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IELTS Writing Task 1: ways to prepare Yesterday I suggested some good ways to prepare for writing task 2, instead of just writing full essays Here are some study ideas for task 1: 1) Print a collection of questions Before you start writing any task essays, it's a good idea to have an overview of the different types of questions that you might face Try to get paper copies (printed) of around 10 different questions - it's useful to be able to see them all in one place Your 'pack' of questions should include: a line graph, bar chart, pie chart, table, different charts, or more similar charts, process diagram, comparison diagram, life cycle, map 2) Practise parts of essays Instead of writing a full essay, try writing 10 introductions - one for each of the questions in your 'pack' (see point above) The next time you are studying, just focus on writing overviews On a different day, practise describing percentages, or comparing numbers etc 3) Use 'model' sentences In last week's lesson I showed you some model sentences for describing percentages If you look through my task essays in the lessons on this site, you'll find all the sentence structures you need for the 10 question types mentioned in point Use my sentences as models, and simply change the content according to the topic
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