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Với bộ đề gồm 25 bài dạng điền từ cơ bản sẽ giúp các em học sinh phát triển kỹ năng viết. Bộ đề phù hợp với các em học sinh lớp 3 cũng như giúp các thày cô có thêm tài liệu dạy các em kỹ năng viết và cho kì thi IOE trên mạng. Vì đây là học sinh lớp 3 nên kiến thức rất cơ bản, cấu trúc dạng khuyết thiếu, tobe, nhưng rất cô đọng. Fill one word Level I TEST May I come ., please? Look the board Put your hands , please! Take your notebook! Point the picture, kids! are you? – I’m fine, thank you And you? your hand morning! Sit , please! – Thank you 10 Stand ., children 11 your book! 12 May I out, please? 13 Listen the teacher 14 you later 15 Raise your 16 Pick your pen 17 We students 18 I can football with my friends 19 Can Peter and Tony drive a car? - , they can not 20 I a pupil 21 to me, please! DAVID HOANG Fill one word Level I Let’s a picture 23 you draw? – Yes, I can 24 Circle correct answer 25 Can Hoa ride a bike? – No, can not 26 Let’s draw picture 27 evening! 28 quiet, please 29 I go out, please 30 you sing? – Yes, I can 31 She can a kite 32 They can a computer 33 Can you English? 34 she a teacher? – Yes, she is 35 Stand , please! 36 Put your pen 37 Trang is a nurse - is very nice 38 Look, listen repeat 39 Can Bob use a computer? - , he can not 40 he Tony? 22 TEST Let’s football with me DAVID HOANG Fill one word 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 Level I My brother can a kite She can not a picture This my sister that your friend? This is Lan that is Mai Is that your cat? – Yes, is Pick your pen, please! Can Mai and Hang dance? – Yes, can He can English Mai fly a kite? – Yes, she can They engineers He a student Is she a nurse? - ., she isn’t This is Quan - is my cousin I can English Hoa and Lan my friends This is Hai and Cuong – are my friends We nurses And you? Can she kites? – Yes she can Can you spell name? – Yes, I can spell my name This a blue box Can Lisa a picture? – No, she can’t DAVID HOANG Fill one word 24 25 26 27 28 29 30 31 32 33 34 35 36 37 38 39 40 Level I He is farmer Nice see you soon Can Tom and Peter sing English songs? – Yes, can Is he a clown? – Yes, he you very much! Those my boxes I can not draw a picture I can sing Henry is a student - is my brother Are you a dentist a doctor? – I’m a dentist your hand, please! Let’s play football me My mother can a cake this a ball? – Yes, it is these your teachers? Are those her books? – Yes, are His school over there We can dance cook TEST 3 This my ball These our cats Is that your box? – Yes, is DAVID HOANG Fill one word Level I Can they write? - ., they can’t Let’s go a walk The house pink are you? – I’m fine, thank you And you? Lucy can puzzle but I can’t Is he a worker? – ., he is not 10 Can Bob and Bruce speak English? – Yes, can 11 Point the picture 12 Tony is a sailor - is my brother 13 My mother is a nurse my father is a teacher 14 Is Hoa a teacher? - ., she is 15 That is Harry Ronaldo 16 Bob and Linda students 17 Are these your pencils? – Yes, are 18 Hong and Quan are good students - are my friends 19 His name Phong 20 Take your book 21 Is this your pen? - , it is 22 My mother a teacher 23 they ride a bike? – Yes, they can 24 I can a computer 25 Pi up your pencils! DAVID HOANG Fill one word Level I Take your books, please! 27 Pick your pencil, children! 28 Linda a singer? – Yes, she is 29 that Mai? – Yes, she is She is my friend 30 Is your father a doctor? – Yes, is 31 My cousin can English 32 this a map? – Yes, it is 33 are they? – They’re my cousins 34 What those? – They are umbrellas 35 Are these his lamps? – Yes, are 36 My sisters nurses 37 are they? – They are my friends 38 Can Huyen and Thuy speak English? – Yes, can 39 I go out, please? 40 Can Hoang and Cuong sing? – Yes, can 26 TEST 4 Can you spell your name? – Yes, I can spell name What is name? – He is Nam She is accountant Bao and Huy architects? – Yes, they are DAVID HOANG Fill one word Level I Mai is a student - is my cousin His name Nam Can they sing? – Yes, they These pink chairs Who are those? - are my friends 10 Ngoc can use a computer he can not type 11 Is he a pilot? – Yes, he 12 His tables yellow 13 Is Lan a dancer? - , she is 14 Is she a cook? - , she isn’t 15 Don’t noise in the class 16 Look at board 17 Listen the teacher 18 That is Henry David – They are sailors 19 Thank you very .! 20 Hien cycle? – No, he can not 21 your name David? – Yes, I am 22 Their names Martin and Brian 23 She is an accountant her sister is an anccountant, too 24 I can read and write - you? 25 We can swim we can’t cook 26 Where Khanh and Tuyen? – They are at school DAVID HOANG Fill one word Level I is he? – He is at school 28 Who Tuyet and Nhung? – They are doctors 29 Who is Tra My? - is my friend 30 They are teachers, 31 old is his sister? – She is twenty years old 32 How old is her brother? - is eleven years old 33 is he? – He is my cousin 34 What is that? - is a gift 35 How old is Bruce? – He is ten old 36 they speak English? – Yes, they can 37 What is their room? – It’s yellow 38 Let’s football with me 39 is your friend? – He is in the class 40 are they?- They’re my friends 27 TEST 5 I come in please? – Sure! How is Bob? – He is nine It’s nice meet you It is umbrella Linda is very tall - is a good student DAVID HOANG Fill one word 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 Level I Can Quang write and spell his name? - , he can is this? – It is her brother old is she? – She is eleven years old Where are they? – They are school My radio black What are their chairs? – They are brown Linda and Jimmy are students - are my friends that your doll? – Yes, it is she ride a bike? – No, she can not two lines I can ride a bike I can’t fly a kite Is your school big small? Sing me Is this schoolbag?- Yes, it is my schoolbag is Peter? – He is my new friend play football This gift is you – Thank you very much! colour is the balloon? Can she drive a car? - , she can Can Tom and Peter drive a car? – Yes, can Goodbye - you soon How are Luis and Sakasi? – They’re 10 years old DAVID HOANG Fill one word Level I What colour your hats? Is it a speaker a radio? is Phong? - He is my young brother her hat pink? –Yes, it is 10 Let’s kites with me 23 My class is not small It is very 24 Pick your pen 25 She can swim fly a kite 11 What colour are Nam’s benches? - are grey 12 How old are Binh and Bac? - are twelve years old 13 is Tom? – He is at home 26 What colour is your house? - colour is pink 27 What is that? - is an armchair 22 TEST 6 is her name? – She is Tuyet That is Lan - brother is a doctor Nam can spell his name he can not spell my name Where are your friends? – are in the class this a round box? – Yes, it is I go out please? – Sure! DAVID HOANG Fill one word Level I What is Phong’s ? – He is nineteen years old 13 What is the ? – It’s eight o’clock 14 What is your favourite ? – It’s rabbit 15 there a bed in the bedroom? – Yes, there is 16 What is your favourite ? – It’s football 17 Which class are they .? 18 is your school’s name? – It’s Sao Mai primary school 19 Who are those? - are my friends 20 Would you like coffee? – No, thanks 21 What is the like in summer? – It’s hot in summer 22 that robot expensive? – Yes, it is 23 How many minu are there in an hour? 24 My in my free time is playing football 25 They like Music it’s very interesting 26 There is one big box between the bookshelf the desk 27 is the weather in Hung Yen? 28 These shoes are not old – They are very 29 This man is not short – He’s 30 What is Loan’s hair? – It’s black 31 What’s his favourite ? – It’s cake 32 Where is Maria ? – Paris 33 Are those your presents? – Yes, are 12 DAVID HOANG Fill one word Level I you good, John? I’m great 35 Have a n _ day! – Thank you a lot 36 What is name? – His name is Tony 37 This gift is you – Thank you very much 38 Let’s a circle 39 Sit down drink some water 40 Happy to you! 34 TEST 19 The weather is very in winter you help me? – Sure is the weather like in autumn? – it’s windy and cool Thank you a lot! – No Where are your friends? – They’re there How many boxes are there in front the chair? Please, repeat af _ me Thank you a ! - Don’t mention it there any books on the bookshelf? 10 There are lots bells in the music room 11 He is grade 12 My new friends are Japan 13 It’s nice see you 14 It’s very warm January DAVID HOANG Fill one word Level I There are four seasons Vietnam 16 They are very pretty short 17 When is her birthday? – It’s September 18 I'm a student Hong Chau primary school 19 is your birthday? - It's in November 20 He is a stu at Hoa Mai primary school 21 are Nam and Hung? - They are my new friends 22 Happy birthday you! 23 is she happy? – Because she has a new computer 24 Let's say hello the teacher 25 What is your father's ? - He is a policeman 26 He is from England so he speaks 27 My birthday is February 28 Her birthday is 8th May 29 is he happy? - Because today is his birthday 30 Let's play football me 31 is her house? – It’s in Ngo Quyen street 32 is the weather in September 33 What is it? – It’s three a.m 34 What is Chung Tu Don’s ? – He is Chinese 35 is her birthday? - It's in August 36 The is really warm today 15 DAVID HOANG Fill one word Level I I have three robots and Huyen three robots, too 38 It is very wet humid in November 39 this your ball? – Yes, it is 40 these her dictionaries? – Yes, they are 37 TEST 20 How is it from your school to the cinema? – It’s about two kilometers It’s around three kilometers from the bookstore Lenin park Look, listen repeat There are two seasons: rainy season and season Tony Jazz is teacher at a pri school He is grade Is your bike cheap expensive? – It’s expensive He is from England so he speaks Her birthday is 8th May 10 How many boxes are there in front the chair? 11 How many minu are there in an hour? 12 How students are there in Hong Chau primary school? 13 My school is the countryside 14 far is it from the cinema to the circus? – It’s about four kilometers 15 What she do? – She is a teacher 16 My sister is an accoun _ 17 Listen to she says carefully DAVID HOANG Fill one word Level I What the weather like in spring? – It’s warm and rainy 19 My h is reading book 20 Minh is short intelligent 21 She comes from Vietnam she can speak Vietnamese 22 How are Mai and Ngoc? – They are seven years old 23 What is David? – He is English 24 Thank you a lot! – Don’t mention 25 What’s the weather today? 26 What can she speak? – Thai 27 The pen is the book and the ruler 28 Please give me some apples – Here you 29 She is not ugly at all – She is very bea 30 How far is it ……………………………….…………………… Linda’s to Tom’s house? 31 I like English it is not difficult 32 you like some milk? – Yes, please 33 This is my aunt - is a scientist 34 What is the like in Ha Noi today? – It’s sunny 35 It’s _ _ _ hot in winter 36 Where is the cat? – It is over 37 There are _ _ _ _ oranges in the basket 38 What’s his favourite ? – It’s lemonade 39 are you sad? – Because we are late for school 40 It’s time breakfast 18 TEST 21 DAVID HOANG Fill one word Level I TEST 21 book is this? – It’s mine A cat can a tree An apple is you – Thank you Are your friends from the city the countryside? There are ……………………………………………………… number from one to eleven Can you count from five ten Her house is the city she play guitar? – Yes, she can His father's birthday November 10 How is your magazine? – It’s six dollars 11 I can hear with my 12 I can look with my 13 the left of her house, there are beautiful flowers 14 I live Hung Yen 15 I’m fine, thanks – you? 16 birthday to you, Alan! 17 I’m in class 8A -What you? 18 To Hieu is a student Hien Nam primary school 19 Is it a r box? – No, it is a square box DAVID HOANG Fill one word Level I Is it your drum? - , it isn’t 21 Phong and Trang are my cousins - are very clever 22 Please, gi _ me your pen 23 She is not – She is very fat 24 Stand up open your book 25 Whose pens those? – They are hers 26 How is the hat? – It’s very cheap 27 What is the weather in France? 28 They are students at a pr _ school 29 What is the of your car? – It’s two thousand dollars 30 What is it? – It’s ten o’clock 31 What ab _ an apple? 32 What is the of a magazine? – It is four dollars 33 What is name? – He’s Tommy 34 What is his ? He’s American 35 much is the key? – It’s expensive 36 What is the like today? – It’s rainy today 37 What’s Violet’s father’s .? – His name is Bruce 38 The weather is very sunny Hung Yen city 39 Sorry, I’m late - problem 40 Is that computer black white? 20 TEST 22 DAVID HOANG Fill one word Level I You better go to bed early I have few friends in Ha Noi drink too much coffee – It’s not good What is nationality? – She is Australian She is a doctor, can play the piano? – I can play the piano doll is this? – It’s theirs How is the bell? – It’s one dollar There some orange juice in the glass 10 grade is he in? – He is in grade 11 What is the with you? – I have a flu 12 I have a terrible headache – You go to the doctor’s 13 What is their ? – They are Chinese 14 Is it round box square box? 15 Would you like milk? - No, thanks 16 There are not students in the classroom 17 How milk is there in the bottle? 18 is the weather? – It is hot in June 19 How is the computer? – It’s very cheap 20 What is Laura? – She is American 21 I talk to you la because I am too busy now 22 How is it from your school to your house? DAVID HOANG Fill one word Level I How sofas are there in the living room? 24 Would you some water? – No, thanks 25 This story is not interesting - It’s so bor _ 26 dictionary is that? – It’s Hoa’s 27 those scissors cheap? – Yes, they are 28 My in my free time is flying a kite 29 There is one small tree between the school the library 30 How is it from your school to my house? 31 How is your lamp? – It’s six dollars 32 I can hear my ears 33 How many pictures there in the living room? 34 She is London 35 Phong is not ugly He is 36 is your bedroom? – It’s on the second floor 37 Are you full hungry? 38 she tall? – Yes, she is 39 can you give me the book? – This afternoon 40 Are there any pillows on the bed? – Yes, are 23 TEST 23 My bedroom is between the living room the bathroom What is the of the fan? – It’s five dollars DAVID HOANG Fill one word Level I What is the matter with her? – She a sore throat I can run with my You go to bed early because you are tired Sorry, I’m late – Not at How is the bag? – It’s ten thousand dong is the weather in spring? rubbers are these? – They are his 10 Let’s go o _ and play football 11 We go to school early the morning 12 To right the cinema, there is a museum 13 What ab _ an orange? 14 The ball Nam is white 15 What is name? – He’s Huy 16 you do? – I’m an architect 17 It is very su in summer 18 There are four in Vietnam: spring, summer, fall, winter 19 What is his pet? – It’s dog 20 Is she from Vietnam England? – She is from England 21 How is she? – She is 150 centimeters tall 22 What is her ? – She is 1.6 meters 23 How tall is Nam? – His is 175 centimeters 24 How is the wall? – It’s meters high DAVID HOANG Fill one word Level I is your height? – I’m short 26 Is he short tall? 27 The is really warm today 28 What is she? – She is Korean 29 It is about five kilometers the park to the mausoleum 30 How far is .? 31 Are these her shoes? – Yes, are 32 How is the river? –It’s over hundred kilometers long 33 What is the of this lake? – It’s around 100 meters 34 Happy to you! 35 How is the ticket? – It’s fifty thousand dong 36 He is student at a pri school 37 Which class are they .? 38 He is from Japan so he speaks 39 Her birthday is 9th May 40 How many boxes are there in front the table? 25 TEST 24 I’m home – Where are you, Elsa? How is your house? – It’s five meters wide What is the of the room? – It’s four meters wide DAVID HOANG Fill one word Level I How many seco are there in a minute? How is the river? – It’s very deep is the depth of the lake? What she do? – She is a nurse heavy is she? – She is very light, only 40 kilos My sister is an arch 10 The opposite of ‘easy’ is 11 Listen to the teacher says 12 are you? – I’m here 13 What is his ? – He is 60 kilos 14 How are Ngoc and Thao? – They are seven 15 What is Beckham? – He is American 16 Thank you a lot! – pleasure! 17 The opposite of ‘slow’ is 18 What’s the weather today? 19 What can she speak? – Japanese 20 What is the like in Hung Yen city? It’s cool 21 This box is not light – It is very 22 He is not studious – He is 23 English easy or difficult? 24 you like some water? – Yes, please! 25 The eraser is the book and the magazine 26 December is the month in a year DAVID HOANG Fill one word Level I The third is March 28 are you? – I’m your new classmate 29 Where is my seat? – It’s there 30 She comes from Thailand she can speak Thai 31 I have Maths Monday 32 It’s rainy rainy season 33 This story is a mouse 34 Which grade are you ? – I’m in grade 6, and you? 35 We are school now 36 There is a bus station in of my house 37 The shoes Hoa are pink 38 I get up o’clock in the morning 39 Xuan Quynh is the floor 40 There are many pictures the wall 27 TEST 25 Is this Mai’s parrot? Yes, it’s ……………………………………………………………… The cats are the garden It’s hot summer Where is Quang Dung from? – He is .Vietnam ……………………………………………………………….……… bag is that? It’s ours Your pen is on the ground - Pick up _ _ DAVID HOANG Fill one word Level I Take your book We can ………………………………………………………………….…… with our legs These are my blue pens I like 10 The sofa is next the TV 11 would you like? – I like some beef 12 There are many English books the back of the shelf 13 She History on Tuesday 14 Can Nam and Bao speak English? – Yes, they 15 they do? – They are pilots 16 What is the cat? – It’s yellow 17 grade is she in? – In grade 18 I have little money in the bag 19 there a newspaper on the bookshelf? 20 There are lots chairs in the living room 21 What would you like? – I would like a pac _ of milk 22 My new classmates are Japan 23 Give me a bun _ of flowers 24 It’s very wet January 25 many birds are there in the sky? 26 What is his pet? – Bird 27 is she happy? – Because she has a new doll 28 When is her birthday? – It’s February 29 I'm a student Oxford primary school DAVID HOANG Fill one word Level I The ball is over 31 Why are you happy? - Because today is birthday 32 It’s half nine 33 It’s time breaktime 34 Let’s sit down read 35 tall is Nam Cao? – He is 170 centimeters tall 36 does Xuan Dieu do? – He is a poet 37 How are your shoes? – They are thirty thousand dong 38 What is the of the car? – It’s very expensive 39 What is the matter you? – I have a backache 40 Uncle Ho is Vietnam 30 DAVID HOANG ... There is one public library 29 Is she ………………………………………………………………………? No, she is cold 30 It’s four fifty It means: it’s ………………………………… ………………… to five 31 is his favourite drink? – His favourite... are in class Are you Linda Daisy? – I m Linda is your sister? – Nani is my sister is Mai? – She is in the classroom Where is the dog? – It is un the table... – It’s in July 40 She two children and I have two children, too 19 DAVID HOANG Fill one word Level I TEST 13 does Lisa do?- She is an architect She I are in
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