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Table of Contents Preface Foreword Introduction Technology Wildcatting™ The Internet Is the Ultimate Business Tool The Internet Approach Is Really Simple Spotting Nuggets of Gold: Understanding Markets No Technical Knowledge Required! FREE Digital premiums This could be the FIRST interactive book ever! Chapter 1: The Get Rich Click Mindset The Minefield Game Disintermediation: A New Word for an Old Idea Reintermediation How Much Is That Diamond in the Window? Business Models: Anything New under the Sun? The Picks-and-Shovels Business Model Gold Mining Versus Internet Mining A Picks-and-Shovels Success Story Another Success: Insights from Founder Tony Hsieh Putting Your Ideas into Action Chapter 2: E-commerce and Reverse E-commerce: Sell It, Then Buy It! Making Money with No Money: Reverse E-commerce in Action Different E-commerce Business Models to Choose From The Freedom of No Inventory “Sell It Before You Buy It”: How to Do It Step by Step Order Delivery Time in Five Minutes eBay: The Easiest Way to Begin! Other Ways to Make Money on eBay eBay Pricing Experiment Putting Your Ideas into Action Chapter 3: SEARCHing for Gold Search Engines: Understanding Them Is the Real Key to Success How the Search Engines Really Work Organic Search On-Page and Off-Page Factors That Affect Ranking Paid Search Advertising and Local Search The Opportunity Tips for KEYWORDS Making Money with Direct Navigation 10 Great Reasons to Own a Generic Domain Name Vertical Search Is the Next Big Market Benefits of Vertical Search Engine Marketing Vortals: The Vertical Portal Price and Product Comparison Sites Chapter 4: Advertising & Pay-Per-Action Get Rich Click with a Broader View of Google Google AdSense: The Beginning of the “Internet Advertising” Gold Rush! Steps to Start Making Money with Google AdSense Determining the Value of Keywords Make a Fortune with “Internet Advertising Arbitrage™” Get Rich Click Money-Making Idea 15 Ways to Create Strong Keywords: Pay-Per-Call on a Local Basis Online Advertising and “Pay-Per-Action” – The Perfect Way to Conduct Business! Pay-Per-Action or Pay-Per-Performance: 30 Ways to Get Paid! Putting Your Ideas into Action Content Applications Inbound and Outbound Links Domain Names, Links and Site Submissions Understanding and Benefiting from Indexing and Ranking Link-Building: The Real Currency of the Internet “Conversion Rate” Marketing 16 Great Ways to Attract More Traffic Putting Your Ideas into Action Chapter 6: Actionable Info from Speed Bumps and Walls Possible “Speed Bumps” for SE Spiders: Measuring Relevance and Popularity Keywords and Queries Paid Placement and Secondary Sources in the Results How to Conduct Keyword Research Building a Traffic-Worthy Site Usability Link “Bait” Link-Building Based on Competitive Analysis Measuring Success: Website and Ranking Metrics to Watch Chapter 7: Partner Up with Affiliate Marketing 10 Steps to Making Money with Affiliate Marketing How Affiliate Marketing Programs Work Affiliate Models: One time Vs Lifetime Commissions Affiliate Program Networks How to Find an Affiliate Program 25+ Different Firms That Want to Pay You! Make Money or Save Money: Both Put You Ahead Affiliate Programs for Nonprofit Organizations Panning Amazon’s River of Gold Get Rich Click Money-Making Summary Uncle Sam’s Money Putting Your Ideas into Action Chapter 8: Domain Names 1-800-Flowers and the Value of Mindshare Timeline of The Race Is On Corporations and Their $1,000,000+ Domain Names Largest of Domain Name sales Real Estate Versus Internet Real Estate: The Power of Leverage Location Versus Mindshare Local Vs National and International One Versus Many Cost of Entry CORPORATE AMERICA WAKE UP! The Amazing World of Buying and Selling Domain Names Ways to Profit from a Domain Name The Investment: Short-Term Versus Long-Term Viability PARKING SPOTS International Domain Names (IDNs): New Kids on the Block Domain Name Extensions The New Mobile Phone Domain: mobi Mobile Advertising Understanding the Misspelled Word Game When a Company Should Buy a Misspelled Domain Name Putting Your Ideas into Action Chapter 9: Content Is King! 10 Reasons Why eBooks Can Help You Make Money and Save You Money! A Profitable eBook Strategy E-mail Marketing in the Digital Age Easy Ways to Make Money with E-mail Make Money Reading E-mails, Playing Games, Searching or Answering a Survey! Traditional and Online Marketing Creating Inbound and Outbound Links Podcasting Podcasts and Business What’s a Wiki? Making Money with Wikis Contextual Advertising What Is a Widget? Widgets in Business Make It Once, Sell It 1000 Times: Big Money with Widgets Putting Your Ideas into Action Chapter 10: Social Networks: The Power of Community Getting Started Making Money with Blogs Word Of Mouse™ Marketing Twitter Users: “Asleep at the Mouse?” “How Can I Make Money from Twitter?” 48 Twitter Business Tools to Help Achieve Your Relationship-Centric Goals Social Networks Kids Today Are Growing Up in a Different World Where There is spending potential there is income potential Top Reasons You Logged into Facebook Today Social Media Secrets Unlimited Ways to Make Money with Facebook, LinkedIn and Other Social Networking Sites LinkedIn: The Business Social Networking Site Doctor’s Orders: Dr Keri Pearlson and How to Build Community and Profit from Twitter “Twittering While Twaveling” Degrees of Separation Putting Your Ideas into Action Chapter 11: Collecting Your Payments – Fast and Easy How the Money Becomes Yours Shopping Carts Your Own Merchant Account Versus Third-Party Processors Smart Cards and Debit Cards Shipping – – Drop Shipping: The Golden Goose Which Shipping Options Should You Use? YOUR MOST VALUABLE ASSETŠ.Š.Š YOUR DATABASE More Internet Success Stories Putting Your Ideas into Action Chapter 12: The Internet to Go: Mobile Opportunities Image Recognition Music Recognition Barcode Recognition Mobile Marketing Mobile Search Opportunities Developing Mobile-Ready Websites What’s Hot in Mobile Searching The iPhone and iPad Rags to Riches iPhone Success Stories Keeping an Eye on Mobile Technology Putting Your Ideas into Action Chapter 13: Internet Video: Nothing but Growth The Internet Video Business Model MSNBC REPORTS Pocket Candy from Eye Candy: 10 Ways to Profit with Online Video Internet Video and Business Optimizing Video Content for Search Engines 10 Questions to Consider When Posting Video on Your Website Chapter 14: Get Rich Click for Nonprofit Organizations 12 + Online Strategies for Making Money with Nonprofits Fund-raising in Action: The Children’s Miracle Network Putting Your Ideas into Action DOLLARS AND SENSE! Shopping Comparison Sites WHEN DID I CHANGE THOSE AIR FILTERS? – the Group Coupon Site CrowdSourcing CrowdShopping CrowdFunding! Reduce Debt 10 Steps to Reduce Your Debt Paying for School Air Travel Seeing New Ideas “Clearly!” More Ways To Save Money Online Putting Your Ideas into Action Chapter 16: The Future Pay Attention to Trends Do It Yourself Change Is the Only Constant Now and Then: What’s Next? My Secrets to Your Success Chapter 17: Resource and Suppliers Guide The Get Rich Click Top 25 Internet Conferences Associations Contextual Marketing Networks Domain Name Registrars and Resellers Domain Name Parking Firms Drop Shipping and Wholesale Product Suppliers E-mail Marketing Software and Services Freelance Employee Sites Internet Dictionary Sites Internet Research Firms Keyword Help Sites Magazines and Related Websites Outsourcing Sites Payment and Transaction Software and Services Payment Processing Firms Pay-Per-Call Service for Websites Search Engines Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Firms Shipping Firms Trade Shows Additional Resources Groups You May Want to Join Facebook Groups You May Want to Join Marc Ostrofsky’s Websites Marc Ostrofsky’s Websites Coming Soon TWO FINAL THOUGHTS: Acknowledgements   There are ONLY seven ways to get rich:   Inherit it Marry it Invest for it Get lucky, the lottery or win it Work for a company Break the law: Steal, deal or Entrepreneur/Work for yourself The best way to become wealthy – honestly, ethically, legally and morally – is number Be an Entrepreneur and work for yourself!   The Internet is the most powerful business tool in the history of mankind It can help you make money, save money, network and communicate easily and quickly, often without the need for start-up capital It levels the playing field so individuals, entrepreneurs and small companies can compete with large, multinational corporations and win!   You can work smart You can work hard I’ll show you hundreds of ways to work smart using the Internet But only you can decide whether you want to work hard In my experience, the best way to make more money in this world, to help your company get ahead of the competition, to truly get ahead financially and be your own boss, is to work smart and hard!   – Marc Ostrofsky   “ONLY WAYS TO GET RICH” is a © Copyright, 2011 by Marc Ostrofsky in the pages of Get Rich Click™   Pay-Per-Call Service for Websites Ziff   Search Engines America Yahoo!   Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Firms   AtrinsicInteractiveatrinsic.cominteractive Bruce Submit   Shipping Firms   Canada Federal United States Postal   Trade Shows Affiliate Click Z Commission Junction University cju.cj.comeventsevent_overview.html Direct Marketing Domain eComXpowbresearch.comecomxpo eTailwbresearch.cometailusawest Internet Marketing Internet Linkshare Symposiumslinkshare.comeventssymposium MeidaPost PPC Search Engine Search Marketing SEO South By   Additional Resources Get Rich Click Internet Advertising Marketing Sherpamarketingsherpa.comindex.html PR Wayback Webmaster Webmaster Yahoo! Merchant Groups You May Want to Join   Get Rich Click  Internet Affiliate Marketers Association (IAMA) AffiliatePrograms  Digital Marketing  eMarketing Association Network  eTail Guerrilla Marketing Tips for Small Businesses  Innovative Marketing, PR, Word-of-Mouth & Buzz Innovators  Online Lead Generation  Online Marketing Media  WebAnalysts.Info Internet Marketing, Web Analytics, and E-commerce Group   Facebook Groups You May Want to Join   Affiliate Marketing Opportunities  Internet Marketing School  Internet Marketing University on Facebook  Figures From Home – Starting a Successful Internet Marketing business Facebook Domain Name Network  Facebook’s Ultimate Internet Marketing Mastermind  Top Secret Internet Marketing Strategies  The International Internet Marketing Alliance  AdTech Internet Marketing  Affiliate Marketing  The Women of Internet Marketing   Marc Ostrofsky’s Websites   Owned in whole or in part   Marc Ostrofsky’s Websites Coming Soon   TWO FINAL THOUGHTS:   Be sure to add your own stories and ideas at! Watch for futureGet Rich Clickeditions at!  Get Rich Click for College Students™ Get Rich Click for Seniors™ Get Rich Click for Part-Time Income™ And other Get Rich Click books ***   Watch for the next book written by Marc Ostrofsky:   Word Of Mouse™ 301+ Ways to Gain Competitive Advantage   Using the Internet for Marketing, Advertising, Sales, Customer Service and Public Relations   ***   Be sure to visit: Start to Finish   by Marc Ostrofsky   We all start with Questions From questions come research From research come answers From answers come knowledge From knowledge comes understanding From understanding comes competitive advantage From competitive advantage comes winning “the game” Learn, understand, compete and win   Acknowledgements   It’s so much fun – and so rare – to have the opportunity to work on something that’s a genuine labor of love For a creative person like me, the Internet is an incredible tool that has (to the chagrin of my lovely wife, Beverle) kept me up very late many nights I have met, worked with and been mentored by so many wonderful people I have learned from many of the greatest business and creative minds on the planet Each has helped me achieve the success I’ve attained Each has helped me create this book   The most obvious mentors in my life are my parents My dad, Dr Benjamin Ostrofsky, spent 45 years teaching me about business, planning and the value of caution at every turn He has been a professor for more than 30 years, first at UCLA, then at the University of Houston, teaching business and industrial engineering Then there was my mother She was the creative one in the family – smart, outgoing and always thinking outside of the box She pushed the limits thinking about the future and prompting me to so Sadly, she passed away while I was doing the final edits on this book May her memory always be a blessing   Thank you to my loving wife, Beverle Gardner Ostrofsky Bev is brilliant, talented, creative, fun and loving in so many ways Her never-ending support and encouragement helped make this book a reality She truly is the best part of me! I love her dearly   Thanks to my sister, Dr Keri Ostrofsky Pearlson, an expert on social media and a consultant on the subject Keri is the author of the book Zerotime, and while she was a professor at the University of Texas at Austin, she showed me a wonderful new “thing” called the Internet back in 1994 Thanks as well to her husband, Dr Yale Pearlson, and my niece, Hana Pearlson in Austin   Outside of my family, a special thank-you to Al Lautenslager for his help and guidance early on in this long process You may know Al as one of the authors of “Guerrilla Marketing In 30 Days.”   A very special thank-you to my three business partners, Stuart Dow, Drake Harvey, and David Gardner These guys worked days on end finalizing this book so it was as good as we could make it! Thank you, guys! To my Internet company partners: Jackie Maestas and her husband, Moses Maestas, who run; Jay Steinfeld and Daniel Coltar, the brilliant minds behind; and Ravi Ratan, the super-smart entrepreneur who built and operates you are all great business operators and I applaud you Thank you to Albert “Albe” Angel for being a great friend and business associate I have traveled the world and encountered some of the greatest business minds of our time all of whom influenced me in different ways: Bill Gates who shares the same birthdate as I do, Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak of Apple, Nicholas Negroponte at the MIT Media Lab I cannot forget the brief meeting I had in New York with the late Sam Walton who built Walmart into the powerhouse that it is today I love to learn from the “big boys” and these are but a few I have met along the way Then there was the call I received from my former investment advisor, Loraine Dell, asking if I would like to help her son with a new computer company he was starting at the University of Texas Luckily for Michael, I didn’t work for him; my guess is that if I had, he would be broke and homeless! :)   I was also lucky enough to become coinvestors and friends with several founders of “Internet incubators.” One is a really smart guy named Bill Gross who founded Idealab! I can honestly (and respectfully) say that Bill is even crazier and more creative than I am He really sees the forest for the trees Thanks to my partners at, Jake Winebaum (Disney) and Sky Dayton (Founder of Earthlink!), for creating and then turning into one of the strongest forces in the “business-to-business” search engine market They bought my domain for $7.5 million; I reinvested in their concept and we later sold it for $345 million! Thank you to these guys is an understatement!   To my friend Tony Hsieh, founder of Zappos, thanks for the meetings and the great info about Zappos that I included in the book Thank you to the folks in the publishing industry who helped me such as Steve and Bill Harrison, and the many folks who offered wonderful testimonials including Steven Covey, Jack Canfield, Mark Victor Hansen, David Bach, Steve Wozniak, John Assaraf, Liz Kalodner, Jan Smith, Yanik Silver, artist Peter Max and the rest of the wonderful friends I have made along the way   Trying hard to keep me out of trouble are my lawyers and trusted advisors: Jim Spring, Josh Bowlin, Patsy Wicoff, David Harris, Dr Clive Fields, Karen Bernstein and Gil Melman A special thank-you to my good friend and closest advisor, Michael Rubinstein   A special thanks to comedian Robin Williams with whom I dined the very night I began writing these acknowledgments The creative juices were certainly flowing at dinner that night! We discussed our first encounter when I introduced Robin to Bill Gates when the three of us were at the Mirage Hotel in Las Vegas for the CES show some years ago They were like two little kids meeting one another for the first time It was so funny to be watching it unfold Other friends who helped along the way include Brian Becker, Bruce Eskowitz, Mohommid Fathalbob, Marc Nathan, Dr Ed Reitman, John Eric Thompson, Ray Tirado and the founder of the Houston Technology Center, Mr Paul Frison, Mr Dan Levitan and Howard Schultz, CEO of Starbucks We were partners on my last firm, Internet Reit, along with Texas oil man Ross Perot A special thank-you to all the deadlines met by our friend Nasir Dadaboy   Thank you from everyone at Razor Media Group to our great friends at Clickbank includingDr Tim Barber,Brad Wiskerchin,Dush RamachandranandNeil Hartley Thank you to artistGeorge Fosterfor his assistance on the cover of the book ToWyndham Woodfor all of her help in the ongoing edits for our newsletters Thank you toPauline NeuwirthandBeth Metrickof Neuwirth Associates for all of their help in making this book a reality To our friends at Bookmasters especiallyTony ProeandRandy McKenzie A better late than never thank you toChelsea MollereandRachel Taylorfor their help in getting day to day “stuff” out the door Thank youJoseph Fulviofor your friendship and support A special thank you to my good friend,Andy Bernstein Andy took the photo for the book jacket and was the basis behind the chapter on Real Estate vs Internet Real Estate   To the staff at Affiliate Summit especially foundersShawn CollinsandMissy Wardfor their ongoing help in coordinating Thank you toProfessor Keith Coxat the University of Houston and a special class of 12 folks that helped us create and manage our “Get a Job or Create a job” viral video into a reality Thank you toAllie Herzogfor her day to day management of that project and her help with the entireGet Rich Clickmarketing project To our friendsDavid GonzalesandMichael Lovitchof the Austin Internet Marketing Party for their help A special thank you toPeter Hoppenfeldfor helping us grow this firm faster than we had expected   To the folks who helped make this physical book a reality.Mitch Sisskindfor his wonderful edits.Connie Senterand her team for assistance on a variety of design options They are terrific!Greg Russell, my favorite graphic artist – who had the time, energy and most of all, the patience to work with me over eight months to lay out this book so each and every page was the best it could be To our cartoonist,Mr Randy Glasbergen, for creating such delightful, well-targeted cartoons I put these in the book because I enjoy a mental break as I read Randy and I hope you, too, will enjoy these rest stops along the journey On the promotion side of this book and our new brand calledGet Rich Click, a big thank-you toKevin Smalland the folks from Goldberg McDufie Communications,Lynn Goldberg,Megan BeatieandAngela Hayes   Last, but certainly not least, I thank my five teenage daughters: Tracy Ostrofsky, Shelly Ostrofsky, Kelly Ostrofsky, Maddy Grieco, Mary Grace Grieco A special note of interest my identical twins, Kelly and Shelly, were one of the first sets of identical twins in the world to ever graduate as “covaledictorians” at a high school One of those proud moments that will never be forgotten and a truly amazing feat that is hard to imagine   Nothing makes me happier than to see smiles on the faces of these five young ladies! I love you all so very much! Remember that you are amazing women and you can anything you put your mind to Set your goals, make a written plan, keep your head down, never let anyone talk you out of what you love to and always shoot for the moon – even if you miss, you’ll land among the stars!   To all of my friends, personally and professionally, who helped me market and promote this book to their own list of friends, contacts and professional organizations Thank you for believing in me   As I was doing final edits on the book, I got an e-mail from my friend Warren Struhl, founder of Dale and Thomas Popcorn He told me to check out a new group he is part of called “YoCEO” that helps entrepreneurs better understand the “game” we all play I found the following statement on the information page, which I couldn’t have said any better:   “In the world of business, the ultimate currency is experience There are many paths to obtaining that experience, some of them conventional, and some of them not so much But the conventional paths to experience will only get you so far, and then you have to have the brains, instinct, or pure dumb luck to succeed beyond that.”   Well, I don’t know about brains or instinct, but I sure am thankful for the “pure dumb luck”! So, dear friends, family, business associates, thanks again for your friendship and your patience; I know I’m a handful – and then some! – Marc   ... motivational speaker   THE ULTIMATE GUIDE TO MAKING MONEY ON THE INTERNET!   If you can click a mouse, you can make money on the Internet! This book is filled with HUNDREDS of ways to make you money. .. sites that make money the same day they are created Making money on the Internet with no website Selling a product on the Internet, getting paid for it and then buying it to fulfill the order And... Everyone thinks they need to create the nextFacebookor become the next Microsoft or Google to get rich It’s simply not true The real person on the street can make money and get rich by following the
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