Nouns apparition l",p'r'IJ'nl archaeologist f,o:ki'oldd3 Istl blessing l'bleslul cruelty I'kru:,I,il curse 1~3:sl destiny I'dcslrnil discovery Idl'skAvOlril doubt IdaUII favour I'fcl\'';Y! ghost Igous1I inscription Im'skrlpJ;>w mummy I'mAmil ornament I'::>:namant{ passageway I'pa:sld3wCII profession /pr;)'fcf.m/ pyramid I'prr,mldl runway /'rATIWCII statue l'sl"'tJu:1 Verbs cancel flkrents 1I disturb Id,',t3:bl misunderstand l,mISAnd;)'strendf persuade Ipa'swcldI reach Iri :tJI Unit 13 Appearance afro (n) {'a:froul beard (n) !b"dl bushy (adj) I'OOJi I broad shouldered (ad)) ambitious (adj) l",m'bIJ,,1 bad-tempered (adj) l,b1ed'temp,d! bossy (adj) I'bosil considerate (adj) Ik:m'sld"r:>t{ detenmined (adj) Idl't3:mmdl imaginative (adj) h'mced3matlvl independent (adj) 1,lOdJ'pend:mtl insensitive (adj) /In'scnt~atlvl sensible (adj) I'senlSlbl/ sensitive (adj) /'sentsltrv/ Reporting verbs agree 1,'gri;1 apoiogise for 1,'pnbd3aJZ f",1 ask lu:sk.' beg !begl explain Ir k',plernl invite IIO'vaIl' offer I'of ,'1 order 1':;:d;¥1 persuade P;)ISWCldl refuse I'refju:s1 say Isc,! suggest Isa'd3c'\tl tell /tell Relationships break up (v) /brelk 'Jp/ fall in love with (someone) (v) Ihl m 'lA V wLol get back together (v) Igct ba;k ta'gcoarl get divorced (v) Igc, dJ'v:>:stl get engaged (v) Iget m'gcTd3cV get married (v) Igct 'm"'ridl go out (together) (v) Ig,u 'autl Adjectives sacred I'sc.knd! wealthy l'welSiI Nouns best man Ibcst 'mrenl bride Ibra,d! ceremony I'scnm::miJ desire Id,'Z31;}1'! groom Igru:nJ1 mosque Imosk! powder I'paud,'1 priest /pri:stl purity I'pju,r,til Qur'an Iknr'o:n1 sweetness l's\Vi:tn~sl token I'I,uk'nl witness /'wltnasl Verbs bless /blesl decorate f'dek"reIlI exchange ilks'IJemd31 love 111\vI pray Ipre,l symbolise I'sTmbalmzJ Unit 14 Anger anger (n) I'regy,'1 angry (adj) 1''''Ugril bite (someone's) head off (v) /ball 'hed nfl calm (adj) Iku:ml cross (adj) Ikrosl furious (adj) I'fju,,;,sl have a tantrum (v) Ih",v , 't(Cntroml hot-headed (adj) /hot 'hechd! keep your cool (v) Iki:p j, ,ku:11 lose your temper (v) lIu:z j, I(cmp;)~! Adjectives amused I,'mju:zdl athletic I",S'let Ikl horrified I'honl.,dl plain-looking I'plernluk.ul Wordlist 127 Nouns compassion Ik~m'p"'J·n! discussion Idl'skAJOtnl idiot l' jogger I'd30go,1 mugger l'mAgarl epic I'eplkJ ghost Ig.usII legend I'led3.nd/ madness I'm",dn.s' performance Ip.'fo:m'nt,1 special effect l,speJ'1 I'fekl Verbs agree on la'gri: onl suspense Is~lspentsl technique ftek'ni:ki wardrobe 1'\\"::'I:dr~ubl frighten I'fralt·n! launch Ib:ntJI queue up Ikju: 'Apl regret In 'gretl score Isk:J:r/ Verbs Everyday English in that case Im '0"'1 kelsl the thing is 10' 'aiD Iz! there's something IlIlant to say IOc'arz ,Sl\mpijll) dwarf Idwo:fl elf lelfl 31 advertise audition 'CEd\'~taIV ;):tdIJ~n( deposit ldJ'poztl, release :n'li:sl scream 'skri:mJ terrorise I'ter~alzJ wont tu: 'sell what I mean is fhwot aT 'rni:n IV Unit 16 Unit 15 feel confident Ifi:1 'konf,d'ntl feel fine Ifi:l 'fam; feel lonely ,fi:1 'I.until feel Adjectives with prefixes illegal !r'li:g,1I illogical !r'hXI3Ik'L' impatient IIm'pelJmtl impolite 1,lmp;\'aul impossible hm'pos.bL' inexpensive I,Inlk'spentslv! informal Im'f::>:m"V irregular IJ'regj;;>lar.' irresponsible I,In'spontsabl/ unafraid I,Ana'freldJ uncomfortable IAfi'kAmpfl.bll unhelpful IAn'helpful Phrasal verbs with sit sit back 1511 'b"'k/ sit for fiSH fal sit out ISII 'auII sit through ISlt aru:1 Adjectives brave /brelvl circular I's3:kj,I",1 creepy I' kri rpil cute Ikju:tl guilty I'glltil mythical l'mI9Ik·1I ruined Pru:mdJ unrealistic ',Anna'tlstlk/ Nouns angle 1''''Ogll audition /:):'dI! n/ companion Ikam'p; Patnck Verheyen: Jan Vermelref'\ Italy: Elena Asslrelli; Gloria G;tiba; Silvia Minardi: Grazta Marla Niccol;lIooc Deanna SfO'antonl Doo.ltlni; Oagrnar 5dhriova: Crishiana liraldo Poland: Malla Oy\:: Malgorzata OyszleY.ska.; E",Cl PacIOfeW:; JuUra Monfnska t'awel !IIIOf2wSki: Dorota "1usz)nsKa S luerland: Irene Enge1mann; Nib low: Susan A.rvle Sell, We would also lIke to thank all the- teachers allo ed us to OOserve their daSSf>5 and who gave up their valuable t,"le for Interviews and focus 8rou~ The authon and publishers are glCltcful to the foIloYill'lg for permis~on to use copynght matenallfl EnglISh"., MIld 5l'L1dt>nri Oock J All dfurh h;n.·e been made to contact the copynght holders d matenal belonglf'lg to third parties aocI Cltat\OJ1S are gtven for the sou-ces We wekome approaches from any copynght holders whom we have not been able In Iraa' or contact but \\00 find that their material has been reproduced hereIn For the poem on p.10 Talking Tur1reys', from Tofkmg Turh!ys b)' z ZephaOlah (Viking 1994) Copyright CO BenJamin Zepharuah with land permtsstOl1 of Penguln Group(UKJFor the extract on Jl21 from Slaying Together by Judith W,lson (2001~ and for the extr.Kt on from But Was it hVrtkr1 by Jania BarfE'1I (2000) and fOf t1"Ie extract on p.78 from The Real AUf1t I'«ltly: from The Frwtcaler 2001 The Goard"n c: The Guardtan; The speech by Netl Armstrong on p.7fl with kind The publishers are grateful to t~ following fOf photographIC matmal perrl'llSSIOn to reprodt.Jcf> f publIShers are glaleful to the (ollowtng illustrators: Asa Anderson NB 11lustrat1on; Carol del Angel, c/o Deb.!t Art; Fred 6""1"11 c/o Jokmg Apart: Mar\: Duffln.: F&l ProductIons; Martha Gavin: Ben Hasler c/o RPehive: Sophie JoyCfO: Gl'ilham Kennec!y Bri(Jf'llee; Naf c/o loklng Apart Pesky Kids The Apple Agency: AndrfOW 'luelch, c/o Sylvie PogglO: Chrtstine Roche: Russet Rukin c/o Prrvate VIew; Ruth Thomlevold C/O NB llIustrat'iorl: Kath Walk£'l" The PJb'ishers are grateful to the followlt1g contTibutors: Sarah AJrny: edItorial \"ort< Gareth Boden: ccrnmlS5lOnec! photography Somebody! WOfdJing Me on p.56 Won:l:s and CT'IU5IC by Rockwefl 1984 Jobete CO lnc USA Jobet(' MusIC Co lnc and EMIIY\usIC" F\bIisNng Ud London WOH OQ'{_ Rq>roduced in the ut( & Europe t:,- permtssion ollntemational Music Publications Ltd All Right5 ftes('f",ed Universal MusiC Group for the original sound recording lk'liversal Music GrOl4> F'entaror Bool Design; tfOld design and layouts The CursE' of fhe Ml m mys Tomb on p 84 Words and music by Katl WalJinVr Cl Copyright 1997 l/nI~1 toIuslC Publishing LJrmted All Rights ResE:>rved International Copyright Secured of NASA; ActIOn Plus for p.l0; A ""oOC"l.1tf'd Press for pp 33(5) J6(ml 38(2~ Banan.mock / Alamy for p.96(m); Big OleeSe Photo llC fOf 9S: bygflrnes / Alamy (Of p_83(insert right): Ohver BlalS(' for ppJ2(2), 46: Capital Pictures for p.10l{t) Celador GrOlJp for p53; CorbIS for W.9(t) 109 116(br) n9: Skip Dean for p.8 (Marco~ DigItal Vision for pp.5(4) 27: 0PPl AgencfO de PrE'S5e for ppJ3(3~ 34(1 & rl lS Educallon Photos for PfI8(Gozde~ 11; Maty Evans Picru-e ltbr.w'y fOf 1'1' lI8(tm & Ixt John AIomy lex p.24«t M" W Ge for p,52(t); KB Photography fOf pp.61(7), 66(insert left); King Photography for pp.l:!(4) 52{b); Ray Kurzweil for pp.32(l) 40(1 & brt kolvenbach / Alamy for p.79(t~ Manchester Art Gallery for p_n(t} 'Work' by Ford Madox Brown; NASA fOf pp.60(2), 76(tl~ Oxford imag;ng r td (Of P 67(t): PA flt-ctos for pp28(bl 38(4) Ntdre-w Parket' / Alamy for p.82f1l Photofusion PKtu-e utxatt, 17 14{bl) l16{tt Photolibwy fo< p.78: Poppert'oto fex p.49: Powcr.otock (Of pp.96(1 & r~ Punchstock for pp 24(mbI) 1l3(b1) Bananastock 108(b) Brand X Pictures, 116(bm) Thmkstock: Redfprn~ Music Picture library for pp.l8 (The Byrds~ 84 Mid Hut5Ql"l: Re1c Fealures for pp.4{l & 2l6(b), 10(1 mr & brJ 13 28(1 &tr~ ~ 58(m).76(tr) 89(4)- lOl{ml lO:!(I), 104(1 to 4) 107 112 m.llB(tl): Shout Picu es fOf p.24(bt ~i" 5tensson (Of pp.6l(4) 82(lrtsert nght/ Still PIctures for p.79(m~ Stod: Comechon / Atamy for pJl3(rrt SIn ival Intemanonal for p.46(t~ Tf>fTIPe1 for pp 66{insert right~ 66-67(b) f\ Temper-BNI( 2004: The Irish collectron for p 106; Thinkstock / Alamy for p.8(Chris) Topfoto fex pp.6{t &mt) 8(Rebecca) 24(a) 38(3) 76{1x &nu) 8~1) 88(1) lJ~tl) lt8(blr Tra",~ lJbrary for pp.39 8O(Insert lehl US ltbfary of Congress Pmts & Photographs Di\'ision (Reproduction lC-lJSl62-IS070) fOf p.38{1~ Ufa fa- pp.S4 lll(b Rosenfeld- audiO r«ordings Salty Srrltth: photographc direction ... used to + infinitive 16 Happiness Grammar of phrasa e-D: Module Check your progress _ Projects Pronunciation • Pausing in non-defini~ Defining & non-defining relative clauses Articles Speaking: additional... Narrative: setting a scene Description of a person -: :, Crime stories - TV - -: about rules in your er games Exchanging 3tion Graffiti '~Ing getting into trouble _ 'Ing hypothetical :ns Discussing crime... additional - :e relative clauses Stress in phrasal verbs ~ - - ::ns _~_;lking & functions :~ spend your money - -' 8 statistics Describing completed or unfinished Cultural influences , -, of being deaf
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