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BarCharts, Inc.® FOUNDATION OF MEDICAL WORDS A Structure Most medical words are composed of two or more terms To define a medical word: • divide the word into its terms • analyze the terms • define the word Examples: Pericarditis peri = around; card = heart; itis = inflammation Inflammation around the heart Oncology onco = tumor, mass; logy = study of Study of tumors B Terms Term + Term ( + ) = medical word There are five categories of terms: 1.Prefix - beginning of a word (ex., pre ; post _) Designated by a “ ” after the term 2.Suffix - ending of a word (ex., _stomy; _itis) Designated by a “ ” before the term 3.Root - foundation/base of a word (ex., hepat; gastr) 4.Combining vowel - vowel (usually “o”) added to a root (ex., gastro) Use a combining vowel when joining: a Root to another root (ex., gastrohepatitis) b Root to a suffix beginning with a consonant (ex., cardiomegaly) 5.Combining form - root + vowel (ex., hepat/o; gastr/o) Designated by a “/” between the root and the vowel Examples: Hyperleukocytosis hyper (prefix) = excessive leuko (combining form) = white cyt (root) = cell osis (suffix) = condition of Definition: condition of excessive white blood cells (leukocytes) Hematotoxic hemato (combining form) = blood tox (root) = poison ic (suffix) = pertaining to Definition: pertaining to blood poisoning TIPS: 1.Some terms have more than one definition To determine the correct definition in a particular medical word, analyze the other terms in the word Example: Poliomyelitis polio = gray (matter) myel = spinal cord, bone marrow itis = inflammation Definition: Inflammation of the gray matter of the spinal cord The bone marrow does not have gray matter 2.Some terms may function as a root/combining form in one word and a suffix in another word Classification depends upon the specific medical word Examples: Cytology cyto (combining form) = cell logy (suffix) = study of Definition: Study of cells Erythrocyte erythro (combining form) = red cyte (suffix) = cell Definition: Red blood cell WORLD’S #1 ACADEMIC OUTLINE THE HUMAN BODY A Development Cells - tissues - organs - systems - organism 1.Cells: Major Components a Cell membrane b Cytoplasm c Nucleus -genesis 2.Tissues: Primary Types a Connective b Epithelium c Muscle d.Nervous 3.Organs a Composed of two or more different tissues b Have specific functions 4.Systems: Related organs with common functions 5.Organism: A living person B Cavities A space containing organs 1.Dorsal a Cranial b Vertebral (spinal) 2.Ventral a Abdominal b Pelvic c Thoracic C Planes An imaginary flat surface 1.Frontal – anterior/posterior 2.Sagittal – right/left 3.Transverse – upper/lower D Positions A reference point for location or direction 1.Anterior/Ventral – front of the body Posterior/Dorsal – back of the body 2.Deep – away from the surface Superficial – on the surface 3.Inferior – situated below Superior – situated above 4.Lateral – pertaining to the side 5.Medial – pertaining to the middle 6.Prone – lying face down Supine – lying face up TERMS acu-algia anomal/o anthrop/o DEFINITIONS needle pain irregular man, human being antr/o aque/o axi/o bar/o bio-, bi/o blast/o, -blast antrum water axis weight, pressure life, living early embryonic stage, immature heat cancer down, downward tail chemical, chemistry time, timing deep sleep body cold cell back to lead power, strength pain calor/i carcin/o catacaud/o chem/o chron/o -coma corpor/o cry/o cyt/o, -cyte dors/o duct/o dynam/o -dynia equieti/o fil/i, fil/o -form WORDS acupuncture cephalalgia anomaly anthroposomatology antrotomy aqueous axial barotaxis biogenesis blastocyte calorimetry carcinoma catabiotic caudal chemosurgery chronobiology semicoma corporeal cryotherapy cytology dorsoventral conduction dynamogenesis gastrodynia ger/o, geront/o gymn/o -hexia hist/o hydr/o iatr/o -ician ion/o kary/o kel/o -labile later/o -logist -logy -lucent lumin/o ly/o medi/o medic/o mer/o mesomorph/o nom/o nomennos/o nucle/o nutri/o -oma onc/o organ/o path/o pharmac/o physi/o -plasm -poiesis prote/o psamm/o -puncture pyr/o pyret/o sanit/a scirrh/o somat/o -some spectr/o system/o techn/o temp/o, tempor/o the/o -therapy, therapeut/o therm/o -tumescence, tumesc/o -type, typ/o ventr/o -verse vir/o viscer/o vit/o zyg/o equality, equal equilibrium cause etiology thread filopressure specified shape, multiform form production, neogenesis formation aged, old age geriatrics naked gymnophobia condition cachexia tissue histoclastic water, hydrogen hydrolysis treatment, physician iatrogenic specialist clinician ion ionogram nucleus karyorrhexis tumor, fibrous keloid growth unstable, perishable frigolabile side bilateral specialist neurologist study of cardiology light-admitting radiolucent light luminescence dissolve, loosen lyophilic middle medial heal, healing medical part meromicrosomia middle mesoderm shape, form dolichomorphic custom, law nomotopic name nomenclature disease nosology nucleus nucleoplasm to nourish nutrition tumor, mass histocytoma tumor, mass oncogenesis organ organomegaly disease pathogenic drugs pharmacology nature physiologist formation, growth neoplasm formation cytopoiesis protein proteolysis sand, sand-like psammoma material to pierce a surface venipuncture fire, fever, heat pyrogen fever pyretogenic health sanitarian hard scirrhoma body somatoscopy body chromosome image, spectrum spectrocolorimeter system systematic art, skill technology time, the temples tempostabile a god treatment theotherapy therapeutics heat swelling thermometer detumescence class, representative form belly, front of the body turn virus internal organs life union, junction somatotype ventrolateral transverse virologist visceromegaly vitamin zygogenesis TERMINOLOGY SETS A DIRECTIONAL TERMS abaway from adtoward, near ambiaround, on both sides amphiaround, on both sides anaupward, backward antebefore, forward anter/o front antiagainst apoaway, separation catadown, downward circumaround contraagainst, opposite dextr/o right diathrough, apart disapart, to separate ec-, ectooutside, out en-, endoinside, within epiabove, over, upon esowithin exout, away from exooutside of, outward extraoutside forebefore, in front of hyperabove, excessive, beyond hypounder, deficient, below infrabelow, beneath interbetween intrawithin juxtanear later/o side levoleft medi/o middle mesomiddle paraalongside, near, beyond, abnormal perthrough, throughout periaround, surrounding postafter, behind poster/o behind, towards the back prebefore, in front of probefore proxim/o near retrobehind, backward sinistr/o left subunder, beneath superabove, beyond supraabove, beyond tel/e distant, end transacross B FIVE rrh’s -rrhagia, -rrhage -rrhaphy -rrhea -rrhexis rrhythm/o excessive flow suture flow, discharge rupture rhythm C NUMERICAL VALUES half demihemisemione monounione and a half sesquitwo bidithree trifour tetraquadrifive quinquepentpentasix hexhexasex- heptaseptseptieight octaoctinine noniten (101) decahundred (102) hectothousand (103) kilomillion (106) megabillion (109) gigatrillion (1012) teraquadrillion (1015) petaquintillion (1018) exaone tenth (10-1) decione hundredth (10-2) centione thousandth (10-3) millione millionth (10-6) microone billionth (10-9) nanoone trillionth (10-12) picoone quadrillionth (10-15) femtoone quintillionth (10-18) attoseven D SURGICAL PROCEDURES -centesis surgical puncture of a cavity -desis surgical fixation, fusion -ectomy surgical removal -pexy fixation -plasty surgical correction/repair -rrhaphy suture -sect to cut -stomy surgical opening -tomy surgical incision -tripsy to crush, break E PATHOGENS acar/o arachn/o bacteri/o -coccus fung/i helminth/o, -helminth hirud/i, hirudin/i ixod/i myc/o parasit/o pedicul/o scolec/o verm/i vir/o mites spider bacteria berry-shaped bacterium fungus, mushroom worm leech ticks fungus parasite louse worm worm virus SKELETAL SYSTEM A Bones 1.Formation – Ossification 2.Types – Long/short/flat/irregular 3.Tissues – Compact/spongy (cancellous) 4.Markings – Depressions/openings/projections 5.Axial skeleton a Skull b Vertebral column c Thoracic cage 6.Appendicular skeleton a Upper extremities b Lower extremities c Pectoral girdle d.Pelvic girdle B Joints/articulations 1.Structural classification a Fibrous b Cartilaginous c Synovial 2.Functional classification a Synarthroses b Amphiarthroses c Diathroses TERMS ankyl/o arthr/o articul/o brachi/o burs/o calcane/o carp/o centr/o cephal/o cervic/o chir/o, cheir/o chondr/o cleid/o coccyg/o cost/o cox/o crani/o cubit/o dactyl/o euryfaci/o femor/o fibul/o geni/o gnath/o gnos/o goni/o gyr/o holohumer/o hypsiili/o ischi/o ithykyph/o lamin/o lip/o -listhesis lord/o lox/o lumb/o maxill/o mega-, megalo-megaly mel/o om/o opisth/o oste/o panpatell/o ped/o pelv/i perone/o petr/o phalang/o -physis pod/o -porosis pub/o rachi/o sacr/o scapul/o scoli/o skelet/o spin/o spondyl/o stern/o synov/o tal/o tars/o tibi/o vertebr/o xiph/o DEFINITIONS WORDS stiff, crooked, bent ankylosis joint arthrodysplasia joint articulation arm brachiocephalic bursa bursolith heel calcaneodynia wrist carpoptosis center centrosclerosis head cephaledema neck, cervix cervicofacial hand chiropodalgia cartilage chondrodystrophy clavicle cleidorrhexis coccyx coccygodynia rib costosternal hip coxarthrosis skull cranioclast elbow, forearm genucubital digit (finger or toe) dactylospasm wide, broad eurycephalic face facioplasty femur ischiofemoral fibula fibulocalcaneal chin genioplasty jaw gnathoschisis knowledge acrognosis angle goniometer circle, spiral gyrospasm entire, complete holoarthritis humerus humeroradial high hypsicephaly ilium iliolumbar ischium ischiodynia erect, straight ithylordosis humpback kyphoscoliosis lamina laminectomy fat lipochondroma slipping spondylolisthesis curvature, bending lordoscoliosis oblique, slanting loxarthron loin lumbodynia maxilla maxillotomy large megalopodia enlargement dactylomegaly limb, limbs melalgia shoulder omodynia backward, behind opisthognathism bone osteochondroma all panarthritis patella patellofemoral foot, child pedal pelvis pelvimeter fibula peroneotibial stone, petrous region petromastoid of temporal bone phalanges phalangitis growth, growing diaphysis foot podiatrist porous, decrease osteoporosis in density pubis pubovesical spine rachioplegia sacrum sacrocoxalgia scapula scapulopexy crooked, twisted scoliorachitic skeleton skeletogenous spinal cord, spine spinocerebellar vertebrae spondylopyosis sternum sternocostal synovia, synovectomy synovial membrane talus talofibular tarsus, edge of eyelid tarsoclasis tibia tibiotarsal vertebra vertebrosternal sword-shaped, xiphocostal xiphoid NERVOUS SYSTEM A Cells 1.Neuron – Dendrites, cell body, axon 2.Neuroglia (glial) B Central Nervous System (CNS) 1.Brain – Cerebrum, cerebellum, brainstem, diencephalon 2.Spinal cord – Ascending/descending tracts 3.Membranes (meninges) – Dura mater, arachnoid, pia mater 4.Cerebrospinal Fluid (CSF) C Peripheral Nervous System (PNS) 1.Cranial nerves (12 pairs) 2.Spinal nerves (31 pairs) 3.Afferent (sensory) division: sensory receptors 4.Efferent (motor) division a Somatic nervous system (voluntary) b Autonomic nervous system (involuntary) i Sympathetic nervous system ii Parasympathetic nervous system TERMS -algesia, alges/o astr/o atel/o -bulia, -boulia cerebell/o cerebr/o -crasia drom/o, -drome encephal/o esthesi/o, -esthesia gangli/o, ganglion/o gli/o heli/o hydr/o hypn/o hypothalam/o keraun/o klept/o -lemma -lepsy -lexia log/o, -log, -logue -mania medull/o mening/o ment/o -mnesia myel/o narc/o neur/o noci-noia -paresis phaner/o -phobia, phob/o phren/o picr/o piez/o, pies/i, -piesis -plegia DEFINITIONS pain sensitivity star, star shaped incomplete, imperfect will cerebellum cerebrum, brain mixture (good or bad), temperament running WORDS analgesia astrocytoma atelomyelia abulia cerebellospinal cerebroid eucrasia brain sensation, feeling encephalomalacia esthesioneurosis ganglion gangliocytoma dromotropic glue, neuroglia sun water, hydrogen sleep hypothalamus gliocyte heliophobia hydrocephalocele hypnogenic hypothalamohypophysical lightning keraunoneurosis theft, stealing kleptomania confining membrane epilemma seizure epilepsy speech, word bradylexia word, speech, logorrhea thought madness, obsessive hypomania preoccupation medulla, marrow medulloblast meninges, meningocele membranes mind dementia memory ecmnesia bone marrow, myelocele spinal cord numbness, stupor narcoanesthesia nerve neurotripsy to cause harm, nociceptor injury or pain mind, will paranoia partial paralysis hemiparesis visible, apparent phaneromania fear, aversion phobophobia mind, diaphragm bitter pressure paralysis tachyphrenia picrotoxin piesesthesia quadriplegia poli/o -pore -praxia psych/o psychr/o radicul/o rhiz/o schiz/o somn/i, -somnia syring/o tauto-taxia, tax/o tel/o tephr/o thanat/o thec/o vag/o gray (matter) opening, passageway action, activity mind cold nerve root root split, division sleep tube, fistula identical, same arrangement, coordination end gray (ashen) death sheath vagus nerve poliomyelitis neuropore parapraxia psychokinesis psychrophobia radiculitis rhizotomy schizophasia insomnia syringomyelocele tautomeral dystaxia telodendron tephromyelitis thanatomania neurothecitis vagolysis MALE REPRODUCTIVE SYSTEM A Scrotum Sac containing the testes B Testes 1.Seminiferous tubules - spermatozoa 2.Interstitial cells - testosterone C Ducts 1.Epididymis 2.Vas deferens/ductus deferens 3.Ejaculatory duct 4.Urethra D Penis Erectile tissue E Glands 1.Seminal vesicles 2.Prostate gland 3.Bulbourethral (Cowper’s) gland F Secretion Semen 1.Sperm 2.Glandular secretions TERMS andr/o balan/o -cele -cide crypt/o epididym/o genit/o gon/o gonad/o olig/o orch/o, orchi/o, orchid/o osche/o phall/o phim/o prostat/o semin/i sperm/o, spermat/o test/o, testicul/o vas/o venere/o vesicul/o zo/o 2.Ureters - Tubes 3.Bladder - Trigone 4.Urethra - Tube B Urine 1.Formation - Filtration, reabsorption, secretion 2.Composition - Water, nitrogenous waste, salts, other substances TERMS a-, analbumin/o ammon/o -atresia atretoazot/o calci/o cali/o cupr/o cyan/o cyst/o -ectasis, -ectasia fusc/o glomerul/o keton/o lith/o nephr/o noct/i py/o pyel/o ren/o uric/o ur/o -uresis ureter/o urethr/o -uria urin/o vesic/o DEFINITIONS without, not albumin ammonium closure, occlusion closed, lacking an opening nitrogen, urea calcium calyx copper blue bladder, cyst dilation, expansion dark brown glomerulus ketones stone, calculus kidney night pus renal pelvis kidney uric acid urine urination ureter urethra urine condition urine urinary bladder WORDS anuria albuminometer ammonuria urethratresia atretocystia azoturia hypocalciuria pyelocaliectasis cupruresis urocyanosis cystogram nephrectasia urofuscohematin glomerulopathy ketonuria pyelolithotomy nephrotoxic noctalbuminuria pyocalix pyelophlebitis renogastric uricosuria uroerythrin diuresis ureterocolostomy urethrorrhagia pyuria urinalysis vesicoclysis FEMALE REPRODUCTIVE SYSTEM A Ovaries DEFINITIONS male glans penis hernia, swelling killing, agent which kills hidden, concealed epididymis reproduction genitals gonads scanty, few, little testis WORDS androgen balanoblennorrhea hydrocele spermicide scrotum penis muzzle prostate gland semen spermatozoa oscheoplasty phallodynia paraphimosis prostatocystotomy seminiferous spermatogenesis testis vas deferens, vessel sexual intercourse seminal vesicle animal testectomy vasovasostomy cryptorchism epididymectomy genitourinary gonocyte gonadogenesis oligospermia orchidopexy venereologist vasovesiculitis azoospermia URINARY SYSTEM A Organs 1.Kidneys - Cortex, medulla, nephron, collecting duct, renal pelvis 1.Oocyte development 2.Ovulation B Fallopian tubes/uterine tubes Fertilization C Uterus 1.Wall a Perimetrium b.Myometrium c Endometrium 2.Parts a Fundus b Body c Cervix D Vagina Hymen E External genitalia/vulva 1.Labia majora/minora 2.Clitoris 3.Bartholin’s glands F Breasts 1.Mammary glands 2.Nipple 3.Areola 4.Lactation G Menstrual cycle 1.Phases 2.Hormonal interaction 3.Cessation TERMS amni/o cervic/o chori/o -clasis, -clast, -clasia colp/o culd/o -cyesis embry/o episi/o fet/o galact/o gravid/o -gravida gynec/o helc/o hymen/o hyster/o lact/o lecith/o -lipsis mamm/o mast/o men/o metr/o nat/o neonullio/o obstetr/o omphal/o oophor/o ov/o, ov/i ovari/o -para, -parous -partum perine/o DEFINITIONS amnion neck, cervix chorion break, breaking C Circulation G Pancreas Endocrine/exocrine tissue Pulmonary Systemic H Large intestine Parts - cecum, colon, rectum, anus D Blood pressure vagina cul-de-sac pregnancy embryo vulva fetus milk pregnancy pregnant woman woman, female ulcer hymen uterus milk yolk, ovum omit, fail breast breast menses, menstruation uterus birth new none egg, ovum midwife navel ovary egg, ovum ovary to bear, bring forth childbirth, labor perineum phys/o sacchar/o deformed, maimed air, gas sugar salping/o terat/o thel/o toc/o, -tocia tub/o uter/o vagin/o viv/i vulv/o fallopian tube monster nipple childbirth, labor tube uterus vagina life, alive vulva per/o WORDS amnioscopy cervicovaginitis chorioadenoma cranioclasis CARDIOVASCULAR A Heart 1.Four chambers a Two upper (atria) b Two lower (ventricles) 2.Wall a Endocardium b Myocardium c Pericardium 3.Two partitions a Interatrial septum b Interventricular septum 4.Four valves a Atrioventricular i Tricuspid ii Bicuspid (mitral) b Semilunar i Pulmonary ii Aortic B Blood vessels Arteries - arterioles Veins - venules Capillaries colporrhaphy culdoscopy ovariocyesis embryopathy episiostenosis fetography galactacrasia gravidocardiac unigravida gynecography helcomenia hymenitis panhysterectomy lactorrhea centrolecithal menolipsis mammography mastalgia menorrhagia myometritis neonatology neonatal nulliparity oogenesis obstetrician omphalocele oophorohysterectomy ovicide ovariocentesis septipara postpartum colpoperineoplasty peromelia physometra saccharogalactorrhea salpingocyesis teratogenesis thelorrhagia dystocia tuboplasty uterolith vaginography viviparous vulvopathy TERMS abdomin/o 1.Systole (contraction) 2.Diastole (relaxation) E Pulse Rhythmical expansion and contraction of an artery as a result of the heart contraction F Electrical/Conduction system 1.Components - SA node - AV node - bundle of His - bundle branches - Purkinje fibers 2.Measurement - EKG/ECG TERMS aneurysm/o angi/o aort/o arteri/o arteriol/o DEFINITIONS aneurysm vessel aorta artery arteriole ather/o fatty substance, plaque atrium slow heart movement irrigation, washing heart embolus suppress, restrain enlargement less, smaller movement, motion flutter, throbbing atri/o bradycardi/o cine-clysis coron/o embol/o isch/o -megaly mi/o -motor palpit/o, palpitat/o phleb/o presbyrhe/o vein aging, elderly flow, current, stream -spasm involuntary contraction sphygm/o pulse -sphyxia pulse -stenosis narrowed, constricted tachyfast tel/e end, distant -tension stretched, strained valv/o, valvul/o valve varic/o varicose veins vas/o vessel, vas deferens vascul/o vessel ven/o vein ventricul/o ventricle of the heart or brain venul/o venule WORDS aneurysmectomy angioblast aortomalacia arteriolith arteriolosclerosis atheroma atrioseptopexy bradycardia cardioptosis cineangiograph venoclysis coronary embolectomy ischemia atriomegaly miocardia venomotor palpitation phleborrhexis presbycardia rheocardiography vasospasm sphygmoscope asphyxia aortostenosis tachycardia telecardiography hypertension valvulotome varicophlebitis vasohypotonic vasculitis venography ventriculogram venular GASTROINTESTINAL SYSTEM A Oral cavity Tongue, teeth, hard/soft palate, gums, salivary glands B Pharynx C Esophagus D Stomach 1.Sphincters 2.Parts - fundus, body, pylorus E Small intestine Parts - duodenum, jejunum, ileum F Liver Right and left lobes DEFINITIONS abdomen WORDS abdominocentesis cholagogue dentagra amylolysis anorectocolonic arsenicophagy ateloglossia producer, leader severe pain starch anus arsenic incomplete, imperfect bil/i bile biligenesis bucc/o cheek buccal cec/o cecum cecoileostomy celi/o abdomen celiomyositis cheil/o, chil/o lip cheiloschisis -chezia, -chesia defecation dyschezia chol/e gall, bile cholangiostomy choledoch/o common bile duct choledocholithiasis chyl/o chyle chylopoiesis col/o colon proctocolectomy dent/i tooth dentalgia dips/o thirst adipsia duoden/o duodenum duodenohepatic -emesis vomiting hyperemesis enter/o intestines enteroclysis (small intestines) esophag/o esophagus esophagocele gastr/o stomach dextrogastria ge/o earth, soil geophagia gingiv/o gums gingivoplasty gloss/o tongue glossolalia gluc/o glucose, sugar glucokinetic glyc/o glucose, sugar glycosialorrhea hepat/o liver hepatosplenomegaly idi/o individual, distinct, idioglossia unknown ile/o ileum ileoileostomy jejun/o jejunum jejunorrhaphy lapar/o abdomen, laparoscope abdominal wall lingu/o tongue retrolingual loph/o ridge lophodont odont/o tooth anodontia or/o mouth intraoral -orexia appetite hyperorexia orth/o straight, normal, orthodontist correct palat/o palate palatoplegia -pepsia digestion dyspepsia peritone/o peritoneum peritoneoclysis phag/o, eating, ingestion phagodnamomphagia eter -posia drinking polyposia -prandial meal postprandial proct/o rectum, anus proctopexy ptyal/o saliva ptyalogenic pyl/e portal vein pylemphraxis pylor/o pylorus pyloroplasty pyr/o heat, fire, fever pyrosis rect/o rectum rectocele sial/o saliva sialolith sigmoid/o sigmoid colon sigmoidoscope sit/o food sitophobia splanchn/o viscera splanchnoptosis -stalis contraction peristalsis staphyl/o uvula, grapelike staphylorrhaphy clusters stomat/o mouth stomatomalacia -tresia opening, proctotresia perforation typhl/o cecum, blindness typhlectasis uran/o palate uranoschisis zym/o enzyme, ferment zymolysis -agogue -agra amyl/o an/o arsenic/o atel/o BLOOD A Composition 1.Plasma (55%) - Pale, yellow fluid 2.Formed elements (cells) - 45% a Erythrocytes b Leukocytes i Granulocytes (eosinophils, basophils, neutrophils) ii Agranulocytes (monocytes, lymphocytes) c Thrombocytes (platelets) B Blood Groups 1.ABO Group a Types - A/B/AB/O b Determined by antigen(s) on erythrocyte 2.Rh Group a Rh+ / Rhb Presence or absence of Rh antigen on erythrocyte C Blood Clotting (coagulation) 1.Chemical reactions 2.Clot prevention 3.Clot retraction TERMS agglutin/o anis/o bas/o, basi/o coagul/o -crit -emia eosin/o erythr/o ferr/i, ferr/o gigant/o -globin granul/o hem/o, hemat/o kal/i leuk/o myel/o natr/o neutr/o norm/o -pheresis -phil, -philia -phore -phoresis phosphat/o poikil/o pykn/o, pycn/o rhod/o sangu/i, sanguin/o sapr/o schist/o, -schisis ser/o sider/o spher/o strept/o thromb/o -volemia DEFINITIONS clumping unequal WORDS agglutinophilic anisonormocytosis base, foundation basophil coagulation, coagulopathy clotting separate thrombocytocrit blood condition erythremia red, rosy, dawn eosinopenia red erythrocytoschi sis iron ferrometer huge gigantocyte protein hemoglobin granules agranulocytosis blood hemocytozoon potassium white bone marrow, spinal cord sodium neutral normal, usual removal affinity for, tendency towards bearer, processor bearing, transmission phosphate variation, irregular thick, dense red, rosy blood hyperkalemia leukocytotoxin myelocytosis hypernatremia neutropenia normochromo cyte plateletpheresis hemophilia siderophore electrophoresis phosphatemia poikiloblast pyknocyte rhodocyte sanguiferous rotten, decay split, cleft sapremia schistocyte serum, serous iron round, sphere twisted, curved clot, thrombus serosanguineous sideropenia spherocytosis streptococcemia thromboelastogram normovolemia blood volume ENDOCRINE SYSTEM A Characteristics 1.Ductless glands called endocrine glands 2.Glands secrete hormones directly into the blood stream 3.Hormones affect growth/development, reproduction, metabolism B Endocrine Glands 1.Pituitary a anterior b posterior lepid/o lepr/o onych/o pachypapul/o perspir/o phyt/o hollow, concave, depressed flakes, scales leprosy nail thick papule, pimple breathe through plant pil/o prurit/o pseudo- hair itching false psor/o py/o rhytid/o seb/o steat/o sud/o trich/o ul/o ungu/o verruc/i xer/o itching pus wrinkle sebum fat sweat hair scar, scarring nail wart dry koil/o 2.Thyroid 3.Parathyroid 4.Adrenal a medulla b cortex 5.Pancreas 6.Testes 7.Ovaries 8.Pineal 9.Thymus TERMS acr/o aden/o adren/o cortic/o crin/o hirsut/o hormon/o medull/o myx/o pancreat/o DEFINITIONS extremities gland adrenal glands cortex secrete, separate hairy hormone medulla, marrow mucus pancreas parathyroid/o phe/o parathyroid dusky pineal/o pituitar/o thym/o thyr/o tox/o, toxic/o -trophy, troph/o pineal gland pituitary gland thymus gland thyroid gland poison nourishment, growth WORDS acrogeria adenectopia adrenomegaly corticoadrenal crinogenic hirsutism hormonopoiesis medulloadrenal myxedema pancreatolithotomy parathyroidoma pheochromoctoma pinealopathy pituitarism thymotoxin thyrocele thyrotoxicosis hypertrophy INTEGUMENTARY SYSTEM A Skin Layers 1.Epidermis 2.Dermis/corium 3.Subcutaneous/hypodermis koilonychia lepidosis leproma onychomycosis pachydermatocele papulopustular perspiration phytophotodematitis pilomotor pruritogenic pseudochromhidrosis psoriasis pyodermatitis rhytidectomy seborrhea steatocryptosis sudokeratosis hypertrichosis uloid subungual verrucosis xeroderma RESPIRATORY SYSTEM A Upper Respiratory Tract 1.Nose - Nasal cavity, paranasal sinuses 2.Pharynx - Nasopharynx, oropharynx, laryngopharynx B Lower Respiratory Tract 1.Larynx - Vocal Cords 2.Trachea - C-shaped rings of cartilage 3.Bronchi a Right/left bronchus b Bronchioles - alveoli 4.Lungs a Lobes - right (3) / left (2) b Pleura B Hair 1.Components C Pulmonary Ventilation a Shaft b Root c Bulb 1.Inspiration/expiration 2.Diaphragm 2.Cycle - Growth/resting C Glands 1.Sebaceous/oil - sebum 2.Sudoriferous/sweat a apocrine b eccrine D Nails Components 1.Free edge 2.Nail body 3.Nail root DEFINITIONS thorny, spiny ray, radiation bromine containing compound, odor caus/o, cauter/o burn, burning -chroia skin coloration chrom/o color chrys/o gold cutane/o skin derm/o, skin dermat/o erythem/o flushed, redness eschar/o scab graph/o writing hidr/o sweat ichthy/o fish iod/o iodine kerat/o horny tissue, cornea TERMS acanth/o actin/o brom/o WORDS acanthoma actinodermatitis bromoderma causalgia xanthochroia chromomycosis chrysiasis subcutaneous dermatopathy erythema escharotomy graphesthesia hyperhidrosis ichthyosis iododerm keratolysis TERMS alveol/o aspir/o, aspirat/o blenn/o brachybronch/o bronchiol/o -capnia, capn/o coni/o epiglott/o lal/o, -lalia lampr/o laryng/o lept/o DEFINITIONS WORDS alveolus alveolitis inhaling, removal aspiration mucus short bronchus bronchiole carbon dioxide dust epiglottis speech, babble clear larynx slender, thin, delicate lob/o lobe mediastin/o mediastinum mogidifficult nas/o nose osm/o, sense of smell, -osmia odor, impulse osphresi/o, sense of smell, -osphresia odor ox/o, -oxia oxygen -pagus conjoined twins pector/o chest phas/o, -phasia speech phon/o, -phonia voice, sound phren/o mind, diaphragm pimel/o fat, fatty pleur/o pleura -pnea breathe blennothorax brachypnea bronchorrhagia bronchiolectasis hypercapnia coniofibrosis epiglottitis laliatry lamprophonia laryngoxerosis leptophonia lobectomy mediastinoscopy mogiphonia nasolabial anosmia osphresiometer hypoxia thoracopagus pectoralgia dysphasia rhinophonia phrenalgia pimelorthopnea pleurocholecystitis hyperpnea pneum/o pneumon/o -ptosis -ptysis pulmon/o respir/o, respirat/o rhin/o sept/o silic/o sinus/o span/o spir/o steth/o therm/o thorac/o trache/o traumat/o xen/o lung, air lung, air prolapse, drooping spitting lung breathe, breathing pneumopexy pneumonomycosis laryngoptosis hemoptysis pulmonologist respirator nose partition silica, quartz cavity, sinus scanty, scarce breathe chest heat chest trachea trauma, injury, wound strange, foreign rhinolithiasis septorhinoplasty silicosis sinusotomy spanopnea bronchospirometer stethoscope thermopolypnea thoracoschisis tracheostenosis traumatopnea xenophonia 1.Excitability 2.Contractility 3.Elasticity 4.Extensibility -pterygium tenorrhaphy tenontography kinesiotherapy tone, tension myatonia pupill/o retin/o scler/o scot/o son/o staped/o stich/o, -stichia stigmat/o -tropia tympan/o uve/o vitre/o SPECIAL SENSES: EYE/EAR A Eye 1.Layers/Tunics a Fibrous i Sclera ii Cornea b Vascular i Choroid ii Ciliary body iii Iris a clear, watery fluid b formed from interstitial fluid 2.Lymphatic Vessels - Valves 3.Lymphatic Organs a Tonsils i palatine ii pharyngeal iii lingual b Lymph Nodes - concentration of nodes i inguinal ii axillary iii cervical 2.Middle a Auditory/eustachian tube b Auditory ossicles - Malleus/incus/stapes c Spleen d.Thymus 3.Inner Bony labyrinth-semicircular canals/vestibule/cochlea 2.Smooth a Involuntary/nonstriated b Located in walls of hollow organs 3.Cardiac WORDS myasthenia auxotonic achalasia ergometry fasciodesis fibromyoma flexor ideomuscular kinesioneurosis leiomyoma ligamentopexy myolysis musculoskeletal myorrhexis paleokinetic palikinesia pygalgia rhabdoid rhabdomyolysis rotator myostasis sthenometry myostroma TERMS acous/o acoust/o ambly/o audi/o, audit/o aur/o, auricul/o blephar/o cochle/o conjunctiv/o cor/o corne/o -cusis cycl/o dacry/o dipl/o hygr/o ir/o, irid/o kerat/o lacrim/o logad/o myring/o ocul/o ophthalm/o ophry/o -opia, -opsia opt/o ot/o palpebr/o phac/o phak/o phot/o platy- pupillatonia retinotoxic sclerectasia scotopia sonometer stapedectomy polystichia astigmatism anatropia tympanosclerosis uveoplasty vitreocapsulitis 1.Lymph a Auricle b External auditory canal c Tympanic membrane/eardrum a Voluntary/striated b Movement c Naming d.Attached to the skeleton pimelopterygium A Lymphatic System c Nervous - Retina 1.External 1.Skeletal abnormality of the conjunctiva pupil retina sclera darkness sound stapes rows mark, point to turn eardrum uvea glassy, vitreous body LYMPHATIC & IMMUNE SYSTEM B Ear B Types ISBN-13: 978-142320291-2 ISBN-10: 142320291-0 syndesmectopia a Eyebrows b Eyelids c Lacrimal apparatus d.Conjunctiva e Eyelashes A Characteristics U.S $5.95/CAN $8.95 ten/o tenont/o -therapy, therapeut/o ton/o ligament, connective tissue tendon tendon treatment 2.Associated Structures MUSCULAR SYSTEM a Involuntary/striated b Found in the heart TERMS DEFINITIONS -asthenia, weakness asthen/o aux/o growth, acceleration -chalasia relaxation erg/o work fasci/o fascia fibr/o fiber, fibrous flex/o bend ide/o idea, mental images kinesi/o, movement - kinesia,-kinetic lei/o smooth ligament/o ligament -lysis dissolution, breakdown muscul/o muscle my/o, myos/o muscle pale/o old palin-, palirecurrence, repetition pyg/o buttocks rhabd/o rod rhabdomy/o striated/skeletal muscle rot/o, rotat/o turn, revolve -stasis standing still, standing sthen/o, -sthenia strength -stroma supporting tissue of an organ syndesm/o DEFINITIONS hearing hearing, sound dim, dull hearing ear B Immune System WORDS acousia acoustics amblyoscope audiometer auriculotemporal eyelid blepharorrhaphy cochlea cochleitis conjunctiva conjunctivitis pupil corectasia cornea corneosclera hearing presbycusis ciliary body, circular cyclodialysis tear dacryoadenectomy double diploscope moisture hygroblepharic iris iridemia cornea, horny tissue keratomalacia tear, lacrimal duct lacrimotomy whites of the eyes logadectomy eardrum myringomycosis eye oculonasal eye ophthalmodynia eyebrow ophryitis vision heteropsia eye, vision optometer ear otopyorrhea eyelid palpebritis lens phacocele lens phakoma light photophobia broad, flat platycoria NOTE TO STUDENT This QUICKSTUDY® reference guide is a comprehensive list of medical terminology This is a powerful study tool that can be quickly and repeatedly referred to during and well beyond your college years All rights reserved No part of this publication may be reproduced or transmitted in any form, or by any means, electronic or mechanical, including photocopy, recording, or any information storage and retrieval system, without written permission from the publisher ©2000, 2002 BarCharts Inc Boca Raton, FL 1106 1.Non-specific response - skin, inflammation, phagocytosis 2.Specific response a acquired immunity i natural (active/passive) ii artificial (active/passive) b antibody-mediated immunity c cell-mediated immunity TERMS adenoid/o alloautoaxill/o -edema -emphraxis immun/o inguin/o lien/o lymph/o nod/o -penia peri-phylaxis ple/o sarc/o -sepsis splen/o tetan/o thym/o tonsill/o top/o vaccin/o DEFINITIONS adenoids other, different self armpit swelling stoppage, obstruction protection, immune groin spleen lymph knot deficiency around protection more flesh putrefaction spleen tetanus thymus tonsils particular place or area vaccine CREDITS Author: Dr Corinne B Linton Customer Hotline # 1.800.230.9522 hundreds of titles at WORDS adenoidectomy allotoxin autoantitoxin axillary lymphedema splenemphraxis immunogenic inguinodynia lienomalacia lymphangiophlebitis nodular lymphocytopenia perilymphangitis anaphylaxis pleocytosis lymphosarcoma antisepsis splenectasis tetanophilic thymectomy tonsillolith splenectopy vaccinogenous ... i Sympathetic nervous system ii Parasympathetic nervous system TERMS -algesia, alges/o astr/o atel/o -bulia, -boulia cerebell/o cerebr/o -crasia drom/o, -drome encephal/o esthesi/o, -esthesia... tenont/o -therapy, therapeut/o ton/o ligament, connective tissue tendon tendon treatment 2.Associated Structures MUSCULAR SYSTEM a Involuntary/striated b Found in the heart TERMS DEFINITIONS -asthenia,... phakoma light photophobia broad, flat platycoria NOTE TO STUDENT This QUICKSTUDY reference guide is a comprehensive list of medical terminology This is a powerful study tool that can be quickly and
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