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Ngày đăng: 28/04/2017, 17:03

CÁC TỪ, CỤM TỪ THƯỜNG DÙNG TRONG IELTS - IELTS Fighter tổnghợp TỪ GỐC a handful of a setback to abandon abbreviate abhorrent abiding ablaze abnormally abolish abound in abroad abrupt abruptly absentminded abstract abundant abundantly abundantly academy accede with accelerate accelerate accelerate accept access accessible acclaim acclaim accommodate accommodation accompany accompany accordingly TỪ ĐỒNG NGHĨA a few a check to the progress of give up short distasteful enduring radiant exceptionally eliminate be full of in other countries sudden suddenly forgetful summary plentiful in great numbers generously school agree to increase rapid speed up permitted admittance to available praised recognition handle lodging joined traveled with for that reason LOẠI TỪ n n v v a a a ad v v ad a ad a n a ad ad n v v v v v n a v n v n v v ad accordingly account account for accretion accumulate accumulate accurate accustom to ache achievement acid acquaint with acquire acrid acrimonious actively actually actuate acute acutely adaptation addition address adequate adhere adherent adjacent adjoining adjunct adjunct to administered admire adopt adopt adorn adornment adult advantage advent consequently explain explain accumulation collect pile up exact used to hurt accomplishment harsh informed about obtained bitter bitter vigorously really set in motion critical keenly modification besides speech sufficient stick follower near;nearby neighboring addition addition to managed esteem enact take on decorate embellishment mature make use of coming ad v v n v v a v v n a v v a a ad ad v a ad n n n a v n a a n n v v v v v n a n n advent adverse adversely adversely advocate aesthetically affection affectionately affliction affluence aggressive agrarian agrarian ahead of ahead of aid aided ailment aim aim airborne alarm alert all allegiance alliance allocate allocate alloy alloy almost almost aloft alongside aloof from alter alter alter alteration arrival negative negatively detrimentally proponent artistically fondness lovingly problem wealth combative farming agricultural preceding in front of help helped disease goal objective aloft frightened wary everywhere loyalty association distributed awarded mixed blend nearly practically in flight next to separate from change modify adjust renovation n a ad ad n ad n ad n n a a a prep prep v v n n n a v a ad n n v v v./n v./n ad ad ad ad a v v v n alternately alternative alternative to altitude altogether amateur ambition ambitious ambivalence amenity amount an impetus to analogy ancestor anchor ancient ancient ancillary anguished annals annihilate annoying annual annually anonymous antagonist antagonistic antecedent anthem anticipate anticipate antique apace with apathetic apparel apparently appeal appealing appear one after another option substitute for elevation completely nonprofessional goal enterprising conflicting feeling comfort quantity an incentive to parallel forefather secure old earliest secondary tormented chronicle conquer irritating yearly yearly unknown enemy quarreling predecessor song look forward to expect old as fast as uninvolved clothes seemingly challenge attractive seem ad n n n ad n n a n n n n n n v a a a a n v a a ad a n a n n v v a a n ad v a v applaud application apply appoint appreciate appreciated appreciation approach appropriate appropriation approximately apt aptly aptly arbitrarily arboreal ardent arduous arduous arid aromatic arouse arouse arouse arrange arrange array arrive article artificial as a result of as a substitute for as well as ascend ascertain ask asphyxiation aspiration assemble clap use used for designate admire recognized recognition near suitable founding about appropriate appropriately fittingly randomly tree-dwelling passionate difficult laborious dry fragrant provoke excite stimulate put together planned collection reach object synthetic because of in place of in addition of climb determine request suffocation ambition gather v n v v v v n v a n ad a ad ad ad a a a a a a v v v v v n v n a ad v v v n n v assemble assemble assembly assert asset assiduous assist assist associate assortment assumption assumption assuredly astonishing astonishing at home at once atmosphere attach attachment attained attained attempt attempt attend attendant attire attire attire attractive attractive attribute attribute attribute attribute to auditory authentically authorize automatically bring together put together gathering emphatically state advantage diligent help aid connect variety belief supposition certainly astounding amazing comfortable immediately air fasten preference for achieved reached effort try present accompanying clothing dress clothing pretty appealing credit characteristics trait testify as hearing genuinely empower involuntarily v v n v n a v v v n n n ad a a a ad n v n v v v./n v./n v n n n n a a v n n v./n a ad v ad autonomous autonomy autumn avail available avaricious avert avert aviator avid award awe awesome bachelor backbone backlog baffle balance balmy ban ban ban ban band band banish bark barren barren barrier to barter base basically battle battle be committed to be fond of be fraught with be fraught with independent independence fall make use obtainable greedy avoid prevent pilot eager present with wonder amazing unmarried man spine accumulation perplex to equilibrium mild prohibited forbid prohibited forbidden form groups stripe exile outer covering infertile infertile obstacle to trade center of operation fundamentally struggle fight(fought) be dedicated to like charge with full of a n n v a a v v n a v n a n n n n n a v v v v n./v n./v v n a a n v n ad v./n v./n v a a a be penalized for be preoccupied with bead beam bear bear bear bear bear(bore) beat(beaten) become tarnished bedridden bedrock begin behavior behind behold belong to belong to beneath beneficial besides best better beverage beyond bias big big bind bind biography biological birth bit bizarrely blaze bleach bleak be punished for engrossed in drop ray assume support yield carry carry whip lost its luster confined to bed foundation commence conduct to the rear of view be members of be owned by below advantageous in addition to most highly improve drink outside prejudice large populous tie join accounts of people's lives living beginning somewhat oddly burn brightly whiten desolate v a n n v v v v v v v a n v n prep v v v prep a prep ad v n prep n a a v v n a n n ad v v a blend blink blunder blunt blurred boast boast boat boldly bond boost boosted bore bothersome bothersome bottom bound bound bound boundary boundless brag branch brave brawl breach breach break break apart break out break up breakdown of breathtaking breathtaking breed breed brevity bricklayer brief combine shut their eyes briefly mistake dull indistinct brag claim ship daringly link raise raised drill irritating annoying floor limit constraint held border infinite boast division courageous fight rift violation departure from split begin separate itemization of exciting stunning raise hatch/mate ? conciseness mason short v v n a a n./v n./v n ad n v v v a a n n n v n a n./v n a n n n n ad v v n a a v v n n a brief look brightness brilliantly bring about bring about bring about bring about briskly brittle brittle broach broad broad broaden broadly brochure brochure bruise bulk bulk burglary bury busy by and large by chance by-product by-product from byword calculate caliber call for call off calmly came to the forefront camouflage capacity capital caption capture glance radiance brightly cause cause introduce produce energetically breakable easily broken bring up wide general widened liberally pamphlet short pamphlet damage most majority theft embed in use on the whole accidentally derivative derivative of epithet determine quality require cancel quietly became impotant conceal ability money title caught 10 n n ad v v v v ad a a v a a v ad n n v n n n v a ad ad n n n v n v v ad v n n n v sleep briefly slender slender slight slightly slim sloping sloppily sluggish sluggish smart smart smooth operation smudge snap snout society soil sole sole solemn solemnly solidify solitary solitude solo some sometimes somewhat somewhat sort sort out soundproof sour source source source of energy sovereign sow nap thin slim small a little lean inclined messily lethargic slow intelligent clever effective functioning smear break nose community dirty only bottom serious somberly assure alone seclusion unaccompany approximately occasionally rather to some degree type separate impermeable to noise tart origin beginning fuel independent plant 64 n a a a ad a a a a a a a v v n n v a a ad v a n a ad ad ad ad n v a a n n n a v span span spanning spark spark sparsely spawn speck speculate speech speed spell spin spine spiny splendor splice split spoil spoil spot spot spot spouse spread out spring spur squander squash squirt stable stage staggering stain stalk stamina stand stand against stand for cover reach across covering bring about arouse thinly generate particle hypothesize language swiftness detail whirl backbone prickly magnificence join cut rot go bad see sight location wife radiate emerge stimulate waste crush spurt out fixed phase overwhelming discolor stem endurance tolerate defiance of represent 65 v v v v v ad v n v n n v v n a n v v v v n v v v v v v a n a v n n standard standard standard standardized standing standing standpoint staple staple staple startling startling stately stationary stature steadfast steadfastly steadily stem from stern stick to stick to stiff stiffness still still stimulate stink stir stock stoically stop store store storm story strain strain strand regular criteria customary uniform not flowing status perspective popular edition? basic element basic part surprising astonishing majestic immobile height unwavering determinedly consistently derive from strict cling to attach to rigid rigidity motionless nevertheless encourage smell bad awake repertory impassively lull supply keep bad weather level tension stress thread 66 a a a n n n n n a a a a n a ad ad v a v v a n a v v v n ad n n n n v n strange strategy stratum streamlined strength strength strenuous strenuously stress stress stretch stretch stretch across strict strictly strictly strike strike strike strike striking striking striking striking strikingly stringent stringently stroller strongly strongly struggle struggle stubborn stumble stun stun stunt subject subjugated unfamiliar tactic layer smoothly shape basis force arduous vigorously emphasize tension expand pull taut span precise tightly exclusively light (lit) hit make contact with work stoppage outstanding prominent impressive noticeable remarkably strict rigorously walker heavily emphatically competition fight obdurate trip daze amaze hinder susceptible conquered 67 a n n a n n a ad v n v v v a ad ad a a a a ad a ad n ad ad n n a v v v v a v submerge submit subsequent subsequently subside subsidiary subsidize substance substantial substitute substitute substitute for subterranean successful succinct succulent succumb suddenly sufficient sufficient suggest suit suit suit suitably sum summit summit sumptuous sums supplant supple supplement supplement support supposedly suppress supremacy supreme under water present later later die down branch finance material sturdy replacement exchange replacement for underground victorious concise juicy yield to abruptly adequate enough propose fit accommodate adapt appropriately total apex peak luxurious amounts replace limber extension add to hold seemingly check dominance most outstanding 68 v v a ad v n v n a a a a a v ad a a v v v v ad n n n a n v a n v v ad v n a sure surge surge surging surmise surpass surplus surround survival suspend suspense suspicious of sustain sustain sustain sustenance swarm sway sweat swiftly swirl symmetrical symmetry symptom synthesis synthesize synthetic synthetically system systematically taboo tacitly tactic take down take after take for take in take into account take off certain jump increase sharply accelerating guess exceed extra encircle existence hang plot mistrustful of prolong suffer support livelihood throng persuade perspire rapidly rotate proportionally balanced balance sign formation integrate artificial artificially method methodically prohibit implicitly maneuver record resemble confuse sb With deceive consider depart 69 a n v a v v a v n v n a v v v n v v v ad v a n n v v a ad n ad a a n v v v v n v take on take place take priority take up take-off tale tame tamp tangled tangled tantamount tap tardy task task task taste taste taut tautly tedious teem with telling temper temperate tempting tenable tenaciously tend tend tenor tension term term terminate terminate terrain terrestrial terrify assume occur should be filled first occupy launching story domesticate pack down snarl twisted together equivalent draw upon late chore job duty appreciation flavor tightly stretched tightly tiresome swarm with challenging moderate moderate attractive warrantable stubbornly care for prone nature stress expression known as stop end land land frighten 70 v n n v v n v v a a a v a n n n n n a ad a v a v a a a ad v v n n n v v v n a v terse test textile textile thanks to thaw thaw theme thereby thereby therefore therefore think highly thorough thoroughfare thoroughly threateningly thrive thrive thriving throughout throughout throughout throw away thrust tidy tie up tier timber timid tiny tiny tip off tiresome to their mutual benefit token tolerate tolerate tool concise experimental fabric cloth because of melt defrost tale thus by that means consequently thus admire complete street completely menacingly well on flourish flourishing all over everywhere in during discard push neat hinder layer wood fearful little minuscule told sb boring good for both of them memento endure survive in instrument 71 a n n n n v v n ad ad ad v a n ad ad v v a v n a v n n a a a v a n v v n top top touchdown touching tough tough trace trace trace trade tradition trait tranquil tranquility trap trash travel traverse treasure tremendous tremendous tremendously trend tributary trigger troublesome trousers truly truly tryout turbulent turn aside turn down turn into twilight typical typically typify ubiquitous upper end tallest landing moving hard strong imprint connect residue exchange custom quality serene peacefulness caught garbage accompany cross value great huge greatly tendency branch set off annoying pants genuinely actually performance violent deflect reject become at dusk average usually characterize widespread 72 n a a a n v n n a n v n v v v a a ad n n v a n ad ad n a ad v v n a ad v a ultimately ultimately ultimately unattended unbroken uncover uncustomary under the weather undergo undergoing undergone underground underlying underscore undertake undertake underwater craft undoubtedly undoubtedly undoubtedly unemployed unequivocally unheard-of uniform uniform uniformly unique unique unique universally unlike unlikely unmatched unprecedented unquenchable unquestionably unravel unravel unrestrained in the final analysis finally eventually unguard uninterrupted reveal uncommon sick experience experiencing experienced subterranean fundamental emphasize take on wage submarine surely unquestionably certainly jobless definitely unknown alike consistent consistently peerless particular singular everywhere in contrast to improbable unequaled never seen before insatiable positively discover unwind unchecked 73 ad ad ad a a v a n v v v a a v v v n ad ad ad a ad a a a ad a a a ad prep a a a a ad v v a unrestricted unrivaled unsettling unskillfully unstable unstable unstable unsubstantiated unwieldy up to up to up to upbringing upgrade upheaval uphold upright upset upside-down up-to-date urge urged urgently usher usually usually utter utterly utterly vacant vague vague valiantly valley valuable valuable valued variable variation unlimited unmatched troubling inexpertly troubled inconstant variable unverified cumbersome able to make a maximum of as many as education improve violent disturbance preserve vertical disturb inverted current advocate encouraged desperately beginning commonly customarily voice completely absolutely empty elementary imprecise bravely depression very useful useful precious factor change 74 a a a ad a a a a a prep prep prep n v n v a v a a v v ad v ad ad v ad ad ad a a ad n a a a n n various vary vary vast vast vast vast vast vast vehicle vein velocity veneration venom venomous ventilation ventilation venture verdict verify vertigo very very closely vessel vestige via viable vibrant vicinity vie for view vigorously virtually virtually virtually virtually vital vivid vocal different differ range large enormous tremendous broad immense great a means of conveying blood vessel speed worship of poison poisonous air circulation air endeavor decision confirm dizziness extremely intimately ship evidence by way of feasible bright area compete for opinion strongly completely practically almost practically essential bright voiced 75 a v v a a a a a a n n n n n a n n n n v n ad ad n n prep a a n v n ad n ad ad ad a a a vocation vogue void volunteer vote voyage vulnerable to wage walkout wallow wane want to much wanton ward off warily warn warrior wave way weaken weapon wear away wear out weariness weary weave wed wedge weep weight weirdly well well-being well-known well-known well-liked whelmingly whether while profession fashion canceled offer cast their ballot journey susceptible to pay strike roll decline greedy senseless keep away prudently admonish fighter surge manner dilute arm erode no longer usable fatigue tired cloth making marry cram cry heaviness strangely effectively welfare celebrated famous popular triumphantly if whereas 76 n n a v v n a n n v v./n a a v ad v n n n v n v v n a v v v v n ad ad n a a a ad conj conj whisk off whole wholeheartedly wholesome wide widely wider widespread widespread widespread widespread widespread wild wild wild wildlife wildly will win wind up wipe out with respect to withdraw from wither withhold within withstand withstand witness witty wobble woo wood woolly worldwide worship wrath wry yearly hurry away entire enthusiastically healthful extensive extensively more extensive far-reaching prevalent extensive general common uncultivated undomesticated uncultivated animal furiously determination achieve conclude destroy with regard to quit shrivel retain inside resist endure observe humorous teeter court forest hairy global revere anger twist annual 77 v a ad a a ad a a a a a a a a a n ad n v v v v v v prep v v v a v v n a a v n a a yield yield young youth zenith provide produce new child pinnacle v v a n n 78 ... broaden broadly brochure brochure bruise bulk bulk burglary bury busy by and large by chance by-product by-product from byword calculate caliber call for call off calmly came to the forefront camouflage... from deteriorate determine determine detrimental devastated developing device device device devil-may-care devise require disappearance death destruction show proof signify thick compact thickly... foolish foolproof forage forbid forecast foreign-born foremost forerunner forestall forever forfeit form formative formerly formidable forsake forward-looking found foundation defect imperfect run
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