Giáo án Tiếng anh lớp 3 unit7 lesson1

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UNIT 7: Are these his pants! Lesson one: Words I Objectives: after learning this lesson, ss are able to: - Identify different clothes - Understand a short story II Language content 1.Vocabulary: dress, socks, T-shirt, pants, shorts Extra: basket,clothes,his,her Structures: III Techniques: playing game, group working, role play IV Teaching aids: a cassette, pictures, textbook, flashcards… V Time: 40 minutes VI Procedures Activities Contents Warm-up:Show flashcards about clothes with different colors to revise ss the vocabulary Point to clothes and ask " What color is it?" UNIT 7: Are these his pants! Listen, point and repeat Use flashcards 68-72 to elicit the vocabulary for this lesson Hold them up one at a time and ask What's this? Model any words that ss not know Lesson one: Words dress: áo đầm socks: tất, vớ Say the word pants ss who are wearing pants point to them Repeat t-shirt: áo thun with the other items of clothing pants: quần dài shorts: quần đùi Ask ss to open their Class Books and look at the pictures of the different clothes Play the first part of the recording for ss to listen and point to the clothes: quần áo his: anh appropriate picture her: cô aren't= are not Play the second part of the recording for ss to repeat Play the recording all the way through again for ss to listen and point and then repeat the words in chorus Put the flashcards in different places around the room Say the words for ss to point to the cards and repeat Listen and chant Play the recording for ss to listen to the chant Play the chant a second time for ss to say the words Repeat (more than once if necessary) This time they can point to the correct flashcards as they hear the words Listen and read Pre- reading Use Story poster to present the story Point to the different people and ask Who's this? Ask ss to name as many things in the picture as they can Tell ss that they are going to read a conversation Remind them that they should listen and read carefully Ask ss to identify the characters and things in the conversation and try to predict the situation While-reading Play the recording for ss to listen and follow the text in their books with their finger Play the recording the second time Ask them to underline new words Ask ss to write new words on the board It doesn't matter if their don't know meanings of the words Elicit ss to meaning of words, then write them on the board Give them some gestures to make them remember the vocabulary Point to the words and ask them to read in chorus Ask ss to read the words individually Ask ss to look at the conversation, play the recording, pause each sentence for ss to repeat Ask ss to look at the poster while you play the recording for them to listen and point to the pictures Point to each speech bubble in turn as you hear the text Correct ss' pronunciation if that's needed Ask some ss to read the passage in groups Check ss' understanding by asking questions: Which clothes are Rosy's /Billy's /Dad's? Where does Mum put Rosy's /Billy's clothes? Homework: Workbook
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