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Bộ đề thi học sinh giỏi Tiếng Anh 7 tổng hợp các kĩ năng như: nghe ,nói đọc viết phù hợp cho các em học sinh tham gia thi học sinh giỏi. Ngoài ra bộ đề thi còn có đáp án dành cho các bậc phụ huynh để có thể kiểm tra bài cho con mình. PHềNG GD-T LC NAM THI CHN HC SINH GII CP HUYN NM HC 2011-20112 MễN: TING ANH LP Thi gian lm bi : 150 phỳt * Lu ý: -Thớ sinh lm bi vo t giy thi - Thớ sinh khụng c s dng bt c ti liu gỡ k c t in _ I Hóy tỡm mt t m phn gch chõn cú cỏch phỏt õm khỏc cỏc t cũn li ( im) 1.A talked B fitted C needed D visited A houses B misses C glasses D mixes 3.A stamp B sew C opposite D bookstore 4.A milk B library C dinner D polish A chicken B coach C orchestra D change II Hóy chn ỏp ỏn ỳng nht A, B, C hoc D hon thnh cõu (10 im) When I was a boy, I tea to coffee A prefer B preferred C prefers D preferring He was only thirteen, but he ate his father did A as much as B more that C much than D as much than Every girl ought to learn to cook A what B when C how D where John enjoys tennis A playing B play C played D to play coffee without milk is yours? A The B An C A D ỉ Video games can be A addictive B wonderful C interesting D beautiful Could you show me the way the railway station please? A near to B at C next D to Was the competition a success ? Yes, people took part in it than usual A more B fewer C less D many The meat of a pig is A beef B pork C chilken D lamb 10 Some scientists spend most of their lives at rocks A look B looking C looked D to look III Cho dng ỳng ca ng t ngoc (10 im) Every body ( wait ) .for the president in the hall now Where is your mother ? -She (be) in the sitting-room She (read) newspaper Look! That plane (fly) toward the airport It (land) We (see) a movie tomorrow You (join) ? He is busy at the moment But he (come) to give you a helping hand as soon as he finishes his work 6.Long( fall) down the stairs this morning and ( break) his leg IV Hóy in mt gii t thớch hp vo ch trng (10 im) Viet lives his aunt and uncle 83 Hoang Van Thu Street Her birthday is October, 17th Our party will be ten oclock to half past eleven the morning Ill wait you outside the stadium I received a letter my mother yesterday There are plenly movie programs Whats VTV1 to night ? Next add a litte soy sauce .the dish V Tỡm mt li sai v sa li cho ỳng (10 im) There aren't much students in my class My new school is more bigger than my old one Nam lives at Tran Hung Dao street How is Hoa unhappy? -Because she misses her parents and friends Her date of birth is on twelve May Hoa doesnt have some friends in Hanoi We can get our books in recess It takes me a day painting this house I am never late at school 10 Its difficult training dogs VI Hóy chn mt ỏp ỏn ỳng cho mi ch trng hon thnh on sau (10 im) My teacher, Miss White, is a young lady of twenty-six She is (1) nice lady She loves her students (2) She never (3) _ angry with them Miss White (4) _ teaching her students Sometimes she tells (5) _ many interesting stories I like to listen to her stories (6) _ they all help us to learn some (7) _ lessons Sometimes she takes us out (8) a picnic Whenever she takes us out, she tries to teach us something (9) It is my dream that (10) _ I grow up, I can become a good teacher like her A a B an C the D some A very many B very much C too D so A is B gets C makes D comes A enjoy B enjoying C enjoys D to enjoy A we B they C I D us A because B when C where D why A use B useful C using D to use A from B by C for D of A old B new C bad D well 10.A where B why C what D when VII Hóy in mt t thớch hp vo mi ch trng hon thnh on sau (10 im) play, started, had, by, met, stayed, an, only, did, for I left home at a.m yesterday morning and went to college (1) bus I arrived there half an hour later My lessons (2)at 9.00 and finished at p.m I went to (3)Italian restaurant for lunch I (4) my brother there and we (5)lunch together We (6)ate spaghetti After lunch, I bought a birthday present (7) my father, and my brother went to the sports center to (8).tennis In the evening I (9)at home and (10)my homework VIII Dựng t cho sn hon thnh cỏc cõu sau thnh nhng cõu cú ngha (5 im) She/ be/ 15/ next Sunday His/ date/ birth/ be/ October 2nd Lan / be / youngest / the three sisters My friend / work / few / hours /than / I Lan / not / go / school / yesterday / because / she / sick IX Sp xp nhng t sau thnh cõu cú ngha (10 im) like / dinner / house / would / have / tonight / you / to / my / at /? detective/parents /going / movie / this afternoon / we / see /with /are/ a / our / to / watching / prefers / to / brother / books / TV / my / reading daughter / best / kinds / does / like / what / TV program / your / of/? showing / local cinema / is / horror film / the / a / there / next week / at durians / and / my / like / much/ does / I / very / father / so went / she / stomachache / the doctors / an / Lan / because / awful / to / had have / the farm / often / them / vegetables/ from / dirt / on in / work / will / / all /the / machines / for / the / future / us 10 it / hours / about / two / Hoa Binh / to / takes / by / get / to / coach X Cho dng ỳng ca t ngoc (10 im) Hoa is the most girl in her class (beauty) Hanoi people were (friend) Today the weather is fine and (sun) He is a famous (act) This is the biggest in the city (build) Bill Gates is a famous (busy) Hoa has a fine . of stamp (collect) Minh looks again Whats the matter with him? ( worry ) He lives in area with his parents (mountain) 10 You should be when driving (care) XI Vit li cõu sõu cho ngha khụng thay i (10 im) A year has twelve months -> There are Lan is more intelligent than her sister -> Lans sister isnt He looks after the sick people -> He takes Do you enjoy listening to music? -> Are you interested ? What is your mothers job? -> What does .? We have a two - month summer vacation -> Our summer vacation lasts Remember to write a letter to me -> Dont Vietnamese students have fewer vacations than American ones -> American students It takes me about two hours each day to my homework -> I spend 10 Hoa is a hard student -> Hoa studies -The end- Đề thi chọn học sinh giỏi cấp huyện Năm học 200.-200 Môn: Tiếng Anh Thời gian làm bài: 120 (Thí sinh làm giấy thi, không làm trực tiếp vào đề này) *****&***** I Cho dạng động từ ngoặc để hoàn thành câu sau (20 đ) Hung (come) from Da Nang but he (stay) with his relatives in Ho Chi Minh city at the moment Lets (meet) at seven oclock in front of the park Look! That plane (fly) towards the airport It (land) How often Lien (practice) the piano in the club? - She (go) there twice a week We (see) a movie tomorrow You (join) us? My father (be) a doctor II Chon ỏp n ỳng nht I have a son name is Ba A His B He C Him D Hes A looks after people in hospital A receptionist` B nurse C teacher D farmer She is member of the family A taller B tallest C the tallest D the taller I enjoy letters to my friends A writing B to write C write D writes These CD players are small enough to be A carried B brought C portable D taken along Nam is not He never plays any sports A sportive B sport C sporty D sport-loving Hurry youll be late for school A or if not B if not C unless D or Id like about how students live in Vietnam A to hearing B hearing C to hear D hear How much does it to mail a local letter in Vietnam A take B pay C require D cost 10 Could you tell me to get to the post- office? A how B what way C what direction D in what way II Cung cp t loi phự hp English is an .and important subject Interest The .students often play soccer or basketball Energy Is your mother a teach Im a study What a dress! Did you make it yourself? Love III This is my friend Her(1) is Linh She go (2)school from Monday (3) Saturday Her school is (4)Nguyen Du Street and it is big It has five floors Linhs classroom is (5) the 3rd floor Linh is (6) grade 7, class 7A There are 36 students (7) her class Linh starts her classes (8) 2.00 in the afternoon and finishes them (9)4.30 (10) Monday she has math, literature and English After school she often plays badminton She goes home at 5.30 IV c tr li cõu hi There are four seasons in a year in our country They are spring, summer, fall and winter In the spring, the weather is usually warm Sometimes it is cold, but not very cold There are many flowers in this season After spring, it is the summer In the summer, the days are long and the nights are short We often go on vacation in the summer Fall is a nice season The weather is often cool In the winter, its usually very cold The days are short and the nights are long We always wear warm clothes in the winter Questions How many season are there in your country? What are they? What are there in the spring? What you often in the summer? What is the weather like in the fall? Are the days long or short in the winter? IV Tỡm phn gch di cn c sa mi cõu sau My sister teach English at a school in the countryside A B C D It takes Huy three hours doing his homework every day A B C D My father has less days off than Tims father A B C D Hoa playing the piano in her room at the moment A B C D Does Nams mother go always to work by bus? A B C D VII t cõu hi cho phn gch di The souvenir shop is in front of the book store Its five kilometers from my house to the supermarket We go to Ho Chi Minh City by train Id like to buy some local goog Tam phones his uncle twice a month VIII t cõu vi t gi ý Let/ go/ cafeteria/ and/ get/ cold drink Lam/ be/ music room/ now/ and/ learn/ play/ guitar Tom/ spend/ most/ time/ lie/ couch/ front/ TV Trang/ the best/ student/ our class You/ like/ go/ movies/ me/ tonight? Trờng thcs hoàng long môn thi : anh văn Năm học : 2011 - 2012 (Thời gian : 120 phút không kể giao đề) A PHN TRC NGHIM : ( 10 IM) I Which word is the odd one out ? ( 2,5pts) a orange b carrot c bean d cabbage a rice b fish c meat d milk a slice b rice c stir-fry d boil a lets b its c hes d were a like b love c hate d enjoy II Underline the stressed syllables of these words (2.5pts) market energy moderate spinach chicken cucumber vegetable papaya carrot 10 affect III Choose the best answer to complete the sentence ( 5ms) Oh, I dont like pork _ A I dont like, too B Either I C Neither I D So dont I He was only thirteen, but he ate _ his father did A as much as B more that C much than D as much than The pineapples are not ripe _ are the bananas A So B Either C Neither D Both When you are in the swimming pool, play _and listen to the pool lifeguard _ A safe / careful B safely / careful C Safe/ carefully D safely / carefully These are their books and those are _ A we B our C ours D us How _ is it from Hanoi to Hue City ? A many B long C far D much Could you show me the way the railway station please ? A to B at C next D from The boy is better _English than I am A for B with C in D at He looks different _his father A at B with C on D from 10 _novels are very interesting A These B This C That D It B PHN T LUN: ( 10MS) IV LISTENING : (2,5ms) A Listen carefully and decide who (in A) did what (in B) yesterday Write the number of the activities at the end of each name Number2 is an example (1m) A Nga : , Lan : Long : B going to a resttaurant playing chess staying at home playing video games visiting friends b Listen then write the missing words: (1,5m) DOCTOR: I want to (1) ask you a few question, before I start, Hoa (2) old are you? HOA: Fourteen DOCTOR: And (3) _height is one meter (4) centimeters HOA: No, I think Im not The nurse (5) _me DOCTOR: Oh, how (6) _are you? V Rewrite these sentences to make the same meaning.(2.5ms) The cat is very lovely What .? What is your weight? How ? How much is this cap? How much does ? It takes me about two hours each day to my homework I spend He works more hours than his wife His wife VI Make questions for the underlined word:(2.5ms) She left for HaNoi days ago He had stomachache because he ate dirty vegetables My brother is going to the hospital We ll have fish and vegetables for dinner He works in an international bank VII Read the text and answer the questions (2.5ms) Health and hygiene are very important So Nam always takes care of his health He does morning exercise regularly and eats moderately He brushes his teeth after meals everyday He doesnt eat candy at night Nam doesnt stay up late He often goes to bed at 10 oclock and gets up at oclock He likes watching cartoons but he never sits near TV It is not good for his eyes He will always keep his teeth clean and his body fit Health is more important than anything else! Why does Nam take care of his teeth? What does he after meals? What doesnt he eat at night? What time does he sleep? Why does he never sit near TV? The end PHềNG GIO DC V O TO HNG TR TRNG THCS HNG TON THI HC SINH GII ANH VN A Trc nghim (20) I/ Hóy chn t m phn in nghiờng cú cỏch phỏt õm khỏc vi nhng t cũn li 1.a probably b woman c aquarium d finally 2.a, wrong b stomach c cough d online 3.a result b undersea c scuba d adult 4.a series b detective c equipment d vessel II/ Tỡm nhng t khụng cựng nhúm vi t cũn li 5/ a good b well c slow d quick 6/ a swimming pool b lifeguard c swimmer d cyclist 7/ a chopsticks b plate c bowl d sugar 8/ a cough b runny nose c fever d stomachache III Hóy chn cõu tr li ỳng nht 9/ They are waiting inof the theater a before b front c behind 10/ My mother is trying to learnto use a computer a what b how c when 11/ Its very kind of you to help me Thanks a lot a Its all right b Youre welcome c Ok 12/ People are living so there are more elderly people a longest b long c longer 13/ Basis playing the guitar a hobby b like c wish 14/ Lanthis cap two days ago a bought b buys c buyed 15/ Eating too much fat food is not good for your a healthy b healthful c health 16/ Nam his homework at the moment a doesnt b isnt doing c didnt 17/ He speaks English a fluent b fluently c fluency 18/ TV viewers can in and answer questions through telephone a take b part c join 19/ There were a few in the country thirty years ago a radio b TV c TV sets 20/ I like swimming a So I b So I c I am, too B T lun I/ Chia ỳng ng t ngoc (10) Lets (meet) at the school gate My father (go) fishing with his friends tomorrow Its 7.00 now I (study) English in the classroom I (be) very happy on my last vacation I hope you (visit) Hanoi after the harvest How (you / feel) now? I feel Ok When .(you / buy) this hat? A week ago You must (do) your homework before watching TV Listen! The birds (sing) in the garden 10 You may (be) interested in the traditions of different cultures II/ Cho dng thớch hp ca t ngoc honthnh cõu (12) Hoi an is for its ancient houses (fame) Water has no color It is a liquid (color) Mozart was one of the great (music) Life today is from life 50 year ago (differ) Michael Faraday is one of the British (science) This is my stamp (collect) III/ Sp xp nhng t sau thnh cõu cú ngha (8) can / swim / no one / quickly / more / him / than people / the / night / were / party / many / there / last / at ? bought / my / family / in 1990 / house / this did / to / year / how / you / last / stadium / often / the / go? IV/ Vit li cỏc cõu sau õy cho nhgió khụng thay i (10) 1/ My sister likes badminton more than soccer My sister prefers 2/ Lets go shopping What about 3/ Children should go to bed early Children ought 4/ My children like comics very much My children are interested 5/ My friend is a good singer My friend V/ Hon thnh bi hi thoi sau (8) Ha : .(1) doing at school? Thu: Im doing well Ha: .(2) ? Thu: At first, everything is strange and difficult Now I am having a lot of fun Ha: (3) in the morning? Thu: I often get up at 6:00 and morning exercises After that I wash my face then I eat breakfast Ha: .(4) eat lunch? Thu: I eat lunch at 11:30 VI/ Chn ỏp ỏn thớch hp in vo ụ trng (16) Lan doesnt .(1) very well so she isnt going to school today She (2) an earache Her (3) .ear hurts The earache started on Saturday afternoon .(4) she (5) to watch a football match , and her ear (6) after that It was very cold and it was freezing on Saturday and she .(7) .a hat Her doctor said: Well (8) a hat so your head doesnt get cold. 1/a fell b feel c fells d feels 2/ a have b had c has d having 3/ a false b true c wrong d right 4/ a when b where c what d which 5/ a went b go c goes d going 6/ a hurted b hurt c hurts d hurting 7/ a not have b no have c didnt have d no had 8/ a wear b wore c wearing d wears VII/ c k on ri tr li cỏc cõu hi sau: (16) I had a very bad headache when I was young I had a headache when I wenr to bed and it was still there when I got up in the morning I took medicine from many doctors but it just made me more tired so I became very worried Then I read a book about Yoga for medical problems , and it changed my life I tried lots of methods in the book and I learned a lot of about the power of mind After five months , my headache disappeared and I stopped taking the medicine 1/ What was the matter with the writer? 2/ When did he have a headache? 3/ Did he take any medicine? 4/ How did he become after taking the medicine? 5/ What kind of book did he read? 6/ Did it change his life? 7/ What did he learn about? 8/ What happened after five months? ANSWER KEY A Trc nghim (20) Mi cõu im 1c 2b 3c 4d 5b 6d 7d 8d 9b 10b 11b 12c 13a 14a 15c 16b 17b 18c 19c 20a B T lun I/ Chia ỳng ng t ngoc (10) Mi cõu im 1/ meet 2/ will go 3/ am studying 4/ was 5/ will visit 6/ do/ feel 7/ did / buy 8/ 9/ are singing 10/ be II/ Cho dng thớch hp ca t ngoc honthnh cõu (12) Mi cõu im 1/ famous 2/ colorless 3/ musicians 4/ different 5/ scientist 6/ collection III/ Sp xp nhng t sau thnh cõu cú ngha (8).Mi cõu im 1/ No one can swim more quickly than him 2/ Were there many people at the party last night? 3/ My family bought this house in 1990 4/ How often did you go to the stadium last year? IV/ Vit li cỏc cõu sau õy cho nhgió khụng thay i (10).Mi cõu im 1/ My sister prefers badminton to soccer 2/ What about going shopping? 3/ Children ought to go to bed early 4/ My children are interested in comics very much 5/ My friend sings beautifully V/ Hon thnh bi hi thoi sau (8).Mi cõu im 1/ How are you 2/ How is everything 3/ What you 4/ What time you VI/ Chn ỏp ỏn thớch hp in vo ụ trng (16).Mi cõu im 1b 2c 3d 4a 5a 6b 7c 8a VII/ c k on ri tr li cỏc cõu hi sau: (16)Mi cõu im 1/ He had a very bad headache 2/ When he was young 3/ Yes, `he took medicine from many doctors 4/ He became very worried after taking the medicine 5/ He read a book about Yoga for medical problems 6/ Yes, it changed his life 7/ He learned a lot of about the power of mind 8/ His headache disppeared and he stopped taking the medicine THE END PHềNG GIO DC - O TO HUYN TRC NINH CHNH THC THI HC SINH GII TING ANH LP NM HC 2010 2011 Thi gian: 120 phỳt (khụng k thi gian giao ) thi gm trang Thớ sinh lm bi vo t ny im bi thi Bng s: H tờn, ch giỏm kho Skýphỏch Giỏm kho 1: Bng ch: Giỏm kho 2: PART I PHONETICS ( 1.0 POINT) Circle the letter A, B, C or D which has the underlined part pronounced differently from the rest in each sentence A improved B returned C arrived D stopped A nervous B scout C household D mouse A favorite B find C outside D library A last B taste C fast D task A future B summer C number D drummer A time B kind C bid D nice A hard B carry C card D yard A my B baby C spy D cry A well B get C send D pretty 10 A weather B ready C mean D head PART II VOCABULARY AND GRAMMAR ( 7.0 POINTS) I Circle the letter A, B, C or D in each sentence before the word or phrase that would best complete the following sentences ( 2pts) Most people enjoy _ to different parts of the world A to travel B travel C traveling D traveled _ time you spend learning English every day? A How much B How many C How long D How often 10 This orange tastes _ A sweetly B sweety C sweet D sweets Every one had at the picnic A good time B a good time C good times D better time Would you like to _ for a walk later? A have B make C D go Please dont _ so much noise A go B make C D take Is there anything good _ TV tonight? A on B in C near D at My mother doesnt like coffee and A neither I B neither I C either I D I dont too Can you wait please? A out B out of C outside D for 10 _ the next turning on the right, the post office is in front of you A Go B Make C See D Take II Give the correct form of the verbs in brackets (2pts) Hong and Nam (be _) absent from class yesterday? When my sister and I (live ) in Hue we (visit ) a lot of interesting places You (go ) to the dentist last week, Nam? Yes And I (go ) there to check up the filled tooth Linh (not / visit ) Halong Bay with her family because she (catch ) a cold Nams family (fly ) to Ho Chi Minh city last year There they (take ) a lot of pictures and (buy ) a lot of presents III Give the correct form of the words in parentheses (2pts) In her youth she is a very girl (beautify) My younger brother was so much by Tayduky film (interest) My stomachache _ after I took the tablets (appear) It was of you not to help him when he was in trouble (kind) When my father has free time he often tells us stories (fun) Look! the children are eating (hungry) Its a nice shop and the assistants are all polite and very _ (help) Catching the common cold is _ for everybody (please) Do you know a good _ to decorate my house? (decorate) 10 I am looking forward to you (see) IV Each sentence has only one mistake, underline and correct it (1pt) My brother often has a three weeks summer vacation Every day my mother spends one hour to watch television She asks Peter go to the post office with her Im going to watch a TV tonight to see a movie about America I have to stay all day at home on Sundays, so has she When I was coming home, my mother was cooking dinner _ My mother bought for me a new schoolbag on the occasion of a new school year Tom looked sadly when I saw him Who will give care of the house while we are away? 10 Because we have to be there in a hurry, we better take a taxi 10 _ PART III READING COMPREHENSION ( 6.0 POINTS) I Read this passage carefully then the task given below ( 2pts) 11 Indians in North and South America ate popcorn thousands of years Scientists found some ears of popcorn in New Mexico, a state in the United States They were 5.600 years old Farmers probably learned to raise popcorn first before they planted other kind of corn Farmers now raise popcorn in the United States, Australia, Argentina, South Africa and South Europe Corn was an important food for the Indians It was also important for the religion When Columbus and other Europeans visited the New World, they saw this When the Indians and Europeans had their first Thanksgiving, they ate popcorn Today Thanksgiving is an important holiday in the United States, but people dont usually eat popcorn for this holiday now In the 1920s, people started selling popcorn at movies Now most movie theaters in the United States sell popcorn Popcorn and movie go together very well Is popcorn good for you? Yes, it is However, some people put a lot of salt and butter or vegetable oil on it It tastes good that way, but it is not very good for you Where did popcorn come from? The word raise in line four closely means A feed B grow C eat D have When did movie theaters start selling popcorn? Where farmers grow popcorn? The word However in line 11 closely means _ A and B if C so D but II Look at the following menu STARTERS G Beef stew $ 5.00 A Onion soup 90p Thin pieces of meat in a thick, spicy gravy, B Deep fried mushroom $ 1.40 served with saffron rice C Egg Salad $ 1.20 H Vegetable Surprise $ 4.40 Fresh cauliflower cooked in milk and MAIN COURSE topped with beaten eggs D Chicken in wine $ 5.00 I Baked spaghetti $ 4.60 Delicious chicken cooked in wine Spaghetti cooked in cheese sauce With onion, garlic and herbs with mushroom, covered with sliced eggs E Lamp special $ 6.20 And baked until golden brown small pieces of tender lamb fried with Pepper, garlic, lemon and herbs DESSERT F Fish Pic $ 4.60 J Baked apples $ 1.20 Poached fish mixed with pimento, K Cheese 1.20 Dill, egg and parsley L Hot pancakes $ 1.40 M Ice cream 90 p Read each sentence carefully and then write the letter ( from A- M ) of the correct dish in each sentence is done as an example ( 2pts) A Harry likes spending under $ on the starters Which starter does he order? _ Eve wants something cold to start with Which dish does she order? _ Vicki likes meat but not beef She likes food cooked in wine Which dish does she want? _ Dave wants only vegetables but he doesnt like mushroom Which main course does he order? _Helen doesnt eat chicken or meat but she prefers fish to vegetables What does she order? _ Mikes first course costs $ 1.40 What does he order? _ Nada spends under $1 on the last course What does she order? _ Linda wants to eat a meat dish but she prefers beef to lamb _ Fatima orders the most expensive main course What is it? _ Mabel doesnt like ice- cream and cheese She isnt too keen on fruit either Which dessert does she have? 10 Kim prefers hot food and has $1.30 to spend Which dessert does he have? 12 III Fill in the blank with one suitable word (2pts ) We are sure you are interested ( ) sports Many of you certainly play (2) _ games as volleyball or football, basketball or tennis People who play a game are (3) _ Players form teams and play matches against (4) teams their opponents Two people playing with each other are (5) _ Each team can lose or win In a football match players try to score as many goals as they (6) There (7) _ so many kinds of sports such as cycling, boxing, swimming, gymnastics, rowing (8) many more You can (9) _ an active part in all of them or you can just be a devoted fan Everybody may choose the sport he is fond of (10) interested in PART IV WRITING ( 6.0 POINTS) I Rewrite the following sentences in such another way which has the same meaning as the first sentence ( 2pts) Would you like to join us on our trip to Tamdao Mountain? Why ? It takes me two hours each day to my homework I spend How high is the Big Ben Clock Tower? What ? He looks after the sick people He takes My father is a careful driver My father She knows how to draw well She is good Finding an apartment in a big city is not easy It is You shouldnt make noise in hospital You had What is your fathers weight? How .? 10 She didnt remember the homework I didnt remember the homework She didnt II Rewrite the following sentence by using the words in brackets ( 2pts) 1.There is no one who does not know it (knows) Mary is an excellent dancer (dances) They saw nobody in the room (see) The cafộ has a lot of tables (are) Dont forget to go to the meeting on time (go) She likes drinking milk (fond) Jane teaches English (teacher) English people like tea (English) There arent any buses after this one (last) 10 The road finishes here (end of) 13 III Complete the following sentences by using the suggested words ( 2pts) Mary / be / both / young / pretty I / be / afraid / I / can not come / your birthday party What time / you / get / work / yesterday / morning / ? / How long / it / take / you / get / school / ? / I / not / interested / find / new / job My father / like / listen / music / the evenings There / some / tall buildings / this town / ? / My friends / I / often / go / fish / the summer They / look / forward / meet / old / friends / again 10 It / important / you / / your homework / before / you / class The end _ 14 PHòNG Giáo dục TiềN hảI Ngời coi thi thứ Ngời coi thi thứ hai THI CHN HC SINH GII LP THCS NM HC 20102011 Mụn: TING ANH Họ tên: Số BD: Ngày sinh: Trờng THCS: Phòng thi: Giám khảo 1: Điểm thi Bằng chữ : Giám khảo 2: (Đề gồm 04 trang, thí sinh làm trực tiếp vào đề thi này) Bài 1: Chọn từ mà phần gạch chân có cách phát âm khác với từ lại (2, điểm) A want B basketball C family D camp A foodstall B bookshelf C foot D noodles A who B which C what D when A brother B mother C thank D weather A engineer B geography C gymnast D garden A desks B seasons C lamps D eats A lemonade B stereo C hotel D television A coffee B volleyball C chocolate D opposite A round B couch C routine D housework 10 A station B question C intersection D destination 10 Bài 2: Chọn đáp án (A, B, C D) để hoàn thành câu sau (2, điểm) 11 I like playing badminton very much I play badminton in my free time A want B dont C never D always 12 There are syllables in the word supermarket A two B three C four D five 13 Do you live in the country or in the city? ~ A Yes, I B I live in the city C No, I dont D I live on the city 14 What would you like dinner? A for B to C in D at 15 Whats the like in the summer? ~ It is usually hot A food B sea C weather D neighborhood 16 ? ~ We play badminton and swim A What sports you and your brother like? B Which sports you and your brother play? C When you and your brother play sports? D What are you and your brother doing? 17 How many you want? ~ A dozen A noodles B cooking oil C carrot D eggs 18 Does Mrs Vui to buy any tomatoes? A want B wanting C wants D to want 19 are these pens and pencils? ~ They are 25, 000 dong A How old B How C How much D How often 20 ? ~ Black And its very long A What color are her lips B What color is her hair C What color are her teeth D What color are her hair 15 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 Bài 3: Chia dạng động từ ngoặc (2, điểm) a) My brother (21 do) his homework in his room at present He always (22 do) it everyday b) What (23 be) there (24 drink) for dinner? c) Nam usually (25 not play) sports, but sometimes, he (26 fly) the kites d) What you (27 do) this summer holiday? ~ We (28 visit) President Ho Chi Minhs Mausoleum e) Lets (29 help) Mom, Lan f) You mustnt (30 eat) food in the classroom 21 22 23 24 25 26 27 28 29 30 Bài 4: Điền giới từ thích hợp vào chỗ trống cần Nếu không cần điền (2, điểm) a) I live (31) a small house (32) the countryside b) My house is (33) a bookstore and a toystore: the bookstore to the left and the toystore to the right c) Miss Mai wants a kilo (34) meat and a dozen (35) eggs d) Nga goes (36) school (37) foot every morning and she goes (38) home (39) four thirty in the afternoon e) Who you usually play badminton (40) ? 16 31 32 33 34 35 36 37 38 39 40 Bài 5: Cho dạng từ in hoa để hoàn thành câu (2, điểm) a) Id like some bread Lets go to the (41) BAKE b) My mother and my sister are (42) My mother (43) English at a primary school near my house TEACH c) In my (44) , there is a park with many trees and flowers NEIGHBOR d) Thai Binh has a lot of (45) beaches as: Con Vanh, Diem Dien, etc BEAUTY e) You must be (46) when you cross the busy streets CARE f) My school library is on the (47) floor I go there (48) a week TWO g) Why are you (49) late for school? USUAL h) There are many (50) in the summer ACT 41 42 43 44 45 46 47 48 49 50 Bài 6: Điền a / an / the / some / any vào chỗ trống cần Nếu không cần điền (2, điểm) a) I am going to (51) supermarket I want to buy half (52) kilo of beef b) Theres (53) orange and (54) apple pie on the kitchen table c) Are you hungry? Would you like (55) bread? ~ No, thanks Im not hungry I dont want (56) bread d) I like learning English best It is my (57) favorite subject at school e) Are there (58) trees in front of your house? ~ Yes And there are (59) flowers, too f) My sister usually goes to school at (60) quarter to seven She is never late for school 51 52 53 54 55 56 57 58 59 60 Bài 7: Tìm sửa lỗi sai câu sau (2, điểm) 61 My father doesnt like coffee He doesnt never drink it 62 Ba gets up at oclock and gets dressing 63 Would you like some noodles? ~ Yes, I wouldnt Im not hungry but Im thirsty Id like a cold drink 64 What are you doing when its cold? 65 Where is your classroom? ~ Its on the ninth floor 66 How you say the word businessman? ~ B U S I N E S S M A N 67 After getting up in the morning, Hoa washes her face, brushes her tooth and then has breakfast 68 How many homework does Ba have every day? ~ He has a lot of homework 69 How often does Mr Ba go to Ha Noi? ~ Seldom, one a year 70 Are you and Hoa in grade 6? ~ Yes We are at class 6A 61 66 62 67 63 68 64 69 17 65 70 Bài 8: Tìm từ thích hợp điền vào chỗ trống đoạn văn sau (2, điểm) I get up at six oclock every day I brush my teeth, wash my face, (71) a shower and then have breakfast My breakfast has bread, cheese, beefsteak (72) some milk After morning classes, I have (73) with noodles, an apple and a glass of orange (74) In the afternoon, I have more three classes I go home at five oclock after playing sports with my school friends I like (75) badminton very much We also (76) aerobics three times a week I have dinner (77) my family at half (78) six Then I my homework Sometimes, I watch television or listen to music or play video (79) after finishing homework I usually go to bed at ten oclock I never (80) up too late at night 71 72 73 74 75 76 77 78 79 80 Bài 9: Đọc đoạn văn chọn đáp án cho thông tin dới (1, điểm) Joanna lives in Oxford in England She is tall and thin with brown hair and blue eyes She is 11 years old and her birthday is on June 22nd She loves swimming very much In the summer, she goes swimming every afternoon She sometimes plays tennis, but not always In the winter, she likes watching television at home She doesnt want to go out in the cold weather 81 Where does Joanna live? A In Oxford B In England C A & B are correct D A & B are incorrect 82 What color is her hair? A Brown B Blue C Brown and blue D No information 83 What is her favorite sport in the summer? A Playing tennis B Swimming C A & B D Doing aerobics 84 How old is she? A June 22nd B Eleventh C June D Eleven 85 Which of the following is NOT true? A Joanna doesnt like going out when its cold B Joanna is tall and heavy C Joanna enjoys going swimming when it is hot D Joannas hair is brown and her eyes are blue 81 82 83 84 85 Bài 10: Chọn câu từ từ bị xáo trộn (1, điểm) 86 dinner / when / get/ home / we / have / lets A Lets have home when we get dinner B Lets have dinner get when we home C Lets have dinner when we get home D Lets have get dinner when we home 87 how / / Jack / sports / Tom / and / often / play? A How often Jack and Tom play sports? B How Jack and Tom play sports often? C How often Jack and Tom play sports? D How Jack often and Tom play sports? 88 day / James / homework / every / his / does A James does every day his homework B James every day does his homework C James does his homework every day D James does every his day homework 89 famous / reading / I / people / about / like / books A I like reading about people famous books B I like reading books about famous people C I like reading books about people famous D I like reading about people books famous 90 short / girl / hair / tall / with / black / a / is A She is a girl tall with short black hair B She is a tall girl with black short hair C She is a short girl with tall black hair D She is a tall girl with short black hair 86 87 88 89 90 Bài 11: Viết lại câu sau cho cho nghĩa câu không đổi (2, điểm) 91 Shall we go camping in Con Vanh Beach this Sunday? 18 Let 92 What is the price of a bottle of cooking oil? How much 93 Is the police station is behind the post office? Is the post office 94 My father is driving his car to Ha Noi My father is traveling 95 Nams father car is white Nams father has 96 How much beef you want? How much beef would 97 There are three floors in my new house My new house 98 I cycle to school every day I go 99 Whats your brothers job? ~ A doctor What 100 Phong has a sister Her name is Nhung 19 ... television or listen to music or play video (79 ) after finishing homework I usually go to bed at ten oclock I never (80) up too late at night 71 72 73 74 75 76 77 78 79 80 Bài 9: Đọc đoạn văn chọn đáp... people / about / like / books A I like reading about people famous books B I like reading books about famous people C I like reading books about people famous D I like reading about people books... O TO HUYN TRC NINH CHNH THC THI HC SINH GII TING ANH LP NM HC 2010 2011 Thi gian: 120 phỳt (khụng k thi gian giao ) thi gm trang Thớ sinh lm bi vo t ny im bi thi Bng s: H tờn, ch giỏm kho
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