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posted was learning nên dùng "studying" goes is reading ate eaten 'll call was cooking go playing carefully traditional friendly Vô duyên! Sửa lại: If you , you can get collector farmers with at from at at of to on to in in to for of on in to in for to of to: preposition to on from pastime (thú tiêu khiển) => part-time they studied hard I could come to the party they lived near me she were there now is cleaned every day by the students has just been built here by the workers was bought last year (by me) works = tác phẩm vô duyên! is going to be given a present must be done carefully that book was very interesting she was practising English if / whether I lived in the countryside when her school vacation started had to come to her place then she would see him the following day / the next day learning English years ago hours to paint this picture so intelligent as him / as he is wear Ao Dai Hoa was tired she went to bed early will she aren't you does she can't he isn't he isn't it has she didn't they won't she shall we None is correct "matches" In South-East Asia Bangkok over 62 million Buddhism No, it's the same B & C are correct D A F B C E
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